Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 5, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 5, 1895
Page 3
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There's no Danger to be feared, even if you do use too much Pearline in the washing. If there's any danger of damage at all, it's when you use too little. In that case, you'll have to begin that dreadful rubbing—and carloads of Pearline couldn't do as much damage to your clothes as that will. I Follow the directions on the package—that's the best way of ^ o all. But remember, too much «^ a won't hurt anything. It's only a uou.i waste of crood Pearline. KA1LKOAD iucal ut.il <icu«r»l A.WH OuueeriiluK 11 l.w.y. C-iup-ui- » "««l 'i'«»'i £uipl~J «-» — • Oiiilw Ml' lunr* t »l tu tbc 1'ub.lc .u (ji.ucr.l --ll EA.tUil.xiid uF to U b uica /i^u, gruoo A** lor by o<»ib*tij£3 u> . .,, i, i, 1 • . j it Peddlers and some unscrupulous grocers will tell you "this is as good as or "the same as Pearline." IT'S FALSE— Pearline is never peddled. and if procer sends you something in place of Pearline, be ' <ct. 439 JAMES PYLE, New York.' F. W, KINNEY, SIS JBKALEU 1ST Fish, Oysters, Fresh Butter, Eggs and Game. ff 63"We dress our own Poultry and therefore have everything fresh. o{ Spring's Soap, WILL I'-IEVKST F HA.\I><* ,4.NI> FA •'••: AX FltOH ; SOLD ONLY 'BEN FISHER'S DRUG STORE. WANTED! REAL ESTATE. ' W intiiil. Oil • ID Oottn-,' rt For -f'llo. G Wiific^d Ijor. 1 * --in I Aur^-i ^ >r S ilo. ; Wiinttvl ^miili Karms Kor Snl«. WantM t'i Kxcliiiii!c« •'urnis for Cltv Property. WttntiKl »t«roti indUi -n Tr .'I" for F:»r us. ADD.iKSS .»!. .n. <JI»Jtl»l» v, spr- R'inic Lo,Mnsport, [ndliinii, H. E. TRIIAX, M. D. Sooclnl iittciitliin K'.vnn to Nose, Luni?, Liver On>Ci<'iiiiil U«sl(lmi<!HovnrSt;LW N.itlonnl Bank. All Kills promptly KROS'JBK & STRA.IN, Undertakers and Embalraers, «i:s JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS IX i^STIU K!.\K. flSK AND RltOAD POINTS TO SUIT ALL HANDS. THE MOST PEEPECT-OP PENS, YOUR INCOME! Otaera T.doliiKltwhy uotyou? invest jiu.00 i,taDoijemDi»rwiie«t, Out system liimi«uriitea tor F {h» 0 mentor «mall trrtoori-, tters you mi MCM! ent .pDjrtunltTto trjlt Wrlto QS tod r tor lull Inrorinution. PJjaKlNd * CO., m Kiuno uidg. ciuciu,-!.). (it NOTICE FARMERS- ,, lo ,-, 01 ^Ior,ulrBit Urtiv*ron wilt be at J. W .'«i'!i Keotl i>ot« on Norcn street Smualajs to , txhibitit \v'lmi"«s OnecK Kuwec oa wlilcu itioy i ollo'.veil» patent. DR. F. M. BOZ£H'3 DEN TAL PARLORS, Over State National BanJk, Logansport, Ind. DAILY JOURNAL TUESDAY WORSTING. FEB. 5. A Frlouilr AJrlco, Some four or live ye*™ a<;o J. Gjodyear, a youasf ana 'ull of life iiad vigor, left tae Old farm in Calhoun county, for ihe more acilve lift) io the city. Drifting Into tna tele- ffrapb ouilne^^. he secured a position on the C. & N. W. ' Ritlroad, at Republic, Mich. la >tddltloo to nU duties as operator, ha vv.as required to Sfcll j tickets, caacic b*u?tti;e and make ' himeslf £enui'tlly useful. Bot'veen i , the exacting olllcl'ils on the one slue aod the iacuasisleot public oa the other, hu was worked and worried to Bach an extent thit his henlth guve out anJ oao clay ha was carried to his home, after having a severe nervous ! sptisco; ho grow from b.id to worse until he had CD