The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 5, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 5, 1932
Page 4
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WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER BLYTHEVILLB, (ABK.V COURIER NEWS PAOTFIT1 SECTION- Classified Advertising Rates Minimum Charge &te Count 5 Average Words to a Una Month rate per line, per month w)c Six times, p« r line P« r day • 05 ° rhree times per line per day One time P" line lOc All Ads inn irregularly lake the one time rate. i BUSINESS DIRECTORY FOU SALE FOK 3ALU—Wew bccan, mJi model. oucrib, usct;ola, «rK FOR SALE—Household furniture-, Call 'U5-W. aic-k« iWST CLASS waterpj-coi: covers Jor trucks and wagons. Carney a company, Phone M3. ^ AUTO GLASS WOVEN WIKE FENCING THE ARKMO LUMBER YARDS »C-K OCt a 5-10-25C Slore Home oi bargains. Save a walK. we- K Oct ~J& FOR SALE—Grocery, good location, no competition, selling account oi leaving city. Box FC, Courier iicku BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Laufcr PAUL PARDONNER WANTED—To overhaul your electric sweeper. Work guaranteed. Hcitncr Uecivic Service, Vo Gilieivs mm. Co. Phone UUO. 28C-K Oct 2« STOKE FIXTURES FOR SALE OR TRADE—LuptOU show case, bins, shelving and tire rack. Phone 202-W. l«P-k 10-U FARM LANDS EXPERT Typewriter and adding machine repairing. U. S. Blankenship, lie E. Rose. Ic-klO-l PREVENT FIRES—Have your flues cleaned, and repaired. Work guaranteed. Call for Wilson, phone 100. , 4P-K11 Farm for sale, 160 acres near Burdette between BlythevtUe and Luxora. This is one oi the best farms in Mississippi county. Will sell on easy payments. Se« the owner J. J. Richards or Mrs. Will Wood, across from the School House, Luxora, Ark. Phone 39. Mp-k7 HOMECRAFT AUTOMOTIVE Bee our new attachment for making Chevrolet sedan Singercratl rugs. We teach you. F °^. SAL pT° ue . ,• rf, H JT^it Singer Sewing Machine Co. 10pkl019 ™» J^y^^L 00 ^ 1 ^..^ you CANT RELY on "For Rent Signs" but you can rely on Courier News Want-Ads to rent that house or room. . completely overhauled, new pistons,] new rings, good tires. S275 all cast | Meyers Bros. 1MC-K24 HOTELS "The Goll, It's a good hotel". Cafe in conncclicn. 23c-k Oct 23 RESTAURANTS Visit Geo. Wright's Wai! Street Lunch, located in Greyhound Bus Station. 0-15 ck 10-15 BEST EATS in town. Open dav nnd night. Green Beetle Cafe Mrs. J. W. Wrls'nt, Prop. 23p-k Oct 2: GARAGES FOR SALE—New and Used , , Parts. Jackson Auto Parts Co. 2020. W. Main,' Phone 6«. 3c-K Nov 3 FOR SALE—SAVE on Goodyear Tires and Tubes, auto accesso;- ries, new and rebuilt batteries, Mo' : torine Oil, lie quart. Wolf Arlan, Phone 116. 16ck-Oct. in FOR SALE—Model. "A" IS Ton Ford Truck. Perfect condition, very reasonable. John C. McHaney, Jr., "The Monument Man". 23c-k-TF EXPERT MECHANICS nnd Wrecker Service. Peoples Garage. Pnonc GOi. 21F-K Oct. 2i Sinclair Gas & Oil. Greasing, washing, U. S. Tires. Day and Nlgh't Service. Phone .555. 24p-kOet. 24 PURDUE'S GHuwcy we PRO FOQTBMA- WANTED— Several- men .with. •. lignf. ' FURNISHED . Koiisej :flve rflns, ' " o'itti, : garig«;- servant", hplue- IJpe , Chlckasawbe. 1 Call 83 -or, 280. lOclilO ' Aemorul u Aito UvwUr U Be Erected PORTLAND, lod. (UP)-A m«- morUl for Bwood H»>ne«, murd- «d M inventor of Uw modern »u- mobllf, will bt erected '.