Gibson City Courier from Gibson City, Illinois on April 23, 1884 · 7
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Gibson City Courier from Gibson City, Illinois · 7

Gibson City, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 23, 1884
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Sacred Rowers. The 137 deserredlT stands first among sacred, flowers, for from the birth of history until the present da; be has never wanted worshipers I The word is of Syrian origin, and means "evening. It was the personification of the moonlight, and no flower could so beautifully express this idea as the t ale, white, golden-hearted water-lily. t has always oeen a subject of dispute what particular kind of lily" la alluded to in the Sermon on the Mount. If (as it is generally supposed) Christ delivered the memorable discourse in the spring of the year, then, at that season, the mountains of Galilee and the shores of the Levant are all glorious with the scarlet, turban-like flowers of the Martagon lily. A white species, striped with purple, is also common in Jndea, and this, as combining the idea of majesty and purity, has received the niffriyea of many. It oould not have beenhowever; the small species known to us as the Lily of the Valley, because this fairy-like flower, with its little illumination lamps, grows only in oold or temperate climates. There is an old legend which says that Eve brought the rose out of Eden with her. It has always been a favorite flower with the Jews, and Solomon likens Christ to the Hose of Sharon. In later times the Rose of Jericho has usurped the place of affliction so long held by that of Sharon. This rose is a native of Arabia Petri a, and opens only in fine weather. It also possesses, in a remarkable degree, a reviving power, and can recover its life' when to all appearances dead ; hence the Jews use it as the symbol of resurrection. A Mexican plant possessing the same wonderful tenacity of life is constantly for isle on the streets -of New-York, so that many must have become familiar with this phenomenon. The white rose has always been sacred to the Virgin Mary, and, mingled with the cross, it wss the device of Luther and also of the Bosicrncians (nub rosh cruxu The red rose is the emblem of love and also of silence, because Cupid gave it to Earpocrates, the god of silence, in order to bribe him not to reveal any of the indiscretions of his mother; hence it was often placed over the doors of guest rooms to signify that perfect freedom of conversation might be indulged "under the rose," for nothing so said was to be repeated. And, as stratagem delights in silence as well as love, the Romans placed it on their shields. Over Greek, Roman, and Chinese graves it is a frequent emblem, and the Turks will not suffer a red one to lie on the ground since the day it was colored by the blood of Mohammed. The Arabians have a legend of a garden of roses planted by King Shaddad, and now buried in tneroesert, which is anal ogous in manv respeota to the Garden of Eden. Throuchcut Southern an. Central Europe it is nsefi in love spells' and divinations. One common Ger man superstition is to name rose leaves and then throw them into a basin of clean water. The leaf which sinks last is to be the husband or wife of the in quirer. Aaother superstition is to throw rose leaves oa to hot coals : the burainir frairrance is thouirht to attract good fortune. White rosea blooming at an unexpected time are believed in of the owner, and red ones a marriage. As the My is the emblem of France, so thcOrose is of England, where it as-tnmss more of a historical than sacred character. A Preferred Creditor. "Good mawnin', Uncle' Pete," said Jake Snow; I hope you's prosperin' an' kin pay me dat ar sebenty-iibe cents w'at von owes me sence las' Crismas." ' "Sorry, to denounce, chile, dat de finanshal sitewation am werry embar- rasain'. I'se Bone inter likerJashin "Am dat so? Shol wha'r yer git de linker ?" "Huh! Tears ter meyou's kinder off de aueschun. I means dat owia ter ae onsartin condishun db de pecun'ry ai- faiha, an de pressure ob cred ters, ise madea'sinement" "Wat's dat ter do wid yer payin' me dat sebentv-fibe cents?" " Hit means dat de propahty hab gone into de han's ob de receiber, fur de benefit ob de perferfed cred'ters an' dat I doan av no mo ole debts." "I doan' see w'at dat 'einement's got ter do wid my