The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 10, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 10, 1934
Page 2
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ftarn TWO COURIER NEWS Social Calendar MONDAY'S EVENTS W. M. S. Fii-st, Methodist chmrh meeting at 2:30 p. m. Dance al American Legion hut for Armistice celebration, Circles of the Presbyterian Auxiliary will meet us follows: Number 1 at 2:30 p.m., at Mrs. Fred Rutherford; Number 2 with Mrs. O. n. Babcock; Number '1 with Mrs, O. W. Dlltahunty; Number 1 at the church at C:3D for .siippor. TUESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. J. Nick Thomas having Tuesday Bridge club. Mrs. Doyle Henderson entertaining Young Matrons BrMee club. THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. w. L. Horner having Mid- Week Drfdgc club. Mrs. O. li. Keck cnteiiainini Thursday Contract club. Thursday Luncheon club meeting with Mrs. Max D. Miller. New Styles Tickles Cecili; Conipliiiicul Mrs. Ix-ltoy Mrs. W. J. LeRoy, wife of llic Kcv. W. J. LcRoy, was Bivcil u shower Monday because slie Ls moving (o Truniann lo make her home. Membera of the woman's missionary society of the Lake Slreel Methodist church had the affair ut the church instead of the reu- ulnr weekly ceting. There were 30 present. The liev.l and Mrs. LeRoy wenl lo Trumanu yesterday alter having lived here for tile past livo years. Cooper-Tyrone Miss Lucilc Tyrone ami Mr. W. Hunter Cooper were milted in ))iarringe in « ceremony performed last evening by the Rev. ,). T. Renfro, pastor of the Second Bap- list church, ut his home. The ring service was read. Tile bride wore a black'wool Innic (rock trimmed In Roosevelt blue and her accessories were in black. Her only attendant was Miss Katlicritie Kcitn. Mr. Scotl Alley IWLS the tiriclc- Broom's best num. Mrs. Cooper, \vlio is the daughter of Mr. and Mis. J. L. Tyrone imemled the city nigh school. The bridegroom, who came here from Tupelo, Miss., is connected with the local Kroger store. They arc now al home at 113 Chicknsawba Avc. Compllinrnls Uridc-Klccf Jliss Loalsp urown, whose mar- nagc to Mr. Bowe'n Hnncy of Os- ccoJa, will uc solemnized toiuor- )ow, was giieit of 'honor at a shower parly given lust, evening at the home of Miss Ella Tasclmer Fmploycs of the Kress store made up.the guest list. Chrysanthemums and other autumn flowers decornl_cd the liriii- room where »HM Brown displayed licr assorted gifts. Dell Missionary Society The Ladiei Missionary focicty of the Methodist' church ut Dcil met at. the home, of Mrs L M Woody Tuesday afternoon with seven members present, Plans were made for n turkey dinner to be served at the church Timiiksgiv- mg day to rthe benefit of the church. The business meeting was followed by a social hour. The. next meeting W JH be with Mrs Wagers. » • * To Spcik at Dedication. Jlre. Howard Proctor, state president of the American Legion Auxiliary, will bring greetings f rom u,,, Arkansas department al the dedica- "on of (he American Legion hut Movie Contest Prize Winners Are Announced Prize winners in the motion picture contest held nt the Roxy thca- :-v.,tcr.werc: Alfrida