The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 24, 1948
Page 10
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BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS U.S. Defense Plan Shows Key Bases Fllflkt Pouibilifoi Mapped to Defcn'd Attack by Russians NXA 8UH C*m«i>on<!er|[ WASHINGTON, (NBA) — "Instant »»t«li»tlon" U the key t« Amerl- M'I new defense pluns. During th» past »ever»l month* »«*' of th« Stalls ol the framework of thli radically new deleiue •oneept h»y« been repealed plr^- •wtl In speech e« of top Xlr Ft>v« f*ner»l» »nd In terse press releases. The report of the Congressional Av- tatton policy Board helpa to complete th» plcturt. Today we do not have the aerial «r*ngth. our Air Force i« third rat«, with only 550 combat planes available. But we are beginning to line up the bases for the new de- tenu ooncept, IluUnt Retaliation I» unvarnished language, this I* tt»: military analysis of the present world attuatlon which fnthercrt "In- atant retaliation:" Th« U s. will never be an ag- ftwsor In a war. Russia Is the only possible opponent In R war. The matl Itkelj weapon would be atomic bombs, dropped from airplanes, or hi guided missiles. Tlie tarset.i would be the industrial cities ot the northeast quarter of the U. S. The objective would he an Immediate knockout blow, with actunl occupation at lelsuri. In a recent speech Gen. Carl Spaati, commanding general of the VSAf, revealed what he .Alaskan Bases Important to U. S. Defenses would be th« direction ot a nas- aible attack: 'To protect ourselves against the possibility of a super-Pearl Harbor attack, we must be Arctic-conscious. Our major defense effort must be directed by awareness of the potentialities of air power over the areat circle routes of tho polar frontier.- ':• , . Then apaatr described the purely defense measures: "Interceptor bases, radar.- antiaircraft, fighter aircraft, rocket nnd piided missile InteVceptlon of hostile bombers— all the measures to wart off attack must be available and properly oriented to the f.>utc ef attack. "But," h« said, "purely defensive measure* are not enough." He de- •cribed "Instant retaliation:' I)efei»« In Offense 'The only true defense now lies hi • atrong counter-offensive. We mu«t b« prepared to strike back Instantly— and with terrible lorce ivt any enemy who strikes at us. We muat be able to make aggression . ft* prelude to defeat for the ng- trijaor. That means we must strike Urn at once through the air. We nuai destroy his air force at its IPUPW, hts airfields ami launching «iWi; we mu«t destroy his indus- w*tt< centers and transportation; w^ must paralyze his cities and, ills . fowrnmenl. We must destroy our •nemy before he destrov.i irs.' tt waan't long after this speech wat^tne A Air., announced that it wa*^oiutructlng a base near LJme- atone, M«., to be built specifically for giant lO.OW-mlle, flve-ton-pay- lo«d v bomberi! lilce the B-36. This P«rt of Maine is the closest spot hi the tr. 8. to Moscow, over the polar rout*. Then, H days lator, the USAF announced the start of construc- Mon of a nlmilar giant-bomber base M Mil* 36 Field, Alaska, one of tti* clottat tpols available to the U8AT on the North American continent fc> the Industrial cities of Ruula, Moat recently th« USAP has announced that it la using a base jn Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, for training B-JB crews, mid that it has opened up a base at f icllnha, Tripoli, for use by the .'.ir Transport Command. The strategic Importance. of these bases In connection with "ln«tant retaliation" is O b- WEDNESDAY, MARCH 94, 1948. On this equidistant "great circle" chart, ofiilerM on the U. S.. are spotted Hie keys (« tlie de?'nnpi«r ot "Instant rclallHllori." New Klaiit-bomber l>as«i are being; built M Limestone, Me., anrl Mile Zfi Helrt, near F«lr- Iwnks, Alaska. The Air Force ta using * Imse at Dhahrun, Sauill ArahU, anfl another at Mellaha, Tripoli. Status of tiasra In Crwnland, Alaska, and the Aueltlans is secret, but It Is no secret that plenty oC active or ••.serve ficlils arc available as Interceptor liases In Washington, hlcan, Illijiois, Ne«- Vnrk, 1'eruinsyli-aiila, New llnnipshlre Montana, Nebraska, Idaho, South Dakota, uid Maine. made active In Michigan, §ouLh Dakota, Montana, Maine.?, Washington ! '»(i other northern .slntos, reveals pic nt* of intnrcoptor buses. U.S. Kc*'!>s Some Secrrts Classified ns top secret Is the number and thu .sUtn.s of USAF in Groentanti, tt nncl tiic Aleutians. 'Hie very- f net o[ Ifyins this InfoniirUton ns .-ict:ret fils nefitly in the "instant rctnl- lioii" concept, Military aviation experts t'o not consider It a : .j> at Die USAP that tlie Conf-rexslonal Aviation Policy Ronrd criticized the Joint Chiefs of SltUf for not provliHng .spec L He aircraft requirements for the services. One pail of the re- |x>rL .says: "Unyielding ncihcronce to service loyalties at the- expense of national security is R luxury the nation no longer can fllfoixl." This Is interpreted to mean that the foot soldier nnd bnltlwOiip me outmoded weapons. Thfi "Plnn A" of the hoard would, In effect, gi\ r c the USAF the actual mentis for "tnxtnitl retaliation," by providing enough planes to accom- pltsh that a-ssignmcnt. Both (.he con^rc.^sionnl board and USAP generals have expressed, the Concert Artist P»»l Makovsky, Su'cclfKh violinist, will prc.scnt a concert hi Jonesboro Wednesday night at Arkansn.s State College under 'auspices of the Jonesboro Connnunity Concert Ajwoem- vlc-w tlint the theory of iiistant re- 1 lion, it was announced, here today tallation Is two-fold:'It would tend to discourage a potential agRres- sor from attack, nnd defeat him at his own game Sf he were foolhardy enough to attempt It. Read Courier wcwa Want Ads. by Mrs. Fanner England, Blythev.lle representative of the association. He marie his debut In Town Hail in New York in Jamwry, 19-iO, and since then has won acclaim in many citie.s of thfl United States and Truman to Make Trip by Yacht to Williamsburg, Va. 