sebenty-fibe cents. "Dat's 'cause vou am t eddicated an darfo' doan' undahstan' do 'trie'eies ob de wav de capertillista do bisnis. , See heah 1 IU jess 'splain fur de incongruity ob yo' in tell ec. 1 ou knows w ai a ou "Yes, if it hab anything ter do wid yo lyin' 'bout dat bill ob mine." "Huh! Dar you goes off de queschnn agin. I see dat I'll hab to narrate. Ld'bil'ties am w'at you doan' pay de cred'ters, an' assets am w'at you doan' hab. Now, see heah, I 'p'ints a receiber, dat's my wife, an' I makes her a pei fehred cred'ter an' she takes de jeauim Den I makes my darter Susan per fehred cred'ter, an' she takes de cow, Den I makes mv darter Sally per- fehred cred'ter. an' she takes de pig. Den my -son, Sam, he cum in as a per-fehred ered'ter, an' he takes de Taller do. Den I doan hab ntimn lei du. nllul, n'fr,li hitn. an' I had to sine dat . ' , MaMwi tnn 'sine dat to me. "Nr. tn mmntis hab been pesterin1 ma ruver'fnl nh lata. So I less makes mvHA f a nerfehred cred'ter, an' 'sines myse'f de dollah an' foah bits to sorter "Dat's kinder enrols. I doan'neke in onM mi ton ln't no wav. But w en you gwine ter pay me dat sebenty-fibe Mt.V " I Tore de Lawd, chile, you is ign'rent fur a fac Hit am de li'btfty w;a. go Sri1 daw l.'VoTilluBnln "Am dat so, UnclePetet Den you kin count on me bein' down ter yo" bouse ter eight, ter jine in de meetin' ob cmd'tora tm ,1at likerdatiou or I'll bust . -de jng." Te.ta Hitings. :. : their ehilllrn. Tr. tnan .!. Qfro bad wound is resrarrlnii aa Mia whom the gods mean to die. For a similar cause the Chinese are reluctant to rescue person drowning- American Cooks and Cooking-. From Ae dreadfnl cabbage and the fearful fishballs of crude American cookery,, the family of Delmonico has, by degrees, led the American pnblio to the eonsideration of higher things. The favorite dishes of the great ropublio have been concentrated in New York, and recent arrivals have been hospitably challenged to compare anything in the old world with them. Politeness prevents such comparisons, which would hardly be in favor of either hemisphere. In fish and game, despite its wide area of riyer and prairie, America can in no way oom-pare with the raw products of . this country. But it has its specialties. The oysters of Blue Point and Shrewsbury River mav not be denied, anv more than the canvas-back nourished the marshes of the Potomac, this terrapin captured on the shorn of tha Delaware, the snapping turtle from the inheres with exquisite thrills when any far West, the gumbo soup of New Or- noble thought or action or any grand , , " wmi-u ro- worn ol art is presented to his oontem- Joiceth the Mexican Gulf. - Whst the piatton. It Is useful because it bestows Delmonicos have done is to bring the a certain knowledge of life and charao- enjoyments of the two hemispheres into ter independent of that acquired by combination. They have known how r,rnnai it ; nn. make the clams, the ovsters. the, i,.,,.ii.i.... sheephead, and other strange fishes to sympathize too universally with the familiar to the great army of gastrono- miseries not of friends exclusively but mists who reach Manhattan Island. of all sentient creatures. London Daily A'eus. The sensitiveness of small people is ,, ,. ... another affair altogether. The woman bulde, Advise, and Guard. whoouarrels with her friend because A mother, who would calmlv see her I tho "latter received, an invitation which child rush headlong among the briars the former did not, and men and wom-and brambles of thorny path, without en in general who cannot endure, with-even attempting to srulde the infant out sharp nanirs of envv. some small feet into more pleasant ways, would supremacy, social or professional ob- seem indeed to lack both love and care; tained by an acquaintance these are yet how many devoted mothers there fair instances of petty sensitiveness, are who view the childish outburst of The worst of it is that email natures temper, and each display of willful per- like these have nobody to educate them. : :il i . i t . .... , . . vcrsujr wuu genuine putciuity, saying, to neip to enlarge tnem. l,arge nat-"Oh, they are only children! they will ures ean educate themselves. After soon outgrow their little faults. " years of turbulence and struggle they Alas, the child too often is father to cam attain that supreme and snnerb the man. Youth is the seed time of calm which nothing