The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 10, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 10, 1934
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Served by ttie United Prefift VOL. XXXI—NO. 2i VII IE COURIER TUfc MOMiNANT uf Afiu HOME EDITION ^ Hilly NE»i lilytlimJlle CYiurlrr <"!>! Valley Uuiipr iityilievilie Herili) i;l.YTIIl''.VU.U:, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, NOVKMKKK III. I'.W-l SINCi'LR COPIRfi FIVE CENTS OF New Home of Dud Cason Post No. 24, American Lcjiion Vinccnl M. Miles, Legion's Department ComrnaiKl- cr, Will Deliver Address Tlip public will be given -'nil opportunity to inspect the nsw American l.egmi! lint on North Second strc-ri Sunday mid Monday., when Die liiiiMliif will ta open-'to visitors lor I life fit-si time. Tlie (nit will he dedicated MOM-. day ufiernd'on in a '.-ceremony I" which Arkansas lenders of . tlie l/'ginn and: iis auxiliary .and other men of prominence will participate. The dedicatory address will he delivered by Vincent 'M. Miles, of Fort Smltli. derailment com- "hinndCT of the American Legion, who will lie Introduced by Congressman W. J. Driver. Others on the program arc Mrs- Howard Proctor, state president of the American Legion auxiliary, C. Q. Keiley. Little Rock, past department commander of the American Legion, and Mayor Cecil Shane. The building is one of tlie finest nnd most attractive of its kind in tlio state. It is built entirely of hand-hewed cypress logs. The rustic effect is predominant thru- out the building. ' Native field stones from near Imboden are used in two massive fireplaces and In the steps to totli the front and Bide porches. The roof is of. hard-made cypress shingles. All interior walls are formed bj I'.iC actual logs, from which the i bark lias been stripped and which r have been given i natural Inish The floors throughout the build ing ne of random vtdth o<K hoards, with a pegged effect..Tha ceilings ate of peckj cypress with • •-luifUFiI Jui«h a 1 *' a ,' •«. , Vfeiltoii v\iU cruel throu'h the (foul floor n'large reception room, 20 bv 30 feet, with: a large stone fir.'ptnce nt the, north end of the room. The light fistures are made of gcnufna old fashioned oxen yokes. To the right of the front <Ioor is a smaller room which will . r crve as the office of the,'post commander and adjutant. Auviliary Has Club Room On the south end of the building, in front, is the room to b* used by members of Uic American U'gUui Auxiliary. It will sarve ns R ladies' loungi* nnd as (he auxiliary's chib vootn, netwcen the auxiliary room and the reception room the canteen !;; located, where food and drinks ^'Ml lie served. The. canteen con. sists of a large oak serving counter, shelving and: other similar equipment. U ts connected with the kitchen by a door at one chu The kitchen is to be equipped with stoves for cooking and foi heating the hot water tank. Ii hiis a modern built-in sink and .storage shelves for,dishes, utensils rtr. The large ballroom, 30 by 40 It:M, will lie used by the post lo: its mcclitiBS and social affairs. I ' lias an unfinished celling wit\ large log beams. The unique ligh Accepts Cliiillcnyo o! Governor Fulvell in of hdueuloi's A dedication ceremony • Monday afternoon will celebrate tlie completion «t ths Blyihcvillc American l^jjioii post's now clubhouse, built as B CWA and FERA project on lots which tlie post has owned for a number ol y«ns r»i North Second street. This photograph. LITT1.H HOOK. Nov. 10. IUV>>- llut-vey Haley, ol Ilol Spitii!.";. newly clecu'd president of ihe Arknii- MIS Kdi.Jfution [issot'liitlmi, loUl teachers nt the rlosini; session oi their minimi convention today Una they will meet ciovtrnor J. 