The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 9, 1934
Page 7
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•'1UDAY, NOVEMBER-9, 103<i BLYTHEV1LLK, (ARK.) 1 CO.UB1ER 'S13VKN f CLASSIFIED SECTION - a Directory of the City's Wants CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate i*cr line lor couscou- five Insertions: (Five average words lo a lino) time per line lOo |i'wo times per line per duy .. 03c D times per line per clay .. Mo |31x '.times per line per day .', 05a Jonth rate per lino 60o Minimum crmrge 50o Ads orperiiO lor three or six limes aiul stopped Ijciore expira- lion will bo charged for the Bym- ber of times the ad appeared^iijd |adustment of Din maae. '''?.'.*> '' • • '(>:'All Classified advertising copy submitted by persons residing out- ,ide 61 rtie city niust tie''accom- panied by cash. Rates may be aslly computed from above table. No responsibility will to taken /or more than one incorrect insertion of any classified aa.v;, -,j Advertising ordered for, irregular insertions lake the one time rate. Business Directory Cotton KITH PIUCB GKOCBKY »uv <;KOCEUII:S KIGHT A COMPLETE LINE OP FANCY & STAPLE GROCERIES, FRESH MEATS, VEGKTAHLES, PKO- PUCE, FLOUR, MEAL, ETC- , III OU P. O. Bldg. Phone 234-—We Deliver WE CAN SAVE YOUMONEY CIRCULATING HEATERS I AM PAYING BEST PUlClib von PLOW UP OPTIONS J. E. 1IASSON Grand Leader lildg.—I'liono ' Why Buy Coal From Us? We will nivc 11 cash dlscounl of 25 cents ml Iho time tlie older Is laccdi fur each ol jour first two tons ol COAL purchased from us if you will tell us Hie reason you boiujht It from lliis (Inn. —Sonu! Reasons Why You Blioulil Trade Wllli U»— 1—31) years In business. 3—Prompt service. 2—Qimlity of coal luimllcd, 4—Courteous trcalmcnt. S—You net all you liay for, "QUALITY GROUP' 1 Is Dlslrllniled Uy GAY & BILLINGS Plioiic 70 Real Estate WASHING MACHINES Gas and Electric PHILLIPS' USED GARS TUB BEST USED CARS IN TOWN 30 FOHU FOKDOR SEDAN 5195 |;32 CIIKVKOLCT COUPE. Ituniblu Seal ' \"i'i C11KVK01.ET COACH .....! 1'OItl) TUDOR SUDAN .. SIM |'3S CIIEVUOKET OOUI'E. Kumblc Sr;il 51S5 |'33 roill) 1)E l.UXK COUl'E. Kumblc Seal 5^73 TKUCKS. and TKAILEKS | '31 CHKVHOLET TRUCK. 157 Inch Whccllnsc, I)u,-il Wheels 52M •SO CHEVROLET TRUCK. 157 I ii c Ii Wlieclliase, Dual |'2!l CIIKVHOLtT TRUCK. Closed Cub S W mNOIIAM TKAlLliR. I) mil / Wheels. A Bargiiin .... ?225 [NABOKS TRAILER S M \VK PAY CASH FOR :s GOOD USED CARS PHILLIPS' USED CARLO! Curlier Walnut & 1st Streets Plionu 8li i Ol'liN NIGHTS. UNTIL D P. M: AMMUNITION Quail, 'duck & s(|»itrcl loads HARNESS our stock is complete IMPLEMENTS ami repairs for AVERY, MOLINE VULCAN & BLtiUNT Pay us ii visit and be convinced Let Your Ren I Pay Kov The Look at Tliis! 40 Acre Farm best l»iy in the territory located. Black -silt lonm A Home Vc have 8 homes to lie wild lor'where — r — CASH OE TERMS 'soil, has record ot produclne ^' llc dtnn 4a rvin !fc linl( coiton i»r iic '' c - 0llc ]nr ^ c $3UU 10 4>J,IAJU j u ,.