The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1944 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, April 17, 1944
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SAVE- ME! I am yaluable fo'tfre War BLYTHEVILLE COURIER THE DOMINANT NRXVRPA1JPI3 ri» Mr^ni'llWAtVP unlrmntr. i ..rt „' VOL. XLI—NO. 2-1 Blylheville Dully News BIyllievllIc Courier ^m DOMINANT NEW~SPA1-EU OP NOnTllEAeT AUKAN8AB AND SOUTJUMST MISSOOIU The Boy Scouts will collect Xour'Scrdj* 'Paper Saturday,' Apr// 22nd. lilylhcvlllo Heriild Mississippi Valley Lender TODAY'S WAIl ANALYSIS Rainy Season Soon To Halt Burma Battle By JAMES HARPER UniUd 1'ress Staff Wilier 'i'hc war in southwist Asia has turned into a three-way race between Japan, the Allies JUKI (lie monsoon. And it looks, as though Die monsoon will win. The rahis which .sweep that whole area for four months iniiy blot out Ihe strange hlde-and-scck campaign before either side gets the ' upper hand. Soon, Southeast Asia will be roofed b v great black clouds. Hain will begin drumming over lower Burma by nild-Afay. And u fortnight later il will reach the north. From Ihcn until October, sonic 200 Indies will pour over Ihc south and ul least 100 inches over Ihc north. By contrast, the annunl mean rainfall of New York stale is 47 indies. When the monsoon began last year, Japanese and Brilish armies relired lo high ground to wait it out. Now both sides are throwing; their campaigns into high gear to beat the downpour to the draw. But, barring the unforeseen, neither side will be able to attain Us strategic objectives before the weather man • calls a halt. Success Eludes Japs Bui. of the two, tlie Japs stand lo suffer the greatest loss from the K monsoon. "Long ago, both sides set t out lo cut Ihe other's supply lines. The Japs lo sever the Ctilcutla-lo- Lcdo railroad supplying General Stilwell's mixed force in Northern Burma. The Allies lo slash the routes over which equipment rolls to the forces opposing Stilwell. But Ihc Allies have succeeded where the Japs, so far, have failed. Air-borne British Imperials have Parachuted deep into mid-Burma lo cut the railroad from Mnndalay to Myitkyina. Tims, the Japanese forces opposing Stilwell in the north have only the supplies they accumulated at railheads and advance dumps. The force Invading- India also is faced with a tough supply problem. Right nav the enemy is supporting his forces In this area by launch up the Chindwin river to Homalin, where the stream becomes* unnavigable. Thence, supplies move over jungle trail by pack , animal. But the monsoon will make ;-this route wholly impassible. British Got .Tap Supplies • So far. the enemy hasn't learned how to. supply his . troops .by air. ally attempted to hit their lines i with parachuted equipment. But most of it fell into the hands of the British, and the Japs haven't tried it again. Japan staked half its Burma garrison, three divisions of 30-10-45,000 men, on the India drive. And j i its only hope of licking the supply f problem is to seize the nil-weather bases of Imphal and Kohiaia before Ihe monsoon sels in. But so far, they haven't even been able lo crawl aboard Ihe 2o-by-30 mile north-south plain on which Im- phal sils. Thus. Ihe of the 'whole malter is this. The Japanese force invading India must seize Imphal or Kohima if it is to survive the inoonsoon. The Japanese force op^ posing General stilwell In the north, already in a bad way for supplies, will be even worse off when the rains arrive. But, unless the Jnps manage to strike past Imphnl to cut the Assam railway, all Allied forces may easily be supplied throughout , the monsoon. Meanwhile, as the fighting season draws toward its end, the Allies arc getting set for the next round. The Southeast Asia commander. Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatlcn, has transferred his headquarters to CeyJon. There, at that great British naval base, he iiWili be in close contact \vith Eng- 9 land's Indian Ocean fleet. This force is believed to consist of as many as eight battle ships, with carriers, cruisers, destroyers and submarines. "Mountbaltcn Is essentially an amphibious expert. And it may be that he is preparing for a sen-borne thrust at Japan's extended flank along tlic Burma-Malay coast. But, meanwhile, the monsoon. Copt. Thomas K. Mahan Studies At Mayo Clinic Capt. Thomas K. Mahan, former prominent Blytheville physician who has been a member of the Medical Ccrps of Ihe Army for the past two years, has been sent lo Mayo's Clinic. Rochester, Minn., where he is taking a three months' special course in X-ray work. Captain Mahan wns accompanied (o Rochester by Mrs. Mahan and their two young sons, Thomas Kent Jr., and James Cameron, who have been making their home in El Paso, Texas, while he was stationed nt Beaumont General Hospital. He is the son of Mrs. T. J. Ma ban of Blythevllle. Df'cfc White Receives Wings and Commission '* Dick White received his commission and the silver wings of an Army Air Corps pilot In graduation exercises Saturday at Douglas Army Air Held, Douglas, Ariz. Lieutenant White, 20, Is the son of Mr. ami Mrs. Floyd Wlitte. He entered the Air corps in February, 1943, while a student at the University of Arkansas, Fnyetteville. He Ls expected to arrive tomorrow to spend two weeks Iqave with his parent.1 before reporting |o his station for duty. ^ARKANSAS, MONDAY- APltll, 17, 19-14 S1NGI E COPIES FIVE CENTS' Attempt to Assassinate Mexican President Fails Lieut. Antonip ,1cm Lnnin Ro Jns, described as a religious filnnt ic R nd a sympathise, of N,uMn allemptul lo asasslnate l-rcsslden, Av.h, Camancho of Mexico. The attempt failed and Lieutenant Kojas wns Jailed and later shot ,s he I,led to e 1 lesldent c.imand,I, ,* u wn at left being interviewed In.his office .shortly „„„ ,,,c B ho oU » B . Nole tear ( m his ,„,( uhuc Uu bullet, onlt-rc.l l'h , ,, 1 was taken m 1941 when Hojas'crcaled a scandal by taking a B roup of cadets from the Military colleec. »U), the F afi t ,, y him a B c to the vir e ,n of Ouada upe, al he,^silica. ,,,, w « against all military ,,,es and precedent., ^ ,,,ol, was taken la l,,, 1 L , and Lieutenant Hojns Is pictured third from right in the li B ht colored uniform. UKA Photos.) Two Training Planes Two instructors nnd two student fliers were killed early tliis morning when their twin-engine training ships collided in mid-air shortly-after taking off from the JilyUieville Army Air Field. The collision occurred about C:55 o'clock a mile north of the field. The dead are: Second Lieut.» , Robert. L. Overhoiscr, 22, of Chicago, .Secondi Lieut. Lauren L. Kichtmyer,. 24, .oif;.* Walking ,.Gle;i, N.. Y., Second • Lle'ut. John K Moore, 2G, -ft. sftident officer, of Galveston; Tex, and Aviation Cadet Robert A. Dmgcr, '20.' of Cincinnati. ' 1 Both instruclors. who \Vcre graduates from the Blytheville field, and the student officer were married.' Their families had been making their home here while the fliers were stationed at the local field. Lieutenant and Mrs. Ovcr- holser lived at 809 Hearn street. He received his wings as a member of Class 44-B. Lieutenant and Mrs. Richfmycr made their home on Highway fil. He was graduated with Class 43-E. Uciiteiiant and Mrs. Moore and their two-year- old son lived at 420 West Walnut. The ships, Both, on routine training IlignUs, had gained 'an elevation of approximately COO feel when one ship apparently drifted into the other. Tlic planes instantly crashed lo the y round but did not burn. A number of officers who were flying in tlic same area witnessed the tragedy. ; ' A board of officers appointed to investigate dent. Holt, Funeral home is of arrangements which complete this" morning. lias been the acci- in charge were in- Wayne Lonergan Sentenced Today Former Aircraftsman Is Taken To Prison For Murder of Wife