The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 9, 1934
Page 3
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JTUDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 1934 BI.A'TEEVILLE, (^BKJ COURIER HEWS AiiOflJU EdUwii MtSS LOUISE DIXON MRS, RUTH CAMPBELL MRS. BERTHA M. HARR1?, MRS. EDNA «. CRABTREE MISS EDNA M. FERCUS01X MODERN-HOME-INEWS ^^<^i'WP^ T T \^ PAGB THREE Cuts Work and Cost o( Eu- lertaiiiint;. in Half, Declares Miss Ferguson Dm Piiemls in niylhrvlllr: These Autumn iiignts »n- j,, s i the time to p.iv oil' :iome of your .social debts, with a siippw party. Anti if you plnn a a ^ a Iniifef supper you will find the work an-i coil ) cut. in half and the fun for everyone including ih c . ijicrrawl many times. Tliere are ,,iany delightful new wares with which to make siieh u party an unusually festive iin:l smart occasion, on the table illustrated are new chromium pieces —a covered cheese tray, a relish dish and its own ti-ay, a coffee service, an automatic toaster und unique 1 double candle holders. On the too.ncr tray which is wood—and wood is very Dew and .smart for table waves Jusl now—are the supplies for delicious toasted sandwiches Sliced bread Is ready, butter, cheese, cold meats, mixed relishes and iill- ings. A damask ciolli is laid, the clilnn Is cream color in a new plain ware, the silver is also n modern pattern Flowers always add a nice note to any table, and on this one they are Cosmos in a 'chromium bowl. A Menu Here is n menu and recipes for a supper you can prepare nnd serv"> .•:om« night soon: Shrimp, potato and Celery .Sals;l Olives. Celery Ilcnris. l,!tM:>' ' Plfklrs- Hut Roasted Sandwiches (Cheese; Relish; Sliced I lam) Hoi Kscalloped Rice and Toinalo Sauce Coifee NuLs, Candles fndividnal Apple Tans Shrimp and Potato Salail Two cups cleaned boiled .shrimps , cut into small pieces; one cup crl- ) Pry, cuL j,j(o small plecra; one tea/ spoon celery sped; one hall cii|i mayonnaise dressing, three boiled potatoes; one half green p-pp-r Mix the shrimp anil celery togelV ">'-. .A«il;,the mayonnaise, .dressing iinrH>tenct' tfith p^talops ivliiVli" Ii.iiH' liceri cnl in small cubes. Sprlnltlp • with chopped green pcpner and celery seed. H ave very cold, Hot Ksc.illoiwd rtire and Tom.iloe? One cup rice; one quarter teaspoon paprika; two tablespoons minced onion; two hard cooked eggs; two imrds cup grated ch.-ese; one minced sreeu p»pper; four tablespoons olive oil; two cups lo . rnato sauce or seasoned si-w-l to inatces. ~ ~ Wash the rice and cook until tender in rapidly boilin ? salted wa- terDrain thoroughly and add one half cupful of thc grated cheese th" ni C papr ' Meanwhile, cook oil, add these and the tomato'sane* to the ncs an;l cheese mixture. Turn into a casserole, sprinkl.. tl,« tfennincler of the grated cheese"ov«r the top. bake in a moderate oven 350 degrees P. fifteen miiiiilrs .3* servings. ' Apple Tarts Six green apples; one lemon- peel; one half cup sugar; one I'alt teaspoon cinnamon; one ivach groun:! cloves; two tablespoons bul- l'i'.?i and slice the apples. Line the tarL pans 'with rich pastry. Put. m a layer of apples, with small pieces or the lemon-peel. Then sugar. Sprinkle with cinnamon anrt • cloves, and small i,j mps of lmtt»r men another layer of apples and \ M an until Hie pan Is filled. If ap- • pl«. are dry, a-Jd a little wat»r covr-r with pnlf-paslc, und bake iii'Hy >'< forty minutes in a ho! «"tn f4.1o <lf 8 ree.s p.) EDNA FERGUSON. O. tUPl - Fnmk imison. still Is aljle !»nt 500 bricks a (lav He working a i his trade in (lie fric.