ruffles. Not that life, when habits formed become second the grand sensitiveness which renders nature. Stretch out your hand in help- their perception of misery, small and ful clasp, and with winning words,flrm, great, has wholly died out, but that the loving heart, aid them all patiently to emotions have become trained by the overcome their faults. Fit them for the intellect, and that vast serene resigns battlefield of the world with an armor, nation reigns which is born of a recog- whose links are truth, bravery, self-re-1 nition of the inevitable. - Possiblv re liance, and kindly courtesy. If your Iigious faith may be united with this early training has gained for them the condition; but, if so, it is not the faith shield of self-control, then can they rooted in conventional theology, -but easily buffet with the storms of life, and "that which is the outcome of an Intelli- tpward tending win the goal, success, gent contemplation of the economy of Farm, Field, and Fireaide. An Agonizing Suspense. Among the numerous applications for pensions received by the Commissioner of Pensions is one sent by sn ex- soldier, who has discovered an entirely new ground for relief. Tns absence of all surgical attend. Sensitiveness. The" charm of not being sensitive is that one is thereby saved much paid. There is, indeed, a foolish sensitive ness which springs only from vanity. This deserves but little sympathy, unless the sufferer be very young; for by the time that maturity is reached a man ought to have got sutiiviently rid of his vanity not to be'tortured thereby. Then there is the more rational sensitiveness which prooseds fronv-an 'exquisite pe-ception of the proper relation of things, and is united with the most delicate tact and kindly consideration for oth-, era. The man who possesses this kind of sensitiveness will often feel pro-' foundly for others who do not feel for themselves. Ho will blush and winoe at an indignity offered - to a friend, or even to one who has no special claim uponhis affection. This subtle psychologic quality is at once a powerful, a pleaanrable, a useful, and a most unhappy gift It is powerful because it is asulietitute for that seer-like talent which enables a man to read the souls of his brethren. It is pleasurable because it provides the person in whom it The FalU of Dm ttam-a and Main Patch's Fatal Leap Oa of Its Biuloea llotuea ana IU (ireat Magnitude. Tbe prcitent floods, whloh ire either devas tating or threatening the country In every direction, are Justly caue for apprehension. No matter whether thev come suddenly or by slow do green, they are. In either case, a treat evil and muck to be dreaded,. and yet America will always be troubled by these spring- ei Howi. Probably mfi of the"mo-t diss trous that wss ever known occurred In Koch- ester, N. V., about twenty years afro. The tienesee Hirer, Just above the falls, where Bain Patch madu hla final and fatal lean, be came completely blockaded by ice, forming an imuafsublo dam, and the water -coining; down the Genciee 1(1 vor overflowed the prlu- Ipal portion of the cHy of Kochesier. This catastrophe would have been repeated the present year had not-the energy and forslsht of the city authorities prevent. ed It. Tbe writer happened to be In Koobes ter at that time and was rreatly Interested In the manner in which this are at catastrophe was averted. Every few moments, a roar like the peals of thunder or the booming- of cannon would be beard, and in order to soe this ice blasting process the writer went to the top of the new Warner Building, which erlooks the Ueneeee Klver. rroiu here be was not only enabled to see the process uninterruptedly, but also the utagnltloent building which ban Just been completed. This Is unquestionably the finest building . devoted to business and manufaeturlnir purpose! In America," being entirely fireproof, -eight Stories high, and containing over four and a quarter acres of flooring. Mr. Warner treated your correspondent very courteously, and In tho course or the conversation said: We are dolnr a tremendous bufluess. and are far behind in our orders. This Is the season of the year when people, no matter ow strong their constitution mar De, IceL more or less, the pain and Indisposition, the headaches, oolds, neuralgia, rheumatism. dull pains, sore throats, coughs all the l,(il ills that tlesh Is heir to, come this