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Orlando Evening Star from Orlando, Florida • 16

Orlando, Florida
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Idaho's first high school was opened in Boise in 1882. DAILY CROSSWORD Page 16 Tuesday, January 22, 1952 ORLANDO EVENING STAR Tele. 3-441 1 Classified 3-851 1 Line of 19. Expert Tells Speaking Art Knowing when to shut up is a finer art than knowing how to speak, Chuck Parker, human relations expert from California, told NDOWN 1. A sharp spine 2.

Lubricate 3. Notion 4. Shelf junction 21. Stitch-bird 22. Natural cavern CjH jIDAMllsl I VIA "ft 5 I PLJA I yfs Pt StjA A TTjA feHp yTe I Ipresu me SIT OAtlT yfc DO a eds i dJers 8 EDD MIL SlAL ON AM DT ERN A W1ES 1 sTAyUBATrLI Terrible Learning Support Wool fat 5.

Evening sun 27. god 28. 6. A wing 29. 7.

Mongrel dog 30. CENTURY METAL AWNINGS Lifetime protection Low Cost Prompt Service Eaiy Term FREE ESTIMATES II. G. DOERING GO. 2-3412 Phones 3-9473 Pull behind 33.

Lair 8. Folding GOB GOB Slhm Orlando JayCees at their weekly luncheon meeting yesterday in the Chamber of Commerce Bldg. Parker spoke on the general subject Tuning in on the Other Fellow, confining his remarks to how to handle a difference of opinion or argument. 1-22. Yesterday's Answer 44.

Afternoon, receptions 47. Coin (Rom.) 48. Beam 50. One-spot card 37. To soil 39.

Stream of water 40. Corroded 42. Yugoslavian leader device 11. American poet 15. Goddess of harvests (It.) 17.

Blooming PALM MANOR REST HOME Interdenominational Christian Homo Services every Sunday 3 P.M 9:30 A.M. Broadcast Over WHOO The only way to win an argument, he said, is to let the other ORLANDO 2600 Kuhl Ave. GOOD rOOD ANu CARE Rev. a. V.

G.lmore, Supt. Pf one Rev. A. J. Dai ley, Repr.

S443 ACROSS 1. Labor 5. Press down firmly 9. Conceal 10. Jewish month 11.

Moved, as by a pole 12. Fellow worker 13. Gold (Her.) 14. Past 16. Sailor, (slang) 18.

Half ems 20. Heroic 23. Toward 24. Man's nickname 26. Fissile rocks 28.

Interweave 31. Color 32. Cleaning rod for guns 34. Erbium (sym.) 35. Ahead 36.

Female sheep 38. Epoch 41. Kettle 43. Indehiscent fruit 45. Neuter pronoun 46.

Prevaricator 49. Depart 51. Virginia willow 52. Filmy fabric 63. Inquisitive 54.

River (N. Fr.) person win. This can be done, he went on, by letting the other person talk first, by letting the other person seem significant, by not taking a belligerent attitude and by letting the other person see you're interested in his point of view. If you give the other fellow his lead, he's bound sooner or later to tell a whopper and then another and yet another. Take these in your stride and pretty soon his con a vrUre of WATCH QUO BLOOD BANK OFFICIALS Ready to leave for Miami where they attended an all-day conference yesterday of the directors of the Florida Association of Blood Banks 'A I5 I4 VA5 lfe 7 8 1 ZZlZlllZl zz-zzizii 777 4io 47 48 49 SO 9 -rr- WL WL: I science will begin troubling him, he said.

tmftrt Wetchwekers 47 Oranqt Ave. QUI QJGRG) chairman of the state organization's membership committee, Mrs. Mary Rand, executive secretary of the Orange County Blood Bank, and Frank Cabe, pilot for American Fire Casualty Co. which loaned the plane. All are from Orlando.

