The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 24, 1948
Page 11
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, MARCH H, if if BLTTHEVILLl TARK.T COUHICT Parchman, Miss., Penal Set-Up Hit Legislator Accuse* Prison Management Of Neediest Beatings JACKSON,, M., r . J4. (UP) -A ataU. legislator charged today that Mississippi's Parchman Penitentiary Is Just "a huge cotton plan- tat on where drivers push the con. ct . s » t » ,' urlous Pace under threat of the bull-whip." 8en. Fred Jones of Invrrnou, chairman of the Stale Penitentiary Committee, voiced the charges nn l»» Iloor of the legislature . 1 a personal Inspection of tile prison. He charged that the parole system of the stale Is "trafficking m human slavery" and claimed that «ome prisoners are paroled as hand- jcrvants 10 wealthy Jacksonlans for «,i little as 50 cents a day. Jones denounced the legal punishment of prisoners by whipping, 1 asying the discretion for floggings has been vested in (he hands of "gorillas In human form who lust for the power to impose their will on others." The legislator said records at the prison show that "many men are beaten for 'wrong attitude. 1 ;.' " "Ninety per cent of all the punishment comes at cotton chopping and cotton picking time," Jones declared. "When the cotton comes up in the spring It Is a grim and serious day to the convicts. The management pushes the sergeant; the ser- ceant pushes the drivers; the drivers push the convicts at a furloiis pace under the threat of the bull whip." In attacking the parole system, Jones charged that 25 prisoners had been paroled to people here, "some »t wages of 50 cents a day to prominent and Influential people as personal servants." The state legislature Is currently considering a complete overhaul o( the parole and penal system. Youth Carries Bullet In Head 2 Days After Accident With Pistol ATLANTA. Ga.. March 24. (UP) —A 16-year-old high school boy who im carried a bullet in his head for two days because he said he was "shamed to tell that he shot him«elf was reported in good condition In a hospital here today. Robert Liggett turned up at the hospital yesterday and asked for treatment for a nosebleed. Doctors halted the bleeding but noted that the youth was running an imusual temperature for which they coultt find no cause. They took X-rays and were amazed to find a bullet lodged in the boy's head, within > fraction of an inch of his brain. At first young Liggett dL-nied he toad ei'er been shot, doctors said. Finally he told them he heard a noise outside his home Sunday night and grabbed-an old pistol to BO and investigate. The pistol went off accidentally, he sajd. and the bullet entered h'is head. He refused to elaborate further, except to say that the wound ""*) not bother him till the next wiling when his nos« began to blied. NOTICE OF SCHOOL ELECTION Nolic« is hereby given that the County Supervisor of Mississippi County, has called an election to' be held In Gosnell School District No. 6 at Mississippi County, ou tha 29 day of April, 1948, at which the qualified electors in said School District shall vote on the question of a loan from the Revolving Loan Fund, and the levying of a special •»x of j mills annually on the as- •essed valuation of the taxable property In the district so long as Is necessary to repay said loan and the Interest thereon. Such election 8hnll be held at Gymnasium, Cos- Hell School on the 29 day of April. 1948 between the Hours of 2:00 e'clock p. M. and 8:30 o'clock P. M. »nd otherwise In the same manner •s Is provided by law for holding annual school elwSioiu. Witnesa m v hand this M day of March, 1948.' JOH7f JfAYES, County Supervisor, Mississippi County. Axnost two-thirds of Europe's TOR-mlllon acres of foreals ara In European Russia and Pindland, according to the Encyclopedia Brl- tannica. Weighty Problem Bill Ward is justice of the peace in Abilene, Tex. The job requires a lot of sitting, and Bill has a lot that sils. So his chair—an ancient swivel chair wilh Iwo-by-fours nailed across the seal—is wearing out. But Bill can't find anolher big enough for his 4I!5 pounds. Tlw chair he's seeking must be "at least 36 inches across." Georgians Vote, Without Cross BurningbyKKK ATLANTA, a«., Mur. S4. (UP)— Voten in Iwo Georgia oountln went lo lite polls In county prlmnrle* today without lha "benefit" of organized «lectlon-evt cro«« burning*. Ku Klux Klnn demonstrations, reportedly scheduled for elecllon- foouncl Gwinnelt and Rockcinle Counties last night, failed to materialize after slat* troopera arrived on the scene, Armed patrolmen dispatched bT Gov. M. s. Thompson cruUed around Conyers »nd Lawrencevllle, Cla. to "observe" any Klan pnradfi lh-/ mlRht come off In those county seats. The small IOWJM were Jammed with curious iwrsons from miles around and the name of th« Klan was on every Up, but tin hooded demonstrations, reporlrdly planned to discourage Negroes from voting, did not take place. Authorities sain, however, lhat Ihe crowds of while people and the presence of armed patrolmen rnluhl serve the apparent Klan purpose of keeping Negroes away from the polls. Klan parades and demonstrations