-i of re- Why Not Plan a Buffet Sapper? MRS. NANC ROVE • MRS. GEORGE THURN MRS. EMILY M. LAUTZ MRS. J. WATSON SHOCKLEV MH&FJUNCES NOHTHCROSS ! Rice, Egg, and Fish Loaf One cup cold broiled rloe; llirre hard cixilit'd uras; one cup rooked llsli. flaked; one li-nspoon ntlwetl union; ihrec one mid ouo niuirlvr liomids of chrese simioih wiih u Add siiKiir und ijleiui well ii! Hie drained iraspb.'rrie.s i mill ; i,»ll distributed, fold HK]I|- l.v in avoid crushing. Turn ini,> a small round Dou'i, |,ri>sslng dinvn us •irmly- as |»sslble, and immediately tin u out onto ,111 allnu'llve round flinte. Sinomh Hie surface o| the I'M'f intli 11 spntiitn. Orcam I lie ve- iiH- ••I'wo inilll soil, ntlilui^ » iTcniii to-ttic If \wtrs- to nive |l in,. ,.^hl. mnsls. . dpi. thts i-heesc uroiind ilu> O f |hp | mf „,„! ,„ wlni ,, inlxv Chill very cold und OtU' ihin sllcts barmi. -••••- ,*.,, tm t Clll' IIKV hll.s; suit mid paprika to lasle; mi<> Imlf cup milk. H\il) ft talking iimlil W U|, short"us;. Fry iKii'tm lightly. Add fin- ion iiiul ihcu fish uiul iice. Coin- l>liii ; mill: mid cad and juiil |» nisi lure. Season IH tuslo. SlU'C of the Cfii;s In ihln riiys mill I'uivo mound I he side uf |),,, ]n( >i ( | lor u xurnlsli. I'n-ss luc mixture into the mold und bake ;„ \ mixl.'nile oven HSU dealers I',, tor Ihlriy mliiiite.s. 'rum ,' m i 0]1 u |, 0| plnller dud serve ivlth InuinU) wine,'. Millies live ECI vlugii. family. The? Iron weighs hut three and one half pounds. |i s IKVt [hermo- slat has u clini on wlilch the mimes of the various fabrics such as silk, wool, etc. tire so located Uml lij turning Hip Indicator to tils proper name, (lie correci IronhiK ien>ix;ra- lure for Unit, pavllcular typo of ma- erlul win he oblaliu'd. when this ndicator Is liirni'd to the "oil" position, (he currcm is turned oil. thus inukluit It iimiecessary 111 dls- "li serve. Rail wafers make u goo:! Tin: H new accessoilcs. ,U2i>r is mellffll. serve with ] nanaita Waffles J'HU \V/ r .|X70 i .-' rWO nlMl QW llalt C " |)S 1 "' ( ' ! " 1 (,Vy ... Vy clyb!" 01 "". four teaspoons linking |»w- "' ''" "PI': one (eiispooh .salt; two tnble- ' ' j spoons sugar; three cags; one half There are delicious ways lo serve cornflake crumbs. Fry in very IIDI tup melted sliortenin"- one and one -?."i!" U :- 1S I.!. a .l!r/ si ™ I . ) !. ! !.^. n - <l su !'?-. tn ; ' ieep mi ". Mr> . degrees P.. until light j half cups milk; one and one halt . t'olfcc Templallim T«-o tablespoon;; plain yelntln; one quarter i;up cold water- one cuii codec; ihree cii]>s bollhig water; tine half cup plus two lable- .SIKJOIIS line sraimlated sugar one Ouartor teaspoon suit; one and one Iialf cups whipping cream. .Soak Kdalln five minutes In cold 'litfr. Make codec (prelcrably by (triji niethoiil to obtain two cups of strong colfce. add the soaked ei'lalin. and stir inilll <lis.solvcd. Add sugar ami salt, cool, and plncc in ihc rclrlgcrator. As mixtlirc bc- tjl!i5 lo ccmgcnl, lv( [(| n le cicani whipped stlir. and whip entire mix- lure until K-cIl blended ami light. 