The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1938
Page 7
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 10, BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NKW8 PAGE SBVEtt. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION batty «tt« per line for consecutive Insertions: line tired per line ;,..10c )>-o per lini per day ...08c thre* limes per iln« per day ,.06c fl* times Per line pe* day ....(fee KofttH rate per line 60o |4fcJ£ Of Thanks 50c & 15c Minimum charge 600 Ads ordered for tlircc or Elx times and stopped belore cxpira- ,^{41 will bo charged for the nutn- t>t of times the add appeared and jrfjustincnt of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy nibmllted by persons residing out- Hde of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be laslJy computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular ^seillons tikes ttfe one time iat». No responsibility will be taken or more than one liicorreut Insertion of any classified ad. Business Directory HARRY BAILEY'S CURVE IN CAFE Good Food at Cowl Prices All Kinds Sea Food Frtsh Crappic Cigarettes 2 for 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Holland, Mo. Phones S-F-4 & 878 Coal My C»al Is Blacli ' Bill 1 Treat You White. LOCAL HAIJLIN<; ' Jolm Buchanan. Blylheville, Ark. I'horie 107 Radio Service For Rear 5 room house and bad). Vacant March 1st. Call 209. 9-ck-lli ICO aero Southeast Missouri larm, good Improvement.'!, on good road, near good town; and one 80 acre and two 10 acre farms above State Line. Everett D. Dec, Blvlhc- villc. Ark. 8-cK-lt 75 acres new cleared land 4 miles S.W. Rives. 40 acres old land 3 miles south Dell. W. A. Lewis, Manila Rl. 1, or I/>st Oane School. 7-pk-H Comfortable bedroom adjoining bath. Gentleman only. 713 W. Mala, phone 806-VV. 7-ck-lf FOR RENT— Furnished apartment. Mrs. Ted Green, call 8H-J. 7-ck-14 3 or 4 room furnished apartment, rent reasonable to permanent party. 209 W. Kentucky Phone 465-W. 2S-ck-2-20 Furnished apartment, Lights and water furnished. Private bath. $3.50 a week. 1COI W. Ash. 29-cktf 40 Acres land, Require stock, feed, tools. D. it. Garner, Armorcl. FOB RENT— Modern 3 A; 4 room rurnished apartments, call 280. S6-ck-tf Nicely furnished room entering ih- to biilii. Inner/spring mattress. Will give 3 meals a day. Call fi36, BIS Cnlckasnwba. 25-da-da Furnished bedroom. C22 W. Main. Mrs. ilc Mull ins, 22-cic-U Comfortable bedroom In private home. 115 East Kentucky. 22-ck-U 3 room furnished apartment. 103 108 W. Kentucky. .Phone 683. 13-cfc-U 2 or 'i room furh. apts. One 2 room n|)t. upstairs. 014 Hearn. 12-pk-2-12 Furnished comfortable bedroom . 515 Walnut. Phone 351. 10-ck-tf One comfortable bedroom. Cal Mrs. S. S. Sternberg, 984, 1209 i Holly. 28-ck-2-28 j . Personal MEN OLD AT 40( GET PEP. Nc'V Ostrex Tontc Tablets contain raw oyster invlgorators and other stimulants. One dose starts sin' lep. Value $1.00. Special price 89«. Call, write kirby Bros. Prug Store Kirby's Active Liver Pill* Arouse Sluggish Livers teller** billon ID e6». conitlpfctloh »nd httd*ch«i. Attire Liter Fills n*l it Ihf #*I fau*e df jour ltu||l6brieti »na ffltfce yoj ?ec) like • new Vcriua. ilia •our •ygtetn of oufpfus DUJDont «viik Ull?e Mm Filli* Hairless, gentle. Sold «l til Kirtif linig Sinn**. Found Leather folder with 2 keys. Owner can have same by paylnn cost of Ibis ad. Blnck leather key holder containing one key. Owiier can have same by paying cost of (his nd. Courier News. , Mela! key ring wilh 13 keys. Found near High School. Owner can have Kitne by paving cost or this ud. Room and Board Slcnin heated room with, board 803 W. Ash. Phone J51. ll-ck-2-ll Hatchery Baby Chicks PUBLIC HATCHING. Marilyn Hatchery, ' Blytlieville, Ark., H.W. 31 North, Phone 742. Lost Otic pair natural color dot skin gloves. Reward for return !u Courier. 