The Newton Record from Newton, Mississippi on February 13, 1908 · 1
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The Newton Record from Newton, Mississippi · 1

Newton, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1908
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FOR TWO CENTS A WEEK KTtry person can find out what la jroinj on in Newton county by anbaciibtng for Tub Record. At that price no one can afford to annoy hi neighbor by borrowing a thing that' so cheap. EWTON EGO wart that ther ia a dlft T-4 JSTth'S DepL. Archives & History. Py Xcal Newt (rora thU paper. , . i 4bV. fa ' 1 .... - i ; ..' V. " ' ' -V 4. Largest and Newsiest Paper in Newton County. MOTTO 'WISDOM, JUSTICE, ACCURACY AND CONSERVATISM. , Prints More Matter than Any Other Paper in the County VOL. VII NEWTON, NEWTOM COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1908. NO. 8 THERE IS A DIFFERENCE People who are acquainted with the funpti nf thim Muniw RDo BROOKUAYEN SCENE .OF ANOTHER LYNCnlNu NEGRO FIEND TAKEN FROM TROOPS AND RIDDLED WITH BULLETS. Penalty Paid for Criminally Assaulting Young Girl of Lincoln County- Officers Powerless to Resist.' ' , Brookhaven and Lincoln county are establishing a reputation that is not at all enviable, having perpetrated two lynching, since the new year began. - The first lynching of the year occurred there in theearly part of January, and Monday : morning another like scene was carried out, as told iu the following dispatch from ' Brook-haven: ''Eli Piggott, the negro rapist, was lynched by a mob of 800 men this morning. His body was riddled with ballets and be was strong np to a telegraph pole. ' Later he was cat down and carted to the jail which he was fated never to reach alive. Although he was guarded by Sheriff Frank Greer with pistol in hand and the Jackson and ; Brookhaven "militia companies, Piggot showed by the fearful look on his gorilla face that he knew his deatn was near.' None of the citizens of Brookhaven took part in the mobbing of the brute, but all gave silent approval to the work of the avengers. ' , 'figgot criminally assaulted Miss Mattie Williams, the , 17-year-old daughter of J. P. Wiliams,a prominent farmer, at Rath , postoffice in Lincoln county. . fie was captured some time afterward in Tangipahoa parish and was removed to New Orleans for safe-keeping s- He was brought to Jackson Sunday night and under escort of Sheriff Greer and the Jackson company was brought ; to Brookhaven this morning at 7:30 o'clock. , -"Judge Wilkinson, who was to have presided at the trial of the; villanious negro, witnessed the killing of Pig-got, bnt could do V nothing to stop the noo; j,ne coioner a jury win uuusi likely ietura a verdict ot death at the hands of nknown persons. . "Men came into Broobaven in groups of tens and twenties all Sunday night and this morning.' Nearly a'thous-- and had gathered at the passenger station when the train bearing the' negro came in. Aujutaui vjenerai nuiui i I . a i x a. si 1 . Fridge and Captain A. Fairly were in charge ot the Jackson company. They got oat ahead of the negro on the opposite side of the track. Sneriff Groer and Piggott were the last to leave the train, Bain . was, falling heavily. With loud shouts,, the mob swept around the rear and under the coaches of the train. Mr. . Williams, father of the negro's victim, plunged his knife into the black brute's neck. The blood spurted forth and the crowd cheered and swept upon the militia. AS soon as me train puueo. ouj.onanii Greer leading with ' the negro and the i j h i a. n , : at militia ran down the railroad track at " full speed. . ,The mob got on the side . . . . . .. ....... lng to the county jail. "In this street, within 100 feet of ' the jail, occurred a desperate hand-to-hand struggle. A soldier was trampled upon; Mr. Williams hit over the head with a nistol bv a soldier; a farmer named Moake shot through the thigh,; another soldier's hand mashed and Joe Cole, a sightseer shot through the foot But the mob was strong and the sherift and troops were overpow ered. . A rope was passed over the ne gro's head and down into his mouth Willing hands caught hold of the hun dred feet of . hemp ; and dragged tne half -dead criminal along the street and sidewalk to tne railroad. Here everyone who had pistols begun tiring at the prostrate body, ''The body was dragged across the railroad tracks and left in the gutter i where for ten minutes bullet after bul. let was poured into' it. , Thn tne , body was hauled up on a . telegraph put)t HDU Kept IU .'lull. YIOVT Ul mo populace. The sheriff came back after all was over and had , the corpse cut down and taken -to the jail. ', "The crowd then began to talk of " lynching Piggot's younger brother, who is now in jail accused of being accessory to the crime. Eat stronger counsel prevailed and . the mob dispersed. Excitement