The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TW (ARK.) POURJEU NK\VS Duteher Says Other Jur- ats Fear More Appointees of Black Type DUTCtfEIl K'eire V\'»»hh)jtcn Cotrwjxinitnl Supreme Court Justice .Benjamin N, dsfdozo's rjefclth has Unproved In -tie last ttrt days It's' still to«S-|jp nhelher he will resign from the' .Court,. , . . (JWdoio Js slill lii » weakened condition mid he Hill be unable to ftsume hi? place on the bench before next fall, If tiien. JJis colleagues on .the Court arc using their influence to keep him fioin -resigning. They want to keep this great jurist on the job— and most of thein, It can be said, fear that he might be replaced by a man who would be too much like justice Huge) Black One-SUrt Dissenter Personal relations between Black aridj'Ms' liberal colleagues are excellent, Biit the Alabaman's self-assur- anci has surprised and ev<m dls- conc?rted ' them. ' Black neither asKsi. nor takes advice from his molt experienced brethren. He has embark«d On a series of one-man dlsfenttng opinions which dellgh" rriahji' liberal laymen, but scandal ize^tne conservative Justices and i&uie eVett the cautloUs liberal jus tlcSi . to say privately thnt oil 1 Black on'tlie Court'lfi enough.- •' r liiithe Indianapolis' Water Work! rate^-case, which tho msjdnty sen bacfc' to a lower court on tcchrtWa groiihas, .Black- Insisted the Issdc ihdSd'have been decided promptly He : : rn»de *ha{ ietmnblcd a sena toriai' speech- against absurdities • o the.iost of sepfoductlon-new valua tiori'i'iheory and In favor of th prudent investment theory. ' vi'Af* Corporations Persons? Irr another' c»so Black denounce theijismoiis old Suprenie Court dc clsion that a corporation, was . ''person," with a hurrian being rights under ' the Fourteen! Amendment. Apparently Black li (finite to slam \5henever possible a thei; Supreme Court's "usurpation: of '.power in We last century. : "He is shooting- In the' -right direction, but with blank cartridges," JUSTICE KEEPS BUSY AT 76 1937 Total of $1,220.91 Largest Ever Raised In County THURSDAY, I-'EBRUAKY 10, 1938' A tola! of $1,32091. the largest amount ever contributed In Missis sipjil county riurinx 'he annua" tuberculosis drive, was realized froir llic 1937 Cliilslmns KO.I| sale. It wa. 1 announced today by George W Bnrlmm. county chairman. Of Uils .imoiinl. $840.33 was provided by (he Chlckasawlm dislrlo 1 with Leachvillc contributing $29.39; jManiln. $t3.20; rural '.school? west ot Big Lake. 43(1.35; rural schools eusl o( Dig bake. JU0.87; BJytheville schools. $28.63; Blylho- villc mall nnd donations, $3C391- ncsjro schools lor enllrc county $156.08. Tho Oscoola district's contrlbu lion amounted to $311058 to wlilcl Kelsor gave $50.00; Joiner, $18.00 Wilson, $93.32; Osccoh. $5H.91 Luxora, $46.25; rural schools, $75.10 Two-thirds ol the total nmouiv collected will rcnmln In Mlsslsslpp county to be use<I In (he work o! locating and controlling the sprear of tuberculosis here. This work wll be handled by the Mississippi County Health Unit. Although the $1,600,00 goal which was sol for this coiinly was nol reached, the people who *ork«id on tho s»Io leal that .It has bc«n «n, extremely successful one, esjiccialjy; itj comparison td the approximate!/ £700.00 contribution of last year; Mr. Baiham said. . ••/...-, Mr. Burham, who has handled the Christinas seal sales In Mis'-' sloslppl" county Sot the past nine years, suixjrvlscd the seal sale • in Hie chickasawba district, while 'A; W. Young had charge of tho salts ot the osccola district. ';' Mr. narham was assisted by these' chairmen: Mrs. Floyd OrlmcB, Ma- 'illa; Mrs. A. A; Anderson, Leach- 'ille; Mrs, W. J. Pnllard, Biythe- Ille; MiSs Annabel Hryanl, super- •Iscr cf the rural school sales for be ierritoy In the Chlckasntrba llstrict cast of llisj bike; Miss Vmiilnli Dora Slaughter In charge if Die rural school sales west of Jlf; I/.ikc. Mr, Young