The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 9, 1934
Page 4
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rout BLYTHBV1LLE, (AJUL) COURIER NEWS i-'KlDAY, NOVEMBER ...THE BLTTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS TUX CODRUCH NEWS OO, POBUBHEU. 0. R. BABCOOK, Editor B. W. BAOnt, Adremanf Bole N»tlan»l AdTettl&in« .<ep7tKnUU«(»: Arkanm D»Uiw, Inc., New York, Chicago, CtUvlt, Et Loul*, DtlJM, KiW» City, Mem phli. Published Every Afternoon EXCCBI euncuy. Entered K second uiiss matter at the )X»t ofllw. at Biytlicville, Ar» konsos. under act o[ Congrtsi, October 8, 1911. Served ov tn« Pr«« i By carrier m tno cwj 01 Hlyiucvuie, IBs p«r i >*ecV ot S5.50 P« year In advance. 1 By mall within a r*<ilu» of 60 mllea, 13.00 I*r '.- r«r, l\£Q for u* mon&s, B5o tor three month*; - by mall In postal zonee two to lU, Inelutlre, W,60 per year, In nones seven ano eight, 110.00 ,j>er year, payable In advance. Election Shows Need of Party Alignment The New Your will have coinu, probably, before people get Hi rough' talking about! what the election signified, Jusl now we have the rather amazing spectacle of mi administration winning -tbu support botli of who feel that it is beading in the direction of change and of those who believe; it '.to be the one secure bulwuvk agiiiusl change. That is to say that Mr. Hoo.sevelt, •in some manner, has contrived to draw strength from liberals and conscrva- • tives alike. The liberals believe that . he is going to amplify and continue ','!' those changes inherent in the New Deal; the conservatives believe that lie will make as few changes as possible, - and thai anyone who might be put in his place would almost certainly, go farther to the left. These exceedingly contradictory developments make it very hard to figure JusJ. what the election may have meant. ' Tlie administration continues to enjoy public support, in a (|iiite un- l>receitenletl wuy ; and yet this solidarity is more apparent than real, since it includes the support of two diametrically opposite schools of thought. Mr. Roosevelt cannot forever continue . to be the darling of the liberals and I the white hope of the conservatives^ All of which is just another way of saying that the much talked-of re~ alignment-' of parties cannot be pusl/- — poncil niuclr' longer. Liberalism and conservatism arc not words of very exact meaning. Nevertheless, they will have to do for want of better ones; and sooner or later. they will have to be the unolficial .labels of our two chief, political par; lies, with one party standing for the one attitude and Hie oilier for its opposite. .For what the New Dual needs more than anything else is a critical and in*- teltigeiit reappraisal that goes lu the ^— fundamentals beneath it. It did not ^T get that in this recent campaign. It ^T cannot get it until the two parties ^1. stand for something more than just ^_' two groups of assorted officeholders ^~ and ofl'iceseckers. ~_ The election advanced us very little ;— toward that goal. H succeeded only OUT OUR in cnipliiisiziiiu the necessity for roitcli- ing il. Political Puzzle The profound public unrest in wlik'li futnid violent expression in lliu riots of ;i few nionlli.s ngo, evidently .still exists. It is luinlly BOIIIK loo 1'iti' to say Unit Die rupuhliu now is meeting one of tlie .severest tests in its history. The Douniergno cabinet, seeking to revise the Vreneh eiinsliliition so us lo end Hie notorious instability of tiov- ernments, liiis fallen. In recent years tlie average life of u French cabinet lin.s been nine months. A government which must fall every lime it attempts lo handle any really controversial measure eunnol provide llio leadership wliicli the imlion needs. So Premier Don morgue tried to duinnc filings, putting more power in the hands of the premier, clipping the wings of Parliament and shearing the