Stovall,'Blythc- ' d, MO., second; Karen June Colston, Blythoytltc. third T h c prizes were pllotograplis More than 100 children participated in the contest with inoviti" Pictures shown.on the screen alone with snapshots of school students. down town firms and the dedication of the U. D. c. monument. Hospital Notes Peal, Steele. Mo' N t Hayti, Mo. Dismissed: Mrs. M. colony. Bits oj Mostly Personal Ur. A. M. Wa.sliburn and John and Mansfield, were „, Mi!iiiplits yesterday. Kvelyn mid Larry Asllley, clill- dicn of Mr. anil Mrs. Orovcr Ash- Icy of Armorel, have recovered from ,-t tsvo ivceks Illness from iu- Mr. anil \]rs. w. 1). Wallace have returned from a brief visit In Shrcvcport, La., where llicv i-i.sltcd Mr. \vall«cc's parents. Mrs. Louis Lcroy lin.« returned I') her home In Memphis after several days stay with her sister Mrs. Louise Chapman, at her home nt'iir Armorel. .HES SATURDAY, NOVEMBER O-® S ED IP I'llliST I'ltKSliVTtiHIAN ClHJnt'll Stuart II. Salmon, I'astor Sunday school, 0:45 a. in s U Vail, Supl. Church, 11 a. m. Special ArmU- lice Day service with sermon on "The Blessed Nation." Young people nicellng, G:45 p. in. Miss Mary Virginia Cutler, leader. Church, 7:30 p. m, The second of u .series of sermons in prepara- £0115, tl0 " l'o>' the Clirislmas season, "The Hcdecjiu-r, the Son uf Abraham." All arc cordially Invited lo ivor- in here. DAN THOMAS Like it.' Why. Cecilia Parker, youthful movie player, wus ticUcd halt to drain by her new chapcm,. It's a lornml version of the Tyrolean Imt ll.« black velvet crow,, stitched in gold thrciuls. Ami you can nlav licck-ii-uoo any liuic lliroiigh tho loop O f llml fetching r-, aUl , r ' A NCM- Kind <>!' Chicken Pot A gooil dish for an autumn ni cl . i|le sive[| |ld(HV cups mik or chicken Mock; six In ,. •••• , am oight unbaked Iraking powder bis- 1 "'" ' ft '"'lvo to fifteen minutes IOIIB- cnils. rolled one quarter inch thick, j 01 '- or until the biscuits nrc to-own - Pupils at Lange School Observe Education Week Tilt! L-.U1BC school CClCbuUCCl NiUltmitl IJdiicutlon Week and Ucok \vSeV-. in various wnys. iMplls of tlie Coin-ill auci fifth grades wrote letters to hiisiucta mini uf Uie city tclllne utioul. their morning Murcits cdunitioii and laying the right I ^o foundation in u>e iijsi s j x yradcjj! C't of .school. Mls-s Winnie Slump Aided Old : Bronze Tablet Honoring Dobbin In Comeback Herbert on Bank Wall BOSTON (UP, -The ilfprewum : I'llILADELPHiA tui'i-A uroiia- is briiigmg the horac tack, ai-curd-;ti'!ilct in memory of Victor H'-r- ituj lt> Dr. liobei'i S. .MncKclliir. oMbcrl uns erected'on a wall o! Hie New York, president (if Hie Ami-r- i Ft-deml ttiwrve Bunk liuildin- ican \ Hermary Medical Assocla- • here by members of »n association '"'• , ! ttt 'h whom the composer once us- One of the chief n-.isons for Out socialcd Dobbhi's co)m-l.-!U'ij, (.ays D,. siac- I It is retailed thai when llcr- Kt thai fnvmw have nei-jlwrt visited the oitv he slopped al thcr the money lo repair worn- u liolel on Ki-Uv" Sirc;-l. A, he out tractors purchased in boom played u low soiiss his ctimpnu- limes nor stilllclciu funds lo buy!