The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 22, 1950 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 22, 1950
Page 10
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TEN McMath and Laney Near Home Stretch Both lo Speak Tonight; Tuesday Voters to Decide Lrrrus ROCK, July w. w — The two chief candidates lor governor of Arkansas near the wijidup of tftejr heated contest today. Governor McMath speaks tonight it Little Rock— from the same platform where Firmer Got. Ben l<3- ney formally opened his campaign five ego. Laney »'as scheduled lo speak tonight »t Russellvllte after an afternoon talk at El Dorado. Next Tuesday one of the two probably Kill be chosen as Arkansas' next governor. Tuesday's the date ot tlic preferential Democratic primary Although there are two other candidates (or the nomination most Ar- VansAiis apparently believe thai cither McMath ov Luncy will win aj majority, eliminating necessity for t run-off. And the Democratic nominee will become (he next governor —despite the formality of a general election in November. Both at Headquarters Tomorrow both candidates will be at their headquarters here. Usually there are no formal speeches on Sunday. Monday night kaney ends hts campaign with a speech in North Little Rock. McMatli will speak over a radio netivork from his headquarters liere. Last night each blasted away at the other— as they've been doing /or ievpral weeks past. Laney, sneaking In his former home town of Camrten, declared that McMath received a "long count" when he was nominated governor in the 1948 Democratic primaries. 21,0*0 More Voles He said that "21,000 more votes were counted in the governor's race than in any other contest on the ballot. IX) you really believe that, 21,000 persons went to .the polls. voted In the governor's race and overlooked every other contest on the ballot? McMath evidently approved of this election. There's never been any condemnation ol it on. his part." And McJfath, who wa.s at Jorics- boro, charged that Laney as far bade as September, 1944, tried "to insure the election of 3 Republican Presidential candidate' 1 by changing the party rules "lo allow Democrats to vote against the national ticket, and still retain their standing as Democrats." At the time McMath reierred to, L*ney had been nominated Arkansas' governor, but hadn't been elected. And the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt was running for a fourth term against Republican Candidate Thomas B, Dewey. Senator John L. McClellan, whose home is in Camden, had been invited to attend the I>aijey rally and introduce the former governor. McClellan telegraphed that the Korean situation kept him in Washington but that "it would Uc a great pleasure indeed (or me to be prc- **nt and participate tn his demonstration of loyally to am neighbor and friend " one know* Navy Recruiting ' Office Now Open 7 Days a Week Quartermaster First Class Bert War&nslon, In charge of Ihe U.S. Navy Recruiting Sub-Station in City Hall here, today Announced lhat the recruiting office will remain opeu Saturdays and Sundays to accept implications of reservists volunteering for active duty. Office hours for the new seiTii- days-a-wcpk schedule will be from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., he said. Members ol both the organized ntirt volunteer reserves are sought (or six months or more ol active duly, Quartermaster WnrbuigLon said. "Billets now open, range from seaman first class to chief petty officer. There are no restrictions as (o dependents. Until they receive their pre-inductlon notices, draft-age men may still select the branch of service in u'hich they wish to .serve. Quartermaster Warblngton pointed Acheson Says No Move Now in Progress to End Fighting WASHINGTON, July It. <«-»Secretary of Slate Acheson sold yes- tyrday he knows of no move Now In jitoBiess which might leml hope fnr a peaceful settlement ol the Korean crisis. However, he left o|x?n the possibility (hot the North Koreans on the advice ot Moscow might decide to withdraw voluntarily. In a fonmi) statement on the diplomatic events ol Ihe Korean war, Acheson said approaches to Moscow by Indian Prime Minister Nehru and the British Foreign Office Appear to have reached a dead end. U. S. Population Figures Ready WASHINGTON, July 22 MV-The n preliminary population figure lor the United states today. The total was expected to fall within the bureau's pre-census estimate of 150 to 151 million. The official figure must lit ready by December to turn over to President Truman for relay to Congress next January as the basis for rc- apportioniug state quotas or seals in the House of Representatives. Tr" «"v /-f"~nf f'-t Soviet Premier Stalin had agreed to a Nehru proposal that a sctle- nient might bo reached in the United Nations Security Council if Com- munlst China first Is admitted to U.N. membership. AcJieson said such a move would be unwise while fighting continues in Korea, He declined to say whether American Influence would be exerted to block consideration of the issue at the U.N 1 , session opening Sc)>l. 19 Ittit lie did rule out American use of the veto. or the fighting In Korea, Acheson said you never know what action the North Koreans may take. Me -((« ? infant n e -« _y^ ? infan son ... [--• Ws_J )wery of r-V 'W /-*•., . "•-{> can- duc> . ^ J Hospf 1. Thi its parents. Vails e fnilA is 5tiv,~v«d by (Laney) whom evcry- I esteem and admire tor his integrity, courage and ability." McClellan's telegram didn't refer to the political campaign. Asked In Washington if the telegram implied endorsement of Laney's candidacy, MtOlellan snirt "the telegram sneaks for itself and (here is nothing I can add." PRICES to say it is impossible that w/lfidraw. they In the meantime, he said, he did not iccnll "/my period of four week:, in the history of the U.S. when so much has been accomplished' lo put the nation in a position of security. In another diplomatic development, bearing on American seeiiritj (n the Par East, State Department officials resumed work yesterday on a Japanese peace settlement after a temporary halt caused by the Korean war. It was reported that no decision has yel been reached on whether Leopold Comes Home; Requests Belgian Unity BRUSSELS, Belgium, July 22. (ff"> —King Ix!OjK)ld III came home fro'm e.vlje today and immediately called on all Belgians to avoid further rjittcr struggle. The nation has been sptit down the middle by his insistence upon returning to the throne he left ten years ago after surrendering to the Na?.ls. Less lhan live hours after Leopold landed on Belgian soil, the two main opposition parties —tlifi Socialists and the Liberals—demanded that he abdicate. Hut In his radio address to the nation a short time later, the Mag gnvc no indication as to whether he intends ID quit in fnvor of his son. Prince liaiutouin, who came home with him. Speaking very slowly. Leopold declared he vvouid make every effort to bring appeasement and national concord to Belgium. He asked his listeners to remember that Belgium's national luutto is "union makes strength," Don't forget to VOTE Tuesday. July 25th. BOOSTKKS CI.UB TOURS COUS'I'V— Members of the Big Lake Boosters Club are shown In front of the Court House in Blytheville as they paused here on a county-wide tour oil behalf of four candidates they elected to support in Tuesday's primary election. The club —Courier New* PheU Is supporting Gov. Sid MeMatli, State Sen. J. Lee Bcarden and Sheriff William Ben-yinan /or re-election, and John J. Cowan of Osceol* for election as state representative. LULL Massachusetts Firemen Do Good Turn; Rescue House, Pan o/ Carrots WAKRFIBUD, Mass,, July 22. (/P> —A meek voice asfced WakettelcS firemen over the 'phone II they would do A svoman a great favor. They Indicated they might. "Well." asked Mrs, Arthur E. Goodwin, "will you turn off the Continued troni page 1. again bombed railway yards and Dridges at Ihe enemy capital of Pyongyang, U.S. Holds Two Towns East of Taejon on the land front the Americans held two towns ne^'- ly captured from the Reds. Atnericatis took over the ruitxs of Yongdok Friday under cover of heavy Allied naval gunfire. The town i.s on the east coast 25 ile.? of IJjc Cavalry Division beachhead at PoViaiig. It was reported destroyed by American and British naval guns Wednesday. Negro trooj>s ol the 25th Infantry Division routed the invaders from Yffihon Friday after 16 hours ol ftriillery ftttack and house-to- house fis to press for a treaty with Japan ga * s ltl my nome and save the car' " rots? " Negro Deaths Kites to Be Sunday For Henry Donaldson Services tor Henry Donaldson, who died Monday at his home on Sovith Elm Street here will be conducted at 2 p.m. Sunday at cnrler Temple Methodist Church by Rev. A. Logwood, ptistor. Burial will be at Mt. zloii Cemetery. Donaldson, who was 70, is survived by two daughters, Flossie Rhymes ol Detroit and Margaret Hilf ol Chicago. Caston Funeral Home Is In charge. Kennel Infant Services were to be conducted at 2 p.m. today for Willie E. Kennel, Jr.. who died shortly after birth last night. Rev. M. freeman, pastor of Pleiisant Ridge Baptist, Church, conducted the services in Home Funeral Home Chapel. Duriai was to be in Sanity Ridge Cemetery He is survived by his parents, W R and Minnie Lee Kennel. 211 South Broadway. Buying of all kinds of things has Don't forget lo VOTE Tuesday, July 25th. MacKenzie Continued from page 4 ering of Communist chiefs isn't In fact cnllcd meeting of the Coniinform, to consider action against Greece and Yugoslavia, tf that is Mrs. Goodwin explained that she was In Topsfield—20 miles away— and had Iclt the gas burning under a pan of carrots. The firemen saved the carrot and possibly the house from au ex_- plosiou. U. S. War Plants Are Now Ready WASHINGTON, July 32. (fP)— 57,000,000.000 "industi-inl tlie United Niiliom. [ the Iron Curlain. When the Security Council is | The Communists need : called into session later on, it fc, United Nations, however, anticipated that the Russians will present a resolution charging the South Koreans with aggression and Masting the "United Stales imperialist warmongers ol Wall Street" in usual fashion. A Weak UN Is Russia's dual Such a resolution wouJd r^nwre .