relinquish his position, a physical wreck. The doctor could not cure him and told him so, but advised him to go to Ann Aroor und pUce himself In cUarge ot thfU world wide institution of learning, wblch he did. He con. tinued with their treatment constantly and faithfully for four long 1 y-ars, receiving little, if any, beaeflt. VVhllo In this condition, a friend trave him a boit'e of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve VitnU izer, with aa ur^eat request to use it. Nut wishing io otlead hU frlead, he promised to do so, butdtd uot, because, as ho argued with himself, "What is tho use of taking that. 'Stuff if the most learned nerve specialists In the world can not cure me?" Bdt as time passed he would occasionally think ol tQe neglected bjttleuf medicine givea him aad nU promUe to use it. One day ho picked it up aad mechanically pulled the cork, measured out a dosa ana took it; a change Deemed to come over him, uls nervousness abuod, bis miud became clear and he thought ho felt BOinethm^ of nls old time vi^or. tie cjatiaued tasvag 1 Che VitaliZir until he was able to sit up, thua to walk a few stops; the sluggish olood In his ValDS became acuvv, cjiur returned to ais lle>h and he felt the oeed of more luod. tie soon Improved so that he sought and oeQame eojaijed la light labor and earned the tirst attained its loa< vacated posltioa in his brala aad Qia fneuds rejjlcad at the woaderful co^a^e. IVlc. G^aodyear is auw leadlag a thoroughly active and successful life wnuch he sa>s ha is rcpuria ul 10U iVt.ua rtUlCu ollvinoil uooicaoo ui »iVjU,iJO.oy-*. -J-iiD L. $7i3,202,2Bi!, i-unJ uiiu y^6iui- idtfd. urouao wiko uu vtlo i D_)OLC.L1J, LliO ttUJK^ULJ Uciu^ uca,i ij ovo«- fti.UUu.UUU IUD Baruug.uu, Suoro, $3,111(0 UUU Oj iba luit-uio ^ou- bral, OAibl-uurc i^ OLLL^ a.ud tiOCt£ lolaud ttuu f2.UUU.UUU uy LUo UauttUlau J^auiuu. A t/ooiiiiar lo<tu-ro ul LQo ro- [ju.-t 13 tQ-tcVcrj JloXicau ru^U nttutVo au luorcttoc. lUa ^iKo uouc:uueo: "WUi. iVloXicoUuco Lot Lre»l ll>a ruil- rOaQB ae public ou Dr. J. d. Furd, uniol surgeon of the Bi« rour, Has ia=ucU n oflioiai circular tj njc li>o LDuuonnti iucu ou the ayb ayoietn will D^eaojo u^oratlVd ihl *Vculi. Tuo?e will Do a oouti'al UUapl la. a.i, laulauupLJlla lur palleuttl uf al olou? eutcsriutj iDero, aud Ueat Doajjuais, will Oa e.-mbli»aed tao (Jieveiaud, Uiuciuaatl, 6aa £y, Cairo, VVaito>vator aud Mlcni gan Ui^loioLS. feuuoylvania baa noi yet acid its p.jucy roiative to tne &p col; uf a, ouccoooor Iu Ihd late Uibuard ou the V<»ucla. La oelidV^u ULJ«V 10 Ud riiLUodt a furo- c-juciu^iou lUtii G-duern.1 I t ilcDaOo win Ha piaceu in aud tQai M.r. N. vV. i'ay lur will Do tin addiatiul' jjoueral freight U.-trllo^iOQ apparently does i I.QJ ijtyiu of ar ure ut the Lu^aa^pocC FAQ Handle tatioa, sluce uo Qas QU luUlai lasaan^ar tralus otart at tue swltcQ luUaC, 11 squaro west Of ihc Station, i»!ioiuK tao oliiiuu at a ru.