Valley News from Van Nuys, California on October 19, 1961 · Page 141
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Valley News from Van Nuys, California · Page 141

Van Nuys, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1961
Page 141
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Electronic Manufacturers to Hear Litton The Electronic Manufacturers Association of the San Fernando Valley will hold its regular m o n t h l y luncheon m e e t i n g today at noon in Andre's, 8552 Sepulveda Blvd. Charles McKay, chairman, said Gerald Heath, director of materials of L i t t o n Industries, will speak. -giscUBsion will be directed to4he method of bidding on subcontracts with Litton In- dugtries and the type of subcontracts placed in bid in this area. · SfcKay said, "we are fortunate in having Mr. Heath appear before the group as liKn Industries being new to the area has not had full opgortunity to discuss this ImBortant subject with local electronic subcontractors." ·JgeKay invited all small electronic firms to attend the melting. The Electronic Manufactur- 'Thimbles were originally c.4Jled "thumb bells." er$ Association is composed of a group of small electronic firms wwrking together on a two-point program: The program is designed to promote more contracts for its members and to cooperate with local schools in promoting more training in all facets of electronics. It will be necessary to make reservations to attend. Tfiose interested should call Harry Jensen, secretary, at STate 2-1350. The Valleys COLOR T V . H e a d q u a r t e r s fiittO* FREE COLOR M Theitn KORTH HOLLYWOOD TELEVISION 11471 MOORPMK IT .I^J« tM-IWT ST^JU T V - D I A L - 0 - L O G U E ' '^Following program art eompihil from ftporfj provided by braodeaiten. ' Wt oniim* no reipMiilbilltr for i«t minut* ctangt* on th*i MrtJ--T.E.B ·{« colorcast i , Thorwto? Oct 19 1 a. m. **-- Cap. 44-10-- Today : 7:« a--News ""'9'M «. m. no. Pacific -Cartoon* 8:80 ScaooJ 11-- Kiddies Show l»r-GuiU Port ft-4-10-- Say When e Lann« M-- Princes* ·53-- Pub. Sarvte* ;·**- 9:30 . Jfcg-- Love Ltucy Hunch c Room Clooney " V 10:00 m. m. 3-8-- Video VHL -3-i-lO-- Price BiU c ' 7 -Ray Milland , 11-- Divorce Crt. 10:30 2-S-- Surprise PkK. 3-tlO-- Con'tratlon · 5 -- Adventure · li-Mtsi Brook* 9-- Tog* 13--Felix 11:00 ft, m. 2-S--Love of Life 3-4-10--Truth, Cons, 5--Playhouse 6-7--The Texan 9~Public Service 11--Palmer, Coatea 11*0 td--Tomorrow 3-4-10-Could Bi (*) 5--Dateline 6-7--Love Bob »--Movie 11--iReserve 11:45 t-S-Ouiding Lit* 12 Noon 2-8--Burns, AJlen 3-MO-r. Moray (c) 5--Roundup 6-7--Camouflage 11--Sheriff John 13--News 12:30 2-8--Wild Turns 3-6-7--Make Face 4-10--L. Young 5--Ladies 13--Fashion* 1:00 p. m. i*--Password 3--Reserve 4--What's Wrong 5--Movie 6-7--Day in Crt ft--Playhouse 11--Topper 13--Pub. Service 1:30 3*-Hse, Party 7--Margii T.E.D. 11--Movie 13--Guide Post 2:00 p. ut, 24- Millionaire 3-$-7--No. Please t--Make Room V--Movie 13--L, Thaxton 2:30 2-S-Verdfct Tw. 3-6-7--Seven Keys *--Hollywood 3:00 pjn. W-Brigbt Day 3-6-7--ftueen Day 4--Act I 5--D. Gardiner 13--Fell* ilfl 3-8--Secret Storm 5--Tricks, Treat! U--Ben Hunter 3:SO a*-0dge Nit* 3-6-7--Who U Tnwt 4--Uews G--Cartooni 3:45 ·i -Holiday* 4:00 p. m M--Amos, Andy 3-6-7--Bandstand 9--What's New U--Stoogee 4:16 4--Movie 4:30 It-It's Cbri* television tonight TOP SHOW TONIGHT--Svtpieton oritti thet ten Andrcwt may hsv* b*tn ·mponiibU for on innocent boy't death when young T«d Harpor di*i in o» 'cqcevnter with th* iniurcnn inrsitigotor in Ih* darkened lobby «f the ttrm'i · offic* building in "New Sound for the Bluet" on "The !nr*iligoton" fl( I ·.