The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTKEVirjLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS IW IL mm ~ Plan Awards Compensation For Injuries; Pays Death Benefits BV JOSEPH D. RAVOTTO United Press Staff Correspondent ROME (UP>—Italy Is the only country In the world to Insure Its athletes against death and Injury. In the three years that the plan lias been In execution the government has paid out more than $16d,000 to disabled athletes and to the families of those fatally Injured. In oil there ore 2,472,230 athletes Insured by the government. Of thts number 411.784 come im- der> the jurisdiction of CONI—the Italian National Olympic Committee. The remaining 2,001,452 are In Young Fascist and University Student groups, who are Insured against Injury incurred during! pre-mllitary training ami games. Insurance In both cases Is obligatory. When CONI issues a membership card to an athlete the Insurance is automatically Included. For.'it the athlete pays 24 cents. In (he event of death his family Is patfl »526, in.the case of permanent^ disability $1052 while those temporarily disabled arc paid $'.' daily after the 15th day of unemployment. ' >" Insurance Costs Lire / Young Fascists and university students pay a lire (5.26 cents) for [their Insurance when they are enrolled for pre-mllitary training. their families are paid $52G upon their death, $890 in case of permanent disability and |1 daily after the fifth day of temporary disability. : .-.'•. . ' I In three years the government has-paid out $86,665 for the 164 cases of death incurred during the practice of sports. The remainder was paid out for 11,161 cases of permanent and' temporary disability. .. •. ,• •, • •.. ; ' Of this number «1 were killed and- 4,421 injured during 1931. n .Is interesting to note that during this sport period nine deaths and 900 ^injuries were sustained' In pie- mllttary training fay the Young Another SewfeB To FOR A -THIRD OPPOKTMW 7fl£STff£N OF W/M/N6 Ft> , AND &<& F 2t SUCCESSIVE ADS HIS CHI'/ AT BAT..:. K£ ///)« HAD Miff AND -file BOfffcM 3 THE CHIEF'OP OF KANT cm &A. It might be added that t.hey nre not so easily fed. And I wonder who HIB commis- h- -Fascists groups an8 University Student BY'HARRY GRAYSON Sports Editor, NEA Service Johnny Bremen, who Ims lubious distinction of being only ball player to Jump u world championship club, 1 wonta to piloli for the Yankees again. But first the bespectacled product of Yale wlslies the New York Ivib would reimburse him for noney he spent on his ami. It the Ruppcrt Klfles don't want '.tm, he'd enjoy a whirl n bit closer Boston Red Hunting proved to be the most .hazardous sport on the Peninsula. This form of recreation caused 31 deaths and 408 accidents. Mountain climbing followed with eight Injuries. Cycling, which on the surface appears to be one of the less dnti- gerous sports, nevertheless was responsible for five deaths and 500 mishaps. . Two. Boiinf Deaths • T^o deaths were .recorded in boxing and winter games, while each respectively caused 400 and 500 injuries. Football, swimming, rugby and motorcycling with one death each were responsible for 1,500, 8, 250 and 15 casualties respectively: There were no deaths In the other sports practiced in Italy. Gymnastics caused - 84 injuries wrestling 37, basketball 23 track and field 16, roller skating 13 fencing 9, tennis 4 and rowing 4 Nine deaths and soa resulted from injuries sustained accidents in pre-mllltnry training by Young Fascist groups .These were caused by the use of firearms, by the various maneuvers, by parading and other semi-military games While hunting caused most of the deaths with 31, football led in the accidents, with 1.500 cases ranging from a simple strained muscle to broken bones; some Tlie .1 Dope Bucket \ Ky J. P. Frknd '. ' ""Oreo—it was some consoH'tlon to learn this morning that Orioph Ooff, tlie Holiandalc, Miss.. 