'I'uiii into a chilled mold wet with ™,'<l water of alxnit live cup ca- paciiy. When ready to serve, un- inulri unto a hami.some chilli'd plnie and iiarnish with small Iced cookies, I'.nillnl Ham Itnlls Sis Jiliucs Ijolleil ham; one small can pork and beans with lomato sau;t; two lablcspoons imislard' parsley. Cm, ham about one eighth Inch I hick, using a very sharp knife an:i taking care to keep slices whole, l in 11 1.11, appeal to family appetite, you tried this one: Ilnnanas \rilh Hat-on Six bananas; one quarter bacon. Roll half lengths of peeled bananas in strips of bacnn. Secure brown. Drain on soft pap;r serve with broiled chops, steaks or hum. A simpler meUioti is to split bananas, roll in flour and saute on both .sid^s, using a sni>'<3! amount of butter in a hot frying pan. Bananas may also tir- broiled in three or four mhnit!"s. Prcl and place under broiler during the last feiv minutes that meat is broiling. Stuffed Kakcil Apples connect the attachment plug when Hie Iron Is not in use. Other features of this- new Iron Include: u cool, black handle wllK thumb-rest; double biilloiinookv which minimize crncktng O f uni4 tons; a soleplate thai, reliilns m nulnral, brilliant finish; u chrome,,.', I'lute linLsh on nil other metal parla; :i peuiianenUjveonneeU'd cord wllli n spriiij; cord-protector; and u.sul;-, stantlal whli-h holds troii' In upright position ivheu nut ID iisp. Spread ham with mustard, .with Ijeans. Roll up like a then jelly Silver platters for meat mui fowl, .rnys for brciid, cuke, rools, silver .'Oiii|ioics for coiKHiiKMits mid 'w\\- :llcs, silver serving siwons and forks, silver water pitcher, unit bcvciase .shakers und pitchers us well us .silver coffee and teii sets arc iimoni; Ihc prldcftil possessions which liny housekeeper v;(inLs (o own. These should be selected (o harmonize with thc style of lh« Hal silver, and tills In turn should hariuonlM. ivllli tliu fiinilshtiigs uf the dining room. An elaborate French p.-illorii silver Is out ot place with simple Colonial Iniulsliln...^ Whether stcrllin; »,- jiiatcd. table silver calls lor cart in washing nnil -storing. Wash the .silver us BOOH as removed from ili» Uible tn CU-HH hot .snd.s. rinsing it) clear hot WH- ler and dry on a clean towel, lay carefully |,, ,,j,, ci . tl , „ sl | vf .,. ( | nuv . er or some other roomy place where llu.. knives und other |>!eccs are not crowded together. This crowd- Ins and dropping ,,f . s i| V cj- Inlr, a drawer scratches and mars H. Trays roll. Fasten rolls with toothpicks. Place on a rial pan or on liroller under a medium flame. Droll to a (joktrn brown, watching carefully and hollow ware should the same careful wash In be givet and dry- log, and then kepi In n clos'ed cabinet, u stored tor u long lime, it deserves lo lie wrapped In cellophane, or stored In thr special hot chop plate. roll. Serve at once. Stuffed Peppers Garnish with crisp I inserted In end of i i Beat until thoroughly mixed, slir One and one cups sugar; with toothpick, if necessary. Broil under flame; or take in oven-proof dish in a hot oven, 450 degrees P., about fifteen minutes, or until ba- , nanas arc tender and bacon is crisp. j Baste ni least once during the baking. Whole peeled bananas may be wrapped in bacnn and cooked in" the same \vay. Baked Hananas- Bake bananas in the skins on j Core iipples and pare top; l.'ie rack of a moderate oven ,'175 [cavities with thinly sliced lntnna<-!