'M. I'll- challenge to piest'iil'-» d'.'ll- nlte 'program lor the salvation uf thi'.public; .school system. "We are taking tin 1 fjovc-rnm 1 ills word," Haley said, referring to the Kovevnur's sUiblihiu nltklsin lust night of cllsoi causation ammi'i educators, "and will present n iinlfted pruj:n\in to the Icglslatm? In January." Itcttritig 'president Henry r. Dlnl, of Pine IJhill, appointed 11 committee to work with th Six Prisoners Escape From Jail At Piggott I'K'iCiO'lT. Ark.—Slici-m Frank Wulliin luday;)'uski'd all slierln.s «.' IHHtheust Arkansas t« '.vnU-li (oi six mi'ii wlui' sawed uiil ul Hie comity Jivil lust mlttivtahl. Thf.v L-rckc ii wilier j;l])^, wtilch llnuded the KhoilK'ii i)w.Miu'.n( I'omn un'l awiih'.MHMl hltn: The fugiUvi'.s iiro: .Itilinny llrm'X- ens. a7. ctinrgi'd with imiulji' or Ciri'i>nbn.v I'rcslon last. I3ecr»ib:r, Wlllnrd Hruckeiis. ifi. Frnnki Mailin. IH; (Jlntac Hull. SO: Olio licii- Ifru. 2:t, nnd llurlwr! Motley, 25. PITH. mi FIICTS Idaho Sciiiilor Refuses In Reveal fivictchee. o use of FiiiKJs is- taken from an awkward angle" to conceal the construction materials which littered the grounds at the lime, docs scam justice lo the siruc- coimnlfsloiicr uf cduciition and n ture, which Is a spacious and elaborately finished building of solid cypress log construction. It will be open for public inspection Sunday and Monday and the public is Invlled to aliend tlie dedicatory ceremony at 'J o'clock Monday afternoon. V Atterbury, Rail ! r*i,:~£ TO TII BREflniLEiE, Frank Barnes Expected lo Talk To Aid Sons; Faces Execution Dec. 1 5 Chief, Is 111 The date, of lits execution set ai Decejnber,.l& yesterday .by Circuit '£*'">/ ^"C'H n-ahk Barnes, 0, killer o! C. A. Martin, local liBh school student and taxi driv- T, was expected to make a Einal :ffort today to save his .sons, Bill vnd Archie Barnes, also charged vith Martin's murder, from a sim- lar fate. Notice was served on W, Leon Snrilh, .deputy prosecutor, loday. hat the deposition of Burn?:;, vho failed to take the stand in iis own 'defense, would, be taken before he is ' removed from tnc county jail here to (he dcatli house I nt Tucker prison farm. Such a riep- | osition, it Es understood, would be used in Ihe trial of Barnes' SOIH in the hope that it might hslp their cause. .Just what the father, who refused to speak in is own oehnll, would have to s.iy now is a matter of conjecture. Bill Barnes was tried jointly with i. iiis father but a jury was unable ' lo agree on his punishment, divided. 9 for death and 3 for life imprisonment. Archie lias not faced trial. Both will probably b? tried nest April. Only a few spectators were in j Ihe courtroom late yesterday aft- i crnoon when the older Barnes was; borught before Judge Keck sentence. He sloot) silent On. \V. W. Aucrlniiy.-above, iirf?dil*-m of the Pemisylvaina railroad, is rp|joried to be fic- riously ill aboard his yacht at -Miniui. l-'la. Ke^v visitors were allowed aboard the boat nftcr it reached Miami from .lackson- vi!li>. General Atterbury, who is 05. recently underwent ail operation. American Lesion Armistice O Day Celebration Smuliiy, Novomlier 11 1:30 p.m.—Service School at fusion hut. all interested ex-service men invited. K ]J.m.—hifth rijslrict post commanders uiectii! 1 ;. all post officers and ex-service men invited. Momliiy, November V2 II a.m.—Armistice. Day parndc. 3 p.m.—DL'dieatiqn -of Legioij hut. 4 j}.m. — J'.'ir.Tcliute leap' and air stunts nt nirport 8 p.m.—Wrestling firmory, Jrs^ Wlllnrcl referee. 8 p.m.