soon died down and basiness was resumed. " SOLDIERS ROUOHLY HANDLED. . Jackson, Miss., Feb. 10. The Cap-f itol Light Guards returned home on I the noon train and marched to the 6 'armory at the old Capitol, where dis handment took place. Only one member of the company, .Sergeant Leslie Orme, was seriously injured. ' He had been, knocked down with a gun and trampled on by the mob. When the company disembarked at the atatibn Orme was sent home in an ambulance. A dozen oi more members of the company , bear . scratches, ' welts and brnises that testily to the ferocity of the fighting with the members of the mob. Capt Fajrley has a sprained finger. In discussing the trip he said : "The Brookhaven military company was also on hand, but the two organizations had only sixty men in line, to battle with a mob estimated at any where from 1,200 to 0,000. We had a running fight for ' three blocks, and were overpowered by force of numbers three or four men grabbing one soldier. " We did not fire on tho mob be- cau e no orders were given to do so, and we considered ourselves under the command of the sneriff of the county.' If he had given me the order to fire the command would have been obeyed. 4 'After securing possession of the prisoner the mob riddled his bouy with bullets. I understand that folly five hundred shots were fired into his body., None of the soldiers fired their guns, and if any persons were wounded it was by ballets fired by the mob." ' . Ad juant General Fridge, who was with the party, was also badly bruised. A dozen or more of the mob got him, and throwing him across a fence, stripped him of his weapons, and al most of his clothing. Lieut. Miller's pistol was taken away , from him and he was almost choked to death in the hands of a half dozen ' men. Capt. Fairley got off with a . sprained finger or so. A Stlteh ia Time. ; will save nine. So will a bottle of Ballard's . Horehonnd Syrup always kept on hand save many a , spell of sickness. A sure cure for coughs. colds, bronchitis,: and whooping cough. Mrs. S. Hot Springs, ' Ark., writes: 1 keep a bottle of "Ballard's Hore honnd Sryup in my medicine chest, and thank my forethought many times. It has prevented many severe spells of sickness'' - . - ". ; Newton County Hitlf Harried to a ' Texas Man. . Married at Bonarton, Baylor coun ty, Texas, on the 2d day of February, 1908, Ira Walton Stryker and 'Miss Gertie Converse Lewis. The attend ants were Thomas Goostrele and Mrs. Florence Stryker, Charlie Stryker and Miss BeRsie Parks. Miss Lewis is a charming young lady, with a lovable disposition, and possesses all the good qualities that go to make a perfect wife and help-meet. ,v Her borne was at ; Chunkey, Miss. , but she has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Ella Parks daring the past year. ; She has - made a host of , friends at this place, .all of whom join in wishing them a long life of great happi ness. Tne groom is a prosperous young farmer. He is a man of stei ling worth and is admired and respect ed by all who kaow him. c iney will reside on nis farm near Goree, Texas. The wedding was the culmination of a romance begun eight years ago .during a visit of the bride to her sis ter. . ' A Friend. A BABY should be sunshine in the house, and will be if you will give it White's Cream Verm if uge the best worm medicine offered to suffering humanity. This remedy is becoming the perma nent fixture of vhII households A mother with children, can't get along without a bittle of White's Cream Vermifuge in 'the house. Sold by Reese Price. MASONIC GATHERING. Grand Bodies Holding an Interesting Meeting at Hattiesburg. Hattiesburg is the mecca for the various Masonic fraternities this week, the annual convocations of the several grand bodies being in session , there. Nearly the entire week will be tsfcen up with the meetings, which , include the Blue Lodge, Grand Council, Grand Chapter, Grand Commandery Knight Templars,' f the Eastern Star, and Ha masa Temple of the Mystic Shrioers. It is estimated that 1,000 or 1,200 vis itors will be in Hattiesburg to attend the meetings before , the week is bul. Iteresting ceremonies are to be carried out, officers elected,' and other business matters transacted. : . The Newton or gatizations are represented as follows: Blue Lodge. E. L. Fancette : 'Com mandery, G. Fuller; Royal Arch Chapter, W. L Munn. J. S. David son and J. M. Holliday are aUo at tending from JNewton. Officers were chosen Tuesday night for the Grand Lodge, and Meridian selected as the next place cf meeting. BODDIE BUCKET SHOP , BILL PASSES SENATE ONLY AWAITS SIGNATURE OF GOVER0R TO BECOME A LAW. ' t Sweeping in Its Provisions and Pro vides for Immediate Suppression of Future Dealing Institutions. Dispatches from Jackson this morn ing are to the enect mat:.; What ia known as the "Boddie Bill" passed the senate to-day by a