(tins would sin«. to Ihc horse Instead, " jso mud, tli,u"t|iey formed "aTor- sani/ation wliirh thev called tho <:...„„,„„ ./ • .. \KM\- Stm-l IIUMUCSS Men's As- oevciitccn yaccinalions ! >'>cimion. Fill Will, <!l,,,t,,,,i . tillrvivl11 '; ini-'mbers tvi-rc respon- lail Wllll illlriCJll .MDlt- f,,r ,|, 0 ,,„,(„„ ,, f ,,, c ' Ul |,. ;i'l in Ihc iniik w-ail which is tin .; Ihc .Mir ,,f the old hotel. YOltK. I'n. cUPi—CharK'f, £-\i- Icr. 15, high school student. h;.< iimta-gonc 17 vatciiwtions JHUUHSI Mines. Clark and Jacobs Mobilization Chairmen Mrs. .lames 1). Clark, iilylhcvlllc uiicl Mia. Frederick i'. Jacobs Griilcr. have been named chairmen for the northern and Eotith- ern districts of Mississippi comity, respectively, for the National Women's Committee of the 1935 "Mobiliwilimi for Uiiniun Needs." The appointments were miittc by Mrs. Martin Siumaii, Moiilkcllo, stale chairman. Mrs. Franklin D. lioosevcll is clininnuii of the Natioiml Women's cominillec and Newton D. Baktr is cliiiirman of the National Citizen's committee, sponsoring the: second annual nioblllwillon. Mrs. Sl(sm«n and Mrs. Ellznbcth Tayior, uuie nock, are Arkansas representatives on Mrs. rtoosc- vcll's naUonal committee. he ovt'unlviiilion'K imrpocc is lo mobilize community resources IturaiijhiHil. the n.-itioii to inccL needs not met by Ihc leilcnil goy- mimcnUs relict prosiain, SI-X-'ONII HAfTIST (,'lltJltC'H J. T. llciifro, Pastor \V. Slain at 18t|j street llible School 10 a. m. Sunday, 'lite entire school studies Ilic sixth, sesenth and eisshtli chapters ot Genesis. Tlie pastor teaches Young People and Adults, Preaching 11 a. in. Patriotic sermon by the pastor, Subject: "Tho Foundations of America." TrainhiB service, (i p. m. Preaching 1 p. in. Sermon by I lit! iiastor on "The A. B. u. of Citi/en.ship. Mid-week service Wednesday, 7 p. en. Itadiu Service KLCN 10:30 u. m. every Friday. J.AKli 8TK15KT MKTI1O1HST V. !•:. Clmlfanl, t'astor Sunday sdiool, OM5 a. m Church, 10:50 a. in. Leagues, 7 p. in. Church, 1:30 p. in. All are cordially inviled to hear tin 1 iiciv minister. ©MIHDV .-* GEORGE SCARBO uoeACS A SUIT on, OVE/ZceAr iM PGiVATe Life/ UNfiL AFfsP HE HA? WORN \r m A PICTURE , MERKE!.'?, LOVttHG- AW OLD S"UP0!2STmON', CARSfED HES'JP.A LADOEC TO THEATriC KfoPe TAHltiG- Ue DOVJNSTAIJ3S 1 TO SHOlV HE2 TO HEC. rillST MKTIIODIST fJUJJiCJI W. V. \Vomaek. t'asltir Church School, 9M5 sun. .Mornint! Worship, 10',55 «.m. Sermon -subject, "The Church: II.; Life and Work." YOIIIIH People's Leauiie services li:-15 p.m. Evening Worship, 7:;io p.m. gcr- iiioi) subject, .• 1 "Mc|iokliiijf-Chaiige(l- ikeucHs." The new Board of Stewards will meet al the church Monday evening at 7:30 o'clock. school. On Monday h'vrurd snokc to the students on fho importance ol celling it goud MUST (.'IJKJSTiAN (,'IIUItU! bi.vlli anil IShiih V. li. Unllcrwurtli, Jliuislci Hiblf scliool at 9:45 with special Icali.rcs for the children. Commiinlon nnd praiching at II a.m. Topic: "Good News for 13)y- Ihcvillc People." licvival services al 7:30 p.m. Special music- and clioruses, led liv [tie . Eennon: ••[•'our Blyllicville." Kcvivnl services j.'oo) ft in Virgil Turner, county supervisor, spoke