[jid gait. A^'eat' Al^Uuiloc • oayd tDai pirfdea^erd fei left every dny ou accuuai uf the Oa Saiuroay la->c iho toaaagfe eys ,eoi wua waicQ tae I 5 aa H.tudle Das )eon e.xperirneuLlLj^ 1 fur djtLe wad put a forcf. Uud«r toe uid plan each Ocr ol loaded, ears i uiia.ro 1 leas uf the ature ot tae uuateati. but under ihe cw ruliug euyiae!) are rated by ihelr juuago QaLiiluy capacity certainly a mure judt and ucuaoiiiical plau. Tne urder tnaii p^o=cb oLiualU. not be lobrtoou ot. L.UU1O auii jMo *1 ifui'tt uad looli WibUUi'aWu ua bild liuea Woei< uf I illu io 1'U.l AS bLIO n.3a OOJWlUu Wl bLlO /ULCdeU 4ua JV o iV Jt ji l£ UuiibeU, Uu /UICU ^>aoao9 ii^Vb ueVol* UooU Xluu- L'uU. WHEN TBEr WILL BE HEARD. Vitalizar. the grdiladt nerve builder evor proclujed for nervous prJitri'.loa, s^aSJls fisi, sleeplediQais, meatal adprear-loa. estimated ylcality, daspondeajy and g-eaeral deoillty. For Dy Bea Fisaor. ia a, foiv huadred dollars private local funds, also £*at- ern moaev in aay amuuat to luaa un mortgage security. Office No. 319 Ptar etreei. The greatest barjjalna ovor showo , , . , r , .-, , vr i proud to a-.crtbuia t,o Dr. WQedler'ji »ro now at the Trade Palace. New , ^ (7 . •ilki for waists, new dress silks acd new wool ^oodd at about 50 cents on former prices. Don't delay. liteo exposure to all soru and COQ- dllluTU of weather that a lumbaroian 1» called upon to endure in the oamp$ often produces severe colds 'which, ttkl • noi promptly oheoksd, result In KoDgeallon or poeumonla. Mr. J. O. Davenport, ex-manager of the Fort Brag? Radwuocl Co., an immanso ,in«iltutlon at Fort Bragff,-Cat , .sajs they, sell larpe quaDtltiea of Chamhor-* I'fcln'u Cough Remedy at the company's •tore and that he himself u*od thia remedy for a severe cold and obtained ' Immediate relief. Tola medicine pra- ' T>n u »oy tendency of a- cold toward lniur««» proeopt re- The ladlos of tne First Preahytarlaa Church are ^rraagtag to 8er?a suppar at tua church (rum 5 Co 8 o'clock next Friday evening. BaeklenV* Acmca Salve. Tho bait salvd ia tae vrorld for cats, bruises sores, tiloars, salt rhaacn lerer sores, teitsr, obappad hvada, ehilblalas, ooras, aad all skla eruptions, aad pojitUaly ouras pile*, or no pay required. It li gfa*r*uteed to parf eat «atUfaotloa or r«- 1'uo ujruuor uf o^ Ufa oi/ti<»3 t'ii i'u 1UAO ul J^iu. air. xM./1'i.uii a iu Lu^xr uudM O Ul tVul'JU Wd Hcudi-ickiS U^U ^uo iiiVo o auU llja U Ult9 Vat'uiCb aaa aXL'o. J.' uy aooiUoU UuiiUUrVU. county tua ll^udlo u ouou ^a a ijjL>-iJJn» v'oo Moi'c. J^ 1"*. r . VV . to C iua rfaa L'OHUL'UOU JtiaL^L'd^y Ua aCJU UOLU^; lu 1>UU UavL A OouUillOu bO U'aiu. • Ou dUo i^ail Lu^v oavcrai da H'uUi tQd Una ul lUeui a aCJUilLib Ut Haul a iViadter tnajQaaio Paauucs left for jSo*v J£ ji'it j cavofd^y wuouca Ua WJ.il aan Iv/i: riai-j^j -la alstf U^j-s ^uera no oUi i.u rodJ a >viu Do Cioi'tC, X*. uiuuina. aUcr oy all auil ul i,uo Tiin C»»<s ul VTnluoi Connors «td Mam bud I>«ve Kennedy arc Sei fur Tnltl. • William Conoora, who li charged with Turner; will he tried a week from Wedueoday, February 13vb, in the cir- cun court. He will be defended by JJalBOu & Myerr. the cuunty attorneys. Sam and Dove Kennedy, brothers wbo are indtcied on numoroua counts f»r alleged bur<j nry and larceny, will be trito Thursday, February 14th. Tneir cases will also be conducted by the county attorneys Nelson & Myen. Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment Is unequalled for Eczema, Tetter, fait Rheum, Scald Head, Sore Nipples, Chapped Hands, Itching Piles, Burns, Frost Bites Chronic Sore Eyes and Granulated Eye Lids. For sale by druggists at 25 cents per bar. TO HOBSE^WUZBS. For putting a horse in a fine Jienlthy condition try lir. Gidy's Condition Powdera They tone up the system, aid digestion, cure loss of appetite, relieve constipation, correct kidney disorders and destroy worms, givui; new life to an old or over-worked horse. 