practically unanimous vote. It had previously passed , the house and now only awaits the signature of the gov ernor to become a law. ' , This bill most effectually sounds the death knoll to "bucket shops." It is sweeping in its provisions, and provides for the immediate suppres sion of the institutions. The commit tee had recommended a substitute for the bill whi"h Contained a provision allowing persons, members of a regu . larly constituted exchange, to operate such places,, provided its business con templated the actual delivery of commodities dealt in, but this was killed and the original bill passed. ; - The only amendment to the origi nal bill adopted provides that this act shall pot be construed so as to render unlawful the establishment and conduct by any person, firm or corporation of a commercial exchange, by whatever named called, for. the bona fide purpose of receiving ' by wire and posting and transmitting to others the market quotations of prices of cot ton, commodities, stocks, bonds and securities; provided, no purchases or sales for fature delivery on margins are permitted, ' and if any such ex change shall, permit : the making or negotiation of contracts declared unlawful by this act or shall allow such contracts to be negotiated i or effected over the wire owned or used by it, or to done directly or indirectlj by any of its officers, , members, employes or agents -or -to be don ou the jpcemiaos-i used by such exchange, its officers and employes shall be guilty, of a misde meanor, and, on conviction, such ex change or its officers, agents and employes violating his act, shall each be fined not less than $100 nor more than $1,000, and in addition such exchange shall, if a corporation, forthwith for feit its charter and its right to do basiness in this statu, and by appropriate proceedings may be with its officers enjoined therefrom. PROHIBITION FIGHT. ' To-day has been " set apart for the consideration in the senate of the state prohibition bill, which unanimously passed the house a few days ago, and the indications are that it will have no great opposition in that body. A bill has been introduced in the house by Hon. B. M. (jainn, which has for its purpose the enactment ot a measure regulating tne holding of pri mary elections for nominating judges, just as the United States senators are nominated ; now, and then allow the governor to appoint the ones that the people nominate. This would be practically the same as electing judges, and would do away with an amend ment to the constitution to make the judiciary elective. A Night Alarm. Worse than an alarm of fire at night is the metallic cough of croup bring ing dread to the houeshold. Careful mothers keep Foley's Honey and Tar in the house and give it at tbe .first sign of danger.,; Foley's Honey and Tar has saved many V little lives and it is the only safe preparation, for cnildren as it contains - no harmful drugs. Sold by Reese frice. . MEN AFRAID OF THEMSELVES. They Hamper vthe .- Good WorK Others Might Do. that we are overstoc&ea witn young men who are afraid of themselves. They stand for little or nothing positively. ,f They seldom commit themselves They du little and help oth ers do ies. They are afraid to earn an opinion or. a personality. Some one may langh at them, so they're train from expressing themselves. ; (jut of tnis class can .never come a leader. Some fiw may inherit re sponsibilities; they never earn them Their philosophy is tied m their moth er'x apron strings, and the extent of their activities is the vxtent of the travels of a pump-handle. , They are good if the weather- of tbe morals where ttiey liv is good. . Of course we cannot all ba leaders; some should and rnuet need be follow ers. But a follower is a mv who follows and not one, who has , to be poshed. No man who is , afraid of himself is ever the model of a worthy ideal. The greatest sin in the world is that of failure to be a man. God gave us life; to grow liae inanimate nature la in opposition to His plan of creation. : Men who are afraid of themselves are robbing their maker. end are afraid as well of God becanee they are thieves- - These men pieces of inanimate nature are not necessarily lazy, nor are they devoid of action. In fact, they otfen do things in order to hide from tnelr responsibility, They talk, work, act mechanically, for the sake of acting, not for. any hiarher cause. They drewn their personality by diving into heaps of routine work; they go round ana round like the machines beside them, until they are but mechanisms of blood and bone, afraid to break away, afraid to ask themselves why they are doing this and that detail. - They go because they are afraid to stop. Mind, not mere motion makes men, But, worst of all, the young man who is afraid of himself hampers the good work that others might do. He oh. jects, bat seldom states his objection. 