The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1938
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VOUJMK XXXIV—NO. 279. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ' TOE DOMWANT NEWSPAPER OF KGRTO^SI ARKASSAfl AVI, •mrr**^ ., T =«,^, "^ * *^ BlythtvUle Courter Blythevllle Dally News THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF MOBTH«Agr ARKAK8A8AND 8CTTTOEA8T MISSOURI :LLE. ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 10, loss SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENT! ^^^ ^————— _— _ . »—-««-•* w« u?» rmu v&jNiv GALEMSHES CALIFORNIA COAST FIVTSJE frees Appropriation For fi'ef Expenditures Un- Jil June 1 W>"MNC.TON. Feb. 10. (UP) — F-"-'cl«nt Roosevelt today asked congress to appropriate an addillon- i» ws0.n~),floo for unemployment relief in the remainder of this fiscal year, ending June 30. Tlie president outlined his recommendation in a letter addressed to Speaker William B. Bankhead of the house. Mr. Roosevelt estimated that 3,000,000 persons have lost their jobs within the last three months and noted that hundreds of thousands have applied for relief which cannot be granted unless relief appropriations are enlarged. • . In making the new appropriation Mr. Roosevelt asked that restrictions on work relief sncndino be revised to allow the Works Progress administration to spend the new funds over the remaining months of the Fiscal year. Would Continue Present Rolls Mr. Roosevelt said the added ap- •l>roi>riation would allow WPA tr mainlain its rolls at the approxi- ,..-., t ^ n , ^j ncrsons over the next five months. Unless graiit- ->"' -\ Riiari) reduction must be instituted. The increase will al- law "a reasonable measure of relief for those who have recently become iti'"»ii>liived and are in need." The increase, requested by Mr Roosevelt, will make a total of S' - '"""wi-minl available during this' fiscal 'yea'r,-for relief "rJurpbses fin<< -:••""""••%<!(> the' r>rospectlve"flef-' icit for the fiscal year to $1338100,000. ' ' EsW^ue Liquor Shop Burglarized Last Night "•>— c-,vri(i. /e Liouor shon was !»jr»lfirizPd of a case of liquor, valued at approximated $30 last nfrht bv a bundar who used a brick to break the window. A neighbor called Mrs. wilev j.vt- : ci"e, owner of the shop on the Yarbro road, after noises were liear-l about the building.' Upon itivcslioatiiig she saw a car. believed to have been a Ford, leavin" Hie circular driveway. A'^n^e Additional Farm Outlook Meetings Because of the interest bein? shown in the meetings planned by the county extension agents for farmers of the Cliickasawba district this week. It has been decided to have other meetings next week. The farm program, the outlook for farmers in 1938 and the 1937 subsidy are being discussed. The new meetings planned will Ire at Promised land nnd Yarbro Tuesday night and at Buckeye and Armore] on Wednesday, carmi and Gosnell will have meetings tonight nnd the final meetings ot this week will be at Bell and Lost Cane Friday night. Meetings held already this week have been well attended and much interest has been shown. There were 125 farmers at the gathering at Pawheen, HO at Manila, 125 at New Liberty and 159 at Lcachville. W€U, IkkJcu l —YOff BY BOB BURNS I know you readers will be glad to know that this paper will accept nothing but honest advertising. The editor is just as strict as the editor of the Van Burcn Press-Argus. One time a man came Into the Argus office and says, "I want'ta advertise for a wife." The editor says, "Well, we've got to be honest about it, what classification do you want me to put that under? Do you want it under 'business chances,' 'pet stock,' or 'household fixtures?"' N.,,0,, 1^ 1^ m ^ em ON Harvey Morris Gov. Carl E. Bailey yesterday named Harvey Mortis, local Insurance man and former deputy circuit court clerk, as his appointee, to serve -- as Mississippi county circuit court clerk during the suspension of H. M. Craig of Osceola from office and, if necessary, until a successor Is'prop- erly elected and qualified;. The governor's appointment follows temporary appointment of Morris, made by Circuit Judge G. E. Keck at the time of Craig's suspension last week. Conservation Checks Received For Some' Osceola District Farmers OSCEOLA, Ark., Feb. 10—Forty- seven thousand dollars in checks were received yesterday ' in the county agent's office, constituting the first allotment of payments in connection with the 1937 farm program of soil consen'ation, it was announced by E. H. Burns, county demonstration agent. Mississippi is the first