on "Education." Slie told a story which iii-ought out the importance of al- 'cnding school. A program was given Friday nioinint;: Song. Look for tlie Silver Lining, grout); Poem. "The Li.nd Of Story Books," Anna Lee Hater; "An Education and What it Means to us." Betiltih Mullins; recin, "No nooks ", Margaret .lean Norman; Sang. "Windows." Third Gritiic; talk, "What We Have Learned to Like at School, "Jewel' Ilollis: Poem, "Book Houses", Wannicc Arwnotl; playlet "When Hooks Speak for Themselves" pu- i of tlie fourth grade: play "In Madame Reader's Book Case" "tlh grade pupils. t>j .'Vnlo wonder Thieves Left I'.irl BOSTON tut') — George nroomc" couldn't start his automobile the other inornint;. uurmg tin; night somebody had Molcn the geiicmtor. battery, sliir- tcr. carburetor and distributor. Mrs, IVlcAdoo Seeks Divorce Home Delivery Service ' For Liquor Offered CLEVELAND IUP) _ ^ u qv;OT home delivery service in suburban lakewood, first venture of its kind in Greater Cleveland, is underway. The consumer pays 25 ceiils lor Hie service. He calls the concern orders what, lie wants, the concern goes to a slate liquor store, signs WULAUKLPHIA the consumer's name by proxy andi • : -""'~' presto-the liquor Is delivered to the doorstep. The delivery sen-ice is set up under a recoil v ruling of Ihc slate liquor board which allows anyone lo acl as agent for another In signing for stale liquor store purchase*. ; • youth recently was with-, l nlm ! )W 'i. 'hrro. and one-half feet clrmvn from .•.clicnl when Ins par-' '""^ r '" w ''™' Ihc farm of Leroy cuts, Mr. and Mrs. Henry V.cijln ° nc "- mar llin <'. On the vino refused lo have him vaccinated".-tii U ™ wlllc| i I he whopper came. .« IRIh lime. "'IUTS arc' doinj! their br-sl ID »l- nvst ellfirts lo vaccinate „,< , youth was made in \yy>. \ Philadelphia Planetarium , Drew Crowd of 230,000 i propovl Ions. lovin; memory of onr dear Fi'and-wiii, v.lio died Nriv- '<•' 'I. !!>,». James (••raiikllit .so \oiic v.i' lovrd ID Read Courier flews want ,„ .fecltons' of | " : universe. . Mrs, A. J. Boniar. Jusl as Suiiixiiiv \Vtlliani Gibba Mc.Vdoo and Mrs. McAdoo. re- ct'lilly. divorced, were assomim In (lie iiiarriaga of tlicir tljiuli- liif t;ileii to Uatnel Loi'^i <lp Onate. Spanish movie aut'i, liicy learned the sen;it'.<i'.i foil uas to uo divorced by Mrs William Glbbi McAdoo, ,!i,,' Eiowo above, Slie cbargec Incompatibility, the except b'alurday, me ami fid. acquainted nii;til :it SI)t;it:TV the subject of which will |K> CTIHISHAX SCilKNlJK "AUAM AND FALLEN the Lesson-Sermon , , -""I in al! Churches uf Chribt. SciDntist, Sunday morn- al 11 o'clock. G'olclen Tc:\t b Ironi at;o\'e "Hc that bove all ho l!iat is of the earth 'is"e,-irthh' nix; siiciikflli of th« eanli" uoli'n .3iul). Aninng tho citations which com- piw-i: the Lesson-Sermon is tlie fol- lowmg train the Bible: "For as in Adam we all die. oven so in Christ shall all lie made alive" a Corinthians iSiaji Tlie I-c. r ; on-Sermon also include-: the follonin gpassage from tlie "lii-ial';"! Science tc.