was iitMsted by Mrs, '.. H. ncbli)scn. Kelser; Mrs. N. n. lo-ey, Jollier; Mrs. M. \,. Clrcsliam Vlkcn; Mru. v,. o. Wllkins, Uix- •ra; Mrs, Lucy Miller, In charge of he ruriil school tales, Annie Currle, educational county •jpervlscr for tlm- Mlailt3lpi)l, cojin- V negro schools who was In charge if the Rales in the schcolK iihdst ler supervision, increa:0il the sales hare 100 per cent. The negro schoa linking the largest sale was the 'chool nt Armorel of which t,. W Haraway IK In :harso. A few of the schools hnve not yet sent in their rcporUi, but is soon as Ihcse arc received, ti .supplc- mcnlary report will Iw made showing Ihc final .nmount ealraecl. , News Mr. nnd Mrs. Toni Long and £6n. Joe Dale, drore to Capo Gliarduau Sunday to sec Howard, another son, vho !« attending college there. Mr, and Mrs. Frank Long and Mr. and Mrs. John Hater and small daughter left for Florida Sunday morning. .' Miss Ann Dohinkcy, of Bragg City, spent the week cn;l with Miss Sofma licit. ; -lid Phillips returned lar,t week frcm Florida, where- he spent a mciUli. Jack Orccji has Iran 111 for some time from a heart attack. Court Reprieves Austrian Wanting to Be Hanged VIENNA (UI>)—Stephen Grill Is a disappointed man. Grill murdered two old people In Eonnebcif! a year ago and was fcntenecd to death at his trial a few months later. "That's right," he said. "Don't pardon me. I want ( 0 die." The Judge pronounced the death sentence, but the Supreme Court must confirm .such sentences, and Dial coqrt has just decided thai In view of Grill's previous good chatacler nnd his full confession, he must irerve a term of life Imprison men t instead. UlNlJBA, Oa). (Tjf)-A washing machhjft full of wet clothes was the extent cf salvage after a fire which destroyed the Glenn Bridges iiomc. It was the fourth successive homo which the family had lost by fire. Kidneys Must Free Blood of Acids Poisionus Waste Xrn(t Conner News W«nt Art* 'Kidney nUincnls won't wear away s-yon'vo* eot tu i;j something tu help these delicate organs function fcropirly aa'ain. It's ihc same way \vllh.. bladder trouble. You Itnow (hill (lie kidnpys when hrtillhy liltcr the acids and poisons and thru tlm bladder discharge Ihcm from (li? hotly. When Hie kidneys don't do this propa'.'iy [here arc n number of signals that csli for promp' action. ; Batkache is usually one of liicni and i;ctl!iH5 up '.wo or tlireo times a night is another. In some cases Hie palms (if the hand; APPY UOUR GROCERY & IlMARKET ORE TON COFFEE SALE s aro con- ( e ans aro con- liminlly moist and puffinoss shows under (he eves. Oftenlimes urine Is seamy— highly colore irrill ''Business as usual" was 11)6 decision handed down by Associate Justice James Clark Mcnoynclds, of the U. S. Supreme Court, pic j turcd above on his "frith birlnday. Oldest member of (lie Court in point of service, the Justice spent the day listening to lawyers argue, appeared in good health and spirits. E»lcU one liberal justice ot Black's said Mrs. tiurr. these days Hint he may hnve to get Tom Corcoran to help hiin,' cor jjotatMn-pef son • dissent, 1 cfcpla in %; that, although h6 felt Black haa^ delivered an able opinion on the'p§ubj«;,t,,at. had little practical: application) 'to a'Halrs before, the Coitft. '•'•.••'-' ' ; 'i.'.' '•• ! ~ § ta the IncUaiiflpolls dissent, Jlisttert : *brklered ; whetWr . realized that the public utilities • .themselves- might, under changed ' future conditions; -some- tlrie ; espouse the prudent invost- meat'theory as the best way to hold up ' .W&tef ed . flnanciBl . structures. TJie ' littetal ' Justices- pray that thejiix't anpolntee ni»v be-a literal of Iftc Pell* Frankfurter typo who has? a thorough grounding in the history" of the law. They are pleased with appointment of Solicitor Oen- •fali Stanley Reed, Whom they describe as an "excellent, workman" on; the Court. ..... Persistent" 1 reports that Brain Trv!