'Ifcht heavyweight, who conquered o ur Jnmes "Bab" Roberts in Memphis won by a knockout In the iVst round or Oic Southern Golden Gloves tournament al Nashville Tr-im. . . msvlc-Um, Byron French' also felt the sting and power of Coil's right hamt . . . Newspaper niToiwlj; Indicate' that F'rcneii Hlce Roberts, was not knocked cold hut was paralysed from the blow There Is no use denying the fa->t that the Mlsslssiunian can rcalXv ))lt with Dial right hand of his • Whether he can take 11 or kecji from getting It remains a question murk . . . Robert!; did not test; film In cither department ... J 0i . Craig is of the opinion that he Is the most finished fighter of the [ entire group of ctmi.vDlons and will go farther ... Joe says- lie is unusually clever for an amateur >x>xer . . . His technique and ring skill brand him as one having much experience . . .' BAUXITE — Lloyd Montgomery's 30 second knockout at: Lyman Ingram, Cumberland UniV/orslty football star, was more or fcss expected . . . The University 'of Arkansas grid star, who learned, his boxlnsj ADC's at Bauxite. Is .a pqwcrfiil boy and has one of ths most perfect looking physiques I have ever seen . . . Montgomery went over big in Memphis . . . The, papers there played him up as a coming great . . . Craig, however, wasn't so Impressed with him in a boxer . . . "Montgomery lias tlje makings of a great fighter from ai physical standpoint, but before !ie can go very fur he will have to be made over ... He fight's facing his opponent and throws all h Is punches straight ... lie can't get much !>ower that way ... He -will have to be turned around, hide that chin behind Ihe shoulder and ilearn to hook ... A fighter's offense is no better than his hooking abttlty As big and strong as he Isi lie will push over these palookas. but it Is Walks i26!Milcs^- OJVMVI ouopct-io i,-> uuytiiK lilin it ' , , ,, , ' , ' . fat salary In a very soft lob? Jllst a maUer ° r tlme lul "l !=* meets ' some good, smart boy and it will be just too bad . . . Mont^imery's tmorotectcd cliln is an invitl'ig Inr- get and a smart boy will duel: those straight punches, let go a. right and Mr. Montgomery likely will be times involving months in the hospital. A study of these figures reveal that there is a better chance for survival in a football casualty than in a hunting mishap , t ^i v ;? e<i ' ' nto age groups, the statistics show that sports practiced .under the CONI banner were responsible for 42 deaths and 2.306 injuries while those practiced by the Young Fascist groups out o home — with the Sox. Droaca was having trouble with Ills shoulder and there were woes it home.,when he walked out ou :be Yankees' last summer. The. fojrrnef tordella Ireland -of )ld Maswclfusetts blue book rcg- I isteiyyidlvorced Broacn not long igo. 'The right-hander's father, (Pominlc, III for many months, passed away late last month. Doctors diagnosed Broaca's arm trouble, as n calcium condition of :he shoulder bone. It has been cleared up by thera- icullc ' treatments, and Broaca Is punching himself into condition in .he gymnasium of the Y. !vi. C. A. n Lowell, Mass. '-. He'|l have no trouble obtaining mother chance. , t • * lnoth«r College Is Kicked Around College eligibility rales for athletics are ns silly as those of Ihe A. A. U. ' What possible effect could the Cleveland Indians sending his nother J100 a month have on the ilnylng status of Louis Boiidreau, Illinois baseball and basketball ;tar? None whatever, yet the youngster stands branded as a profes- lonal before Ills college career Is completed The colleges had best not ttnrt decking up on nil their athletic stars whose educations are being .inrmnccd by professional baseball John L. arimth. Big Ten commissioner of athletics, says that It Is n shame to have hiv boys en Sumeone Must ffavn Told Farr About Ailamick Tommy Parr has less reasons for sqmuVklug llinn any fighter I've ever known. Tonypandy Tommy didn't want to scrnp Max Baer at the Garden, March 11, because he beat the erstwhile Butterfly Butcher Hoy on the other side. He forgets thai It was Buer who gave him the opportunity