The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1954 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 16, 1954
Page 5
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 1954 BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COtJUIER NEWS PAGE FIVE State Hospital Patient Killed by Police After Terrorizing Homes LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Shouting, "Come and get me, I want to die," a crazed carpenter pushed a woman hostage at gun point onto her front porch then stepped through the door to his death in a hail of bullets from an off-duty policeman's gun. • H. B. Long, 42, an escapee from the Arkansas State Mental Hospital yesterday held Mrs. A. D. Lynn captive in her home while he deliberated his next move and repeatedly shouted to police: "You'll have to come get me, I want to die. I don't want to go back to that lie-place." Mrs. Lynn said. "I felt sorry for him and tried to talk him into giving up his gun. I told him that was better than death, but he wouldn't listen." Long was on his way from his ward to the barber shop when he bolted the line and escaped. During his shortlived freedom he terrorized persons in -West Little Rock by brandishing a .22 caliber rifle. Entering the home of Mrs. Effie Callihan, he said: "I won't hurt you. I. just can't go back to that lie-place." He left after Mrs. Callihan gave him a bottle of water. Long found Mrs. Lynn in her backyard and ordered her into the house. He asked if she knew anyone who owned a car. "I need a car to get away," he said. Mrs. Lynn said she began dialing the telephone but Long suddenly jerked the receiver from her hand. "I've changed my mind," he told her. A neighbor. A. Lewis, had heard the commotion in the yard and called police. A dozen officers surrounded the house and called to the man to surrender. When Long refused a policeman asked if he would free Mrs. Lynn. Long then began marching Mrs. Lynn through the house and onto the front porch. Mrs. Lynn walked calmly — 'as if she were on her NON-FATTENING! Sweetens Instantly Easy to Us* Liquid For Coffee, Tea, All Foods way shopping," one officer said — although Long was behind her with a gun at her back. Long was covering Mrs. Lynn with the rifle he had taken from a house in the neighborhood. Gene Smtih, an off-duty policeman, was the only officer who had a clear side view of Long. Smith started firing and Mrs. Lynn immediately stepped away. Long fell under a fusilade of six shots—only one missed the target. As he rolled to the ground, he groaned; •'Thanks fellows...That's good enough, it's just what I wanted." A moment later he was dead. STEVENSON (Continued from Page 1) rect reference to Sen. McCarthy (R-Wis). " Stevenson devoted a substantial part of his address to business and how he said it prospered under Democratic presidents. "For every three business enterprises existing in this country when the Democrats took office in 1933, there were four by 1953," he said. "The rate of business failures during the so-called Golden 20s was 20,000 a year. But that figure dropped to only 6,000 a year even during the hard post-World War n period of adjustment from war to peace to "defense mobilization. "Corporation profits after taxes were more than twice as high in 1952 as in the Republican peak year Of 1929." Commodity And Stock Markets— New York Cotton (12:30 quotations) Oct 3480 3485 3478 Dec 3522 3523 3515 Mch 3551 3553 3538 Mav 3563 3569 3551 3480 3516 35391 Senators Divided On Recall Issue Gore Wants Senate To Meet Soon As M'Carthy Report In New Orleans Cotton Oct Dec Mch May 3478 3485 3522 3524 3550 3554 3563 3567 3477 3514 3539 3550 By JOHN CHADWICK WASHINGTON UP)-— Two Demo- 3552 cratic senators divided today on whether the Senate should be called back before the Nov. 2 congressional elections to act on censure charges against Sen. McCar- FRENCH 3515 3540 3552 Chicago Soybeans Sept Nov Jan Mch 289% 290 269 269 272 272 ^ 275% 2751/b Chicago'Corn Sept Dec 163% 155 163V 8 155 2813/s 281% 266 266*4 269*4 269? 4 271 Y 2 272 ^ 161 Vg Chicago Wheat Sept ... 21314 214Vi Dec ... 217% 218% 212% 217% thy (R-Wis). Sen. Gore (D-Tenn) said that if a special committee appointed to investigate the charges makes its report before or shortly after Oct. 1, ''the Senate should promptly reconvene to consider whatever recommendations it may submit." But in a separate interview Sen. McCarran (D-Nev), an avowed friend of McCarthy, said any such report should be put aside and no 161 3. 