The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 30, 1931
Page 6
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Indians Look Toward Pennant Pitchma Cliiei Pisob''':n fcv Peck to Ponder: BY WKRNKK l.AL'I-KK XEA Scn-ico Sports Wrilcr NE\V ORLEANS. Mar. 30—13ase- bail men generally agree that shcylil a dark horse win the American League j>ennant this year that dark horse will bo the Cleveland Indians Here is a team that In reserve strength and sheer bailing power ss gocd as ?ny In baseball ami it will be up lo Manager Peckinpaueh to jockey the lineup so as to give It the rmghcst point of efficiency. Which is something of n Job. Pitching is the only uncertain d'nartment of the Indians. "Give us another Wes Ftrrcll." Peck great. Thcr th I'ilAY, JIAUCIi .'10,.'.1031 [Wins'§100,000 in Richest Race -'William braucher isiiry of a Man I With Lois "f Nm-r ini; about Dill McKi'uhnic, of thn 7)cs!o:i Graves, ; 'C- jcnlU llic late Miller llugglrir,. !.(',:• illujtfins. McKcchnie is a "Mi'j'my ! Atom." 13111 carries his eai-s f.oiue- wh;i'. the same \w.'-'.: way an A couple, of years later !is was a holdout, at Cincinnati and wa traded to tlie Pirates. Filially Lands In Htl'burijh In 1021 ihe Pirates sent him to ... Minneapolis. The next year Barn-jy land Bill fan l«ok at you.In a prcl» • Urcyfiiss ofTercd him a J$b cnac'o- ty piercing way. 11" is like Hii'.i- . in g the Pirates. Mil took it. anj in 11:1-.. loo, in that > c is a gambler j !82J. with tiie 1'irates llounderin-'. v.i^i a (.'rent cJi-iil c: nerve. | hi seventh place, he was made If MrKeclmli- hadn't left A go-Kl I ""anager-anil -brought the team j:,b <•[ pliimbln;! 21 years a"0 |,, |'""'"ulOKsly. lo third as the season W:i-t.!m:i'.n, Pa., i:, play third bis' ' v \ anei - In 1023 niui 1(t24 Bil1 nati :;ic clti l>. O. M. l.°:i"ii<j i:-e s"J- a>mc 1uck ' brl »8ing the team * ' in for show money. . • ; -. In 102.5 he won-the pennant' and beat Washington ,in the world sc- ries. Again In 192C the team dropped back to third and liiil was «iv- of .sevcial recent world sei'l hi have be?!! diJfL'rcrif. If Hug-' > hadn't been a basL'bnl! tnan- !•. lie would l.avc sp:nt his IH? iiii^ tov/n lots. j en the air. I . • N'o UuiU Slakes. ' ,.- He never has told anyone the facts of his difference with Barney Drcyfuss. For that; matter,, he .never/' has dropped a mird. a'boiit' .liis ' iiiorc than 20 erur.?s again this sca- sni." j To which youire Weslev agrees, I FONSECA as he hr.s alreadv set 20 as roV uulv " ""•'"' Orleans way ivlier? the CIcvcLiuul Indians aic training, the fUjht wages on all sides' for mark to keen up his great record; several positions on the team. Wrskiy Ferrull, ace of Hie hurling stall, is orte should retain - ins of winnins 20 or more ramrs cachj honor of being the Tribe's most .consis'.enl pitcher, But Morgan anil Foiiscca arc tussling over Dclore and Burnett are al i;rl]is over th? third base assignment and Hunneflcld ,„, „»„ ,-. M -v-.™-„,,.-, ,...„-..-« i locked in combat, over the .short slop berth.' And those arc only a few of the thine unusual for a ball player. He ~ T ., " cnl player and can really handle y.v,r hebashccn In the bis lea-Mies. ! f lrst bnsi . : the and .scrapjcs. savs hn feels better than ever and if confidence means anythinv;, Fer- cltrliers. Remember how the team ' r«'ll r>av be the first man to reach iiiew after a toni; wining slreak last' the 30-namc mark since Jim Bag-j season, when Injuries forced Luke' by informed the trick 11 years: out of the game? And how it rc- aco. I sumecl its winning stride ll'o day Willis Hmllin. Clint Brown, Pele ] le returned lo the came-? Glenn .inblnnowski. Waiter Wilier, Mel Harder and Pinkev Shoffner are the regulars. If Hudin or Miller ccines back to his form of Iwo ymrs aeo. or It one or two of the; others comn through \ year, tlir 1 Indians will thick of the pennant fight. Mvatt and Joe Spin* eft what Is left- iwo 01 i™ , .__ , ., ^ In «Z\ Second Hall: . of Cage Race Ends Tonight Pay Thomas and Howard Ores- head, from the Pacific Coast Lcac,- ue, arc IK" 1 most -itnDresslvo.of thr rfy-.riilts Thomas, who had a trial with'the Yankees some years <n;o, Is a uowerful rieht-Uander will! a thnnrlcrlnc: fast tall. Craehcad has} The second half race of the CHv a fsst one. also and n nice assort-iCnge loop will end tonlnht, olfi.- ment of curves. OralHildebrand, cially closing the basketball SMSCII from- the Indianapolts club, seems here except for the play-olf b:- lo know what il is all about. Roxie Iwuen the first and secpnrt half Lawm.'