The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 6, 1955 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1955
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVI BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Just What Are Democrats And Republicans Anyway? By DON WIHTEHEAD WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican National Chairman Leonard W. Hall is a big, amiable man dedicated to the task of trying to defeat the Democratic party at every crossroads, hamlet and city in our broad land. And he can become not quite so amiable when on the subject of Democrats. ^^ Lately, Hall has tartly referred to the "Democrat" party rather than using the more common term, ths "Democratic" party. In this case, he was more or less following the lead set by other Republican leaders who profess to think that by saying "Democratic" party they encourage the thought that the Democrats are the party at the people. Hall says he dropped the 'ic from Democratic because "I think their (the Democrats') claims that they represent the great mass of the people, and we don't, is just a lot of bunk." The Same Hi* point, of course, is that the Republican party is just as much' concerned over us small fry as the Democratic (Democrat) party; and that the Democrats have no more claim on us masses than the Republicans. It may seem that Mr. Hall was splitting hairs in his Democrat- versus-Democratic argument. But a look into Webster's New Inter natinal Dictionary gives some surprising weight to his position for anyone who hasn't browsed recently in the definitions of "democrat " "democratic," and "republican." Actually, a suspicious Republican could draw the conclusion that a democratic Democrat was the author of the definitions to be fcund there. Here's the reason: The word "democratic" is defined as "favoring or disposed to favor social equality, as in belief or behavior; disregarding or overcoming class distinctions; not snobbish or socially exclusive; as a democratic prince." (Note: Is this latter phrase a sly insinuation that a Democrat is a prince of a fellow?) More Ordinary Treatment The word "democrat receives more ordinary treatment: "An adherent or advocate of democracy; hence, one who believes in or practices social equality." Not a word there about overcoming class distinctions and , not being snobbish. On the other hand, the word "republican" seems to have been brushed off rather stuffily with these words: "Of, or pertaining to, or having the form or characteristics of, a republic. . . consonant with, or favoring, the principles of • republic: as republican sentiments, orators, measures." No credit to a Republican here for being Just as opposed to snobbery or class distinction as a fellow called Democratic. And there seems to be another ease of favoritism for the Democrats over the Republicans in Mr. Webster's tone. It says a democrat also can be "a light covered wagon with two or more seats." But a republican could be "any of certain birds that nest in communities, especially the cliff swallow and the African sociable weaver-bird." Members of Outlawed Irish Army Draw Life Sentences Revival Mapped At Wilson Church WILSON—First Methodist Church of Wilson begins its revival Sunday with the Rev. E. H. Hall ol Dell preaching at the morning service and the Rev. Harold Eggensperger of Blytheville filling the pulpit at the evening hour. Services will continue through next Friday night with the Rev. Mr. Eggensperger preaching each night and the Rev. Mr. Hall directing song services. Mrs. Bob Huber, church organist, will be at the organ each night. Services begin at 7:30 p.m. except for Sunday and Thursday nights when they will begin at 7:00. Water in Home A Big Mystery WINDSOR, Vt. Ufi — The mystery of the water in the home of ,Dr. and Mrs. William Waterman was no nearer solution today. The Waterm.ins have been forced to take refuge in a trailer in their front yard. The water, In tiae form of dew, mist or fog, dampens everything in the eight-room house except the walls and ceilings. The Watermans have lived in the house for nine years but not until two weeks ago did water begin to plague them. Experts from electrical, plumbing, furnace and insulation companies are as puzzled as the Watermans. There are no water pipe leaks and there seems to be no seepage from a spring, well or other body o£ water. READING, England (/P) — Three members of the outlawed terrorist Irish Republican "Army were under life sentences today for their part in an unsuccessful raid on a British army barracks