time of year, if at all. It Is natural, therefore, that we should be very busy. This Is specially true of our Safe Rheumatic Curo. and It Is crowding us very sharply, for a new rom- euy.; no wounds and was not disabled disease, but while lighting in the nion ranks at the battle of Antietam he lost his coat, vest, and one suspender. "The other suspender," he wrote, "wss my only stay and support. Imagine my dismay when a bullet came along, and, slightly scorching my skin the universe, so far as we can .see it. Sunday Ttmet. A Mother Weasel. A remarkable incident oecured upon a farm in Hootland. A farmer was plowing in one of his fields, which was He stated that nearly completed, and was passing to within a foot or two of the fence wall. when suddenly and to the surprise of the farmer, one of the horses became restive and wild, and refused to proceed in his work. This was an unusual circumstance, and tbe farmer was puzzled to make out the cause of it Seizing the reins in his hands, he ss it passed, cut the last precious sua- I walked toward the horse's head, when, rvor.rlBr cln in two. Thure I stood in I to his astonishment, he found that a the presence of many thousands of large weasel had attacked the horse by men. My emotion cannot be described, springing upon it and fastening its teeth You, Mr. Commissioner, can imagine m uie rriguveuea anmuu a aecs. at was them. I am certainly .entitled to a I a moment of excitement and alarm, but ncnaion for the wounds inven to mv the farmer was equal to the emergency. . , ' 'iv.i ' nM:i,lM Wits . w.lUi...tiul .tMilr. nt IK. Mii'n. leeiinSS OU UlttU VCCtUSlUU. AWWUA, I -v.. ,uwvu w vuv auuu. - . I l , ' 1.1 . . 1 -1 1 . 1 von mav not decide tnat a pension I uie weaaei was aiaiuuKeu aim auieu. shonM be c-iven me. but. at least. I The horse soon recovered from his ought to have enough to keep me in I mgnc, ana in aue tune plowing was re-strong, reliable suspenders all my life," sumed.- The cause of the daring at- Bonton Journal. tack upon the horse was explained upon the return journey, with the plow a breadtn nearer the wall, wnere at tbe place of attack the stock turned over a neet of young weasels, the object of Appearances Deceive. : 'Throw up vour hands,' said a Chi- nln. -, a a.innftaal vi,ftm .-. if thA . a i-i i n mnmmit an nl 1-liiHlnnihPil I mimuud bvuuiuuo v tun poicuii kchw. "Allen pepper-box" was thrust unex- It was the well-grounded fear of harm rectedlv inthegarroWs'face. her young that had inspired the . .. ia - i . as - i it t . -T t.acii a-if than to i-ar.f vraatukl tn tvov tV.w-tt "Tum's ail ngtn, aaia wie wmu-Dag- - r-a. A llAVn ll.t T 11 1 11 111 Til IK M. MA.. W UW1IW -UttV VUV WUIUS, f ---- o- . . 7. . I . i .i.i,i i,. w . A;tr. harm vou. but let me see mat snooua i iron." When he discovered that it was an old. rustv. and unloaded weapon, the crarroter was mad enongn to kick Him self, and said angrjly, "The next time a man with a pepper-box scares me silly, I hone he'll blow me into the river.' He was so rattled that he walked two blocks before he discovered his watch aijd chain gone. The gantleman with the "nepper-box" had relieved him while he was recovering from his aston ishment. Even the life of a Chicago sand-bagger has its' nps and downs chiefly downs. Vhicago .ye. to itself and progeny. Skilled Mexican Laborers. The laborers at Fort Davis are Mexi cans, who have neither the ability to lead nor the docibty to follow. They plow with a forked stick and hoe with a root. They sleep on a sheepskin and eat prairie' dog and hominy. They will beg you for a nickel and murder you for a dollar, lbey worn tnree nortrs a day and steal ten hours a night. They can live on (3 a month when they keep themselves, and eat i'i a day when you have to feed tnem. narroanourg. Democrat. Cotton In Illinois. I Laoeh beer, which thirty years ago At one time cotton was raised to a 1 was practically unknown m this considerable extent in one-third of the country is now made by -. immense ; Tiii... iinnuitt it cnl- establishments, with over $150,000,000 CUUUUCTl I" - 1 . "... 111. , - . 