The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 7, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, October 7, 1932
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Served bu the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEA ST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST M18SOUUI VOL. XXSX—NO. 174 Blythcvllle Dally News. Blythovltle Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. Blvlhcvlllc Courier, U,tt, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, OCTOBKU 7. i;);!2 WIFE'S TBIP THRU Never Roforc Has Democratic Victory in Nation Seemed as Certain. • BY RODNEY ItUTCHEIl NKA Service \Vrilcr (Copyright, 1932 bv NBA Servie.-;, Inc.) WASHINGTON. — Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt has bain- stormed the West and returned much alter the fashion of a conquering hero. Thi -more he traveled the higher rose a surge of opinion ever/where that he would be elected to succcej President Hoover on November 8. In no two-party contest since before llie Civil War has there been a more complete tendency on the part cf politicians and political analysts to predict a Democratic ven.r. Seldom have more states been de c cribed as doubtful. .N5vcr did straw votes indicate such startling switches of sentiment in rock- Texd'e Activity Has Given Jobs to 50,000 NEW YORK, Oct. 7 .(UP)—At j least 50.CCO mill hands have been' iccallc:! ;o wort: by cotton i;oods : I manufacturers as result of greater. ' t! : ;> !-i?-v.'jini activity ill textile' pi eduction, a ' report by Frazler j-"". ...••. ro!<in:inv "lu today. [ "Production lias been rapidly i:"^!.-;r-;n in cotton goods, wojlon und niyon .since the summer lull ;••. li..' iL-Hhi ol unexpected cx- i:ni:sion in consumer demand." the rc-r rt caj-i. Champion Yankees in Romantic Douhlc-JMay SFIHE LOSES IN riliheci Republican states. Fpr the j "me court. Commissioners Not Pev- son.-'llv Linhle for Illegal Expenditures. LITTLK HOCK, Oct. 1 (OP)— Judge Richard Mann in circuit court here held In overruling the stale's tonnrrer that members -of the state highway commission arc no personally liable for funds paid to contractors for road construction work under contract. 1 : which were declared invalid by the sup- . Now egal lieverage Kor Alahamians Former Utilities Magnate MONTCIOML11Y, Ala., Oct. 7. lUI 1 )— For the tliuo In 17 ymh ! Alnhiimlnns lodiiy coiilil loually buv 'umclhlnu tluit "InsK r<">, BtnHb llkr, nnd luslm like beer." H . 1 T , | Hull! of "iitinr bscr," bevcra-jei Cluing IS: c«iii!\liilii(( less than cm half of 0110 (ov October 14 •' )Cr tl ' nt "leohol, was legalised l:«le ' ' ' i-'"-''jrcluy when ll:e house mid .-rai ! October Is the mcnth of weddings in the basebull world, nnd here arc two of the worlcl-chniniilon New York Yankees who are nguriug In a romimlic doublo-play. Bill Dickey, Yankee catcher, has made n nit with Miss Violet Arnold, left, and it's reported they'll be married soon. Samuel Dcwey Hyrd, outfielder, is already safe at home with (lie former Mitt Rachel E. Smith of Alabama, right. They're picture:! after their wedding in New York. first time a Democralic campaign | manager, Jim Farley, is a!)!.? to refuse • lo concede a simile state without becoming an object of ridicule. Uettinc odds, recently on Hoover, are now against him. 4 • ' t G. O. P. CHIEFS WORRY Revelation of a Rreat anti- Hcovpr sentiment in tlie West Is one of the most imcortant factors in the rapid growth of pro- Roosevelt prophecy. Seasoned UD!- itical corresoondents were astonished at the stories they heard an(l th» signs they saw. alon? vyith- the apnari?nt success ' of Roosevelt's apneals lo the West's . and 'in'a^perident vot- Now most of them "relieve t TJ/'nc^TMf. nrohnblv will win with the Solid South, most of the West most of thp Middle West and a hiirb'y uncertain numr-cr of elec- to r "l vnlps from the East. Republican managers, many ol them privately oessimisUc. and all of them worried, have hewn a counter-offensive which the\ hone will start the tid*? (he other V/av. President Hoo\'er hims'e\f ha.