Valley News from Van Nuys, California on November 26, 1961 · Page 1
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Valley News from Van Nuys, California · Page 1

Van Nuys, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 26, 1961
Page 1
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V«* Niir*, Calif. SToM 4-7111 TRkml* 3.2051 Mail; P.O. BK 310, Van N«y, Calif. NORTH HOLLYWOOD 5241 Lmkenhin ««J. TO 6-3871 RESEDA OFFICE 7035 Re«*» BKd. Okkent 2-6101 CANOGA PARK OFFICE 7221 Jordofl AT*. Diamond 0-OS«0 SIMI VALLEY Flretid* 4-3908 Circulation Office -- STale 1-4370 72 PAGES AND VALLEY GREEN SHEET Established 1911 £. ''··'-, f^i."·.;.;-.-' .-i-~!\.i. t .'?.-:i~ 1 :*:«o.r^ v ' '·' ^4fM*^^^^^"£^ -fi §?·:.· W +'? \':-- , : -''." tx-l- * "*:' · f : "^Slfftcfefe^^Mjj -.,«,-.:··? ^:,i* 51st Year LEADS IN HOME DELIVERIES SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1961 LEADS IN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING No. 78 Cleric Tells Strange Story of Death Row Conversion, New Faith Billy Monk Speaks Last Words to Former Van Nuys Photographer By RON RIEDER The last man to speak with convicted Valley kidnaper BiHy Wesley Monk before he died in the -gas chamber was Rev. Jack Epperson, an Assemblies of God official and former Van Nuys photographer. j Rev, Epperson spent part [jof last Monday with Monk 'and witnessed the execution on Tuesday at San Quentin Penitentiary. He said the kidnaper was converted while on Death Row. Didn't Deny Guilt nev. Epperson t o l d The News a strange tale of repentance and conversion in ·the shadow of the gas cham- -ber by a man who had com mitted one of the w o r s e ·crimes. He recounted the story : of a long association with Monk, a boy who came from a broken home, committed these terrible crimes and was sentenced to die under the Little Lindbergh Law, Unlike may other men sent to death in the San Quentin CONFIDANT -- The iRev. Jack E p p e r s o n ; spent last hours with -kidnaper Billy Wesley "Monk -who died in gas chamber. Billy Monk's last Letters, Verse Quoted The following are two letters, one containing poetry, written by convicted Judnaper Report Little Damage Here Season's Second Storm gas chamber, Monk did not deny his guilt nor was he defiant to the end. Monk was arrested in April 1960 and convicted of two. counts of kidnaping for thel p u r p o s e of robbery, t^-o counts of robbery, one count of rape and one count of sex i per version, Accepted the Lord The Canoga Park neon signsiyri i i .-y worker's court appearances m Y ALLt I the Valley and downtown were marked with frequent violent outbursts in which he fought with deputies and Junged at photographers and newsmen. "After he accepted the Lord. CHRISTMAS SEASON COMES TO VAN NUYS BLVD. Traditional Christmas decorations, including famous angels, stars and bright twinkling tinsel, are lit up nightly in downtown business district of Van Nuys. In addition, Christmas music will be played and audi- ble on streets during shopping hours. Hustle and bustle is evident and crowds of holiday shoppers scurry in and out of stores loaded doivn with gift Packages. The News PhoU) he quieted right down and gave nobody trouble," said Rev. Epperson, a long-time friend of the convict and the man who played the biggest part in Monk's turning to re- hls 13 m ° nths -while turn Penitentiary. On Oct. 1, learning the date of his execution had been set, wrote in part: "You may have read in the of Hens Fel for the 3SS Assemblies ,,. C?H.