«. ovor CU-TV. (0) OolMMst Thnrwtey ~ Oct. 19 5:W p.m. Movie S-- Comedy Time T-- Abbott, Costetta ti Runerman .-13-- Stars Hour SJW 3 -- L, Ranger 7-- Soupy Sales 11-- Wild Bfl) ft 'Oi n.m. 3-4-7-lJ-News 5-- Bozo 11-- Broken Arrant 13-- H. Fishmmn ·:30 r- 7-- Ploneen *13--Dick Traey " '13--Waterfront ·:«t 7 p. 01, j --Reserve 4--Science 5- Beat- Odd* 7-- Ripcord _Sea Hunt U-- Tort Bear 7:15 2-- News 3-- FT. drcws 3 -- Dinah Shore 4-10-- Outlaws S-- Jeff s Collie 6-7-- Onie. Harriet 9-- -Theater 11 -- Groucbo » p m, 5-- Trouble Shooter 6-7-- Don n* Retd 9-- Led 3 Lives 11-- Phil Silvers 13-- Plav of Week *:.» 2-- B. Cummingi 3^.10--Dr. Kliaart 5-- Crime, Punish. S-7-- Feathertop 6-- Kingdom Sea 11-- Brannagan 9 p m . 3-- Investigator* 5-- Mr. Lucky 9-- Movie U-- ClnunarroB City (*) 6-- The Cheatera 6-7-- Margie 11-- Without Gun lO-ni , m 2-8 -- CBS Report 3-4-10-- Sinr Along ·- C Rohertt *-7-- Untouchables i|-jJ- New* 10:19 5-- News 11-- Weather 15-Dr M. Klein I9'.J» S- Meet Star 11-- P. Co*te* 13-- H. Morgan 5-- Movie 11-- ffiway PaUOl Z-ft-- Movie J-4-10- J Pa« («) 7-- Honeymooneri 8-- Movie 11-- P. M. East 11:45 7-- Theater it mdalt* 13-- N«w» RADIO- DIAL- 0-LOGUE KtAC HI . . KMPC Kiev $70 KHJ. 640 KFWI 719 KGK. 740 KNX. 790 KKLA , ·70 KRKD Tfnindoy Oct. IS 1 a. m. TtFI-KABC- =.- KHX-- New* KBJ-- Ktm 1:15 KABC-- lUd HdHn XTl-Oat tb* Road KNX-Bot Cr*M KHJ-- R, % 7:46 Z1-- Hit UN *0fi . ft IF"!** MeBva .930 KEZT . 11*0 . MO KGFJ . 1230 T020 KGIL . 1240 1070 KFOX . t2iO 1110 KWKW 1300 1150 KFAC . 1330 KNX-KHJ-- New* KFI-- New*. Mori* ·:U KHJ-- Lucky Pi«rr* KK3t-- Bob CIKM 9:90 KFI-- lAdle* Dmy U:W m. m. KABC-Brkftt dub KT?X-- News. Godfr. KGIR . . KALI . . KWIZ . . KBIA . . KPOL . . KDAY . . 1390 1430 1410 1490 1540 1580 Il:0f «. m. KNX-KABC-X«wm KHJ-KFI-Ntir, um KABC-- T«lto T««t KN3C-- HM. KHJ-- l«cky Fieri* 1130 KABC-Liv. Fan KKX--G. noon KFl--Hem, Sport* KNX--Crort*. ~ It Nw» KHJ-KFI-New» KABC- KHJ-- W. 0-K««te 12:30 KNX~Buttt»m 1:W p. n. £ABC-- Nw«. MmMD EFt-- Nem, EM? t:Mp. m. KW-- t*lw tt *·* KFl-Ncn, Tow* KABC-Newm 105 KHJ-- A3!ea to T KABO^Opea rulio tonight · Oet It MO 5:15 Allen lo 7 -T. HWHMB KHJ-- A^ra to 7 ten-- tf KABC-Ncwt KHX-- Tb» W«rU KFI-- Sport* KABC-V SKX.-B. KFt-- N«w KHJ-iiew* KABC-New«, KNX-- NBWI KTl-N* ««, Hurt* 1:15 KABC-- N*wt KHJ-- OoroptcB · 11 KNX-- Bomrt, H«jl KABC-- Urtw KXX-- KFT-Marit KABC-- St*ro KJOt-Tfcl* l« f ft BL KABC-- Cwd. ·«·. KKX -- OtrtBtwi 1»:N p. ·. KABC-KTt-- Newt 10:15 KABC-N1U KNJt-- Swart* CTT-- O»J]«J Ut* K1TX-- Bahrt* um *. M, KJOC-- grot. tc i«* IAPIO k TV Lions Slate White Cane Blind Drive Lions and members of their families, some 70,000 strong in California alone, will pin miniature white canes on lapels of citizens tomorrow and Saturday to collect funds for aid to the blind and visually handicapped. Art Linkletter, national chairman of White Cane Days, has asked Americans to donate generously to the cause. "Money for this worthy pro gram, now in its llth consecu tive year as a Lion Club In ternational project, is spent at the local level to provide financial assistance to needy blind and those suffering sight impairment," Linkletter said. Quarter Million Goal Karl Barnum of Monterey