The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 9, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX (ARK,)' COURIER Age Is Tripping Veteran Receivers and Youlli Is Nowhere Around. RY'RTCIIAKI) McOANN • -NBA Service Sliorls Writer Old Father Time Is pltchliv strikes past ma Jar league catchers rind age Is catching ir-cm And unlssK the baseball bosses soon discover sonic bright young me|i teething on catchers' masks |l : looks like. they'll have .to re- write'the.rules .lo limit a tyam to eight men and do awnv with th receivers.V,Which, nt that, would be lit time with the times since receivers went out of vogu2 with Republicans, But. as w* were saying, me,.Is catching the ra tellers. The 1C "boss' who will bn entrusted with the receiving duties for major le clubs this coming term nvernjc 30 years of age-nn:l Hires of them are nigh onto that figure wher life ts supposed to begin. Heading the p.irndo down the hill to the sunset are Jimmy Wilfon of the Phillies, who Is 37. and flabby Hartnctl of IJie Ohlcgn'o Cubs ami.Luke Sewell of the Chi cago While Sox, both of whom are rhlni? 36 Hot on their heels, nnd. becauss of a nervous breakdown last yeai .threatening.-to' beat liicm to the bottom of the hill. Is Mickey Coch- viirie, Detroit's spark-plug wh'o is beginning lo sputter at Iho age of 34. The rest of the boys are coining alone, too, and alieaily have begun lo think of belli? traded to the Town'send Club. For Instance, aus Moncuso of the New York Olnnts, who; is 31, and Rick Ferrell of the Boston Red So\, Rollle Hcmsloy of the .St. Louis Browns, mid Cliff • Ballon of the -Washington Nationals., all of whom arc 30. Voor Material Age, however, is not the only voiry of big league ov.neis. Illness and Just plain downright minor Jeaguish material have weakened the teams wheie the erosion of time.hasn't been felt. Cleveland, for Instance, is forced to struggle along'.again, this year . With sickly Frankle Pyllnk, who was able to catch only 68 games last year when felled b,v a pitched ball, nnd. Billy Sullivan, who was so impressive ns his inideisludy last jcar that they are polng to have him try third base this season. He won't do so much damage there, the management believes. And then over In Brooklyn the Dodgers are stringing along with Babe (Phelps, Ariose hitting .doesn't makeup f6r Ms t,loV,ness afoot and other shortcomings, The Philadelphia Ajhlclics (yeah, they're still in the American League) have 22-year-old pvank Hayes as a first-stringer. Frankie Is promising, but so is tliat guy who owes you five bucks. There's no telling when • he's going to make good Most of the old gents—especially the most aged ones such as Gabby Hartnett—have been ctury- ing their years most gracefully, to be sure, bul, as the fellow walk- Ing the gangplank remarked,.there's an end to everything Catchers, jou Scales Only Proof nk 'Rock and Hot ? Newcomers" on chedule. and ambitions when lie quit at his peak, but mighty few ring- men sill! In 'po.-|lloii lo get monny have sense enough lo step down when they are nt lh« dang?r line Jack npmpsoy could have, co'- imcvl anollinj 1 lni«e after rtiwliic !)"> r'.cbrr.t pale In history with Timnev In Chicago, but clirs'n to' If "en lib slight. 1'illv Petrolic nnd Jack Hurley had an unders'smllng that when ihc irtfiiavtr fold tin 1 tighter that lie wns washed up it was the cii'l. '"'.'' ' '. , "That's ol 1 ," raid. Hurley,' whc,} TUESDAY, FEBRUARY; .9, 193? Where Ya Coin? T'''o new and irn|or foo.v North 'ItUn P"nV and I r<1 t S'irliws. have hceii slencd to pla" Ihc niythe- vlll« hii/h raliciil Chleka'saws next fi 1 ) 1 . i'"rlfY:!ii7 v.'PiiK'r opposition sf.'l^f'uU'ft in p'T'/jons year:;. The ChlcK pcivrnllv "idi'lmed ID3Q stale chfin )lnns, will play a<! sehi" 1 ! 