The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 9, 1934
Page 6
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>AGfe (ARE.) COtmtER Hf?,Ws FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 1934s Junior Vols Favorites Over Jonesboro Baptists — * • •—-— i . . _._ jt I Ill HUT FIELD, Mavlin, Tenu. Kiev en I Boasls 5 Straight Wins; Opponents Heavier nv i. v, FRIEND With a record of flw consecutive victories snil co-leaders in the Mississippi Valiey Conlerence, the University of Teune.vice Junior Vols will be Die favoriirs lonlghl in ihelr bailie with ilie Jonesboro Bopiist College Braves al Haley Field. It will he Ibc nisi, college game ever sinjcd In Hlylhrvlllc arid is expected to attract, n larij.> crowd. The Wckoff Is sluicd for 8 p. m. On the basis of season's pluy, the Martin, Tennessee enlry has ft decided edge on Ihe linpllsl, The Freed Ilardeman eleven held .Jonesboro to n scoreless lie while Hie Junior Vols trimmed them, 2S-0. Against Tupelo Military Institute they ran up a 119-6 count. Last week T. M. 1. nosed out. Ilie Braves In a final' period forward pass, C-0. However, Jotsesbnro has been unable lo jnn a (earn of regulars on the field since (ho first game due lo injuries, with (he return of most of the cripples ami Ihe fine showing of several freshmen, Conch Beryl Taylor mid his crew hope lo make thi-ir best, sttind of ihe season. Coach Taylor is placing Ihe scoring hopes of the Braves on Lhrec fii-sl ycnr men, former Pnra- gonld high school Marx: George Flfppcn. Wilson Underwood and Bill Justice. Working for (lie first time against (lie Cadets lliey were sensational, considering ihe limited (line they had practiced together. Justice is counted on (o do ihe bulk of the punting in the absence of Ihe Btirlcy fullback, Wesley Goff, who is definitely out for the remainder of the season with a knee injury. Albrlglu, veteran quarterback, rounds oul a. likely scoring quartet. Captnln Cook, IBS pound tackle, Johnson, center, anil Garrison, tackle, are Ihe towers of strength in Ihe front wall. Before the Jonesboro outllt can hope for n 'victory, they must devise ways anil means of stopping | Paul Arnold, Elmer Browning, John O'Quimv.and,-. R. K. Honey, ball carriers'"for' VtJtij Vols. This imartet has ^scored most of the' . team's 104 points and have coin-1 The 98% Wrong Club Get Into (lie Gridiron G;ITN- of Guessing Winners (iA.MI. Anny- llnrr.iiil fin. G'nllfonilu- Onllfornln Carnegie Ti'ch- HAIIIiV P.llAYKON PICKS Army M-n Columbia 2D-0 JOCK SimiKRI.ANO 1'IOKS Army Otilo Klnin Oolgale- Tiilaiu- Fnrrlhnm- WfSI, Virginia fleo. WnslilnBlon Isuilsiana -Sinlp (ieoi-glii- 14-fi Carnegie Te< 13-1 Ohio filulc H-7 Tuliiuc I3-1 Pnrdhum H-l 1,. R. (I. ?.7-fl Valf ralllonv.a l-fi Ohio Emu- 7-0 Fonlliiim I) -I) i,. ;.;. ii. rot/Him NP.WS SPOUTS PICKS Army lt)-f> Colnnibln M-II <'.jllfoi>;ils 7-C Ohio filar.- Tntan? 14-1 VOIi PICK ISullierliiiul Picks Irish To Benl Navy, Tuliinc 1 Take Cojgate I'.V iOf.K KtmfKHI.ANII I Clinch, University nl Norlhwe.stern- llllnols Ijidlana- Mliklicsma Piirdni 1 - lowa Iowa Htaie- Oklahoma MiSEOIIli- Knnsas Stale Michigan Wisconsin Michigan Hlale- Ryraciisp Nnvy- Notre lianii: Nchraska- intt Oregon- Oregon Slate Penn- Penn State Texas A. A: M. Slwnford- Wasiilngton Arkansas- lllce Georgia AlabaniK INily Wllllams- Wesloynn St. Mary's (Nov. K!) u: c. u A. Him. as Ki-V Minnesota a?