The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 5, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, October 5, 1932
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Served bu the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Of NORTHBA ST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ....... .. ./ BUEHinW I VOL. XXIX—NO. 172 Kippt S £to. SmS SJ: BLYTUEV1LI.B, ARKANSAS, WEDNKSDAY, OCTOBKR fi. 1«M~ SINGLB Kennett Youth Fatally Hurt at Pecan Point rim nun Draft New. Plan to Cut Cotton Crop pounc; on lint co'.lon and unc cent per p-ur.d on F.CC-C! co:ton produced by 1 farmcij ivho plant more than [ cn'_-;hir;l cf (heir total acreage in cotton. If pafse-J measure, designed to curb over- by the legislature the I.rcduclio.-:, will bj ellective only if similar lav:? are enacted by a rnajuity o! other cotton producing states. MONTGOMEKY, Ala., Oct. 5 <U P)~Alab[imu house and senalo • i i t r> o i \;- • atiictiliuic conimittci:s to-Jtiy ap- narold OCOtt, Zl, Victim ihe Goods bill Icvylii; of Accident This Mor-' lax uf lhrec CC11U 'ning. BASSETT, Ark., Oct. 5 (UP)— A 60-faot fall from the top of a pile driver on ivhich' he was working near Pecsn Point resulted in fatal injuries to Harold Scott, 21- year-ol'j Kennelt, Mo., man, shortly before nocn today. ^ Ecbtt emplc^-d by the McGeorge Construction company driving pllinj along the Mississippi "river. He was working at the top ol the pile driver rigging and is believed to have lost' his fcotinj. His body struck the deck of the boa; upon which the file driver was mounted, fracturing his skull and breaking his £houlcler • and arm. The victim did not regain consciousness after Ihe fall and died thortly afterward. ^.The bcdy was taken to Osceola .by the Swift Undertaking company. He is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scott, a twin brother, Raymond, and two sis- BL1IT1 IRE ters, Josephine and all of Kennett. Ruby Scott, Funeral arrangements were incomplete today. TD ttEf JHIET Americans in Japan Worried Over Manchuriari Pronouncements. Fefjjrig; High ; Against Tvyp i'fflbrida Prison Carrib . : r«K : -_j-' ?? jards. JA(3ksqNVTJiLE, Fla., Oct: 5 (UP)—After 'twrf. and days a .jury, was'fleeted here today to fry ;.t*o KpHila prison guards, deor'ie Cpursb't;'and Solomon Hig- genljotharh; on,charges of mudrer- Ing .'ArtHur Malllefert, 18-year-old convict,'Sy,.sweat-box torture. As-:flrtaliy accepted, just prior lo the ridoh re cess,', the jury .was composed!'of one native of Illinois, six Georgians, one AlabamUn. two North Carolinians, a Virgin •ian and a 1 native F.oridan. Malllefert, the alleged victim of prison cami> brutality, was a native of New Jersey. Immediately after the jury was completed it was excused by ihe court while defense counsel for the .second time since the trial open ed asked special protection for the accused guards because of asserted high, feeling and threats against them. i\ew Yorfc Cotton NEW steady. Oct. ... Dec. ... Jan. ... Mar. ... May .., July YORK.—Cotton closed Open High Low Class 709 718 725 738 746 574 709 721 726 738 746 755 690 097 707 715 725 G93 699 105 713 725 732 Spots closed at 710, off 5, quiel TOKYO, Oct. 5. (UP)—Americans in Jap=r. worried over relations between Washington and Tokyo, hoped today the state department had thoroughly explained the 'American policy on far eastern questions and would not need to repeat its explanations. Secretary of State S'.lmson spake recently at Philadelphia criticizing Japanese recognition of .Manchu- ito; The speech was .shortly before uMfcnticn of th'e'Lvtton'repott and oon after Admiral William Pratt nnouriced that the United' States leet would remain in-Pacific' w'a- That speech was expected by the tapanese government to "encoitr- ge anti-Japanese sentiment among mailer nation's, bringing ,about an mposslble .situation at -.Geneva," ». •ar office statement-said, -v " ; ..