The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, February 9, 1937
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"~ : ^1 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THP nnMTWAMi' KirmionAm-.r, xv,, .. : . ; - >v ^^ * r^^ 1 VOL. XXXIII—NO. 279 Dlylhevllle Courier Tilylhevllli- nallv Ulylheville Herald •"--' • - TOE DOMINANT NEWSPAPF^^TmAST ARltANSAa AN» SOUTHRAST MISSOURI _»!.YT11RV II.U;;, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, PRHRUARY JUKI?" SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS- OEUEESVICTORY FOR COURT PROGRAM Pilot Killed When ,-f ries Townsend Plane Hits Mountain O M -j- uw " btna — , Spending Spree ^nUIlDV Tumi r\,u n _ • ^ + w WOODBURY. Term., Feb. G. • UP)— E. O. Smith, Nashville' pilot and weather observer, was killed carl/ today when his two-place Waco biplane crashed Into me heavily wooded' crest of short Mountain, ten miles east of litre According to farmers in the vl- c ° snlit h was 1yl»S lower tlmn he failed Ohio Business Interests Fear Proposal (or New "TVA" Program. , _ _ thought and failed lo see Ihe By LV1.K C \V1I SON ! tleacllel< »is knoll, obscured by foj, (Copyright 1937 by United P.'ess) j '"..n"" 5 ,, 10 , *°°™ !"'" ll ' CINCINNATI o Feb 9 (UP) United Slates weather bn- -Polltics and fears of "Roosevelt ™m ^ ' Nasto/me, reported that Planning- in the Ohio valley com- S " lh . to ° k °" ltom Sky Harbor] bine today to delay and confuse' p , a 2:3 ° "•'"• lo mnkc hls ! Mood control action in this state I ""iistomed night around the mid- It is likely, however, when the > ™, Tennessee area to record nicest of this winter's nood finally is ! , p lmc . data..He ordinarily flew computed, that some of the oteta-l . .L, 11 ? "'" tM(le of approximately eles to action will disappear. "The] • e weatllei ' officials said, cost cannot be known precisely. Ill probably will e.xceed $100.000.000 for the Ohio state shore. line of the l.COO-mile stream, whi.'h \venl on a mid-winter rampage. ' Ohio remains one of a majority of river basin states'which has not enacted enabling legislation to permit cooperation with pending federal nood control plans. New York and Pennsylvania alone of the states draped by' the Ohio have formally undertaken to pay their share of Hood prevention cost. Cooperative Plan Wins There are authorizations for $320,000,000 of federal (lood control work of which large sums would be spent In the Ohio valley under, regulations stipulating lhat Washing- sate private property owners for Inundated reservoir lakes. While the numerous Ohio valley clean-up crews slut away the nood muck deposited from Pittsburgh to Cairo in the past three weeks, the problem of future flood control is being worked out in a rather political atmosphere. Ohio,-Kentucky and West Virginia, delegates to last week's" in- terrstat« .'flood conference > at •Columbus attempted .to vote entire flood control responsibility to the federal government. , Pennsylvania New York; Indiana and Illinois prevailed with a combination federal- state plan .endorsed'by President Roosevelt. The conference established a' nine-state' Ohio basin Cooler Man, Dreaming of Flood, Leaps Through Window lo Escape COOTRH, . Mo., Fell. 0 — The flood claimed ll.s first casually last night when Willie Pane. 30, dream- Ing that the house was biitiiu ., "[swept away,'leaped cut of n jec- nC Awarded cml I ' tol '- v window. Me Is conllned o oi - . ' to his bed loday with painful as ooon as Subscription's bruises. I |J " BC| wll ° wns wo ''khiK on the I irvfc nenr Now Madrid at the time of the bnrge disaster which "Ifs" if Supreme' Court Grows ' Contract a $70,000 factory be erected in Hly- he use of the Rlce- Mississippi Crest Passes South; Wind Damage Is Under Control. Wave wash damage lo Mississippi county levees, which reached menacing proportions at some everywhere today. The gauge at BarHeld this morning showed. 