1 !!) this yea'-, opening avnlrtt l»'e Plifotl Mohawks her" and onrllm; their season in whnl Is to bi» an annual alfair i" n clash v'illi the Forrest City T hor'-iir.'hbrcd'i nt Forrest Cl'.y on 'MiDnksiilvhi? Day, , One own (ta(/!. Nov. f>. reinai is nn Ihe Chick .schedule and W. D. WcClnrkln, . school superintendent, is t>n:dons to obtain a name, to l;c playrd here, n>i lh;i( dav. A new coach will lead Ihe Chick- | isaws Into action next fall with Carney O. Lnslle, who directed tlie Chlckasnws through three undefeated seasons of piny only lo finally lose In Columbus. Miss.. 7 Clark Grllflth lold James Frances liognn that lie hud to lose as pounds If he wanted to calch for the Washington Senators. "Slmiity" stepped on the scales In the club's offices. H was Ihe only way the Irishman could convince his boss that he already dropped :!5 pounds,of the excess beef. Frank liaxler, assistant trainer, measures the Soincrvllle citizen's .Mill ample waistline. know, aren't babbling brooks— they can't go on forever. And this. Is what is bothering the major league owners: when Cochrane, ct al, yivc out, who are going (o lake Iheh- places? * » 6 . Youngsters .Arc' Scarce. Two sure signs of the scarcity of capable receivers in the minors are the facts that Washington Is carrying Shanty. Hogan, lumbering old National Leaguer, into the 1937 campaign as No. 2— and possibly No. i— catcher, while a raw rookie named Arnold (Mickey) Owen of the Cardinals' Columbus farm com_ma mis. a- $100.000 price lag., To. give you an Idcn of how much noney that Is. the Cllniits bought a whole Clnss AA ball club 'for only half of that. _, .'Ms.rewJs,-. !s Jw far •theVmosl,-' promising 1 youngster who .'.will", be takeii to camp. He Is given a good chance to beat out ISrusle '. Ogrodowski, the ' sophomore who slmred the duties with Virgil (Spud) Davis last year. Davis, heavy-footed, aging and nt odds with Dizzy Denn, was sold to the Cincinnati Reds In a deal nobody could understand. Despite all his faults. Davis was the Cardinals' only experienced catcher and even If Ihc Cardinnls wanted lo did they sell Why not. the Giants? Bill Terry wanted Davis to help the tiring Oils iMancuso, whose supporting cnst Is prclly bad, and would have paid a goad price. The Reds, Incidentally, nuncni lo liave the best catching stair ir ellher league wilh Ernie Lom- bnrdl. long-driving regular; Gllly Campbell, swift and clever youngster, and the cagey Davis workln" together. But. of course, we'll still give you all three for 15111 Dickey. get rid of him, him to the Reds? TIUCK'S "WITTTE HOPE" -, On'The Outside,-- Lookiiig In By "DUKE" Pctrnl!'. 1 ;if!n .v How In Express glove. Time •iri'iil: fi , . 'returned 10 his corner ,vni|> toiii/l w!"i Ba'i'i thn Hronx. The Fargo iititr put on nnolher vfnild nhtnvi be fewer puncii- if they ail nud Lh'lr CM I us did Dr'in;hcy and up I'SSHll Of to 0, in a Nfid-Soiith title jposl- soancn game nt Memphis last, fall, olng to Vlrphiln Military i'nstl- - • • Lexington, Va,. as line Chickasaws schedule TOT «,tulf conch. The 'ollows IMgRott. here, Sept. 24. North Little Rock, here, Oct. Mot Springs, there, Oct. H, Parngould, here, Oct. 15. Walnut Ridge, here, Oct. 22. Greenwood (Miss.), there, Oct. 29. Open, here, Nov. 5. Searcy, here, Nov. II. Joncsboro. there. Nov. IS. Tlrmt. OaKhl In He an I'li'ifiT \V.Tv for Tiltlm Tilden f.ircc-ly will playing tennis, but