4 1 action taken on it until the next 153 y*! Congress meets in January. I Sen. Potter (R-Mich) took the view that the nature of the committee's report would determine 2131-2 217V2 New York Stocks (12:45 quotations) A T and T 169 3-4 Anaconda Copper 41 1-2 -Steel 77 1-4 Three Are Penalized In Traffic Cases Three persons were charged with ;raffic violations in Municipal Tourt this morning. Two forfeited bonds and another was fined and given a jail sentence. Wesley Robinson was fined $100 and cost and sentenced to 24 hours n jail on a charge of driving while intoxicated and Alton Metcalf and rlarry Williams both forfeited S19.- 75 bonds on charges of having no drivers licenses. Coca-Cola 113 1-2 Gen Electric 43 1-8 Gen Motors 83 5-8 Montgomery Ward 71 1-4 N Y Central 20 1-4 Int Harvester 32 Republic Steel 63 Radio 33 3-4 Socony Vacuum 48 1-8 Studebaekr 171-2 Standard of N J 97 1-2 Texas Corp 75 Sears 70 3-8 TJ S Steel 551-8 Sou Pac 45 3-8 are saying FIGURINE focus on toes As a centef oi attracffon wide-open toes kave it this Fall. Foot Flairs a*i- iFuIfy combines suede with lustrous leather and sparkling rhine- stones — so right this seasouu Block Suede Only $9.95 $9.95 WtiA root FAMILY SHOE STORE §===312 W. Main ^g Phono 2-2342^ Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. U) — (USDA)—Hogs.8,000; active, strong to 25 higher; bulk choice 200-260 Ib barrows and gilts 20.00; few loads early 19.75-85; several hundred head 20.10; few loads choice No. 1 and 2 20.25; heavier weights scarce: 150-170 Ib 18.5019.75: 120-140 Ib 17.00-18.25; sows 400 Ib down 17.25-19.25; mostly 17.50-19.00; heavier sows 14.7517.00; boars 12.00-16.50, few 17.00. Cattle 3,000, calves 1,200; little done; some initial bids unevenly lower on commercial and good steers; heifers and mixed yearlings slow ;cows opening steady; utility and commercial 10.00-12.50, whether a Senate session should be called. He said there would be no reason for such a session if j±te committee recommended against censure. Up to Senate Leaders The special bipartisan committee, headed by Sen. Watkins (R- Utah). completed nine days of public hearings on the case Monday and has indicated its report maybe ready by Oct. 1 or earlier. Once the report is completed, it will be up to the Senate's Republican and Democratic leaders, Knowland of California and Lyndon Johnson - of Texas, to set a date for the Senate to return. /ith the Courts (Civil) — W. A. Trent vs. V. L. Bishop, auto accident damages, $750. John James vs. T. H. Purdue, auto accident damages, $375. CHANCERY — Continental Land Co. and D. F. Taylor vs. Victoria H. Saliba, foreclosure on mortage. •* , *X/ X '* W (J N ' O N M A D £ BLUE JEANS )•« JIEDEL'S Nominations for National Jaycee Award Open Know anybody you'd like to nominate as one of the ten outstanding young men in the United States? If so you can submit your selection to Frank Harshman. president of the Blytheville Junior Chamber of Commerce. The project to select the nation's outstanding young men between the ages of 21 to 35 is conducted annually by the U. S. Junior Chamber of Commerce. Continued from Page 1 information about it issued officially. French Premier Pierre Mendes- France, whose consent to the plan Eden still is seeking, presided. No debate had ben scheduled on Eden's presentation, and he and Mendes-France left the meeting after it was finished. The others ( remained to talk about plans for j a meeting of the members 'foreign i ministers, which the United States asked after France turned down the European Defense Community. Eden's success or failure depended on his final talks this after. noon with Premier Pierre Mendes- France, whose lack of enthusiasm for the six-nation European Defense Community helped the French National Assembly scuttle that keystone of Western policy. In his search for a substitute for EDC, Eden has won support for his new plan from the leaders of the other five members of the ill-fated European Army plan— West Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. British Back Arming' The British, who backed EDC but would not join it. propose to link a rearmed West Germany and Italy to the Brussels mutual defense pact signed in 1948 b'y Britain, France and the Benelux trio. The alliance presumably would operate undfer the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which has taken over the military phases of the Brussels pact. Unlike the one- uniform international army which EDC would have set up. each country would retain control of its own troops, but limits would be placed on German rearmament. The big hurdle was to get France to accept such an arrangement. Eden and Mendes-France spent six hours together yesterday discussing the German rearmament issue without coming to any conclusion. Iran's Chief Counter-Spy Jailed as Red TEHRAN. Iran I?