1 ! ,,r,nl in a verv limited re- oi capiwu iiiveateu. aiib isiue ui yum ;nn tlm extreme -southern part of production each . year is the State, It is generally believed that $200,000,000. cnttan-frrotnnar has proved to be un- I vn (mi can be ill if the blood is num. Tel. profitable for tne reason mat me sear raw w sua cananariua root nave long L, hTe become colder. Mr. John- becn r3gnlzcd l,y pnysicians as blood puri-sons nave pecoma , -. r . , Hers. Don t be humbugged by the advertise- a ton, oi vuauifi(5u, , mentsof the many quack bitters, but ocea- failnrs to produce cotton IS caused by I slonally use Dr. Guywtt's Yellow Dock and cm i a 1 1 1 auu tun wm live vu a gwu oia age iree irom an atBtress oi mina ana noay. Many o our lest citizens who long suffered from bad blood. Indicated by weak kidneys. Indigestion, Soros, aches, etc., owe their re oovery to the use or this remedy. It is said that Sullivan made some good hits oa tbe stage. Dalrymea ITefer tfc Hasans. Wrlls, Richaroso Co.: Since the introduction oi your iraproveii REMIMStENCES OF ROCHESTER. f i- . an M.'nram.nrl Fir's rream Ttalm for the cure of Catarrh, Oold In tile .Head, etc. llefore 1 have used the first bottle I purchased I find myself cured. At times 1 oould soaroely smellanythlng and had a headache most or the time. mknht i.ii.v, Agent tor me American Ei press Co., Urand Haven, Mich, (Price Wc.) MiiTHKits, the best drenalng for children's H hair Is t'artioline, made from pure petrol un, thoroughly doodorueil stid delightfully per fumed, it makes II o little one s hair sort, l silky, ana gio-sy; it aisn eradicates uunurun. Tns Increasing sales of l'lso's Curt attest ltselalm as the best cough remedy. Dr. Stanford's Mrerlnvlgorator Cathartic, Tonlo; will cure when other medicines falL Use the Fratter AxleGreaso, 'tlsthe best In the world-will wear t wice as long as any other. THE LIFE LESSOrl EARNED BY A PRO.tlMEIT HCIB- aoM odd rei.iAw. . JremrsifHtwia(.V. r.) Ai-Jsfr, j Mr. John Btlng, sfslthM Odd Ftlkiwtrsstflnnill -lJndenwsld,-Mo.442l,snd aiemtierot the Baiitist Uiurrh. says : "1 have been, as most of my sruusint ancea la Unilson know., a snffsrer from drslH-psis for ten rears. The ffrmptonia of my msUJy wsrs those hlrh a million other snffsrera Id i;Iio land would rentfoilKS ss thelrovn. HeKinning with utilivsstion, Piso's Remedy a otttaln curs for. that very obnoiloul disease. - "Rough on Hats" clears out Rats, Mice. 15c. Mother Swan's Worm Byrun, tasteless. 25o. "Rough on Coughs" Troches, 15c; Liquld.AOo. Wn.W Slav- Apple (Liver) Pills, 10c. "Rough on Toothache," Instant relief, lie. -Bachs-pslbs," Ursa! kid as, sad Crinsry Ou. SI. "Rongta oa Oorss.'' for Corns, Wstts, Bunloas. lie. Wei.u' Hsslth Rstwwsr unrss Praiispsis, Impotaacs. 'Rough on Ucntlst " Tooth Powder, ANTED-Wtuilloii hr dnintiiit of 7 yearn M bodr becirac burdro too hMvy to rarrr, and my wind wm irigbtd tlown by irlnotnr defipontltmi. After tiling I frit vt it I bail a ball of glowing Iron in toiuac-b ; my aWMoiuen would utomt. and I waa afflicted alnjott contitanUjr with aid. beklauht. A 1 lady learniug of nty condition ad-lMl me fa u UK. 1AVIL KRNNKUY'M PAVK1TK RKMKIIV, telling tut what an Infinite deal of food it had dim and othera whom ahe knew. I began taking It in latter part of Aug nat. and naed altogfthtr onlr tbr .jotttea, when It arnlve4 tn me.tb. won .. derful iniirovemeut. I have now gained ttaeh. and feel itronger, better and happier than I bare tn tan ytiara. KAVOUITK tUCMKUV cured mr friend. Y. Uennani, of tthent,of toeUtiKerlnjm'niainaof malarial fever and- of TotUraaneM. Mr. Harrey fliomaa. the grocer on Warren street, Juat bolow fit orth Houae, aaya that it haa bad wonderfully good ffecta upon him. tiro re of mr aninaintauoM am? that having once triad ia thy would never again ba ithout it. I bav given it in my children, and found the beat medicine 1 have ever known for regulatingr their bowel and purifying their blood. The knowledge of this mtnUoine I deem the grcateat. lesaon of phvaical life. man., Addivaii ' rnnili-bed npon nhort notice, at loweat Irira and eoHT termsi. a)ho all kuidt of l)tr, rardtward and eii'TVlope Htork mmred iu a priJitiiur .iffloa. , hend for Siantlily I'riiv-Ut of Vr i u ti . i r , unA PiHirKt.. k. Addrt THll AtKl NKWrtPAFUt I NUtrt, 3.1 UTS rratLKiin rwm. oicani, m. Slnffular, but I had forrotten tbnt you do not advert. to cure all dMoae from one bottle; at la done gi'neraUy by many other medielne men, but I supposed Warnrr a Bafe (.lire waa for the cure of rbeuma tiein." And so It baa been until our remedy, which was eanecially for rboumatlam aud neuraiRia, introduced, we nave men to roe years DerfectinsT tbla new remedy, Study first