it .s.vm-; a pt:,y in Bii;- (if nn 1st woo :hri'i d thousands a-' Wimbledon, Focsi "III?. i»;'l.i';.rls doln<j nis ulimsl to sliitf himself down the throats of -i E-in'|.. < i'f| few. My SI. Louis operative lelts me Ihat Tlldnn was harassed by n heasy cud which shook his body j in t'reM henvlnc «obs betwc°i pohiis as lie disposed of Rlehoi Is He beat H'chards so often En yens gene ii\ that it remains tf habit. It no longer Is Ihc old Tilden. however. The rhiladelphlan Is ."lower, n-t much perhans. but slower. He doesn't try for ; the hard, onni-any more. Instead, lie settles on the baseline and shouts "Yes," us he watches shots carom- ine to ilic corners. . ' • The glare has disappeared from | the always flashing brown, eyes of '•'the once mighty Tilden. Before [the match in St. Lnnis. a bail boy inn across the court, forcing Big Bill to pull ,n- shot rather than lilt the youngster. Two or three years ago. the most heated of verbal '.blasts would have been „• , ,„ ,. loosed b'y. William T., upon such Forrest City, there, Nov.' 25.i oll incident: Bul In St. Louis he (Thanksgiving Day): Harry Grayson Per- seemed too 111, too tired, haps luo disappointed. . ; Tilden is at the end of the trail. There ought lo be an easier way for him to make a dollar now. "•.."' , Alnlianui Cnplnin Candidate It Hs^mn-'i'iinderstiindtng Hint ' "Hubber"' Nisbct. cnptain and fullback of the .undefeated Alabama Crimson Tide of 1936, Is regarded as one of Ihe leading applicants for the position of head conch (with emphasis on fool- tall) at Blylhevillc- high school. Whether Nisbel becomes the Chickasaw mentor or not It generally believed thnt Carney Grahnm' Laslle's successor hnll from the Tuscaloosn institution, because Alabama seems lo turn out good coaches as well first rate football teams and became school officials want someone who can take up where Lns- lio. an Alabama man, leaves off with n minimum of changes In th« svstcni the Chicks have been drilled in. Whnl A Spol! Superintendent W. D. McClur- k-in and Ihc school board have been Hooded with applications for the lob of hcnd coach at Bly- Ihevillc. l-cglon are the conches and those closing llieir playing cnrcers who would like (o step into Lnsllc's shoes here. Tlie fnct Ihat (hey are going lo be mighty hard shoes Bill Tilden is like ihc broken- down fighter and the worrj-out (Ire i)lu«. The old lennls lord doesn't seem lo know Ihat he is through and thnt the public.-has seen enough of him. ,• Tilden wns invited to join Fred Perry and Ellsworth Vines, on their current lour, but that would have meant, playing second fiddle j for the first time In his life. Largei William tlccided to have hisi>own company no matler how painful id^ costly. It's tough to give up after so many years':in the headlines. ':• •:'. ' '. • As though' his presence wasn't sulfEcicnt to stress the freshness of Perry, taking his first professional whirl, Tilden had lo go out and dig up his ancient playmate, Vincent Richards. .-..,, The result was not more than 200 customers In St. Louis the other night, and n good share of them no < doubt attended because 10 per cenl of Ihe money went to the Hood relief fund. Usually it is a lighter who at tempts to strelch his siring after it is played out. The used-up ball player is spared humiliation when he loses that second or third step thai '(••ivrs hit' 1 'out of the lower grade minors. It simply is a case of being unnble lo .land a job. This Is •particularly true .i^w that practically every club In the smaller leagues arc little more t>'i"i orcpnratory schools for the majors. onorlage o'f funds (Ycqucntly causes a fighter to hang on beyond his limit or to try a comeback. Benny Lconnrd yanked himself oul of retirement lo save a couple of apartment houses. Paul Berlenbach was flat when he returned Aii 'Lewis Line • Coach ' DELAWARE, O.