The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 9, 1937
Page 5
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'lUESDAY, FEBRUARY f), BIA'l'IffiVILLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line lor consecu- tiuertlon:: time per Itoe •,lmes per line per day IOC OBC Climes PET line per day ., OCc lines per lino per day .. 05c ii rat? per Hue COo tlvc Ono Two Thrc Bix Mon "artl's of Thanks .... 50c & 75c Minimum charge 50c Afis ordered for three or six Amis and stopped before expiration/will be charged for the number lot times the td appeared and adjustment of bill made. A) I Classified Advertising copy HiUnittod t.v persons residing out- eldb of the city must be accompanied by cash, nates may be easily computed from above table I .rdvertising onlercd for irregular insertions takes the one time rate ' No responsibility will be late \ for more than onu Incorrect insertion ' o( any classified ad. Shoe Repairing CITY SHOK SIIO1' MEW EQUIPMENT-BEST PRICES We nsk one trial. W1U.IAM FKKEMAN <l doors east J. C. Penney's NEW DEAL SHOE SHOP 121 West Main., Simon P. IAS in charge Photos FREE with Each Order for Half Sole Job QUALITY SHOE SHOP The house of good service and quality. Everything for your shoes and boots. Rubber heels 25o up, Soles 50e up. Free Delivery - - Phone 120 H. B. Campbell, Owner Poultry & Eggs For Sale OUR BOARDING HOUSE New Bargains! We have some especially good bargains in cars, trucks and plck-nps. See Our's Before You Buy; 1936 International % Ton Pick-Up 1034 Chevrolet Is Ton Pick-Up 1933 Chevrolet % Ton Pick-Up 1935 Ford V,t- Ton Truck .1928 Chevrolet Sedan 1031 Chevrolet Roadster 1930 Oakland Sedan Delta Implements, Inc. Limited number of Singer treadlo machines traded in on new models nt exceptional bargains. Also 3 portable electrics other makes. Singer sewing Machine Co, 408 W, Main FRESH EGGS 35o UOX. sold only at Abbott-Johnson farm irgainsj Just Traded In Lale Models of Various Makes Can lie Found nt Used Car Headquarters nt Fittli u ml Walnut Streets, Blylhcville, Arkansas, 103C PORII V-S KORD COUl'E. Ji:st tike New S483 1931 !)E LUXE FORD V-8 TUDOK. A Real Bargain S2!>5 l FOR 1) V-8 1037 License PICK-UP. S'2G5 1Q35 DODGE 1'ICK-I!!'. A Iteal Buy. Sec anil Drive Btfcrc You Buy §385 Call Ilarlicr at BID, 18S for Further DetaiLs and Demuiislnitiims rians and Terms Wilhout Oblipition Phillips Motor Co. Phones 810 - 811 5lh ,t Walnut Business Directory Sporting Goods rOUI/lKY \VANTED We pay highest market prices for all kinds poultry. Fisher & Galnes at Gaines Grocery & Market. 11 VV. Main. BABY CHICKS ALL VARIETIES Custom Hatching MARILYN HATCHERY H<vy. 61 North, Blytheville Practically new Automatic Delco Light Plant. .With radio, fan and iron. Will sell for halt price. Delta Implements, Incorporated. , - le kit GREEN INN—cafe & dance hall al Steeie. Good business. Sell reasonable. Apply nt Inn. Personal FREE! If excess acid causes you Stomach Ulcers, Oas Pains, Indigestion, Heartburn, GET free sample doctor's prescription, Uriga, at Klrby Bros. Drug Co. Real Estate FOR SALE 60 Acre farm, newly decorated •! room house, well & spring. On mail route in Ozarks foothills. Mrs. S. B. Gregory, 711 Chickasawba. 