Valley News from Van Nuys, California on October 17, 1961 · Page 19
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Valley News from Van Nuys, California · Page 19

Van Nuys, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 17, 1961
Page 19
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Members for Orchestra A goal of 100 members has buen set by the Burbank Youth Symphony Orchestra during an intensive member- i=liip drive now being conducted throughout Burbank and the Valley. Regulars in the youth orchestra presently n u m b e r close to 50 boys and girls. Dr, Constantin Bakaleini- toff rehearses with the orchestra every Saturday morning from 10 a.m. until noon in Room 4 of the McCambridge Park Recreation Center at 1515 N. Glenoaks Blvd., Burbank. The orchestra is composed of boys and girls oi junior and senior high school age who play a musical instrument. There are no auditions and no dues are collected. Upon completion of the current membership d r i v e , a year-round program of recitals will be announced, the highlight of which will be the annual Youth Orchestra Festival to be held early next summer in Burbank's outdoor Starlight Bowl. The B u r b a n k Symphony Association and the Burbank Park and Recreation Dept. cosponsor the Burbank Youth Symphony Orchestra. T V - D I A L - 0 - L O G U E VIBC-TV Chan. 3, 4 CBS TV Chan. 2, 8, 9 ABC TV Cho». 7 Followini program* or* camelled fiom rtperti oravwctf ti broadcottcn. W. aw** «· rMooiitibility foi loit mlaut* chenae aa thilr wrf^ £b. (c) Colorcast October 17 1:00 sjn. M-- Kangaroo 3^-10-- To-lay 7:45 24-- News 8:00 am 2-- Pane. Pacific 7^-- Cartoons 8:30 5 -- Cartoons 9-- Hitchin Post 11-- Kiddies Show 13-- Science 9:00 a-lTL 3-- Calendar 3--Say When 4-- Ivanhoe 5-- LaLarme 7-- Married Joan 11-- Princess 1J-- Pub. Service 9:15 13-- Guidepost 9:80 2-- Love Lucy 3--Play Hunch 4-- Holiday 5-- Rompci 1 Room 7-- R. CJooney 9-- Movie 11-- Toga 10:00 ajn. S-Video Village 3-WO-Prl« Rite c 7-- Ray MHland 11-- Divorce Crt 10:30 2-S-- Surprise Plcq. S-t-10-- Conceo. 5-- Adventure 11:00 mn. 2-Lov« Ufe 3-4-10-Trutb 5-- Playhouse 6-7-- The Texan 9-Life'a Gift U-- Palmer, Coates (1:30 3-8- -To morrow 3-4-10-- Could B (c) 5-- Dateline S-7-- Love Bob 9-- Movie 11 -- Songo 11:45 2-S-- Gjidlng Lit* 12 toon 2*- Burns, Allen 3-1-10-- J. Murray c 5-- Doggie Roundup $-7-- Camouflaee li--Sherlff John IS-Kews 12:30 2-S-- World Turni 6-7-- Make Face ^-Theater 13-- Education 1 (JJtX 2-- Password 3-4-10-- Dr. Malone 5-- Movie 6-7-- Day in Crt. S-- Bowling 11-- Tociper 13-- Pub. Sepv. l:Sb 2-ft-Hse. Party 3-4-10-- These Roots T-- Margie 11-- Movie 13-- Guidepost £ p.m. J-S-Mtlllonairi 3*-7-- No. Please 4 -- For Daddy 9-- Movie 13-- I* Thaxton 2-S- Verdict JU 3-S-7-- Sevea Keys 4-- Hollywood 8 p4tL 2-9-BriRfater Day 3-6-7-- Queen Day 4-ACt I 5-- D Gardiner 13-- Felbt 3:15 24-- Secret Storm 5 -- Tricks. Treati 11 -- Ben Hunter 8:30 2^-Edee Ntebt S*7-WhoTJ Trust 4-- News, Holiday 5-- Cartoons 