Park, California-Nevada chairman of White Cane Days, said the two-day campaign, quota has been set at $250,000. "The Los AngeJes Foimda tion for Junior Blind and the Lions Hospital for the Blind in San Francisco have been designated as major benefi- In Sepulveda- Change Date, Time for Halloween Events; Keblers Given Navy Tour ciaries in California this year," Barnum declared, : 'though the d e c i s i o n of where each dollar is to be spent is determined by each club." Many other states and dis- ricts are a l s o observing White Cane Days this week end, though this again is at the discretion of local clubs. Barnum said, "We have heard that some areas will designate week ends through Thanksgiving, while some have already had their days earlier in October. Donate Many Hours For the most part, however," he added, "other areas 'ollow the schedule established h e r e in California where the nated." event was origi- Lions Club members donate thousands of man hours to manufacture the miniature white canes used to symbolize the need for aiding the blind and in taking up collections on thousands of street corners throughout the nation, Barnum disclosed. By POLLY SPAIN Back in Sepulveda, after at tending the California-Nevada Hawaii District Kiwanis Club convention in San Diego ear Her this week, are several no table members of the loca Kiwanis. Representatives at the four day conclave were president elect Cam Galleti and Mrs. Ga Ueti; immediate past presi dent Dr. Fred Bowers and his wife; Joe Webb; Dr. and Mrs Leslie Wolfe, and Messrs, and Mmes. Frank CoryeU and Bob Alton. President Kin-en Stewart re ported that the recent rum mage sale was a huge success and was greatly patronized. In fact, -we heard that Frank Coryell was decorated for bravery in the face of a de luge of opening day custom ers! * * * THE A L P H A JUMORS Woman's Club of Van Nuys plan to give the Senior Citi zens Club a boost by serving refreshments at one of its meetings each month. The Alpha Juniors helpec organize the local group and got it off to a fine start The Senior Citizens mee every Thursday at noon a Sepulveda Playground, 8801 Kester Ave. * * * PUEASE NOTE that some time and date changes have been made on a couple of the Halloween festivities to be held at Sepulveda Playground The dance, crafts and drama classes will hold their party Monday at 3:30 p.m. Members plan to put on play during the fun time. The pre-schoolers party will be next Thursday at 10:30 a.m Then on the big night, Oct 31, the bonfire will be lit at 6:30 p.m. and the food booths will open for business at that time. The costume parade will be at 7 p.m. A teen dance is scheduled from 9 to 11 p.m for which there is a 25 cent charge. This is a community event and many of the service clubs lend their support with time and money. HARNESS RACING HOLLYWOOD PARK PKSSENTEDBY WESTERN HARNESS RACING ASSOCIATION I Now thru Nov*mb*r 18 9 races daily, rues, thru Sat Pott time 1:00 p.m. Doily 12:30 p.m. Saturday TELEC TV, Inc. SPECIALIZING IN RCA VICTOR COLOR TV SALES and SERVICE Guaranteed Used Block White and Color TVs TRANSISTOR RADIOS * PHONOGRAPHS · HI-FI "12 YEARS SAME LOCATION" ff 13910 VENTURA BLVD. Jl OP*R Men. and fri, 'til 9 SHERMAN..OAK5 Other W«tkdor» 'til 5:30 Call fora Free Home Demonstration or Visit Our New Color Room : : STat* 6-1473 Directors Helen Cain and Ed Megreblian stated that as sistance from individuals who would