-itbook. "Sci- •J'cc ai.d Health with Kev to the scriptures," by Mary Baker Eddy 'lx;t the 'male and female' of rjoti's creating npjicai-. Let us feet t|i c () |. vine energy t; Suirit, bringing ,, s into newness of Life, and retojj-l nizing no mortal nor material iiovv-1 cr as ;iljlc to tfestroj 1 . I.«t ,, s ,- c .' Joicc Dim ire a,. c S iii,j C( . ( .„ u ] divine 'powers that fc,.; s «ch i, the i true Science ot being" ,),.,,„., . K j 9 , [ A Cliristian Science meMa'-c V! broadcast every Wetlnesthiv ailn-'ia a.m. over KLCN. ' " I j __ them in Europe, usina as his sub-1 jcct "The Price of Peace." Everyone is invited lo allcnd this SL-V- vice. I TO PICK ooT HIS SU'fATs Chicago Corn Teachers meeting, Wednesday. 7 p.m. Mid-week .service, Wednesday 7:30 p.m. Ct:oir rehearsal, ti:;w p.m. .,7rs, r. L. Tijiton, director ot music. Markets New York Cotton Dei: May 70 5-8 81 l-'l hish low 79 7-8 73 -J-0 81 ft-i) 81 1-8 81 li-l! close 79 3-- NliW Jolton Way Spots YOHK, Nov. 10 closed sleacly. open liigii low l'J30 1'jai 1227 1211 1240 la:is IMT 1H37 li!« 121)8 1217 closetl steady 1238 vns 1237 VM mi; 1315 120li 1210 at 1SOO, ii|i t\cw 'Orleans NEW OKLBANS, Nov. t« tut'l —The cotton markcl sained half dollar u bale today in active .lading. Trade buying to fix prices furnished most of the support al- of buy ins llicru was « fair ttinount for a rise, open high low close 1232 1238 1231 1238 1238 1211 1245 1250 1245 1231 124-1 1218 1210 1215 1238 1242 1243 1244 1210 12431) 1249 1248 1248 12161) BOSTON IUP>—AIlss Liuii'K C. Ilill. 91, believes she is the nation's oldest hotel guest in "point of service." She iias lived al Hotel Bclleviie, years. on Beacon Hill, for 47 In press elevator operators any of the four or live buildings in New York City Iravcl distance many distance around year's time. times tliat, of the the earth in a Flione 177 At Nighl—Sunflay—Anytime ("or Quick and Ucpcmlalile Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co. 'Continued p ram i>n m y ne) value of the logs, donated for Vne project by Drainage District 17 H is estimalcd thai this timber ivoultl have cosl the Legion al least 513,000. The Legion spent approximately $4,000 for getting tlti lot's ovil and for materials Die relief administration did not fnrnisli. Construction of the hut wa.s started last December and this project has furnished employment al various limes to about 150 men About $13,000 of the total cost of Ihc hut was spent for labor, cm- Si 0 ?'"" a " avcr "sc of 14 men per weeks'"' "^ ° VC '' ''' lxrlo<i of 31 The construction uas done undei- !!,l4ib"r'of™,e 0l u S io C n'' C b° iSh ' " committee. Henry Layson was 'in charge ot all mill «- or i{ . ill( | i...i Kicc attended to the Job of "citing the logs out. The nreplaccs and other stone work was ono by Howard Wliltc. the ol'uslrical wirini; by the Waliwlc Electric Shop, and the plumbing ti y IMC the I'lumlier. u. s. Branson served us architect. While Die Din is primarily for the use of members of tho American Legion and Auxiliary, the port plans to allow the public the •--1 or Hie uiiilrilng for cevtain occasions, subject (o Hie approval ot tne house committee. OALLUt;, N. M. tW)-LenartU, Uiaiidpa lorrez nearly made ., 00 d on his boast llu,t |,c would live i u be 104. Torres, a