• The belief is widespread amon? Americans ' here that Washington* n efforts to .uphold tr.e Kellog pact, he nine, .power treaty,-'and other igreemerits. has 'at times, reiterated ts 'position to the poirit wher.2 Japanese believe- Washington was "oilowliig a policy of deliberate ir- •itatlon. ; . Crowd Cheers As They Shake Hands Before New York Convention. ALBANY, N. Y., Oct. 5. (UP) — Alfred E. Smith, grinning, fighting and happy, shook hands with Franklin Roosevelt last night, urged his election as "president, and in dramatically ending a ixirsonal feud may reunite party factions in New England and elsewhere. It was a moment of high drama for" delegates to the stale Democratic convention and for the two New York Democratic leaders when they met for the first time sir. Smith's return from ths Chicago convention, defeated for the presidential nomination by his old frtehd and former campaign manager. Win Fifht for Lehman The two men had been battling for two days in behalf of a mutual friend, Col. Herman Lehman, the lieutenant governor they wished to make governor. They were fighting a common enemy to their cause, John Curry, boss of Tammany hall. Curry wanted to give the place to John Thatcher but failed, as Lehman was nominated. The governor was seated -an the platform, Just, returned from a campaign tour in the west. Smith came to the platform to make th3 speech ptacing Lehman in nomination. They're Friends Ajaln The ' "Happy .".-Warrior," ••' ojtce more, grinned, stepped across the-platform, extended his hand to tfie governor, shook -it. vigorously, and spoke so ail in the*Iront row: could hear. ••£• . ' V.'...:;. '.'How'ire you, olci potato?"—a characteristic 4 n ' ec ^.onate greeting the 1928'j candidate saves . for old friends. •' • " • ••.•.'-. The crowd roared. • "Al, this is . ijfrom the'! 'heart," Will Take Cotton at Nine Cents WASHINGTON, Oct. 5 '(UP)— Hit cci:ariinrui of agriculture .\o- dny agreed lo grant extension of crop production loans mada .to cotlon farmers. The Ocjiaitiucnt announced 1 it would accept cotton as • collateral lor the loans on a basis of nine cents ii pound. Cotton now. Is selling for about .seven cents at New "York. . . PURtEHIEUT TO TIE Arrest. Ordered Commission Endorses Fed.. :..cral Program W i : t h Some Modifications. LITTLE HOCK, Oct. 5. (UP)— Two members of the Arkansas highway commission had failed today In an effort to hold up work .pn the state road program, and subsequently the federal road bureau's construction program was approved by a three to two vote ; Sam Wilson and John Burkett, recently appointed to fill the vacancy caused by the reslgnatioiV.of Justin Matthews .from trie con tiij- sion, charged the allocation ol M,'300,000 in emergency and re: y«r federal aid funds was "unjust They asked that'part of thr ey be spent In t the Magnpl'j Vnd Mpntlcello agricultural- school.dtf- tricts i'hlch tr.ey represent.." This ;was' blocked • by the other :hree members. . ' - • •; 'lie program submitted by the federal bureau wns estimated to cost $4,314.574. It was said', however, , . Roosevelt offered-.- ; "Frank, th'at ,goes for me . too," drriith responded; .• They stood vlffth daspii; hands and passed remarks back and forth Which broadened their smiles. .Flashlights boomed. They faced the cameras, hands, still joined. Mother Majr Never See Rumanian Prince Again LONDON, Oct. 5. (UP)—Ten- year-old Crown Prince Michael of Rumania started home today without knowing If he ever would see his mother again and without knowing why his father, King Carol, ordered him home. The ten-year-old boy traveled by motor to Dover with his mother Princess Helene, and his aunt. Princess Irene ot Greece. Helene feared that Carol would not pr- mlt her to see son again. It was understood that Carol will not allow the boy to return to England because Michael first learned of his father's love aftalrs through reading an English language newspaper In Paris. Sunshine Walker, Woman in Case, Denies She Has Been Hiding. MEMPHIS. Oct. 5 (UP)— Denied directed veullcl of not ciillty, Stanley Purysur will take the slant! in district .court tomorrow to defend himself against the charge..that he killed a negro In crder to cover up' the ax killing of his wife nnd daughter, The state rested Us' cnsc this meriting nfter parading witnesses who detailed I'nryear's friendship with Sunshine Walker in mi nt- templ to establish a motive for Puryeav's allegedly hacking to death his wife nnd daughter, then killing the negro. Miss Walker, whoso alleged ta- limate relations with Purycar have teen rcvcnlcd by