The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 9, 1937
Page 2
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TWO BLYfHEVlLLE, (ARK.) COV&lEB NEWS '"TUESDAY," FEBRUARY 9, 193 1 / Flu, Too, Prevention Is Better Than Cure "Fight the flu before joii gel it," I Next morning, rested and nt Hazel gets her quola or exercise with, |'l hen llicres the little matter Of citing The light dirt is good fonrhls IS sad Hizcl has a lernble cold, though she thought •?! Is the slogan ot Ha/cl Ncvln uf|a bilbk walk She's wnnnly diesscd to nvold cliill.. Bui._what's j moie thnn keeping your llgurr> Lettuce Fuilt Milk—and clont' ""' '""" "" "' J New York's "Red Hot find Blue' 1 1 Hits? A inccicrl Duck, Hazel—that fellow \villi the cold may .be forget 11—water, fire (inti-fln -shock troops. Eat a balanced diet, CB-it Thcie's sign she Intends tol spicadlnu tlio bad iicusl Another good thing to nvold Is the towel | but not, loo much Di Molds rishbcin Co'j™>i News-NBA. Scuicc get healtliful otfiht houii' sleep. | ihe followed rules'. Bui did she? used by n person with a cold. | medical authority, warns that colds lead to flu, flu to'pneumonia For example! she failed to sec that her room contained the necessary' 40 • to 50 percent of humidity, or ilml it was well ventilated, and not overheated. But she was very wise to go to -bed and- call the doctor, for "home' treatment without skilled medical aid. too often allows a mikUcold to develop into serious and sometimes fatal illness. mm IB 111 I Loggers Take to Raft AVhen Flood Waters Invade Woods Carl W. Tiplon Moves to New Home Outside'Coi- poiate Limits. MANILA, Alk— Carl \V Tipton. li\e times maypi of Manila, ino\ed last week to a home he recently purchased just cAilslde Ihi corporate limits, llrtis siSnotir- in» his retlicment from local politics By a Special ariangemcnt vith the city council he will continue to serve as mayor iintr the April election but he will not be eligible for another frm Mi Tiptop's position as president of the Manila school* bonn will not be affected by hlb change of residence as his new home Is, \uthin - the school district He • has been a member of the school board foi 12 jears and its president for five teims He WHS largely instiumclital in bring ing about the consolidation ot tin New Hope and Dausherly district. with the Manila district The son of pioneer paients, Mr Trpton was "born in Mivjnard Ark, on September 6, 1880 Hi lather was killed in a loggin camp accident > when Carl \\as three months old and his mother died \\hen he. \\as ten... His formal education was ended after he completed tlio fourth grade in the Cedar? Gro\e school, 12 miles noith of Pocahontai He prepared himself for the position of community leadership lie has Floods' may : cniiso farmers to 1 nfcc.'their belongings and 'lice to ei ground, and may c\sn ause merchants: and :. others, n ot;6f concern, bill high watci ueans comparatively little in the Ife of a Umber . man. At least ,hnl is the' opinion ( of Flojd largett, who Is hoW \V6rklng;,wltli i logging crow in the flooded achie\ed here ttudy. by 'application and Game Finds Refuge , from Flood at Gosnell TliB rush of deer, turkeys, rabbits and dogs from the flooded area : in the state line levee sec- tion'has about subsided and some of the animals arc returning to the woods When the ;break came at the state line levee numerous rabbits,;., several- deer, a number of wild..turkeys and at least a hundred dogs fled from 'the overflow region. i Care was taken by those A; charge of flood relief at Gosnel' to prolect the deer nnd Unke>s, which were fed Many of lhe rabbits were kill cd and there's been many a stew in Blytheville since that time. (Continued from page One) Chairman,'Arthur E. Morgan wants to cooperate .with private-compan ics In distribution of federally produced electrical power. Board Member David'Llllenthal wants the government to go it a|one .One o them, ultimately, probably will bo forced out'. Chakinnnshhip of an Ohio Vallej Authority would be a com for table nnd probably, productive posilloi or Chairman Morgan of TVA. HI ormerly \vns a college president ii Lhts state and IS popular through tut the valley. Some of Mr. Rooss •clt's critics .fear he may be tempt :d to play politics of that kind a -he expefiTj of Ohio flood control And a linnl .difficulty in the wa: of flood control here is log-rollHi- reported hi the Ohio legislator where s,lafcstnen must pass upo both flood'control plans for. Ui oiillicm part of the state and up on relief ^policies for the noilhcr icr oi counties. It is predicted ttia state. 