203.8. a fall of a tenth of a foot from the crest With a continued slow fall hi prospect and with today's wind from an angle that throws no waves against levees on the west side_:,pf the , river,. the situation from nd commission to coordinate flood con- * de , < } uatej protection against an trol operation. , • ' ; further damage at that point. _ , , . appeared altogether', favorable. , -,^ t rfS Eri P«s,',.5VP'ye''.darniig'e^ fr Ulc .south wind. of Sunday a Monday occurred near the Godfrey -White home, between Luxora and Oaceola. A largV"fpreev of men was put at work: ' there '•' and last night, completed n'- 'wooden structure, backed by sandbags, which -is regarded as affording' adequate protection against any But there are further obstacles. A portion of the Ohio : business community, notably, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, is said Id suspecl that Mr. Roosevelt might take the opportunity, provided- by flood conW. spending to create an "Ohio Das«:i TVA"--trm't is to create a federal authority which, in Mr. Roosevelt's language, would undertake "to remake the face of nature" in this rich area. , . . . . Electric Power Is Issue Most, acutely there is fear' thai governmenl electrical. power production may in some way become involved in any federal flood control program. A Hood conference conducted by Ihe Ohio chamber of Commerce al Columbus sought lo block electrical power .developments by including in a state Hood control policy this language: "that all attempts to introduce In the undertaking subsidiary schemes and projects would be deprecated and opposed." , The Cincinnati Post has pointed out this possibly would exclude Less s-evere damage occurred at numerous other . points • but. in no case did the .waves cut into-the levee lar enough to endanger Need for Rescue .Craft al hnd on Ohio and Mississippi. MEMPHIS. Feb. 9. (U: third of the l f£_ str 4 a j". PUriflcation. The Ohio plan, endorsed by Gov. Martin L. Davey and the Ohio legislature but already importantly amended by the action of Ihe inter-state conference, was to assess all flood control costs against the federal government and to assign every project to United Slates army engineers. That policy would have Prevented intervention of an Ohio Valley Authority similar lo the was of 11 J """'VilW' WlllUM, the presidenllal campaign e the pri "* Ipa1 charged lighting fleet of GOO boats were il ordered back to their, bases today " because of greally improved con- X? 110 """ Plans foi building, lo Ihevllle for .... ..„ „ ...„„ Etlx Dry Goods Co., of SI. Louis, were given final approval this morning at a meeting of the Blythcvlllc Industrial Associallcn, Inc. . i , Work on Ihe building will get| j underway as soon as the money > subscribed for its construction Is paid in, il was nnnqunce'd following the meeting. Bids will be asked shortly but iio contract will be let until the 'money is on hand. ••'.•••: Vlrgcs l'roni|il Payment W. N. Holly fiirm. Edwards heard lhi> crash as Page plunged through Hie window mid helped him back Into tin! house. 1'nnr. who njiunrchUy sultoed no serious injuries, explained dial ho luid been dreaming that Ihe levee hud broken and had jumped oul of the. window to escape us the Hood started lifting the house from its foundations. He •iiillerod a rude awakening when he landed on tho all too solid earth Instead of In (he turbulent water of his dream. George J. Tryon's task of ,™ ni ] \ ., Ure< ' s ''"""I'l Payment ing $200 a month is just"'ih r «. ! material changes have been days tougher than lhat ol r n m(ule m : ' le I ]I ""S for the build- — . •- ••> juai- i[] days tougher than lhat ol f Fleming ol Chelan, Wash who was selected to spend' that amount in January under a Townsend plan test. Tryon above, a 77,-year-old unem-' S £ u Painler o! " ol Seines t>. D, has only 28 days In Feb- ! niary In .which to spend (nlerest o ti s e Is Considering Norlho.utl : Revenue Proposal Today. - —j, — ......,.., %SJ apcmi interest bearing notes of one dollar each backed by money in the Townsend Club treasury of Hot Springs. , 46.000 square feet of rtcor space—room for about 400 workers. R. A. Lynch, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce industrial • committee, issued an appeal 'following [his morning's meeting for the Immediate payment of all subscriptions to the uiiildlnf fund More than half of the money has teen paid in. • ' " i The Blythcvilie Industrial Asso- LITTLE ROCK, Pel). 