Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 25, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1896
Page 8
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THE GOLDEN RUtE. EXTAORDINARY =:= =:= MARK DOWN SALE. Greatest Values of the Season, We advise Early Selections.; 3000 LADIES' SHIRT WAISTS! flust Be Sold We have made Three Lots out of the Stock we offer. Lot 1. Elegant made Shirt Waists in many colors and styles. Best Bargains that we ever offered, Choice only 28c; Lot 2 This lot includes many different colors including Linen color "and varied designs such as stripes, plaids, and figured, choice only 48c; Lot 3. are very fine Shirt Waists in Lawn, Dimities, Modress, Dresden Designs such as are sold for $1.25, $1.50 and $1.75. These are all new goods, but are broken lots in sizes, choice of any 98c. Schmitt and Heinly. DIED IN HIS CHAIR. Oscar Anderson Passed Away While Sitting at a Table. Be Good to Your Feet. Dou't expect them to be comfortable in uncomfortable shoes. BRING YOUR FEET HERE And clothe tbem in a pair of our <usy-fitter?, tan or black. Wo have fixed the price so you CH& do that easily. We don't want to carry over any tans and will pu.h them out at these prices. Ladies' Tan Walking Shoos 7'Jc, 98e, $1 23 and $1.48 Gents Tan Laco Shoes $1.48, $1.08 and $2,48 Our line of entrant button coots can never be equaled. E. M. Walden & Co. 315 Fourth Street. WHEELS CAME OFF. ! And Fred Layman's Colt a Wild Race. Ran UMC1ER KT' CELECT Straws That 5how Which Way the Wind Blows Show that It must Lave blown a tremendous" gale towards Fisher's, for they have straws of all the new shapes and sizes, straws In straw color and any other color you wish piled on their shelves and waiting to be called "the last straw" in the newest 1 stylo bought at Fisher's by evory pleased resident of .Logansport. Light Derby's, light uobby straw hats and jaunty handsome bicycle caps are what wo have a big run on now. Fred Layman. Uic market ^(irdciu 1 ) 1 living a short distance norrh oil the city, had an 'exciting runaway yesterday evening at about 4:.'W o'clock ou Noi-i.li sl-reer. He had had his wagon ut l;iic Myers blacksmith shop having some repairs made. Tlie blacksmith put the front wheel* on aud bc.fore he had put t.'ie ;ixli? IMJ|:S dark In place, Mr. Lay- tiKin hitched his horse, a young animal, to i:he wagon and drove off. The wheels i-aini! off before lie had gone haJf a Mock ami tin.! colt ran away. The animal kicked viciously and landed, one hoot' un Mr. Laymaii'.s hreaesf, :but lie held t.o the lines and Tma-llj-'succeeded in stop- pin,;; tlie wild brute. Aiwi.her lroi-.se, hitched to a delivery wagtfa st'audlii'g ar. the corner o( Sixth and Xorfcli streets, was friig-htoiitxl at tlit clatter and ran away, but was stopped before any d,-rri);ige' was done. Aside from a few bi'itLsus to Mr. Layman's colt, no damage was done. Oscar A.iKlursou. of lli.u linn of Anderson <!t Kau.<i, booi- and slioe dealers at tlie Northeast corner of Third and .Market .streets, died while sitting at a table in a back roo.m of John Baker'.-, place last evening between the hour.-, oil C and S:iiO o'clock. Death was din. to heart disease, and Uiu man had been dead aa hour before the iruth was known. .The dead man was ndilictcd to l:!ie rise of iutos.leai'ing IU'IIHOI-, and was what is caJled a periodical drinker. He had beisn driinking- lii;avMy yesterday and shortly before G o'clock he was seen by his must intimate friend. William If. Alkincion, a.s he turned the corner of CanaJ street onto Third sl'iwl, and wa.lkcil north on Third street lr>\v:ml his place oil business. Mr. 'Atkinson noticed tliait lie had been ((riiikiiig: and, Ln order to ket-p him from fjoin^ t.o hjs store In t-lia.t condii.Ion. induced him to slop jin-o John Baker's place ajul into a back roo;n. where lie sealed him at a falile. Anderson's; head dropped onto the table and he appa.renlly fell asleep. Mr. Atki.iisou k'l'.t him there with in- sli'Mccions f'D po.i.'