—Crowning nt "Miss Novthcasi Avkaiisns-Sontlwnst Missouri" at Rllz tl)3ntcr. 10^-Dnnee at f.cgion hut. while sentence Year Moratorium on All Obligations .n Louisiana 1 BATON ROUGE, La., Nov. 10 i i DIM—Senator fluey P. Long was busy today perfecting » legislative bill that will make Louisiana si "debt free" Utopia. ominlltcc from the Parcnl-Teneh- to toi'ini'laie un education program. l c 'uUcll Spraks Governor .Futrcll last bluntly told Ihe Education association* that the educators ot the slnle must themselves work ou n plnn for salvation o[ the schools and carry their own fight for in creased revenue before the le?is latine. The governor nlmost angrily de nlcd any responsibility for llii present condllion of the school and challenged Ihe cdiicutors I "stop talking generalities.and wor out n specific plan." "The administration is accuse of being responsible (or llie down fall of Hlte-schools." he said. "Th governor has no authority pver th schools.' hns nothing lo -'rift''wit or collecting tuxes, Th schools now; have every shtgl source (if revenue it ever hnd. Nlnmcs Uick or t T-'imds "Tlie Inck of money Is the so" trouble with the schools, of coin's You know that. There is no use i whipping tlie devil around U stum]). "I suppose 1 am responsible for' the fact that evaluation of property hns dropped a third nnd Hut , ,. , i collection of tn\es lins fnllcn off j In a proclamation today Mayor 45 .„,,. c . cnl ) Cecil Shnne called upon all busi- ,, o ,, c dl(I j cl|U „ thal „„ sn)cs 1 ness places in Blythcville to close nr(1 „„, Bcs i urc _ In nl] | from 10 n. m. lo noon Monday tjcc 0 , |jlw , m[| sm , jl;c ^ |J)t bench. I have never found n valid tax sale. Property (Me.? are n principal source of revenue for Asi« Stores to Close for Armistice Parade Commtssio n c v s Certify Results o[ Volo in Comity WASHINGTON, NOT. If) (til 11 — Relief Administrator Many t, llopklm todiiy met Die chiilloiiBu of Senator YVIHInm E. Uorah (Pep. kiiiliol by oidorlng » prompt nnd thorough Butlicrhn; of any tnforriir Minn on alleged "slinmefu! wasle In giving out fuiids." " Hopkins asslmiwi his iiucstlga- lion divson to the nqlilry, directing Mint nil. fncb available with ii'i'Bnrd to Uovuh's chnrees be ob- Mississippi county, castiiVB a loll of 2.231 voles In Tuesday's vncral election, uppixivcd couUu- inice uf tlie tliree-mlll cwuity ond tux. it was rcventud today ,-ltli final ceilinciitlan of the ot- icial vote by Hie cowUy election ommission. The I'onci tas. voted only by the larrowest of marBins two yearn carried by 1.018 votes to V50.. VIrst of the votes against the tux vevc in the Oyccola district of ))io counly. Wilson and some other '(Jtie-wnv" bnxes went against Die The certified vole ou the pi'o- •uscd constitutional amendments, nd acts follows: Amendment Id: tor, 2.018' Calnsl. 118. Amendment 2ft: tor, 1,901 An FI5HA representative will be' h'-structed lo interview Senator Borah, asking him to elaborate on the niitiirc of evidence, If liny, iif Jils disposal. if Senator Bbrfih reveals any ir- regiilarltles Hopkins appeared ready lo act Immediately' to remedy them. Government, relief expenditures were thrust Into the forefront of political controversy with indications developing Progressive Rc- ))ib)ici(ns in congress, led by Sen- •tor Borah, might atlcinpl an In- Ouiry Into (lie .situation. Borah's charges of "scandal" in connection ivilh alleged use of relief funds for political prestige Amnidn't'ilt.;-..!;:, \ for,' ., 1.515; n's n I iis I. R 83. < " ' '' ' ».f-i •." i • -"v.'• r Act. Nf). 78: for, 45!); ngnlnst, 1,577. Act. No. 200: for, 757; ngainst 1.389. No election wa.s held In two townships, Bowen (Oosn'cll) m-^, Saync I Rosa) or at least the election commission did not receive •eports from those tonships. The .cchnical result will ue lhat the townships will be without duly elected magistrates or constnV>ds after the end of the year. nnd Ills allegations of "shameful waste" brought nn Immediate retort from Federal Relief Administrator Ilnrry L. Hopkins. If given a "bill of particulars" from Borah tlie relief head piom- ised "quick action." Borah, -however, while liinttiii; that he l)ad' plenty of evidence, declined lo make it public.. 