-.ere Oct. »t the houie where he formerly raided. The home now Is owned by N. t. Willliinisoti, who is sponwlns rectlon o( the marker, U will be a shaft of native stouo *llh a vonu tablet bearing appropriate uuu Inscription.',.' •' er» have been Invited to tbe cere- moolet, • • Otd Hobby fOKT WbRTH, T*X. 1UP) — II you're Jookftm lor t new hobby, Mlu Camilla B«ll here recommends candlwtlckB,. • • Htr collection includes M cholcv brass and silver pieces from al.- In t^'pe«*Mo»-* old . New England to moot; two Ru»- ' sla. to SjwlB.'have found 'tfclr V»y Into'. l*r' c '" ' '• HARRI8BURO, Pi. tUP Jylvanla, ha* 3,500 cemeteries,'»e- oortint to * tuncy ,'midf-by the lUfc department of health. : it Osled for the flm time trfe burial pl»c« located throughout the state. DRUGGISTS FOR DRUGS go to the St. Francis Druj Co. Now' located on Ash Street,iieaf 5th. 23C-K. Oct 23 BEAUTY PARLORS LET'S SWAP WHAT HAVE you to swap? Qet • results- -It coots only a few cents j day. WILL TRADE for set of children's ; ijooks-or sell, cheap, a complete iet at Alexander Hamilton's business "books. Address "H", Courier " YOU CANT R%Ly.pui.''Fo.r Bent Signs", but you "cari'.'rply /orV Coifrler' ^ews;..Want-Ads- 'to '• rt that'.house or •' room..'. : ••,•! . TWO: -RodMB, furniilied' Ior> light t;o\isekeepli«.'C!l6sit 'lp;..«* ; W»lr nut. 'Prione - :Szt.: Sirfc B.'. P. ."0»ven r d»r •'• ••'.'••-•. '•- '•'•'•'. '•• '.Sc-ktf EXPERT BEAUTY manents $3.50 up. IJeauty Parlor, .sews. 28X-K-TF Service. Per- Powder Pull 21P-K Ocl 21 YOU CANT RELY on "Fcr Rent Signs" but you . can rely on Courier News Want-Ads to rent that house or room. COAL AND WOOD .Trantham Coal & Transfer Co. Dealers in ' Kentucky and Sunlight Coal Sycamore & R. R. St., Phone 9G4. 4C-K 11-4 COAL at low cash prices. Phone 48. Prompt Delivery. BLYTHEVILLE COAL CO., Walnut & Railroad Bts. 5c-kNov.5 JUNK, HIDES, ETC. WANTED—Junk of all kinds, hides iron, copper, brass, aluminum and lead. Wolf Arian. Phone 176. 16ck-Oct. 16 PERSONAL SHARE EXPENSES to Flint, Mich. on October 5th or 6th. References Herbert Anderson. 312 N. 5th. 3pk< LEAVING Sunday for Fort Wcrlh Texas, via automobile. Share ex pcnses. References exchanged. Tel ephonc 602. 5p-k GREEN LEAF CAFE & FRUIT STAND Regular Mebls a Specialty. All you can eat 25c, with drink. Complete line of Fruits & Vegetables. Sec me for wholesale prices on apples. BUCK MEEIARG, Proprietor We Deliver 312 E. Main OPEN AT NIGHT Ex.pcri, Ford Repairs Wrecker Service PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phone 810-177 ROOM & BOARD IRS. T. R. WATSON—$5.50 weekly. 112 E. Cherry. Phone 602. Ipkld-1 LIVE STOCK a to" 5. hotel "wbule, 'i'nursa'uy, ' .WANTED ^-Y.'l'w'o ;.men. Icr salus .; wliri.;o'rew.;hi»ha'iet tnuiB/>pu. Mubi'own aha' operate juxiieiiK ana."lll#ir«l ' •caumlBSIou. Uee'Toru Uoi ticcii u aud " FAKMERS'haying iivest'ocls tp'sell or ll'.'ttwy.:deslre to'.buy they wili' flnd. It qqnyeni^lt »n4 «*?>" omlcal to use Courier "Neirt Want- Ads. POULTRY ABY CHICKS, all varieties. Custom hatching, solicited. Marilyn ratchery, Blytheville. 4cktf FOR RENT SALESMEN WANTED. .' COLLBOE .QRAD- . UATE .des'lroB • pjoijtlpn. -Experienced-in general'office wort; • as casliier,<restaur.ant-.h06tess ; -'and in irlngjfor.chlldrefi.-Willing to -tfork he'ap-'br,:'tor 'room..'and'board and inaU)salary.'. 