to es : labllsh nn International reputation. Farr tins made two starts In this country and has been defeated cm each occasion. A mediocre heavyweight with no landing in the percentage column he Welshman should be happy to ;et employment of any kind. He wound up taking Bncr. Someone must have toicl him. about, the lead In the flsUs of. Jimmy Adamlck. tlccd. liauleii out—feet first Any fighter with his style must weave and bobble n lot does neither . Montgomery He Is too oasy to . - Personally, I prefer I believe he would not Louisiana Plan to Help Six-Man Football Game NATCHITOCHES. • La. (UP>Six-man football teams for small defending rt high schools In the state will be T ,,csdav m<.ht Minmnrod ih!= vonr ).„ (!,„ i «.,i.i i»i!>u«»y nignt hit . . . One can't take too jnucl ixnindhig Goff . . only beat Montgomery, but knock him out ..." PASSES—James Bnlrd (Jimmy)' Tipton. star tackle on the University of Alabama football teanvWti n Blytheville high school product, 1ms been Informed that he pa.*cd the examination for entrance Into the Army air corps . . . Scheduled to get his degree in Aeronautical Engineering this June, "Tip" will probably be assigned lo Kelly Fit9rt, San Antonio. Texas. -'.-*** BOUQUETS— UoiiqneIs fire in or^der for Clarence R. "Snooks" llimv who patrolled the outfield for the Blytheville Giants last summer, now oach at Hoxie high school . . . line's crack basketball team sprung surprise by defeating Jonesboro. defending ' ' ii (!,„,. „ i . i am ,ll« L ' y , , ^ and easily led, asserts the com Alls mishaps. Traininj ^ Compulsory \VhUe the list may appear Im- j»s ing it should be r hIe ,"' C trainm a ' mostewr y Italian is called to serve OT der mlssioner. sponsored Ihls year by the Louisiana State Normal College. Data on the small squads as used By more than 100 schools in Ihe country was prepared by the college athletic department for distribution to intercsled high schools. The six-man game will be demonstrated here next month at the annual high School relay carnival siionsored by the normal college. Other games will be played elsewhere in the state for the benefit of coaches, players school officials. A combination of six-man football In the fall and basketball i: the winter would be less harnifu to the health of high school athletes, according to athletic official of Louisiana Normal. [UKl wi "fdly imposed on Italian girTs ^L mostof «><™ indulge' in some ( awarding insurance to. the noteworthy athletes . record, $263 for a European ml r k nd $158 for a national rerorf A 5fW tltle ls *°rth J263 and in .-Italian record yi9. This method of rewarding oth- '" Wn> ""Wtaf. "more campaign." , Sunday Fnnwals Opposed OLADEWATER, Tex. (UP)- t "rial AllUnce have requested clmrch members and the public lo «»p*r»t€ in eliminating Sunday Inneral services. Ministers argued that fun«r»l services were a hardship on everyone concerned. PRE SPRING CLEARANCE SALE 1936' Chevrolet Deluxe Coupe, Only §1575 1935 Chevrolet Coupe, Special $295 1936 Chevrolet Touring Sedan $3(i5 1934 Chevrolet Coach, real Iniy §2(59 1934 Chevrolet Coach, Har R ain §229 1931 Ford' Sedan, A-Model $ !>5 1933 Ford V-8 Tudor, a .steal '...'.'. .§U9 1935 Ford V-8 Coupe, Deluxe Model $S2!) 1935 Ford V-8 Deluxe Touring Sedan $289 T H II C K S ' 1936 Chevrolet Pick-up Truck 53(10 1936 Ford V-8 Pick-up Truck .. $300 1936 G.M.C. Pick-up Truck 5:^5 1935 Chevrolet 13! in. Whcclhase Truck ..... .$295 193G Chevrolet 131 in. whcclhasc Truck $3(15 Many Others ( 0 Choose From Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Phone 63.1 cason Glenn, n guard, who THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1938 4-H Clubs Will Hold Cage Meet Tliirly-eljht teams from all c f tlic nineteen 4-H Clubs in north Mississippi county will participate In a basketball tournament al Manila all day tomorrow and Saturday. T. fi. Ivy, Onior Siiurlock and Aublc Smith, who are In charge of arrangements, have announced that itx Sliver jMto cups will be awarded to the lirst, second and third highest ranking teams in both the boys and girls division. Double elimination play will lie carried out. Hunters Get Full Bag; Deer, Moose, Bear, Fish GUE1_!