The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1954 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 16, 1954
Page 3
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(ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAOB THUEH Jackson Hits Failure to Halt Reds; GOP Congress Necessary-Martin Administration Talks Tough, Carries Putter 1 MORRISTOV/N, N.J. CB—Sen. Henry M. Jackson <D-Wash) says the Republican admin istration "talks tough and carries a golf putter" and has failed to come up with any ideas to "stop the onward march of communism." Speaking last night at a rally for Rep. Charles R. Howell, the Democratic candidate for U.S. senator from New Jersey, Jackson said Communist aggression in Greece and Turkey was halted by previous Democratic administrations. Since that time, Jackson declared, the Republicans haven't done anything towards stopping communism. Jackson told the rally that unlike President Theodore Roosevelt "who said 'talk softly and carry a big stick' . . . this administration talks tough and carries a golf putter." "I wish this administration would follow the sound-policy of a great president, a Republican president, if you please, Teddy Roosevelt," Jackson remarked. Jackson said the Republican program "reminds me of an iceberg. It is cold, it is slow moving. We are told that it is big and dynamic, but so ilttle of it shows. "Like its Arctic counterparts, the Republican iceberg program is 10 per cent visible, 90 per cent submerled and 100 per cent at sea." FLORA, HI. G5R — Three persons were killed and two others were buried under deoris in the collapse of an ancient drug store building in downtown Flora yesterday. An adjoining brick building caved in while the 4%-hour rescue operations were in progress, narrowly missing some of the workers digging through the rubble for victims. Killed were Carroll Thomas, 18, and Jerry Savage, 19, fountain boys, and Leonard Leak, 34, a carpenter who was laying a new floor in the 80-year-old two-story building. John Throgmorton, 70-year-old co-owner of the drug store, was trapped in the debris for half an hour. He was not hurt. Cecil Powless, 45, the other co-owner, was pinned down for a few minutes but made his way out unaided. WHEEL 'EM—Shapely Christiane Paray. looks right-at home playing the role of a captain of a yacht. She's navigating the boat along the Seine River, near Paris, France. I House Speaker Soys Solvency Of U.S. at Stoke NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. i& — Speaker of the House Joseph W. Martin Jr. last night said election of a Republican Congress in November is necessary to continue the job "of restoring our country to solvency." Americans are faced with important decisions which will determine whether they step over "the threshold of a new era full of promise and abundance," Marttin said, and added: ''One of those decisions will confront us with stark urgency in the 1954 election for Congress. At that time, the American people will be called upon to pass judgment on the historic Republican accomplishments of the past two years." Martin, launching a nationwide speaking tour to boost the Republican party, pictured the forthcoming elections as "the most crucial non-presidential balloting of our times." He told a $50-a-plate dinner of the Finance Committee of the GOP organization of 'Middlesex County that Americans "will decide whether they want that dynamic, farsighted program to go forward to completion—or whether they want it to be sabotaged and ripped to shreds by a Congress hostile to President Eisenhower. ..." Martin's appearance in New Jersey was the first stop on a 16- city tour. The contest in New Jersey for a U.S. Senate seat between Republican Clifford P. Case and the Democratic candidate, Rep. Charles R. Howell (D-NJ), has been described by GOP leaders as a test of the Eisenhower administration. Mercury is 36,000,000 miles from the sun; Venus is 62,270,000 miles; Earth 93.004,000 miles; and Mars, 141,690,000 miles. • MONTREAL W — The four remaining Dionne quintuplets have embarked on new studies. Cecile and Yvonne began training yesterday as nurses af Notre Dame de L'Esperance Hospital in St. Laurent. The others registered at Marguerite Bourgeoys College, Marie to study French literature and sewing and Annette for courses in music. E'milie, fifth of the 20-year-old sisters, died Aug. 6. Where wayfarers die at lonely spots in Argentina, crosses are erected and a tin can hung from the cross-arm. Into these cans, travelers drop coins to be used by any distressed wayfarer. » TO APPEAR AT FAIR — The Kreil Family, a variety act, has been booked for the grandstand I show to be presented during the; Northeast Arkansas District Fair here Sept. 21-26. The Kreils and j their three chii-1 dren present acts' including j u g - gling, contortion, tight wire gj r m- nastics, trampoline work and balancing atop a rolling ball. Held in Attack on 9-Month-OId Boy, Man Begs for Anonymity FLORENCE, Ariz. (£)- An ashamed and remorseful young sen-ice station attendant, who begged that his name be kept out of the papers, has been charged with three felonies here involving a sexual attack on a nine-month- old baby boy. .'