« led the attack by penetrating th< disaffected West for a speech a Des Moines. It., and hundreds o Republican orators, led by Sec reUry- of the Treasury Ogdci Mills, nre 1'^ing lurnecl lease al along thn line. The Hoover ad •irrss ot Des Moines has sounde< the keynole for the lesser cim r->inr,-.r=. Mnnv Renuhlican lead prs found cause for renewed on timism in the i;enerallv favorabl nnd enthusiastic rccrution whlc! lowans accorded to the COOLIDGE ENI.ISTEI) Former President Calvin lidse. ono . of 1 the p^rtv's est drawing cards, has nt las bren billed for n cnnvnaien nt New York'*: Midisnn Squar nirticn. and Mr. Hoover at White House receotinn hns nwrt an unnrece<'.?nled bid for the Ne pro vote which for the first tirti hi' see^ert to he hostile. The Hoover ticket continues bn handicapped by the continue absence of anv substantial im movement in business nnd by previous failure of its manners to olan and execute an intelligent visrorons nrosrnm of attack. Roosevelt, meanwhile, turns h>s attention to the East. Thanks to the conservatism of that section fn-l the nnmity of ninny if ;° Smith's admirers — even thoueh that enmitv may have been tes- sened by the recent public reunion of the two leaders at Albanv— Several weeks ago Attorney Gen-1 al Hal Norwood and County j Tosecutor Carl Bailey filed suits' recover from the commission's and their bondsmen some $1,31,104. That ninounl. it was al- 'ged by the highway audit com- lission, was ovierpaid'the contrac- ors or was above the actual cost the work on 185 projects. Judge Mann held that the com- ilssion has wide discretionary »wers and that its members can- iot be held liable for expenditure f state funds on illegal or un- .uthorizcd contracts "unless It is troved that they acted in bad altli and with fraudulent.intent." It was indicated the attorney reneral will seek a' supreme''court ullng on the contention that the warding of even without illegal contracts fraudulent intent Seized Cigarettes Removed Couit's Jurisdic- rvom Ledbetter Will Start Life Tetm HARRISBUKG, Ark., Oct. 7 (U —Givins up his fight against \rn •! T • f I A_ conviction on charges that he mur- tion Wmie I Hal Is Un. dered 'his two-year-old step son __ I by beating him to death, Herm»n ' Holding that agents of the state revenue department removed confiscated property from the jurisdiction of the court after a petition for return of the property had been filed, Municipal Judge c A. Cun ;/ ningham yesterday ordered the case o'f Edgar Borum, accused of violation of' the state cigarette tax law, continued for 10 days. If the property Is not returned to the conn's subjects the commissioners and jurisdiction within 10 days the suit :hcir bondsmen to payment. liability 0 F'J7 FOR Tammany Leaders Abandon Plan to Seek Vindication for Walker. NEW YORK, Oct. 7. fUD—Sur- rogate John O'Brion is the Democratic nominee for mayor of New York, hand-picked by bosses of Tammany Hall who led 23.000 county comnittteemen through all the motions of a nominating convention in Madison Square Garden last night. ho faces situation which mav yef defeat him throueh the loss of si'di slates ns Now York. Massachusetts and New Jersev. He Is now cxoected to stress the issues of prohibition and unemployment It Is no loiieer argued that a Democratic candidate can't be elected without carryin? P York's 46 electoral votes, but Roosevelt's failure to earn- his honv? stale would mnko his task a lot harder. New York is now regarded as doubtful. If they can' win New York, the Democrats expect to offset that loss by tak- Ine Ohio, Illinois and Indiana with a total of 69 electoral votes They talk, not unreasonably Jud?'n? from other reports, of carrv- }"? Illinois by 500.000 votes. Ohio °'f 200.000 or 300,000 and Indiana bv 100.000. » « * *' VOTES MIGHT WIN Most prognostUators give Roose- ™t a, minimum of 150 certain electoral votes lo start -with—those °* Alabama, Arkansas. Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, (Continued on page 8) The nominal ion nicanr, that J3hn | P. Curry, Tammany' bass, has saved his leadership by a desperate move which called for throwing James Walker ov-srboard as ri candidate, although Walker released the bosses from any promise to re- nominate him. "for the good of t'r.e party." That efforts to renominate Wai- ; leer for a "vindication election" were doomed, at least for one year, and thai O'Brien probably will face only a Republican candidate November 8: That Acting Mayor Joseph McKee, who succeeded Walker when he latter resigned under fire, probably will return to his. old position as president of (he baard of aldermen after January 1, at least until November. 