3:45 9-Yoga 4 pjo. 2-- Amos, Andy 3*7-- Bandstand S-Mov(e 8-- What's News U-- Stooges 4:10 4-- Movie 4:90 2-- Riley 9 -- Cartoons 13-- Flash Gordon 13-- It's Chris television tonight TOP SHOW TONIGHT -- "Tht Dirt Van Dyk« Show" ot 8.00 p.m. ov«r CBS-TV. Rob'i romantic wife matches her pharmacist ceutin with Kob'i iir«- boll to-writer. Sally, tot B lopsided dinner patty. M Rob f*ati, the retiring toujin Ii (iffiproof and Solly's explosive comedy ao« up in itwjm, r*mur- _fi9 Sally Ihat tht neVer will t» obi* to hold onto a man. ·~'(c) colorcast TUESDAY ! Oct. 17 ! SiOU* 2-9-- Movie 3-- Comedy Time ' 7-- Abbott. Costello ; 11 -- Superman , 13-- Hr. of Stars ^·30 3-- L. Ranger i 7-- Soupy Sales * Il~Wild Bill j 13-- T.TW Adven. i 6:00 o.m 3-4-7-S-lf13New« i- Bow ^U-- Broken Arrow 3-4-7-8-9-- New», 13-- News 9:39 2*5-10-- News 4-- Curt Wassey 7-- Balden ft-- Cartoons U-- Dick Tracy 13-- Waterfront 6*4fi W^U-Ne*. (o) colorcast f\* i it Oct. J8 7 *« a- nu B-i-Todw 1:45 0*-- News 13-- Pub. Service 8:00 «. m. 2-- Pano. Pacifio * 7-9-- Cartoons 8-- Sun Up 10-- Today ~W-- Country School* 8:30 5-- DJ). Scbwl W-- State Collets 9:00 a. m. 2-8-- Calendar 3-4-10-- Say "When C 5-- La Lane 7-- Married Joan S-- Mavie 1 1 -- Princess 15-- Pub. Service 9:30 2-8-- Love Lucy 3 -- Plav Hunch tf +-- Holidays 5-- Romper Room T-- R. Ciooney U-- Toga 10:00 *, m. 24-- Video Vill. 3-4-10-- Prlee Rite c : - U-- Dfmree CrL | 10JO a-t-lO^Sm'trmtion 11 " 7-lUw Brook* 7-00 p.m. 3-- Jeff* Collia 4-- Wbf plash b- Beai Odd" 7 -- B. Masterson 11-- Huch tlouod 13-- Worlc Wonder* 7:15 2-News 2-- MarshaJ! Dillon 3-- Follow Sun 5-- Peter Gtmn 6-7-- Bujts Bunny 8-- This Day 9-- Wbirlybfrds U-- Groucho 13-- Wanderlust «:00 pan. J-Dtclt Van. Dyke 5-- Y Derringer 6-7-- Bach. Father 9-- Mr. D. A. 11-- Rescue 8 13-- Thinking 8:30 2-- Doble Gillis 3-t-10-- Hitchcock 5-- Wrestling e-7-- Calvin CoL 9-- Crime 11-- M Squad 13-- Rams Hi-Lites 9:00 pjn. 9-- Toga 13-- Felii 11:00 a. m. 2-8-- txv« ot Ltf* 3-t-lO-- Truth, Cons. 5 -- Playhouse 6-7-- The Texan 9-- Pub. Service 11-- Palmer, Coate* 2-8-- Tomorrow 3-*plO-- Conld Be Cc) 5-- Dateline 6-7-- Love Bob 9-- Movie 11-- Heserve 11:45 3-8-- Guiding Lite 1£ $foon 2-8-- Bums, Allen 3-4-10-- J Murray « S-- Round Up 6-7-- Camouflage 11-- Sheriff John 13-- News #:» 2-8-- World Torn* 3-6-7-- Make Face 4-10--U Young 5-- Ladies 13-- Pub. Serric« 1:00 p. m. 2-8-- Password 3-4-10-- Dr. Malont 5-- Movie «-7-- Day in Crt, ft-- Pli. y h OU90 11-- Topper 13-- Fashion! 1:30 2-8-- Hw. Party 3-t-Io-- Thes* Root* 7-- Margie 2-S Red Skelton iM-7-- New Breed 4-10-- Dick Powell 9-- Movie 11-- Divorce Court 13-- Comment J"SO 2-S-- Ichab'od Me 10:00 p.m. 2-8-- Garry Moore 3-6-7-- AJ coa 4-10-- Cain's 100 ) -- C. rtuberu U-13~News 10:15 5-.NewF 13 -- Dr. M. EHein 10:30 5-- Captured 11-- P Coate* 13-- H. Morgan -11:00 pjn, 2^4-7-8-9-- Newa 5-- Movie U-- Hiway Patrol 11:15 2-9-- Movie . 