^ degress p., ten to fiiieen minutes, and arrange in a baking pan. f'oir |\ or until dark in color and soft to [the .syrup over them I.BI! bake aboil' | the touch. Serve with the msat hall tin hour, until lender In in the bananas, and bake jn hat walfle iron about five minutes. .Serve with powdered sugar- or butter ami syrup. one quarter cup water; six apples; one or two bananas; one tablesooon 'butter; six marshmaliows. Make a syrup by boiling sugar Famous Mother Buried Beside Her So;, innd water together and three, minutes. J PITTSPIELD, Mass. (UP)— The , . — [body of Mrs. Josephine Bates, war- Five medium she green peppers; cups sliced bananas. Mix ami sift the dry ingredients. Beat the eggs and stir in tlie one can mushrooms; two table- melted shortening. 'Add the milk .spoons diced onion; one half cup then the dry ingredients all at OHM. butter; one cup canned lima beans; " " one cup canned peas icr green beans); one muvrter cup of fine bread crumbs; one teaspoon salt; one quarter teaspoon black pepper; one quarter cup buttered crumbs. Parboil peppers for five minutes. Saute mushrooms and onion in but- sible. mty meal; shabby, badly cared for silver detracts from any meal. Good Irons Arc A it I on in lie. And New IH T course in UK? .skins; or peel carefully, sprinkle with poivdcrcd smr- ar and a feiv drops of J.°mon juice-. |lmttcr ami macJerate oven, 385 degrees P. v/lien don.?, dot. rach apple vdtli a well with r*imin- , syrup; then place marshnmllow and serve liol a.s n desert. Or peel tanaiias. Arrnnee injon fach and put iem iaf: no shallow, oven-proof baking di.s'n i tlin oven In liroivn. and sprinkle ivlth juice. Mak-- ' (ilami l!an:uiris \n'(li I'inciiijil,-. in moderate oven. a?f> degrees P.. I Thrc- hananav three slices of ,lcn lo twelve iiiiniito, or milii te;> j eniiwtl pineapple- nranulnlcd sn- <ler. Sprinkle, with piiuih-re-.l sii'M- i;,nr. ' " «nd scn,. e ),ol. ; (Jilt bananas niid pin-apple ^licr.j Tried Bananas [in halvss. Arrange m a shullnw I I eel bananas, cm in lialv.w cress- : tal:iiig disli an-l :;prinkl» wiili sn- ' wise or in quarters, a iui roll in Mil- tnr. Bake in a iiiddi-mt- oven Tf r > ' wl dry Dread cnmilK or in rnHr-.KIc K rfn. p. ; ,l)r,ui t«n i,iinin.fs' or' ; of the of the movement for na- prcparcdne-ss, has been beside that ol her son. a liero of the Lusitania disaster, at the rockcy summit, of Lebanon', Mountain. j The son, i.imtcn Hates, Jr., gave' his llfclwl|. to n woman unssi-iver i on the ill-fated liner. IL ter. Add fine crumbs, beans, peas, one quarter cup bean liquid, and (lie seasoning to mushrooms and onion in skillet, and heat through. Stuff peppers, top with buttered crumbs and bake three'minutes al 400 degrees P.. bastin every ten minutes with lima bean liquid. THEDFOR the test silver you can at ind give the bust care pox Flue silver adds A new oulontitttc iron of streamlined appearance, featuring a thsr- switch with an "off" position, which makes disconnecting ot attachment plug unnecessary, find also featuring a new thermostat, with a greater range of heat controls Is the latest addition to the laundry mother's last wish burled beside him. bni iDRAUGIW CONSTIPATION I-i-rw-r, B2, 10 Iny HIM ,,. , S(|iia»ii fircu- in Apple: Tree AUBUHN. Me. (UP) — c S Bragdon picked a 19-inuiul sqiiash in one of his apple trees. The vine had climhcd tile tree. APPETI1IN cOttfmttefrf—Uro one LKVEI, [<Ki.spoor.fnl