like to help out by manning the booths and other jobs would be most welcome. Call the playground if you can give a hand. EMpire 2-9082. * * * MR. AND MRS. Howard Ke bier spent a wonderful day on Tuesday, visiting eon Bill aboard the U.S. aircraft carrier Coral Sea in San Francisco. They enjoyed the grand tour of the ship, escroted by their seagoing son. Kebler returned home yesterday but Mrs. Kebler is spending the remainder of the week In Atherton where she has been invited to instruct several classes in china painting. She -will fly home tomorrow. One thing leads to another -and -we would like to offer hearty congratulations to Mrs. Kebler on her election just last Saturday to the office of president of the National China Painting Teachers' Association, This busy and artistic lady already holds the position of treasurer in the California Association. We are wondering now, just who outranks whom in the Kebler family, as Mr, Kebler is president of Sepulveda Chamber of Commerce, plus his many other offices and chairmanships in civic affairs. * * t MR. AND MRS. Harry V. Schweitzer have just returned from a 400-mile trip and report that there still is much to see in the good old U.S.A. Their destnation was Kansas, Mr. S's birthplace, where they enjoyed visiting with relatives and old friends. The journey to and from was highlighted with a visit to the Grand Canyon, and a stay with friends in the Sandia Mountains near Albuquerque. Their hosts there operate a horse ranch and breed palominos. Also visited were points of i n t e r e s t in Oklahoma and Texas. Mrs. Schweitzer was siven a hearty welcome home by the Sepulveda Woman's Club, which she serves as corresponding secretary* * * WE WOTJIjD LIKE to reprint a quote from Abraham Lincoln which the Sepulveda appeared Chamber in of Commerce newsletter this month. We heartily concur that it Is food for thought and something which all of us would do well to study. "If I tried to read, much less answer, all the criticisms made of me and all the attacks eveled against me, this office would have to be closed for all other business, "I do the best I Snow how, :he very best I can, I mean to teep on doing this, down to the very end. "If the end brings me out ll wrong, then 10 angels swearing I had been right would mafce no difference. "If the end brings me out al] riht, then what is said a g a i n s t me now will not amount to anything. FILM TALK Thuriday, October 19,1961 * * THE NEWS V.lkr--14-B T --4S-C V«i. Mityi (CtUM-45-« 'Doctors'Tell Back-Scene Ward Story Br ALI SAR "The Young Doctors," United Artists release whirf offers one of the bit? of acting of the year arrived at Valley theater and drive-ins followings it exclusive e n g a g e m e n t in Hollywood. The story deals with a con flict between an aging docto and a laboratory technician on one side, and the doctor's assistant and an Intern on the other side. Frederic March plays the head of the pathology depart met of a hospital. He is in charge of laboratory analysis and autopsies. He defines his job as "one who examines the surgeon's mistakes when it's too late." Create Suspense Ben Gazzara plays a chal lengJng young doctor who is assigned to assist March. Ed die Albert and Dick Clark portray an obstetrician and a young intern, respectively^ The film is a battle between the old and young doctors. A diagnosis on a student nurse, played by Ina Balin and a blood