0. (UP)— gan offering amendments to Hie administration's two per cent sales lax bill which, tr enacted, would replace the present law adopted by the fiftieth general assembly. The measure, Introduced three weeks ago In the .senate by II. A. Northciitt, would place -a tax of two per cent on all retail sales with no exemptions. Revenue would be divided as follows: Seven per cent lo Ihe free textbook fund. Eight per cent lo the home- clallon, inc.. was organized recently among leaders In the niovcme'm to bring a substantial factory payroll to Blrllievlllc. It is a non-1 ,7 —- ~ prcfit organization and Its principal exemption account, function will be to hold title to Tm 1>c1 ' cenl to ••'<*nrilnble the btiild>,i g in behalf of con- stltllllo »s. tributors to the fund for its erection. Title will, hoi pass to the Rice-Stix company, which merely y T • Rice-Stix company, which merely I oungi_. 1 enpessee Guards- }•«:"' enjoy, ^.ise of;.;tijc..;,i>«udin» .at , , er ? 'Badly Injured. rn-in k'lli' 1 -T nTl f n 'ioniinaT rental.' 9 „ filled, 1WO Uth-l Will Operate Garment Factory The R^ce-stix comyany, one of the -country's ^leading" wholesale dry goods chouses, has-agreed to establish a factory. for ' llie''-'manu- facture of cotton garments In Bly- thcvilie as soon as a suitable building Is provided, slightly over $7.5'000, the amount which it Ls estimated the building will cost, was raised among business men and property owners of Dlythevillc last fall. Th» building will occupy a three-acre site at the west end of Main street, contributed by' Clem Whistle, owner of the old Chicago Mill plant site, of which it is a , ---. ". 'Term., Feb. 9. CUP)—A young national guardsman was burned to death, two were burned critically and'eleven others narrowly escaped injury or death when an oil stove exploded In their quarters'late last nieht. Private Clarence ' Stephens 20 of Company j, _ ,„ Ilifnntry _ Nash _ vi e. was trapped by flames that followed Ihe explosion and burned .to dealn almost instantly. Privates John Douglas and' Clarence Wall both 18 and of Nashville, were burned critically. Hi™ 0 y °" ths h " d been guarding Clly-Tiptonville road und-Am! H' I. Maynard. W lio was to conduct an official investigation of the trag- Pflir tj-vrlr*iT a -room summer cottage v com p*^ tt?J y d &s troyod RED llirctttcncd (lie cn- ftshin; community It was brought under control about LV^5" r P' r Uy destroying a edy today. . The 'riv was alms and the 1 lire small refugees from FOR R.F.C. "»"" Closing Slock Capt. Lcroy Reinberg. commandant of the Chicago coast guard division and in charge of the boat rescue work throughout the flooded area, told the United Press about 200 of the COO boats were being ordered back to their bases. He said those ordered back were along the lower Ohio and upper Mississippi, where flood waters seemed to have passed below the acute danger stage. All boats will be removed from Evansville, Ind Cincinnati and Ix>ulsville. ' ' Practically all will be removed! Packard from Cairo, III., and Paducah, Ky.' Paducah remained all but Inun-' dated but relief agencies have the situation well in hand, Captain A T and T , 8 , 3.3 irnHnn .., «;"»igea me aamin s iratlon with invasion of the prc logatlves of private business. a.umuun wen m nnnei, uaplain Army engineers have explained Reinberg said. Cairo seemed to frequently th at nood control and ha ™ reaped all danger from rec-l POWCf