NEW YORK, April !7 (U.P.) — Former RCAP Aircraftsman Wayne Lonergan was wiucnced to 35 years to life imprisonment today for the murder of Ins wife, Patricia. General Seraion Judge James Wallace took ' barely a minute to pass judgment. Inuneriialely thereafter, James'Brcderick. Lonergan's attorney, made -a motion to set aside the verdict, but was dented by Wallace. Erode rick says he intends t« appeal the verdict. The sentence precludes any pos- ibillty that Lonergan will receive any part ol the-'f million dollar estate his wife would have inherited from her srandfalher had she. lived. Lonergan's 2-year-old son. Wayne remains the "sole heir to the fortune. Loneryan will be taken lo Sing Sing prison today, to start his .sentence. Spoofz Attends Wedding Of Earle,Ark., Soldier LONDON, April IT (U.P.)—LJDU- cnant General Carl A. Spaalu Major General Kalpn Anderson and several members of Spaatz's staff attended the wedding today of Jaycees Here Given Awards At Convention The Blythcvillc Junior Chaipber. ">.^'IUL-U me wcaumg loaay 01 of Commerce was presented awards 'Master Sergeant Thomas Isabel of for outstanding work in civic wel-: Earl e, Ark., to WAAP Sergeant fare funds and for achievement inj j °yce- Millicenl Kcllcy. sports and recreation at the state Isabel, who has iiecn SpjiaU's Jaycee convention in Harrison Sat-, chauffeur since the latter arrived virday, when 17 awards were made, hi England, was ,1 technical ser- 'gcant until yesterday. He was made a master sergeant as a wedding ville. Riisscllvillc was chosen as the convention city for 1015. In other business transacted dur- Bob Wheeler of Harrison was elected president of the state group lo succeed L. S. Bcnish of Blytbc- P rc scnt. ing the three-day session, resolutions were adopted strongly condemning the present freight rate practices as discriminatory against Hopes Training Is Over And He Can Get In Action Pfc. Edward W. Webster is about _.., ,, B ,,,,,.™ cl "P with maneuvers and he is Arkansas; approving an amendment I IPacl y for sonic real aclion, he said lo Hie ronslitution providing for a wllile on a furlough here. And no ,v four-year term for the governor and liuetcnant governor, and rcsrclling the illness of Mr. Benish and First Vice President W. O. Hecves Jr.. of Fort Smith, who were unable to attend. State Income Tax Must Be filed Before May 15 Mississippi County taxpayers will be assisted In filing their 1043 state income tax returns by auditors from the income tax division of the State Revenue Department, Commissioner McLcod has announced. Auditors will be in the Blytheville revenue office in the City Hall April 29 and May 1, and will assist Osceola taxpayers at tlie revenue office In the Court House there on May 2. Lost year's income tax returns must Iw filed boforc May 15. ere. wonder Ibe Blytheville soldier'has had enough of field maneuvers. He has been undergoing this training since February 1 at the Hunter Liggett Military Reservation near King City, Cplif., and before that lie was on nlaneuvcrs in tlie rugged woodlands and swamps of Louisiana. H e says he is ready for tlie main show now. Private Webster will leave tomorrow to return to California after a furlough spent with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Webster. An infantryman, he has been In the Army since September, 1942. One of Ills brothers, Pvt. Walter Webster Jr., has not been In the Army as long, but has been overseas a year. He is serving with the Quartermaster Corps in Italy. All-time high In the production of motor vehicles was reached In 1929, when nearly 5 1-2 million were produced. Arkansas Briefs ' JONIiSllOltO, April )7 (IJP) — A lii':ul-on highway ciash .Sunday w:ar Jcmesliori] filially iiijuml 11 Lake City yuulli, Wuodnnv l-'lelcher. Four uther.s iiere Innl i/i Hie cnllisioii. E-'lelrlu'r dicil ut Injuries hist nlgbt. llUNTSVIU.i:, April 17 (Ul't —Third C'ungrcssiimal Distrirl