24-(jix>o Male Help Wanted Man to work in store. Experience 1 !] in Auto Parts. Write Box "W", Courier News, 4-ck-ll ALLEY OOP /^lu^^WICPWEV 'Math' Rivalry Among College Teams Spurred OBEfiLIN, O. (UP)-llUorcOHc- glale niiitheinalles rivalry Is tlic 1 latest college sport. Instead of footballs or basket- bulls, iho mathematical wlauds will loss around calculus theories and geometrical figures In the competition announced by Iho Mnlliemnlfcii} Association of America. Prof. w. D. Calrne. secretary- treasurer of the association tart of MIR Ob«rlin College uuilh- cmalirs drpnrlmcnl, snld "Bamrs" are scheduled for April. Chief coinpctillqn Is expected between Individual scholars, but the associallou Is encouraging nnr- alclpallon of three-men teams from coliesCs and universities. Unlike their colleague.* on the gridiron and basketball court, the 1,050-noinl pinochle hand wns held .by William liitcklcy ul a club caul party, lie had 1,000 nces, i&o trump, 2SO nwlil mid earned 250 points (or taking 'icvi'ry trick. »rs, Wert& Wert OriOMETHISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Store "WE MAKE 'KM 8KB" I'Jioiio 540 "mnlir' experts in cash. be rewarded Each member of a winning team will receive 550, $30. and $20. HB- cordinx to the learn rnnklng. The hlphrst n\'c imlivWuiil contcslaiifs will get $50 each. In addition, madicmatlc.i dc- piirtments ol top ranking schools will be awarded $500 for fust. $;i[X) for ijccond, and jaoi) {or llilrcl. Each year, one of (lie first five iviiincrx will lie awarded (lie Si,000 William Lowell Pntnnm Prly,e scholarslilp to Harvard University. rincchlc Ham! HiiKIs 1,050 SARANAC LAKE, N. Y. (UO—A FOWLER DRUG CO Main YOUR PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST & 1st I'linni 111 CORN s*. WANTED SOYMKANS K.K. SI. Illydicvillc, Arli. Maiden Grain Co. W. O. Reeves, Agent Plume 555 ELDING AT DKST PKIOEB PllOMPT BEItVK!^ Barksdalc Mfg. Co. PHONK 19 Special Prices Arc Now Hfing OITcrctl uit All Winter Auto Accessories Visit our modern parts & sim-ssurics s tnr«. Here you « r ill find cvcfythinR (in (lisiihy (o enjilile you to niiilio easy s«lcction.s o[ your imrllculiir needs. Tom Little Chevrolet Hubert Utley's Service Station and Cafe iiij Itrnndii ot Wine, And Cord bis Bcev, Coal Hay Uraln* I'HIl.I.ll's 60 (IAH ISiao TAX I'AIH CKiAltKTTKS 'i |)k. VK. or ?!.I5 |ter Cnrlon 24 Hour Service H.W. HI, Hioiir n Holland, M». More (him 1D,MO,000,000 tons ol cmlh nre raised by dusl. clouds In J.C.EVANS Box 804 BlyUievJIJe, Ark. District M»hS(<r IMMIIYl'ON TKU'qf tVNU Sponsored By Hamilton Depositors Corp. England cposrtfkl »v (Jio ly U>- bo- re/" iww vi»y pVVp«fMVD D0N fl. KAS9ERMAM ThOm»* Ltno; Co. f. p. 8<W 470, CURED WITHOUT SOilGUHY & G K*ti, nn «nd with *nd cortdH(ort» .it , lo»t •llm«r.t» and Ma tkattn UMit vat cwr«d it OKI' clinic. DRS. NiES & NIES FRKK iNSTftUCTIONS In Lntrat Styles .Knitting •'IIKKNAI" KNlTtlNt! VARNS Mrs. I.csHc Hooper 1100 Chlcknsawba I'hono 193 USED TRUCKS & CARS AU, TRUCKS GlJARAN- TBKI) TO ,1>ASS StATU INSPKCTION Phone 802 Delta Implements, Inc. OPEN FOR BUSINESS (NEW MANAttEMKNT) NEW DINING ROOM AT UNCLE BILLIE'S TOURIST COURT i, , , . !i , t)t> ' 1 ' 11 c ' 1 '"' "Mil's ON HIGHWAY 61 I'rtvata Dlnln, Uo on> Mmic wilt Booths' „ , , • Home cookh)(r ri'rBnrl? 