innumerable blocs of their power to precipitate a cabinet crisis whenever the mood seizes them. Against this plan the cry of dictatorship was raised. It is not yet clear whether the French democracy will bo able to preserve and strengthen itself in this time of confusion ami trial. Foreign Trade Picf?s Up liiisinesK in this country, as in others, is slill a long way from complete health. Nevertheless, international Irade is reviving, and lo those who fuel that we cannot have a sound domestic prosperity until our overseas trade picks up, the sign is an encouraging one. Uecenl fljcures show that American • exports for the lirst nine months of 193'l amounted lo $1,561,365,537—ap- proxininlely $400,000,000 above the figures for the first nine months of IHiW. In the same period our imports also rose, standing at, $1,'<M1,782,2'12 for 11)34 its compared with .?1,<W6,632,<189 for 1!)33. Furthermore, our trade with l.alin- Ainericti is picking up. ICxport.s to Cuba,.with which country a new tarill' treaty was recently negotiated, were three times as great in .September of this year as in the same month in 1!K!3. Apparently a genuine revival is under way. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark I'm Hie most abused man In public, oflice today. —Shcrin John M. Sulzmann, of Cuyuhoga Comity, OliLo. * * * Do you know lliul for '10 years I have seen practically nothing of this country other I than the beaten paths of tbc National League ' clubs? —John Iteydler, retired president, of • the Nulloniil League. * * T 1 am sure Russia has more territory thun she will be able lo develop for a long lime to .come. —George 0. Hanson, u. s. Consul General nl Moscow. "I've told him time :iud anain, Doctor, that he wouldn' have those uiiset sjiellK if he wtiuld .slop eating hclwcei meiils." THIS CURIOUS WORLD X- The Clew of t iii'jfiix ILIUU; T \\iini < iruu.i:s Mounn.v, rr . |iurl( r /L>r Tin- IILull 1 , IM found ilrnri UAN HI.I.DKKH, |uihiUh*T, miprnjN SIN.VIJV c;ftiJ-'t>'. run - i-rhiilmrlcrgUt, in hulvr tlip initrilrr. Monlcti fcinl been InvvAlIijiiiliiu Ihr nffiilrji i>l FIIANK II. <;A- TllAV, nruUliy 11.i J i.rujMliH'iH. ' I'hilmlni; < lj|. Ciillitiy null nr- « till tilllcd M.MIV .. 'I' he dnjr f ti 1 1 im I n p JKordeii'i ttTlIti Cnllnij' JIra i>f iiolxtmhiK. iirlrt It-am* MordfJi had vlnlu-d Ur ;i]i:.rli..rnt of AMCJ' I.OHTUN atu-r o( lit-r mui OI1HIV,\1'. Crlff (i ltd Inslrurt* d«tct:IIvo uw lirr. , MHiU', IlS'lltlill Ath-c »Jmd- <n ii|»nrtmcnt oovii|»U<l 1^?' KKIVNKTH IIUO.M;, frlt-iiU «f Alt.-.- 1 -. Allvr )• Ihrrr. (Jriff avtu^r.t iho iuilr ol kLLllNK Murdvii n nJ ruIN |ii>lh>r hnniiju:irtt-r». HP Htul Illci-kt-r I Inn «n in mi iiililrcitv «vlu-rc 51 US. CATHAY mill HAC'lMv. » Uprcvllvc »»hp In rril|iN>)-|np, lire i-nnfrrrlnj; 1*1 1 it MHS, iii,A\<;iin MAI.OM:. \Vlicri i:riCT U-lli tlii'iu Alice I.iirinri lm» IHTI-JI :trr^«<eil »lr*. Mulune NOW <;n ON \VITH TIII: s'txmv Il XXXII M US. CATHAY stood perfectly when viewed Crom one angle [go across with me wortti u OUIIHK" •: in but have nothing back of tbei one will but taKo .|i belli from all sides." Blcekor'8 tone was gruff. •"Thoi-c things photograph well :nongh to ileccii'o cveryono who sees them," lio falil. "CoHalnly," "No," Griff told him. lo view i will bo 'none of llnil. I am v ing in 'order to gel all of Ihe I in my bauds before 1 tun lie :i n and It \K dangerous for you Lo I Information wlik'li can. al tlio i e]it lime, lead only lo siiKplciu which wo can. perl crlmliioloalst ;i};rwd, "If olio but looks al llic Tliat Is why It hi al '.cays .so vllully hninirlant lo look «l inn object ilselt anil to look al il from all angles. "Tim triilli is like KOIUQ placid shoot of water. Sumo extraneous fact Is (Implied in It anil immediately tlto calm surface becomes rntricil. Tho rctlecllwis become dls. toiled." ' nieekcr Inrticd to him suvacely. "That stuff