'Bcq:l. control legislation an ineniploymcnt relief legislation ul 'inmtely will be worked out by th rariittoiiBK log-rolling practices i which one party trades votes to GET UP NIGHTS DUE TO BLADDER IRRITATION',' , It's not normal It's nature' "Danger Signal" Make tills 25 test Use buchu leaves, juniper oi and 6 other drugs, made into little green tablets called Bukcts. Tlush out excess acids and impurities. Excess acids can cause Irri- ivhal It wants to another wants something else. whlc Ir.aiii Uses Iowa Book AMES ,Ia. (UP) — onicials oi Allahabad Christian College, Alla- habad, India, now instruct native students in animal husbandry from a lexlbook written by an Iowa state college professor. Lnko'section about eight miles csl of Goshcll. The crew-was encamped in the eavlly wooded lowlands and en- aged in getting out logs for :ic Chapman Dcwcy company 'hen tjie hl[!h water cnihc. In- lead of folding up, their tent and calling it a day," ;the men made hcmselvcs a big,;log raft upon vlilcli they set ;np their tent tint other camping equipment, an- ihored It to a Irco and kept right m working., Ilnrgett said the men are work- ng from boats with saws am axes. When a tree Is felled an< rimmed the log is floated mil oi .ho woods to one of the big drain ago ditches in tlml vicinity. Whei sufficient'number of logs havi been obtained they will -be fiisl cncd together and toiycrt by mole :oal to Rome point .where; they can bo taken from the water. Before Iho high water came Hargelt hauled, the timber Iron the woods; w'ltii oxen. A drive ot considerable experience bac In the days when ox teams \ycr cominpn ln : this-pail of the conn try, Hargett bought eight yown steers several -months. ago an trained them . for. logging in ih muddy swamps where, mules an horses fiml'-'tlie going difficult. Th cattle tcams, :; while not as powei ful as mules, are much bette "miiilders" and In the swamps ca pull n heavy load through ' mlr that \yould cause other anhna' to flounder ami stall. For •' a while . Hargett's slecr worked knceX deep hi mud an \\atcr, but finally the water be came so; deep he..'was forced I bring them to; town.' Meanwhi the logs ;wlll be floated out of 11 wcods, but as quickly'.as the wati recedes the oven will 'b'e-rctunic to work.' , . Hnrgett said the high ,wiitev ha made >vork in the woods soin what slower than usual,',but one the logs. are cut it Is easier move them by floatingMhan the ordinary method of ' loadh ami hauling'them on a\iyagon, Members of the limber ,'crcw, 1 snld, are nov greatly coiicerne over the water r.>id arc fairly con (ortablc eating mfd sleeping aboar their floating camp. Read Courier News Want Ads GETS IOWA JOB tation resulting nights, scanty getting frequent sire, burning, backache, nnd leg pains. Just say Bukets to jour druggist In four days if not pleased your 25c will bo refunded. City Drug Store. •. —Adv.Bm "BERN'AT". KNITTING YARNS FREE INSTRUCTIONS ^New spring and summer jams Latest Styles Classes, Friday. 2.30 P. M. SIRS. LESLIE HOOPER 3100 Chlcitasjwba Phone 192 Wrccket Set rice - Gas & OH OPEN ALL NIGHT •Phillips Service Center ' Phonw 777 • 810 -• APPLICATION FOR PKRMITS FOR BUILDINGS, ALTF.UA TIONS AND-REPAIRS, SIGNS KOB STRUCTURES IN THE CITV OF BLYTHEVII.LK, ARK. Permit" No. 3, Date Jan. is, 1037, Street Number 217 Lilly, Lot 5, Block 4, Ruddle Heights'addition; Number of stories, 1; value of work; >75.00; Building of brick or frnme. frame; Material for roof, composl- :ion; Material exterior waits, wood; Material of foundations, concrete; Building on the front or rear, front; Distance to property line, on line; Distance to nearest building on each side, 30 feet; Building to be occupied as store. I certify that the above statements are correct to the best oi my knowledge and belief. Permit received by: RUTH BLYTHE City Clerk. : 16-10-23-26-30-2-6—9 666 Liquid, Tablets, Salve, ifose Drops - Try ch«Xs • COLDS and FEVER first day Headachy 30 minutes "Rub -My-Tlsm'V-lVorld's Unlnient Jse Good Lumber, Properly Braced, lo Avoid .Cracks and Creaks. <3 After the foundation ihc nest osl- Important part of the fruma louse is llic -frnmc itself. If this 5 not properly built of dry lumber nnd well': braced to take up nil the stresses and strains tlml It will be called upon to withstand, plaster will crack, Hoars will croak, windows and "oors will stick', and other annoying and costly: faults will develop. ; The fust member or tills frame Lq be erected is the 'sill— the piece that .Is, placed on top of the foun- cintiori wall— and as tlic.biilance o the ' from this, its importance can \ycll bp realized. Then are different- type's of' sills, cacl having Its'iuIvRiittiscs, but iio mat ter whnl type Is used .the bed, on which it rests iniist be as level anc as solid as it is possible to. 'make it There are always irreguliirilie in the top surface of lhe Eoumliv lion wall that must be filled to'glvi the sill iv solid, even bad, nnd ' ti overcome these, a layer of cemen ltivc protection- Housing Question Box Q. 