1933. when the regular mayoral election will be held. O'Brien was nominated with Ihe support ol all factions of New YorSr city Democracy, but his selection was regarded as another triumph for the forces of Gov. Franklin b. Roosevelt and Alfred E. Smilh, who hod opposed the previously announced intention of the Tammany leaders to renominate Walker. Roosevelt and Smith won their first victory Tuesday when they forcec" the Tammany leadership to accept will be dismissed. Judge Cunningham's ruling, which was really in the nature ol a warning, followed admission by Frank Witle, agent for the revenue department, that he had dispatched the cigarettes to Little Rock after the petition, alleging unlawful seizure, had been filed. WItte and Guy Butler, another revenue agent, were called back to the stand yesterday and asked to explain the removal of the cigarettes. Butler had made the statement in open court the day before that (he cigarettes had already been sent to Little Rock, at a time when they were actually still in this city, according to admissions by Witte. Wittc, pressed for an answer by Borum's counsel, admitted he had issued instructions in connection with removal of the cigarettes by telephone at- the city hall while the case was in progress and after the motion had been filed. He said he had instructions from Little Rock to send all seized goods then- Holding the cigarettes were deliberately removed from this city to evade jurisdiction of the court Judge Cunningham declared that no law provided that the agents should adopt a vindictive attitude toward merchants with whom they Ledbetter, 31, farmer, was to leave for the -state penitentiary at Little Rock flhts a (terii(»n to begin serving the life sentence assessed liiin. Ledbetter, convicted last night by a. jury, appeared before. Judge G E. Keek today und was sentences lo life Imprisonment. He waived the rii-ht to file a motion for a new trial. The convicted man wll leave for Little Rock In the custody of Deputy Sheriff C. T. Sul- vnn. Sll-HOWS III DEBT M Difficulties Seen in Proposal to Stimulate Sales IIARIUE. Out., Oct. 7, lUl') — M.ulln J. Insiill, once powerful ChlcuKu multimillionaire itiul operating chief ut the $2,000.(KKJ.Ot)0 Insull Ulllltlcs, occupied n Jail to;l:iy with vagrants, bootleggers nnd putty robbers. He Kius held as a fugitive from Justice awiilllng extradition to Chicago on charges of onilii'Z7.1cm:iU nnd larceny. Iiibull, a weary old man, surrendered to authorities nt 9:3& p.m. last night on advice of his counsel. llrartnr October 14 After a prearranged meeting til the home of Judge Dudley Holmes, Insiill was taken to the Barrle Jnll. [in old for tress known to the haU- world ns a "lough" plncc. He must remain there for at least, eight days, Hie Judge ruled In CHII- venlni; court In the front parlor of his home. Jiidl!c Holmes set hearing for October 14. If extradition papers Imvc not arrived by. that time Intmll will Iw rcnmndixl to Jail for another eight dnys. Deny Allegations Purycar Was Intimate With Sunshine Walker. .;"> nil- patted over Oov. II. M. Miller's veto a bill repealing one of the dvy- est stululf.s In America. In hl.s veto message the novarncr. warned Ihat Icxallmllon of mar beer would be "an entering wedge tho stall!'!'! dry Inws" and would Increase the difficulties of enforcing Die prohibition laws. Distributors entered Into a race .to be the llrst to place near b:er on ale In tho state. One Birmingham oucern announced two car toads f the beverage such M box IO'.IE xtn legal In other states would br available- for distribution to ret:''.l- TS by noon today. Abroad. Advisors Have Convinced Him He Must Wage His Own Battle. Borum, a local druggist, admitted a technical violation of the law requiring revenue stamps to be affixed to all cigarette packages, but denied any intent to evade the tax. WASHINGTON, Oct. 7 <l)P> — President Hoover's speech to women voters today Is part of the plan of keeping President Hoover fighting on the firing line until election day. He will be talking here and on the read at frequent Intervals His next campaign trip is expected to be into Ohio, Indlttna nnd possibly Michigan. Republican managers have convinced him that he would have to bear the main burden of the campaign from now on. Cabinet cllicers nnd the vice-president at tract little attention when the; • peak now. Newspaper promln ence goes to the Democratic, prcs Idcntlal candidate unless Prcsi Attempt to Buy Testimony