taught ua there were certain powerful ele ments in Warner a bare cure, better known as Warner s cafe Kline and Liver cure, tbat made wonderful cures in chronic and acute rheumatism, but during; our Investigation we learned of a remarkable cure at a celebrated surtmrs. and out ifxuerts to In- Testlgate and found thin the fprlngs did not contain any Valuable properties, but the course ox treatmont that was being; 01 Yon thore waa performlna all the benefit. By carefully combining; tbe active principles of tbls remedy with our cafe inire, we bave produced our Safe rtheumatlc Cure, and the cures It Is affection' are simply wonderful, and do not doubt it will become as popular as our safe cm e. You ieem to talk fieely in rejrard to your remedies, and appear to bave no secrets, Mr. Warner." None whatever. The physician, with his hundred calls and one hundred diseases, Is necessarily compelled to iruess at a great deal. We are enabled to follow up and per fect, while physicians can only experiment with their ounorea paueais ana nunarea diseases. With the ordinary physician, the code binds him down, to that u be makes a discovery, he Ss bound to g-ive it to tberother ohr clans, ot courae. aiemurairos in- vestigatton, to a are At extent This Is why the treat Iseoveiie in medical science or bite years nave been maue uy caemisu ana scientists and not by physicians and it in a measure accounts for tne great value of our remedies, alao for the rcmarkaDic success or aU those doctors who make a specialty ot one or two diseases." "And you find that you are curinr as greet a number ot people as ever neiorer "Yea. a far area ter number. We never sold so much of ou medicine as now, and never knew of so many remarkable cures." Tbe writer departed arter the ft cove interview, but was greatly Impressed, not only by the sincerity of Mr. Warner, but by-the rast-aess of ail be saw. Mr. Warner's medicines are used thTOUfhout the entire length and breadth of the land, and we doubt not the results they are cOeotliiir are really as wondar- Siu at thov are related to be. BaAtTTT is a matter of taste." ' This ex plains why the critic are always tasting sometnlnff.--nU)fiidtt Ifuwpentitnz. : JONES I OF EkGHAMTEj 5 TON WAGON SCALES, Ipm Lsrvwr. Steal S-arlac-. SrjS Tare Sswa mm Sea. ttFt sT , a9 0W sntf JUMitJ he vare Uwfwttl ' far fret frte Lt-t ncnMna rr mm4 SCRAP ROOK Leatherette Iloand lllust'd Cover By mail on rtotipt of lOo. Bast Side Agsnoj E. a Bart't Fins Shoes, 981 Grand St., new Torn. Please mention tuts paper. D?F00TE, Original METHODS fll n CVCC s)lfwwithoBtaoc- of ULU CI L0 toin.metlcie orglssm If ft 1 11 BUPTUflEcriKutiiUi'lu DUIUDCK Carrsl wlmnntenlllrs: rninlUOlO ni'W.pslnlMs.ssli'.suis. iirnuniis 1..111.. . HMM nLnVUUO and rlfonltretTOlit..21tS. PU D 0 II I P Dlsrasrs f all kinds- WIIIIUM lUso ralim "mrnralin.' pan pit lets. r.ears. Karrti Dr. E. B. MOTE, Box 1SS, N. T. my. Catarrh TLrsaT uu ELY'S CREAM BALM Causes ae Paliu (ilrrs Rellff at Oute. Thorough Treatment will Cure SotaLlq uWarSaalT. Ap- pljr with FlBk-er. It Trial. w mils at Dmnrli n rs' a) cvats by Send fnr rlrmlsr. , . , vi"- HHin HKRs.Dmartsls.Osmco.JI.. 1 a a. n n sinAitr sssa a sasn I.TniA K. PinkhVm's Veietable Compound wss Srst prepared in liquid form only: but now It can be teat In drr forms by mail to nninta whera no drurirtst can readllr bo reached, and to-da? the Compound la loienges and pills finds its war to the foreign olluies of Kurope ana Asia. A hrs-ficked husband Is often cbloken- hearted -rTcras Sminv. Tors fiaawirtfan AVrHns cured mv son's fits," writes Mrs. 8. M. Parkhurst, of (llrard. Crica.Spnuas.Wrsa.liss, K sslliss, Knialda, Srt.llrs. mmrlsr Pstas, SUtek la UM SHU, UscfcsrUs, BwoUsa JoUts, Dssrt nlsessa, Sor. Hasel,, fsla Si hs OfcMS. and an palM and sMtMiar looul ot .ssp ssstpo ars wwiw7 - tbTJStkoo Hop He. OoavowSsd, as Khsl u-i-.tnLnt bsshBon. OsmaDstssmssad Ixtrssssilssiuiass. F""""". soothlns sad stisastlwaui Psrotsl FlssUr mr assOa, Bo,sr.soUlbTsU4rstsooti7stra, Ss oenw or ars mr ,1 HsUM aa rssnp. w prloa BatHMrOo., proorUUn so. Kaaa- tscssrsrs, BortoMsss. HOP PLASTER .md ton ir tie. bsd brsslh. susr stomMb sod U dlsss enrsd lT Hswlsrts Ssomseb snd IJ.W Mils. Sad the. imTxivprisiiment of tbe soil. He ,m it is more difficult to raise corn J 1 f 11. . tit : : and stltlue Wueai 111 cwuuisia aiuuyia tlian formerly. Chicago Time. How Bertha Y'oa