« n,,, *· iiuwsmu lui me tiiiD Ahtemuuei at San Quentin, rf Godpchurenes in Sou thern California. Befriended Monk shortly after nearly 25 years ago in a mission in downtown Los An- Headed Commission At that time Rev. Epperson papers that my execution iv.-as chairman of the Los An- date was set for the 21st of: ge les County Jail Commission. November. j Mpnk : s mother came to the "Doing Lot of Thinking" iminister for help while trying "The time is growing short! to get her two sons back from now. so I wonder if it would i her divorced husband. be too much to a?k of you 1 Mr.=. Monk, along with Billy if I were to request that you: anti his olcler brother Pat. DRIVE HITS OF GOAL Only $26,719 stands between Valley Community Chert volunteers and their goal, aecwtting to Donald H. Cameron, Valley area campaign chairman, "With success so close, if volunteers will stick with it and push to the finish line we can reach the 100% mark," Cameron, said. To date residential Parents Demand Additional New Building Powers for Crossing Guards Contract Let for Tax Office Mayor, Police Commissioners Reminded of Recent Traffic Injuries to Children By HAIG KEROPIAN WINNETKA--Up in anus over the serious traffic injuries inflicted last week to three school children while being escorted across the street by a crossing guard, the Winnetka Parents for Safety today had have achieved 88% of their goal. Any resident or businessman who has not been contacted by a Community Chest volunteer may call STate 5-8S61, Cameron reminded Valley people. 'SECESSION TALK' TO BE AIRED BY be"allou-ed"totehei : e"when"'it ;3 ' v ^ w 't h R*'- E PP en?on S THAMRFD flDHIID happens. I'd somehow feel a ^ aimi " for a short time andiUilMPlDCIl VlvVUr little better if you were. Just Jater the m i n i s t e r helped; workers demanded city officials to im- i mediately empower a d u l t j j crossing guards with the authority to stop traffic and to issue citations. Stressing the need for such measures to protect the lives of both children and crossing guards, the Parents Group submitted its demands to Mayor Samuel \V. Yorty, the Board of Police Commission-, ers and Councilwoman Rosalind Wyman. chairman of the ; Council's traffic committee, i · Mrs. Murray Leimao, presi-: dent of the Parents Group, pointed out that such authority for crossing guards are She said the.-e demand* first' Latest reports on Valley re- granted in many major cities 'districting efforts and "seces- to get me to go for the part Mncc I n a i lime * cv ' ^PPcf-' rion talkr ' will . be , given at 20 vearTM P son helped Monk find job*, tomorrow morning's meeting ·That'xva- -ort of a hum lflt * him l ° Sunday school of Valleyvide Chambers of "'ere made a year a^o foUmv- teke but I -hlnk vou knmv ;tnrf triei to hc) P h "n " llt *· Commerce scheduled for 730 m* the orgpnizatiwi's nation- johe, out i ,mnk ou Know Ue the faa hft wou](] ncver o - clcck jn tne international wide survev on traffic safety Continued on Fag? 15 j ojn t n e c j, UI -ch. House of Pancakes. 