2 cents per package. For sale by druggists. A Flr« Ai «niton. John Fair's residence at Walton wae the scene of a small Qre Sunday T*o email cblldron were alone In the noube at the time aod they succeeded lo puttlnu out iho flames. Matches In the pocket of a jj-arment banglnir In a cloatt, are supposed to have been oied by nibbuog mice, cau-lng- want ihreatened to be a serlou coLfhfjralloo. l!ccODi»ienditluD From Los Angeles. 63i Ua-toi*r d'., bos AajjciOc, Cft'. — \fier having suffered for a lo time from acu'-e rne.umatlsm without obtalnlnjj raliaf, I usud Coumb»irlain'6 Pttiu balm ana was almost itumedlaltly relieved I nimbly rt'Commend this lac be>i mtdicine ltuO*o—D M. H-.m- liton. For fiale by B. F. Keesilng, UruggUt. EERLIN A SLUMLESS CITY, A Alaateru Ojuetta tad seat of a vehicle drivea by a South- Side milk, inan on third street yesterday caused the covering o( the seat, the blanketf, ai,0 finally iho cloioiog of the driver to eaten dro. Ttie uiiik man had hl» heui.1 wrapped up and know nothing of the roasting tie was aoout to gel uu til gome one ua the dide-vallc saw the aoiuke pouring trocn ibe wagon, aoo jerke'1 the milkman out. The blaze is put out, without much trouble. STATK OF Omo. CITY 'or TOLEDO, ?,., LDI'.AS COUNIV. ) FRANK •'. CIIKNEV m iKusoutti iliat lie Is the iiiur iwrtner ui timiir.ii of K. .r. CHUNKY & Co.. uol IK b iam>«-i in tn.* city o( Tole.l', Cnuntj aiM Suiio iifuri'sul'l, :i"<> UKli wild llnu will uay tuo sum o.^.Vb' U. i.V'Ditt'J UjbLAItj fur 0.1 :li uact utCitUii'ii tutu ciiimut bo cured by me use ul tiALi/s UAT.VUKII CUHK. FRANK J. CHENEY. Sworn to before me and ruusur'ued In my re.innco, tuls um day or December., A.. .D. is*. j JK.\L f JSomry Public, Catarrh Cure Is taken luiurnully and acts d rect.y uu tile blood an 1 mucous .iiu-faces ol Si'.su-iu. ;j, iiu fur Lealiinuiiiiiis tree. 1". J. UHJi.i ai it CU., Toledo, 0. so- ujtV iUd la a reoeai pdUUO the Salem, aavj oa; ajia/ »aa ujjj vriia sad it porjua , *ua taam cj get aad regret il. tttejr do, ^t It *1 vray* d»«i taa work;: and do** it *»l£ j;?if ^iafci-'' bj^;^ jilKiiiiiUi^:, | *"Si3a«*ii:iffiv' They Wuiiua to Rtde. An lodiviaiial >vun a. ureac deal of assurance wad an applicant for Charily amuatf the t>usines:> man of the ulty ,'eoterduy. Ho staled taut no and nU aoilly conbleliug ul nis wife atd (our cnlidrea arrived Here aintnabd Saturday and were given lodgings av the *u. Yesterday ne secured aa order ruin Trustee Jncksoa for a tlcnol to vokotnD and eaia that he waawd to enough mouey to Lire a Duck to nis lauuily from the jail lu tha fan lauaie station. Ho oalQ mat his wife audohuurea tfere iu guod health Out oa aoojuai uf tad inclemency of the r ne did not deem it prudent to icrciut iUt_-m'tj walk, it id doubtful f no accjoipllantid nis object. All free. Those who nave used Dr. King's a.v UioCuvery Hau* its Value, aud nusa wno nave cot, n^ve na*v tDe ppuriuany to iry u Free. Call on ne aaveriljed. dru^^bt and gful a trial ui/.le. free. Si;OU your namfi and auardss 10 H. • £. liuoslea & Co., ;mcji[;o, an't get a sample bux'of Dr. Lititf' 0 Ne-v Llfa Pilla Irae, as well ai a uopy of (iuiQe 10 tlealia aad Uouse- nuid lasi.ruci.or, fres. All ol which i= guaranteed 10 du yoa good aad co=t you aotaiajf ac JB. F. Jidesliug'ij druj? aiore. It Is a fact thai ueirly all reliable proprietary medicines were first uaed aad thoroughly lasted la practice by puydiciaud ol more than ujiial ability, autl yet aomd poy^iciaQS aaeer AC sued medicines. Tne rea^oa U plainly seen by taking Braui'd Balsam for llluSlfiilon, IcnjJra every^rnora a» reliable aad sure to cure every sort of tuog aad laroit, trjuDle, except last 8mgea of ooaiampiioa. Way i« li not ju*t ai good toe your caie M 'a ^^^Jolao'* proicripiioo, which mltfht oo<il^ibre« or lour tltnaj a» auqh.' &&^fii$J9}: •\-:n,?..':r;. •.."* .• fw-i•»•/>'. IU Strfeti Aiphalcrd anJ Kept Clean Even In Uio I*oorest Quartern. A foreigner coming to llcrlin will be impressed almost at once by the cxoel lent streets, and further by the exceptional manner in which they are taken cure of. Almost everywhere they arc asphalted, even where thoy arc narrowest, and not only in the middle of the city, but far out into the suburbs. This work has been done in the most substantial manner. This department of city affairs is intrusted to skillful officers, who perform their duty according to the latest scientific principles. In the center of the city a large tract of street is now being 1 torn up for new horse car tracks, and it is an instructive sight to see tho fine scale upon which the work is done. The foundation is at least a foot in depth of the hardest possible mixture of small stones and cement. Upon this, by means of monstrous rollers and other machinery, is placed the asphalt, which is not more than half an inch in thickness, but which, on account of the strong sub- work, wears like the everlasting 1 rock. It seldom needs repair, says the Philadelphia Telegraph; it docs not run away in hot weather, and docs not rut under the heaviest kind of traffic. This adds materially, of course, to tho beauty of Berlin, and facilitates tho work of cleansing the streets, another department of municipal administration which isattcncJcd Coin the most effective manner. Cleansers in'uoiform are constantly at work in all parts of the city, ,vho wifh broom and brush heap a f i-ho refuse before the curbs, to be hauled off to the city farms during 1 the night. At intervals each day water carts arc driven over the streets, and boys follow after with squeegees, which they propel by long handles washing every particle of filth away. The excellent condition of the streets of Berlin is one of the reasons why the city has none of those districts which have come to be called "shims." While London and Paris, not to mention the Italian and Spanish cities and 'some cases nearer home, stiiTor in a notable manner from the congestion of the poor at certain points, where they live crowded together under the most unhealthy surroundings, this is not to any extent, true of Ik'i-lin. There are districts in the cast and north whore the poor live together, but in nothing 1 like the misery ami squalor which one will find elscwhorc. The streets, as already remarked, arc asphalted, and they arc clean. Thoy arc Dourly everywhere