HiUern Teste4 Prajer. " K 1, i a devout s she is eneriretia. During the two years sue walked she . aha lost Dot two contests oi euuur- anoe, and these were when she neglected I Buttor ( 0ior .mona mjr rustomors, Itkas 1 t iijr rAnm for the trial to I ....n universal aatiefactiOD. Tbe leading .cw;,l nf a hLher Bower than her own. dairymen of.this section who have used : " , j 1 aire It tne prererenoe over an our wwn, On one of these occasions ikemade f""' the omission purposely, to see whether I Tbey are especiaUjr pl.ascd with the fact u .s'u.t liar otrpnirth and this I that it docs not become rancid, like other oil 11 , a aioimlar test of the colors, and their product brlnss hlirhest prices maytoquotedasasingnlart oi tne i - . w. 8. Na, Drureist. efficacy Fresn. of prayer. Philadelphia Emotional Insuaity. ' Vmntinnal insanity is now a com mon nlea of defendants in trials for murder. It means much the same as ;.,t;iuM wrath." or "served 'im uauu' . , ...T" a" ZTbl to the riBht."bnt has a . pleasanter souna xn Stion o? srlcTin tie Chinese ! th. ears of the ordinary juryman. .TtetrS a ecX7s GkatitCD. is the homage th. hert wwuu uu - . . 1 -..nifprtation 01 u noiuagB. mt people," who refuse all medical ad 1 mamiesiauun o. e Caderhill. Vt.. April S. l'si Hassi women rink much on the hazard of tbe dye. Tarn Hift'nn.- Koa DTsrsrwia, urDioasnoa, depression of spirits, and general debility In their various forms; also, asapreveatlve against fever and ajrue, and other Intermittent fevers, the " Ferro-Pbosphorated KlUIr of Calitaya." made by Caswell, Hssard 4 Co., of New York, aod sold by all drug-sists, la the best tonic: and for patients reooverini from fever or other sickness It has no equal . It must have been something funny that Shade Minnehaha. . All pain in the nervous system, wind oolle wramps etc, cured by JiamoHtaa Xsrsias. An Indiananolls man has disco vs red a new plan to eject delinquent tenants. He hires a brass band to serenade them. Instantly Bellaved. Mrs. Ann taCour, of New Orleans, IU., writes: "1 have a son who has been sick for two years; he bss been attended by our lead-Inr nhrslclans. but all to no purpose. This morttlng he had his usual spell of coughing, and was so greatly prostrated in consequence thai death seemed Imminent., We had In the bouse a bottle ot Dr. Vm. Hall's Balsam tor the Lungs, purchased by my husband, who notloed your advertisement yesterday. Ws administered It, aud he was Instantly re lieved." ; ': My Hli-Vear-Old Dausbt.r. Db. C. D. WARsans Dear sir I received the cnmnllmentarv bottle of White Wine ot Tar Bvruo you to kindly sent roe. Our little 6-vear old dauirhter bsd a very sore throat, ' badly ukerawd, and coughed almost inoes-aantlv. We rave the medicine according to directions, and the began to Improve Immediately and soon got well. Pleat, accept thanks. Mrs. Groves nnd I have recom mended it to others. 1 shall want to get some of It at the beginning of winter, as I consider It a very superior medicine. Yours very respectfully, bet. H. D. Osovas, Clarksvllle. Mo. ' Pastor at. E. Church. "Put up" at the Gault Hooaa. The business manor tourist will find flrsa. 1 alass accommodations at the low pnoe 01 and ner dar at tne vaun House, uiioar go, corner Clinton and Madlsoa streets. This I far-famed hotel is located In the center of the I city, only one block from the union mora. 1 suevavor; au syinsauucHi. h,.v:.ii..i H. W. Hon, Proprietor. An Extended Pspnlarlty. Baown's Bronchial Triichss have been betore the nubile many years. For relieving Coughs and Throat troubles they are superior In all other articles. Suui wtly in nuxai. Last winter I foiftid positive relief from I Catarrh, with Ely's ( ream Oslm. Was I troubled for years. I have no doubt a tbor- I ough use of Cream llslm will our. a great I maioritrof cases, a. u. nouiok, iwaca. N. Y. (See ad.) ssasHnal -3?XW WWW TEU3S aant frain gul oibT,t cup aoapa, wlta ftwlf-AdjuatinpT eanter, arUpti tn bail IB ""P praaaa back ' Tin lntaa iaa Juat a porfcoi .ukTrrii.... Wl iDhttrtsssiurftUaUei A sarrurwlv rftr and BlcbL and a r41cai eui acrtatn. HUasjsj.dsirT.Wr' r1 ch-flTV Btni by nsUi. Q go;!Su::?tc;. Sthir WIS V1.1TAB1 S THIAT18S m IMS SUWa,! aufsaSslsr SlvsKxpisissrar. u. saarsis. asfssiww m . . iXooua. wiwist-ttow'Tara. TO SPECULATORS. a a v.nsuurjar oi issvoatiwajr, , Ooiomflroa. ChleasM,. Mw Yoni. feRAIlt at PROVISION BROKERS Me rubers of all promloeot Prodana Inc-haiiKM Xvw York. Cblcsuro. Bt liOuLa and HHwatikM. Wa haraaacltialve private tvlaaraph wire hctaaa Chicago and New York. Will tieft onltra on out lunffmf m wnra rmuf riml mmmn ror nrrnian ronuina lug particular. &UBT. LlMbLOM k 0UM CLUcawo. KALI and retatL ftand toe prtcsvUa. 