„„,„ dwelling & barn, one Ali nvc jiviucil nl less Ihtm \in\f' small lenniil hona-, small oroli- of their iireaenl reiilaccmcnt cosUs. a j-d, well drained, on gotxl road, This otfcv will last but. a short it mj[e cast of Highway 01. & (Jri'jsius wllli Marfak (irf * (Junker Stale Oil. Join. Ik-urn J humid Binkluy BARNETT AUTO SAL1SS CO. Phone 888 WINTER 18 HEIU3I Fill your bins now with Iho ruinous Mirne Red Ash Coal—liljh In heat, low lit ashi or Ma)<'sil« <|uuhty 1,'lrelc Illinois (,'oal, ln'sl ijuallly from \Vr.stirn Kriitucky. PBBO—SKEU DRY WOOD—KINHUNG We solicit your pulronngu on Hit- basis of high qimilty iiroducls, low cash prices, prompt service iimi honest dealing. You ijct wliul you IMS' lor here. Farmers Cash Feed & Seed Co. J. W. Parker, prop. Plione 137 Largo house wllti ACRIWOI3. Clark & Hallroitd, Mm. Lillian Nash. Spkl'J BKDHOOM; adJolnliiB bulli. Men preferred. 212 w. Kentucky. Tele- phono 380. 8-ck-U 1'WO nicely fUUNIBIIKn BED- ItOOMS, modcralely priced. Mrs. . A. Fisher, 101 K. Davis, !H-i>k-20 room IIOUSII. Cull l'J-1. UWJ W. Asli. 8-ck-ir 3 room FUnNlBlllSO Al'ART- MKNT, uariiee, Jlllfl W, Mnlli: Call 3M-W. '.f-L'k-lf My Coal Is l-AM uul i Ircut you while. Fill up now. JOHN BUCHANAN - THONH 101 SIMON AI'AHTMENT. fii or unfnnil-ilied. Phono 1(il. ;iOcklt lime. ACT NOW! PHONE 12. LAND KOK SAM-; Worth the price in CraiuliKul and mile Mississippi county. 40 acres, 2 miles west, south Lake Cily. j 100 acres, 2 miles west ol Bono. I 03 acres, 2'.i miles SE ot Brook-1 land. I 80 acres, 2 miles north of Whil- near McDonald atore near Bnrrtcltu, lioad will he uravel soon. J ricc $2750.00 Cash hut have yarly who will make oau on land. W. M. Burns, Agency Phones 243 & 21'J PAULBYRUM 120 East. Main SEE OUR DISPLAY OP Arkansas Pottery Lowest prices—Lovely gifts Parkhurst's HAVE YOUR nATTKRY flK- CHAIiGED BBt'OnK COLD WKATHEIl j. Ben Clune BATTERY SERVICE At Tom W. Jackson's SluUon Ash & 2nd Phone 8—Residence 277-W BUST COAL FOR MONEY "Acme Alabiuvw" "Bliick Royal Kentucky" N. W- Trantham Coal Co. ton, Co. "TRUE VALUE" RADIOS Battery & Electric Sets Best value for the Price Obersl Store Co. Factory Authorized FRIGIDA1RK SPiRVICE Factory Trained Mechanics u a} . (j7_phone—Nighl W7 Main St. E. B. GEE SALES CO. 100 acres, ll-j miles NW ol Wur-i dell. Miss. Co. | 58 acres, 2 miles weal, 'l\'- miles i south of Horncisvillc. J 40 acres, 5It miles west, 2'.-j miles south of Osccola. TI2 acres, ! miles Nt: of Luxora, Miss. CD. 40 acres, 6 miles west, 3 miles lorlh of Joiner. <H acres. \\~ miles NW of 'rcnchman's Bayou. 180 acres, 1 mile wcsl t>f Wavdcll. 40 acres, 8 miles, NE ol Tyronna. 