.'uo-Ironi the Terre Haute farm late last summer. Icckerl rood champions for the league title. The Hubbard quintet rales an in one or two league patr»s. Tills overwhelming favorite to win th' he .has been oood ami bnd second half champicnshtp. Onlv Up ~ >. luibitual cellar c:mpants between Hubbard and tlic cliampioushlp toni^lu. . . The Hl-.lackers nnd Frl'co fiv:s class h)avc in. exhibition games, as has Thornton T. IL=fty> .Lee, who worked for New Orleans Jsst summer. • * * -.;cVyeland -has., two first rnior lc»sue outfields in the six | Hubbard" but lhat is all Players Irving for resular poritionsj ; extremely doubtful If-a plav- i ThB greates find since Frre iv as ofj . > d.,1 up HI the wilds of North ;_ Tho inrD , 1>II> YOl' KNOW THAT— Skcct. Is Die name of a new Til-season sport . . . it's a ]wp- ular form of target .sjiootlnc; closely tied up with hunting . . . . already there are more than COO recorded skcet-shcol- Ing organizations In tho country . ... those who follow it say 11 Is easy engugli to give pleasure and valuable practice n 111? beginner . . . and difficult enough to give the veteran I'.untor a thorough test of his skill . . . There are some miecr locking feet among the majnr league laakies this year .... Jim Weaver. (J fooi, 7 Inch right- iiandcr with th> Y?nks, wir.iu a 13 ... Ernie. Broukiyn's wallopin' wop back- slop, shuffles around in 12's. . . . Larry lletteucotirt I been nlcknainrxl Prlmo, because of the si?e of his ftietgear . but the enioerest pair belong to Myril IFoag. Yankee c.utnelder . . . one is a •! ... the utlici i' a -J'j . . .it makes It tou^l uhiMi n guy has to buy '.wo ;::tirs cf rhorq (5 i;M cnc, especially In these limes. n , hKtl:>Ucal cilt , n:c to tic i J -"."'" , I without opposition provided '•He led the. Three-Eye Leagwejuj ( , Ilar[tal , c hatting last year and Ite "'"" ia To Stage Cage War Nallonal guard companies of Wil- init Rldgj and. Hlytheville' in Ar- knnsaa, and Hayti and Steelc -in -Missouri will stage n "basketball \vnr" ut the Armory here Tuesday afternoon and night. The first round of the tournament will be played Tuesday afternoon beginning at 4 o'clock 'with Arkanf.Hs and Missumi teams 'ulnsli- ling in the first round. -'• Tuesday night the winners will meet in the championship game and the losers of the first round will clash in a preliminary game. Company If. Blytlicvillc guard company, is also i>. member of the Oily Cage league and tile guards- jmen should be In toi>"shaj>;-:for I their gam?.*, lai'noiroiv. A Whirl in IVderal Wheel Hill mlghl never have been a manaucr at all if he hadn't jump- eel nrnanii;cd baseball for a job at Indianapolis in MIL- Federal League in 10M. The learn was moved fo Newark the following year and Mc- Kochnle was' made manayer. All his life BUI 'has been shunt,-, cd aiound by the dcsllnies of bass- He first came up to-the Plin 1907. The . Pirates booteH :iiui back lo.Canton, Q. The ne^t rear he was sent to'-Wheeling. AJ year. .He 1s ready-to face'his; old couple of years later - found him [baseball.rivals -.this year withJsev-' n SI. Paul. The Braves took him.feral new acey'.of -the 'diamWcUfrt Tiauk Clmnce claimed him:for th? -.-....• ... ...... Yankees via the waiver' route, and sent him back to.St.i Paul. • Tno route then'ce led from In- dlanapolis to Newark and back to tile St. Louis Browns when the up-' watcn - itart Federal League blew. Tile Drowns sent him to the Giants. McGraw traded him to the Reds. 1 dinals after winning a 'pe.nnant, 1028 and being swept undcr-in four : terrific games witli-lli?-Yankees.:.' • Now. he Is gambling again. Hi took : an -eightli place team,.(he Braves,- aiid" bought' It to. sixth-'last . Ing canned as manager of the -Car-.. ..Moneyed -aristocrat of the turf year is Mike Hall, famous c'.vp chain- dinals aftr wini ' -' n above with his owner, H. M. Eastman. The gr.llant 'won the wealthiest of all running races, the $100.000 .'added 'Ag'ui Calicnlc handicap, at Agua Cnliente, Mexico. After bjing last;aV Ihe" starting gale, he surged forward to finish llrsl and set'- a |ie.\v- track record of 2:03 nat for the mile and a quarter. his .hand. Bill- is- getting ready'"to shove some pretty big chips, a I; the boys,- and is'.