to s cup ol {lour for most recipes. epettdaltls— Scientifically merits by baWnrf pov/cler SPFJCrAUS'fS to produce beat results. Same Price Today us 44 Years Ago 25 ounces tor 3£e You can also buy B fill] Io ounce can ior lOo **• J-L11J. IS ounce can for ISO Double-Tested - Double-Action T |. | |. F ^ s G0l ° MfDAl i I'lcoiM ris r,,r I hr T,,; A.S.BARBORO&CO. Wholesale Fruit and Produce nivllioville, Ark. Clothes That Flallei V OUR appearance will 1)0 in n c li improved if you Jr.'ivi' l!it> c;uv> of your flnUies In Hinlson's .master eriU't.-iiien. Cleaners Hatters Tailorx Dress Finishers Our Route Men Call If Yon Will I Phone 53 If DION Cleaner-- Tailor-Clothier NO V/ASTED CURRENT j • NO SCORCHED CLOTHES DCoJemanB 1 ^flutonuvtic E GLECTRIC IRON 'T'HE Coleman Automatic •*" Iron *savcs $2 to $5 a year on electric current. Wlicn it reaches rhc Kmpenrure at which the ihctmostat fa KJ tht cuirmt is auconiatkally cut otf. It "coaia" ot "f,u v.iuels" on ttotcd htat. fi't of the rime it ij in me it consumes no electricity. ThU saving on your clcciric bill gocj on yearlafter year as loin M you UK your Colcnunl This same automatic action of the tricrmosot eliminates fuc^dsngcr ant} scorching of clothes. Save* wotk . . . doci mart than the. trorung. Tlie Colcman Is besuctfully j,. signed ind Inmhrd in supeMrhrom- lum. Has loi>g tapeting point, button bevel and jlas-smooih trpiAi.f surface. Come in and ttt thli btamlfwl iron. I,* t tu protT otrr * tJ1 '^ f nmn absmt tlu money it ia««i yo«, FDR CASH SATURDAY, SUNDAY, MONDA iMiistard, quarl vv 'i'omalocs, No. 2 can : .....lOc Mackerel Salmon, (all can, 3 for 25c Sugar "Honest 10 Lbs." 50c ;. P/2 Lb. Karo, lighl or dark 13c Kidney Beans, No. 2 can 8c'.-,. Pork'& Beans, Campbells, No. 2-2 (or ll>c Totnato Juice, 10 oz. can g c Tomato Soup, Campbells, 2 (or 15t • Excell Crackers, soda salted, 2 Lb. box 19c Uneeda'Vanilla Wafers, 5c box ' 4c : Uneeda Crackers 5c Premium Flakes 4c FlflllR "'>»'• .Spet-litt" Keif ttisin K •• ^"^ U'i* I I j S'idt Wasliburns Pancake Flour No. 1 Potatoes 10 Lbs IIIZZII' Pure Lard, Armours star, Lb. Pkg. 2 (or ... Pure Pork Sausage, Lb. .» rnrw? /1/ ' ?>S mi>K > fif>!il inTmon- LOllEL, Maxwell House or Canovn, Lb. 31c Balognn or Franks, Ll>. . il( \'n/^ »KST K. C. MKA'VB "' " " PAYNE'S GROCERY .'I2-1 Noi'd, ..10c ,.20c ..25c Hnhbard .Hardware Co. SAFE MILK" From n well cured ['(»• h R nl . . . Scienlifitnlly luititiletl from the cow Lo your door 'Xiiii mc<ln ninn: Snln tliroiiKli 'I'lislcni-fciiion.' GREEN'S PASTEURIZED MILK I'hone 1515-P2 for Daily Deliveries ,.'•. . GREEN'S DAIRY Battery-Operated PHILCO Here they arc—superb new J'HILCOS lhai bring' hue ... radio enjoyment to homes " not wired for electricity! Glorious lone and amazing :.'.', performance at sensation- -• ally low uricc.s. See and .. hear (hem today. Enjoy ""' radio af its best—with a PHILCO! PHILCO 38L $65.00 COMPLETE WITH BATTERIES Both of these new I'HJI.COS feature such improvements as Permanent Field Dynamic Speaker, Simplified Tuning, special 1' H I I, C O High-Efficiency Tubes, and new plug-in combination oversize 11 and C Battery. Available with Storage [lattery or new long-life Dry A Battery. Cabinets of Kne matched woods. Tradt-in your present radio t EXCEPTIONALLY EA5Y TERMS 5 HUBBARD FURNITURE CO.

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