0 ivn r T t<or the American Legion's Amils- 1 1'Cpai'CS Bill lor 1WO- tlcc day parade. His proclamation follows: "Monday. November 12, will ue celebrated ns Armistice Day, since the 11th falls on Sunday. The Am- 'erican Legion of BJytlicville has planned a wonderful program nnd 1112 schools, nnd unless the taxes nre collcciiid the schools will suffer." The governor suggested two methods of increasing tax collections: Dwight Blackwood Will . | .. . KccJes SucceerJs Black ~ as. Reserve Board Chief WASHINGTON, Nov. 10 (UP)— President Roosevelt _ today an- nminccd the appointment of Mar- dncr S. Eccles of Utah as governor of the federal reserve board, effective as of .today. He succeeds Eugene n. Black, of Atlanta. Eccles. since last January, luis served as an assistant to the secretary of the treasury as liaison representative with other' agencies ol (lie government having to do Build Home at Osceola vvit " tallki "e Rll(l filwnc < : ' I p assaBc . „( ., | aw { 0 m!lke ( ,, x .'.ot. onlv on properly mortgages ' Blythci'illc will have a great many visitors lhat day. All organiza-j vaU( , :lm , ,:,,bllctioii of „.... (ions have pledged their coopera-1 tax ljsls vvlllch (ll h(s a ^ nim would delinquent tax collections by 52 p»r cent. fixtures are made of wagon wheels carrying out the rustic idea. A Ihe west end ol the ballroom another stone fireplace, similar that in the reception rcom. Flunking the ballroom on th soiitli side ol Hie building is large screened porch. 12 by 38 1 feel, which will Be used for lounging and parties during the sum- IIIH-. A great deal of the furniture for Hie hnl, particularly card awl j banquet tables, has been made bv the workmen. The tables are all of onk with natural finish. When nol in use they will be stored in the large attie. reached through a dnnr In the ballroom. A crew was. busy today Inndscap- ing the lot which Is 91 by 2a& feel, nnd which already hns several large shade trees on the back side. Tlie post will build a piny yard lor children In the back 5aid and will equip it with swings, sce- ?aws. a snnd pile, etc. The idea of n Legion hut hns been fostered by members of the local ixist for several years. Orig- innl plans for the hut were drawn by Dr. A. M. Washbum. for met post commander, and U. S. Bran- Ition to the American Legion nnd It is greatly desired that all busi- nessc'S close for the tw-o hour per- IAto UKV III.1U UJI ^Cl.-'UlkiU , - „ ,„ . I. The Kingfteh was cteetcd i° rt from W a : '"' lo , l : ,'"" Mo "~ iwyers in a conference over <?**• Durm f ln!U P^lod there will jstructuve of the bill today. |*= "..P"™^. ^ fljn ]'^ c ^"J^. The new moratorium 1)111 will be ! usual plea, "May aod have mercy nrsL residents of nlylhcvills to en-: lie said. on your soul." Burns From First Jack !roll this year as a member of thej Tire bill as planned by Hie American Red Cross, today t«-uc:l i Kingfish embraces all forms of ;a proclamation in which he appeal-.lirbt and would be unique in the led to the local citizenship to .sup-j annals of the Untied Stales. \vns regarded as one of the' ' jail slores, offices nnd other busi- •nesses should close from 10 a. m. 12 m.. Monday, November 12: that all should participate in this i [port the national organization in] I great celelVation. ' local architect, but nothing U Lantern Kill Uin, J'tlie annual Roll Call which opens I first steps toward his Utopian idea | on Armistice Day nnd extends i of "slinre tlie wealth." which he' OECU, "Mayor of Blythevllle." CLEVELAND (UP)- r I,IU!e Beryl; through Thanksgiving. The proc- j has been" expounding"here'and in I v , r . . _. , Marciuis, three, saw her firet jack tarnation follows: [ihe United Stales scnnle. lOUtn rreed in Death o' lantern this fall. But-it, was the girl's last. She peered too closj to the "As mayor of the city of Blythe-; ville- I deem it my duty and priv-! ilege lo call public attention to th«| eighteenth annual membership) campaign of the American Red: Cross which is to te conducted CoflTPr Youths ^uuier louuis of Father at Luxora hcrr between Armistice Hav and STEBLE Mo. - Three Cooler 1111 "- •'• C. _Eaton._ Liisora farmer.' t a jj an QJfers Trade Pumpkin's candle in a darkened closet where she and her sister, Patricia, six. had put ths grinning face. A draft blew her tiny dress . .. into the fiame and she ran. .scream- Thanksgiving. November 11 to 20. ^ ing with fright, to her mother In! "" " J '"'" '''"""• The distraught mother snatched'Lacking this support the organ!