8555 Ves- measures for school children. Sent lr Solcdad 'per Ave., Panorama City. A reiwrtt-rj in The News at MftAflnH fAW ' Monfc was a two-time loFerv The meeting has been called 'hat time, the survey covered nCGIiny lUI having been c o n v i c t e d of by the West Valley Associated *! state*. ibreakinic into lclephone.: and Chambers of C o m m e r c e ".Many motorists in the Val- isem to Soleciad with a 10-year headed by Donald Lorenzen. ley and other Los Angeles : sentence. Invitations have been sent areas do not pay at ten lion in _ During thift strotrh. Rf-v.,-^ all chambers in the Valley, a'iuli crnssinff guarns hcfiiiie Committee progress report* E p person v ^ ilcd n i m oflcn ,. torenzen said there will ih^y h :i v m, authority." Mrs, will be^given at weane^ciay ^-ijitjjjn; mrss;iccs from his he a discussion on the As- Leinian saifi. evenings meeting _ of me wife w - llo W)S . a ^ inf tarc . O f S(V i alC( ] Chambers* current "If ihcy h;«l t h i - a u t h o r i t y . Committee on ^^f i nrec youn? children. M U iK- of a proposal calling :hey -'.ui'i sicp j r a f f j c "Wnen he got out." Rev. Kp- j ( , r ;hc V;.llcy to swede from 'tic diil-ir'-r ju-"fe"fi List Clinics for Tetanus, Polio Shots Four polio c l i n i c s and two clinics offering both polio and tetanus inocula Uncle Sam's tax collectors, keeping a close eye on the booming population of the Valley, are preparing a bigger, better system ifor taking care of their slice of the local income. The federal government has awarded a contract for construction of a new building at 7105 Scpulveda Blvd., Van Nuys, to house an expanded Valley office of the Internal Revenue Service. Government Services Administration, GSA, gave the contract to Stanley Folb of 6515 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, ai-e lions week, Vnder (be sponsorship this |to provide 5439 square feet |of office space for lease to the government. the March of Dimes, the following clinics ivill offer only polio shot* for $1 each: Quarters Outgrown The new building must afford additional space on gov- Slaie Heeling for Streets Committee Tomorrow from 6:30 to ernment option up to 10,89o 8a« p.m. in the F i r s t i^quarefeet, nearly double the I.uihrnin C h i i v c h . 8344 'original leased space. Rcsrda Blvd.. Xorlhridjcc. Rental will be S1599.50 a ,jr°£,r,,,' SJIK i|awf e 5S.-« £ 14701 Venlm-a Blvd, Sher- I a i r Engle. nmn Oaks. Wcdnefdar from 7 lo 9 p.m. in thr ("itr National Bnnk, KS5I TojinnfTa Canyon Blvl» *anora Park. Friday frtim 7 1O 9 p.m. in Calvary l u t ) i p r a n More Than Inch of Rain Soaks Valley No Major Flooding, Mud Slides; Clearing Skies Promised Today A slow, steady rain--measuring from one to two inches in most Valley areas--got things pretty wet, but by nightfall yesterday no emergencies had developed. Water stood in many intersections, but police had no reports of flooding which caused closing of streets. Officers p a t r o l l e d the burned-over hillsides, but said no serious difficulties had arisen. The weatherman said clearing weather is probable this morning but that showers and VALLEY'S RAIN TOTALS CLIMB ABOVE 1960-61 The following are the unofficial rainfall totals for the Valley. Where last year's totals are available they are given up to Nov. 26, 1»60. Lwt ·torn $HMin Y»r Van NUT* ' 11 2,5* £.31 1.11 3.97 l.Sf BOU .1.41 2.TC - Chateoorth l.JT 3,« 1.7) Axoiir* 1.61 3.