The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 15, 1944
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTJJKYILLE (AUK.) COUKJER NliWS SATUKUAY, Al'RIL 15, 19-14 Hold That Tiger! long VV/// Meet Arab VWest/er; Lawson Is Opponent Of Knox t- w -. The conventional individual matches will succeed the modern tag affairs on Promoter Mike JJeroncy's weekly Wrestling program Monday night at the American Legion arena. ' The promoter-matchmaker has arranged two promising matches, each with a 90-minutc time limit, featuring ii quartet of his top ranking behemoths for the all-star card. "Tiger" Long, tho hard hitting Florldnn, makes his - third straight' appearance before local random when he takes on gigantic Emll Badul, the' ' talented and bearded Arab, In one match. After a two weeks InyolT to recover from his head wounds received. In a rough, bitterly fought match here. Buck Lnwson returns to face Buddy Knox, the blond bad boy on last week's card, In the other hnlf of the twin bill. ; Botli matches will operate over (lie usual two best falls of three route. 1 ; Long: In Groove All -four of the giants are by no means strangers to the Blythevlllc wrestling clientele. All have :u>- l>cared here several times; nt least two over a period ol years. Since his return from Hip East and Southeast, bong has finished on the winning side of a tag match, and drew in the other. Two weeks ago he teamed with Joe "Hard Heart" Parrelli ngnlnsl Cecil (Blacksmith) Pcdigo in n rip snorting, hair raising, spine tingling match that ended in a draw verdict when .Lawson received a severe cut on the forehead. Making their second, start as a lag team n week later, Long and Parrelli defeated ''Wild Bill" Canny and Knox in another match that was us rough • as a boilcrmakcr's DOPE BUCKET J. P. FIUKND SHADES OF BUCK It Isn't everyone who has I he privilege of going to India, and from Wllat Lieut. E. B. Rogers Jr.. Waller (Dub) Logan, the UP correspondent, Scrgt. Nat Carson, and other local boys in Die .service who are stfitloncri there, It has both advantages and disadvantages. For Instance, I.luiil. llogrrs gnve an interesting account of a big game hunt tlmt turned out to be little more than a hunt, ami some of the living conditions they have been forced to contend with In a letter to Mrs. Carey WoiKlburn Phec- ney. An honor graduate'tit the local high school, E. U. Jr., was keenly interested in sports. He was a football candidate for at least a couple of years but fulled to make hts letter. However, track and tennis were his dish and he was very good at both. He was a dlst/incc runner. Ho enlisted at Memphis April 18, 1341 and went through Officer Candidate School nl Duke University, Durham, N. C., receiving his commission In the fliiiince department. He has teen overseas approximately a year, serving practically all the time in India. IJutcd February 5, the letter follows : KKCKIVKS I'KUIT CAKK "Your very delicious fruit cake arrived about Jan, 20 und I really do appreciate your sending it. 1 had a light case of pneumonlu and was In the hospital from Dec. 28 to Jan. 10, then my C. O. flew me up to our Group's rest camp where I spent u very easy and peaceful life for three weeks. The camp is located near Hie mountains and the air is crisp and very invigorating, WB iile twu meals each day, slept as much us we wished, fished and went big game hunting, Tiger, deer, elephant, leopard, wild lx>ar and buffalo (rucks cover the paths throiifjh the Jungle, but seeing (racks and linding anlmuls are two diilei' ent things. I had n platform built in a tree overlooking a .small stream where giuno came to drink, and spent a nlglit out in the Jungle walling for something to show up. My two companions grew a bit restless alxmt midnight and made too much noise, and the moon wasn't out either. Two of our men killed a young deer and n nice buck while I was there iind we had some excellent steaks anil trench fried po- tato dinners.' Gnln'c(l n at>out"s"everf pounds during my rcsfbut : .i'will sooivtako It