- j occllrre(1 tl)1 . cc wpcks flt , 0 a kitchen rug, rolled HID child fran- Cation would be unable to carry! „ VOU (i ls HTII atroii OSCKOLA. Ark. •— Jake Knton. Held for SlorC Robbery i 11 - arrested in connection with ' the death last Sunday of his Va- Gri't-iie Kcelcctcd Treasurer Mr. Haley, superintendent of rchoots at Illythevilte for a number oi yzars prior to J923. wlieii lie went to Hot Springs, w'as elected president of the Ar):nn.sBs Kd- ucation asKoclation yesterday, defeating Dr. Fred Keller, superintendent of schools nt Joiwsboro. J. I. McClurkin. siipe'rijiteiidcnt nt E! Dorado, was rcsleclert vice- president. Miss Constance Mitchell, Arkansas Stale Teachers col-| Icye, Con\vny, defeated Mis$ I?O5a i Hardy, principal of BIythevllle high school, for recording .secrctarj'. Crawford Greene, director of tf- fcarrh for ihe stale depart incut of j education and until two montlis ayo supcTinlfMident of .schools at IllytlmilU\ wr.-s icclected li'eas- urcr. Miss Mildred Mosley, Joiner, was circled vire-presldPnt of ihe Coin- mercia! section. OSCEOLA. Ark. — Divfglit H. Blnckwood, who has been living nl Memphis since his retirement, [com the chairmanship of the ilntc highway commission, plans to return to Mississippi county, where he lived ujitil his political career took him to Little Rock. Mr. Blfickwoo.-l lias purchased the Willie Hate fanu. Just south or Osccoln. iincl will erect a colonial typo home there as soon as , , plans can be completed. Mr. Black- land later did three years Kradii- woud Is the owner of a number o ' farm properties in (Ills comity. Gloria's a Free Woman Again .™, t( ,.i i«,, ^ \vas freed 'following preliminary cr's Pharmacy, nt ; obbcry of Coop-'!. liearin 8 in Jnsticc c c : Dcl1 " t Cooler, wlilch ! " OTrc! ' s collvl M Luxora. New Lake Street Pastor and His Family^Arrive The Rev. anil !\frs. V.vK/Chal- fnnt nnd children, of Balfl^Knob, Ark., have arrived here vilie'icbtliV Rev. Mr. Chalfant is to llfr. Sa-S- lor of the Lake Street Metiio'd^^ church. "^ypb The new pastor was educated aV^ Milkaps college, Jackson, Miss" * His mother and a younger oro- The youths. Hall Strong. Alton; ther, Marvin, 10, corroborated that his fa /or Naval Concessions LONDON. Nov. 10 iW>—Japan was rrpmlcd today to be offer- trade conce.vions in Manchu- — oi • —-~ *•>.-" 11,111-1 •"*!*,.. .,«...« -^ — -- . , i np youtns nntl otrong Aiion;i |l ei, LMUIVIH y in it. but too late. Beryl) on its noble work during disasters.) . ni]dtly - ^rntti and W D Burns voung Enton'.s .story o! burns, in n among War Veterans, in tlie hcalt- j wcrc -^^ - mlg cusl(x , y by 0( [i-;ihcr was killed by the accidental'ikuo nnd in Japan In return for ——— I Held, first aid. life savins, and Il5; tc| . s Jo h n Tucker Willis Owens' rilschfiryc of n shotgun which tlie; Hritisii oonccsMons anti supiwrt at numerous ollinr tasks which liavc' a , ' ' -. . i . . been grenlly increased in the I ' five years of economic strife Seattle Plans Variety i . .and Bob Ownsby. Fingerprints ob-'son was trj'lng to take away from tin- current naval conversations. — -,.._.. - . lalned at the scene of the robbery '"m after lie had Iliiratencd Mrs. I A n.sually reliable source said «Vfinite wns accomplished until last At D DU i fil ' c years of economic ftrifo. , h , : , )n | nvcs(isalor of tllc Mi s.: Eaton. " ' . . . year when Ncill Reed, past com- Ut Kare rtieasantS| "Every local citizen can answrr fouli crime Prevention bureau led — "lander at that time, nnd two otn-| , ( , K „„„ can appjai-mis com-M O n, c arrest of the trio Burns , , members of- a committee. Hen- j SEATTLE (UP)-Pheasants otimunity chal!cn 5 e-with asMiranc?! sj ,, rDd a written confession of Ilw ! Joiumic Bumclt Named rare varieties soon will inhabit thc!