The meeting was to co-ordinate blood bank activity in Florida. are left to right Dr. Russell Douglas, sec retary, and Dr. Horace A. Day, president of the Central Florida Blood Bank and TRAILER NEWS Long Suspends Legislature Plans BATON ROUGE, La.

UP Gov. Earl Long said today he had suspended plans for a session of the Louisiana legislature to act on his key proposal to pay $100 bonuses to old age pensioners. I don't want anybody to interpret the idea as a vote-getting proposal," he said. The bonus suggestion was a major item for the extra session which Long had said last week he would summon. More funds for roads, schools and hospitals also were mentioned.

Park Couple Celebrates 55th Wedding Anniversary NEED ENGRAVINGS 'Word Airlift' Brings Joy To Wounded Vets, Families DIAL 3-4411 Sheepshead games in the recreation hall. Of course th.y had a lot of help from the Heinricks. They left here loaded much heavier than when they arrived. The story behind that is that Mr. Ringel spent a day on the coast and he is a rock and shell collector from away back.

LEAVE FOR COLORADO D. Weir and his mother left Monday and will end up in Colorado. We will remember them as very interesting people. Dr. Miller, who has his brother visiting him for a few days, caught a limit of specks at Apop-ka.

Mrs. Glen Holmes and Lela Heath spent a day on the beach south of Melbourne and came back with a wonderful collection of shells and driftwood. We're happy to welcome Ivan Anderson and George Ule from New Carisle, Ind. and Mr. and Mrs.

Walter Hansen from Jump River, Wis. We hope they will enjoy their stay in our park and we know they'll enjoy our Florida weather. By GENE FRENCH SILVER MOON Congratulations were the order of the day last Saturday when it was discovered that Mr. and Mrs. Kitt Ary, our oldest members, were celebrating their 55th wedding anniversaty.

May we add our best wishes to the many this fine couple has already received and hope that they have many more years of happy living together. J. R. Hoppes and Frank Fifer left for Jacksonville for some fishing with a friend from Ohio. Mr.

and Mrs. L. Williams and many SENTINEL-STAR BLDG. 633 N. ORANGE 1 IO Sbll II ILLUSTRATE IT I I By GRAHAM BERRY LOS ANGELES UP) On a magic carpet of tape recordings, the VVeisinger family transports persons living here to the 279th General Hospital, Osaka, Japan, to visit their wounded sons, fathers and husbands.

The project, which the Weising-ers themselves finance entirely as their "little contribution to the war effort," has meant to at least one badly wounded GI the difference between wanting to live and not wanting to. 'WORD AIRLIFT' The "word airlift" works this way: Cpl. Martin Weisinger, 21, in charge of the hospital's theater, records a patient's message to his family. After overcoming their first mike fright, Martin says, the soldiers talk freely. One of them talked for 22 minutes.

The tape is airmailed to the cor- others will miss them and their amusing dialogues. Mrs. Len Steffenson's mother, Mrs. Armstrong, left Saturday for Racine, Wis. No one envies her as the weather up there now is really cold.

Mr. and Mrs. John Peters daughters, Susan and Kitty, who have been visiting the Leon Peters family, left Monday for Northern New York and from what we hear it's pretty cold there too. VISIT BROTHER Mr. and Mrs.

Perry Bullock and family spent a week visiting his brother in St. Petersburg. From there his son and family left for Decatur, 111. and Mr. and Mrs.

Bullock returned to the park to rest. G. W. Wright and daughters, Pamela and Donna, spent a couple of days with us while visiting his parents but had to move to report for work Monday in Carolina. We were sorry to say good-Jbye to Mr.

and Mrs. William Duval and their daughter Karen. They are selling their trailer and moving in with an aunt. Mr. and Mrs.

Arno Ringel, who own a resort on Crystal Lake in Wisconsin, have left for Sheboygan, Wis. We will miss them as they were in the thick of the NOTICE OF INTENTION TO DISSOLVE COHPOWATIQN Notice is hereby given under the pro- I5 1.37 rVnof 1935 to each of thi corporations Acts of 193a. to racii inMroontd ARTHRITIS Dr. Alvin Mason Smith, D.C. Strictly speaking, Arthritis is the name given to an inflammation of a joint.