-o Pin dm: 7-0 0-0 Kansas Klak M-0 Mlchlgnii in-o Mlchiijan Kiate Notre Damo 13-7 PSt H-7 OreBOii 10-7 1'rnii 7-0 So. Mcliiodlsl 21-0 .Stanford H-U H-7 ficorgla 'IVch l-i-13 Willlanu, 1-0 Knlni Mury'.s H-0 lllmoK H-I; 2(1-0 Purdue I'-li lown Stale K!insn>- Hlate n-K 11.7 SKiie 13-0 Noire Dame Scoreless Tie Oregon ivnn Statt' fio. Mclhodisl 14-0 Slanford 1-0 nice 1-0 Cieor;,'i.i Tceli 7-0 Wi:i'ams H-l SallH Mnry's 1-1-1) Illinois 12-7 Pnnhii- H-0 Iowa Stale 14-0 Kansas Htate H-fl Wisconsin M-r' Mli'lilgun Simp 14-0 Navy 7-0 Pill i:i-(t Oregon H-7 Penn li-0 So. Mclhr.dtst lfl-0 SI nil ford 14-11 ' liici- IK-ti Auburn 7-G Williams l'2-l .Saint Mary'.s iropyilgjil, 11)34, i-ittA .Service) HT'l'SmmCII], Nov. U. -'•- Big Kains swIiiK Into liic home slrcteh in nm-s for Ki'ullonal. Intersciv tlomil, traditional, anil national 1'OiHIIS (111 NOV. 10. Tin-re it.n't a section of ihe r-iiiiniry ihal fails to iidvuncii nl least two (jul.slandlnii attractions. Inti'rseclinnal contests will ul- Irai'l the alhTiiiion. Fullcjw- Ini; u liurcl game with Notre Diime, IMiLihiirijIi plays Nebraska ai Lincoln. I have tnken lour good football tennis to Lincoln itnd we have rouivued with cue, ilctory. Throe ijamcs huvi- resuli.- i-d in .si'ijrrless tics. Dana liiblc mis 11 good Corn- Missouri, husker crew—one Urn has com..' 'jiloiis rapidly since losing an early .season fray Lo Minne.sota. Nebras- ku plays football Hint Is hard lo LKtu licfore a home crowd. 1 am looking lorwttril lo another .scorc- k^s tie, if we can hold (lie Hunkers. i Two of UK best, teams ',» the. cinmlry meet when Tulano tackles .Colgate in New York. I ant plck- ar, and will have a little too] ncli <m tin 1 ball for the Maroons. I lowii Henri 1 .-; to lose to Purdue; irrine one of ilir biggest upsets ol tlie day. Michigan and Wisconsin will Ijiutte along until Michi- j and Illinois will hand i N f orihv, r ('.-.[t-iii a decisive di-foal. DH'liK-s HIKI- Bowl Team j 1 In: gutite thai will decide Ihe [ Pa.radeiui naff Bowl rrpre.senta- j live fi'fiiii ih(- wcsi. will he played J at Palo AUo, Calif. This brings i Stanford and Washington Into ac- ; lion In a :>:jtlk' worth guing mites ''» '.(?. Jimmy Phoian has done :i ?r.«l Jolj »t Washington, Inn \ -^Ifuiffird':. fast If'um should be n iilllf K:n much. j fiiiinlir-i-i> Caliioiuia and Call-. forma mec-l in a gainr Ihal will imp litlle Hearing on Hie illle, bin nne liiai 1110.111.-; a lol to both teams. I i-xni-e 10 sec (i fulriv decisive Ti-(i):iti vli'tnry. In mi 1 MinHiwesi, Illce, still heading iln- parade, will men JiigKcd opiiri.'jiion in Arkansas, bin tlie Owl:; will lie 100 mucli for 'hi- fta/cij-backs, Texas should got by Maylor, nnd Centenary and ?'i:uiheni Mi UiortUt should hav<' litlle tronbli' with Tuisa and ::; A. ,t M., ii'.':|]ri:til'ely. Mis>;r,iiii Vulh-v yames will see I'll: rmi]ii-i'-ii|i lo Nebraska de-j c''U-d v.'bi-n Ir.wa Stale and Ok-1 lah:jiua nirni. It looks like Iowa | Stale. Kui!sn>: Kiate should repel n This Corner CAPTAIN? Sot/frlERM ME-rtloC>l4T U. FCOTPALL SQDAP F« THE. SfKO/'ID CCNSECUflVE By flarry Grayson Richard Is N <-vv 1*O 1.V7 j Richard 11. ttclnsma, former as/-. sLstanf to Al Walrous, famous Ce- NEW YOHK, .Nov. 0.— You nq hroll pro, has accepted the posl- tioubt will'pick an All-America tion as professional at the Ulylliir- tcam this year. Everybody does it. ville Country club.- He succeeds The man who delivers milk lo my .jiimtiie Fossick, who has served siructor. In .'every gameV'They get n shot, at the Bethel: (Ky) Corporals for the conference' leadership, Nov. lli. The Vol line is big and fast. But one touchdown, thnt by the Tupelo Military Cadets, lias been :chalked up Against them. The Braves will have a slight weight advantage. In both departments. Their forward will average 115 pounds an dthe backfield 166. The Vols arc four pounds lighter per man in the line while their backs tip 165. Hcports are that a good delcga- kno\v a pretzel bender