The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 8, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 8, 1937
Page 5
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I MONDAY, (AltK.y tiWJlUiStt NHWB THE WANT-AD CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line for consecutive Insertions: One time per Una ,... lOc Two'times per line per day ,. 08c three tbncs per line per day ., OCo Blx tiroes per line per day .. 05o Month rat? per line OOo Cards of Thanks .... 50u & 75c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for llireo or six times <md stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times the ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing out- tide of the city must bo accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than ono incorrect insertion of airy classified ad. Shoe Repairing CITY SHOE S1I01' NEW EQUIPMENT-BEST PRICES We ask one trial. WILLIAM FREEMAN 4.doors east J. C. Pomiey's NEW DEAL SHOE SHOP 121 West Mail). Simon P. Lee In charge- Photos FREE with Each Order for Half Sole Job QUALITY SHOE 'SHOP The house of food service ami quality. Everything Tor your shoes and boots. Rubber heels 25c up, Boles 50c up. Free Delivery Phone 120 It. 13. Campbell, Owner Poultry & Eggs FRESH EGGS S5c IIOZ. sold only at Abbott-Johnson faun Used Gar Bargains .lust Traded In Laic Models oil Various Mnkcs Call l!c Found ul j Used Car Headquarters at I'iflht and Walnut Streets, Blj Ihevillc, Arkansas. 1930 FOKD V-8F01tl)COU!'E. Jusl Like New 5485 1931 I)K LUXE 1'OHI) V-S TUDOU. A Ilcal Ilafgnin $295 POULTRY WANTED We pay highest market prices foi | all kinds poultry. Pishcr Gnlnes at Galnes Grocery & Market, 11 • w. Main. For Sale New Bargains! We have some especially good bar- tains in cnrs, trucks and pick-ups. Sec Our'R Before You liuyl 1936 International \~ Ton Pick-Up 1934 Chevrolet \i Ton Pick-Up 1D33 Chevrolet «, Ton Pick-Up 1930 Ford IK Ton Truck 1929 Chevrolet Sedan 1931 Chevrolet Roadster 1930 Oakland Scdnn Delta Implements, Inc. Memorial Carved hi Ice Limited number of Singer treadlo machines traded in on new models at exceptional bargains. Also 3 portable electrics other makes. Singer Sewing Machine Co. . 408 W. Main Practically new Automatic Delco Light Plant. With radio, fan and iron. Will sell for Iralf price. Delta Implements, Incorporated. Ic kit GREEN INN—cafe & dance hall at Stcele. Good business. Sell reasonable. Apply at Inn. . Female Help Wid. 18H4 V O K n V-8 1!)37 License ricic-ur. 52G5 1935DOOGE I'lCK-BP. A Ilcal I!uy. Sec and Drive licfcre Von I!u> SS85 Call Hailifi- at 810, I8K for Further i)t;tails . and Demcnslnittons I'liins and Terms Willioiit Obligalion Phillips Motor Co. - --•:, . I'lioncs 810 - 811 511) & Walnut Business Directory Sporting Goods BABY CHICKS ALL VARiETIE3 Custom Hatching MARILYN HATCHERY Hwy. 01 North, Blythevllte | Address envelopes at home, spare lime; substantial weekly ' pay. Experience unnecessary. Uignificd work. Stamp brines details. Employment Mgr., Ucpt, 3891, Jacksen, Term. Real Estate FOR SALE CO Acre farm, newly decorated 4 room house, well & spring, on mail route in Ozarks foothills. Mrs. S. B. Gregory, 717 Cliickasawba, 30-pk-30 FOB SALE 5 Room House, bath, large lot. Across from high ana grade schools, Cheapest taxes in town Could be made Into apartment Cheap for cash. 809 Chlckasawba . dh ti Batteries of all kinds FOR BETTER Battery Service CALL J. B. CLUNE Jackson Service Station—Phone WANTED TO EMPLOY—Female stenographer and bookkeeperbe- ;\vceu age 25 and 30. Ability in typing*, bookkeeping, shorthand and answering telephone Important. Permanent salaried position Elythcville. Make detailed application in own handwriting to P. O. Box 921, Blythcvllle. Kochcslcr Convention City ROCHESTER, N. Y. <UP)—This "Flower City" of Western New York now ranks as one of the nation's most popular convention siies. Last year 213 district, state and national conventions met here, a the convention bureau has already booked more than 230 group events for this year. Drivers Get Picture Of What Speed Means AUIANY. N Y. (UP)—To collide with a stationary object vvhili) truv- (.'llnj; MI milts mi hour In nn mi. lomoWlo is I'tnilvuleiil to u fall oil n 120-fool dlif. says tin; stttle Bureau of Motor vehicles. Motorists know only Unit they are KO!IU; fust \ v ln>n they reach GO miles nn hour on the road, accord's? lo di'imty commissioner car- roll K. Mi'iilcy. "Malcrlsts she-ulil know," natd he, Htmt nt Unit fy^a tlio aulomo- 'li"S lii) feet evc'i-y youv hi'urt makes bib S'LICOllll. Willie one l.vai. iii e nutomoljile travels "rariy nvt' ( | m i;;i |[ s 0 \vn Jenslli. . SCM „ In Dedicalcd to the memory of the Will Rogers, this bust of solid ice was unveiled at the Hlbbliiff, Minn., annual winter carnival. Twenty-two feet high and sculptured out of 100: : tons of ivory ice, Hie slaliie at niuhl, under lloodliyhls, appears ns- if luade of nmrble. Its size forms a contrast for the two flmires nt tho,left Built lo scale wltii an ordinary Ice pick, trowel and hatchet tools, the statue was completed in two weeks. for FARGO, N. D. (UP)—It's early lo bed for freshmen co-eds at the North Dakota Agricultural School vvlio failed to maintain a scholastic average of 80. Dormitory rules prescribe 8 P. M., ns the time these girls must be in their rooms, live nights a week. SANDU S K. Y, O. (UP)—Seven Snwlusky women nre ready to iro into homes as "visiting 'housekeepers." A WPA project aiTordcc each four weeks at' Intensive training in food-buying, menu- pla'miltiir. cookinj, budgeting, am lu'utl, lite vehlelu travels roximuU'iy c,i) reel, before rom- lun of (hi- rout nxivnmenl from lias lo the brnke pedal." Del, Boasts "Fountain of Youth" D?l. (UP) -Tin. i ril( ||. "fouiil'.iln of youth" siirlirr DIIS bee,, H'lllscoveral h,. lv „„.£ 3lHcinls. of this old city hop? It will |:rovu n tourist attraction. Tha sprliiu WI | S located by rc- "•nreli workers pH'pnriiij. nmtcrinl '<='• a uuidc book. According to 1 ij-teiuis ol Lswc-s, (lie oldest scttle- mow In D?la\\nie, youlh Mill ic- turn to anyone wlw drinks from the spring- "with Die left-hamlcd conk sliell," The conk shell Is missing, but tho city plans to chain another om; securely beside tlic spring. s Lxplorcr lo Hunt Rival of Everest UOC11K8TKR, N, Y. <UP)-Hai- il«on Korimin, American explorer, «lu> rarciuly returned from n trek through Tibet, bdlovcs there is a inountiitn peak higher ilinn Hie Himalaya's lolly ML Everest. He snys he will return lo Tlbsl In Mnruh with the sole Intention «i (li'liTiiiIiiliij whethev the mountain, charted on ..British War Of- llcc maps, is actually higher than Kverwt. "There .Is substantial evidence Uiat it Is," Fonnan siild. IIu places Urn unknown "carlh Riant," sonic, 1,1500 miles northeast of Everest. Tho cathedral at Toledo, Spain, has a' sacramental hlnind 12 feet high omtelltslitd with 200 itatueti of solid gold. The largest of these \sn.s made fiom (lie (jold which Columbus look to Spain after bis fliU vojago of discovciy. 