DrOdllnLffWl rnr-nl.. > . nrH hr*iAl*in<r Mia ttire- nn/il«^i -. I combined rtnms. . - — .iwu tuuuui an a production rarely can be gle system of . u i trol reservoirs must be kept nciriv empty most of Ihe time to catch high lide nood waters and there fore would nol be capable of providing a steady flow of water for power production. The only two headwater tributaries of the* oh o capable of power production are the Cheat river in West Virginia and the Clarion In Pennsylvania Bolh have been excluded from the reservoir dam projects proposed in "lose areas. Job For Morgan? There is a coincidence, however ll, th ',' a « l . 1 ' al ." e < ltl <>».of ord breaking waters against its 63-foot seawall and levee system. At Cairo 122 boats had'been anchored for "any emergency." There were 44 at Paducah, 50 al Evansville, 40 al Cincinnati and so at Louisville. Surveys Paducali Damage MAYFIELD. Ky., Feb. 9. (UP)— County Judge Grady M. Stewart announced today that a survev in McCracken county revealed flood damage of $27.610,000 to the cHv of Paducah. Damage in the coun'- . ly excluding Paducah was set at 1 {925,000. Shorter Skirls Appear American Waterworks Anaconda Copper .'" Bethlehem Steel Chrysler Cities Service ."" Coca Cola General American Tank General Electric General Motors International Harvester McK esson - Robbi us Montgomery Ward New York Central ...]' Phillips Petroleum .'".'. RAdio Corp ... ...... St. Louis-San Francisco Simmons Bed ........ Standard of N J .....', Studebaker .......... ' Texas Co ....... U S Smelling .... U S Steel ...... .''' Warner Bros •>*< 3-4 55 1-2 85 1-8 1311 1-4 4 1-2 135 62 GG 1-2 IOC 1-4 13 1-2 59 3-8 43 1-2 11 1-4 56 7-8 12 3 3-f 54 1-2 71 7-8 1C 3-4 57 ion 5-8 17 Fcvmer Cashier of Local Bank Named Manager of St. Louis Agency. WASHINGTON. Feb. 4. (UP! — The Reconstruction Finance Corporation today announced appointment of John W. Stiydcr as manager of its St. Louis agency, snc- J r.r,s resig Twenty-five per cent lo Ihe state welfare commission. Fifty i>er cent to the common school /mid. the ''inensure was called for third and final reading on* the nbiise floor by Rep. R| H. wood of/ Izardr cdlinty: -/,".~'» t*'-- .-The first "amcnrinieht" to' tho bill, which would have forced tho state revenue'. department . lo. enforce the payment'of .sales tax by customers of public utilities, was .lost oil the -house floor. . Rep. F. c. Purvlance of Union county, opposing the amendment, said:'. "The utilities arc getting a meter rental and service charge from their customers 'and if some one had the nerve lo refuse to pay the lax the elec^ic companies could pay It from the charges that tiiey make." Lccnl Lawyers' Point Dan- P'crs in Roosevelt's Court Program. Copies of a resolution, adopted by the ISIylhevllle Bar Assoclallon yesterday, condemning that part of President Roosevelt's rccoiu- IJIOPUSUI ia- enlarge me -su-i meiKlallons for reorganization of 'prcmo coui'l ore those of the 1 the federal Judiciary providing for men abovf, possible appointees appointment of additional justices " *"*—"— ' *' ----for every member of the supreme court over the age of 70" T wlio does not retire, were lo be mailed loday to Arkansas congressmen and senators and certain legislators from other states. '. '': The resolution, prefaced by the minutes of the bar meeting, follows: Blythcylllc, Arkansas, February a, 10:17. ' "Be It known tlm'/nt a meeting of the Bar Assoclallon of the City I n'n t of DlythDVllle, Arkansas, held af-' Ulf I ler due notice, al I:l5^p.ih. :ont M I Mils date, at which nineteen of UlLL the twenty-three' members of this Bar 'were'present,' the' foHb'wfni' 1 was unanimously adopted"TO ALL SENATORS .AND-,-, "REPRESENTATIVES -OF '.THE "STATE OF 'ARKANSAS IN ' Wagner's Billion Dollar Proposal Will Have White House Support. WASHINGTON. Feb. !). (UP)— President Roosevelt plans lo support a government-financed slum clearance and low rent housing I. K. Vardamnirjr" who f 0i!mm ' Involving expenditure of med to become prcsld-m * l ? W ' m > m '» the next four years, th« T^,,.