'WASHINGTON, Mnrcll 24 (UP) —President Tnimtm will BO by yachb to Willininsburg, Vn., noxt week to nlteiid Cnlindinn-Aiiicrican D/\y ccreinontc. 1 ;. The While Ho»s« said yesterday Hint Mr. Tnimnii will leave here tlie night ot April 1 aboard the U. S. S. .Willlnmsburg, the While House yacht, niul luml the next morning nt Yorktown, Va. He will tlrive 12 miles to the campus ot the William & Mnry College »t WIlliamshurK where the ceremonies arc to be held. Tlie president will receive an honorary degree along with Viscount Alexander of Tunis, the governor of Canada, ami W. L. Mnc- Keiizie King, the retiring Canadian prime minister. The governor genera! will make the principal address at a ceremony which is planned primarily to honor MacKenzie King. The prime minister is retiring alter 20 years as head of the Canadian government. After hlncli at the Williamsburg Japs Denied All IJ'I'i A l* *t Military Activity Far East Commission Okays Plan to Prohibit Arming, Mobilizing WASHINGTON, March 24 (UP) — The 1 L-natlon Far Eastern Commission has unanimously Approved a plnn to prohibit future military activity of nil kinds by Japan, it was announced yesterday. The commission said that arms, ammunition and implements of war will be prohibited in Japan, except for small arms for the police and full registered "hunting weapons.' It said the Important policy decision was approved Feb. 12. A directive based on the decision has been forwarded to Gen. Douglas MacArthur, supreme allied commander, for Implementation. Under the new policy, all mil- tary and semi-military organiznt- ons 'which wore used for making propaganda and iiUra-iuilionnltam" n Japan would be prohibited. Measures also would be taken to prevent revival of (he Japanese army, navy gendarmerie, secret police and their administrative organs. The policy would ban: 1, MnmifncLurc of aircraft of nil kinds. * 2. Construction of naval combat auxiliary vessels, conversion of any comnipricial vessel to military purjjose.s, and reconstruction of cargo ships for possible military use. Records to He Destroyed It also provides that all records of personal demobilized by (lie Japanese army, navy, air forces, gendarmerie and secret police be confiscated nnd turned over to MacArthur for destruction. No futher records of this nature would be complied or maintained by the Japanese. It would prevent rcestabltahment of the war and navy min- isterios, the Imperial high command, the Supreme Military Council and all other military groups including military academies, schools, military scientific-research institutions, laboratories and the officers corps. It also would forbid military training in schools. Former Japanese military personnel would not be used as instructors in educational institutions nor would they be nominated or employed in the government service. The only exceptions to this ruling would- be for MacArthur to rule that Japanese had Protecting tjiaHnvesffflenf is the besi- bargain I know/of f Inn, Mr. Truman will drive back to hts yacht aiirt have dinner a- Vmarcl. The yacht will make a lei- Euro])e, He is of Russian parentage surly overnight run up the Potomac, and was educated in Paris. returning to Washington early the been opponents of and totalitarianism." "expansionism Chasing Ducks in Plane Poses Problem of Law MILWAUKEE, Mar. 24. iUPl — Sheriff George Hanley consulted legal opinion today to determine whether it Is against the law to chase ducks in an airplane. Two deputies yesterday cornered Herbert Enrich, a licensed pilot, when he • landed at Billy Mitchell field : liere after breaking up s night of northbound ducks. Enrich said he was only trying to get better look at the birds. They said his act might be a violation of federal nrid state conservation laws and ordered him to talk It over with Hanley. morning of May S. The presidnt had Intended originally to make the trip by automobile. RHVlTlESOFREflSOn and IflWc 8v ELLIS POOLE A look at the map of the D. S. •bowing ' active bases and Inactive airfields which would quickly be Air-.-.Board Head Joseph J. O'Connell Jr., »bov« h«i been .ppointed by President Truman Jo succeed James M. t.*ndi« at chairman of the Civil Aeronautics Board. O'Connell, • Washington, D. C, attorney, WM formerly general counsel of th« Treajury Department SO LONG-, OLD' ^ORLD, I &UESS I'M THROUG-H 'TIS SPENDING |TH^T HAS MADE ME BLUE STOP WHILE THERE STILL IS HOPE FOR YtXJ , DEAL AT POOLE MOTOR CO. Jeep Designed for Low Cost Hou//nr Powered by the Mighty 'Jeep' Engine "Jeep" Plallorni-Stalu Truck "Jwp" Van Tiutk 'Jecp' : Canopy TrucV The new "Jeep" trucks are light, hut niKf-cii — powerful but economical. They are functionally designed to meet a iv'idt range of hauling needs and to give long carefree service. Their low operating costs and dependable day-in-and-day-out performance "ill save you money every day in the year. Comt in and »e« them now. I c*mpl*r«)r iww lim •f Hwtki f*r nwdium duty, low 4700-53M to. fr*« v POOLE MOTOR COMPANY ELLIS POOLE, Owner & Opera tor South Highway 61 at Steele. MO. Phone Steele 49 "Any way you look at it today, .a car Is a major investment. "Us value is up — and repair and replacement Costs are up too, just like everything else! 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