state' wllncsra and who -was reported to have been hiding, was found b'y newspaper re.iortors. She denied that she had run awny. "The state has not seen fu to use me as a \.HiKss," she declared, "why, I don't know. 1 tun willing lo take the witness stand If called by cither side." An adjournment was taken In the trial after the slata rested today. Puryear will take the stand to defend himself when court convenes at 8:30 A. M., Thursday. The .mystery, witness ,cal!ed by Ihe' state, to,'close its testimony loclny' tiirrlwl-'mlt to be Mrs. Fnmlt Peel, Holly Springs, Miss., a friend Miss Walker. Mrs. Peel told attending parties nt the resl- ince of Miss Walker and of see- g 'Ptirycar there. Illinois Officer Rushing to Canada With Copy of Indictment. CHICAGO, Oct. 5. (UP)—Instructions to Toronto police to arrest nud detain Martin Insull ware | telegraphed tod»y by Slates Attorney Swanson as one of his aides raced lo the municipal .airport to fly there with cople.i of the Indictment returned against the former utilities executive. Returns to Washington'^ Encouraged by Wn- j turc Into Middle WesjL . \ EN ROUTE TO WASHINGTON : ' WITH PRESIDENT ' Martin Insult, brother of Sumiicl Instill, hoad of ti'.o . great Insull utilities cambine, whose arrest by Canadian police wits requested today by States Attorney Swanson of Cook county, Illinois. 5,. (UP)— President Hoover '• today. X denounced as "deliberate, iritoler- : / nblc, falsehoods" reports which' he '•'.' snld had been spread through, trie •''>; mad-west reflecting on his person- .v al Interest and endeavors in-b':t«lf .--[ of the people "during the last Oue« '••* years of your misfortune."- :.-''',-.:: ;•• Striking out In a'startllng ctepirV -| ture from his previous campaign '•'] speeches, the. president,! during,,*' ' f . brlof stop at For 1 . Wayne,' tacked multitude' of • reports"' ••! ' 1 -' Will Meet. Again October 25 to Designate Judges and Clerks. Is- can be mac lleved sufficient saving to bring the'cost of the wor)ct*tihln the^fedeVat appropriation..- :?*>•'... ' : ; -.•'•.;.• '. While the';comrnisslon 'deolined to accede to.,tiie demands of. the two members from the 'southern part of the state, the majority, did ado-jt a resolution urging certain changes, in. the" program as outlined, by the federal road bureau. If the program is changed as proposed con-, Etructlon of a $230,000 bridge over the St. l<Yancis river at Lake City, on Highway 18, will be postpone:! In favor of other projects which the commission majority regards as of greater Immediate importance. *. ottan NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 5. (UP)— Cotton closed steady. Open High Low . 69« "" "" Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July 715 722 735 741 752 704 690 720 722 735 741 752 696 705 716 727 Close 688b 697 701 713 723b 732 Spots closed at 697, off 13, steady. Closing Stock Price* A. T. and T. Anaconda Copper 107 10 5-8 Auburn *8 Caterpillar Tractor 93- Chrysler 15 Cities Service * Ccc* Cola M 1-2 Continental Baking ... 57-8 General Electric 16 5-8 General Motors 15 Mlddlewest Utilities ... 7-16 Montgomery Ward 13 1-2 Now York Central 23 7-8 Packard 31-: Radio Corp 83-1 Simmons B*ds <-. 91- Standard of N. J 29 1-i Texas Corp 12 1-: f. S. steel 3J 1-i Pennsylvaniatis Warned Oi 'Charity Racketeers' HARRISBURG, Pa. (UP)—State Welfare Department officials warned . Pennsylvania communities against the operations of "charity racketeers" who promote funi campaigns for personal profit. The department advised persons approached to sponsor such drives to make certain the solicitors were registered under state agencies as authorized to make such SDlicita- llons. "Many unwary citizens, eager to add their bit to local welfare drives, become victims of irrssponslble promoters," Mrs. Alice IJwright, head of the welfare department, said, "n-lieving the cause worthy because of Its charity appeal, they unknowingly contribute to the llve- ll'rood of unscrupulous racketeers while the. charity benefits by only a small percentage of the funds secured. "For their own protection It Is to the advantage of agencies and individuals planning charity drives lo secure a stato certificate. Such certificates are granted only after careful Invest I