The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 30, 1931
Page 5
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":W MONDAY, MARCH SO, 1031 CLASSIF ll?n WANTED Two tents & v.ord lor Hrst ui£crtl<ju UIIQ one cent (i Vi'ord (or ttucii subsequent Insertion. No advertisement luten lor less thun atn;. i| c^uiuil tnc YiOrds unu tieuu ! ui« tush. |l I'htmc aUG I'OU SALIi 1 rOULTKY WANTED — Muvket | prices paid at C. L. Co. I I 1' Co. 210 N. St., west' ot couiUiouse, J. K. Fuller, I'lione 04. 24C-TF POULTRY WANTED—Market Jirl c-t!s, any quantity. Marilyn Hal- j elHTy, 210 S. IXiurtli Si. 8U-T1* j , JAKK.) COURII'Ml NK\YS I'AGK FIVE lu. 'IT tlioroiiJiily iK'fore fri'.sh ml put in. the i-.i^s va!:!i c:' tlie tap ;.|K-!'^ ;i. If ll:o e,\v IKIS none l!5.t !'ll:;;.s il ,;i;o;l d. .•;:Ul:;n be rencw.'d at HiU :i!i:o;iye. -^OUK BOARDING HOUSE FOE SAUB—Uuby Cnicks. All var- ttliia. (J«:>'.u:ii IwU'luris 10111:11- tii. Maniju uulcntry, Uijt.wvue. ' «y ISKAGI, KI.KIN |t!t •iciu'c Edllur. SK.\ Service ' 0! jar.uion cl the automobile , uu:, 1 n'.ui'.l t;:i'. <>:' ihipj Ibat licr summer (h'ivini! Is not so pan:s>-, liave b?e:i ivmovul irun ti-.>> | WANT TO BORROW—$250 Jor a ] taking an opeiatloii as that vt- i =hoi;kl Ui' ch'iux it osil. I all, can bo ! cliciil, payable Dec. 1st. Good quired for cold weather pe/form- | Mraped ou, with it wi:e b-iiah, o. 1 I endorsement, also first mortgage. I mice. Yd It demands considerable- I •,-. i!!i the<L Then, \\kli ii;i;i- 'Ihumr.s Land Co. 25C-K2U. attention If trouble is to be r.void- j tub.Scant, I Ins;; p.xvta siv re:uly lev WANTED-To K-nl, 2 mules top .\' h | S attention should be divc-ct- i s "' nlu<!l "' U " b ' , . . work on [aim-Cash In advance. | c(l ,,.- u . l ; c ,, !;u .;j. to lubrication ot th.>' Tnniiv* mi ;::e eiifto Is :. com- ?;'7, ;ll ' a ",r w tll: "V'"''" ; l Wei* lisli!. Lan:l already broke. i cari tuniiuj ot the engine ,:nd uc- • (io;;-iit u,-;i r.:u!'.,':, iolv liii If ,-.r.i ,. I"' 1 ' 11 ' .<••""•'»' ••''. '•' 1 >-i-'- ••;' H. A. Smiili, CIS West Main St. 1 1:jl .,, t | 011 of |-. ? i Blll tlo.i iyuleia lof' ha\..' U,,u nr..| a "luilo :.iiuwi t «s-.- ',! W " ,!;: | n '"J, ~''",'' , |:; 'i : in ,';' 28P ' KI u lislitcr demand w.\ it ami mi- i u. f liv; oiijl:!!. 1 , tn.:- iib t.ui be dun.: .v.^sn-."".,.^.!.^,.'!^.. i'l'•'u-'i'uii- Just purchased Bank- runt slock ut USED CARS 11)30 Chevrolet 1U29 l-'ords Deboto Komlslei' 1'oittiac Sedans 'I he process of tun'.:-.. 1 , in :iil-.r also covers, nrn'.'.ilu •. 111: liroved operatlcn of the auto. in your u« p n DEPAHTMENT. Of- I ... 'i;;^ vv ^ vk f i ai - ls ..,H,]I t |, : ;^;iiov- lic of Hie wccrc-lary, W»Eh1ugtoii,| Lubrlcatlcn fev sumnic-: nee;U ls|a! u! thu s;ir.:k i:!u-j» v.'.ict thdi D. C., Mareh 7, 1931. Proposals , not merely chnsijini; the oil in the •.•iuaniiig KeioM-m- v:in !••.• xiii-tl 10:. ., , . arc hereby solicited, to be opened j minki-asc and Hie ttniLsinsuiuii ! tliis. In u'.Kl!llu:i, '- , in UK Office of Ihe Supcrvislnsifrom U.? loose \vin'.vr 01! to n he,'.v- ^h be Jo.- j.ip anil! u;os- |K)!nls. cl-anini; uli imii'loii ; l. :: :/.i..!:i asv.l ll^l'.'.iMu: ; li. 1 '!!.! ^•f.i'.iMr.K;: U[i the \ luimp a ' .].!!.