in August. The trio and at least seven others, posing as British soldiers, stole large quantities of arms and ammunition from an army depot at Man Acquitted Of Kidnaping His Girl Friend DETROIT UPi—A Recorder's Court jury yesterday acquitted Murray Sinuk, 26. of kidnaping his former sirl friend. Sinuk was accused of abducting Miss June Dallen, 21, at gun point and taking her on a wild car ride to Ohio last May 19 in an attempt to persuade her to marry him. Sinuk claimed she went willingly. Police said Sinuk still faces a charge of felonious assault. Arborfield, England. Aug. 13. Scotland yard operatives recovered the loot from a London hideout. The rest of the raiders were not captured. During the two-day trial the three sat glum-and-silent. After sentence was pronounced last night, Joseph Doyle, at 30 the eldest of the trio, spoke up: "We are soldiers of the IRA. Those arms and ammunition were to be used against the British army of occupation in Ireland. We have no regrets—our only regret is that it the raid was not a success." Doyle comes from County Wicklow. Sentenced with him were Donald Murphy, 23, of Dublin, and James Andrew Mary Murphy, 20, of London. The largely Catholic Republic of Ireland wants to incorporate the six Protestant counties which form Northern Ireland and now are united politically to Britain. The IRA- banned in the Irish republic as well as in Britain—has repeatedly urged a terrorist campaign to unite all of Ireland. We president* at the United States had no enuarenf Washing- on, Madison, Jackson, Polk, Buchanan and Harding. Probing Senators Drop Plans For Religious Freedom Hearing By G. MILTON KELLY WASHINGTON (ff)— Investigating senators have dropped their disputed plans to conduct public hearings on freedom of religion. Chairman Hennings D-Mo announced his subcommittee on constitutional privileges has decided to dispense with the calling of witnesses. He said it will proceed, in- Ministers Wives Elect Janelle Diggs of Luxora was named vice president and Margaret Dorman of Wilson was elected reporter of the Methodist Minister Wives of Jonesboro District this week. The group, along with the ministers, met at Yarbro Methodist Church when toe Rev. E. J. Holifield, superintendent, and the Rev. Albert Gatlln, Paragould District superintendent, were speakers. Mrs. Ben Jordan presided over the business .session, of the wives. INSIDE . PANTS ARE—18 NORFOLK, Va. («>)—Pound yesterday in Norfolk's city council chamber: one pair of gray flannel trousers. A quality silk handkerchief found in one of the pockets failed to give any clue to the owner. One city official observed: "All sorts of schemes and pet projects have been abandoned there, but this is the first time anyone left his pants." Many US Areas Getting Rain By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Skies were clear over most of the western half of the country today but rain, moderate to heavy, fell in wide areas in the eastern half. Heaviest falls were in the middle Mississippi Valley, the Great Lakes region and the Ohio Valley. The rain belt spread into the eastern Great Lakes and most of the Middle Atlantic states. Amounts measured up to 4 inches in some Midwest areas. Scattered showers were reported in the western Carolinas and Georgia and in parts of Montana, Wyoming and Kansas. Earlier, showers hit sections of the Northern Plains and In the lower Mississippi Valley. Fairly mild weather prevailed in the eastern half of the nation, with temperature rises of 5 degrees. Automatic master .Water Control! Adams Appliance Co. Inc. If it's A Used Combine You Want We Have It! 4 AlMs-ChaliMn Pull-type W/Grain Bin J3M and op I Cue Pull-Type W/Graio Bin only }3M and «p 1 Mucey-Harrli Clipper W/Motor and Grain Bin 1750.00 Also we have International, Case and Massey-IIarrls Self-Propelled Combines from $1500. SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY 61 IMPLEMENT COMPANY "The Farmer's Homt of Satisfaction" N. Niway 61 Ph. 2-2142 stead ,to the writing of a report based on replies to a widely circulated questionnaire sent out by subcommittee staff aides. Hennings' prepared statement did not mention protests he acknowledges had been received from some Catholic, Protestant and Jewish ;hurch leaders against the plan for public hearings. Hennings told reporters these churchmen had expressed concern lest public hearings explode into controversies having little or no relation to the basic issue of how freedom of religion as guaranteed by the Constitution has fared in this country. Others have protested