>M i ui') —Two Guelph dcUors believed in variety when (hey went on a limiting expedition into the Algoma district north of fault file. Marie. The nimrods. Dr. L. H. U'ggc'.t and D/. chailra I J inc!i, Iraegcui a deer, n moose, n tear nnti j ihir- ly-cl»ht pound nsrf —After Trouble William Ross, ycung physician, stalls for Cambridge Irorn London to keep :i boxing . appointment. professional baseball, led the assault wilh 19 poll)Is . . . Glenn is a catcher and Ills coach says a good one,' too . . . snooks was over during the fall and saw Ihe Chicks in action ... He praised Ihe Tribe but added thnt Glenn was better than any back, we had . . . He didn't exclude either LeRoy Brown or Russell Mosley ... He must be pretty fair At that . . . * * » FLYING—Speaklng of Hying, U. P. (Dolly) Brogdon, ex-Maroon star athlete employed in a local bank, is slated to take his test for a private flying license a week from today . . . James Bomar, who holds a transport license, Is giving him the finishing touches. . . "Dolly" has been flying for some time . . . lie failed on his first try for the exam . . . He said thnt he didn't have enough experience then, but expected lo qualify this time . . . * » « WRITES—"Bab" Roberts lakes time off between football drills and classes to pen n note from the Alabama campus ... He said Hie one legged guy in the kicking con 'ie$L wasn't any busier than,,lift 1 1i st. . . But lie said he was Viking It .tetter all the time . . . Herscliel Mosley wrote his dad. "Pop," that all the local kids were doing fine •. . . Brown was especially putting on a show, despite a bud arm . . "Toar" Wise was slighting notliln" fr-not even the table. -» * « SOUTH—Dick Tip ton and Eddie Saliba, thrown for a. loss by "Joe Books" at. the University, did not take Horace Grcely's advice . . . Instead they went South . . . They have enrolled at Northeast Cenlcr, Monroe, Ln. . '. ,H Is a part of the Louisiana Slate University. , PRETORIA (UP)—To cope with the increase:! demand for silver coins. Ihe Pretoria branch of the Retired, Railroad Man Put Life on Budget LISBON, N. n. (UP)—J. A. Risk. •etircd NorlliL'm Pariflc depot, master here, today looked back on a record that Included achievements-other than 50 years ofrall- •oading. Jiisk V.'DS left fatherless at an early age. He was the main sup- to execute bond, with 'approved security and a lien ivll! be relnln- ed upon the property until the purchase price Is paid. WITNESS my hand as such Commissioner this February 3, 1B38. A. F. SMITH, Commissioner. Shone & Fendler ' 3-10-17 Sollfltors for Plaintiff. Dr. Ross kayoed his foe in the second round and anklcd back to London—a total distance of 120 miles. family of 12 children of his own after that and all have received college educations. To finance college educations for their children Risk and his wife encouraged them to save their earnings, which were placed in a fund. As the children became old enough to attend college, this fund W 1 " 008 Mon « olll>n Government. The '."ft? »<™' nattoral Ita* will be deep blue. NOTICE OF COMMISSIONER'S SALE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, as Commissioner of :he Chancery Court for the chick- asawba nistrlrt of Mississippi County, Arkansas, acting under .uithorlly of a decree rendered Dec- .'inber 4, 1937, In a cause wherein American Dulled Life Insurance Company, Inc., was plaintiff, and V. R. Fox, et al., were defendants, will, at the door of the court! i;i Blythevllle, on the 2«li : (lay of February, 1938, oiVer for sale to the highest and best bidder upon a credit of three months, the following described property located in the Chlckasawba District uf Mississippi County, Arkansas, lo-wlt: North Half (N!i) of the Northwest Quarter (NW'/i) rind the Southwest Quarter (SW'/i) of the Northeast Quarter (NE'/i), all In Section Eight 