—Art Lewis,, former New York Giant and Ohio University star tackle, has signed as line coach at Ohio Wesley nn University. •Temperature of the earth-, increases one'degree P.- for every GO feel of depth, according to esli- niales. . to fill nnd thnt even hnd the very capable present mentor of Ihc Chicks turned down the attractive V. M, I. oiler to stnv here, the Chicks simply couldn't have gone on forever like they have for the past three seasons, doesn't seem to worry them In Hie least. We would say. off hand, that the Chick coach who takes up where L-asllc loaves off Is goin? to be "'very much on the spot- no mailer who lie Is. But still they're anxious for the chance to stand on the spot and we don't know as we blame them. Tlie Chickasaws have had seme very fine publicity over (heir exoloils for the past Ihree voars. far more Ihnn any olher team in Arkansas and even In the Mid-South the possible M CAfM*!6 ffta CF A S£COND OFF OiD'MAKK ESTABLISHED W mi By BOS M'ALLisTet*,.. - exception of Columbus. Miss. Tlie man who can carry on slands a good chance of accelerating his chnnces for coaching success. Included In the applicants are numbers of coaches at other schools . In Arkansas. We're almost Inclined to list n few just by way of refilling the eftorls of some of the old guard (pngc Mr. Quigley) lo shrug off Bly- thcvillc's achievements [is the mere luck of an upstart. But we suppose we'd better not. F.lse ofTidfds of some other schools might want to know just why Blytheville seems so important to their mentors. AUni.—Always ; 10 A 25c-^-lo TaJ Short I very Night Matinre3 Friday, Saturday, Snndaj Frldiy * Sunday rilatlntes— i Saturday Malinee — Contlhtioui Showing — 1:00 rTUI 11:00 P. HI Tue.-Wed.-Thur « PAL NIGHTS! Z Adults Admitted. lor' Price of SLANDAL BREAKS LOOSE! IPa'ragould (o Play 12 Grid Gnmes Next Fa' . R-b. 9.—The . agoiiW high sdiool foalball sehi><l nlf 1 for 193'; has b?s» aniioiinc« l;y Coach jacl: Dale. Twelve game are included, elglil to be played a home. .All the l<M(j ariwj will ie turn except dipt. T-.ilitKHh/c Motki Tile >:ehe>:,ile f;;llo'.vs: " September 10, f! 1'oa n-Ifi'jidrls; hers. fiaptcmbsr n, Cariihi^, here. •Seplember 24, Hoxie. 'lu^r;. Octobsr 1, NL'iviioi't. there. October 15, lilyf'ieville, tiirre October 22. Korrest Clly, there. October 29, liutesvllle, he-o Novombsr 5, Walnut liid^e. hero November 12. Plggott. hero Novcmiicr 19 .Augusta, there. November 25. .kmesbdro. lure, The ring seldom Is uisr enough for wrestlers . these nights. Here arc Vincent Lopez, not the musician, and A! Bislgnano slugging amid he ringside customers in Los Angeles, while Referee Dick Ruther- ord attempts to restore peace and at the same time get them back on the platform. Lopez won. Minnesota Urges Test '• For Iron Pavement Strip ST. PAUL (OP)—Minnesota 1 of- Icinls said they would be willing 0 share part of the expense of! a ix-tenths of a mile lest strip of ron pavement if federal bureau of public roads ofiicinls would bsar hand In the project. , .The short stretch of pavement vould be laid in St. Louis county- part of a grade elimination )lan. Iron paving would bring the otal cost of the job $21.500 liigii- :r, than "at present, an Increase lit raving cost of $5.50 a square yard. Highway engineers have declar- xl that iron undoubtedly wears onger and better than concrete pav'einent and a short test strip las been in place in front of 1 University of Minnesota builcl- .ng for several years. Read Courier News Want Adi. Steele, Caruthersville Divide Double Header STEELE, Mo., Feb.