.<ons in f!;c room to hit him sleep until he was in shape to be removed to his lirmie. Mr. Atkinson was back and forth a number oil timus, \va.tchHig to sec if his friend had \vaU- eni'd, and at about S:;.!0 o'clock he wen In to waken him and take him home A.s .soon a.s he touched Mr. Anderson hi. H-.-IS S4?!zed will] a fca.r I3);i,t Jjj'c had lied- and Di-s. irerrmann and liollowaj wen? siinimoned and confinned his belief. The body was removed to the undertaking room* oil AVoll & Parker aHrr Coroner Downey had viewed it, and j)repai"itif)iis weix' made for the removal ol' the dead man to his hue home on the Wi>sr.-iide, win-re a wil'e and two children, a boy 01' about: seven and a daughter oil live, a wailod the husband and falilmr, whose lionie-comlji^ wii bniif fafJu-r. The body was taken to the residence l"i'e la>st night. The dead man was a Keuial. com- paiiionablo sonrJ-euian, whose business had prospered under the application of strict, attention to its utlla,ir¥. and he enjoyed 'the confidence of lu« t-iistoinors and friends. lie wa.s not a drinking man in. tliv sense fliat drinking i-oiit.iui.i- ously Jrnpljos, but drank only ar int vals. Coroner Dowiu-y will hold an (jliest soineliino today probably. Particular and Careful Buyers. Will Notice at once that we are determined to quit business and that we will ruthlessly slaughter he prices on all goods in our Great Closing Out Sale. The following quotations tell the whole story. GO Men's all wool black cheviot sails, ;he $]- ki'jid now go at ............ i?o,9S HO Men's all wool 20-on IK-C clay worsted suits. sack or frock, worth §14, slushed ro ............................................... S7°-l -!,~l,i Men's ;ili wool business suits, well worth .^lO. now fro at .......... SH.4S 200 Men's pante flint always sold for .<jM anil .*.', nrc offered in our farewell sale ill ................................................. 5:2 .j^ -'50 CliiiUlren's sui-ls, double breasted, in latest fabrics, worth $:> to ?«. slashed down to .............................................. S3 -)S t'OO Children's suft.s, reefers; mid juniors, well \gorrh ?3 and .*o..jO. given MWiiy now ar ................................................... S1.9S iSuiinncr coats and vosus for men and boys, only ...................... £ .50 MOM'S work panl.s that nuiy njercha.nl will charge you $1 for, our price Slaughtered to <; _(; •j.r> Dm.cn ballM-iggan undershirt that reiail Hie world over for 2~>c. uow.S .10 100 pairs boys' knee pants, any size, worth 25c, now go at .............. ,? .13 100 Dozen suspenders, silk overshot, always sold a.t 23c. so in i.Iiis good- liyo sale for ..................................................... <jg 1.00 Down men's seamless lOc socks now at IVi-calo dress shirts I5e« t work s'h.irts Best iinlauudered shirr Best. white laiuiderod shirt ..... ...... ......................... £.50 ,i;]j Bdst night shirt .............................................. 9,33 r, n( j Genuine 23c celluloid collars ............................... Hats, umbrellas, children's wai-sts, overalls, neckwear. all fro .-it same ratio. Alpaca coars, mohair couts and vests, linen eoats and vests, at, your own price. Out- siny in Logansport is so limited that we are compelled to offer the ods away below cost, to get rid of them ia a hurry. HARRY FRANK Fourth Street. (>-l 33 35 30 .75 ~,0 15 IMPORTANT TO LADIES. flORRIS FISHER - THE HATTER. WHEEL TALK. Though he punctured his tire twice, <3. H. Broadbont brought down/ the Australian 100 mile road , record to 5:45:00, breaking the Australian record nineteen minutes. The American record is 4:40:00, held by A. B. McDonnel, of Toledo. World's record is 4:21:45 told by A. E. Walters of England. Pocket Kodaks at the Burgman Cj-do Co. No tnndem runs hard wit'h one's best girl on tlie front scat. The Fleetwlng for ladies. There are more of those wheels used In this clty'i than nil other makes oC wheels. * j Love and toll-gate keepcnsK.dlffer ' somewhat. Love never asks for.'pay lu advance. Hare your bicycle Insured 'against tfteft. Burgmnn Cycle Co., will do It. OSc Subscribe Cor the Journal, 40 cent* per month. j Shoe c-krk -wjnuted by Kauffiaiiiu & Co. Apply at once. Attisul our shoe sale. EvoryUuiig cost.