gallon is made and certainly assured that the funds secured are to be properly oxpcnd- Tnterruption Particularly Severe in Central Belt Says Bureau. •WASHINGTON, Oct. 5. (UP) Cotton picking and ginning wero interrupted in the central states of the cotton belt last week by hsavy rains and harvests made only fair progress in the western section of the belt, the weather bureau reported today. The bureau said there was considerable damp, cloudy weather and weevil activity was favored by relatively low temperatures. In western Texas and southern New Mexico heavy rains cause some damage to ths crop. In Oklahoma progress varied from fair to good. In the central states, rains In the first and latter parts of the week were unfavorable. Progress In eastern states of thi belt was reported as fairly good Picking was well adv&ncsd witt only slight interruption from rain Farm Strike Pickets Shot Down by Gunmen CANBY, Minn.. Oct. 5 (UP)— lotencc entered the previously peaceful farm strike in Mlnnesot oday when an automobile load of nnmen shot and killed Nordahl eterson, 35, a picket, and wound[1 Fred Hacker, a companion. The pair were on duty not fsr Ity when a speeding- automobile rom the western outskirts of the pproached and gunfire crackled rom weapons of the occupants. Parnell Declines to Homi Requisition for Homer LITTLE ROCK, 'Ark.—Oovemo Harvey Ptrnell declined ye.sterda to honor a requisition-from the gov ernor of Tennessee asking that H F. Homer, former Manila^ mer chant, be returned to Siempli from Blythevllle on a charge of ob talnlng goods under false preten; The governor he!3 that the matter w»s one th»t should be settled by civil court actkm and not by procedure under criminal statutes. E. E. Alexander of Alexander and Cooper, local law firm. Homer and others from here attended the hearing before Governor Parnell yesterday. Jtility Commissioners Draft Model Truck L»w KANSAS CITY, Mo., Oct. 5 (UP —Representatives of the publl service commissions of ten mid west states today drafted a mode ruck law here fftth the hope o making it the basis of federal »m uniform state regulation. The completed draft of the la will bs submitted at the mett rn of the National Association Railroad and Utililv commissioner at Hct Springs, Ark., November 1 to 18. Funeral Held Saturday for Little Bauett 6« BASSETT, Ark.—Funeral serv!c were held Saturday afternoon Bassett cemetery for Charto Thomas Smith. 17-month-oM K of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Smli who died In a Memphis hospital of colitis. The Rev. Mr. Stewart and Rev. Mr. Bcvll of the Mormon faith ccnducted the services, assisted by the choir of their church. elf-Defense 'Acquittal Court at Cooter. Plea Wins in Justice COOTER, Mo.—Lutrwr Brown, 45, •as freed In Justice J. M. McCluro's ourt here yesterday of charges rowing out. of tlic killing of r>. Wilson, 19, on the night of Sept. i. nt Holland, Mo. Brown produced evldence-lo show hat he killed Wilson with a knlf? ftei- Wilson had knocked him own. ' Wilson, who Is survived by his Darents, was a resident of Jackson, Tcnn. The acquitted man has lived In his section for several ycnrs. The new Mississippi county board of election commissioners was or-, ganizcd at.a meet in? at the Blv- Ihcvillc. contthoii53 yeMcnlny. W\ R. Dyess-oi Osccola was elected chairman and Marcus Evrnnl of Blythevllle clerk.. Jce Chapln o' Manila Is the third mtmbtr-bf the board. It was announced that the banrd will meet again Tuesday, October 25, _at 9 a.m., to solcct, Judges rtnd clcr'lu for the November 8 election. Members of the Democratic central committee from each township and the chairman of the Republican county organization will l>2 requested to submit suggestions, The general election ballot will also be prepared at the October ?.5 meeting, and all candidates desiring that their names npucar on til? ballot must file certificate of nomination or petition with the clerk of Ihe board before that dale. It explained that certificates of nomination of Democratic nominees must be sighed bv thu chairman nnd secretary of th3 Democratic ccunty central committee, nn - J mast be acknowledged bv, them bo- fore some officer authorized to take acknowledgements. Each certificate of nomination and