in Florida Case Revealed •WASHINGTON, Oct. 7. (UP) — State and agriculture department officials, It was learned lodny, ixrc studying possible ways of putting Into effect the plan suggested by President Hoover at DCS, Molnes tfl» trade war debts for stimulated for-] elgn markets., for»American farm products. Many difficulties are seen. These arrive out of the desire vf farmers n the debtor nations to protect heir own home markets, Mid out of the almost certain protests of •hird countries should debtor na- •Iqns give American produce pre- erred.'Status. . • Government economists suggested the following two ways in vhlch such a trade might Ije curried out,: 1—By an agreement under wlilch a'foreign country would reduce or remove Its tariff on American farm products for n year In return for cancellation of its annual debt payment. 2—By agreement ot a forclRii government, to subsidize American agricultural Imports for a year. For example the British government might agree to pay to Lancaster cotton mills 10 cents for each dollar's worth of cotton imported from the United States and credit this subsidy against the war debt. Surnucl Insull and Son Escape Fran PARIS.—Definite assurance thn Samuel Insull nnd his son aamuc Jr., liave escaped from Paris w« MI last night by the manage inenl of tl'.e hotel where they wer living. The Instills left the hole Wednesday. It.was learned also that Insult's address Is known lo his wUc, for the manager of Ihe hotel pleaded vainly with her lo wire hcr'hti*- baud for milhorlralloii to make a statement, to the press BO the force of newspapermen would be called off. Whether the financier still Is in. Francs or> whether he 1 fled lo some country where no extradition Ireaty with the United States exists could not be learned. Proprietor Arrested as Po- 1 i c c Investigate Two Shootings. MEMPHIS, Oct. 7. (UP)—On man Is dead, a second .wouniici! and a policeman called lo the seen Is In a serious condition from i fall is A result o^ a mysterloiis shooting today at the De3oto hole Frank Tamble, 47, manager of th hotel and widely known in boo tit and political circles In Memphis, 1 heW in jail In c6hnecUon,wllh Jk shooting. Everellj I*tkey^lr;,;.( Nfeniphls, wns shot to deijth nt'tii hotel. Art Martin, 33, dancing' It structor from Hot Springs, Ark has- a bullet vound In nt.i head in dieted by an unidentified assail »nt. SKI.F.C, Building and Loan Associations Have Received STEUE SISTERS Were on Way to Return Neighbor From Hospital When Train Hit Car. MEMPHIS,, Ocl. 7., (UP)—Htan-.', ley A. Puryear today was ilefe'nelepy . Ihree slsU'rs bt his wife whom*' ic staUi charges he backed', to • mill and then totally shot a ,ne- .o, Will Jamison, to hide ths crime!- , Mrs. C. C. DrlelhiK of St. Louis/' . tm. W. L. Wade of Tuscumbia;. la., and Mrs. James Vandsrberg-..-.-. Memphis, slslefs of the slain Mrs. urycar, today w:re dsfense. wit-,.; esses at the trial of Puryear,.; largcd wtth killing Jamison U> : cov.' r up the brutal ax murder of his ; •Ifc and eight-year-old daughteiy . Porter Purytar, 11-yoar-old sonof : 'uryenr, was to take the stand this ftornoon to defend his father. • The sisters testified .that Mrs. Purycar und her husband livel In . omploU happiness and that Pur•ear treated his wife In-the best.. if manners. Their testimony U WM given to refute the state's cdriten- -lon Hint Puryear hud some • HJOJ •; Ive to dispose of her. .' • ••! .'•''..• The witnesses denied I'rM- Pur-.: year was more than a'Iriend-ip.. Miss sunshine Walter, whdmjhe ;i state- witnesses pictures M being.'; ntlnmte with Puryear. The three .estifled that the cellar door .of . : he> Purycar home could hot be locked Because the key was lost and .wme-: thing was wrong* with the doot. Through tills testimony.the.defense:'; ; hopea to blut the evidence of .the:.;'=• st»t« whlnh purported to ihow Jam-.£ Uon could not have broken!into .the; house.