delta county to receive their checks, and the Osceola territory comprising the lower half of the county, the first to arrive in this county. Other shipments, totaling J250.000 are expected in a short time, Mr. Burns said today. No Checks Here Yet Checks for the Chickasawba district are not expected for about two more weeks, it was announced today at the office of the county agent, D. S. Lantrip. The Osceola district receives its checks first as there are 600 work sheets in that district and 1,800 in the northern end of the county, thereby making a delay in the issuance of the checks. The first checks to be received at Blythevllle will amount to approximately S100.000, Mr. Lantrip said. ^ Stock Prices • . ................ 1S3 Anaconda Copper ....... 31 Associated DC... 7 Beth Steel .... ....... „ Boeing Air ....... .'.'.'.'.'.'."." 29 Chrysler .......... r, Cities Service ... "1 General Electric ........ " 49 General Motors ........ '.' 34 International Harvester ".'. 54 Montgomery Ward 34 N Y central .... '" ,, Packard ........... ...... ',' Phillips Pet ............ |" 3 g "' Schenley'Dl'sV ".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.". 2 4 5 " 8 Simmons \\ 20 1-8 Socony Vac 1534 Standard Oil N J "" 48 i_ 2 Texas Corp 40 ,.3 U S Smelt 68 u s steci ;;; 53 ,. 8 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., Fcb 10 )P1— Hogs: receipts, 6,000 Top, 9.00 Heavy weights. 8.15-900 Light weights, 7.00-800 Bulk sows, 6.85-7.25 Cattle: receipts, 2000 Steers, 6.50-7.50 Slaughter steers, 5.75-8 75 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 6.25-7.15 Slaughter heifers. 5.50-800 Beef cows, 5.00-5.75 Cutters and I 0w cutlers, 3.75-4.50 Prolonged Wrangling and Bitter Disputes Over Bill App-ar Likely WASHINGTON. Feb. 10 <UP>- Thc senate plunged into n final conflict over the administration farm bill loday with prospects'of prolonged wrangling before the measure can be sent to the White House ; for signature. Bitterness was seen Immediately after the senate voted to take up the conference report, already approved by the house. •Senator Hiram W. Johnson (Rep Calif.) angrily demanded that the entire report be read, although it is customary lo have the clerk read only the title. The report is of a technical nature not easily understood, even by the agriculture committee members. Filibuster Interrupted Tlie decision of the senate to Ink" up the bill temporarily put aside the anti-lynching measure, which has been before the senate for five weeks. That debate, however, will be resumed following final action on the farm bill. Senator Joseph C. O'Mahoney (Dem., Wyo.) condemned the bill as "purely a crop conlrol measure." savin? that land diverted from the production of wheat, corn, collon, tobacco and rice would be used to increase competition for livestock, dairy and poultry farmers. May ReviveWase-Horh- Bill ...WASHINGTOH, Feb..]0. TOP>- Chairmah'Mary .T.*' ; Norton (Dem., N. J.) of the house labor committee said after conferring with President Roosevelt today, that she believed a revised wage-hour bill would be brought to the floor of the house in late March or early April. Overheated Iron Cause Of Minor Fire Wednesday Someone's failure to disconnect an electric Iran caused a run by the flre department last night to the apartment of Miss Clara Ruble. In the Simon apartments, Main and South Second streets. The iron fell Into a basket filled with clothes, which caught nfire. Only slight damage was done. Tlie fire occurred at 6:30 o'clock. Negro Is Shot While Taking Bucket of Paint Eennle Lavender,' .negro, was shot In the leg last night by W. B. Stiles, night watchman at the Blytheville Cotton Oil mill, when he failed to stop after he allegedly took a bucket of paint, police announced today. Tlie night watchman told officers that, he saw the negro leav- In.e with the paint and that lie failed lo stop is not serious. negro's wound Nf.w York Cotton NEW YORK, Feb. 10. (UP)-Cotton closed steady. open high low close ^ ar 810 871 863 869 May 881 881 874 Jul 886 888 881 '883 °<* 890 892 885 890 D™ 894 896 888 892 Ja " 897 897 889 894n Spots closed steady at 879, oft 8. New Orleans Cotton NE WORLEANS, Feb 10 (UP)— Profit taking hit the cotton market today and futures closed seven to nine points lower. open high low close f ar 08 85 885 879 885 M »y » 95 895 887 891 ™. 900 SOI 891 896 °5. 9 °' 305 891 901b ^ c 2 09 909 901 904 Jan. ...... 