llcpuljlleuus have ^t'ue uu rer- ord uiuicdmniLsly declaring for Governor Thomas Deivcy f«c president. One hillulred ilele- gatcs from (lie II eoiintics of thu dislrict passed on the. resolution at a ineuliiiK in Hutils- villc Siiturdny. IIOI'K. April 17 (til')—Ser- vices ii-ill lie held (nilay foiiilie second tif two ynung ehlldreu who were killed wlicn an artillery shell exploded, while they wtrc iilayltiK vith il. .;, '' . The,- latest . victim was JO-t- year-old Norman I'cdroii. The first was yniini; Carl Moiris. They had found the live shell at tlic Southwestern Proving OrpujHls ncan Hope and were trying tn tic it lo a toy airplane «lien It went off. On Tokyo Two Years Ago Japs Stil! Jittery On Anniversary Of, Doolittle's Visit It's April 111 in Tokyo now, n riiiy the Japanese have good reason lu remeiiiber, Because two years uuo, DOollttle's raiders curried Ihc ,irar to Junan iiscir. ; ... And since, -then Ti>jty<j:*nV<llo fre- qucntly has, ; yplccdftaiVflcl,y that Anicr^can •plaiiel^rwiri^i'elurh, ,>- 'fh'ei'i! . l.t'-ii'.'iieencrit'v'ecrtiis in Wa.shing(.onilli;(t thu (jaiiifiav not lie long"delnyc'ct;jTBefc,:vi'(ii'c,iTl6 spc- ; cial slntciiichlK.' rj3c»lli(itfiiyc anni- -.---.. ••-•• rrjlv^jjf r ,M'n(inK' lo the HOT SPRINGS, April 17 (Ul 1 ) —i'l'hc ISoai',1 of I-jliK'atiuii in lint Springs- has voted SHOD to raise I He salaries of its tcaclim 12 per ceiil. rropcrly (axes were inercascil lo raise tbe nceessaiy funds. .,- -„ *. r p-"<~-'"A~'-H*iy*-'.ViJkl}'r-~};* . the Pacific, activities drawing closer. and closer to Jiijmti llsclf. ' Only today dptnlts ciimc In of raids against Japanese Kurllc Islands in the North Pacific, Hip sixlh. in a week against that Islnnd-chaln, protecting the enemy's home Islands. They were carried out Friday, and one island hit. MaUuwa, Is less tlmn SOO miles frail the Jup- anese'' mainland islands. Tlint same clny there were com- Sedition Trial Is Started for 29 Defendants One of Accused Fails To Appear For Trial On Federal Charges WASHINGTON, April 17 (Ul>> - Amerlrn's wartime .•icdllioii (rial got underway tiiday with one of (lie 30 defendants, Edward James Smylhc, of New York, nitlliiu to .show up. Ills aUurncy told the court he had not heard from Smylbi), 'i'hc courlroum wits crowded with defendants and their attorneys. One defendant, Lois I,. De Lalayelte Wusliburn rose nnd shouted: "Ln- fnycttc, we arc here, to defend our freedom from lynmiiy." There vvns a ripple of nnrUsemcnt In the court room. Later, when Mrs. Wiishuum 1 leR Iho building for lunch, she gave' the FifecM .salute nnd thumbed hci nose at photographers, Tlic defendants face federal charges of undeimtnliu! the tnornle of Ihc armed forces, and trying to ralnbllsh n Nnzl form of i;oi'crii- mcnl In the United Stales. Adolf Hitter, Joseph Gne'ibcls, and Rudolph Hess are mimed 'in the In dlcluicnl as-co-consplraloni, l.oii|f Slumlhifi OH.SO 'llic Irlal climaxes .three years of prcimrnltan by the government. Among the defendant.'; arc Ell/.- abelb Hilling of ChlciiKo, who au pcnreil In court loday will) her re ccntly divorced husband, George Sylvester Vlercck of New York, nov, serving a prison sentence for falllnt, to register as a. foreign agent Joseph McWIIlinias of New Yorf. and Chicago, alleged organiser o llic Christian Moblll/er.s;; Willinii Dudley I'clley, of NnUlOiVlllo ind leader of the Silver Shirts; IIIK C.eilmrd KIIIICT of New York, for mcr national leader of Ihc Ger infill-American bund. Their Irlal Is 'expected to lust about 3,months.