--cv-e!i out of the n member votes I mit himself. President Triunnn for approval. H doesn't stand a chance. Even if it did, it couid be vetoed by the United States, making the Russians take some of their own medicine. If action by the Security Council should become stalemated, it is always possible to call a -special session of the Geneva! Assembly. That is the way the UN has met a number of Us difficult'problems In the past. The possibility of Russian vatU- from the UN is not now strong one. That is why they may lie counted on to continue trying to disrupt and hamstring 'its op- A5 for what will happen after (he iVortli Koreans withdraw or are forced bacfe of the 38th parallel, no official in Washington will o>m- dodged the question at his last press | conference. The objective now ut merely to force the aggressors back to the line. But a close reading of (he UN resolutions reveals that the UN Commission for Korea directed to make recommendations on further steps the world organisation should take iu restore peace, Tlik « believed to leave the way open for additional action north of the 381)) parallel, if that Is dei Yechon is 50 miles inland and in] considered likely. Otic reason is that Hue Red with, the northern arm of pincer aimed at cutting the U.S. rail supply Htie from the sou in eastern port of Pusan. Pusan supplies the U.S. 24th Infantry Divi- the Communists need the United Nations, They need it as a sounding board for their propaganda outside [ sion rtgfiting the the Taejon front. holding war on EDSON Continued from page 4 going on at a phenomena) (Continued from Page n chances every three months if the consumers' price index has changed by certain amounts—but the next change is not due until the July 15 index is ready. The workers i dead sure of tome raise at tlmt time. Mral Poullrr Fish In the month before June 15 the meal -pouUry-Ibh group rose 3 per cent in average retail prices, Meat prices have been acting up during the Korean criMs, too. The BLS yesterday reported that whoSesalft meat prices rose 1.5 per cent during the week ending last. Tuesday, July 1R. and on that date were U.T per cent, higher than they were on June 20—a month ago. Average wholesale prices ol all Hems vent up 0,6 per cent during the same \vcek. in the week tk'tore that— ending July U—they had risen 1.8 per cent, Record Seems ForUicrjniing Wholesale prices are usually rtr- 'lected a little later in refnil prices. been rate. Total saJc.s of 411,815.000,000 in June were 10 per cent above June of last year, and « per cent above (he peak ot the 191S boom, in August of that year. July seemed certain to set another record. Ihe Idea of creating a European crisis while the Western powers are heavily involved In Asia. In any event, the Berlin "convention" bodes no good for (he democratic camp. It's safe to say the Reds are planning; a coup somewhere, and i not unlikely spot /or it is the Balkan*. Services for Tetanus Victim to 8e Sunday Flnnl rites tor Matthews Mack, H-yeaj-bld son of comcttR Taylor of B/yfliev'lllc who dted Thursday at a hospital here from a tetanus infection, will be conducted at 2:30 p.m. Sunday at New Hope Baptist Church by Rev. G. W. Parnell, pastor. Burial will be in yarbro Cemetery. He is survived uy fifs mother and an aunt and uncle. Roosevelt and Albfrta Ailmiitt. with whom he lived here. Caston Funeral Home is in charge. tions from his government. There was also believed to be some feeling of that the UN had not given the Arab against Israel. ,rab countries ever by an aggressor, how-, their greatest protection would through the precedent set by added armanment capacity to sup- •' rca - *-"jtcn; futu i ugufuit vm. ii mat is >••,-"", wu.uvu i>iviu.^Lt,iii 't-^tivc in th'it the UN had nol what the meeting means, it follows "early 460 war plants and potential col ', ntl . iK protection that it cannot be dissociated from I munitions factories stand ready lo- T f anj , <, f thc Ara thp tdpa nt nroniino t, ji'in-ninin.! day to produce for all-out nn .. _, , , .. . The munitions board, manager port the fight against Communist! aggression In Korea. *•' Prime Minister Lia- But officials said the re,seive most "war baby" plants built, lor World II provide a nucleus for sa!e expansion which, In a case of war necessity, could ease the demands on civilian goods producers like the automobile Industry. q»a£ AH Khan put it. if North Korea's aggression is not put down, no small nation can ever again feel This is the great unifying Don't forget to VOTE Tuesday July 25th. British and Indian attempts to :neili t ite ihe Korean crisis and persuade the Russians to witndraw iheir support of the North Koreans are individual nation feelers. Any final settlement must be made by Don't forget to VOTE Tuesday July 25th. WHY WAIT? Remodel Now — No Money Down Now you can fix up your home—or even (mild a garage—on a low interest FHA loan with easy monthly payments. No mortgage required. Why wail? Call HuiUlers Supply today. 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Ot the WANT-AD ha/iit and you will have money in your pockets for purchases. I Ads placed before 9 a.m. will appear same day. All classified advertising payable in advance. BLYTKEVTI LE COURIER NEWS Next Tuesday Vole For For STATE REPRESENTATIVE The citizens of Luxora recommend to the voters of Mississippi County a home (own hoy who is honest, capahle and efficient.. .and one who will represent nil the people of Mississippi County without partiality. advertising for th« MndMarj of John J. Cowan, pMrt r nr h y *. f.. Bryant, Luxota. Ark.

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