911 911 906 90S Spots closed steadyat 898, olf 8. Chicaffo^Wheat open high inn. -i..May 951-4 JT53-4 95 95 Chicago Corn ope" high l ow aosf May 595-8 60 590 g. 8 59^8 Jul. CO 5-8 CO 1-8 8o5| ^J.J Two Killed, flTfleU lo Injured Near DelVs DALLAS, Tex.. Feb. 10. (Ul 1 )—A young mother nnd her flve-yciir-old son were killed and 13 other per- < J \\ p • sons injured today In a collision "S Not LxpectCC lo Revon on the Dallas-Fort Wort)) pike. • '\t-M-il The dead were Mrs. Ollie Todd Nichols, 22, of Grnvelt, Ark. and in."- sen, Robert William Nichols, A car, driven by Mrs. Hilly Taylor collided with » truck driven by Wilson Todd, 19. of Gravelt. Twelve members of the Todd family were riding in the back of the truck. All were injured, us was Mrs. Taylor. 13II IEVEUJE OFFICE No Reason Announced for Indefinite Leaves oi Absence Armament Answer Plans In TOKYO. Feb. 10. _ j ftpnl , lo "'•«« and French inquiries «s lo her naval building LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 10. (UP) — Thirteen revenue department em- ployes were given indefinite leaves of absence today. The leaves wll become effective February 15 wltl three exceptions. It w as learned Two employes already have left the payroll, and one will leave March 1. Those who will leave Februars 15 are: M. F. Bealon, El Dorado. Assistant inspector. R. L. Cunningham. Little Rock assistant, .chemist. f J- Claire Smith, Derrnott j n . ipectrjr. .; "-- -' .''•"-• • •: •<;.• ' Dan' Kays; Little 'Rock, bookkeeper in the sales Ux division B. Faust. Little Rock, inspector. Carl White. Little Bock, bookkeeper. J. L. Farmer, Little Rock, inspector. R. R. Allnutt, Little Rock Inspector. William Quilling, LUtie Rock auditor. Paul Williamson, Little Hock clerk in the gasoline lax division' Those already dismissed are J W. Martin, assistant Inspector fexarkana, and Eva Pennarz clerk of the beer and liquor tax division. Allen Sliipp. inspector al Hope, leaves the service March i Shanghai Papers Resisting Japanese Censor ship Are Targets SHANGHAI". Feb. 10 <ui«)_ A grenade was thrown from the street today at the office of Harold Mills American editor of the Chinese newspaper Hwa Kei Wan pao slightly injuring a Chinese watchman. Milk-had left his office 10 minutes earlier. The paper has been resisting Japanese censorship. A grenade also was thrown at the Foochoiv road office of the British sponsored Standard News. Three persons were Injured. Both offices were littered with broken glass and furniture. Brockelhurst Has Now "Cooled Off" TUCKER PRISON FARM, Ark Feb. 10. <UP)-^tate prison officials today said Lester Brockelhurst condemned slayer, "has cooled off considerably" since he was chained lo the noor of his cell. BrocJcclhurst. former Galesburg, 111. Sunday school leacher, had made threats ot "never dying in the chair" and had gone so far as to attempt to hang himself from the top of tils cell, using the sheet from ills cot as a rope. Tills prompted officials to take precautions to prevent the "crime tourist'—sentenced to die March 4—from doing any more "irrational things." Metal Rtflnishiug Hints '• When refinlshlng brass or Iron wash thoroughly with soap and water, then wipe over with dry cleaner solvent or benzine If no open fire Is In • the room where you are working. Then proceed with the application of the new coating as-directed on the can. . W was said that the reijlv wiu completed today and that the cabinet would approve it Saturday, u ™1fi M " , f0r 8rnntcU llmt 'he cabinet would approve It and Informants forecast Dial (he notes wild be dispatched Immcdiatelj nftcrwards. Hwas Increasingly lm«ent<y|.t!int lie government would decline to disclose 11$ building plan. The Manchukuoan state council today approved a general moblll/.a- UOJ1 not, designed to insure central- zed control of all materials and human resources on a war basis A similar measure Is In preparation here and the war minister Is press- Ing fo Its early adoption by parlla- Washes Queen Vicloiia's Face «•>— , »~ Would Summon Columnist WASHINGTON, Feb. 10 (UP>- Representatlve Ralph O. Brewstci (Rep., Me.) demanded today that Arthur Krock, New York Times correspondent, be sufhmoned before the house naval affairs committee to tell the source of his information that the United States has a tacit naval unUerstonding with Great Brewsier, reading from' Krock's column of Feb. 9, quoted the Times writer as saying "he had been cx- perlly informed that tin understanding existed" but that it was of the type conveyed'by "a wink or a nod" and not the kind that could be^uncovered by a senate resolution. "I demand," shouted • Brewster, "that we call Mr. Krock before this committee to tell us where he gets this information that we cannot get." Says Plans