In Hobokcn who also Is naming one. It's a disease of some sort. And since Ihe silly .seasnn for picking as pro here for more than a year. Mr. Heinsma ioox over his duties here yesterday and plans a number of golfing activities for America stars In action, as well as tion from Jonesboro will witness the game. Fans from other neigh- i ['^ boring towns are expected to attend, also. The probable starting lineups for _ r ihe Junior Vol-Jonesboro ' Baptist , C0llrs ». College game at Haley Field, with' jhorl ' R1Kl 5iinplc ' respective weights and positions: Jon'boro Col i'os. U T Jr. Vols Young (155) LE (150) Butler •Garrison (190) LT (180) Luttrell . J.Albright (115) LG (160) Formosa Johnson (165) C (170) H. J'nson club members. He said today that what arc known as mythical All- n tournament of some kind would America stvunrts is less llwn A tie held each week, beginning with month away, I take lien In hand a blind bogey Sunday. In the com- lo tender help to you. There seems petition Sunday players ill be iil- bc no cure, and 1 liate to sec lowed to choose their own liandl- a lot of soocl guys suffer. .caps for scores between 15 and as. Your correspondent has shivered | The new professional has an In several press coops of the more exceptionally good record as a Important college stadia this ail-iP'ayer and teacher. He served as Uimn, and it hns been his pleasure ;l'ro at the Crystal Downs Country to witness several potential All-' int! Colnate after a srnrlng spree. Notre Dame and Navy meet on ii neutral Held in Cleveland, and the i should continue on tile vie-, Ifii'Kms way, avoni^ng lasi year's defeat. : Another southern army comi-.s north when Georgia meets Yah-, and Itie quest will be successful. : Hurry Mchn-'s BnlUUigs .should 1)0 Inn much for Ducky Pond's Hull-: 'd(il(. although it will be close, j ' " * * iltani Must lie Ready ! Jimmy Crowley's f-'ordham IJnm, •--• |aftej - Ihrec tough games in a row, •:.'- I will luive to be sel tn wiilislamt -,. , iliic attack of Trusty Tallman's |i-||-vjwcsl Virginia Mountaineers. Ford- : | likely to mean defeat. Theiv an- live important eastern mines, although none of them will Al WntroUs 1 h'' Vl - " rrn l incarlng on tin: KCC-. BESistaiil 'in- 'llontil leadershlii. Uowdoin and f | Maine mnet in a game steeped in Heinsma shattered a record of tradition. I am inclined to pick three years standing on the Cry|-! Charley Bowser's Bowdoin band, tal Downs course, "a' difficult liiy-1 H "'- v Cross's Crusaders arc go- out designed by Dr:>IoKenzie who'^'A to prove entirely too much for also planned the model course sponsored by Bobby Jones near '"" Atlanta. Ueinsmn's score of tie,' 1 expect Pcnn Stale, In ihe t-.vo under par, still stands as the midst nl u real football revival, to Crystal Downs record in spite of beat Pennsylvania. Washington the fact Unit Tommy Armour, : and Jefferson meets Bucknell, and Horton Smith and a number of the edge must 1;e given to the the country's best professionals Presidents. There arc mi lioportanl bailies Dixie. In Hie most Important, Wash- glun and l.e?'s Generals, xvho haw Jfsst by close scores to good teams .should beat Virginia. Mississippi is picked lo defeat Florida, Auburn should defeat Georgia Tech. Marylan;! should trounce Virginia Military Institute, and North Carolina State should turn hiick Virginia Poly.- \ IV .n .foe !