24 Hour Wrecker Service licst 1'i'iws Joyner Motor Sales Call 1000 Slorajje The Hindu Inw.s of Mann condone lips nUercd to save one's life or compliment n indy. SAND & Git A^|, j - Phone 700 ^ BLVTIIKVILLE EI.ECTKIO & ACETTMiNIS ELDING AT I1EST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE PHONE 18 VDrs. Wort & Wert orrosu: TWISTS Over Joe Kaacs 1 Store "WE MAK K 'i;i\i Ii40 Coal & Mining Co. WANT.TO BUY CORN SOY BEANS CRAWl'OUD & COPPEDGB GIN CO. Highway 18 - Phone 331 GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. Coal. - Feed « Kindling PHONS 76 ^tivi Located at 1G1 North Scednil ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU \ •DON VmvAHUS, 1'roiirlctcr AH nialica of licliullt Tjilcwrltcrs, Aililfnf M.ichlnra C.ilciilators—ltcimlrlni;'—Parts—ItlbUona and Uniforms & equipment for baseball, handball, Softball, soccer ball, tennis, track & boxing. Best Prices .Co. Big Sale Scheduled to begin Feb. 1 has been postponed until flood waters go down. . r WATCH FOR OPENING DATE Shouse-Hensy Hdw. Co. J. w. Shouse - J. Wilson Henry Coal & Wood If You Want Wood, We Have It! Ash & Oak Kentucky Lump Coal, $0.50 ton Economy Coal Co. 221 w. Cherry phone 448 "MY COAI, IS BLACK BUT I TREAT YOU WHITE" I also Pay Best Prices for Hides & Metals JOHN BUCHANAN Phono 107 COAL COAL Wc have (ho best prices on all kinds of good coal. Ptione us lor prices. BAILEY WE HAVE THE BEST Alabama, Illinois & Kentucky OOAL At (he Best Price Kindling Too GIVE US A TRIAL We Guarantee Honest Weights Shaver-Foster Bus. Opportunities Beauty Culture IS THE COMING PROFESSION Learn . this pleasant work which pays well. w class opening—slate supervised ', Reasonable Tuition Mrs. William Berryman Elaine Beauty Shop Wanted To Buy HIGHEST PRICES PAID rOK POULTRY HAPPY HOUR GROCERY 109 W. Main We Pay Highest Prices FOR SCRAP IRON, METALS, PECANS. HIDES & PUHS AUIAN AUTO PARTS 128 E. Main—Phono 176 Hides & Furs Metals and Scrap Iron Blytlievillc Iron & Cherry & R. R. WE PAY CASH FOR 2ND HAND FURNITURE Hubbnrd 2nd Hand Furniture Store I'bonc 218 0. Cliiekasauba & It. U. COAL, WOOD, KSWDLING! Nicely furnished STEAMHEATED ( Prompt Service -- Call 47 KIM'S COAL CO. CALL K P. FRY Wonder City Coal Co. I'OR. ORIGINAL GENUINE Montevallo I Modern 3-room AND OTHER HIOH GRADE COAL apartment, 224 PHONE 477 Wert. en ring for children. ALLEY 001' uowi BETCHA.ICAM;H£LL BE \i GUESS WE'RE ALL 3ET WTO MOOAVEUXALL RIGHT,) SET TO TRY THIS WITHOUT /AT LEAST YF THCV ( STUWT; SO 1'LLCXD ATTRACTIW&) ^U lOC'.CI DOW'T V &£T DIMWV- DECIDE to STAGE A CAT- HUWT/ I'HKY SIIODI,I)A TOLD Dlr.NY! CMOM, DIMWV, YOUOL HEflES OUR STEED MEY, DiNrJY! WHAT 1 BOOTS AND HEL BUDDIES 1 WouuOKiT. iillli GiiTS J'OWKY! 6/scwwERElon, X3K. ME >. X THOU6WT TW^ 1 ly(v.< 00 HOPE BUB \ OOM'T -3S. HOW WOUV.O HliUK-VKNGIi! WASH TUKRS VOU AREW'T SWISFIED WffH MAKSNSS SSUP'5 SHOW A SUCCESS,ANp CAUSIW& TO LOSE MON6V- OH, MO! VOO GOTTA MV 61RL/ 00 ' TAKE THAT/VOU OH, HOW I MATE THAT 6UVT OH, IF ONLV THERE WfiS SOMt WAV TO GET KYEN. y/HAT ABOUT THIS S/ so/... , w CHILD, YOU'LL BE LEAViWG SOOW, KWOW ! HE SEEMS TO BE NO,TDWI...,A YOUTH OOHSCIOUS OF THE WOON UKTIL HE HAS HIS FIRST LOVE/AKID WOTHIWC5 EVER HAPPENS TO THE MOOW 1t> KEEP fT FROM REM1HD JWG-HI GOING TD j REVEAL Y&UR 1RUE HELL GET OVER rr, UWCLE CEDRIC.' BOYS LIKE FRECKLES BACK QUICKLY ! ARE TO) PLAM- Hl WG TO CORS E SFOfJD v/fTH H/M \VWEW YOU RE- RW ID TrE CITY? >GU...UWUSUALLY SO,IW FACT/IF I KWCVV THE 9/MP7OMS.... 7H1WK I DO.' DOES,,! WAWT iO Bfe" MILES AWAY.' SY.LE* SERVICE, isr. T.M Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 E. Main Personal FREE! If excess acid causes yon Stomach Ulcers, Gas Pains, Indigestion. Heartburn, GET free sample doctor's prescription, Udga, .it Kirby Bros. Drug Co. AUTO LOANS NO RED TAPE Borrow money on your car to pay for your licenses and other bills. Car need not be paid 'or. See U. W. MUI.UNS Suclbury Bldg. Phone 4D5 For Rent FURNISHED APARTMENT, 305 DOUG AN. Mrs. A. A. Allen. 2-ck-tf Two or Three Furnished Rooms, reasonable. Oil Hcarn street. IBp k2-18 BEDROOM, bath. Call SGO. 2-c-k-:i-2 . 12 room Rirnislicd Apartment! j 307 Chickasa\vl)a, Call 1026. Ic ktt ! Nice ccmforlablc bedroom, close in I Mrs. Nolcn, 310 W. Walnut. FURNISHED Dougan. Mrs. 6-ck-tf

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