test, which in volves Clark's wife, Phyllis Love, create plenty of sus pense in this black and white drama. March's acting is simply excellent. His brilliant portrayal of an aging pathologist seems to be a sure Oscar nomination for Mr. March. Gazzara, disc jockey Clark and Miss Balin also give fine performances. This film was shot under the direction of Phil Karlson w i t h Elmer Bernstein p r o v i d i n g the music. Other principal playert ar« Eldward Andrews (laboratory technician), Aline MacMahon Arthur Hill, Rosemary Mur- Bhy, Bernard Hughes, Joseph Bova, G e o r g e Segal, Matt Crowley and Dick Button. Film Based on Book "The Young Doctors" was filmed in New York with the assistance of the American Medical Association at Worn an's H o s p i t a l , Manhattan General Hospital, V a s s a r Bros. Hospital in Poughkeep sie and St. Luke's Hospital. A Drexel-Milar-Turman production, the film is based on the book "-The Final Diag nosis" by Arthur Hailey. Th screenplay was written bj Joseph Hayes, "The Young D o c t o r s ' should be a must of every moviegoers list. Juite a Banquet! Eat Rat, Seaweed Rat and seaweed were served to British Association members meeting in Norwich. The rat was a coypu, a South American species now pest in Norfolk. Films on Mexico, Monument Valley at Nature Museum Two color-and-sound movies. "Mexico: Land of Color and Contrast" a n d "Monument Valley," will be screened alternately and continuously from 1 to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday as the free film fare at Fern Dell N a t u r e Museum, 5375 Red Oak Drive, Griffith P a r k , according to the Los Angeles City Hecrea tion and Parks Dept, Southlanders a n d tourists were reminded that the municipal facility has an interesting and educational array of nature exhibits which is open to the public without charge from 1 to 5 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday. OUT OF THIS SHO WORLD by Barney Glazor A new listening experience In the field of recording Is claimed by a leading record manufacturer. Because the further de velopment of tape recording is limited by the very nature of the tape itself, the pioneer ing manufacturer has turnec to the use of 35mm film and is claiming a revolutionary concept of sound on records Until now, artists' perform ances have been reproduced on a master tape before being to platters or for public con transferred other tapes sumption. Even the most ad vanced tape techniques in volve two annoying obstacles --flutter and hiss. Flutter Avoided The new sound is said to be completely liberated of mechanical restrictions such as the high frequency flutter that creates, for example, raspi- ness in violins. If you will remember back, there were listening moments when you couldn't put your finger on the trouble but you realized that certain recorded instruments did not sound as they should. Flutter is caused by the p r o c e s s of tape travelling through the tape machine. Sierra Club Unit Schedules Program on Camp Cooking At the r e g u l a r monthly meeting of the San Fernando Valley group of the Sierra Club, t o n i g h t at 8 o'clock, Ruth Mendenhall and Walt Wheelock will present a program designed to acquaint arsons with camp cooking joth at the car and on the trail. Equipment will be on display and a discussion period will follow. Meetings are held at the Studio City Playground Clubhouse, 12621 Rye St., and the