doesn't interest me In (lio least," lie said. "1 want to know what lianucued. I Uituk you [iiovo wllli :in ahsolut- ceilalnly. hut biisiilcloim ILial nniiil Liol lie von: (id. "I inn not only (cllini; ynu o( Llio^c snspk-ioistf, I'm evt'ii living; not to think of tlicm. We nevei know ju^t how ihj>j sli'iini;c L>iK> noinciidii dial we call mcnlitl u-le|. iitby acts. "flOW fl know. I want yon to tell me. Ai'ler j you yourself said. Inn all, I'm running n newspaper. I j allowed your ibou^li ..... •vanl lo avenge the derilli of one of .mailer to crystallite in wonjf. and ninny ilmus Imve you vll of some si'crei <ind have (old Unit secret to a Irlencl. only to Lave ihu InfontiaUori leak oat, not hcL'ansc or soinc'llilns; Ilic saiil or liccaiisc of stimcililvis cyiise ynu ii[ion LEle her chin In the air. Her manner WHS linn or having stceleil hcrselt atjaliiyt showing any uniollon. 'I'lie woman who hail El''en her name a» nianche blanway slroile loward Gritf. "You lie!" slie screamed. "You're fi ilirly liar!" : (iriff continued (o walcli Mrs. Calliay. Itiicino had Llplocd lo the door of the room, lie jerked It o|ien, saiil lo Mrs. Cathay, "Come on. Let's yet out of. here. He's trying to . keep us here, time." lie's stalling for ORANG-UTAN, ONE OF THE GREAT APES. BUILDS ITS NEST HIGH IM THE TREES...FREQUENTLY' BUILDING A, NEW ONE EACH NIGHT. Bv Williams All OSTOICH CAN EAT ORANGES SO FAST THAT SIX CAN BE SEEN IN HIS NECK. AT ONE TIME / nianclio Slanway stopped wilhln a coii|ile ol feet ol C-ritf. Her face wns iwislliiK with eniol'ion. The corners of her hard, duliant montli lurncd down. 'I'eara came to her ever. She broke Inlo harsh roba. Mrs. Cathay sweiit loward Ihc dour which lUicinc wait holding open, lint the detective did not wnll for her lo join him. lie turned to- w-ard the corridor, look half a dozei rapid steps and llicn broke Inlo n run. His feet could he heard thud din^- down Iho corridor Urifl" snid In a low voice lo Mrs Ktanway, "I'm sorry." Khc looked al him lliroii£li tear flooded eyes, took a groiiini; step toward him. dropped her head lo his shoulder, and clung lo Ills coal willi llio work-lienl lingers o[ lealliei'y hands. tirllC iialled her .shoulders reassuringly. "Thero, there." he. said, "ii's go- ini; lo Itc all ri£lit." "Damn yon!" slic sohhcd. "See , - . my •'. . . lawyer . . . yoi; cheap licel!" men but incidentally I'm inter- 1 those Uionyhls wei .stcd in Celling news wlillo ii's I aiiollior? c picked up by lews. After yon prowl around here I morvlewlng everyone in sight the lilug will hecouio lilslory." .. Tl]e w|s[ , , nv( ,,, lnl . imr) ,,, s ct) , in , letlcc ,, ?s no mie is idea is i perfected ami patented. Tbc man (Irtfr slionk liis licail and his • wlio discusses liis Incomplete plans milo held just a faint trace of su-] willi a friend Is likely to Itnd Uiai icriorily. some other Invcnlor, aclini: Inde"No, Hlcelier." lie said, "it will penitently and in an entirely difScr- nol become, history. Mind you. lent part ot Ihc country, suddenly lieso little lliiniss are hut straws | pounces upon the liasic Idea, per lial show the way the wind blows, ind yet I fancy there is no one contacted willi Ibocnsc who has laken Iho Ironhle lo follow the dlrecllon ot those straws to their logical conclusion—unless, perhaps, it was this nan Morden. I'm going lo reyrcl all my life lhal I never Imd tlie cbaiicc lo lalk to him. I'm never to lit iilile lo I'liul out wlU'U)C-r he reasoned his way to the coirecl solulion or blundered on it." K.UliKUIt objcctcil. "I still don't .sec- that lie did anything that is KO retuidi'kahle. Let's admil lie showed resourcefulness in locating llio garage in which Ca'.liay's car bail been stored. Il probably, however, was more a matter of tuck Iliat someone in the garage was alile lo direct him to tlie apartment where Cathay was catling." 