'We have made a playroom n our basement, but we find the linoleum will not stay stuck to the loor Can sou tell me what kind of stuff I can gel to' -hold it down? A. So far as. we know, there s no. material' on the market today that will hold -.linoleum to conciete unless the concrete poifcclly dry Experiment'; ate aeing made to find somt sucli btit as yet nothing has' been announced lor snle llial is guaranteed to do the trick. In your case -the floor must be waterproofed. •. Q. ( Twlcc now the hinges of oiir garage doors have been torn loose by'lhe wind. Isn't there some way this can be prevented? A: An open garage door offers a large surface to the wind, and, If strong enough, the wind will rip the screws out, of almost any door that stands open. The installation of doors that slide up overhead In the garage would solve your problem. Or, if you do not want to go to this expense, you can sink posts well into Ihc ground so that the doors may be hooked to them when they are opened. This is only a precaution and would not be a pos- this condition in a new home we are planning. A. Without knowing the conditions, it Is hard to say where the moisture comes from, but the sweating is caused by-an excess of moisture In the house which condenses when it strikes the cold window panes. If there Is a humidifier In, the . heating system, too much inoisture is being released. Cjit' down the supply until only a little moisture appears on the windows In the coldest weather. It may he necessary to adjust this from time to .lime to lake care of changing conditions. If there is no-humidifier, then you must search elsewhere for. the source of. the moisture. If yon cannot rind it, you can .counlcrucl the condition lo sonic cxtcr,<- by airing the house well' at night, .Your architect shpiilil be able to : help you solve this problem. , Kirshner Home . niortnr should bo placed on.' top or tho wall and tha sill laid in it .while it Is still plaslic. This method precludes cracks and. openings bativsen the sill and foundation wall through which drafts and insects may enter. Sometimes the sill Is laid on the lop of the wall and leveled by plating cessary. sajms" ureter It where ne- After It Is leveled ' is .-"sUre'itfl" in the-spaces under the sill to nil In the chinks. Where tills method is used lhe shims should be of slale and' not of wood, as the wood shrinks an<i Is apt to rot and tlie bearing of the sill is then uneven. The first mclho:! described IK the preferable one. us by It a linn, even bed is assured. In localities where high winds or earthquakes may be expected, th? sill should bn fastened to the foundations by means of Iron anchor bolts well bedded in lhe masonry. 1! concrete or cinder blocks or tile with the voids vertical arc used for lhe foundation walls, Iho openings or the top row should b; laid as a -opplng lo close these voids, in order to lurnlsh n uniform bear- Ing for the sill nuri to close llics^ channels from possible termite Invasion. The Federal Housing Admlnis- .ralton liratrcs mortgages for the construction of new homes. Ira Irl.Tubps, coach of the'Mi- ami {Fla.y:,-University, football team, has lice n appointed head coa ch "0 Mhc' Uniyers i ly ot low a, filling .the vacancy crcated'when Ossio Sblem transferred to Syracuse. Tulfbs, graduate of William Jewell College, Liberty, Mo., was a successful high school coach in Superior, Wis., before goina-to Miami • Q. Our house is about a year and a half old, and the plaster around the ciiimncy .has cracked - quite badly. The chimney seems to have risen, as the hearth of the fireplace on the second floor is about a half an inch higher than the floor. What should we do about It? A..The trouble is .probably the shrinkage of the wocd frame of the lioiiise ralhcr than the.rising of t'ne cbhiiney. unless the foundation of the chimney is above the frost line, it is hardly likely that it could rise. All wood frames, however, shrink lo some extent, and when they do where they come in contact with the masonry chimney that does not shrink something must give, and this ' is usually the plaster. The framing should be quite Indcpencl-1 cut of the chimney, but evidently j in your house, it is not. The only tiling you can do is wnil until the cracks seem lo liavc reached a stage where they are not getting any larger and then have them cut out and filled. I. 0, Weslbrooks Are Building on West Main Work has started on a cottage erected by Mr. and Mrs. I. O. Wcstbrook jr., at 1405 W. Main slrecfc, on a. 50-foot lot purchased from M. -Fitzsimmons. The house, which is to have living room, dining room, breakfast room, kitchen, two bedrooms and bathroom, will have a porch across from the front, n stele porch and a small entrance parch at the rear. which is to The living room, be 25 by 14 feet, Sank Interior Redecorated The banking room of the First National "Bank building, recently mrchascd by H. Hlghnil, has Men redecorated and rearranged. The plastered walls and ceiling have been .finished in a neutral shade and bright colors were used to fihish the decorative pillars and as a trimming. The banking rocm will ts c;- cupicd by a <lep05Upry or