«. n.^..~ Informed sources revealed today. and chairman, of the Tower Grove Bank and Trust Cr of St. Louis. ^The change is effective February Snydcr. a native of Jonesboro Ark., has been connected slnr» """ with the office of the comptroller of currency, engaged in the liquidation of Insolvent national banks. Mr. Snyrier was with the First National Bank of 'Blythcvlllc in 1930 and 1 93 1. first as assistant cashier and later as cashier. He became assistant cashier on January 1. 1930. and early In 1931; when the bank recpcned after being closed for several months, med ,. Senator Robert p. Wagner m?m., N. Y.) will introduce within a week an administration bill making funds Immediately available to replace city tenements with modern cheap apartments and row houses. The proiwsal as now planned will create a U. s. lioiislng authorlly as an independent agency. H will be empowered to grant $10.000.000 during the balance of this fiscal J-ear; $50.000,000 in 1038; $65.000.000 in 1939 and $15.000.000,000 in 1940 to municipalities undertaking building projeits. in addition lo that $200,000,000, the authority would probably be authorized to shortly after Nalfoual bank closed s, Issue up to $451,000.000 in fedeni lie First the fall arner ros ......... ... J7 j Nalfoual bank close Zonile ................ 8 1-4 1 ol 1931 to accept a position with the comptroller of the currency and for a number of years has teen the receiver In charge of the liquidation of a defunct bank at St. Louis. —. ...» v uvukiuu vi u itu- onuiivr oKiris Appear . Ohio authority at this moment Ct/RAL GABLES F!» mpi lem Iff? admtni s'™tlve prob- Shorter skirls are appearing In" eh ^ h ^ trollbll »8 Mr. Hoose- greater number at southern reslrlV ' -i>£ F*$££ ^X^^££««Si (Continued on pnje two) Increasingly at cocklali parlies Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. Feb. 9 (UP) —Hogs: Receipts, 10,000 Top, 10.45. 170-230 . Ibs.. 10.25-10.40. Lighl weights. 0.15-9.90 Bulk sows, 9.40-9.75. Gallic: ' receipts, 3000 Calves, 1,800. Steers, 7.60-10.50. Slaughter steers, 6.00-1215 ,«'?« M '" s and yearlings, i.WJ-o.uO, ( Slaughter heifers, 6.25-1015 • Beef cows, 4.50-560 Cutters and low cutters, 3,25- i P 25 , WEATHER bonds to augment government grants through local,loans. New York Cotton Arkansas—Fair, freezing tonight. Wednesday partly cloudy. Memphis and vicinity—Fair and colder tonieht. lowest temperature ?2 to 26. Wednesday partly cloudy and cold. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 74, minimum 48. cloudy with .38 of an Inch rainfall, according to Samuel F. Norrls. [official weather observer. NEW YORK, Feb. n (UP1 — Cotton closed steady. open high Iw close I2G6 I2G7 1261 1266 1353 1254 1?50 :55J 1236 1238 \K3 1238 1190 1193 1188 1192 1186 1189 1185 1189 Jan 1185 1190 1183 1190 March 1 Mas- July Oct Dec Spots closed quiet at 1310, unchanged. Spot Average Is 12,90 The average price of 7-8 Inch middling 'iolton on the 10 S|X>1 markets today was 12.90. Iho Bly- thevllle Board of Trade reports. SEESTHBEIIT Robinson Would Raise Aga Deadline Fiom,70 to 75 You*. Garrison Roseman, Four names which enter the dis-\ :cujslon of President Roosevelt's! 'proposal lo, enlarge (lie -su-l if Congress approves the, recommendation. They ore James H. Landis, clia'innaiiX FcdefalVSe- curilics and Exchange Cammis-r sion; Robert II. Jacksbn, ; '.assist-l nut attorney general; Llo>d K ' Garrison, former chairman of! ; the National: Labor. 