« 2.71 Topanira ,, ___,,_-1.7» 3.77 1.11 Bartwnk -M *.«« 1J« flurries will continue over the mountains. Yesterday's rain brought the totals for most Valley areas to near the figures recorded at the same time last season. But the 1960-61 total in Van Nuys was only 5,75, much below the average rainfall for the la-st 37 years of 16.55 inches. Accidents Are Negligible All but I n s i g n i f i c a n t amounts of rain this season came in two storms-- one last Monday and one yesterday. Valley police reported some accidents attributed to wet streets, but said "nothing un usual" had happened during ,he storm. Freeway motorists dirt not are as well, as downtown Continued on Fiige 15 mission Hills Board Named GRAND MASTER of Masons in. California, Guy Boyd Mize will be honored by Masonic Press Club at dinned tomorrow, MASONIC PRESS CLUB TO HONOR GUY BOYD Milt Los Angeles Masonic Press Club will honor Guy Bovd of Glendale, Grand Master o£ Masons in Calif ornia.:at dinner tomorrow, according to Tom Frandsen, club pre;si- dent, The affair for Mize, who A. D. Allen, Valley representative of the Internal Revenue Service, M550 Archwooti :St., Van Nnyp, f^aid the divi- j f;ion has outgrown its current i quarters and must move bc- !ca»i=e expanded space cannot was elevated to the highest Masonic position in the stale ast September, will be hdd at Greater Los Angeles Press Club, 611 N. Vermont Aver Sharing the dias will be" a number of the Grand Lodge officers who will come here r o m headquarters in San Francisco for the occasion, nd several Past Grand Matters of California. i F r a n d s e n , Undersheriff ! Harold Marlowe, Jackson Her- Ecr and Ferdinand Mendtn- h;i " are among San Fernan1,j ' it u r c h, S8*K» Street? and Highways sen od- Uled for 8 oclock in the Con- p Cr =,, n r e m e m b e r e d . "1 i , 3rd form ii- And if a nif.i-,ri.,-t tor?. 7232 Balboa Blvd. Cfmmitiee chairman . A. Stanley urpts full ailend- ance Bt the TODArS NEWS INDEX CM Chat - Pay* A-1S Book Two Teenagers Alter Chase; Shot Lodges in Car '7''k'T i' 1 , 7 he In- 1 vil1;;'' T''f\ \viv jutti. .-re "Thi- at ihat ih fn and in Tltc lj««i ,\nsrlct Couniy Medical A^Mtriallon -will offrr tHilb [mli'i ;jnd Irl.Titll-. vtmts liniiorr.nv frtnn fi:SO )« X.T4 i».m. in W'HMlIand Hills Kli'«n-n1;iry S)i«.1. 22201 San MJsucI St.. WK.dI ; ,n} Hill-. .A n n f li f r polln.ti|j4itus c l i n i c jv M-hf(]ii|r) 1v- motniiv fnim fi-JW. to S-^W p.m. in iln- Sf-vi-nlh flay nrrh. »T2 X. . S;m lie provided at thf present lo- V;ii1fy nfficc i.- r-xjjf-"tj ivx' s"vi-;i) ·"!)".