40 acres, 8 miles SW of Osceola. W. E. HARRISON, , Ark. FARMERS! Have your TAX FREE COTTON made into excellent mattresses. SPECIAL PRICES UI'HOLSTEREKS J. \V. Jenkins & Son 116 S. Railroad Farms ior Sale! Terms Reasonable ETHEL B. THOMPSON, Cnrulhersvlllc, Mo. Auto motive "WlNTK!l~AUTO Kl'KCIALS" Prcslonc, Alcohol, Heaters, Defrosters, Willard llallerii'S. LET US PREPARE YOU FOR WINTER Huhbard Hdw. Co. AUTOMOTIVE Dlil'T. Phone 'I7ii Phone Coal & Wood Hardm-Barron Coal Co. Yards at GlcrnlicrB Gin Phone lit! ' IHIGIl GRADE KENTUCKY COAL, all sizes; ALABAMA RED ASH & QUICK FIRE ALABAMA. WOOD, KINDLING, CORN, HAY IT sou lire down tn (lie month, Ililuk of Jonnh; lie came out alright." ONH, THREE, or 1'IVK room NICEI/Y FURNISHED MENTS. Corner Holly APART- Division. O-ii-U-10 Three room furnished iipiirtmont. ' 2IM West Kentucky. Mrs. Slsk. Filling Slutioiis •'. Southern Service Station Slcclc, Mo. '-' phdiips tjti I'roducUi'. . ANTI-KNOCK qASpliINE .TAX PAID . 1M Hour Service \j- CCU Hear Oil) Jailed OGDKN, Utnli. tUP)—Brownie recently ran away Iroiu hl.s CCC homo, wandered '20 miles lo town, •.vat arrested .spent the night I'! , Jail and Is home again aflcr having a "hie- lime for hlniself.'.' Urownlc Is n- cub"bear, mascot,.. lii'ldc mid joy of a CCC camp near Brlgham, Cllyr-Utah. • '-..*.. Parks Bros. Coal Co. PHONE 077 FOR "Hl-l,o Alabama" "Black Koyal Kentucky" A CLKAN COAL - LOW PRICED l-'UHNIbllliD At'AllTMENT. 108 \V. Kcnlucky. Phono tiU3. 27e klf Position Wauled FIX YOUR CAR FOR WINTER Cheapest Prices I'ahil jobs, Kcpairinjr, Simmiizinp Transmissions, Washing Will do STENOGRAPHIC work (it nlBht. Reasonablo rates. Call 306 or 792. Lost Al Sec Us About Your Blytlieville Gin Co. PHONE OC4 "Uatliiuit Alabama" "Premium Kentucky" CALL 214 GOLD RIMMED , GLASSES (child's) in black case. Reward lo Under, phono 181 or 8U-1, Lloyd Florninn, hy Mrs. Sam l-'loniuui. Foi: KcnL BEDROOM, steam heat, yara Men preferred. Oil W. Ash. Cull 560. Hck-8 -Today's "mawac: Co& af te skHt Cape free mail in all of over sqpo EAT THIS IS"TIIK 1'liAOE \viiuii i; vou CAN «i-rr ANYTHING YOU WANT. Fresh Ci'iii>liie, l'"n>m Keelfoot 1/akc Oyslcrs •'•',. flijfit'dnidi; 'T-15nne Steaks Fried Chicken Itoasls of All Kinds Cold 1'liife Lunches CHANGK Ol' BIKNl) I)AII,Y c;i:om:i; \VIIUHIT, OHEI' BAILEY'S Stale Line Service Station Chitwood & Weidman ELECTRICAL WIRING Sheet Metal Work Metal Flues Shoe I SPECIAL PRICES May We. "Oyc Voiir Sliocs? SEE OUR SAMPLES E. E. Ralcliff Across from Hubbard Hdw. Co. Between P. O. & Crevrolet, Bldg. Phone 260 Try our 3000 in He SOLES—proof of the pudding is the ciitlng. When you gel a good thing remember where you got it. PROGRESSIVE SHOE SHOP 103 South 2nd St. W. J. KNOX liivins made all kinds ol shoes for ABNORMAL feet, can repair L r.hocs to correct ABNORMAL tec 1 ,. Wan Led AUTO GLASS AKK.-MO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 PERMANENTS None Heller - - Special I'rlccs Barrett's Beauty Shop 001; N. 5lh - - Telephone 580 Cobb Undertaking Co., Inc SERVICE & QUALITY AMBULANCE rtiune 26 FOR RENT BEAUTIFUL OUR FLOOR ARKMO LUMBER CO. t«o reliable young men wilh cars, (free to travel from homo. Ltb- c'.'ai car Allowance. Call after 1:30 p.m. E, Doman, 1030 Walnut street. 