1 ";' l!lC " krH ' >l , "«l BISMHl all the Tirrio v r JPr f IMilH'Cued nilw fja>!d*lchc6 t) me« - Slra " 11l! StCUks Ill "' n » Bp*«hcttl I1 " ICIS l.iinclu'B Drlnk» SI'KCIAI- PAUT1ES INVITKD-PIIONK 81S . I'l.KNTV Of 1'ARKINO 8PAOK No» ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWAHDH, FroprlrU6* -in mttf* ot Rebuilt Typewriters, Adding Mscblntrf »n( C« lca!»tcr»— Rcpa Ihrig—T KKNY'fl Complete Line Of PARTS, TUBES, B'TEKJES Hardaway Appliance Co. HENBY. WBUNER Kaih & 5(h 1'hoho • SATIERT SERVICK J. Befl Clime Phone 6 at Tom Glass B A V 'a The Top Of Your Ftirniiure With Glass ' . All designs' ctit. & finished. ttTLIy US Bljtheville Pahit * Wallpaper Co I'hono 8fa in S. 2nd Cedar Posls. ia'.'-c each. JelT Jones, fit. 2, Smithvllle, Ark. M. Corn ant! Alfalfa and Soybenn hay. D. R. Garner, Arniorel. Herb Grocery store, cheap. Mrs. . x : : Thompson, IGil W. Rose. ' ""•'•' ll-ck-2-ll Complete ]0 volume set of Standard Reference Books with Itiose leaf binder. Call 239 or 792. 15-fa-Ia MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Position By exncrlenccd unencumbered la- tlj'. A position ;is housekeeper. Can give good reference. Write Box "P55, Courier News. 8-pk-H Winter Sport HORIZONTAL 1 Devices used in a winter .sport pictured here. 6 They, are -—runners fitted to shoes 13 Met weight of a. container. 14 To call out. 16 Orient. 17 Mcatidw. 18 Cofnrfton liquid. 19 Nothing. 20 Without gear. 22 Corhbirting form meaning Solid. 25 Before. /iff 26 Lion. * 27 Amphitheater centers. 32 Wages. 34 Fowl. 35 Affirmative vote. 35 Branch. 37 High rank. 39 Fiber knots. Answer to Previous Furzle 5 ARAHUBERNHAIRDT 40figgs of fishes 41 Uppermost. 46 Afternoon meal. 48 Foltl of thread. 49 ImBccilc. 53 Dress. 54 Native m'elnl. 55 Perfaining to sound. 56 Beer. "•'}-, 57 Farmers. 58 skating has been popularized by Sonja Henie. VERTICAL i Street, y Cabbage plant. .1 llcgion. 4 Drop of */(? fluid. 5 Drains. 0 Witticisms 7 To piece out. 8 Concise. 9 Smooth. 10 Den. 11 Island. 12 Court. 15 Flower container. 20 Skating is a --- sport. 21. Those 'wlwj lean. • 23 Toward. 24 Sknters compete in the — — games. 28 Battering machine. ?.9 Roof point covering. 3d Prefix meaning not. 31 Colorlnc matter. 32 Skillet. 33 Form of "be; 35 War flyer. 3D Marked with spots. 43 Fustic tttc. 44 TO unclose. •15 Flour boxes. •16 Balsam. 47 Pitcher. 50 Neither. 51 Musical note. 52 Sprite. 53 Forcible roslraint of speech. ' =• _yov. HEY, YOU -HAVE YOU SEEM AWYBOW MONKEYIM 1 ARQLINO WI7H MYCAfH? THK WAItrATH BOOTS AND HEIJ BUDDIES OH.V'OOM'T, EH? CAM UEFRESH 7 VOUR / UtetfOllY'rUAVOFF/ <f~~ ( HOM^ST, C/ c ^ \ EENV^ •<^li\ Q^^"!^ :<< xi; ! v! \A /^•f'? 1 .rfate'' 1 DIDW'T StE NOBODV DO NUTHIM' BUT- ALLEY OOP OOOLA AKJ'POOlV-I ^AW THEMUEAVEHEREA LI77L& WHILE A60 By Hnmlin TflK LION'S DEN DADBIA5T THA7 OOP.' '. . [' JUST WAli'LL I 617 HAWD50W KlM! tf« Vn"' Ry Martin WASH TUBBS SAMMY I»DNT FOKOKT H^^YVOU CA.W &6T OVI OKIE TH1H&. IF EVER. I " U.9A, AGMM, it VIO^T BE IU IRONS. j"^ '^^^^M^WW\^^^^. ^—-—r»-«r -x^>^ -*^\i VciAtAiiv/// /ri ,T- / ftr)<;<^* A.U LicirA WHEN /VH SEEW ALL DEW 6H06T6 AFTA ylNU.,1 KtJOWED IT T^^AE TQ 6)T FRECKLES AND IK IT, NUTTY IF SEUD MONEY TO YOU,. I' THAT'S WOTHIWG TO S WORHV ABOUT,' BUT 1 LfkE TD THE MOK'EY I SPEW'D COMES FROM ? BETTER GET A SPECIAL INVESTIGATOR "TO LOOK ItJTQ IT F ^ YoUl StTT IF IT V/ERE ME,! V/OULDW'T UWT1L THE MOUEY STOP CQMIWG.'lHEN I'D iWVtSTIQATE MAVBt / PEOPLE V«5 STEAL ir ' MOWEY DOSJV GIVE tJor A JOB FDR Or TRACES THE POLICE ^,1, (DEPARTMENT. 1 •^"J? 6 ^ HASBEBJ SJE! A You °^ !

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