wide. There arc none of those little dark-alleys which c.vist mother cities. The houses'arc well built and sound. One could pass through these, districts time and again, and did ho not sec the children ou the sidewalk and the women with their heads out ol the windows it might scarcely occur to him that he was among the poor people. The fronts of the houses are of very handsome masonry, harmonious in .architecture aud in no important respect different from the houses in many wealthier sections of the city. You say a collar and cuff that are \vDterproof? Yes. And perspiration will notaffcct them? Yes. And when dirty you need only wipe them off with a'wct cloth or sponge ? Yes. Wonderful! Hotv are they made ? A linen collar covered on both sides with waterproof "CEi.i.UT.OrD." Looks exactly like a linen collar. Is it the only waterproof collar and cuff made? No, but it ir- the only Q-" '"rule with the linen interlining n:i<l £;>:ise:;iiei3tly the o;ily oi:e that can give entire satis- . faction, because it is the best- How can I know that I get the right kind ? Because evcrj' piece is stamped aa follows: TRADf _ Inquire for that and rcfi:KC anything else, cr you will be disappointed. Suppose my dealer docs cot have them ? He rrobnbly li.iP, rntt if rot, send direct to u?, enclosing nir.oum. Col- l;:rs Cjc., CufTs see. Slnte fi;;c, and whether collar wanted i-.; stand-up or lurncd-down. THE CELLULOID COMPANY, -2>--2!> Broadway, NK>V YflHK. Tlic man Iroin a rncinp stable in the east h;nl gor.c to the southwest to get a job in a new country. The first person he struck \vas the hotel keeper, who ran a livery stable in connection with I)is house. 'Um—utn," hesitated the landlord: "I don't know whether I cnn give you anything 1 to do 01-not. Yon .scc,"'oy- ing 1 him suspiciously, "I don't know •ou." "That doesn't make any difference," argued thc.Tpplicant; "I Icnow all about landling- horses." 'That's what I want to know about," said the landlord. 'Well, I can show you mighty quick that I can handle horses any way any man in this country can. I've got it down fine-" The landlord looked him. over carefully. 'Mcbbe you can and mcbbo you can't," he said, warning-ly, "but let me tell you as a friend to a stranger, that .here's one way of handlin' horses icre if we ci!^h you at, all the rest you enow about T.he business won't sai^- you a minutu. That's a tip you can :>ct on, and I'll try you for a week or 3."—Detroit Tree Press. Have You Kidney Tronble? Have Ton Throai Twnib-le? Have You Rheumatism? Have You Bladder or Urinal Trouble? TRY "SAN-JAK. BEX PI*HKll, I) UH.CAGO, MarclJ 7, 1SD1. DR BCRIIMA.N. CHICAGO. MT i'E*K in— My attention was fl'st calieu to riAN-IAKIa"! year in tbe case of *>i»t.iln J. II. Brn.oius "i Tcrrc Uiiui". 'lid., wn i w;is ntuckeJ in UisCltr«'itaacjit^nei)t)r ; tl.- an<1 cji-titl-. (in- tlrtinr.i iliuaoi tne Dl:id.itr anJ KIJn">s) After prescnblnKtoeiiru.livin-dles -Itnout uv*ll san- JaK wu^ suiji -Mw), ivnd •&• Improw infii . was so nmrKHi ait«-r tn« tlr» oo-— .ano x.c<impl*i- c ;re r..,lo\v-0 so -p«ra!ll>-, tna<. [ atone* c-omuiince.1 «a nve^tHilo of us uwrli-* und D .ve s('ic*j pr^- Itliiaimos ^ver.c knowu ror a -.r KMoey , urctbr.l. va^imlAiuiM arrb.-il trouble. 'foimwe-J la <j ctilri3t.i-c-tij-i.ti-' h';ipu.