-, ' '-•:•"'./•' ••' ••'•A-i- : : ! Liberty dent Hoover himself Is talking. Federal Help. C** ft-ntn nil m nY-n nf till* Pfi- ^ So from now on more of the Republican publicity will be lied in directly to President Hcover. Mr. Hoover has convinced himself that he can put on a creditable political appearance. I-'orm- crly lie thought he was not idaptcd lo political speech mak- ng. Herbert Lehman as Democratic nominee for governor. Will Give Books to Library Tomorrow Tomorrow U the day local organizations will present books to the public library In a movement sponsored by the Elliott Fletcher chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy in carrying out a Bicentennial pro- grain. Several local gronjw have a nounced they will give books. JACKSONVILLE, Fla.. Ocl. 7 (UP)—An alleged attempt to bribe ccnvicls to ''testify right" on promises of early freedom was described today In the trial of two Florida prison camp guards charg- od with the "sweat box" murder of Arthur Mailleferl. a convict. Jim Travis of Pennsylvania, a convict serving 12 years on robbery charges, testified for the state thct George Courson, one of the accused guards, told him "the gate Is open" if he would testify favorably to the defense He refused, the witness said. Travis was questioned about the fate of Iho three men who he said committed the robbery with him at Miami, and sdid, "we were all sentenced to 12 years each, but two have been paroled and one who is a defense witness gets out In 26 days after serving only five years of a 12- year term!" Treatment of prisoners at Sun|beam camp where Malllefert died, Travis said, was such that several times he had undergone operations necessitated by treatment he received. Danvin Kingsiey. Head of New York Life, Dies NEW YORK, Oct. 7 (UP) — The death of Darwin Klngsley, chairman of the board of directors of the New York Life Insurance company, today revived rum- crs that Calvin Coolldge might become chairman of the board. Ccolldge became a director o: the company In 1920. A high officer of the company, however said the rerx,rt about Ccx,,.dge "just, a rumor and that the former president would not be Interested in such an undertaking. WASHINGTON. Oct. 7 (UP) — New Reconstruction Finance Corporation loans aggregating $111,- 505.G3I.90 were authorized In August, it was revealed today In Ihe report of the corporation made public by Clerk of Ihe House, 3ouHi Trimble. Previously authorized loans were Increased during August by S10.- 681,010, the report said, innking an aggregate of SI22.277.G41.90. Tile report was made public by Trimble over the protest of the finance corporation. Chairman Atlee Pomcrcnc of the corporation on September 29 protested to Trimble that publication was Interfering with operation of the relief project and should be slopped. The following loans were included In the amount made lo build- Little Bulld- and Loan, perpetual, $58,765; Peoples Building and Loan association, S39.877; Pulaskl Build- in? and Loan association, $49,541.75: Young Men's Building association, perpetual, S6,033. Two sUtcrs. on their way to carry a neighbor home from n Memphis hospital when ll.elr car was hit by a Frisco motor train here yesterday, lay on beds side by side at the Blythcvllle hospital today. Both of the sisters were able to talk this morning and unless complications sot in both will recover. Clara, 10, the driver of the car. sustained cuts about tbo face and head and legs. Alta, the older sister, suffered a broken right thigh, a fractured arm and deep cuts about the face. Tlw sisters arc glad that they arc at least alive. roincmter little of the accident. The older girl apparently did no', know what hit the car. until told afterwards. Relatives arrived yesterday afternoon and were al the hospital thl- morning. They said the two youns women had left their home nea- Stccle to motor to Memphis and planned to bring a neighbor's wife, who was in a Memphis hospital back with them. They carried a cot In their car for her to use on the way back. H. D.- McOowen, patrolman, Isi In a hospital In a serious condition wllh an Injured back. He fell 20 feet through a dark' passage from tho main floor of Ihe hotel to the basement. . Tamblo admits shooting Lack;}'. He told police Lackey attempted a holdup and he had been summoned to the hotel loliby by a negro porter who claimed a man came Into Ihc hotel nnd told him to hald up his hands. The shooting of Marlln has mystified police. According to his story Marlin was In his room when a hard knock came at the door. Martin said he refused to obey »n order to open Ihe door .ml ;he man at the other side then fired through the panel, the bullet grazing Martin's head. B. F. Aycock, New Liberty, far-!: mer, was jcund deed In bed.!'»t > his home, .wutrr;of •.Blythert"*;' early thl« morning. . •' /,; ", Tho farmer ' Idled to ' answer when his • wife 'called him ! to breakfast! ..He had been ng from high .blood pressure ; for some time, ' and -his death' • wis , attributed to a heart attack. _ . Funeral services will be heldTtq-.'