*t<;r 'tdm Cofporan, Hoosevelt's fast>movlrig ail-round handy rn*n, hasibeen gh'ost-irritirig Black's dls- teriting - opinions are fantastic and 'absiifd,'"BIacit wrltfe the Opinions toid.'ls darned proM of '' ' .. . The yam appsars:to haye grown frefji'a casual a.nd facetious remark made -by 'Mrs. Vlrgitila Durr, the justice's s}ster-ln-Iaw, tit a dinner paity. : ' Mrs. 6urr knows corcoroi and: his ."ptodl'giqus 'rtpulatldil as a speech writer for the President and others. 'fflugo Is so swamped with work She laughed when she snld it- hut in Washington stories have a vay of growing very much. ' out ot nothhv Pedestrian Crashes Inlo Auto CLEVELAND (UP) — John I Kob pin an'suffered -serious Injurie vhen he crashed Into an alilomobll driven by Miinicipal Judge Josep 15. Sllbert as he ran to catch street car. Force of the impact shat ered a \vindou 1 and bent the doo of the jurist's car. HELP 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES To Flush out Acids nnd Other Poiionous Wmlft )oclore sny yiur kii!ncv. L < contain IS MUr —.v lubr-.s or fillen) wliirh Lctit to purify , bluc'l am! keep vuu liohliy. >(,^l people piss ibiiitapinlE a'lay .or about ^^oini'I.i of ivastr. ,lic Ilio ljei;i tilling oT malic pain?, Irp ji;iin. or inMsons i:i yo mnl kMtw di>-»r(l »i;i:iim lurt-ntlic, 1«,^? of [>oj»iuxl ' ur lileol, Don't'm'il! A* vour ifmfibl for 11, :.„'. Ptlls, ;i-ctl surcfi-.-fuHy l<y millions Enr <'\?i -It ycais. They ciyc li.ipfy trli'f rml will lulp llir I", Milr-3 ol UHncv hito fliL-lt mil iH<i;u:iL'ii? A Jsic Irani y.uir Howl. C't V-an'; i'lll Genuine Aluminum Percolator 6 cup size 3c (Regular price 55c) An exceptionally good value. Modern design, strongly constructed and eqiiii'l'cfi . with npn-bufn handle. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. ^ : ' '"THE PROGRESSIVE STOKE" 3. W.'Siiouse ' Phone 35 Wilsorr Henry ... (he led or jiniHiing. It's best, to net quickly. It you will go lo your druggist, and if* lor a 35 cent package of "Iliiniou'i Erownic Pills for Ihe Kidneys"! you'll be oil the ri»hl Irack. | Most druggists think'.so .highly' of them that they gladly sell one, package with a guarantee 'if sat-1 isfaction or money back—Ask for 1 Ramon's Pills (or the Kidneys. YES 2000 POUNDS Insist on Gone 1 Coffe Start the day off right every day by drinking a cup Buy a Pound Today at Happy Hour Grocery. Try this Mountain Grown, Vacuum Packed Coffee. We guarantee each pound to give satisfaction. -:- • -:- •'•- 109 W, Main Street -- - Phone 15 1'cnncy'a life ready Wiih KI'K Hargiiius for Dollai' Days. 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Sev inifon fronlf. i» Chnmtry or dte'y and T Co\orts. f -, Watch our center window from 9 'till 6 Saturday, Feb. 12th, for Free Demonstrations of First Aid given by the Blytheville Boy Scouts* Another Scoop for i'enney'.s Large Size Lyncheon Cloths B3"x52" Hemmed Printed liayon and Gallon .Luncheon Cloths in bright, fa EC monotone colors. SOO Large Cannon • Bath Towels 12 For .... A group of super quality Terry Bath towels, siffi 11x30, willi gay borders. See These Lace Trimmed Satin Slips Tailored nnd lace trimmed models with V-tops and bins cut. Of first cpiality satin. Don't Miss This Buy! Sheets heavy bleached sheets. quality—Seamless. Buy two or more at this new iow pr.ce. U Dollar Day Feature! Silk Crepe Panties Tailored antt luce trimmed. Assorted sizes—touglil especially for Days. T.artifc' Purr SJLK HOSE ( 4 Pr I'crfccl Quality —Nciv colois. I'nrc t h r c a (I Special! : Sli-lncU PRINTS j 12 yds. for Large assortment—New for Dollar Dnys—Fast colors. Speci.i] Kiddies' Dresses ] 4 for New styles and patterns in sixes ) to 8 in plain or fancies. Window Shades £i 4 for .'itncirt looking; water proof, -size 6ft.x3S in. 4 (or $1.00 SILKS 3 Yds. for $1.00 ladies' & Children's Rayon Panties Large assortment of novelty Rayon Panfies.

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