oil. IIAVK COMFOKTAHU: (JtlAltTKUS Everything here Is okay —same routine every clay, but we have finally made enough Improvements on our base to give us comfortable quarters and recreation facilities. I live in a bamboo hut with a major, my (liiiincc. C. O., and wo liavc curtains on the windows, a woven mat on the concrete floor, and electric lights, The Q. M. C., delivered a cupboard and chest of drawers yesterday, so we ure fixed uu very comfortably now. We have an Indian bcnrcr to clean house, wash clothes, mid shine shoes and he docs good work. He has learned English very quickly and f hare learned a few words In Hindustani. The weather is miserable at this time—lots of rain «nd cold, damp weather. The rainy season will soon be here and then Hie troubles begin, especially mud. Have decided to have several pairs of khaki shorts and some short sleeved shirts made as it Is too hot to wear anything else during the monsoon. Thanks again for the fruit cake. I really enjoyed it. If it wouldn't be too much trouble, I would like to have your Courier from time to time ns news from home means a lot over here." Keep 11 Qulcl SEATTLE (U.P.)—Seattle residents, always eager to publicize superlatives concerning their port city, are trying to keep this one quiet. According to a city health department report, Seattle rats have more fleas than rodents in any other city. QHEQQDEGQE 8 Hy HAHHY GKAYSON NKA Sports Kilitor NEW YOHK.—Some wag said if they want to take Berlin, just let a racetrack there be the only one operating in tlie world, and 20,000,000 American funs will storm the joint and take It, over in the shake of n lamb's tail. Transportation' difficulties and taxes, rcenforccd by an embryonic bltaaril - and a strike of grooms, couldn't kec|) 'em nway from the opening of the metropolitan SCIWMI at Jamaica. • When the first race was called the enlarged stands ami remodelled _ , track bulged like an over-lnfl:it"il' lay century notes on the line. It was virtually impossible for something like half the mob to get to the windows, but those who through herculean efforts succeeded in accomplishing this remarkable feat saw a striking sjgu of the limes, The lines at the 510 und combined $50 and 5100 wickets were long nnd sinuous, queucing far out onto the lawn, while the plebeian $2 portals were comparatively neglected. It wasn't that the players didn't know $10, $50, $100 or more could be wagered at the two-buck cages. They just didn't want to be seen there. I saw men who a year ago were dcuccrs frantically battling to mill, slated for relief work so Ace Adams may start for the Giants, is a pitcher who can field. Once while toiling for the Milwaukee Brewers, I'olli accepted VI chances in one game without an error. I'olli, with the Yankees as far back as 1929, was lifted by the Polo Grounders from their Jersey City farm. Equipment of U. S. paratroopers In England Includes folding motor scooters capable of speeds of about 45 miles per hour. i C E. COOPER Has Moved His FURNITURE STORE To 1317 West Main St. MANY BARGAINS balloon with well-heeled addicts— an nil-time attendance record, 45,-' 196. f was pinioned behind a little man In the middle of the lawn, couldn't i move in any direction, finally gav.i up and remained there the better part of the afternoon. That to me long has l>cen one of the mysteries of racing: Why peu- ple, especially those on the short side, go out on big days when it is utterly impossible to be seated. Stuck on the lawn, they hop up and down like bobbins trying to get intermittent glimpses of the goings on. The trouble on opening day at Jamaica, however, was that' the place was so jammed It was impossible to jump up. They had to stay put, saw nothing. The congestion was so great Unit ONLY $2,001,830 was the day's handle. There was at least as much shut out, so a few more windows easily would have cracked the all-time record, $2,852,-10!, established on the lust day of the Victory meeting at JSelmont last fall. Don't be ashamed to go to the $2 windows anil you won't he shut out —and you'll last longer. Never A Sore Arm Ily NEA Service NEW YORK.