the idea of delaying or abandoning the hearings. BURDETTE HOMECOMING ROYALTY — Shown above is the Burdette High School homecoming queen and her court. They will reign over homecoming festivities tomorrow night at the Burdeue-Shawnee football game. Ruth Austin (center) Is queen. She Is surrounded by maids (left to right) Jo Ann Webb, junior class; Mabel Crook, senior class; Linda Gunter, sophomore class; and Brenda Long, freshman class. (Courier News Photo) Barros Holds Substantial Lead in Brazil Election RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (SI — Former Gov. Adhemar de *Barros of Sao Paulo held a substantial lead today in the counting of ballots from last Monday's presidential election. With about 28 per cent of the anticipated 10 million votes counted, De Barros, multimillionaire leader of the Social Progressive party, had a 77,124-vote margin over Juscelino Kubitschek, running with the support of two parties organized by the Gems Are Found Under Mattress NEW YORK W)—Bouse cleaning can turn up all sorts of things. Last Thursday, Mrs. Milton Unger told police she had placed six velvet cases of gems worth $35,OQO in a bureau drawer some 10 days previously but couldn't find them that night. Police said Louvinia Richar'dson, a maid, reported finding the gems under a mattress in the "linger apartment yesterday. The Ungers — In Toronto, Out, where Unger, a drug broker, has accounts—were notified. ....for just one dollar Tussy All Purpose Cream formula softens, lubricates, cleanses. The moment this remarkable, rich golden cream touches your skin, it releases nature's own beauty-building process, so often choked by dirt and lack of moisture. I\is3y All Purpose Cream cleanses deeper, better than any soap or single purpose cream. Glamour-softens your akin with rich lubricating oils. It's a dreamy makeup base! Makes powder go on a mo ol her, cling longer. It's the cream that doei everything! Only $1 plot tax for a big 6 l rt ox, /or. TUSSY all purpose cream Woods Drug Store 221 W. Main Phont 3-4507 late President Getulio Vargas. About half the votes in Sao Paulo where De Barros is strongest, had been counted, however. It was evident several days would be needed to show whether his lead would hold up. De Barros also was running ahead in the Federal District and the states of Maranhao and Parana. The vote: De Barros 943,301; Kubitschek 866,177; MaJ. Gen. Juarez Tavora, representing old anti • Vargas forces, 836,289; and Plinio Salgado of the Popular Representation party, 260,864. Leaf lets Tel I The Good News TEXARKANA, Ark. m— Leaflets floating down from an airplane over Texarkana yesterday read: "It's a Girl, Sheila Kay McCall, Five Pounds Eight Ounces, Ten Fingers Ten Toes, Mother OK." The mystery was cleared up when it was learned that Mrs. Joe McCall gave birth to a first chUd at St. Michaels Hospital and the father, a private pilot, was just advertising. The U.S. mint at Philadelphia Pa., has been in continuous opera tion since its establishment in 1792 THURSDAY, OCTOBER «, 1988 In the herbarium it K»w Gardens, outsiat iMUloii, art housed, protected, and itudted «,000 different species of living plant*. -gSr beat* par (or pleasure! KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY A imoothtr Kentucky lourlan tittce 1870 Hltt « HILL CO., DIVISION OF NATIONAL DISTILLERS PRODUCTS CORP., LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY. 86 PROOF. VOTE FOR FLOURIDATION PUBLIC HEALTH THE BLYTHEVILLE JUNIOR AUXILIARY Boies Its Endorsement of Fluctuation for Thii Community on Scientific Evidence Compiled by the Leading Medical and Dental Authorities of the United States. It has gathered a file of this evidence and invites any resident of this county to study it. From this file are taken the following facts to answer some controversial points: FLUORIDATION CARRIES THE FULL ENDORSEMENT OF MAJOR HEALTH ORGANIZATIONS Fluoridation of community water as a public health measure has been endorsed by the American Dental Association, American Medical Association, American Assn. of Public Health Dentists, Public Health Service, Federal Security Agency, American Public Health Association, American Water Works Association, and Arkansas State Board of Health. "Some unscrupulous opponents of fiouridation have spread the impression that the American Medical Association did not endo'rse this public health measure. The fact is that it did and that it stands by its endorsement. It is true that the endorsement did not urge any action whatsoever upon responsible officials because that is nol