cnch pjtltlon filed by an independent candltial" must be accompanied by the rccein of the county treasurer .sliowiij payment lo Hint officer of the fee provided bv Section 3740 of Crawford and Moses Digest. Seek Huff Loin CHICAGO, Oct. 5. (UP)—Receivers of lira Middle West Wllltlw company, major unit of the Insull chain, said today they will ask the Reconstruction Finance corporation for a 121,000,000 loan. The loan will be sought, Receivers Edward Hurley and Charles Mc- CHlloch said, to help liquidate $36,00,000 In loans from'five New York Milks. A political but presumably temporary hitch developed today In the xtradilton of Samuel and Martin usull to the United Stales to face rlmlnat charges growing out of tl* nilapse of the caltosal utilities pyramid. Mutt Guarantee C*cU Gov. Emmerson informed SUto'i Attorney Swanaon h» could hot pjo- cetd with' extradition proceeding •gainst Samuel, who La in Paris and.MtTtln, who is In Canada, uh- 11'cost of the ac' 1 •' suggesting that he had 'not.expt'rl- 1 . ericcd '.'h' over your"' mis- , cries" or had not "used every ounce ' of his strength .to proUot and help " • ' ' ''' Crllles ' "I had bellowd' in SDJ. shlp,"^ the president ': so Id, '"but: I '-1 fijive ' received widespread imparts.- : of pewnolltlea being spread Irffhli. ' area recently! ' • - ••.•\~.'. •','. "When It !» said th»l I-sat' In the ' = : White nous? .without trying to felp ;' you with every'ounce,'of my"«ii'»r-.'V gy, then I say such statements are ••; deliberate,. -Intolerable': fals«hc*Jsi" : Mr. IJoover'j optimism '• grew--.'i : i •'• lils campaign swing continujd. in £'V recep«lcri rnore, enthusiastic thins nnd been anticipated and plirhrisd -, by the ovation accorded : hiiit -w'heri't wcoeed, himself, nvu«i now.'go b2- fore the .Democratic county board and for a third time uk for'funds o carry on his prosecution and irf vestlgttkm. •' . . no spoke Ust.hpjhtln Des'MoHxa,; Iowa; ' • • • ;. '-;£,* :..:.; - x- •;,- ;• ;iVi; : Tw'ra^ttopjrfor.tiVrSHtfvnfci'i ' Wwt'i .were ' tche*il*d; »t <y v of the nold^ : rt«ndi«rd • anrt gainst deblllfitlmr; fafliieriess, at f h,c worlfl/econbrnlc'erlsls.- a i , - Ing.attack on policies nf'thV'Dem- mrntlc party, and » pUrr for eon- tlmvid rehabilitation < of . the-n»-\ lion; with especial' -' ' pUrr for eon< of . the-n»- -einptiiils' on Will Not Contest Coijrt Order Banning Leasing of Town Convicts. rtcGavock Township Raises Campaign Quota OSCEOLX.' Ark., Oct. 5—An cn- huslastic crowdr heard Congressman W. J. Driver speak at n. Democratic rally at Joiner In Mc- Qavock township last night, and hat township's quota to the campaign fund was raised. Judge Driver will speak again Thursday night at Burdetlc :\n3 Friday night at Luxora. Members of the McGavock township committee arc Eugene Matlock, N. R. Hoscy, M. W. Melton, G. A. Ncnton and Don P. Fletcher. Joiner M^n Fined $50 for Liquor Possession OSCKOLA, Ark.. Oct. 5-W. ,T. Walters of Joiner wns fined $50 and cosls for the illegal possession of liquor after a trial In Squire F. P. Holt's court at Joiner Tuesday nflernoon. Hale Jackson, chief deputy sher- 'fl. and Shell Harrison, constable, raided Walters' grocery store i at Joiner Tuesdnv morning, flndinj a Quantity of liquor In quart, pint and half pint bottles in his sate. All prisoners worked under contract with the' towns of Osceola and Manila on Brlnklcy Brothers prison farm, west of Osccola, have been returned to the towns. The return of prisoners was made by Brlnktey brothers nfter Circuit Judge O. E. Keck had ordered two Manila men held at the private prison farm rclenscd at a habeas orpus hearing. The court held that o legal basis exhtcd for the leas- ng to d private contractor of town irlsoners. According to V. G. Holland, counsel for Brinkley brothers, ho .ppeal from Judge Keek's decision n the Manila case when he ordered wo prisoners returned to town au- horitle*, will be taken. Whether or not an appeal will be taken by Manila town officials is not known. sirlcqltutc.