Usually this disorder passes through stages of pain and tenderness followei with an active poral's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lou Weisinger, here. They notify the parents or the wife as soon as they receive the tape. Mr.

and Mrs. Weisinger take their recorder to the family's house and play the message. The Wei-singers give them the tape if they want it. Then the family records an answer which is airmailed to Cpl. Weisinger! He plays it to the soldier, who in turn records a reply.

REFUSED TO LISTEN The Weisingers have been doing this for seven months. Mrs. Weisinger tells about one veteran recovering from critical wounds who refused to listen to a message from his parents. The soldier had shown no interest in living. Martin placed earphones on the GI's head, saying he would have absolute privacy.

The soldier finally consented to listen. The machine was turned on. The corporal said an amazing change came over the patient's face. He smiled as he listened and tears filled his eyes. That evening, for the first time since he had been wounded, the soldier got up, dressed and went down to the hospital theater to watch a movie.

TRAILERITES Tlorr accord aend0rdevery such 8 cation corporations have been inflammation in WE HAVE A FEW SELECT LOTS FOR MODERN TRAILERS LOT SIZE 30x60 WITH PATIO LAKE JASSAMINE TRAILER PARK AND SALES 52 Models Now On Display l'i MILES SOUTH ON ROUTE 17 which the joints become red swollen, tluV stage being followed by the joint affected becoming gradually limited in motion. LsSD Much of thei pain and potential danger of this Quick Relief from Pile Irritation 40 years ago a Buffalo druggist created an ointment to relieve itching smarting piles. It brought such quick, cooling, soothing, astringent relief that its fame spread across the land making Peterson's Ointment a favorite in thousands of homes. Ask your druggist today for 40c box or 70c applicator tube. Peterson's Ointment delights or money back.

Adv. BLACK LABEL BLENDED WHISKEY 86 PROOF -724 55 GRAIN NEUTRAL SPIRITS GALLAGHER BURTON, INC, BRISTOL, PV Next to the electrical industry, the automotive industry is the largest user of copper and its alloys. common disorder may be eliminated by scientific Chiropractic adjustments as is shown by thousands of case histories. Dr. Smith's Chiropractic and Spinal X-ray offices are located at 59 E.

Colonial Orlando. Phone 3-6858. Adv. One-third of the total water power of the United States originates in the northwest section of the LI 4 AT WHAT CERTIFICATE OF PARTNERSHIP No. 1461 KNOW ALL MEN BY THESK PRESENTS: That Henry M.

Weitzenhoffer, Germaine Weitzenhof fer. Jerome K. Altshuler. a a J. K.

Altshuler, Edith C. Weitzenhoffer. Clara Weitzenhoffer and Edith B. Weitzenhoffer. are associated as partners in the business of factoring credit and charge accounts of retail and wholesale stores selling goods, wares and merchandise loaning money for real estate and chattel mortgages and doing general finance business in the city of Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma County. Oklahoma, under the firm name of "EQUITABLE CREDIT that said partnership is a general partnership, dating from the first day of March, 1951; that all of said partners reside in: Henry Weitzenhoffer, Oklahoma City. Oklahoma Germaine Weitzenhoffer. Oklahoma City. Oklahoma Jerome K.

Altshuler. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Edith C. Weitzenhoffer. New York, New York Clara Weitzenhoffer. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Edith B.

Weitzenhoffer. Columbus. Mississippi and that there are no other partners belonging to said partnership. Dated this first day of March. 1951.


K. BERNSTEIN, Attorney. STATE OF OKLAHOMA OKLAHOMA COUNTY, ss. Before me, a Notary Public In and for said county and state, on this first day of March. 1951.

personally appeared Henry M. Weitzenhoffer, Germaine Weitzenhoffer, Jerome K. Altshuler. a'k-'a J. K.