3-4-- J. faar (c) 11:30 7-- Honeymoonen s-- Movie U-- PM East ll-Movie 13-- Guide Post 2:00 p. m. 2-S-- Millionaire 3-ft-7-- No. Please t-- Make Room 9-- Movie 13-- L. Tharton 2:30 2-S-- Verdict TML 3-5-7-- Seven Eevt 4-- Hollywood StWJ pJH. 2-8-- Bright. Day 34-7-- Queen Day 4-- Act I 3-D. Gardineir 13-- Felii S*-Secret Storm 11-- Ben Hunter 5-^T- Parker tS-- Edge Nlt« 8-(-7-- who U Tract 4-- News S-- Cartons 3:45 4- Holidays 4:90 p. m. 2-- Amos, Aadr $4-7--60. Stand 9-- What's New U-- Stooges 4:19 *"*"*:* 3 -- ROey 9-- CartooM 13-- It's Chris 5:00 pJJk 11-- Supemao 13-Hour ot Stag · television tonight · "OP SHOW TONlGHT~Ooro!!iy Melon* end Jctin Dthnw t*-itor in "Chrcl- *=V ol 1.30 p.m. o»«r CBS-TV, Th» S^oy'i (Molont * Dehw)^ r*i _a lodg* and Shoy t lined hone". Oil (Ed "wty to poy «H B d6b). lo^a (»TM'*iy) finds herself htlplnj Wl W »'*' «n nvrder of htt ficibend Chstlrmot* cmrtt on "t «W» to tula Oct 18 JI TSm» 7-AWwtt, "-Soupy S«Jei U-WiM EIU ft-Mt -- Broken Arrent Valley J-- BtaT Odd* 7-- tan? U-- H«ile. j-- Travel 7:15 2-- AMn ,s_SHe 5. i n * Dal J» -- Mrrcr- 1] I »i 3-- G. to OoH*E» Ift-Mi IMIL 2-»-St«1 Hr. 4-- B. 5-C Robert* U-- W««tber, SoU. IS-- Dr. M. Klein in » 4--Brinklev e -- On-ni n-- P Ctmtts 13-- H. KffTKM j i -w i.m. ,^-- Mo-ne ,S-- RM 5-- *w U--PM East (O IWt UKfVEDSM. tASlO t TT ITHWCAT1 Friends and neighbors of local resident Victor Caston- ay are remembering his birthday tomorrow since he is confined to Los Angeles County General Hospital with a serious recurrence of arthritis. Cards and letters may be addressed to him c/o Ward 10600, at the Hospital, 1200 State St. * * * FOLLOWING SURGERY at Sawtelle Veterans' Hospital in West Los Angeles, Charles Humphrey is showing considerable improvement, his family reports. They thank ;he many well-wishers for their cards and calls, for which he has been most appreciative. * * * YOUR WRITER feels the same way and is thankful for the many, many cards and calls during her recent hospital sojourn. We are sorry too for any inconvenience to several contributors whose copy may not have found its way into some page of the "News" during the period. For the period from Thursday through Tuesday, Oct. 24, we ask contributors to submit copy direct to the city desk or women's department of the "News." After that date copy again may be sent or brought to our address (at head of the column) as usual, * * * DID YOU KNOW that Old Woodman Ave. has been changed to Ventura Canyon Ave. as result of completion of alignment of "New" Woodman Ave. in this area? * * * CHASING SPOOKS with a gay frolic Oct. 28 will be members and husbands of IN AND AROUND Wtrit Newt rTAMI PACOIMA · UK FERNANDO · SUNVAUfY * ARLCTi KATZ--ST*t«0-34M *gU7»rtaifi«MA»».. Ziona Chapter of Pioneer Women. They invite all interested couples to join them at the costumed and masked affair to be staged at 8:30 p.m. in the haunted house of the Richard E. Shulmans, 8759 Cantaloupe Ave. Details as well as reservations can be had by telephoning EMpire 1-2593 or EMpire 2-1427. * * + AMERICAN