'It may be all right, but" and you feel the chilly lack of appreciation in a stone wall. He is not a kicker, being afraid to be classed even in that bunch. He is worse a kicker that doesn't kick. For such pieces of humanity there is ' but one judgment day and that is when they face themselves. But it will requite two or three Angel Gabriels to get them to do it. ' Let's livel And, for God's sake let's find out if we are ' 'living' as a man, a Issue. monkey or a mud-wall. The - Mistake Corrected. . ' Correct the mistake of risking pneumonia by neglecting a cough or cold when' Foley's Honey . and Tar will not only stop your ' cough but expel the cold from your system. . Foley's Honey and Tar will stop your .cough, hear the lungs and expel the cold from your system,. Contains no harmful drug's. Sold by Reese Price. AT HYMEN'S ALTAR. Hamilton Edmonds and Miss Mattie Lev Norman United in Marriage. Last' Sunday afternoon about 4 o'clock," Hamilton Edmonds and Miss Mattie Lou Norman, daughter of D. H: Norman, were joined in matrimony at the home of the bride's parents, a few miles east of town, the official rites being performed , by Rev. S. B. Culpepper,' and witnessed only by tne immediate family and a few friends, no cards having been issued. The groom is a . worthy and estima ble young planter of Union, who is to be congratulated in winning this excellent young woman, who is held in high esteem by a large circle of friends. The young couple left Monday ' morn ing for their home at Union, attended by tbe good wishes of their many friends. Hunter-Traxwell. On the evening of last Friday, Perry Hunter, of Stratton. and Miss Jessie Traxwell, of Scott county, drove to the home of Elder S. E. Pennington, near Decaur, and were married while sitting in the buggy. . Neglected Colds Threaten Life. ' Don't trifle with a cold, " is good advice for prudent men (and women. It may be vital in the case of a child. Proper food, good ventilation, and dry, warm clothing are the proper : safe- guarus f against coins, it they are maintained through - the changeable weather of autumn, winter and spring, the changes of a surprise from ordi nary colds will be slight But the ordinary, light cold will become severe if neglected, and a well established ripe cold is to the germs of diptheria what honey is to the bee. The great est menace to child life at this season of the year is the neglected cold. Whether it is a child cr : adult, the cold slight or severe, the best treat ment that can be adopted is to give (jhamberiajn s Cough Remedy. It is safe and . sure, " The great popularity find immense sale Of this preparation has bien attained by its remarkable cures of this ailment' A cold never results in pneumonia when it is given. For sale by all druggists. Should Pass. ' Senator Anderson's bill, to increase tbe pay of county supervisors, should become a law, foe there is no more important and responsible service, and .the pay should be commensurate with the work and ' responsibility. Aber-desn Examiner." ' v - SAM E. OSDORN. Secretary Osborn Realty Company Office in' Merchants and N EWTON, !WII8SI88lfFl. tay ay aysjyTtja..ay.jjaiJajiJaja..y Newton Oil and Mfg. Co. Newton, Miss. Manufacturers of High Grade Fertilizers, Meals, Hulls and Ice. We pay the highest market price in caslt for seed, i or give meal, hulls and fertilizers in exchange, on a liberal basis. . f on Oil and Mfg. Co. J. W. McRAVENy 9 T. I. DOO LITTLE, Pkbwdext, H. F. SIYLEY, Cashier. hi 1 anil. VT m T Merchants and Farmery Bank . Newton, Mississippi. . CAPITAL,, $30,000. A General Banking'Business Transacted. Your account, whether great or small, is respectfully ' solicited. In all our business relations we guarantee you promptnesss, courtesy and liberality. DIRECTORS: E. T. Abney, C. H. Kew, T. I. Doollttle. , M. UHaml, , W. B. Slvlwr Fresh Groceries THATS THE If you want the best the freshest groceries to be had delivered promptly,send or phone your orders to me. They will always receive prompt and careful attention Call on us at the corner In the T. M. Hoye building and let us deliver tb goods. . .. R. G WALTON, fancygrocer 1 Houses to rent, Money ! to Loan on Real Estate. ( City property, Timber y and Farm Landa for sale. L List your property with T us, if you desire quick f and ; profitable results, r Farmers Bank Building. Banner "C. and C." Brand and "Fine Land Guano," especially adapted to the soils of Newton county. For further particulars, write-or call at our office. Vice-President." ;, W. B. SIv'LEr, Vice-Pkemdent. R. E. WILLIAMS, Asst Cashier H. F. Slrley, A. a. LMgan, Its What You Save, Not What You Earn, That Makes Wealth. $1.00 will start an account with us. Call and get one of our handsome savinjrs banks, ...v.:m ...ii T- n-;n help you save money. KIAID I SELL f

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