-- • ' , Also hi Washington today, Eoo relar v of Navy Knox and Mayor LnGtiardia , urged Congress" to ox• tcud Ihc'pi-e.iciit price- control In'w beyond UK expiration'.date, June :iO. Doth men testified before the Sennte Banking Committee. Mayor LaGuiirdlii .stressed Unit, continued food subsidies arc an essential purl of (lie price control program, while Secretary Knox said Ihe Price Control Act had saved tlic Navy about 17 billion tloH.ii re. TII nijcuss Subsidies A group of Congressmen nnd con- e reorganized To Include 6 Groups »y United 1'rcss Pruniicr Hwloj{lii> jtiul his entile cabinet liiive resigned to clciiv the way .for a move lihcuil goveinmcnt • King Victor Kimmimicl accepted the resignation ol lojjlio and nil \m minislci-s [lo then iiishacted Dndot'lio to lorin n now Kovunimciil. on it bioudci l),isis by appoinl- ^nunisloi's clioson i'rom nuMiibuis of rfix political p.ulicH . Tin; shnku-u|> is expected to IJUIIK ])lnlosoi)her Boncctelto Lrocc nml otliw oDponciils of llic King into the cobinct •Hit! now CHbinot also may include Count Cai'lo Sfoi/a. «ho'- us forciKii minislm- U-foie JUissolini came to powei, As foi the Italian camp-ilpi, (pound llBhting Bllll h slow. In the liveliest action, AJIIed Fifth Army patrols have knifed 'liito' German lines encircling the An/to teaohhe id to destroy a Nn/i nm-, iiiLiiilllon dump llowcici, Allied planes based In Italy have Mipiiorted Hussla's v,est- \wiid push by hlllliiK p r bn c targets Lee Hearing Is Postponed Until Apr. 25 Preliminary hearing in Muuicpal Court for Simon P. Lcc. .(H-year- old shoe repairman, charged with assault v,'ith intent to kill In connection the shooting of a Blytheville Army Air Field soldier at Twin Cables Cnfc Friday night, has been continued until Tuesday, April 25. The hearing had been .scheduled for this morning. Harvey Dismore, owner of llic cafe on Norlh Highway 61 where the shooting occurred, will face charges of assault and ballery ot the same session of court. Released on $200 bond following his urresT, Saturday for an alleged nllaci; on Lee when they became Involved in an argument prior lo the shooting, Dismore was the target for Hie bullet which aecidenlaly hit the soldier, according lo Deputy Sheriff Don- Haley. The bullet, fired through the door of Ihe cafe, struck Sergt. Orvillc C. • Knbanks in llic right shoulder. He WHS in the IJAAFhos- pital today where his condition "•vas described as good. (The chap above literally "car- : Jries Ihe torch" for Ibe KAK. ' He's traffic director at RAF sla- jtion in England, and is pictured 'using a pair of torches lo signal I landing directions lo bombers' !returning after night raid over ! , Europe. bined sweeps b v South Pacific fllciv ~ • — — - ................... — against Truk in tlic Central Pa- 5 ''" II *™ | W l111 meet Wednesday to dls- clftc and ......... "" -- seven of its protective bases. Lonu oi-ei-wnler bombing missions of about 2,000 mites arc getting (o lie routine assignments In the Pacific. Meanwhile, In Eastern India, Brills)] troops tire comnei'-nUncl-tu; • with Increasing power-nt both ciuls of a 100-mile front. A Southeast I Asia communique loday says pcrial forces alter a month long retreat from their frontier oulvosts have succeeded In routing the Japanese from a number of strong cuss plans . to campaign for con (inning the administration's food subsidy jilnn. The meeting wns called by Rcproschlnllve Thomas E. Scanlon, Pennsylvania Democrat. However. Republican Representative Fred A; Hartley, of New Jersey, charges Ihc OPA Is trying lo use Ihe gasoline black market, to cover up Its own bungling, [fn -""" I claims Uinl, the black markel Is partly duo. to the inefficiency of , . points -on the Kohima lo Dlnapur """P 10 , 1 , 0 '* is trl P to Chu road. This road Icadhiu'lo thn As- c " '.'"••". > m « '" " ltlko tllc road lending'to the As- snm lo, nengal rail line has been blocked by Ihc Japanese for the last week. To the south, British "offensive" patrols are reported clashing with oap troops closliiff In on Imphal from Ihc south. But northeast of Imphnl, other Japanese forces have been pushed back deep into the hills beyond the Imphnl plain. Bombay Has Huge Fire; Bodies Of 300 Found BOMBAY, Inrlin, April 17 (UP)— Nearly 3CO bodies have been removed from the sccut: of a large waterfront fire In Ilninbuy, India. The fire which started Friday oji a ship, spread lo RtmnunUlon stores on the dock, causing violent explosions. The fire, was brought under control alter 35 hours. Authorities .say the cause of the fire Is unknown. Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAi/ STOCKYARDS (WFA)-Liveslock: Hogs: 10,600; salable 16.000; top 13.70; 200110 pounds 13.70. HO-IGO Ibs., 1112.29; sows 12.50. Catllc: •i.SOO: salable 4,000; calves 1,200 all salable; slaughter steers 10.SO-1S.50; slaughter heifers S.75- 16; mixed yearlings ,t heifers 1214.50; stacker and feeder steers 0.7514; canncrs and cutters 7-8.75; cows 9.25-11.25. New York Cotton Mnr. May July Dec. open . 1063 , 2108 . 5071 , 1984 high IOG7 2111 2075 ' 1987 low 1058 2101 20«8 1980 close 1959 2105 2068 1932 1963 2105 2070 1983 •Chicago Wheat May open high low close , 173% 173% 113% 173% 173% the OPA. It Is learned in Washington today that Vice President Wnllace may his Irlp lo' Chungking, ~ i., cu^- crallc Nntlonnl Convention. Wnllncc is going to llic Chinese cnpltnl as n persona) emissary prom President Roosevelt. Fish Is Accused Representative Hamilton Fish, New York Republican was accused loday by the 17th District California American Legion, of misusing his franking privilege. The nc- cmallan says Pish gave franked envelopes to persons now charged with .s'edillon. A special Senate Investlgnling committee' says Die Associated Farmers of California nrc guilty of oppressive anll-lnbor practices from 1935 lo 1040. The committee accuses Ihe West Coast, organization of having engaged with local law enforcement officials in a vast mill-labor conspiracy. Prominent automobile, executives met with war production officials today to discuss reconversion. WPB chairman Donald M. Nelson lold tlie group that passenger car production cannot be resumed at lenst until the end of the war In Euroiw. Sov/efs Expect Early Capture Of Sevastopol LONDON, April IV, ;UF>>-'l'liu spullltiht today was on southeastern Kii|-«|)e where the Russian Spring diffusive continues rolciil- leasly aided now by the Allied air attacks on - the enemy's llnlknii coininuiilentlons. Russian slim* troops are Imllcrlnu their way Into bcvaslopol, the Crimea's big Ulack Hca naval base. The city Is expected lu full ivHhln a matter of hours. Soviet dlvu bombers and nrtinery aro raining dcalh oil troop'liidcn Imnsporls trying lo evacuate Ihe stronghold. J'ronl dispatches (((.'.strike Sovn.ito- pol's Norlh Uuy mid naval anchorage us a "grnvc-yard of sunken transporlK nml power barges." Many went lo the bottom with their cargoes of Cjormnn nnd ttomnnliiit soldiers trying lo lice across the Ulnck Sea. , Hllsslan fortes, movlnj; on Sevastopol from the north and northeast, iilreitdy have halzcd the city's njiiln airfields. .Many Axis' planes lliyrCj been destroyed on Ihe ground. tiale key personnel, were shot out of the air. And Axis radios report nil iilr attack on the R«manlaii Black Sea purl of Constanta yesterday, presumably by Russian planes. Northwest of the Crimea, the Second Ukrainian Arniy hns forced the Dneslr river into Hessarabiu. This force now Is 112 miles from the Gri- latt gateway leading .to Romania's capital, Bucharest, and the Ploesti oil llelds, The London Eve ill tig News says tlio Allies are understood to have drawn up a set of peace terms for Romania. The paper says they will be presented to the Romanian government when it asks for them. However, the report Is not supported by any official comment. Hen as -S'lic (tides MIAMI, Fla. (U.P.) — Vaughn Smith of Miami recently discovered a bnnthin hen residing com- forlably In Ihc compartment of his automobile sqiiatllns on 11 eggs. The hen kept her setting career intncl during an cillrnntctl 400 miles of travel In which the wonders of genetics finally produced I.I biddies. in Iho Ualkans for the thliv. „ B ,, v day Amcilcan heavy bombers to- da\ pounded rallyaid-iln Sofia cap- l(nl of Unit-aria, and Uclgiadc, capi- l il ot Yugoslavia The> also smashed at two aircraft factories, ne.ii Ihe llghtei-escorted Plying roi- lrev.cs and Lllxsrnlois shot down several enemy/planes. But the cx- iict nutnbei hus not yet been revealed An 111110111100)11111 Irqm Allied heailquaitcis In Ilaly sajs 'strong forces" to'ok part In the attack, Indk.iUnt; that several him- c ' rc( ' New York Stocks A T & '(' 153 Amcr 'I1>acco fil 1-2 Anaconda Copper 261-8 I)eth Steel 58 1-4 Chrysler 33 1.3 Coca Cola 114 Gen Electric 30 Gen Motors 57 3-4 Montgomery Ward 441-4 N Y Central 18 3-1 Iiit Harvester 701-4 North Am" Aviation 8 1-2 He-public Sled 1 165-8 Radio 9 1-3 Socony Vacuum ' 121-4 Ktudcbakcr 143-4 Standard of N J 52 5-8 Texas Corp 471-4 Packard 4 U S Slccl 51 7-8 Chicago Rye May July . IGO!/, 1DDS 1C8-K iqsy, idOfi July open high low close 129V, 13014 129 129M 129M . 127?s ISfl ( 127 12754.'12T-S Tojo Pays His Tax When Marine Staff Sgt, Gcrnld. A. Waindle, above, somewhere 1 in the South Pacific, received a 1 $19.85 personal properly lax' notice from the Cook County, 111, assessor's office, he sent' back a 50-son note taken from body of Jap soldier he had jusl killed. Assessor s.iid Jap money, would he .accepted in full payment. Sergeant Waindle sug-i gestcd that "each tax notice be enclosed with a pin-up girl wrapped around a botlle ol bourbon to prevent Crushing." All Porte lumbers had bund lu Ihc Uvo-wny assault 'Iho daylight attacks came after' ; British night rald.on a tnlrd Bol- km i-.pltrl, Iludapesl. Hungary And Mj.slciday Amejlcan phnes hit three Balkan liirgcls, Including Belgrade The yalknn all blows came as a luce-day lull enforced by bad weallicr.contlmied over Ihe western all wai Hanover, London experts isliumte thul Ameilcau ah ntlacks since Noveinbei tl have cost Gcr- manyji dcfeiHlVe flshUsr force ovoi BOOO 'plailtfi, 50UO by burnblnf production cenlci's, and 3000 shot down In combat. MacArthur Says s To Win War ALLIED HEADQUARTERS, Soiilhnest PaUfic, Apiil 17 (UP( — Gen. Douglas MncArlhur says ills solr ambllion h to aid In winning the war. In a foimal statement today the gencial says his recent coircspon deuce with Representative Miller jif Nebniska was not Intended for pnb- llcallon. 'Die letters, MacArtluir says, were nol politically Inspired. He adds that lie entirely repudiates what he calk "the sinister . suggestion Hint they were :intended as criticism of any political philosophy, "oV of any personage in high office."" The general says he does not 'seek" the Republican • nomination. But this statement Is Interpreted by observers as meaning lie .would accept'it If drafted. Here are MacArthur's own words: "My sole ambition is to assist oiir beloved country to win this vital struggle by the fulfillment of-such duty as has been or may be assigned to me." - •'•. Meat Ration Points Unchanged Until June , WASHINGTON, April 17 (U.P.) —Housewives can count,on present) meal ration point values, at least- until June.. ' • A high OPA official says values won't bfl increased until his'agen- cy Is sure there Is not enough beef to meet 'the demand. And Ibis, he figures, will be in Jiiiie at the earliest. • ' One official believes supplies-of processed foods will continue high permitting the OPA to keep some varieties off the ration list Butter is expected to remain at 16 ixmitfi a pound. • More thaivTS per cent of the people of the United States live along surfaced roads, it Is estimated. N. 0. Cotton open high low close Mar. . 1966 1960 1061 1961 1364 May . 2125 2128 2123 2123 213 July . 2087 2089 2084 2085 2086 Oct. . 2006 2010 2003 2003 20XJ5 Dec. . 1887 1991 1984 1986 1387 ARKANSAS — Cloudy nnd warmer, with showers and local thunderstorm s . this afternoon, and tonight; Tuesday cloudy, scattered light irain; fresh to THREATENING strong winds. ,

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