LEGION Auxiliary Unit 817 will act as judges for the children's costume parade for the commu nity Halloween Carnival at Panorama Playground on Oct. 30. At the same time the unit is busily preparing for its own annual costumed Halloween Dance, an open-to-the-public major fund-raising project for the year. The gala will be staged in the Legion Castle Hall at 13553 Reedley St. on Saturday, Oct 28, with prizes to be awarded the man, woman and couple with the most original costume. According to unit vice president, Mrs. Pearl Hunicutt, who is directing the affair assisted by secretary Mary Prescott, a four- piece combo band will provide dance music. Taking over the chairman ships of membership and legislation vacated by former officer Marge Dillon is newly elected vice president Mrs Hazel Newell. Mrs. Dillon resigned to move with her family to Sacramento. Mrs. Newell picks up the reigns of membership to announce again that the aux Diary, which meets the second and fourth Thursdays of each month is open to wives, sisters, mothers and daughters RADIO -DIAL-0-LOGUE Foltowinf fngtaaa an compiled from rtfflrtj Wo onura. ne r«poniiiili(r for (art minute cnM«t on ty bro«t«(t*n. (heir e«rt.-- T.tD. KLAC KFI . KMPC ... 710 KBIG . . . 740 KABC . . . 790 KIEV . . . 870 S70 KHJ ....»30 640 KFWB .. . 980 KGFJ KGBS...1020 KGIL . KNX ... 1070 KFOX . KRU . . 1110 KWKW KRKD. . 1150 KFAC . 1190 1230 1260 1280 1300 1330 KGER KALI . KWIZ KBLA KPOL , KDAY 1390 1430 1480 1490 1540 1580 October 17 7:00 ajn. EFI-KNX --News KHJ-KABO- News 9:15 KABC-- ITLvftlB* KFI-- Hit Ote Road KNX-- Bob Cr*n» KHJ-- Lewis to 7:30 KHJ-KNX-Hew* KFI-- N*-w» KNX-- Bob Cr*n« 8:00 MB. KABOKNX-- New* KFI-- Hit Road 8:15 KABO-M-Lvalni KNX-- Bob Crane KFI-- H*w» »' 8:46 KFI-- Turn dock 9:00 son. KHJ-- News KNX-KABC-- KFI--Turn Clock 9:15 KHJ--Pierre to 12 KNX--Bob Ctaae KABC--Mcttvaine 9:30 Id--Ladies Day 10:00 ft. in- £ABC--Bkft Club KFI--News, Music KUX--News, Oodtr. 11:00 a. m. KABO-Newi KNX--N«w«, H. POf KFI--News. MusfQ U:i5 KABC--Tello Tert 11:30 KABC--Living Fun KNX-- G. Moort 11:45 KNX-- Crosby , Cloo. Noon KABC--Harvey KNX-KHJ-- Newi Bennett ·-O-Keefeto* 12:30 KNX--P, Buttram 1:00 n. m. MX--Neira 1:15 KABC--P, Mason 2:W p. m. C-KKX--N«Wf 2:15 KABC-- Noble 9:90 Norman 3:00 p,ni. KABC-- New. KFI -Fern ToncK KHJ-4ENX-- New* 3:15 KABC-- Open Lin* KNX-- Story Lin* KHJ-- AJlen to 7 3:3* 4M o. m- KFKKABO-- Newi 4:15 KABC-Slatr K.FI-- Unite Tlnw radio tonight Oct. 17 StfO tun. KABC-KNX--Newt KFI-KHJ--News 5:15 KNX--Alcott KHJ--P. AUett SO -T. Harmon 6:00 pJB- KABC-KHJ--Newi KNX--Sport* KPI--News 6:15 SHJ--P. Allen KJl--Sports 6:30 EFT--News KNX--B. Ferria KABC--Piaklcy 7'M pJB. KABC--News. Spta, KNX-KHJ--Newi KFI--News, Mtwl« 70S KNX--Boroett, Hayi KABC--N«ws KHJ--Compton - 31 7:30 KFI--News, Music KABC--Living Fun KNX--Question S:W pJB. KABC-KHJ--New» KNX--City Editor 8:15 KFI-- News, Husi* KNX-- This is L KABC-- Stereo ftOO pjn. SKX-KABC-- New 9:15 KABC-- New. KNX-- Opinion 