•:. [triuni's "f!ri|»" TO1.EUO iUPl—Ijlfclotig friends mid admirers .stuffed their hands into ilieir pockets nnd kepi them tber.e when tbe world's most famous handshaker returned to his home Kjwn. Jo? E. Brown, movie rAI- TVPF. OF PA9S --- USHt A/IP FASt.. HE JI/A THORPE (CARLISLE) SCORBP (98 FOINT5 IN <?NE SEASON rniiir-tllan, was lien 1 molluT and hrnlhor to visit Ills N'c Felony Cases Since i!)2!l PALLON, Nev. i UP)—There has :een no jury siuumoned lo lie-incases in Churcldll county •since 10M, SlicrifT James Smith reported. During Ihis iive-year period a total of 1(4 felony ca^.es l^as t:een Hied in local conrls. Otul) nl Frankfort, Mich., for the! post year, and . prior to that tiin'e i * was for associated ' t with several years ns cnick Mcelmn's men of Manlial.- The Search for VALUES have played the course at various times. He is .-letl. 25 years old and unmar- Every Western Conference outfit will'be engaged in championship games. Bernie Bierman's Minnesota Gophers, favorites fur the title, have Indiana on their al Les Lliidbcrg, Bcynon gels mv i tm the Cadets, 2B-0, uw Eolcctoi-3l' ln " <ls ' antt ;vtli!e lll cy should win, about mimcrous olhera votc . ' !.,;, voll , nt eered to throw out iheir' n " J ' l " !ill( ' ss is "able to prove fa- from opevttUves scaUercd through- Tackles? Whooc-y! Thar's a i mythical teams, and choose Stan- . tnl - oin tlicic United States. l job . , ror<1 s b(xly i The battle of the day to Minnesota, make this piece I should begin throw in Monk Moscrlp, the goal kicking Stnn- lonl end; Al Barabas, the Columbia back; and George Barclay, North Carolina's onc-mnn who refuses ta be restricted (180) Grooms] Arnold Ar " olrt Camp (110) no (1G« Bobbins i Cook(c) (185) HT Edwards (175) HE S. Albright (1C5)QB Pllppen (ICO) LH (150) B'wnhig Underwood (165) RII (105) O'Quinn Justice <175) FB (185) Roney Team Ave. 172 Team Avc. 16!) Time of Game—8 p.m, Place—Haley Field. guard position, and end Iliar! learn to a right Hut let us consider Midshipman r, of Navy. How do you think those Middle backs, Dura flurries, And Hick- 1 °',\ RO?V n !Zl . Of '.'» e 0"^* I've wen ihis fall. there was Hernmi i'« introduction lo Ii 11)31, when Tennessee came the others, get down j north for a post-season benclit Ilie Held I.ou Little, Ihe Columbia ifiamc with New York Univcrsiiv. mentor, calls Cutter one of the : Nous of Ihe New York amhori- masl formidable man maulers he j lies had ever heard of llickman, ever has eyed. ibui the one-man traffic jam play- Cuttcr'.s running male might led so nnuf.i guard thai they all well be Joe Ferrara, Columbia's broke down and confessed dial Clark, JJ.-T. Junior 1934 Foothall Squad •01 !(•!(«' E 163 G 160 HB ICO IIB 140 O 166 155 Name NO. Arnold, Paul n Baker, Samuel D. .. u Bealrd, Raymond ... 31 Boulton. William .. Browning, E. W. .. 16 Butler, James 12 CaldweU, Robert L. 39 Cunningham, James 53 Pernstrom, Richard 21 Finley, Charles ... 33 Formosa, James .;. 18 o Franklin, Benjamin G Graves, Ralph .... 13 G Greeson, Roy^.... 25 H B Grooms, James 19 E Harris. Roy 30 H B Johnson, Harold ..24 c Jones, Sam 20 o Keiser, Sugg 26 E Lampkins, Hubert 24 c Ixjng, James 15 HB I-ooney, Raymond .. Q Luttrell, Markey ..28 T McAdams, Hal ... 10 QB Owen, George 29 T O'Qulnn, John 21 PB Pearce, Loyce Lee . 22 E Bobbins, J. W 23 o Roney, R K 27 FB Shanklin, Varon ..29 T Sammons, Aubry ..19 E Sanimohs, Joseph ..42 G Tiromey, Leslie ... 