—Stevenson & KliiMck. The coaultUou oj; C. T. Bell of tlie Xorelnsklo iis again reported nil her mor unfavorable. J2.30 dimity waists only £1,50. lawn awl percale waists'only OOc.— Trade Palace. Three candidates were elected to the Iiilitiatory degree Ju Eel River lodge >"o. •J.1.7, I. O. O. F., ou Tuesday evening;. .It is actual merit that has given Hood's Sarsapa;riilla the first place among medicines. It is the One True Blood Pnriflor and nerve Ionic. H. B. Da.le erf the SouUiside is slowly convalescing -from a three weeks' sickness induced by becoming over-heated | while working Ju a furnace at Kenneth. I can be found on and after today my new horse shoeing shop ou Third t street, formerly occupied by James IT. -.Carney, between Ma.rkct and Broad- 1 way.—J. M. Elliott. ' HALL-SEIBER'JI. Las! e veil ins »'t S o'clock, at the residence of lilie bride-'.-! mother at No. JOli High street, occurred the marriage of Mr. 'Frank Hall and Miss Daisy Sei- be-rt, the Rev. D. ]'. Piitnani officiating. After tilie ceremony a reception.:-was temlered -(he young coujile Ivy Mr. and Mi-s. Gregg, and a.t 10:24-o'clock they took the wc-S't-boniul Wiibusu- train for Da-nville, 111., whore they will spend the honeymoon vi.sitiinjr relatives for a week or ten days. 'The'will reside in a ueatly furnished 'liomi; at the comer of lOlghtli and High streets. The ceremony was penform-iHl in the presence j of tile reJii'tJves of 'tih.e contracting parties. . Many beautiful' and useful presents were received. The .Tournal join? their ninny frieuds in extending Uenrfy coiigt-atu-lafiou.s. Among th'e gifts was an oleg.-mt parlor .sec from'Mr. Hull's employer. .M-r. ami .Mrs. Hall are iwth wnusuiiUy popular, and in every way wo;-r,liy of the general esteem. D. Lelewer the Chicago Furri is Stopping at the Barnett. He is uo stranger here, as many t.lie Ic.-KHiig Indies of tljjs city a-re li- pntrim,-, owing to h-is a.rt'jstic woi'kma sh,ip anil nii;derale chtirges. Ladies 1 tendjng to have their seal garments r modelled, re-dyed and repaired, or ou of-da.te altered Inio (.lie latfst coll.-irottc will lind LI: 10 l.lwsir interest: to call Hi forenoon at the Biirnctt hotel, room 9 Hi.s prices arc loivoi- now than Liter 1 lihe iseasoii, ami goods will be roturuet on i>r before October 1st. AT DYKEMAN'S SPRING S. A party of t\vcnty-flve Westsidc yotimg people picnicked yesterday afternoon and evening at Dykemau's Springs, returning by inooub'ght. It was a merry parly and the picnic was l proiio-uucoi] success. A CORRECTION. The Jouru.-iJ wa-s mlsinforaied by AJ leu Kearney of Pawnee street rogardiu a light at the Piuilrandle .station, ii which two WislsMc boy*-', Frank Schra der and Harry Keller were made to a[i pear as p.wticipaiiil.s. Mr, Kearney yes torday acknowledged that he spoke t'afcely, aud The .Tourual luistens to cor rect tho story thrtt did great injustice to 'two worthy young men. Tho Journal ha-d no reason to doubt Hie correctness of. Hie news item. In future It will be the nilo to place the blame properly. Those who dalilierately lie to the re porters with intent to injure JSOTOO one's ropntat.ion, shwiJtl be made, known. A SERIOUS CHARGE. A IMU named DoiveJJ, living near Hoovers, wis accused Wednesday of striking his wii'e ill ::Ue face, d-isflgurlng IH.M- considerably. Dowell claimed to know