-a—Steele and Canithersville high school basketball tennis divided a doubleheader at Caruthersville last night The Steele girls won, 26 to 10. Caruthersville took the boys' name ,18. to H. . ' Read Conner Nbws Want Ads Play Billiards! Wholesome Recreation Moderately Prfctd Blytheville Recreation Center 316 W. Main - Former Home of Bell's Pharmacy GARNEft APFLfcTON MARVIN CIIAPPELL to Ihe wars on wobbly pins to be belted about until Ihe New York Boxing Commission intervened. Because he had to cat, Sam Lamrforrt was culled by young heavyweights who could not have carried the water bucket for the Tar Baby old-timers knew. l)cm]tscy and Petrolic Slcppcrt Down Properly Some lake another fling due "to their tjced for mo^sy — Jtick Sharkey. for example. But in many cnses it simply is a' reluctance to step back into Ihe inevitable shadows after being out in front for long runs. That Is what is keeping Tony Cnnzoncri in training against the advice of his best friends. Johnny Dundee haunted matchmakers' olTices for years after everybody bul himself realized that he was '• finished. The Scotch-Wop fought so long that he didn't know what to do with himself when it was time to call a halt. Gene Tnnney had other plans A dramatic .'\thunderboltl A DOCTORS DIARY GWRGi BANCROfT-HBBI BURGEJS • JOHN TRENT RUTH COUMAN - RA HOUIO • i, *. tcHumio r/ij.tti*« | '* . .J Also Selected Shorts WILL TRADE WELL GOING BUSINESS FOR FARM Nothing less Ihnn 300 acres TONIGHT IS $125 BANK RIGHT] asl week Mr. L. H. Freeman] •as called for the SIOO.OO—But! e was not present—Making BANK] EPOS1T Tonight $125.00! ! ! —ON THE SCREEN— ACTION breathless with daring » and iuiperiicf i. Ey«sfond of life's pleft»ur«s Kyrs mure ov.thlinn round. Set <lct(i and \\'nle. Upper Hds inclined lo drrto^i languidly, Kxprcssion ^Icrt ind jovial. Skin crinkled at «yc*' outer cilgci. An optimist's mouth J.ijv; of moderate fullness and length, but ilUtinjruislied by turned up comers. F:e- <Lvicmlyilic lips are held in ;i]iar(rt| position, though never prntnltrd to sag. Upper lip wiih a very slight tendency lo protrude. If you are the type appreciative of life's finer things . i~ .let nothing prevent you from trying this "double-rich' Kentucky straight Bourbon! Lizards are common lo all parts of Ihe globe except the polar rc- [gions. They are especially num- | crtms In the Iropics. Wnlkout preferred. considered. Write K. M., Courier News .biltrf t.4r\ (ft. Afjrl */ in XrMuckr br oil tiiae tilVn . . . Itx- CK.C oil TERRY ABSTRACT &. : REALTY CO. Abstracts, i, an d, & Lmn3 E. M. Terry, Prts. and Mgr. l'HoneCt7 Blythevllle, Ark. W A N T E D Government Loan Cotton Phone 167 APPLEBAUM BROS. COTTON CO. lerttg Bldg. BlylhevUle, Art Everything For Tour Entertainment and Comfort with tht famous amateur sleuth! mm .picked with danger and excitement/I 'BULLDOG DRUMMOND ESCAPES" with Roy Milldnd,.Sir Guy Standing, Hialher Angtl Bated upon Inft pjay"Bu]la l og Drummond Again" by H. C. (Sappn)McNeil* and Gtrard Falili>> A Paramount Piclvri Also Comedy anil Cartoon Weds. - Thurs. SHE FILLED i Mill's MIL i susu ijss um HER SHE WHS *U WOUI! COnWht IM7, SCHSNltY DimSUTOJS. WC..N.T. KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY Also Paramount N'civs and Comedy —Admission— Mallnee—10 & £Gc 30c

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