•-, ::ir.l uv.'.ij.'.'UlV' list 1 r. '..-.n-j lei^i fci 1 11 thinner iiii 1 ! !iHMi:.i'. ! and Arcliimct, Treasury Department, i Icr lubricant. It requites before- | U:ry HVIH \m-\u\y v.n:n, i!u- L^I'.IK ,.,..•.. " v i-,''^ .'; V-r'\''' i'"Vi ''•'• i Washli'.-'.ou. 1). 0.. at 0 o'clock, a.-l"r.d dcanin^ of all pans ralHnj j r/.ccs blioultl to ivne'.vcd. . m'b •"•uliil-inl" ;'• r"^ ;un'ii-'diiv-I in., on /.pril 13, 1931, for the ba!e i loi oil. j ... ^ •or donation to the United Slau-s'. When the crunkcasc is dralnfrt ; T" ! >" '•'•'' Wen o[ s.-ltli:- lli» >)'.i>I: " ^'i,,,,. liu , ( .., r i,,,,. ),. r!l ,. U[1 :l of preferably n' corner lot con- ot oil ior Instiince, H should hi | l'' l! n ; :->I> to thj lli!il:iv.'.<.s o; ull ,.. j,^, cv lln<U- luad bolts j tainsiiij approximately 27,000 stiuarc cleaned with a r.uavt o: lliiu ai\,. a Umi^ciir.'.'j^ ii JMSSI;, v.ilh the com- j..,.,^ i;;,')];.;,^,,..,! \.. t ;1 | h . r. f-'~m\~m<^r~*mw !;:.;; '•• fl ; 4 '%.;i^:^r^;^r"r<i : ;- • : -^;~ : --~ '^~<^~ \<r ^-'^^$t^~~--^ ~ "-'-' : '- : --: : --L2i !/,//.>^-^fel\ _ . --'-"— FOR RENT—5 loom house v.-itl! b-.tlu, servants I'.cuse and garage, uooa 1 ccnditiosi. 116 Walnut Si., S30 per mcntli. Also 4 room hous: with bath near liigh scliool, newly titcoratod iniide, cli Hcarn inslruc-tions for preparation ol bids and daln lo accosupany same. FKRRY K. HEATH, Assistant Secretary. 1GC-K2 COMMISSIOXEK'S SALE NOTICE Is hereby given l!iat tlie undovsignctl coimnlssloner, in com- St., s-14. per mouth. W. M Hums, jpliance with the terms cf a decree ' 30C-K2 rendtred by the Chancery Court . 1 for (lie Cliickusawba District of] FOR KENT—Four rcom House and 1 Mississippi County. Arkansas, on i garage. papered, on pav3-jthc 23rd day of Fchruary, 1931, j mcnt. Garden planted. 512.d'.' ptr j wherein iiuiiitable Building and' nionfh. L. Fowler, Phone -150-1. Lean Assn. was Plaintiff, No. 4883, 2SC-Ii1F|ui!d Reginald Scars, et al, were Ds-' .^ • —. — •, fendant.s, will sell at public aue- ItjiM' — '1 rcorn ,'ui-niL-ned lion to the highest and brsl b!dder, 'upurtmcnt, hsliti, bath, te!ephoi:e, garage, K Call 330. en a credit ot three months, at th'. 1 'j location, Itui AE!I.' Jrciit door cf the Court House, b;- 20I'-K3l I tween the hours prescribed by law, ' r- in the City of Blythevilie, Arkansas, FOR KENT-3 room fmaishcd flat, on lh ^ 2 , th (iay ot A rll| ml _ the _gara s c and coal house. _ Call, ro i iott j n ,. rc? ., cs i at;> "to-ait: Addition U> Blythevills. Said sale will b? had to satisfy aid rieerce ill the sum of SISOli.'ll, _jwi{h 10 per cent interest from Feb. FOR RENT—5 room modern apart-! ment on Main £3t., arcola hei l t.| _ Phone 417 or 479-W. 2" FOR RENT--5 rco:n .stucco bunga-|23, 1931. low, bath, 118 South Franklin St.,! The purchaser at Jaid saie -*-ill' near hospital. 518 monthly in ad-|be remiirsd to execute bond with vanes. See' L,. A. Waters, pilous | approved security, to seciire the 742-W. at)f'-K2; pp.ymen: of the purchase money, j and p. lien \vili ]yi retained upon FOR-iRENT- fiO acscs 1 mile south I said property as additional security on higiuvay, S10 per tcre. i'.ho I j or ,[ ; e payment of such purchase two mules for sale. Aubrey Convray. j money. ' 30P-K1|- -wiiwss my iiar.d ami the sea! cf said Court, on this, the 28th day of March, 1931. 