-' The' succets 61 Mr. Hoover's. >p- Dcarimcej the; great ^throngs -which cheered . the . executive, stid' 'absence of- 'Mir. untcwird inckknt,' wept far toward •• rcstorlnir^the . snmnwhat 'shaken morale > .pf''Re- nublkan advisors. The ' prasldeHt himself was In vlsiblv betterTmlr- ' tta. Hli> vigorous reception Tvhet»*d an appetite for more:. The serf* nf rcar'platform aDDeqranccs 'fijre : booked across Indian* ! jind . phk> where orl»In»lly a swiftt dash back to Washington had been planned. Man Dettrors Ratttmnke 1*« BURNS. Wyo, (UP)—Berts "as Ines, of Burns, recently found and destroyed a den of rattlesnakes on the Paul Keslar farm, near Burns. There were 4J snakes in the den. Barney Robinson Hurt When Truck Turns Over Barney Robinson, 19, truck driver for a local oil company, sustained a compound fracture of thu >ft ankle when his truck turned over on Hfghway 61, about a milt? north of the Arkansas-Missouri state line last night. Robinson had driven his truck' past a cotton truck and trailer, traveling In tee same direction, and when he pulled the truck back to the right side of tho road, a wheel slipped off In a wagon rut at the edg: of the concrete. The truck overturned. The driver of the cotton truck picked Robinson up and brought him to the Blythevllle hospitit for treatment. . '. Paraeould Man Shot, Mistaken for Squirrel PARAGOULD, Ark., Oct. 5 (UP) —Clay Shatley, 25, was In a hospital suffering from 25 blrdshot wounds. He was Injured wh5n Bob Carmac'it, 45, a squirrel hunter, .saw some leaves shake nnd fired. He explained he thought Shatley was a squirrel. Blaze Extinguished Slight damage was caused bv t flrc at !02 North Fifth street thl: morning. A rousing fire had been built In a stove In one room end the blaze swent through to the other sld of the chimney where a pssteboarc flue stopper wRs*l?nitcd and tha flame licked up the wall paper. Firemen reported the blaze «x tingulshed with little damage. Ouvr . WASHTNaTON, Oct. 5 (UP) — Speaker John N. Gamer, •Democratic vice-presidential • candidate, today challenged President Hooy' er's Des Molnes speech, that the .president had blocked measures which would have prevented farm mortgage foreclo^urfs. "In view of President Hoover's former promises," Garner said, "either his sincerity or hls>bTirty to make good his latest promises Is seriously open to question.)' Organizes Women to ,, Aid National Ticket Ross Sterling's Suit Thrown Out by Court AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 5 (UP>A suit fllcd by Governor Ross Sterling, Houston publisher, to pro- .•cnt the naming of Mrs. Miriam Ferguson as Democratic nominee for governor, was dismissed by Judge Robertion here today. • The Judge ruled district, courts have no Jurisdiction over primary elections and that action was fllcd prematurely Inasmuch as ths general election has not been held. The contest suit alleged Mr?. Ferguson, the first woman governor of Texas, hnd Illegally defeated Governor Sterling in the Democratic run-nff primary in August. Democratic women of Mississippi county will h«ve * Roosevelt- Garner club, especially prRaniKd W elect these men as raresldent and . vice president, if. plans . of . Mrs. M»uo> Wtlt'bf IJttb Rock! 'district supervisor of the Democratic .Women's organization ^materialize. . stme leaders In. . ths . . Democratic Women's clubs already organized will 'tlso t»ke active parts In th« new club, the new organization will function only until election while the. former group plans to have * study club wtiicb will continue to meet after the election. Mrs. Walt will be in Mississippi county several days perfecting the orjtnlratloc! At the city auditorium • last evening she conferred wlttt Democratic, women leaders. WEATHER Anti-Trust Suit Against | A RKANSA&-rair, ww«r m «Radio Corp. Postponed WASHINGTON, Oct. 5 (UP)— The government suit against the Radio Corporation of America »nd affiliates for alleged '• violation of anti-trust laws, scheduled to go io tri«l at Wllmtnfton, De]., next Mondiy, His been indefinitely po»t- poned. Attorney General Mitchell said today. trems east portion. Frost tonight. Thursday fair, rising temperalura. k , Last night Fas cold, iccordlny t*^ omciif! fsieathjr observer, Phillips Jr. The minimum temp**-- turc was 41 degrees and the atat- mum 72 degrees and a rain if,'.* fnch fell yesterc'ty. T«Uy. a ;njr, «Ko the minimum Mnperatwe «|l 65 degrees and ' the'-.' 1 decrees, clear.

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