>.•. Bob Spencer, 24^ has been accused of kidnaping, sodomy and aggravated assault in the complaint, filed by Final County Atty. 70 Die in Tram Crash NEW DELHI, India (5 1 ) — A New Delhi-bound express train crashed into a truck jammed with students at a grade crossing 80 miles north of the capital last night, killing at least 10 and injuring 18 others. 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An URBAN collection of Aniline calfskins in rich there-to-stay shades and suede* with lady-look trims to complement your prettiest busy-day clothes. Mahoney said Spencer had signed a confession admitting that he took the baby, Daniel Ernest Stephens, from his crib in his home at Stanfield and molested him. Stanfield is a farming: center 40 miles west of Florence. The baby was abducted about 12:45 a.m. yesterday by an intruder who tore open a screen in the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Stephens Jr. Stepliens discovered the baby was missing a short time later and summoned police. The child was found, whimpering in a corn field. Spencer was arrested in the same vicinity and jailed pending a hearing. Red-eyed and weary, he pleaded with reporters that the case not be publicized. '•I've got a lot of friends." he said. "I'd hate to have this come out in the papers." Pier Disappears FRANKLIN, N.H. (.-?)—The city 1 of Franklin is offering a $25 reward j to anyone who can tell officials j what, happened to a 42-foot pier, j The pier disappeared during the- spring from a beach on Webster j Lake. It was made in two sections— for easy handling. Phychologist Is Held in Stabbing Fray OMAHA L?i — A grand jury and police worked today to put together the story of a stabbing fray involving a college psychologist, a wife who went to the psychologist for advice on saving her marriage and her husband. Police held Dr. Claude E. Thompson, 43. University of Omaha staff member, at the same hospital where Francis W. Luther, 38, an insurance underwriter, was in serious condition from six stab wounds. Police said the information they had from Luther, Dr. Thompson, Mrs. Luther and Donald Leroy Junge, Omaha, friend of Luther, was: Dr. Thompson and Mrs. Luther met in a tavern where Luther and Junge located them and watched, from a parked car until the professor and Mrs. Luther left and entered Dr. Thompson's car. A few moments later, Luther approached the car. There was a tussle. Dr. Thompson said, -"All of a sudden, blooey. I saw a few stars and I don't remember anything, that happened after that. Lutaer said he hit the professor and Thompson but did not see a stabbing. Junge said he saw Luther hit Thompson but did not see a stabbing. Mrs. Luther, who sued her husband for divorce in July on extreme cruelty grounds and then fore the grand jury yesterday, less than 24.hours after the fray. Police said she declined to give officers a formal statement. LITTLl LIZ— A reception rs a party with cH. the choirs removed. 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(left) Thickness of this set w'rtfi ! 5eif-seoling covers. (Right) Thickness of ordinary cooking sets MORE$1Q| ,THAN IV • Here » th* lifetixo* Guaranteed Cookwcro Set you've always wanted,.. at an.•unheard- of low pric* because we sacrificed profits to bring you this bargain! It'? complete with th« famous Tul-Vue' Heatproof Glass Cov- «rs to let you »ee what's cooking, roasting or frying... saves you lifting &e covers and letting precious vitamins escape! Yes! Yon get this complete set at big savings—during this old-fashioned bargain event ACT NOWI SAVE £ WAYS SAVE FOOD? U» food drinkog*, retains vitamins! SAVE FUEL! Cooks faster, uses fess heaH SAVE TIME! Prepcri meals faster, deans instantly! SAVE MONEYl'ms «1 a Wetimt Gooran1s*d« . NOTHING ELSE TO BUT. . . TOtf Gff: • 5-Ot. Dukh Oven • 10Vi-«. fifing Pan * 'Foi-Vu** Gkrss Cow for Dutch Oven or Fry Pan • 3-Qt Save* Pot • Matching 'FvJ-Voe' Glass Cover • 2-Q*. Scut* f* • Mulching 'fui-Vw* 1 6tes Cow • Jumbo WeB- and-Trt* Ptatttr • Roasting Trivet for Dutch Qpefl or Fry Pan * AN-Purpose larg* Frtodt Fry Basket FAIRBANKS ** LARGE 3-QT. All-PURPOSE SAUCE PAN si ys^v BROIL! ROAST! SERVE! WITH THE SIZZLING PlATTEff OF OVER 1,001 USES PHONE . . . MAIL COUPON NOW ... SHOP IN PERSON! I PMONI TO! AY I Dreifns Jewelr >" Co -> Blytheville, Ark. Endo**d k SOc down poyni«nt for th« Fairbanks Ward KJ-Pc. Ca*t ' Wear Diamonds HI6 WEST-MAIN ST. . I Aluminum Cookwar* S*t with Tvi-Vn*' Glow Coven. I agrM SOc an tb» baianc*. pot THIS OtfAT j VALUf I | <3l ^TA^ I Accounts at -. J*J/ *t«* I I m^ «fc--^— v ,__. -ji _ I • ^ W <f'*'J ^""^ ** — • •

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