--. io Ail'-n. !i- ^:)i'i, MISSION HILLS -- Elcc tion of new directors of the Valle y members of the club. Minion H i l l s Chamber of Commerce twd b e e n an- noun^ed today by chamber secretary Joseph Anthony. Bustne^ directors elected f«r a two-year period arc Alus P. Reulhcr. Donald Jor- d^rn. Karl Kusko, Frank Jacoh~,n. Lt-e Hamcr. AH.crt Segal yml W^Jiam Clarke. fl I ID tLUD ...»..«. FVFNT\ Lf till J Ov. Plan \-\v Sj'»t« p ni v ','1 J.'-Vvf,;^ -.v-Jf ,,,,,., .,,p.m. j n tlv .T,..,,-HI ("omiTn: 1^7]] tl :|. !·'",· I- -i -· '/;·;?«· Coniinard RKSKHA-Tho \\' f;Jcnn Price and George S) . nif , r ri , jz ,. ]K v , in Vhiie aJ'e new business di- T hiii-.fl;.y ;it s rcctdr.- rk-rtorf f o r a one-year w -,.,, \;, ·i.Tra. R'.uiilcnt din-ft'irs arc ,iji v (vn .l*:j)h V)t;il" for v.vr years \V;iv. and Richnni l)eI-ik'T f(=r one Thj-- -A-J]] !«· ;m (f-l'-lir::!'.- hiT'!:'i;;yy of Mm- Kli^'i :h ,1 :i !i n v j t r h )i' M;;1-1 I,-". fr-IIcwc-r! liy a .-' H'i)'i'jvcr ciin-*.tor.- ^ye Karl Oliver. Jf.-tph H. liailcy. Jo- PBjtB-10 C«t «nd Grow Yovmycr P»gcA-14 vctnc^ wte^tr ..,.--.fyt f-7 K«n»er wi Kontt«ct _P9« B-I Tbi Lomptrgltter P»g* A-2 Oat OBT W«y ^wioflnttw Of^f ,.,*. A.32 A-37 fiU Two ".i rsrlv m "· M1 " fireO 3f!T in a which a .-hr-? ihe trunk of ;:r. police rt- at ic offir^r? the n »i:. r and anrJ n ff M^ni-f.r. ,\v. ^f''^.i^·a RIv; vn'Tf- ENTRIES NOW ACCEPTED FOR YULE DECORATING CONTEST 07. f- f. "h-- r-;,r - f ar/J ir; ·,^H^ ]fi, in Sun Ihr - ion c-^il Y..r: s* \YV-7i J V ' Jr '^ a V"'' r .·'. hp' \--\ TMK Talk en 1 «f »-5 A.J '--ivij'ii: t-7 r:!; h - : Announce Callers for Mountaineers Sun * f(J liy lh»- ' «|t«n.'tfri] liy «*f "iH h«- ;irti-.(ry lit" Viil"lM*- ··Hire, at Tnij.hi"- w i l l In- llif jir»i. ··(·('·nil ;tHlf'I J. K. Cray. jvt'.T Sjiak and J.;ji:cf .S-.v^n, Anihom- further arjn r punccf3 tho * chamber's election ir,e is s c h e d u l e d for D'jrir Mi--:-Vin Inn Hcsinurant. ](^;JI S'-jinlvc-da Blvd. Plan Studio City Rotary Address 1 ' n '' ;nvl ) f-.- - f f ^f U." '-rth of Vw w '" } " '-" rV(v3 - s "' K1 d^-inc will f f -n,-,, ""· H"*^ .!-··"· '^""··;f nsi R h f r m ^ n Way. VM; v--, f i n Iff-r. 7 ^l 7:,"!0 p.m -'.r am- Ji:r:l-;-T irf'irrr:;. 'n c.-ii; Mm*- J»'..ra R f i l h T , - ri'. ;;' ]i?'-i:-i;- .l-r.Tr," nr l i i - Bw«l P«g* »-10 V :j^ ';-;-. ,'T '.'·;·- ;, .- . ··; ' r. 1; · ' · ~ in .\H*y Tf-f ;!'·- '.v. ; - C 'V.:i ?·· ?··':'; ; '"-'· ''·"'· ·· "Tf- '-.'fi'-f-'i '; mr -T T'"'- 'rifi ·.·'.-··'··; v;.* r*- '-n r; r rx* -"· "·-r *·---] ;;·(·: "'·^ L f - / J. r i .sn*V' 1 Jrc or J)" in^ ··( ih«- fhamli'T in ar. Tit*' f "nt**l i*- Plan Art Exhibition thr jw«lc*-» wilt Kc Mr«.. ,\r- ». Mrv. P. Mi's 1. Paul Fi*t. Walter H. anr) ^11 cntn^ iwnM Wi^jintAnn ai«l J^*rk Mnh* miti*-*j (' thfi *-ha?nhrr lifnrr, fir* h' l^ r .m. MiiMlajr. 1 Srt !»·«''· 1* i" all«w lim*- for . CITY--"'A'rtM ( ^n "\V: Iv. in Thi- f ' r i - ) - ' iviil !·: H ' l ' ^ r V *']!Kl ''11 T ^ ' - l i . : - . ' il 1 ! 31' , f i J..TTI. in T:;i) (,· ihf (·'·(·;; A /' · ·" '-:'i 1 -::oii'-.n of; lijvij.. N'.rlil Jii.DywruirJ. HrJlyv. ·"! -.vill tri on v ; - \ , A. QulveTiVrrry. ps.-t in ITT l / ; Ans"V-.- City ii-.:; crJrcss T^-.v* r f ^ ' j ' - ' v r,n j)r-c. ^ 5 1 · ·-vill f "·: *-.··-.' ^r-T-'.i:ah 7"" r v.;.

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