1 Relations , Board and dean ol University , of Wisconsin law -schooli^and ! Samuel I. Roseman, of the New York supreme court. "BE BAE . '"RESOLUTION IT RESOLVED IJY ASSOCIATION OF THE CITY OP BLYTHEVILLE xARKANSAS: "FIRST: That this Association Is unalterably and completely opposed to thai part of Ihe Judiciary Program recently submitted by the President' of the United States which would place In the hands of the Chief .Executive Ihe power lo. apiwlnl members lo the Supreme Court and other Courts of the United States, for the perfectly apparent purpose of chang- '"" Ihe •personnel of these'courts as to make them subservient branch of the •SECOND: Thai it Is the sense of ttiis body that such a program would be destructive of our present form of governmenl and would be injurious In ninny ways; (a) It would belittle our federal courts and subject them to contempt in the eyes of Ihe people; (b) it would unduly subordinate tho Judicial Department of the government lo the Executive Department, thereby destroying the Independence and free action of the courts; (c) a larger Supreme Court would be unwieldy and less efficient than a court of the present size; an increase In numbers will tend to divide or dissipate to the cxccutiv government; WASHINGTON '• 1'eb 0 (Ol'i — Scnalc Majority Leader Joseph T Robinson that con- gicss would enact President Roose- \clts judicialy liiogram including sun cine louil fcatiucs, but a d- nillted modincatlons piolnbly would be undo : Robinsons .statement was ac- compinlcd b> n personal suggw Hon thai the icthcment age foi snpieme com I Jnslices be set ut 15 Instead of 70 ns Mi. noos: veil siigtesleil This, would icducc the iiinnb« of appointments which the picsi- ilcnt could make to the siipieme (.'ouit (o [hrce as of the picsent date. Howcvci,' Uo moic t ,ju<.- tlces leach Hie age of 73 ultrmi • the nc\t few necks t i iumurrs Has Ccmpromlsc' > The iiresldcnt's pioposat, as stib- mlltctl, callcil foi nppolnlmetil of " Hevf Justice for 'cnch Juris!- «lio icached the asc ot ,10 aiitl failed to retire This ^oiild glvp MI. Roosevelt six iupreniii coilil'- appolntmenls ' , • / Roblmon empliaslwd that lie'*! was picsenllng hLs pcrsonaL A; vleW!i on tho rcllremcnt age' question s- His statement came as'(he fight J pvcr the'inesldent's far-reaching'il suggesllons B i CW increasingly blt- ler j ' |\ ^ The house judiciary committee met toda> and failed lo acl • -,-v >vu, v imu muutl (O ad llfl~ ally on Ihe plan However. Clialr-, man Hntlon W- SumnSrs (Dem, ...... --- " •Jll.liltmo \LJ(_IJI . Tb\), lepoitcdly al odds with the administration on the, program Indicated he might ^etk -a floor lest on a compromls-e ?bll] (o- ' moiTow. < '.— " " Says Win Roosevelt' Signs $949,... 0.00,000 'Deficiency Re- Jief-Apjmjpnalion. WASHINGTON. Pell. 0 (UP)- Presldent 'Roosevelt today signed the < JtMS.MIOrjOO , deficiency icHef bill providing $190,000,000 lo continue the "government's work ic- llef and flood rehabilitation pro- Brams until June 30.' The president signed the mea- wlicre within 21 received , hours from after il congress. responsibility. THIRD: That it Is the sense of this body tiiat the carrying put of that 'part of the program In uestion would tend to emasculate or destroy one branch of our both houses appioved tlu bill afler compromising an argu- mcnl over use of government em- ployes by congressional Imestigal- Ing committees, : Completion of action measure eliminated Ihe „„,„ ity thai Ihe Works Progre.w Admin 1st ration might be forced to curtail employment projects The 51,425.0CO,000 appropriated for work relief at the last session of congress was almost completely exhausted. on the passlbll Two Firms Fined Heavily in Truck License Cases Fines amounting lo more than $1,OCO were assessed against two out-of-stale firms In municipal court this morning for vlolation- of state truck license laws and one driver was fined for operating a (ruck without a llccns- Another company was fined for gas iax evasion. The National Produce compa was fined $450 for operating was "common , he beltoed Iheie and general mh- m- umlcistaiKling' as lo the effects of the president's plan > lie declared thai no immanent v IncreaTC lo a tola! of 15 Justices in supreme court membushlp , would be provided; that