37 ' o Taylor, Ben ...... M F, i the Gophers cnn go for my coconuts any day in the week In the .selection of an All-America team as a unit. But that isn't fair (o Ilie boys In Perth Amboy and Peru. I ml, who like to see their favorites' names in the paper, too. So we'll merely start with Min- ncsota. It will ue difficult to keep l-'rank Larson, Ihe end who rc- In the opposition's backlleld; Pug Lund, ana Stan Kostkn. the eminent transfer, out of an all;tar group. Wt. 155 1GI 225 HO 153 Rest Since NMVinan . Keeping in the middle west, We have Jack Beynon, llic Illinois (liiarlcrback, who perhaps is the i best forward passer since Harry , 50 | Newman, of .Michigan. Conipelcn't 15S 160 180 H3 no 166 ns 145 H2 icn 180 155 190 1G5 178 164 IS5 ' 190 US 144 ISO 165 Taylor, Billy Vaijghn, Uoyrt Wood. Paul Wood. Weber Zimmerman, Jas. Coaches: W. E. Dcrryberry, Gordon Smith, u every line, bul not called upon 17 51 14 30 34 HB T C T QB co-captain, or Bob Reynolds, Sinn- Ford's young man mountain. Stanford also has a grea.1 guard named Adams, who improved Bobby Grayson'.s bajl carrying. Michigan usually writes Its own ticket at center, but Jerry Ford may miss oul this year, due lo ihe (lop of the Wolverines. All- America pickers usually string along with winners, Naturally, ilicre Is llllle sense In All-America teams. For Instance. Andy Anderson, sports cdllor of | Ilie Houston Pr,ess. tells me Rice has a pair of backs worthy of Ihe honor in Willie Wallace and Johnny McCauley, but how many All America ptckers_will give either of them a tumble? Rat Their Selection;: Justly. All-America pickers fre- ICOjmiemly are made to cat their se- I recall Pop Warner 190 •-"-• ' ' 175 picking All-America teams was absurd. Which U is, with luollial) being played so well in every nook and corner of the country. But silly ns they are. what would football be wilhotit All- America teams? this front .should lake J nave an idea that Francis Schmidt's Huckeyes Have lost the one game that they will lose itiis INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - IXive Mears, who plays football for iiiil- ler University here, Is earulnir his way through school by (liggin s graves In a local cemetery. FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSUH/VNCF. 11K1T. o punt, because of the presence I Cardinals had bringing the Stanford varsity to New York In 1928 for a final appointment with Red Cagle and Army. All of the All-Americas were picked by that time, but when the finished mopping WRESTLING JESS WTLLARD, REFEREE" FORMER HEAVYWEIGHT BOXING CHAMPION lllaeksmilh Pedigo Two Out of Three VS. Falls, Ralph Smith 80 MInuies Tiger Moore vs. Buffalo Joe • Two Oul of Tlirff Kails, 90 Minutes ARMORY, MONDAY NITR NOK l.oralril at Snutl,e:isi Corner Walnut ami Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor 111 makes nfrrlmlltT>|«.«rilrrs, Wiling Machines ami CalruUlnrs Kritairfnc—Parts'—millions I'honi 71 TAX PAYERS NOTICE Paving No. I Sewer No. 1. Sewer No. 2 TAXES iv Dtip nnd Payable nl Al G. G. CAUDILL Are Now Dtip nnd Payable nl Alv Oil'ice Collector ini> N. Kroadwnv The gold or silver miner does much work before his mine is on a paying basis. That's "development work'," He carries on in the hope that soon he will come to the pay-streak and will have his reward. Compare this miner to your reading of the advertisements. Not everything you read is of vital interest to you at, the moment. But many thousands of others are reading. One finds a well-recommended suit or overeoal. at an attractive price. That's a pay-streak Tor him. Another rejoices to find a sales announcement of coal, or Coke, or furniture. Another wants the latest automobile or radio, and is mightily pleased to find the advertisement that tells all about it. The advertisements carried in this newspaper arc helpful in the business of living. They tell of equipment, appliances, things for personal and household p needs. Take note of the things you now have in regular use. What first called them to your attention? It's likely that you first read about them in an advertisement. Other good values await your choosing in the advertisements in this issue.

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