7-pk-12 WANTED: Men roomers, and boarders; twin beds. Call 324-J. BUYING IN CAR LOAD LOTS MAKES CS1EAPER PRICES FOR THE CUSTOMERS. I. F. LIVINGSTON SEEDS, FEEDS, GROCERIES WHOLESALE & RETAIL \VANTED-Bids for 4 inch or 6 Inch well, about BOO feet. CHAPMAN & DEWEY LUMBER CO. Marked Tree, Ark. : ! lOc klO Taken Up -«: TRUCK BEDS PANEL BODIES TRAILERS OF ALL KINDS BUILT TO ORDER I have taken up one spotted sow.. Owner may have same by pay-1 h>B for ad and other expense. W.j S Mick. Franklin Street Road. Op k!3 l<or Sale BARGAINS In Used Heaters. _Hubbarcl Hdw. Co. _ MULES. HARNESS. WAGONS TOOLS for farniliiii 40 acres. S225. M. C. Canghiaii, Wilhlle larm in Flat Lake road. / 15n k!5 Restaurants BARKSDALE 200 N. Second MODERNIZE YOUR COUNTRY HOME WITH A DEMING WATER SYSTEM. $!0 UP. HUBBARD HDW. CO. ON HKR Hlflll HOUSE! BOOTS AND HER BUUB1RS . MY MNKE U fAV fWO", fOR VA^ \ ' I'M VEO 00 AS ^^&&®?%» &i WIET THE DUCHKSS! WASH T"i«BS fHE DUCHESS ftU MAKNELfiDE, LflDV IM ,, VN '" THE PROBLEM, PODMER, IS TO 6ET IN fOUCVl WJTH JADA / , SECRETLY. _/ VEK. WE MUSTNT LET AMVBODV KUOW WHO WE ARE HEE.TEE I'D KNO\: VOL) BRAVE \ ARE AMERICRM5 V/AITING TO HER HVSHMES*;. "TEE HEE.-llt. HAVE LOWERTKE BRIDGY-WIDCjY A^D/ I ' ... 1AK6 VoU TO PRlWCESS JADA-WADA -->"--'» NO SOONKH HAI1) THAN DONK! SALESMAN SAW YA DOM'T HAPPEMTA Hft^6 ) JEST ft MINUTE, SOW, SOME OL 1 TIN CAMS AROUMR/-T(LL I FINISH PER M 1 / GOAT, DO S'A? ^\ BUS I MESS O11TH MV CLERK I /YOU ASKED '$$&>/'II \^*t- FUECKLKS AN!) H/S FH1ENDS ALLING ciurs: SAW FILING of nil kinds With automatic Wing machivio BARKSDALE & PAGE 200 N. Second COPl'Blt WEATllKlt Sillll' Saves fuel at small cost Ai'kmo Lunibev Co. DID -(feu HEAR •A-HM I DIP IIJ THE GAME WITH I YE5...I HSA50 ALL ABOUT YOUS ptAYIKS...rRoM YOU." DODO^THE MAN WHO BRASS, USUALLY HAS TO.'.' tttsl Oyslera A Rlvrr Cat Fish Chlrkrn Dlnncis Every Day JimiTHo O'Brien .105 §, Secopd. ..... Help Wanted Slrlttly A-l cook. References required. £7 week. Mrs. McCall. 1031 YOU'RE THE KIWD OF A GUY WHO THINKS HAIL,HA1L,TOE GAKIG'S ALL HERE" is A SOLO'! f YOU -THINK iW CONCEITED ABOOT x . W- FOOTBALL ABILITY, OOKT YOU? WELL, L^^ BE1V/E£M I'M HOT! I DONT THINX: IM HALF J^ 3f AS GOOD A9 I REALLY AM! TROUBLE x v/rrH You is, YOU'RE MOT BROADMINDED ENOUGH TO SEE IT.' AMD SWELL-HE ADS D! ^Ss |?00'f!!AI.I/is replete wilb Koin: Dame •^ <:!ns.<ic'feats.Miiirliv'v'hwiirUblunch- down jaunt, iigaii's' .'.:ui) HiChi-nsOj 1030, whs one. ; , ' Tlir gaini- was nip r.ld tuck foi' Ihiw iHKivlws. \n tho tmirth jioi'ioil. jusl ln-fore Schwaflz cut oil' on liis run. N;>lr<! Dam" callrii in Jtihnny O'lirii'ii. pass catcliing ex- lH.'rl, ;il left em!. Tlie |)!iiy fc-'owing was a pa*. 1ml tiic Irishman was held illegally in (he lino. Caridco iijrain called a fumiaiiun siir.i- lar lu Iliu O'Biien |iass play. .Inlniny cut Ihrougli (lie Army secondary, liul iitleaJ of isissinsr lo O'Brien. i>cl\\var.lz followed linn llirougii Army's let; UickSoaiii'ilsslipd $J yayds foi 1 a counter. Caiiclt-o kickeil llic poinl that won tlie fame, 7-6. ;.. '

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