public is invited. For information concerning the club and its activities call C a r o l Stone at STate 2-9042. Film, it is alleged, has no flutter because it runs on a closed circuit loop and Is held securely against the recording head. Use of the 35mm film is also said to avoid tape hiss. To explain, when stereo recording was introduced, two channels were recorded on %-inch tape and three channels on a V4-inch tape. This meant that each stereo track was less than half the width of the old monaural track on the very same tape. Film Is Thicker There was a proportionate decrease in the ratio of signal to noise, raising the noise level and resulting in tape hiss. This h i s s disappears with the use of 35mm film which carries the equivalent of three %-inch tape tracks with more than sufficient space between each track to guarantee absolute separation of channels. Tape, being only 1% mils thick, permits some amount of print-through and the resultant leak somewhat degenerates the sound. On the other hand, 35mm film is 5 mils thick and offers little, if any, possibility for contamination by print-through. Dependent on the operating condition of your equipment, the new 35mm sound is said to reproduce faithfully the balance that musicians estab- ish among themselves during live performances. If true, it s the cloest approach yet to the reproduction of p u r sound. RESERVE YOUR SEATS NOW Ttckeb on Ml* at CmtlM The*tm knofflc* w bj mui, so. cilK. Mule 7» So. Hiii. Muttui *n) othtr ·n TONHJHT AT fclS P.M. 3HAMT Pttf. Hlfhtly' Rt(. Matt. Wen,, $«., Sun. KNOW) ·BRIUUNTr HT.TM ·Hi Yin's FiRHlestr imr-iHiut* MAKtMME MINK SHERMAN **** PACIFIC THEATRES CNCINO ** THEATM J^BK U^^t ST4429 WALT CtSNFf'l " DABDV DVDDT --PLUS 'THE PURPU HIUS" T RESEDA ** THEATtC Uf «r Altai! "PIT inrf the PENDULUM" 0144)151 WH o*iir --COMPANION FEATURE-"THUNDER OF DRUM 1 " Stt. *ptn tB ·.·. . Swn. 12:10 p.m. , ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ » ¥ ¥ * » ¥ » » n Q D n n n a a ZE BE »ZE 31 31 EZB 35 31 EZE RULES: (1) More to Hie 94.3 spat on your FM radio; (2) Relax with KVFM and enjoy the Volley's finest music . . . of push button music? Tired of horro organs tfist operate (ike jiP* baxes? Icng for en organ Ifcat sounds like z~, ofgan and pays 1 -se' c'S5-?C-~e -isri-i sse ard play tie Cc*rtl Don't Ccni's "Ir.stsni Music" method *(!! ha« ,'5u plsyiig the tur%s ,0'j l-.-e m a matter of minutes /cn^ i rr «r grow weery of trie ":"-:?,' i i^'e Conn-- tti» corr- r-t'e c":s ft J or complete safis- ~*." J tent models. l soon! 'f Lafftit Mtsit 6251 VAN NUYS §LVD. VAN Hun rr i-«*4 · rt 1-112$ Fox WEST COAST THEATRES GUIDE THEATRE CAPRI VAN NUTS IT FOX VAN NUYS S-2731 LA REINA SHERMAN OAKS ST«t*4.1141 «:4S p.m. Ut, fc SM. 12:45 p.m. DAILY 12:45 ».«. »:«$ *,-. . 12:fS tJm, Sat. 12:10 te*. * FtM«r, Oct. 20 Cr*fMr tok, QvrM Htrtn, AnthMir "GUNS OF NAVAR %*+IB*4l»V A*+ 91 ^vVfV'^WT^VV*^^^' Anttitfflf ftiww VARONE" --COMPANION «ATU«l-- "THE MAGN1FICENTSEVEN" 'PARK BLUES" --COMPANION FEATURE-"IK YOUNG UVA6B" Dtdt "Iff YOUNG DOCTORS" --COMTAHIOM FtATUlf-- "BOY WHO OUGHT A (ROOT THURSDAY, OCTOtW 19 CORBIN VJOBA AT (OEIBfH Dl 5 2222 , S:4t PANORAMA S H E Y l h K 2 - 1 1 6 7 "NIGHTS OF CABIRIA' ALL COLOR SHOW! "FRANCIS OF ASSISI" nvt 'THE TRAPP FAMILY" 'THE YOUNG DOCTORS" --COMPANION fEATVXE-- "SOY WHO CAUGHT A OOOK' NEwsPAPERBBCHIVE®.- . I

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