attributed to the ICIan have been held In several Georgia counties recently on nights before county elections. After several of these Incidents, the governor ordered the patrol In- "". PAffll He Should Read What He Writes Paul Jones, In Ills capacity as director of public Inlornmtlon for tllo National Safely Council in chlcngo. spends most of his llm« telllm peopla how lo avoid accidents. Bui, Ju-t nft-r J'lORlnn a safety contest on "perils of falling on Ice," he did Just that. Result—double fracture of the arm and a red face. NBA Telepholo.) to "any town In Geoi-Rla where we cm] find out In advance that a Klan demonstration Is lo be held." New York Clly> passenger tie. valors travel a lotal dully dlslnnrf of 5W.OOO miles. Eisenhower Will Not Be Candidate Ex-Chief of Staff Adheres to Stand ' Taken in January By Lyle C. Wilson (United Tress staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON. March 24. (UPI —General "~p would not accept th 1 ? Democratic Presidential nomination. That Is bad news for the unhappy Democrats who would like to dilch Presidnet Truman and nominate the retired chief of staff, Gen. Eisenhower has told friends he Is not going to open his mouth again about politics; that he sticks to his letter of Jan. 22 to Leonard V. Finder, publisher of the man- Chester, N. H.. union-leader. Eisenhower wrote Finder that it had been his intention si all times not to accept nomination to political office. "I know you will not object." he added, "to my making this letter public to inform all interested persons that I could not accept nomination even under the remote circumstances that it we-- tendeder to me." That letter was written with reference to the Republician presidential nomination. But the United Press was (old it applied equally to the Democratic nomination or that of any other political party. It Is Ike's final word. He will take office shortly as President of Columbia University in New York City. Some rebellious Democrats have mentioned Gen. Douglas MacArthur as a possible presidential nominee, although he is known to be a Republican and a passive candidate for the OOP nomination this year. MacArthur Is entered tn the April 6 Wisconsin presidential primary. Bnltinjr Democrats Panicky Some boiltinc Democrat* »re panicky, otherwise they scarcely would attempt to drag Ike back Into the picture or discuss MacArthur. Oo- pc.-iiion to Mr. Truman's renoniln- atlon Is high-balling through the South. It has developed aggressively in New York. There are reports of rebellion from Illinois. The latest Senatorial rccr^'s were the Senators from Alabanxi, Lister Hill and John J. Sparkman. Little mor« than « fortnight ago fliey were regarded as the leader* of the pro-Truman forces In the South. Sparkman Is one of those who would swap Mr. Truman for General Ike. Sen. OHn D. Johnston, D., S. C, is another. If Eisenhower would Ju«t bat his eye, the stampede would be terrific'. Practical politlcam would be astonished If Eisenhower jiow accepted the nomination of * badly disrulcd arty after having reject' Kerr Raps GOP For Blocking Preparedness ATLANTA, Ga , Mar, 24. (UP) — Robert s. Ken 1 , former governor of Oklahoma and currently a candidate for Ihe U. s. Senate, today accused the Republican Parlv ol erecting "a stone wall o[ opposition to an adequate program of plepar- edncss." Kerr addressed an overflow crowd of 900 Georgia Democrats al a delayed Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner here last night. The Republican leadership, he ! said, threatens lo provide "tOD lit- | He too late" in the face of the ' "creeping paralysis of Russian ae- gression." I The former Oklahoma governor singled out GOP Sens. Keqnclh Wherry of Nebraska and Robert Taft of Ohio for particular attacks, i He charged that "the political embalmer from Nebraska and the legislative assassin rrorn Ohio" are choking and delaying preparedness while "the iron curtain threatens to engulf Finland, while Czechoslovakia has fallen, while Ihe curtain moves across Manchuria, Korea and China, and while Italy trembles like a sailing-vessel In a hurricane." ' • The Republican leadership "has withered on the vine," Kerr said. "Their old men live in the sha- doivj of the; thel- young men live in the shadows of their old men. 1 The eloquent Oklahoman, who keynoted the 1944 Democratic National convention, did not mention President Truman or his civil rights program. He spoke at the dinner staged by Former Gov. E. D. Rivers. Georgia's national committeeman, which was a sellout at $10 a plate. ed a belter than fair chance to head the 1348 Reubllcan ticket. Ike tells' his friends he. stands at on his letter. So long as he stands there the Democrats scarcely could get him even with the draft some ol them discuss. Hour Hour C K E LQ SERVICE CALL 4438 We Have the Latest Equipment Out to Insure the Most Efficient Recovery of Stalled or Wrecked Vehicles. Call on us 'day or night! A NEW WRECKER AT YOUR SERVICE SHELTOH MOTOR 1 If West Ash SK COMPANY Phone 4438 Local & Long Distance Hauling Moving a Specialty Anytime — Anywhere Any Place Buck Mcharg 401 E. 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