—Crip I'olli can't understand ball players with sore arms. Following 18 years of pitching, Polli doesn't know what a sore arm is. Polli, 41-year-old re- NEW THEATRE! Manila's Finest Shows Nightly at fi:30 M A T IN E E S Saturday & Sunday at 1 beard. Heavier and in fine physical condition, Long has never bqen better in his sensational ring career that has included both grappling and beak busting. He appears to have ns much si»ed as he ever boasted and puts the added poundage to a good advantage. He has been especially effective with, the Hying head scissors which he has employed ns his ace weapon. His ability to punch with lightning-like speed and uncanny accuracy also 1ms played a rnsjor role in the victory campaign. Especially was the latter factor predominant in the initial match after hts return. Then last week Canny felt the sting and power of that Vaunted right hand— just as Long promised in advance. Arab Is Active Somewhat slower, but unusually agile for. a uian packing as much Weight— he weighs n mere 225— Ba- dui should offer serious opposition ioi the "Tiger." The colorful Arab knows most of the questions and the answers In this wrestling game, since he has been brought up in the country that features such Sports Badui, ft tlescendiint of a long line of line rlngmcn, is highly skilled. He is fast becoming acclimated to the modern .style of wrestling that calls for n generous amount of [1st throwing. From the wfty he can toss his dukes gives an Impression that somewhere along the line he has done a bit of it — possibly in the professional boxing ring. At any rate, in the previous appearance here ho has been able to stand up well under the pounding and dish up a bit for himself. It promises, to be a lively session. Likewise the opening match tr- tfccen Lawson and KIKJX has nil the earmarks of developing into an unpredictable affair that may end up with both; lying outside the ring. Knox Rates jMeajile Knox established some sort oE n record, at' least for himself, last Monday night when he was disqualified twice on one card. First he hooked Parrelli's head in the twisted TOJKS that led to his defeat In the singie-liill preliminary. Then, after his partner, Canny, had been eliminated in the third fall, he went on a rampage. Picking up Pnrrelll he rushed across the ring and threw hm against the metal lurnbucklc of the ropes. When Refcice' Mcro- Emil Dtidul, 225-)x>unil Arabian mcanle, will return Monday night to face "Tiger" Long In one-half of Promoter Mike Mcroncy's double star wrestling card at tho American Legion arena. Duck IJIW.SOM, the former Navy commando Instructor, tr.nglcs with Rough Buddy Knox in the other 90-minutc match. \ ncy warned'him ngalnst such foul tactics and sent the hard bend aca to his corner Knox showed hts'con- tempt for the warning by repeating Hie dose on Long's back, leading to the second disqualification. Buddy likely will llnd Buck not so easy to handle in that manner. For one thing, there Is a difference of some 15 or more pounds. Then, too, Buck is shorter and harder to yet to than the other pair, especially Long. Buck, a Commando artist, wrestles In n crouch und keeps boring in. He usually sets the pace, Instead of waiting for the foe to come to him. An abundance. of action should result, especially since Buck reports that his head should be completely healed. 'Starting time Is 8:15. Anthem Research (U.P.)—The banning Nallomi BOSTON of Igor Stravinsky's dissonant version of "The Star Spangled : Banner" here recently sent Boston Public Library attendants scurry- Ing through their tiles. Up came music-wise Kichnrd G. Appcl with proof that there have been more thfui 100 variations of the national anthem, 53 of them written during the first 50 years of its existence V. When Blytheville Was An Infant, This Was Our Motto - . . 'ALL THAT'S GOOD IN INSURANCE" - - - It Still is! Writing Fire &,< Tornado on your stock of merchandise, home, fur!>!'"?