19:W pjn. KABC-- Nile Un« 1«05 19:39 KNX-- Salute KCT-Caltod TJf« U:99 DA. KNX-- Newi. KHJ-KFI-- New» Oct 1* 7 ·. m. KABC- -Hemwmr KFI-KNX-- New* KHJ-- Alien to I 7:15 KABC-- B«d McBTO KFI-- Hit the road KNX-- Sob Crane KHJ-- K. Q. Lewi! KNX-KHJ-- Newi 7:45 KNX-- Gran* KFI-- News 8:00 a. m. KABC-KF1-- Newi KNX-- News. Snot. 8:15 KABC-- Red McBra KNX-- Ea. Omni KFI-- News 9M ·. m. KABC-KHJ-- Newt KKX-KFI- N«w» 9:15 KFI-- Turn Clock EHJ-- Locky Hew* KABC-- McLLon KNX-- Bob Cnae KFI-- Ladies Day 10:90 a. m KABC-- Brkftt Ctnb KFI-- News, Mttdc KNX-- Newm. Godtr. 11:90 *, m. KNX-- Kew* KFI-Uew«, Mai KABC- New. 1105 KNX-- Hse. Party KABC-- Teflo Tert 113Q KNX-- G. Moon KABC-- LJv. Ftm KFI-Neww, Undo 11:45 KNX KABC-KBJ- Newi KFLKNX-- New» Oct 15 i*W (MIL KHJ--W. KABO-* ICNX-M radio (CNX-KHJ-- 7:15 KF1-- Bout KNX-- P. ButtrtOtt IM p. m. KABC-- News KNX-- P. Buttmn KFI-- Nem, Ea»y IdS KABC-- Pam J:99p- m. KABC-- Newt, Nobto . Normu S:99 BJD. KABC-KNX-N«w« KFI-- Newa. Feox 805 KHJ-- AttenteT KABC-- Open L1M EKX-- Story Lin* 5:39 KFI-- Mmto 449 P- m- KABC-- Neva, Ftott 831X, KFI-- S«w» FILM TALK Tuesday, October 17, 1961 V.IWy-- 1» Wa* * * THK NEW* of veterans. AH arc invited to attend these sessions con- lucted in the Reedly St. Castle Hall. Rumors of the holiday finery to be previewed at the group's forthcoming fashion show are keeping anticipation of this event high. Dale is Nov. 1 at 8 p.m. and site is Panorama Playground, 8600 Hazeltine Ave. Tickets may be obtained at the door. * * * REMINDER: Tomorrow at 12:30 p.m. is Panorama City Coordinating Council meeting in banquet room of Panorama Bowl, 8750 Van Nuys Blvd. Luncheon to be served at 12 noon is optional and no reservations are necessary. Individuals and group representatives are welcomed at these third Wednesday month ly meetings which are geared for cooperative community action and evaluation of local needs and problems. * * * ONE Y O U T H LEADER commends the P a n o r a m a Theater for use of the National Anthem to open each feature billing. She states that it was heartwarming in the wake of so much concern over waning patriotism to see the audience rise for the solemn occasion. Even two teeners who continued walking down the aisle during the words and music of "The Star Spangled Banner" failed to minimize the new trend of accenting the positive. * * * SINCE CHILD patients at Olive View Sanitarium can't go out "Trick or Treating" on Halloween, members of Cub Scout Pack 102, sponsored by Chase St. School PTA, are bringing the treats to them. Under direction of den mothers and Cubmaster Robert Fitzgerald, the Cubs are busy preparing special tray favors on the All Hallows theme to distribute to the children's wards for that eve ning. Import Stars Orson Welles as King Saul By ALl BAR The Biblical story "David and Goliath" now is showing in the Valley with Orson Velles playing King Saul. An Anta production, the ·lot doesn't need much expla- lation. The boy David