cooperative bank, soon to be established by Mr. Highfill, in asioc ttcn ' with ether local mm. an:l by the nlfices of the Valley Gin Co.. the Hlghfill Cotton Co", and other businesses In which Mr Hlghftll Is interested. .Q. I Would like to .liave lhe kind of faucet on my sink that both the cold and hot water runs through. Do I .nave to get a whole new sink, or can I just get a new faucet? A. Unless your sink is of a very antiquated type, you can gel n mixing faucet thai-will fit. Most sinks r.ow have the openings for the hot- avid colH-walcr pipes spsccd so that a standard mixing faucet can b3 installed. If you have an old sink that requires a special fitting, possibly your plumber can make the necessary connections. Q, Is it possible to have a light put In at the back door oi a hoi:sc? A. It, should ba quite a simple operation. Call in an electrical contractor and he can undoubtedly put me in will) little trouble. • If the llxtiiro Is In the open, be sine it is one that will resist the weather. The CoiiMitullon of the United Q. Can you toll me what makes cur windows sweat every night? As soon as the sun goes do\vn and It gets dark the water begins to collect on Hie windows, and by States wenl Into effect on the| morning theie are regular puddles will .have seven windows and a fireplace. The breakfast room, which will adjoin the kitchen, will have built-in furnishings, the cabinels of the kitchen will be huilpl-in and modern features will Included in the bathroom. One of Ihc bedrooms will have seven windows. The house will have oak floors and will be plastered and papered. The cxlerior of the house, which will have a concrcle foundation, is lo be of siding, painlcd while, and the composition roof will uc green. COAL "\Vn nin't sell .all the Con], so wo just sell the best" Clean, Diislless, OU- Trcalcd and all loaded with forks to prevent slack. Per 1000 Lbs. Kentucky ...... §3.25 Biack Diamond . . 3.5U Sahara ........ .1.00 Acton ...... 5.00 liluc IJIazc, coal) . . 5.00 0. Robinson Lumber Go. • Phone 100 The finish hardware in a house —Ihc door knobs, hinges, etc.— vary greatly in price and appearance, .and while expensive . hardr- warc is very nice and should.-.tie included in an expensive house, it would be foolish to spend a lot for this item in a • house.-where every penny counts. Of course, very cheap locks are not good eccnoiny, because (hey will not last, but a lock with good mechanism and inexpensive finish is satisfactory in houses of small or moderate cost. Interior door hinges or butts, as they are known in the trade, need not he of solid brass but may be of iron or steel which can be painted the same" color the doors. These iron butts are well made and • quite inexpensive and. in the opinion of some authorities, look even better than lhe more conspicuous brass ones. For interior doors there are lock sets that require no keys," and while these are slightly more expensive than the ordinary type, ihev require less labor to, install, and where skilled labor is high they are no. more expensive in; pluce than the usual type toeks.', 'Ihey can be locked and unlocked by pressing a button in the center of the handle. Door knobs, if possible, should be of solid brass/or glass or china, the plated knobs, while they make a good appearance, are apt to get shabby with long use. China knobs are mule Inexpensive and easily kept clean. Outsiilc hardware should b» of noncorroslvc metal, as it must stand Ihc weather, and if rust sets in, the wood to which it is fastened will be badly discolored. Miss Edith George has purchased the "R. F. .Kirshner . home at 110 East 'Kentucky Ave., and is moving there ''today. The house, ' which was; the-home of Mr. and Mrs. Kirshner for^.u number of years before they moved lo . siitnrban'.propcrty,-'lias live rooms ' and bath. It hns'Arcola heat. .-•The house has been occupied by .Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dulaney and : family' who ;are moving to Osceola. .-•'''•'" . Read Courier News .\Vant Ads I COIHDN'T SELL IT 8EFOPE I PUT A NEW ROOF ON, NOW.I WOULDN'T SELL IT. FOR ANYTHINO first Wednesday - in March, I on the sills, we want to prevent Read Couriei News Want Ads A nev; roof is not expensive —considered how much it will add to your/property value. You will bcAyo pleased \vilh the appearance oE your home with'a new Certain-teed Roof that you wouldn't want to sell it for.any price. FREE T-ST1MATES E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. Perhaps you claimed the heart of the one yon love best solne years ago, and no doubt you've been happy. But have you given her a home of her own? No doubt you've planned to, but put it off because of financial reasons. Delay is no longer necessary. If you can <[iialify for a FHA Loan you m.ay begin construction this -spring and make those Valentine dreams come true! THE.ftRKMQ- PHONE .10

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