Already Made LONDON. Feb. 10. (OP)—An authoritative source said today thai the United States nnd Qreat Britain already have decided to build beyond the 35,000-lon limits on capital ships and 8,000 limit on cruisers fixed by the London naval Tlie official receipt of the Japanese reply on her building plans, which Is expected to prove unsatisfactory, was awaited before the announcements were made, it was said. Swindle Attempt Charged To Pair At Hot Springs Tenderly and with great devotion to duty, a London cleaner E ..., about his Job of cleansing Die itatiie of Queen Victoria. Soap and water are used in the cleanup work on the S reat statue, which stands on the Thames embankment In the BlacMrlars section. Jackson Arrests Suspended Circuit Clerk Wednesday; Makes Bond Hugh M. Crnljf of Osccoln, suspended Mississippi county circuit court clerk, was arrested on a felony warrant charging embezzlement of public, funds by sheriff Hale Jnckson yesterday afternoon. Craig made bond in the amount of $5.000. similar to the bond re- (UP)—Bonds of $25.000 each were set in court today for Robert Champeau, 42, and C. A. Kramer, 40. both of Kansas City, after they had been bound over to the grand jury on charges of attempted swindle. The two men were arrested last night at a telegraph office in company with P. p. Hanson, Ypsllnntl, N. D.. their victim In a card game, ••"'•" hid eotie there to obtain additional funds wired to him from his home to cash their check for $1.600 and collect the WOO he had won playing poker. Kramer and Champeau failed to make the bond, said to be the high- sst ever set by a municipal court fn the state. They were returned to Jail. Oiceola Scouts Observe National Scout Week OSCEOLA, Arfc., Feb. 10.—Na- iional Scout Week Is being observed iere this week under the direction >f B. w. Packard, scoutmaster, and Welby Young, secretary of the Osceola District council. The troop numbering sixteen at- ended the Methodist church In a »dy last Sunday night. Wednesday night they were entertained with a radio party in the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Deer, to hear a scout program on a national hook"P. ' Friday night they are to be guests at a Father and Son Banquet in the Progressive Club Boom. R. M. McNab, Scout executive for northeast Arkansas, will'be the principal speaker. Welby Young is in charge ot arrangements. suspended, who Is similarly charged find was arre.sled Monday. Craig was suspended by order of Circuit Judge G. E. Keck of Blyllie- vtlle last Friday after stole niidllors reported a shorlage of $38,700.22 In his accounts. Smith Is charged with embezzlement of $15.815.18 of the total amount. from January 1 to February 5, •when Harvey Morris took over Craig's office as a temporary ap- polntec, will be completed within a few days, it was said yesterday by J. Bryan Sims, deputy comptroller In charge of county audits. Cape Girardeau Studies Group Hospitalization CAPE QIRARDEAU, Mo., Feb. 10. —Plans for a group hospllallzatton program, which would permit the family or Industrial and commercial employe of average wage earning ability, to receive hospltalizn- lion, will be considered at a meeting Monday night by the Cape County Medical Society. A group of members of the society, members of the medical, technical, nursing and administrative staffs of the city's two hospitals attended a recent meeting at Southeast Missouri Hospital when the plan was explained by Roy F. McCarthy, executive director of the Group Hosplt, allzatlon service, Inc. He came here at the Insistence of the medical society and all persons connected directly with the hospitals here were Invited to hear the plan explained, More births and deaths occur at night Ihan in the daylight hours. Law Enforcement Activities Net Scout Group Sizeable Fund Youth ruled the city today when municipal officials turned the responsibilities of their odlccs over to Dlythevllle Boy Scouts as part of their program in observance of National Scout week, which began Sunday. In an effort, to Impress the boys with the seriousness of Ihelr undertaking and to reduce horseplay to a minimum. James A. Puckctt, the Rev. S. If. Salmon, atiti James Terry, scout masters, assisted by Chief of Police E. A. Rice and Arkansas Stnle Highway Patrolmnn Eddie B. David, talked to the boys about the duties of city officials, the nctual enforcement of the Iflire, an<i the education of the public regarding ernment. At one o'clock today, approximately 375 people had been apprehended for not havin? a driver's license and other traffic violations, and about $75 In fines had been exacted from these offenders. Parl of tills money will be used to defray the expenses of the annual Father-Son Banquet which is to be held tonight at (he First prcs- bytcrlan church, and the remainder will go Into the scout treasury. At 2:45 o'clock this afternoon, citizens who had not yet come in contact with the scout "police" heard them in action as they broadcast a case tried in their courtroom. Tlie scouts realised that the duties of a policeman are many nnd varied when they received n call from a woman who asked them to kill her tat in a merciful manner, Postpone Eastern Star Supper Friday Night O. E. S. officers today announced that the visit of the District Deputy of the Fifteenth District, Mrs. Geneva Fowler of Wilson, scheduled for Friday nigh has been postponed as have Ihe dutch supper and the birthday party due to the death of Ihe Worthy patron's father, W. D. Sylvester, of Aurora, Mo. Storm Hits California Coast With 80-Milo Wind Velocity SAN FRANCISCO. Feb. 10 (UP) -A score of cities today were mi with wreckage caused by a violent, Pacific gale that lashed the Ca Ifornla coast with 80-mile winds, killed five and Injured dozens of lioi'sorw and destroyed 'millions of dollars worth of pro|x>rty. Hiiltdlngs collapsed, whole com-' mimltlcs were stripped of trees! power lines were destroyed and hundreds of families were left homeless when-their flimsy tents nml cabins were carried away. A new deluge of rain followed 'he windstorm today, continuing the slorm weather that has beset the west coast lor two weeks. Propery 1,009 Heavy Tlie destruction of crops and orchards was tremendous. Several towns were Isolated by blocked roads and loss of telephone lines. Some were loft In darkness when power service failed. Trains were itallcd nnd radio stations cancelled programs for lack or power. * ' The state capital at Sacramento was damaged. More- than a score were injured there and police broadcast a warning to all persons to keep off the streets during the wind. .- ^ Great waves swept in from .the sea and ships were pounded against their moorings. . <• : . -' : .- Tlie slorm extended along three- fourths of the California coastline, from Los Angeles to Burekn. The worst of the storni passed Inland toward the Sierra Nevada mounr lalns yesterday afternoon lu( high winds nnd a heavy sea continued all night. , :.•.., ,'Jn. San Francisco the wind reached 18 itilles an hour at the edge of the city and a 55 mile wind swept the biislness district, ripping off roofs and dlslodghlg trees. • 15 Die In Braril Storm , , RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil, ,Peb. 10. IUP)—Fifteen* persons were known dead today and at least-50 were Injured in a'.:severe electrical slorm which struck last night. Firemen worked throughout: the entire night exlrlcatlng people from collapsed buildings. Scores of families were left homeless, : ' • It was estimated that at least 20 houses collapsed. Justice Butler's Son Dives From Moving Train OREENSBRUG, Pa., Feb. 10' CUP)—Kevin Butler, 31, of St. Paul, Minn., son of U. Si Supreme Court Justice Pierce Butler, leaped out of the window of a speeding passenger train today and was injured critically. Westmoreland hospital authorities, where the Injured .man was taken, said Justice - Butler telephoned early this afternoon to learn Ihe condition of his son, who remains in a semi-conscious condition. Act To Guard Against Vandalism At City Park In an effort! to stop the vandal- sin at Walker park, W, O. Mullen las been appointed n special po- icemnn to arrest all culprits. Mr. Mullen, who lives in the caretaker's cottage on the grounds, vill attempt to stop Uie destruction of the park's equipment and the killing of ducks and geese. Since the WPA project was ended, there has bene no caretaker at he park and although Mr. Mulen will not take over Uie care of the grounds, he will police them, Police ''hief E. A. Rice announced today. W. D. Sylvester Dies At Aurora, Missouri R. R. Sylvester left this afternoon Tor Aurora, Mo., to attend the funeral of hts father, w. p. Sylvester, which is to be held there Saturday. Tlie elder Mr. Sylvester died this morning in that city. WEATHER Arkansas — Mostly cloud}-, HWo hange in temperature tonight and Friday. Memphis and vicinity — Partly :Ioudy to cloudy tonight and IVi- day, not much change In Um> perature; lowest tonight, 54 to 80. The maxlmvm temperature hers yesterday was 70, minimum 50. cloudy, according to Samuel P. Nor- •ts, official weather observer.

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