30-6-13 R. L. GA1NES. FOR RENT: -Forty seres of land i:.?ar high'.vay, one mile north of Luxora- Will liirnlsh. A. G. Lilt'e. First National Bank. e-k-G ALL KINDS OF 3IACH1NE WOKIt Electric end Gas Welding done OSliRON BLACKSMITH SH01> 113 fv. 1-ranhlin St. Commissioner in Chancery. 1*^ Invest With Safety G'-o paid qu:ivlorly on full paid stock, $100 and up. Guurautccci by first mortgage loans on liomes in Llythevillc. Secured and Insured. Bljtheville Building g & Loan Association W. M. Burns, Sec. New York Cotton .KEW YORK. March 30. tUPI- Cottcn clcsec: barely steady. Open High Low" Close May 1073 1073 1011 1071. July 1003 1102 1053 1035 Get 1127 1133 ll-'S 112C |Dec 11M 1150 1112 1141 i Jan 1154 1159 1152 1152 j Spotj closed quiet at 1070, olT 10. ' New Ortcans Cotton KEW ORLEANS, March 30. <UP> —Cotton closed steady. I Open High Low C!o.-e lifay 1072 1077 1071 1014 I July 1097 1102 1005 1037 i Oci 1127 !133 1126 1123 ' Dec 114-t 1150 1144 lM5b i i Jan 1150 H53b i Mar 1165b 1168b S;.3ts closed steady at 1049, oil 5. i Etltmuid Da\y, an Englishman. j first marie acetylene gas in 1835 I iro:n a compound produced during ; the manulacuire of j>otassiuin ii : triitL' anc charroal. Do you, own one of the 'many xhirbbv homes that deface utmost coery residential district in Blyihevtile? .We'll help you dress it up. You can do it for less now than later and it -will help some wage earner to feed his family. Do your bit. We all did it in the war. Let's do and it will bring.the better times we want to see. OUR AIM: To Help improve Conditions in Blythevilie. This List it your home needs any nf tluv~n n-jialrs or Dears (iiir.i^c New ivalks t?r (hivr.'.r! 1 !^ Ni-v,- floors over old K(]ijJin£ Vninl Screens or screen doom JCtpair or recover biOc \VLlllli Xciv (rc:H cntrautc Windows or fr.uiv:;* *icw Iruii j BOOTS AiMD HER BUDDIES WHY?? By Martit V. Vro raw •m - FRECKLRR AND HIS FRIENDS I5\- Blossei MOTHER NATURE'S"CURiO SHOP -I I.EAZNSO TO ilVg ON THS *{. "^•—jrt--.- •^'•-^•r:.^J-;'af^ -^^ *&\i%J* ft-4^1— muiM^l' IOCAW L&TTVIS Doo VjJlTVioOT A KEY SHUT VJlTHOOr I CoO*_D AMY FEAR OP BEIKIS K THIS f,f°/r/^ r^C OUT ojJE, IT is ASJ ne,'.\ N HARDLY MJoaTH CCfJSlDSR-.) ATloM, DD^'I THIW'Z, STESLE ? . ^_ (> t ••.XV'S I 11 -:'-'. ^' : <*).)• I'.-"^/X I 1*7" mi/ \ ^m^J^IJ^. Vilrj . isrr;.'>:'_Y...Ey.: < :tuY /.s; •; Lr=r i:' >.:.-s; ^-^r.... r,'.:.TG U DID AMD STSiL aosy i Cf f. ' i°^i a* K£AsrnvTcc. •• / C« A /&SF JOSr 8£FO/?S A RAJA, SO THAT TH£Y Wit BE. OfSR/EO TO SQMC- LCffiE POHVCC\\'AT£fZ. TO HATCH. 4fM& ^Q3L>Ss5-V=. V, I'!.!.. Of A!,L I IS OU-. I ~ "*-) .---=i£.5;:; •-'-';- ^ ~ \ ' \ fci'w£'- v ; : -" 1 u^ ( •*.' . .\ -r.-i *v.xV Jv.:.r?;'i-J-'!,*! By CD; » 13 :• ;r ^» : 1 V ! "'- T . x ort '-'3 \-T--l ".VtAr..V i--.....; .:-: T--.C V.r-ur;; V., '-'.V\ vOiCfO? o-i.'ll; . : .':. j ji i'.,\u.or,-.L.v;/,i-;>.-;•:•.- I I F?'T» ! "SI t* V-EL F.x:»Te- \SU\tsi?"w!ER U Trt£^fti>iAlCr A T|VJV '^£;;^^ gj^^^^l^^]:^ ., <=-yc-» i!np;-l^;^' * . f-V,' ^:v

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