'That's Iruc. of course," Crlff art- mitlcd readily enough. "I agree with you on thai, tllcekcr." "But," nieekcr went on, "ituit was all lie did." OrIK uliotik bis heiid. "No. my friend." lie said, "vou overlook tlie evidence, Vou overlook the tacts." baps in ;i tuorc advziiitri! form (lie (Irsi itivciilor even eon- alei!, and iiishcs it tluoitgli to a imlcnt." "I." said UlecUcr grimly, "dun'l believe in nil thai ftnfr." (Jviffs sintlo was irritalinf,*- "My rrioiul," lie said. "1 i]o not ask you to. I nin lulling you only what I believe, and H Is my belief that must govern." -"tt'liy wouldn't flliitu-hc Slanwiiy niiiko any statement'; 1 ' a s k e i! Hlcclicr iibruptly. "\Vliy couldn't you get her to lalk?" The smile failed from Griffs faec. "Hlie is, beyond doubt," tie tiyi-ccd, "a woman of great determination, lint yon, too. my frieiul. would IMVC dctcrniinntiun if you had si'inbbdl floors for year.s. Tlicre 1;; nollihi^. |icrha])s, tliai nuifios tnorc for determination, so far as one's rights aro concerned, tlntn kncclj/ie; and KcniotnjiK, scrubhiny atul kneeling. Forever Kcrubhin^ tliroir^Ei a routine of drudgery. She was, lierliaps. at one I hue beautiful. In fact, I llnnk we niiiy fafcly aKsnrnc Hint slic win hciiutlCnl. Her lieanly was not the fragile, aristocratic beauty of Mrs. Ciilhay but It -- was perhaps a "Arc lliey." den) led Uieeker. wiirmer. moic vital lieauty: a "fiicl;; dial I know?" | beauty Hint wan lilled willi iirc and si'iril; n bcanly which Ini'Cd men with thiit you yom-si'H InUl ,,, e your o»'n lips." ( '> riff TN Ihc taxieal) Grift tiecititd h: -, tiling that si] of "* high spiritH. upon, aud yet no "Observe, lileekcr," no said, 'Vhat an IntereslLtii; tiling Uie trntli is. I r EilsciiCK>ds may be built up which KCCJII to navi; itie appear of truth. Imt they have no "'t'be deadly KiKiiilicant facts. '1'be this case hinges one has over s peeled." mocker's tone was suv.iizn. "What the devil tne yon trying lo do'.'" he asked. "1111111053 me GLDW-'VORMS THAT ARE SEEM FLASHING TKEIfi LIGHTS IN FLIGHT ARE ALL MALES/ THE PEMALES CANNOT FL.V, Cilow-wovins are not flics or worms, bill bcUle.s. In midsummer, the mules can be seen ;it night, filiiiiliie periodically a.s limy fly. AL tlie sumo time, the female crtnvl aljuiil on Hie yiomid uiul t'mil a light to nttnicl Llieir more trivulon.s paitiu'iti. something? Do yon want lo foundation to hack them. They are J uiako n grandstand liuhti like n tike, hdrages, like Hie fronts of i tnasician. pulling a rabbit on! of a sliuclures ivlitch ate used in mo- hat? IJecauso if ytiu do. I'm hero lion picture Beta. Tliey look all [lo tell you tliat that stuff doesn't jnvay -frojn Itiu realm of '-IhoiJKli^ aarl ititn ttie Rniotiona] rculti] of llic i-reiiscs." lllcr.'kcr said, "Hint IIIIL tlio . . , yoii'ru l]ttitMii[in^ slie wa;; Itls cliiifi^ an uiiiuitrrfeil ^'ife. verllicle.-:? Ilic inollicr of (To Ik Uiiiiliniicd) •;«s reported lo tilt' Dallas I'""": I? L r . H an r] Deputy U»Hcd Slates Marshsil I llcsnman uels ndntl E, R. Ooss. The pciplex-Ml dcjmly I College fi ?,500th said an American Has was stolen \ from Judges William Havvlcy':. ,,-.,.„,,., „ ,,, , bondi in the federal co.nuooiu. I. OXI'OI U. O <U1 , hug and local, has l>;en tlmul iip- . . 'en an uiisuspcetiug Miami Univcr-! Pennsylvania Mounlams i sH .v iresinnan. i play football, deeluves the n^xL time he comes into public notice il ui!| ;>^ ••en my own merits." Football, Study incentive, Prep School Head Finds CLEVELANI1 i Ul'l— Football :i]>Get a Beacon Guide | llorn ' B \VJieti ileiu'y I'lrstoway. of i;?a]~-, jicais to Ijo uti incentive U.) schol- Mich.. enrolled he Nli\T: lloiv many In the Wotlil War? squari: miles uf llir rarlli were Inrnlrcil iTlTSTON. Pa. tUP) — A warn- itamc the 2.500lii .student. For weeks enrollment liad stayed al 2.4BO. - KEEP OUT OF THAT f LET THEM LEARM HOW TO FIX THEIR OWN TOOL'S — THAT'S AM INSULT TO WOME.M—THINKING CANJ'T DO ANNTHIN6 LET 'EM ALOME' Your Diet Requires Iron to Strengthen the Blood achievement at University School, a private .