<t>al each contribution to iliis cau-eIrobbn-y in which merchandise and! Skagit Klver wiWerncss. from i will be treated by the Red Crc;-s; h , wlc y wns t a k ni ][c itnplli-ated ' which tlie Seattle municipal power as i( trust fund ot llr public." die others, officers announced supply comes. ry Layson and Floyd White, went to Little Rock nnd were success'"I in securing government aid Ihrough the relief administration. District 17 Gave Loss The actual cost of the hut will total approximately $19,000, oJ which approximately $15,000 was furnished from government funds. This, however, does not include the M on Pdge TVo) ll-nt the foreign office nnd board f irnrie r n government ricpnrt- inout in Great Hritnin) were con- -idcrint; :i Jnpnncse offer of con- nssions concerning Die \fnuchu- tuoan oil moiioiHily nnd the new trovcrnment control of ttie oil Baruelt was at liberty on pa- .lotihtiic luirnett iias been clcct- Fourteen rlngneck nl'casants. Juvenile offenders :romist the role nflcr being convicted ol rob- • rd supcrinteiident of schools ii-nn >\i! f of riml^rt.i *!,- ^t [•>:« i • i • - v-*^,. * •„ j u _ ,__.__._ three pat rof Oolden, three ot at two of Reeves and two or number. Experts arc}' decreasing in bine the same store about two Shawtice to succeed \v. M. Mcttmv that tnany^'cors ngo, it wns stated liciv. ! who recently resigned to enter the Multanl, have been obtained, 'Hie of the'"crimes"'of stealing sweets', The trio is being held tn jut! at;hardware and implement business. hirric ivfll n/» nriminn iirvcit- Ihn IM I r. _. . . . . _ . .. „ n sii_ -i* -._:..._ ._.:i\ u..l »r. ^*. . ... \ _ .. i _^ -_-_i^ birds will be penned near the HI- riom shops are due lo youngsters ablo power plant., their offsprings not receiving sufficlrol sugar ifeleasra In the woods nearby, 'home. Carulhorsville. Hearings will bc| \fr. Burnett lias served ns coach boys Thursday at!at Stawncc (or tevcval years ami ueld for Ihe Cnruthersvtlle. i has mnde n fine record. ;te work nt Dulse University, Durlam. N. C. Since then he was jaslor of the Clinton ciiurcli one •ear before going to Bald Knob wo years ago. Mrs. Chnlfant received her later education nt Central college. Co»- vny, Ark. ..^ Ttiey have a son, seven, and K daughter, five. Department Store Sales Show Substantial Gain WASHINGTON, Nov. 10 (UP)— Department store sales are booming compared with a year ago. the federal reserve board reported to<!«!•'• .-"• October sales showed a seasonal gain over September anil were 11 per cent ahead of October, 1933. the bulletin showed. Lai-gesl gains over, n year ago weiejsliown m the Richmond, Atlanta.''and San Francisco federal reserve districts. Final Returns Show ? Line-up in Congress WASHINGTON, Nov. 10 (UP)— The final returns from Tuesday's election shoir the following par-, ly iinc-up in congress:— Dem. Rep. Prog. F.-L, Senate .... 69 23 -.' 1 1 l{lou.=r .... .122 103 ' < 3 tinde in .Inpnn. It was believed, possible that uy Japanese offors would Include competition in world British textiles and trade other British exports which have caused a British-Japanese trade dU- pute. Four marriage venUives '.vava fulled and (ilorla Sivniison again Is a frco woman. The cln«m.v star fs shown here as slio an- floured m Los Ause'es court, wbeve she was granted a divorco niter testifying to extreme cruelly on the part of her Irtsn sporlS' man mate, Michael Farmer. - WEATHER Arkansas — Fair and cooler In north nnd west, possibly frost in north tonight. Sunday fair and cooler. Memphis and vicinity—Fair and colder tonlelH. Sunday fair.

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