. narrow morning at 10 o'clock with the Rev. A. S. Harwell, pas- or of the First Baptist church, and the Rev. J Smith officiating. The Cobb Undertaking comparjjfjls in charge of funeral arrangements. • !?!••"*•'• The deceased is 'survivedniy^his widow ,Mrs. Agnes . Aycock. .',^id eleven 'children and four?brothers, Marshall, Joe,. Albert ''»nd Simms Aycock. . \ • . - " CARSON CITY, Nev. (UP)—The federal government, which has the sole responsibility of enforcing prohibition in Nevada, levied $1,525 In liquor fines here recently In one day. New Cotton NEW YORK, Oct. 7. (UP)-Cotlon closed steady. Open High Low .'. 703 703 604 ..709 700 C98 715 702 724 711 732 720 740 129 Oct. .. Dec. .. Jan. .. Mar. . May .. July .. Spots 705, unchanged, quiet. ... 715 ... 724 ... 732 ... 739 Close G9-1 G99 705 714 723 733 /Veir Orlenti* •' nt ton Truck Driver Jailed ;•• . on Gasoline Tax Charge Harry Fisher, truck driver ;for-a '' : : DuQuoin, III., transfer conipiny, was Jailed and his truck held wr.en ; he was arrested" here yesterday on , a charge of evading the stats gjs ax law by driving a truck equipped' •ith two gasoline tanks. • • • • < Fisher was arrested by Frank VHtc, revenue department agent fho h»s made his headquarters- here or some time. '; •!..",..! Fisncr ,was hauling a load 'of . ioii5ehold goods and a pah- of mules from DuQuoin to Jonesboro when taken into custody. -He was odged in Jail and his truck' held. The party (or whom Flsbsr was.. making (he trip had his goods and mules transferred to another truck . here and carried to Jonesboro. NEW ORLEANS. Oct. 7. CUP) — Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Wilson Pastor Moderator For Baptist County Group The Rev. E. II. Mnnwarring, pastor ol the WlUon Baptist church, was' rc-clectcd moderator of the Mississippi County Baptist tssocla- "lon In its annual meeting at Manila this week. Other officers named were: the Rev. J. L, Newsom, of the Blythevltle Second church, vice moderator; J. T. Ellis, of Bly- thcvllle, secretary; J. H. Lewis, of Dell, treasurer. Germany Will Act In Four Power Arms Treaty BERLIN, Oct. 7 (UPV-Gr-rmany and honorable art cf puppetry has has unconditional 1 ^ ncmpictl a been revived here. At Cl'" Collog?, nroposal for a four power arms'; Paul McPhariln, n director of trie conference In London, it was said i Marionette Fellowship, Is teacn- aulhoritativcly today. The reply ing a class In making and oper- was sent to Great Britain. I Mine Ihe liny figures. Oct. Dec. Tan. Mar. May July 094 708 713 722 731 741 693 709 715 722 731 741 G!)0 G95 699 709 718 728 GP,4b 696 699 711 722 731b Spots 697, unchanged, steady. Sfocfc Prospectors Return to Hill; Seeking Gold SALEM, Ore. (UP)—Prospectors are taking to the hills. Graybcaras, who panned gold long ago, arc pocking grub and pans, and seeking gold In the stream bods and mountains of the state. Young men out of Jobs also ttt« tilting up th« gold hunti P.«tnrm Fugitive From ..' Illinois to Face Trial A. T. & T 104 1-4 Anaconda Coppor 10 Auburn 42 1-2 Caterpillar Tractor 83-4 Chrysler , 14 Cities Service 33-4 Coca Cola 02 1-2 Continental Baking .... 45-8 General Eltctrlc 153-4 General Motors U 1-S Middle West Utilities 1-2 Montgomery Ward 12 New York Central 22 3-4 , Packard .• 3 1-8 Hadlo 71-4 Simmons 9 Standard ol N. J 28 3-8 Texas Corp 12 U. S. St«el ..........i.iti Nolan cltrk, arrested in Illinois :o face a larceny charge hsre.'was returned to Blythcvllls yeatsrjay'.by Eddie B. David, deputy sheriff. Clark refused to waive estradi- ' tlon when apprehended, in Illinois but the governor of the state honored a requisition for his return. Clark Is »)!egsd to have sold'a wa- . gon load of cotton, property of a man for whom he worked near M»- nlla, pocketed the rr.:ney and drove off In his employer's car. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Fair, -ranner to- nl-rht. Saturday fair, wanner In east portion. There was n frost »?»ta list night, according to the official weather observer, Charles Phllllpi Jr. The ., minimum temperature •; yesterday w«s 40 degrees and the maximum, M degren. Today a year ago the minimum temperature wu 70 degrees kM.U Imum, ts defrees, ckx-dy,

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