1 (iocxta twnl C. O. D. Wim made to onlee. KJlUKNUAaila Btata Urn. Chtraato. PATENTS. fUn1 nrlsunn for nnr ttaw book OB Ptteota. L. BtMOHAM. Pataot uwrr, WaauLQaTtoii. v. u. Lay the Axe Ljtojthe Root If yon would destroy tbe enn kering worm. For any external pain, sore, wonnd or lame ness of man or beast, nse only MEXICAN MUSTANG LINIMENT. It penetrates all mus cle and flesh to the Tery bone, exDellirje all inflammation. soreness and pain, and healing the diseased part as no other Liniment ever did or ean. Ho saith the experience of two generations of sufferers, and so will yon say when you hate tried the " aastang." PENSIONS To soldiers . tor circular. llMfra. Bend stamp I L. ai,cilisj(, I Attoroer. WssMnmVsl. D. a AOKNTB WAWTBD tor the bast and tats.lllng Pnsorlsl IkitssoJ Uidka. rrlca, rrdaosdSI . . ...,.. . ... HMmwi III. HAXllMIASi .1.1..... MM I . liEVERFAILS. TKETESEAT The only known rpsoijfe for pllepUe Flta.-Sa stsrAlsotornpaamBanuaauuigDitsMw.. .v HaironsWesknesaqsdeWyrellavad and cored. Squalled by none la delirium of fever.-M AWHratnUlsrs (enns of disease sad sickness. Cures nrtT blotches and stohborn Hood sorae. Cleanses blood, quicken, .lngelnh circulation, Ilimlnata. Bolls, Carbuncles aod 8calds.-e . avPermsaentiy sno promptly oarea oi..j.. 1 es. It Is a charminf sod healthful Aperient. KOIs Bcnntls sad Kings RvU, twin brothers. '' Changes had breath to good, removing cans. tr-RouU bllionaneas and clears eompleitoa. Chsrming resolvent and matchless iaxstive.-fcS) It drivea Sick Headache Uks ths wlnd.-a --Contaln, no drastic cathartic or opiates. Promptly eons Rheumatism by mating U.-A Restores llfe-glvlng properties to the blood.- Is guaranteed to care ail nertoua uisoram-a HTKcllable when all opiates fsll.t Rrfreahes the mind and Invigorates the body. Cures dyspepsia or money remnue.-. nr Endorsed la writing by over arty thonssna Leading physldsns In O. B. sad arop -6 Leading clergymen In U.S. and laropa.'w Diseases of the bkiod own It a conqnerer.-w roi sale by ail leading drsgglsla. S1.W.-C for testimonials and circulars send sump. Tbi Dr. 1 1 Richmond Mel Co., Prop.,, est- Toasrelx. aa. (li) Iiord, Stontenburgh At Co.. Agrata, Chicaoo, 111. H2 3 DOES WONDERFUL cures or tflDWgYDI8gaSg$ Oj AND Ki LIVEW COWiPtAtWTS, 5 Beeaasa It acta sa taa LlVKil, BOWELS aal KIPilKIS at ths ssais thus. saaas II rlasaea (a avassal f tbsaotaoa. ksre that aavstoea ta XidaosiaiMX UrU asry Pluaill. auiinisi. Jsandias Oonstlpa-ttoa. ram. or la Blsaminatlsai. Kanralctaaiar- veaaMaaNloraaaa all rvauusoosspuaaas, ( frtuup rtoor ot ruu. IT w lli. straaxB OttsUi 0ONSTIPATION, PtLia, and RHKUMATISSf. By caaasag TMXM AOTXOK of aU th. crgans CLEANSING the BLOOD issaalu, llnnmnialrmrirtl 1fi " THOUaANOS OF 0A(S ' of th. wont fcrma of tbaaa tsmns alseasoa aava baaa ouiskly rsUevsd,a&diuaaaonuia. sisptem OUMID. rain. aT. iiqiid oa sat, soia st satjaonm, nw mm h. atmt fa Sssil. WXLIABICKA&IWOSI a Co., orlmrtaa.Tv a uk KMf a. uuT a law s. i(l.R0 E3 lMARk3))' 1 mwttvmmm 1 IdTer and Edney Eemedy, I 1 Oomponnded from the well known urauvea nnisi. aiiK I la drake Pandelioa, BanaparUla, Cas i foara mrrada. .to., eomtilnad with a agreeable Aromatle Elixir. OTHET CUB DTSHJSU t HBIfiESIIOI, let sped Us Llrsrsad KMasys, BBQTJLA.TB THH BOWXLS, They cure Rbeomatlira, and all Url- nounan. sirengsuen ana uuiasj riervoua eyaiem. they have no IquaU Mops ana au BUMrs. BY AU. 0CSLIRS, Malt Bitter 0. I DETROIT, SUCH. ta. J An Tonlo 1 Tsc.saa.Sas I I FOUSAH I 1 Hods and swi Vei s s. r ttSJ aa a TsxacsAVwr sndesrs TOUng IVien bis wsgse. Sitastlons lur at. had. analsralrea. Vslsntlnsllroa. JsnesTllle.Wia nThc Olseit Msdlclns Hi ths Wsrld n arababli Ur. Issito Thomnsoti's Uelebrated in Vate Tuit articia M a erti337 xmr& phystklaa a otb-arrtituia.aijdiiai beto lo ciiataiit na (or itoarly a R kr.jrln.itefha atttjitUon erf piiy-triu-i t It turlla. toAut is, rtomiwoM. Horn S t'.. Trwy, N. V hm Bsttrrtjeiibyruu. TavtMfftl. rm Vwm in iiitia. Holt! by dniggwrV W-A to iirMitJtia tilt iMaiHir. AtlrtrtlNra Hsi j

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