-going to make''this baseball yenr;- "in the National League something ' thrilling 'to' Read Courier News Wont Ads. ; AGED ; iwApi TO n OMESTEAD • vGOLp-BEApH, Ore. (UP)—Automobiles,, moving picture ..shows' and bri(?h£ lights liave no more'lurc for. C. R: Adams,'SO, 'who. formerly lived at .Hlilsborp. Ore. The aged nian plans to leave Ills bungalow and locate on a homestead 'in the Wilderness. .The tract."is about six mUes.back from Rouge River. FARM GROWING SMALLER? .'NEWIMGTON, Conn. (UP) — Somehow or oilier the old farm Hoesh't look as big as it us;d 'to so James Smith, 82, k going lo hire a surveyor. Whether it's the New England weather, or a misplacsd boundary fence, he doesn't know, but he's sure "it's shrinking." Green Research Funil (iro\v:; I3INOLEY. Yorkslilre. iTiw. (Ur>> Hue of I he Inral rial ig research station tur. , Monk Wright Lingers t With Memphis Chicks ! MEMPHIS. -Tenn.—Paul Wright ! Manila. Ark., cemi-pro, who lias al- j ready lingered longer in (he canri ";ol the ML-mphls Chickasaws than : rookies, will pvcbatly be hjrc longer, received credit for ter and Richard -nvilley Porter. thc!er Manager Burnett will be able lo fiidgety sausa-se-crinder (-f Princess -set bis stars back Into the liueuu Anne Md . will be in right. | fur n play-off game is n matter nf "That leaves Charley Jamlfon. Bib -conjcclure. The Gas Hounds, minus Falk and Bob Seeds wailing for a I * services of their aces, havj chance Manv a major l c? . 5 ue "oundered badly in the second half, manager '.vculd cive his rl7ht eve: Games tonight: Hubbard vs. Apes, "have this trio doln'iresular work j Frisco K. Merchants. Dixie Vlicrs In his outfield. Every one of Clevc-' «. Gas Hounds. Company m vs. land's outnclders can blast the.Hi-Jackcrs. leather viciously and consistently. | ••-.--*• i There is a hot fight for at least] three'Infold positions. John Bur-1 nelt, who played great hall last 1 year before he fractured his right 1 wrist, is having it out with George I Dttore; former Colgate collegian.-, fcr the third base job. Burnett has | a bit more finish, but George is a I veritable power hcuse at the plate.; Burnett probably will start tl-.i tea-; son at third base, but Detore will! pet in there before trie season is r,vr. Mark these \vords! j Johnny Goldman v.'as given the i '-'shcrlstop job before the club went, to training csniD. The man?.?crncnt j lUured it could sacrifice hitting: strength at short because.of_Gold-i man's brilliance in the field. But Bill Hunneficld, former White Sox. I who is back in tlv\ majors after a I year with Toledo. Is making a great j bid. ! He is the first man out for prac- ticc and the last to leave the field j "I've had a dislike for minor | league salarlra and inconveniences, ever since I played my firs', big j league game," said "Honey" in a, • hotel room fanning bee. "Last year j I had to take another taste of it j and you can kick it around I didn't i like it." i Johnny Hodapp will be the second baseman If his trick knee behaves. But HtUe Hunnefleld is| also casting covetous ey;s at Big! John. Hodapp and Goldman can Improve their handling of double plays and Peck Is driving them to do It.. Because of his reluctance to sign, Eddie Morgan, who played sensational ball last summer, spotted Lew Fonscca .a few jumps lead In i the race for the first base Job. Lew! S r condmon SP 5hfc g l-TbecarrT 'an 1 TaCkll! Mitchc11 ' abovc ' is lhc f ^ Ing business as he .did ''- : ballpiajer. Shes 17, and Manager • batting honors. ; slle na5 r '.,, llblllty ' she . s \--~fa That leaves the catchers. Luke i against Babe Ruth in an exhlblt'on Sew'eH :wlll be the first-string man | scon, and says it's her ambitio-.i lo cf the mask. He I a fine mechani-1 fan him RITZ THEATER Last Time Today HOME THEATRE Last Time Today ! As her bDss--lic tries to dictate: I love terms! nut this dazzlm;; s:c-i relnry briu(is her boss to her terms! COLBERT FREDRIC MftRCH Among lovers' with Chnrlic RUGC-LE3 Gincer ROGERS ! "Stan Laurel" ami ; Ilavdy"—Comedy. • Matinee—Cliildvon — Adults—lOc. i Niplit—IS and -iOc. 10-25c' Jolm Wayne Virginia Choi-ill Marguerite Qiurcliir Fox Moi'ictonr Collegiate Cmnrrly [>lr.,lr^ V, SKYMOtJH KKI.IX STYLISH CLOTHES ARE READY IN THE G60D OLD tJ S A" That wasJhe message on ' ' '- • ' • \ . • .-••-'• l i > t v ^ '• ' the Hart Schaffrier & Marx Sign at Brest, PI-IIIIC& on road to U. S: Army base- licaclquai'ters. Sign on building v.-'lu'vc American officers lived ;it St. Na/.nire, France. TODAY WE SAY:Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes are ready for you at this store-at the j lowest prices since 1921 The New Mead Clothing Co,

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