Altshuler, Clara Weitzenhoffer, to me known to be the persons who executed the foregoing Instrument and acknowledged the execution of the same. Witness my hand and seal the day and year last above written CLAIRE ANDERSON. fSEAL Notary Public. My commission expires: 10-22-51. STATE OF NEW YORK.

NEW YORK COUNTY, ss. Before me. a Notary Public In and for said county and state, on this first day of March. 1951. personally appeared Edith C.

Weitzenhoffer, to me known to be the person who executed the foregoing instrument and acknowledged the execution of the same. Witness my hand and seal the day and year last above written. ANNA VOGEL, (SEAL) Notary Public. My commission expires: Notary Public for the State of New York: No. 31-4107000: Qualified in New York County: Certificate Fjled with New York County Clerks fe Register: Term Expires March 30, 1953.

STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, LOWNDES COUNTY, ss Before me a Notary Public In and for said county and state, on this first day of March. 1951. personally appeared Edith B. Weitzenhoffer. to me known to be the person who executed the foregoing instrument and acknowledged the exerution of the same.

Witness my hand and seal the day and year last above written. ALICE DUCKWORTH. 'SEAL) Notary Public. My commlofnn exnires: Ortober 9. 1954.


Court Clerk of Oklahoma County. State of Oklahoma, do hereby certify that by reason and virtue of being such Court Clerk. I am the legal custodian of and have under my charge and care all of the record books and files of the District Court of Oklahoma County that there is no other Clerk of said District Court of said Oklahoma County and I do further certify that the above and foregoing is a full, true and correct, and complete cony of Certificate of Partnership being No. 1461 entitled Certificate of Partnership Equitable Credit Company. In the District Court within and for Oklahoma County.

State of Oklahoma, as appears from the records and files thereof. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. I have hereunto set my hand and seal at my office in the City of Oklahoma City Oklahoma County. State of Oklahoma, on this the 12th day of July, 1951. CLIFF MYERS.

Court Clerk of Oklahoma County. State of Oklahoma. (SEAL) STATE OF OKLAHOMA, OKLAHOMA COUNTY, ss. I. Albert C.

Hunt. Presiding Judge of the District Court of the Seventh Judicial District, within and for Oklahoma County, State of Oklahoma, do hereby certify that the above named Cliff Myers, by whom the above certificate was made, was at the date thereof. Clerk of said Court, duly acting and qualified, and that the said certificate Is in due form of law and made by the proper officer. ALBERT C. HUNT, Presiding Judge, Seventh Judicial District.

STATE OF OKLAHOMA. OKLAHOMA COUNTY, ss. I. Cliff Myers. Court Clerk of Oklahoma County.

State of Oklahoma, do hereby certify that Hon. Albert C. Hunt, whose name Is subscribed to the foregoing certificate, was at the, date of making the same, the presiding Judge of said Court, duly elected, and qualified as such, and that his signature to the same Is genuine. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my official Seal at my office in the City of Oklahoma City, said County and State, this the 12th day of July, 1951 CLIFF MYERS.

Court Clerk of Oklahoma County, State of Oklahoma. fSEAL) Jan. 22, 29, Feb. 5 12. 1952.

VOU CAN GET FOR ONLY Not $1 per day Not $1 per week Just One Dollar! This new, guaranteed, 20 gallon Nationally known GAS WATER HEATER Normally retails for $80.00 provide you with plenty of hot water faster and cheaper to the Governor, who will nation at that time dissolving said corporations. COONTY Nam Principal placa of business A A A Citrus Trading Company. Or- Conditioning and Heating Corpora- tl0ll.edrlScialties. Inc. American Laundry Cleaning Or- Plumbing Supply and Orlando.

Ancorin, Orlando. Fruit Company. Orlando. Bear Bay. Orlando.

Black Squall Orlando. Bob Trudy. Prla'Jd- Tnr 0r Burke Tropical Paint Inc. or- Cd Construction Company. Orlando.