• or < your farm property. Liability, on Auto, Contractors public, automobile. Plate Glass, Trucks and Truck- Cargo, Accident & Health, Parcel Post, in oldest and best of Companies. Just call phone 3361 -for binder on anything Insurable. W. M. Burns Agency Office Anthony BldR. Read Courier News Want Ads. CHICKASAW West M»In Near Zlit St. Bat itarta 12:45; Sun. ettrti l:ti Night shown 5:45 Eicept Monday, optns 6:« Continuant jhowi Sat. «n< Ban. . Last Time Today Double Feature 'WESTERN CYCLONE' iiilh Buster Crabbc '& Ai "Fiuiy" S John and 'TOMORROW WE LIVE' with Itic.inlo t'orlcz i- Jran i'arkcr Serial; "Don \Vitislow of the C'ousl Guard" Comedy Sunday and Monday 'LADY OF BURLESQUE" with Barbara Stanwyck anil Michael Universal N'civs Short WRESTLING Legion Hut, Monday, April 17, 8:15 p. m. lowest Aamission of anr Wrestling A K o» In Amcriw, T Reserved Seats On Sale at the Legion Arena Every Monday from 6 p. m. on. DOUBLE MAIN EVENT TIGER LONG TS. EMIL BADUI BUCK LAWSON . BUDDY KNOX 2 90-Minule Matches This is no time to lose your memory! i NEARLY ALL Americans there's a streak of natural optimism. We know the war won't be over tomorrow. We know there may be a long hard fight ahead. But we can't help looking forward to the beautiful and wonderful-seeming days of Peace. This is all right unless . . , Unless it makes you relax your efforts to win the war ... L';i/ess it makes you lose your memory of what happened after the last war was won. . Don't lose that memory now. Don't forget the depression ... the poverty that hit the farmers ... the breadlines in the cities . . . \he soldiers looking, looking, looking for jobs, and not finding them. Remember that Peace brought difficult economic problems, economic stresses. And this time, we must be ready to meet them. This time we must make sure of having a real financial cushion ... to case the transfer to normal peacetime business, peacetime employment, peacetime living. That's one big reason why you should buy War Bonds... and hold on to them. Every War Bond you buy, every one you hold to maturity will keep bringing you $4 for every $3 you invest today. «• And that steady flow of buying power will make jobs. It will create markets for peacetime goods. It will do a lot to insure an America that's prosperous and sound ... the kind of America we all want when this war is won. So let's not forget the lesson of World War I. Keep buying Bonds. Keep hanging on to them. They're your security... your Country's security ... for the days of Peace! This space is a contribution to America's all-out war effort by Arkansas Grocer Co. L K. Ashcraft Co. Joe Atkins Machine Shop L. H. Autry, Burdette A. S. Barboro & Co. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Blytheville Water Co. The Crafton Co. Delta Implement*, Inc. Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. Gay & Billings, Inc. Guard's Jewelry & Optical Store Halter's Quality Shoe Shop Happy Hour Grocery & Mkt. Hardaway Appliance Co. Hcmck'g Jewelry Hubbard Furniture Co. ''ubbard Htr iwirt C«. Huddleston & C«. Tom W. Jackson Jiedel's Langston-Wroten Co. Charles S. Lemont Tom Little Hardware Co. The New York Store Pat O'Bryant Palace Cafe J. C. Penney Co. Phillips Motor Co. Robinson Drug Co. I. Rosenthal, Inc. Rock Saliba Rustic Inn A. G. Shibley Wholesale Grocer* C. G. Smith Floyd A. White Zellner's Slipper Shop Saturiltiy 'MAN (-'ROM MUSIC .MOUNTAIN" with Itoy lingers 'crliil .V; Short Sattinliiy OWL SHOW "RETURN OF THE VAMPIRE" > with llela I.ujjosi (JO1IKDV: "lladio 15uj:s" Sunday and Monday "CRAZY.HOUSE" with' ' Olscn and Johnson Fox News & Short Open 7:15 . Show Starts 7:3(T Adm. Alrrays 12e and 30o Last Time Today f 'Raiders of Sari Joaquin' j with Johnny Mack Brown Serial: & Tex Kill'! fl 'The Adventures of Smllw -' Jack" i Short Saturday „» Midnight Show m The Leopandp kJ / Hi. ilrlMH - wAtAvi*at STAFF - PBH» ftt-itlod by OAVO HEM.FSTEAO / '0;:st!«dbvH. CfOttS! l^ Stlin Flay by MJloa Holrc.ii AdtoaS Paramount News Conierty VI

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