18), Township Fourteen (H) North, Range Nine (9) East. The purchaser will be required to execute bond with approved security and a lien will be retain:d upon the property until tlie purchase price Is paid. WITNESS my .hand as such Commissioner this February 3 1938. A. F. SMITH, Commissioner. with red, yellow and white vertical m ihe upper left corner. IN WARNING ORDER THE CHANCERY COURT. . CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. was drawn upon and lalcr thel J -E. Vines, Plaintiff, older' children were able to repay vs. No. 0612 Ihe sums for the benefit of young- Sylvia Vines, Defendant. er brolhm and sisters. ' The . defendant, Sylvia- Vines, warned to appeal- within thirty days in the court named In the, . . Inner Mongolia (UP) caption hereof and answer the! — i he world is to have still another complaint of the plaintiff, J. E. nag—the emblem of the Autono- IN WAUNING ORDER THE CHANCERY COURT. ARK- CHICKASAWBA MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ANSAS. Nell K. Earnest, Plaintiff, vs. No. GG13 Henry J. Earnest, Defendant. The defendant, Henry J. Earnest, warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Nell K Earnest. Vines. Dated this 20th day of January, 1938. H. M. Craig. Clerk Dy Elizabeth Blytlie. D. C. Claude F. Cooper, Atty for Pltf. Gene E. Bradley, Atty ad Lltein. 27-3-10-17 Dated this 2Cth day of 1038. January, --, f —3--- . • . ...~ .—..... 9 inu i iciurnt uiuncii 01 me •ased n beating absorbed from the Royal Mint is work-in" at full ca- Oolden Hurricane earlier in the uacity. The increase in the circulo lion of silver is ascribed to increased • - — ' " S "' ••••" muji wi aiLtci lit ilijIJL lUCll H> illClCJ* icldentally expects _ to go In for j prosperity among the workers. IE H H. M. Craig, Clerk By Elizabeth Blytlie, D. C. Claude F. Cooper, Atty for Pltf. Gene E. Bradley, Atty nd Li tern. 27-3-10-17 WARNING ORDER Belvie Morris and Emma B. Morris, his wife, are warned to appear in the Chancery Court for Ihe Chickasawba District of Mississippi county, Arkansas, within thirty days from this date, and answer a complaint filed againr.t Ihcm in .said court by Union Savings Building and Loan -Association. Dated this February 9, 1938 HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. Reid and Evrard, Attorneys for Plaintiff. 10-17-24-3 / YOUR WELCOME OF STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY confirms our belief... that ^ this famous brand gives you MORE FOR YOUR MONEY than any bourbon on the market! MKESSON-LINCOLN 112 NO. MAIN ST.; LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS A MMKI Of ClWmil WTIllHJ, ISC, K. T. C OirilA, U «,^1, ^ K Shane & Fendler Solicitors for Plaintiff. 3-10-17 NOTICE OF COMMISSIONER'S SALE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, as Commissioner of the Chancery Court for the Chick- asawbn Distrirl of JVfississippI Comity, Arkansas, acting under authority of a decree rendered December 4. 1931, In a cause wherein American United Life Insurance Company. Inc.. was plaintiff, and J. M. Mullican, et al., were defendants, will, at the door of the court house in Blythevllle, on the 24th day of February, 1938, otter for sale to the highest and best bidder upon a credit of three months, the following described property located iu the Clilcka- sawba District of Mississippi Coiui- tj\ Arkansas, to-wit: Southwest Quarter (SVVV.) of the Southwest Quarter (SWV1), in Section Seventeen ill), Township Fourteen (14) North, Range Nine (9) East. The purchaser will be required OLD or NEW Your ear will perform better if you let us put it in top shape. And too ... you -adil to your security and comfort ivlien you drive a cnr that is O.K. throughout. CUT Operating Expense REMEMBER ... "A car tliat runs right costs less to run." We Test Your Car Free oftnarge Genuine Ford Parts Drive In Now! PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. =lh & Walnul Phone 810 1'HONE 898 410 W. MAIN ST.

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