slays he giant Goliath and saves he city of Jerusalem from the 'hilistines. He later becomes King of Israel. The acting loses its power because of dubbed4n English over foreign voices. A n d creen writers have added some commercial ingredients o make this movie a success. The film was shot on loca- ion in Rome, Jerusalem and Yugoslavia by an Italian mo- ion picture company. Welles, who gives the most mpressive performance in the ilm, is the only American in .he cast. Other principal players in his color movie are Edward Hilton, Guilia Rubini, Eleanore, Pierre Cresoy, Ivo Payer, MsLnno Serato, Eossi Drago and Emma Baron. "David and Goliath" was produced by Emimmo Salvi with Richard Pottier and Ferdinand Baldi serving as directors. The screenplay was written by Umber-to Scarpeli, Gino Mangini, Ambrigio Molteni and Salvi. 12 Military Units Begin Active Duty A total of 12 Southland Army Reserve and National Guard units had begun active duty or were alerted today. Nine of the units are from the Los A n g e l e s area and have a total strength of about 120 officers and enlisted men. Units on the alert list in dude: North Hollywood -- 691st Quartermaster Co. Los Angeles--3Uth Logistical Command, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 29th Transportation Detachment, 408th Finance Section, Disbursing, Units currently activated include: Los Angeles --325th Army Security Agency Battalion, 316th Military Police Detachment, 292nd Transportation Detachment. Long Beach -- 123rd Ordnance Co. {general support), 161st Ordnance Co. (field supply), Second Quartermaster Platoon. Bell--115th Medical Detachment (surgical team), 968th Ordnance Co. (general auto support), 9I6tb E n g i n e e r Group. San Diego--977th Transportation Co., 294th Engineer Detachment (diving). Redlands--3668th Ordnance Co. (ammunition). Academy of Arts, Sciences Selects 1961-62 President Paul Weston is new presl dent of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, it has been announced. Weston, one of the founders of the academy in 1957 and first president of its local chapter, was named to the post by the academy's national board of trustees at Its meeting in Beverly Hills. Voyle Gilmore of Los An geles was named board secretary in the same election. The a c a d e m y annually marXs achievements in the recording industry with, the presentation of " G r a m m y Awards." KFI-- Ke»* Mode KNX-- New* 5:15 KHJ--Allr 7i to 1 KNX--T KAEO-j; K VC-KH4--Newt KWX-- Optakm Itrft gnu -- Nc« 11 fCNX-- Eurnrtt, H«J» 7:3n KFI Pan Editor KABC-N'-w* _,,.. KABC--V.»r«o ToBiU jcfX--Thit U LJL KFI-^port* 63« KNX-B. Ferris Ml tun. Bute. (O l«» VHFvatSM. HAWO » 1t:lS Xito KXJt-- Sport* U:15 II :» KJOt-- MmSe METHODISTS PUN BAKER UNIVERSITY ALUMNI PROGRAM Dr- Wttliam J. Scarborough, president of Baker University in Baldwin City, Kan_ wii! visit alumni and friends on Nov. 5 at 1 pjn, An alumni dinner -will be held in Grant HaJl of First M*lhodist Church of Holly wood at