the function of the Association." Quoted from TODAY'S HEALTH, June 1955, published by the American Medical Association. THOROUGH INVESTIGATION PROVES FLUORINE SAFE! More than 3,000,000 individuals In the United States have consumed fluoride-bearing: water in excess of one part per million of fluoride for decades and an additional 5,000,000 individuals have consumed amounts between 0.5 and 1.0 parts per million for lonff periods. David B. Ast, D.D.S., Director of Bureau of Dental Health, New York, N. Y., states: "I know of no public health procedure, including water chlorination, Pasteurization of milk, or vaccination which has had the intensive and comprehensive study before it was applied as water fluoridation has had." THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE IN NATURAL AND ARTIFICIAL FLUORIDE IONS. The term "artificial" is sometimes used where refined of prepared compounds containing the fluoride ion are added to water. The fluoride Ion is not in water naturally but is picked up by it as it travels over certain ground or rocks. Since the ion dissolved in water, either above or below ground, is exactly the same in all respects as the prepared fluoride ion added to water to prevent dental caries, there will be absolutely no difference in their effect in the human body. FLUORIDATION IS A PBEVENTATIVE MEASURE! The fluorides are nol a drug used In the treatment of disease. Dental decay cannot be cured because tooth structures do not heal. Dental cavities can only be restored (filled) or prevented. Fluoridated water will prevent tooth decay in up to 60% of the children who drink it. LOCAL AND NATIONAL DENTISTS ENDORSE FLUORIDATION People are often surprised to hear that dentist] are crusaders for fluoridation. Why should they talk themselves out of work this way? They realize the scarcity of dentists and the resulting neglect in handling tooth decay. They welcome fluorine as an ally in eliminating cavity plugging because it will help them in their efforts to keep their patients mouths In a healthy state. The American Dental Association calls tooth decaf the nation's most widespread disease and endorsed fluoridation of public water as part of a four point program in connection with the 1955 Children's Dental Health Week. WATER IN BAUXITE, ARKANSAS, LED TO INITIAL DISCOVERY OF VALUE OF FLUORINE In 1931 it was noted that an increase in tooth decay resulted in Bauxite when the source of water supply was changed. Upon investigation, it was discovered that tbe first water supply contained 14 parts per mUlion of fluorine. There is no evidence of the occurrence of any of the tragic events that the dissenters arc predicting If people drink water containing small traces of fluoride presently recommended. For at least 15 years Colorado Springs has hid a public water supply which contains more than twice the amount of fluoride recommended for Blytheville's water. The Medical Society there has stated that its members have seen no clinical symptoms which could be attributed to the use of Colorado Springs water. THE SALT ON YOUR BREAKFAST EGG IS POISONOUS —IF YOU GET TOO MUCH! . So Is the "natural trace of iodine in drinking water or diet that keeps you from developing goiter. So li the "artificial" chlorine in your water supply that protect* you against typhoid fever. Fluorine, like these, Is a poison, but the incomprehenslvely small proportion of one part per million in water cannot be shown to have any ill effect! whatever. FLUORIDATED WATER DOES NOT INJUKE ANY PART OF THE BODY Sound scientific evidence lupports the above statement. After' long investigation the Commission on Chronic Illness representing four of the nation's greatest health and welfare organization* has urged American communities to adopt fluoridation ai a positive step In the prevention of the chronic disease, dental decay. Dr. Charles S. Caneroa, president of the American Cancer Society, lays: "No valid scientific evidence supports a relationship of water fluorida- tlon to cancer. On the contrary, all available data Indicate no such relationship." With almost 96 per cent of our Arkansas school children having one or more decayed permanent teeth, we owe it to these youngsters to decrease this deplorable condition by 50 to 60 per cent through the fluoridation of our public water supplies. YOU ARE URGED TO STAND WITH THE MEDICAL AND DENTAL EXPERTS OF THIS NATION AND TO SUPPORT THE CITIZENS COUNCIL FOR FLUORIDATION I THIS IS A PUBLIC HEALH PROBLEM! IT AFFECTS YOU!

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