Yaqui Indian, died •ere recently. H c would have been 104 on Nov. 0. O.UCIH s would be more frc it not for the many . volcanoes of the earth, , as safely valves for the IremcnUons cartli's sm .. — Saturday Only ' Matinee Spots closed steady at 1268, up I Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK. Nov. 10 (UW — Stocks added fractions to two points to their substantial gains of yesterday in today's stiorl session. Volume continued relatively leavy. R O X Y Friday & Saturday Mutittte 2:30—l()c - 25c 1:1 a pry Cai:ey in 'Tlie Night Rider' Scrhil—"The Wolf i)ti}f" WitK ilin Tin Tin, jr. Cartoon I'lI-CKIM I,UTHEI!A.\ CHUHCH H. J. Klcimlicnsl, 1'islur Sunday school. 9 a.m. Aloriiing worship, [o ; , ,„ a .. r muii theme: "Abnihaiir.s Hn-i- " ! Bible Class for atinlu. C :3o' „ ,„ I'opic: -viie Uirlh ol JWHS" ...,? vel !i! 1B wolslli l> sermon theme: Ihc Irimsgrcssors of II,, fourl], Coinmaialjiieiit." InstriicllOH chi« ,\i,,,,,|, ly all[ | Wednesday. ,t:;to p.m. Guild mcclini; 'IlmiMiav '"-KI n ••••'•• at (he school. " "' " Claw on Bible I--|inriaiiifntsils Kri- A. T. and T Anaconda Copper , Beth, steel .. Chrysler Coca Cola Oen. Am. Tank Gen. Klcclric Gen. Motors Jut. Harvester • Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central . . Packard . Phillips I'ct, Hatlio .'.'.' Simmons lied* ... Standard of N. j Texas. Co. .. O- S. Steel ....'.['. U. S. Smelting McKcfson-Jiobbins ..112 1-2 ...11 l~l . . 27 3-1 .. 3ti -j-8 ..M9 .. 37 1-3 .. 13 3-8 . . 31 1-U .. 22 - . 3 3-4 . . 15 1-2 . C t-g .. 10 5-8 ... 13 l-'l .. ffi .. 34 7-8 .119 \-'2 . 1 . '1 ially . hear th,.. it." l.uki' ,,[ , „, v ,.. ,, (|pv ;, Kl .,„;, Chicago Wheat "pen high ;ow close !>!KI-l lOOt-2 905-8 9!)7-8 so 1-1 as)7-8 nni-8 as i-a HUST BAl'TIST Alfred Cariiciitc bmiday .vc llollcy. siipi.'i Sermon. 11 ,,.,„. :. A W mnlaul." This scfvicc 1>0 '' U '"' " >c tl !>•« a.m. J. A. ;,,,„.,(,..,. wm ^ v«-i ,• - - |SS mi '' • Wilhelm. director Sermon. .l::i(i. ,\, Uljs M , n , J(C Ihc |»a»tor will icll .sumethhis of political conuiuans as he found SHONE 134 FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEPT. Sunday - Monday JIAT. & ?,'[TE HE'S GOB'S GIFT-OF- GAB TO WOMEN! The hugh star of "Here Comes the Navy" .it his fasicil and funnfcsl in— ^ N'tnv t.ncalrH nt Southeast Comer Walnut a n it Second ADDING MACHINK & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON F.OWAHOS, Vroptlclor "I iii4kc«ul icbulllTjrcwillcni, :\ddtiie iM.idih\r,» am! Cdkuljtui< Kcjialrliig:—I'arts—llibbons I'Jiou; '] EVERY CROOKED SIRtJT LEADS SirtAlCHT TO EXCITING ADVErtTURJI ... in tt tUdowy htid c>F y A Foiomwnl P/tlui GEOBGE RAFT JEAN PABHER WMV0NG KENT TAYLOR t*,,;i.b Aleiondei'HolJ N'uvclfy Cartoon In I In: nnvTHinc Pat O'Brien Ann Dvorak,? Claire Oedd Muck .foncb Serial Curluun - Monday NITK—10c-;!5c Heavens lie snv Hells! arms fir from In ficr caressing fottntl (lie only r fwtr iiiitl death! Warner li HELL IN THE HEAVENS 1 A I'^x Picture with CONCHITA JIONTHiVKcato KIJ.SSKLt, HAHDIK, UKR- I5KUT JHINDIN, 'ANDY DEVINK, WILLIAM STKI.l.nVG ami HAU'H ,MOK(JAN I'araiuounl News Musical Short

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