'Address' "S"" Courier News.'.-.-• , '- ' .' .6-x-tf 'OR RENT—Furnished apartment, 108 West Kentucky, Phone 683. UC-K-TF. W E R T HE MAKES 'ESI SEE Oflice Over Joe Isaac's Store SECOND HAND FURNITURE See Us First R. J. Dodson Mi.311 K. iflH» See Weisburd And Sec Itettcr EYES TESTED FREE And Glasses Fitted COAL Remember We Sell COAL Just Phone 100 E.C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. SALESMAN WAITED ' rsv>\ between. 25 and 35' years 'old for fleld promotional , work. Must . be. High School graduate, college training beneficial. Must be able to own and operate light car in pwl condition. Musi, be Ire* to travel Sales' experience, experience in promotional wo** vrlth organiza lions-and groups beneficial • but not essential. A neat appearance essential. Long hours und.htrd work •ewards by salary -arid 'oommte sldn. Opportunity , fer advance ment limited only'by ability. Write tetter of application, glvlhs com lete details of education, exper ehce, reference, photograph an elephone number. Interview wi x arranged. Address "W", Courier News Curtis Publishing •SITU ATIQftS 'RANTED. ot)&r : unwanted temn In jour hdmt - Into. ready ash! Phono 306 and'&sk the Want- Ad Taker—she'll .give you 1 full details.. ... '. : , ..'', STRAYED r." STRAYEbe-BAyi Mare, ,'blaied. f»c« . w'cjghfilipO 'pquVidi^Nbtlfy iMack Bfyearts • or i Bob Harris; • Bly t heVlllc i- .'" i.'. ' ;''.'.,- • • •' : . v «p-it BTKAYEC^Da'rk browh horie ; and black mare' 'rhul«,. *elf& 'about 800'pCjimds;each x .~Sam'Qreen Route 3, Box B2. ; \ '. YOU 'CAN. Icifce » ; sp«ce ,like.,th eVery day In, the' rnocth tt lo cost..; Phone/.MB. ji . !.'. TO .THOSE • seeking .jobs' the Courier New»' Want-Ads offer mult producing aerrice «t low ott; 'Phone Jto. . • ' WANTED WANTED — Four or five '-room a'partrhent or house, unfurnlsried. Box AB, Courier: 1C-K5 Hatching .KOGS. Uarllyn ery, Blythevillc. . Hatch- '4c-kll WANTED TO' BUY SPACE FOR LEASE PEOPLE wh9 iiread •tficse colum mean businees! They are n reading it just,'to paka the time »w»y. They are definitely looking • for offers' which meet • their n*edr Let us ift-rite .your?. WARNING.. ORDER WE .PAY CASH for.oid cook.stoves and used furniture. Don't throw them away. Oodsoh' Furniture Co., 301 B. Main. Phone .11*, 4C-K 11-4 WANTED TO ^UY—Steel range In good condltlob. Must be cheap.'Call 260. 3C-K6 CHANOHRY COIfRT, CHICKAr 8AWBA DISTRICT. MISSISSIPPI .'COUNTY, ARKANSAS. J. A. Carroll, Plairitlfl vs.' No. 5328 Austa E. Carroll, Defendant The defendant, Austa E. CarroH, Is.warned to appear within thirty days .in the court named In th* caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, J. A. Carroll. Dated 9-13-1932 . R. L. GAINES, Clerk By Elizabeth BlytlW, D. C, Ivy W. Crawford, Atty Ad Litcm. 14-21-28-E A French inventor has perfected a pistol that knocks out.a victim with a strong blast of compressed sir.. TS TMiS WWW YOU^E "ROLL OF I TOUND IT 04 TO N TLOOa WWLEr NtHJ W6EB SLEEPING ON TVO COUCK f Y/A6 <bOir46 TO rtOLT3 \T OUT ON AWHILE,BUT I NOTICED'VOUR. BUX3D . T?UT THIS IN PICKS IS TM* CAMPAIGN OT TO •STROKE/ - wd'-v^GCRv^oL- CIWFE ^'oi'^vA; BULL CARRIES TALES! n,"*v WASH TUBES , J SMS «f'5 .OtKRTtO. *«'.'- N UP 'M' QUtTS : W BIWHW W«y. WTM WEONN « SERVES fllM RIGHT! FRKKLES Alffl HB TOiEAaTH//^^-'\\

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