30-pk-30 5 Room Across FOR SALE House, bath, large lot. from high ana grade schools. Cheapest taxes in town Could be made Into apartment Cheap for cash. 809 Chickasawba dh tf Batteries AUTO LOANS NO RED TAPE Borrow money on your car to pay for your licenses and other trills. Car need not:be paid for. See W. AV. IMUI.MNS / Blci WIMP I T3LOWG IMTO ( TOWM, J HOTEL I KJAIL t'^n MIM, WOW, 'S A ECLU-1OP '3Ef='U OB DE MAJM4, HE WAS IT UP TREET W1PP A VROM OWE ARM AM HE -SAY HE T'SOME SWELL HOTEL 1-0 DE AMP STAMDIMG IW LOBBY TO HIMSEIJF VA6EP lilUi MP MO 1 FOXWAP,DIK16 3udbury Bldg. Phone 405 Court Scene Embarrassing GLENWOOD,'la. <UP) — John Cheyney of Pacific Junction > haled into court for violating state game laws ana he found'it a little embarrassing. The justice of the peace \vas his brother Thorn Chc\ - - ney. "Guilty," said John; "Ten dollars and costs," said h'isjbrother. ^..¥*.H2?p ic WHY PW'MORE? I'ICKKD 'CHOICK, I'RKFI'JCT CAHS ONIY! 10:13 cw;vuoi,nr MASTKU COACH. Itaillo anil or, Low .Illlrncv. A Kcal Itarsulii ,.... $515 1935 OIIUVIIOIKT nU.S'lTill SKDAN. New Tiffs. Only 5105 The kingfisher, a bird which Is an expert nt catching fish, is not a stvimmini;' bird. ELECTRIC & ACETTLENE mat rout) v- TUDOK. anil Itiitin (inml ., IBM !•' () U I) 1>K Looks 5:115 JilJXU V-8 tulii 5125 lD3. r i VI.YAlOimt OOUl'E. IVrfcfl Condition S3SI5 1011 OHIiVltOICT 131 liicli Wlicplliasc TUUCK. l)it:il Wheels. SpiTl.i] $2iti I93G b'OHI) Ol.OSUl) <;,\ll I'lCK-lU 1 TltUCK. Only $305 nsy (i. M. A. C. I'Eiynieiit Man Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Vhciie aa:i • WELDING AT BEST PIUCE3 PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co, PHONE; IB of till kinds I Uniforms & equipment for base- tall, handball. Softball, soccer ball, tennis, track & uoxing. Best Prices Co, Big Siiner Sale Scheduled to begin Feb. 1 has been postponed until flood waters go down. I WATCH FOR OPENING DATE Shouse-Henry Hdw. Co. J. W. Sliousc - J. Wilson Henry Coal & Wood' If You Want Wood, We Have It! Ash & Oak Kentucky Lump Coal, $6.50 ton Economy Coal Co. 221 W. Cherry Phone 448 "MIT COAL IS BLACK BUT I TKEAT YOU WHITE" I also Pay Best Prices for Hides & Metals JOHN BUCHANAN Phone 107 COAL COAL have the best, prices on al s of good coal. Phone us for prices. BAILEY FOB BETTER Battery Service CALL J. B. CLUNK ackson Service Station—phone 8 Coroner Serves 3[i Years PORT HURON, Mich. (UP)— A record in regards to the number of years served as coroner has been established by Albert A. Palk, it is believed. Falk recently retired after serving 3(i ysars—18 two-year terms. Ill health and strain forced his name from the ballot. Oldest Io«':i Alumnus 1'ouinl IOWA CITY, la. (UP) — Mrs. Kersey Holmes of Carpentaria, Cal.. is (he University of Iowa's oldest living graduate, nluinnl records dlsclasa. Mrs. Holmes was graduated from the university In 18C5, when tile institution was only 19 years old. Uritaln Jlay Tax Cyclists LONDON, (Ul 1 )— A proposnl that all cyclists In Great Britain be registered and their machines carry mmibcr-plak'S .is being investigated by n sub-committee of (ho £ PIlOIIC 700 •*,... \ nLVTHKVILI.K Superior Coal & Mining O The United Stnlca cniHrlr.iilca wj rrgcly nml.nniURltigly io a\nuy in lha English/ JKiiBimue that, mnuy vicrdii, onte tiapg, arc now mi lii- tcimviiblo luirl. of the limuung 24 Hour Wrecker Service Heat Prices Joyner Motor Sales Call 1000 Storage ' truffle advisory; council. It has EUfitfestcd Uiat' : .cycllsts should n license feo qf;$l.25. • pivy 1 Drs. Wert & V/ert oi'TOMi:n;i.sTs Over Joe lines' Store "WE niAj;y >KM. SEK Phono MO 'I GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. Coal - Feed " Kindling PHOM!!) 16' Now Located at 1C1 Norl;. Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON FDWAKDS, I'roprlctor All ruakea of Kcbullt Tjiinvrltors, Addliif Machines and Calculators—Uuiialrfng—Farts—IllbUonj Bus. Opportunities ••'••••••• Beauty Culture :S T.HB" COMING PROFESSION tiearii'' this pleasant work which pays well. New class opening—state supervised Reasonable Tuition Mis. William Berrynvan Elaine Beauty Shop Wanted To Buy HIGHEST TRICES I'AID FOR rOULTRT HAPPY HOUB GROCERY 109 W. Main We Pay Highest Prices FOR SCRAP IRON. METALS. PECANS. HIDES & FURS AKIAN AUTO PARTS 128 E. Main—Phone 176 WE BUY Hides & Furs Metals and Scrap Iron Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. Cherry & R. R. Phone 448 WE PAY CASH FOR 2ND HAND FURNITURE Hubbard 2nd Hand Furniture Sfore Flump 1031 Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 E. Main WE HAVE THE BEST Alabama, Illinois & Kentucky For Rent FURNISHED APARTMENT, 303 DOUGAN. Mrs. A. A. Allen. 2-ck-lf Two or Tliree Furnished Rooms, reasonable. D14 Hearn street. 18p k2-I8 At the Best Price Kindling Too GIVE US A TRIAL We Guarantee Honest Weights C33 Ml Nicely furnished STEAMHEATED BEDROOM, bath. Call 560. 2-c-k-3-2 MY HEAVEtOS- DIWWY'S CAUGHT ALLEY- WE'VE GOTfaSTOP HIM^ HE'LL LOOK IT 'IM SHAkE!' HE OOP IS A JUNGLE YOU BIG FOOL, LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DOME! YOU'VE MEARLY RUIKIED YOUE MASTER! HAf2D OK! Ct HE DIDM'T KWOW YOU WERE IW THAT CATSKIM , S1537PYfrE/V6 l El<Vl'cE.IHC. T. M.REO. U. S PAT. Of F. BOOTS AND HEh BUDDIES 1XV. OO UO "VVV B/XCVC © 1537 0V HE* SERVICE. INC. T. M. DEC. U. S. TAT. OFF. NO TIJIE! WASH TUBBS SAJMTS ABOVE? «$50 REWARD POR, THE CAPTURE OF WASH TUBSS _m>w wow WASTES t MIGHTA KNOWN iff THE 6REAV TlSEK MAN— MY RIVAL- ISA FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE, WELL,OF All. THE COLOSSAL UJCVC.! HBS V.' IM Et HOVO, THE VER4 TOWN WE'RE FLAVINS NEXT WEEK. / MAM AUVE5.WHATAN •VOFPORTUNITV FOR REVENSE Phone 278 Chickasanba & R. It. COAL, WOOD, KINDLING Prnmpl Scn'tcc -- Call « KIM'S COAL CO. OFFICE Sl'AOE tor rent. Reasonable. Thomas Land Co. 3c klC Furnished, steamhcalert Apartment. Telephones 197 and 371. Oc ktf Nice comfortable bedroom, close In. Mrs. Nolen, 310 W. Walnut. Modern 3-room FURNISHED apartment, 224 Dougan. Mrs. Wcrl, 6-ck-tf Female Help Wlcl. FRY CAM, K P. at Wonder City Coal Co. FOR ORIGINAL GENUINE Montevallo AND OTHER HIGH GRADE CuAL' plication PHONE «7 WANTED TO EMPLOY—Pcmalc stenographer and bookkeeper between age 25 and 30. Ability In typing. Ijookkcepins, shorthand and answering telephone import- -ttiit. Permanent salaried position (in Blytheville. Make detailed ap- In own handwriting lo FRECKLES i P. O. Box 021, Blytheville. LOVE WAt-klMG IW THE SMOV/ AWD FEEL|WS (T CRUWCH UMDER VbUR FEET? FilfJMy X (JEVER WOTICEp HOV/ PPETTY THINGS CAW BE AT WIGKT.'. I GUESS I NB/ER.DID, LJWTIL I MET N iOU,TOMl '• BLTr MOW EVKPrrTWIHS SORT OF LOOKS LIKE SOUNDS AND. LOVET THE DARK'SHAD- OWS UWDER-TREES AMD "WE FROZEM LIMBS "THAT GETTiVJG SILLY, I GUESS! WHY DO LET ME PRATTLE OW LIKE .THAT ?

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