-iecoiiciaiy institution here. Dr. Harry A. PcU'io. ing beacon [or airplane pilots will! lilabor.ite pieparalions had bcsn I headmaster. told the school's be placed on lop of a nuuml'im j made to recciv:: the a.otlOlli. The I board of trustees at. « recent, near here. 'University inwspa;K-i' ran an extra.'nineting. ' Ordinarily, passenger planes fly j lor Posto Jay's advent marked a new I Of the -IK 'on the two football nl a great altitude over the moiin- all-time high for Miami enroll- • jquads, ' eight arc honor students - • - ' niul five others have raised llicir scholastic records Irotn five to 10 poinl-s above those of last Junc.f nv nit. Mounts ri:sni',i;i\ Keillor, Journal of Ihc American Medical Association, and of lly- gcia, the Hcallli Magn/im- Mcxst of the iron iu your body Is found in the blood. It i.s there part of the hemoglobin in Hie led blood cells. Ils purpose is lo iiclp the red blood cells cany oxygen. Iron also Is found In mu.sclr.s. liver, spleen, and kidneys. However, the lolnl amount ot iron in your body is not great. There arc various ways in vbich the blood is badly affected n relationship lo ttie iron that, it contains. In sonic cas^s an insufficient amount of Iron i.s bring supplied by Hie diet (o replace the dntly loss of iron from the body, In other cases, flue to a l:ngc hemorrhage, considerable amnuiiUs of iron associated with tlie red blood cc,lls may be lost from the body. Therefore, in cases of anemia due lo bad diet or to Hie loss of blood through hemorrhage, ihc feeding ot extra iron in the diet Is a useful measure. • • • II has teen estimated bv various authorities Hint, anvwhere from six la sisicen llumvindths of of iron. Lcnn tneiil Inrnislu'.s eon- sidcrabte iron and if taken once (ally will help miike up the iron OM. An egK yields about l-ldlli (it 1 the Iron ijeeded by Ihc body. Dried Irnils are a [;ood source of iron. Among the leafy vegetables, parsley contains mos>t iron but. Is seldom eaten as .sneh. The srcen leafy vegetables, such us .spinach and leaf lettuce, con- Irtln more Iron than celery, cob- bnge and head lellucc. » • • .Milk, which lias been called the most nearly periecl food, contains nliotiL 1 1-2 milligrams of iron In Iliun 1-tntli by the pint which cf all the iron licciy dally. A growing c!::!d irnnire- more iion llitin does iin iielull. When cbddrcn arc born. Iliey have n rir'.nll reserve More ot iron in the ;ody. This is yradnnilv used up. however, so thai children occiitloimlly (icvclop u form ot nnlrilkmnl nnc- mia wbich is an indiention for the piovhtoii ol exira iron. A wonnn who Is about lo i;ive liitlh lo a child ncriln exli.i iron to tnkc care of the needs oE the bcby. iin:t the woman also rr- a gram of iron are lost from Hie quire* eslra iron at such liim-s as tody dally, and that therefore she may be undergoine loss ol every person ought lo lute In iin blood ihvonyh her periodic, func- eslra 15 inillisranis. or 15-1000ths lions. of « su-iim. of Iron each day. lo •—• make up [he loss and allow some- U- S. Flag; Stolen Ililhg as a factor of safety. DALLAS. Tex. iUP>—Something Foods vary as to their content wiusual in the way of burglary lainous country in this section, but - mcnl. government officials announced the to financial reasons. He has a job iiglit was needed as a safety first now in n florist's shop, expects to Or. Peters said. OUH BOARDING HOUSE JUST A ENOUGH "TO OO rv\Y OWM ~iOO , WITVAOU1 YOU •PUTTING THE SNrXTCH ON A.PPLES, C A.NO LUrViP SUCjAvR "FOR YOUR -I TOUNO THE CUF-P UN1K VOU \_OS IN THE VECbtT/XBUe. tJOX vou WOULDNT A TOOTH Of SUQJXP, AND AM APPLE- NIBBLE TO A HORSE 'P^EGAO, VrA* SURPWrSET3 f WHKT \ OVER.TVAW HAVE

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