—The Iranian Army's chief counter intelligence agent for the strategic Abadan oil area has been jailed in the sweeping cleanup of Soviet Spies in j Iran's security forces. j The top plainclothes agent in j Khuzistan Province, Capt. Gholam j Hossein Gargaozloo, was the lead- j er of 133 operatives assigned to I work against Red spies around the.J( Abadan oil refinery on the Per- ' sian Gulf. The captain went undei* the name of "Mr. Moghadam." Authorities arrested Garagozloo yesterday, charging that he himself was a Russian spy. Nearly 500 officers in the army and police force have been caught up in the nationwide drive against spies. The number eventually taken into custody may exceed 1.000 officials said, since the lower military and police ranks have not yet come under extensive investi- j gation. The purge also is being j extended to civil branches of the ' government. Intelligence officers said the ring using algebraic equations ^,s coctes, slipped the Reds not only Iranian j _ secrets but detailed information j i on "every tank, gun and uniform" i the United States has been supplying Iran. Army informants said Gen. Alex- j andef Rodionov. military attache in the Russian Embassy, played,a key role in the vast spy system. Rom where I sit... iy Joe Mar*K Sonny Drives a Good Bargain Everybody chuckled when Sonny Lee. who owns a chicken farm at Smith's Corners, bought an old taxicab in the city. ^Bought k mainly to haul eggs," Sonny told me. '"Take out the back seat and there's as much room as a truck. Put it back, and I can take aH the kids at the Corners to school." "In warm weather," he went on, • *I can slide back the roof and get sunshine. And when I go hunting, HI wind up the glass partition and the dogs can't lick the back of my neck!" Copyright. Arkansas Division, United Prom where I sit, it -was smart of Sonny to buy that cab. It-"was an investment for b:» bust- ness, but it paid off in many other •ways. Like the tavern owner* around here — who voluntarily co-operate with the Self-Regtslj*- tion program sponsored by th*' Brewing Industry. It's good business to keep their places clean and orderly, but they also get *lot of "mileage" in community good will State* Brewers Foundation, 1954 Box Office Opens 6:45 Show Starts .m. dmission 15c & 35c At All Times LAST TIMES TONIGHT Double Feature OPEN£ 6:30 EACH NIGHT SHOW STARTS AT DUSK TSHOWS"EVERY"N irk"! RAI'N"OR'SHINE? • •« — • — — •-•• — — -•—••• — ••.•• — ••••••••••••••••m«»m«« THURSDAY and FRIDAY FIRST BLYTHEVILLE -> SHOWING Relax In Air Conditioned Comfort LAST TIMES TONIGHT WARNING ORDER Victoria Haman Saliba is wa'rne to appear in the Chancery -Court for the Chickasawba District o Mississippi County, Arkansas within thirty (30) days after th date hereof, to answer a com plaint filed against her in sai court by Continental Land Com pany, a corporation, and D. F Taylor, as trustee. Dated this 15th day of Septern ber. 1954. SEAL GERALDINE LISTON. Clerk By ERNESTINE PETERSON Deputy Marcus Evrard, Attorney for Plaintiffs. 9/16-23-30-10/ few 13.00; canners and cutter; 6.50-9.50; light weight shelly can ners 6.00 or less; bulls steady utility and commercial 12.00-13.50; canner and cutter bulls 8.00-11.00; vealers 1.00 lower; few high choice and prime 20.00-21.00; good anc choice 15.00-19.00 ; commercial and good 12.00-15.00. MOX -Theatre- On West Main St. In Blytheviile Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 Sat., Sun. 1:00 On Our Wide-Vision Metallic Screen AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFORT THURS. & FRL Double Feature ROBERT TAYLOR DBNISEDARCEL —AND— commnoo coov ALSO CARTOON In Technicolor With Debra Paget and Jeffery Hunter FRI.. & SAT. Double Feature Johnny WEISMULLER as Jungle Jim in filler Ape' —AND— "STALLION CANYON Starring & »»**<« fL£{ IWM M-S-M i. COLOR BT TECHNICOLOR! «£ss»»«M"*««»'-«-^ --1 i Mto ^i^*^ —AND— GUNM0LL I *farrrt*<x / [ JEAN WALLACE v r'FRANCHOTTONE/ Starring JOHN PAYNE MARIBUN DANDDRYH™,,,,,™, r^nrl m /K ' JOYCE MacKENZfE* BARTON MaeUNE-*— ~— J l ^ Cartoon "Rabbit Seasoning" " Ken CURTIS Carolina COTTON SAT LATE SHOW PAID TO KILL With Dane Clark FRL, & SAT. Double Feature RANDOLPH ; fjOjIiffY&'W*' '7-- psiP^tVr A * "••'•' WAMEft BROS,' = YOUR FRIENDLY THEATRE -AND- ANDREW STONE e Bedside Manner" JOHN CARROLL • RUTH HUSSEY i Serial "Gunfighters" No. 10 Cartoon "Haircutups" Relax in Air Conditioned Comfort •~$af. Night 10:3fl~ •Sun, •Mon, •Tues, Sept. 18-19-20-21 AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION Listen to KJLCN at 10:10 a,m- and 4 p.m. for Ritz A Boxy Program Announcements Thursday & Friday Coins in the Fountain STARRING aiFTON WEBB OOKOTHT McGUIRE LOUIS JOUROAN MAOOIC McNAMARA Plus Cinemascope Short: "New Horitoni' JANEWYMAN ROCK HUDSON .-TECHNICOLOR AGNtS MOORCHEAD • OTTO KKUGER • ORCOO PALMCR ttuctwl by Oo«0M SDK • tetwtpliy * Mwrt turn • *•*•** ty No* Mwwr

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