uotliJiug of luls wlife's Injury. It is stiid the authorities will bo'asked to investigate. Subscribe for Tho Journal. MINOR BALL GAMtt. The Vtetoi-s drtfesited au Eastern! faun yesterday in a iw.rd fought game of base ball, Dolan and Sharp were the battery for the Victors; ami Giuimel aud Carroll for the opposiug'teinu. Tho score was 15 to 16. A SMALL BLAZE. Spontaneous Combustion Followed by a flerry Fire. HERE THEY GO! CHOICE OF ANY SHOE IX MY STORE FOR S3.JS. Last DlfdH about 11:13 o'clock the lire department was called out to put out a lire that started In the rear of Cbarley Stoll's building on Third street. Yesterday ho was repaiutinpr Hie inside of the bin'IdiuK and used a number of rags to wipe off different part-s oil th-u wood work. They were all left on a block in the rear of the building, aud last ftitflit ifniited, causing' the fire. Tie Soxith wall and ceiling of the room were maged to the extent of $."0. covered by insurance. The lire was first discovered by .Tcftl Daily, who was sitlins in front of tho building. When Mr. Haily went to turn in t?he alar.m he cut hnnd severely while breaking the J&1SS. Tlie North street and FifteenUi street ire comixiuies had a run ro the corner of Tweltlth ami Hifih stroels yesleitlay voiiinj; 1o stop a blaze in the rear o£ i house owned by Thomas Hurley. The ire was put out before it bad gained uy headway and the damage was nom- iial. NOTHING RESERVED-MEN'S AND WOMEN'S ?o, 56 & ?T FINE SHOES YOUR CHOICE FOR $S.4S. THIS SALE IS STRICTLY CASH- ALL GOODS MUST BE PAID FOR BEFORE LEAVING THE HOUSE. I propose to close out all 'my spring and summer goods. It don't pay to carry goods over until next season. I prefer new ones, consequently tins big reduction. Low shoes and slippers are low, awfully low in price, but quality very, YEAR'S WORK CLOSED. PiUmg, the hustler for business. Broadway, Logansport, Indiana. 412 To The Ladies Charles McClosky of Engine house No. 2 has'purchased a fast driving horee. Holy Angels' Academy Entertainment Last Night, The closing exercises of Holy Angels' iidemy were held last night at St. Vinent's hall. The program which was vtetisive. was enjoyed by a good audi- , made up largely of parents aud Semis of the students. Among the bei'S wlnieli deserve special mention e, the vocal solo, "Coin' to Meetin'," - Marie Farrell. a chorus medley by o Jimiir class, a .^ong, "V\ T ho Knows hat; the Bells Siiy." by n quartette mposed of young ladies aud a duet d chorus, "A Mother's Love."' The ilogues. rendered by the smaller children, were well given, and entertaining, Tlicg raduaUng exercises of Holy Angels' academy will be held this even ing jit 7 o'clock at St. Taul's hall. This is the season of the year when the unpleasant but necessary work of house-cleaning claims the attention ot tlie housekeeper and not a little d» pends ou the appearance of your lace curtains as poorly donc-cpcurtalnf spoil the effect of a well-furnished home quicker than anything else. We hare experienced help tn this class of work who do nothing else and w« K2ow we can give you perfect satisfaction. 'TCa 5 are also making a specialty this year of laundering- skirt waists, being th« only firm In the city using machinery exclusively for the purpose. We will appreciate your patronage. Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. The Opportunity of Your Life. X A •/ FOR CASH ONI V We Wil ' S6U ^ ithout reserve our entire $14,000.00 stock of shoes and slippers AT ACTUAL COST as we iLfi are about to remodel our store room and must have the space. This is no Fake Bankrupt Old Stock nor 60c on the dollar sale but clean fresh goods bought for the Spring trade. This is your opportunity, call early before sizes are broken. All goods charged must be at regular Prices. ; Stevenson & KUnsick. 403 BROADWAY.

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