Highland and Frank' ]in Aves. Rc«ervatJons may be made by -writing to V. Duane Htnre of 1521 Winchester AY»., Glcndale. A premiere W«rt Coart Ujfrwine of "Let Him Flm Be a Man," a full-coJor mnvie by t'niversity wrtttiCTi iin'ci by Hugh · -tt-iJ! rx 1 ** 111 \F-^ f«aiur«, Baker VnivcrMt? JTI ]*"^ i e fiTi" m f ih* ihan 115 institution;! of ... t iearnirg rupported try "the %JethrxJifl Church. Police Find Boy sAerely Sleeping Jpon Sidewalk Down in Norfolk, Va., a pa- rol car received an emergency report that a small boy vas lying unconscious on a sidewalk. The officers dashed to the scene and to the side of the small boy. He promptly opened his eyes and explained hat he had been sleeping. "But why on the sidewalk," queried an officer. "Because," r e p l i e d the small boy, "that's where I vas when I got tired," KSEWUWR SEATS HOW TfcKtl* M **l* «t Etyptlm Thttln bOMflh* or by nttl).». Calif. Mwle 737 So, Hill · Mutuil wt MMr if TONWHT ATMS P.M. SKARr tort. miMr · RH. Mm. WM,, st.. sun. A COLD WIND IN AUGUST- Utt 0*yl tor. * Sun. CvntlnattHt 2 fM. SHERMAN Fox WEST COAST THEATRES , Oc*. 17 · C A P R I FOX LA RIEMA SHERMAN OAKS 4-mi ENDS TONIGHT! IHOS TONIGHT! ENDS TOHICHTt Qwten "GUNS OF NAVARONI" --COMPANION FEATURE-Yul Irynmr "THE MAGNIFICINT SEVEN" PLUS 'THE HEAD" it W*n't Uy D«wn and Stay D*o4i ,"BUCK PET OF DR. M" ML CO|OH SNOW! B. Oillm.n, O. Hart, S. WMIntM "ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI" --COMPANION FEATURE-"THE TRAPP FAMILY" PACIFIC DRIVE IN THEATRES SHOW STARTS AT 6:30 P.M.-CHILPREN UNDER 12 'LAUREL WALT DISNEY'S (M Lour. Cyn. N, V«n " B O B B Y " Plu. "THE PURPLE HI|LS" SEPULVEDA "TM " T * HD !. THE tEMDULUM" IT *-*Jll PLUS "HOUSE SipulMito P"" ulHER" i.«»Vktery OF UJMIR PICKWICK TH 2-5731 Alemtd* W, Victory tlM "THE PUftPLE HI] Li" VANNUYS "·-"i; TM.-^TM 5! Cauaht A CnMh" J- Woynt, *. Vfldmgfk ALAMO" 90 J-5S11 J.W«r««. R-WUnwrk " SAKVAL TH H17T it. K«d at Ween* r. March, B. ««rk "Th» Y«nf Doctor*" Nut "Boy Who Couiht A Cr#«k" PACIFIC THEATRES WALT UttrtY'S Grtyfriart - B O B B Y " ST4-1U1 PURPLE HI|LS" «:1S--Sat. * H-n. 12t3« IttSEDA SSSSfcftiiw. I Rdtaa H yj "THUNDER [ 01 4.0151 Of ORUMS" Op*fi 6:Tf--ftt. t Sun. 12:30 C A N O G A P A R K 17 THEATRE GUIDE Wednetdor, October 18 Dl 0 - 1 2 3 4 CORBIN VENTURA AT CORBIK DI 5-2222 PANORAMA 9 ' i O VAN Him B L V O 2 - 1 1 6 7 TUESDAY FOREIGN FILM TONIGHT! CHARLIE CHAM.IH tn Hi* immortal "GOLD RUSH" AND 'NIGHTS OF CABIRIA' Doitr 5:45 S«t. 10:45 Sim. 12:4* Entft TwrfgMl "COODBYE AGAtrt" and "BY LOVE POSSESSES" STARTS WEDNESDAY "FRANCIS OF ASSISS" And "THE TRAPP FAMILY" m. SAT. A SUK. 12 NOON End* Yaniafirt HAWAIIAN" mat TWO ftODI TOCETHU" START! WEDNESDAY ! Fr«**rk March, Okk Clerk Cddla Alk«rt "TH YOUHG^DOaOftS" "BOY WHO CAMHTA CROOK" KVI-Mw. A h*w store in the British Midlands now features Amer- j ican canned fruit, soup. MUSIC OF LOS ANGEL for a wonderful day! 1150 RADIO THE ALBUM STATION ·i

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