Central Florida Racers. Orlando. Central Florida Truck Sales, Or- lac1ic'quot Club Bottling Company of Orlando. Orlando. Cocoa Shores Annex.

Orlando Cold Smoke Products Company of Florida. Orlando Conklln (A. Orlando. Crystal Lake Gift Package Orlando. Del-Air Corporation.

Orlando. Devrock Citrus Groves. Incorporated. rDickson Highway Safety Marker Orlando. Dobbs.

A A. Mfg. Dry Air Products Corporation, Orlando. Edrico Corporation. Orlando.

Emrich's Colonial Pharmacy, Orlando. Eola Terrace. Orlando. Exposition Fruit Corporation, Orlando. Flscher-Bullard Co Orlando.

Flint (Albert Industries. Winter Park. Florida Airways. Orlando. Florida Dairy Bars, Inc.

Orlando. Florida Lead Orlando. Frozen Foods Center of Central Florida, Inc Orlando. Frozen Food Centers. Orlando.

Fur Cold Storage Orlando. General Engineering and Equipment Company. Orlando. Goodland Tracts. Orlando Grand Central Station.

Orlando. Halle-Dean Seed Company. Orlando. Harfs Furniture of Orlando. Orlando.

rt The Holgate Investment Company. -r- l8House of Tile. The Orlando. Huttig Crushed Stone Orlando. IBI.

Idyl Bay Isle. Industrial Sales Corporation. Orlando. Insurance Briefs. Orlando.

Jinele Joy Toys. Orlando. Tailor. Orlando. Karst and Harper.

Orlando. Ku Klux Klan of Florida. Orlando. Kolar. John Incorporated, Orlando, lewis Builders Incorporated.

Orlando. Beer Distributors. Orlan- dMorse Real Estate Corporation. Orlando. National Investment Company.

Or- laNational Pee Wea Goir Association. Orlando. Neon Arts Sign Orlando. Olin Used Cars of Orlando, Or- ''cVNeal Investment Company, Orlando. Orange Laboratories.

Orlando. Orange Land Company. Orlando. Orange Laundry. Orlando.

Orlando Development Company, Orlan- dPeninsula Machinery, Orlando. Peninsular Landscape Winter Park. Penn-Lawrence Company. The. Orlando.

Pick Corporation, Orlando. Pilgrim Foundation of Frank Magglo, Incorporated. The. Orlando. Price Collins Company, Tha, Orlando.

Roy Boy Juices. Orlando. Safer. Orlando. San Juan Investment Company.

Orlando. Slade-Booth Orlando. Small Loans. Orlando. Southern Farm Implement Corporation, Orlando.

Southern Flight, Orlando. Southern Home Supply Company of Orlando Orlando. StarT-Howard Company. Orlando. States Stores Company.

Orlando. Sterling Brokers. Orlando. Tommy's Market. Orlando.

Tucker Branham. Orlando. Wallace Neon Mfg. Pine Castle. West Atito Parts Company, Orlando.

West Construction Company, Orlando. West Robinson Fruit Company, Orlando Westgate Properties. Orlando. Wigwam Villages. Orlando.

Winter Park Religious Press Association Winter Park. It is further directed, that a copy of this notice be published one time In the Orlando Evening Star, a newspaper published in Orlando. Florida, in which county the home office of the above listed corporations are shown to be located. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal of (SEAL) the State of Florida, to be affixed at Tallahassee.

the Capital, this the 18th day of January, A. 1952. A. GRAY. Secretary of State.

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Low-Cost CEIL HEAT Electric Radiant Cablet Plastered into the Ceiling for Lifetime Service. Call any authorized Elec. Contractor. DISTRIBUTED BY HUGHES SUPPLY INC. 521 W.

CENTRAL PHONE 2-452C 'THE BUDGET FUEL" Open Friday Evenings 'Til 9 O'Clock.

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