«5trr5-ait-i. A case of H!iucesl-(infOluniar! fl ,w of orlne) In mro*n ta ul y *.n v^ry ta ion imp o-/ -O Of a few do.-es. ami radli:Hllj cur<Nj In Irxs ;un • a w^ k. xroiii urattr.-al eip«n«iij» In a nu uier of n:td ct es of 1'UCO T'ioea i um fice i-i s.-ij- tn/it i have foond no remedj t'jnt ti ^<iu il IOS4.V JAK. Mid wftlle i D.ivenevarbcfor« nivtin « prufes- slonnl Iiu1'ir»eiue.it to --\ yroprie arr ram"Jr, I sajr uiiurslkiUmti- «nd itb.int re-ietve iu*t, om- s«ier >AN- 1 iK •* »>>rlt<4&l« boo« 10 So nanlW *nd alier ap,.lrl .»; It to tni »urc*t pro ^^slo .*! tei'», c.in >a,' ift h oMitideucfl, It Is botter Hum it is re- comtDtind&o! to be. t Ktnileonunotf to p"v«:rit>e It In all cises of gi>nlt>-uritiarj'<>rCiiiatT!iai <rou3iej. la preference to al "Uiericn-iwn teiowtha.- / » a. sgnvicTusic,.!**. « J iKoaTbo rell«xl np m iQ'.lraad 'Dtlr-!iy. Tne d-liciojs tiste of ne m«ll-iiiels .irolnlt-if-iTor. la urojcnbin ,5 It f>r cnildr-n. Inmut i.re«uiuxl 'KstN-J .K HS an alterative in ultln dlne^-s. an-i In serer J cxxet ol cori me eczem * baYe reidi«d «••> re uittr tj It* m- Bn^no that ((ball coattDax to a*n it ta similar ewM, lading conl'ltnt in»t It m.lms«t all to* Indlca loo* in tocb cm i A Lo^niiHliuri (iiirl. At a mealing of iQe Cmcago Star* wood Club to oe neia Tnun-aity uigh^ wbeu a mueloal program will be rea« derea ftlisd Auna Millar, vioilaUt* urmisrly of Lonansjjort, will atmml. Miss Miller's number will be "fanU»i* OD Fauoi."—(Aiaid.) Hrr« 1'llln. Send your adurera \.<j H. E. Bucklea Co., OnicaKU, aud gel a, (reo t>uu)(>la Dux of Dr. Kinu'B No* Lifo i. J l.j*. A. rlul will couviuco >'ou o£ lUelr tnurlM. pdU are eaw.y la uoUoa aaa ura eflcciwo ia ine euro of niid biclc tmndacuo. Fof malaria acd IWcr truUOiufl iDoy Havo Deou proved lovaluaolo. Xfiey ar6 ^uaranli j .oJ to be purlucuy fruo (rool evurv deleterious suDntauoo and 10 bft purely vegeiaDIO. Toey do DO 1 - woalt* eo by ibtair ajtlon. but by giving uin« to siomactl and bowels gremly lovlg* orale the bvsteco. He^ular blzo 25 centd ptr box. Sold by I). F. Kees« llog, Druggist. John Welch, baggageman of lh« VAoddlla fam train inai was wrecked ui Coaisvllle one day last week, died ai Indianapolis Sunday from blf injuries. Tois is ibe Iblrd peruott whoce deaib was caused by the wreclc. GODEY'S MAGAZINE. 1830. Volume CXXX begins Jan. 180& Dorluc 1895 GODEY's MA*?AZi:<B will contain • . acnes of. articles wultied ' j .; "FAIR WOMEN."' wlil:h will contain linlf-tonfi :.1-tare« ft .. tun mosr be«ut ful w iinen ot ttto world J :—™- —of AnjcrkH. tin-^ciud. -'raact, Atifctci^ Sialn and otuer couutrlc, 1 *. A sprigs ol articles oa JT WOMEN ARTISTS , OFTHEDAYi*- ani their work, beautiful Illustrated. THE FAMOUS ^ WOMEN SERIES! ]• In n; ;ci) »111 bo (i(\scrlb*l tne fnno«» i wnmn mt'u^wirld. pirclouUrh Uioj4 1 : ouoi 1 ! lii a.Ko w on jirt and rr;*v^l; Stories; trials, i'ottr/, BOjK THE FASHION "™ DEPARTMENT •rhlch for r*i" !i « ^ T in ISs l»t»« f «4 . ' an.l f vst women. GotJey's a -llstlnrtlr * womao'i Hie. y-;t lu- t*wm.->» are nucti M to jkraltoah meio'w.M-r tfc» Itimt f. a«4' otiiU Subscription $1 a year. Ten ceuta a number, Send ttireit two-cent (tempt t» Publlsnew lor a sample ooyj, . The Godjey •' -''---•'••• '.••••---

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