any in- cicnsc which occurred would continue only so long as a Justice' over 70 seals old continued to sit on the bench,, ' ' .. , 'Of the pieslclcnt's . plan he said • is alwavs to kcert 1 , I nine members on tile I'ccurt who_ 'I are under the retirdn but aie"' Simmers said Ihe final decision on whether lo bring up his \ol- unlary lotlicmenl bill would be made "some, lime this afternoon ' presumably aftei finding oul whc-1 thcr idmlnlstration leadcis will try lo head off the rcgnhi cal-i endar Wednesday ! It was generally considered that; Simmer's moie was dehleiately Dimmed to test house •>cnlimcnl v rather thin In ih e ]| DI)C [i, e i,,n could be passed. * Emmieis bill would permit \ol- untarj retirement with pay of justices oier 70 aflci 10 \ear> of service on Ihe bench, the- Kn'iicL privilege accorded olher member ' cf (he federal Judiciary. ~, Sue (or Possession of Outing Club Lands Warner Hawkins, p. B Fox and W. If. Stovall, as owners of all Ihe. stock in the'old Big Lake Outing club, have filed suit m cll,anccry court rt^ainsl - Si. Til Boyd of Memphis, asking lhat Boyd be divested of Ihe le"il title to lands owned by the club govenunenf'fhe'by'T.ndermnZ I™ "" cd *"» <« openu^'" tllte lo landTo^ed by "the c.ub Amc can Dp «racv ™S ™ n* l "' Ck lvilllollt an Arkansas license at.BilS Lake, we-t of here, and Amcncan _upmocmc } and going| Bnd i llc Ulrgcn u , S|)ellcza „,,„.! thai litle Iw Vested in them. ^.,. xhey charged that the purpose of the trusteeship, created in 1921. far toward the establishment of m m , „. a dictatorship. . i of iense "We therefore urge our senators' and reprsentatlves and nil oilier, nr senators and representatives 'im-iwj for sin - compromislngly to oppose this leg- Islalion. "Respeclfully siibmilled "BLYTHEVv'.LE BAR "ASSOCIATfON "By Jesse Taylor "Marcus Evrard "Cecil Shane. "Special Reso! n lions Committee." . to nS , !! lg KC wn " c a j • driver,, was charge against Eugene Harmon was dismissed on payment of license. The G. S. Supplier company was I fined SIO for gas tax evasion and a cllargc of operating a truck Edward's Love Shows has long since ceased to exist lhat Boyd was simply trustee for convenience. They allege that through assessments of pr-naHifi and olher means all the shares of slock In the club, formerly divided among a number of sportsmen of this city and Memphis have become their properly and without a license, against the'l^at thcj now 'ccs/lo hale the same ccmpany, was dismissed up- actual legal title lo the chb3 on payment of license and court and officers' costs. W. E. Armstrong was the rev- I C.MIC department officer who hand' led the cases. _ . I ira l "e cases. No Signs 01 Cooling Tro >' R»mcy was fined SIO on I a charge o( public drunkenness.- LONDON, Feb. 9. (UP)—Two long distance telephone conversations dally between Enzesfcld, Austria, and Cannes. France, and the weekly shipment, (o Mrs. (Wallls Simpson of the finest blc^mi from the hot houses at Fort Belvedere, were -cited today by those In close touch with the Duke of Windsor's life as evidence thai he still Is madly In love and If anything, is more determined than ever to mav- ry Mrs. Shnpsoii. Chicago Wheat May open high 1333-4 135 low close 133 5-8 134 7-8 July U6I-2 117 3-8 116 1171-4 Chicago Corn May open 100 high low close ' 1101-4 108 7-8 110 1-8 July 103 1-8 104,1-4 102 7-8 104 l-e' money. properly vested In them. Wlls Davis of Hfcmphis Is : attorney fcr the plaintiffs. Hear Talk on 'Saving' A. Lawren Biown, educational director of the Investors Syndicate of Minneapolis. Miriri.,' and. A. H. Kalz^of .Memphis, rej?-; tonal director of the company, were guests of honor at the Lions' club weekly luncheon meeting today at the Hotel Noble. An illustrated lecture on "Saying" was guen by Mr Brown who used slides to further emphasize points biought out In the need of education In satins

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