The Courier News from ,  on October 4, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from , · Page 6

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Tuesday, October 4, 1932
Page 6
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• ELYTHEVILIE, (ARK.) COURIER TUESDAY. OCTOBER ,1. 193 9 'Bi« California Team Anxious to; Avenge .-Defeat Suffered^ Last Year. ! BY tOOOS. DONAHUE • > i '» HE* Smfe* Sp«i» WrKtr . \ BERKELEY, Cilif.— Little St. Ifary's hid better watch out I Th« U( qdifofrila Beir Is, all h«t up about a bee sting that "SHp".Mad- 'lt»n «nd his Galloping Gaels administered, in the form oJ » M-f 'Bcking Jast ye»r,^an<i his bruinlsh aiiger bodee no good. - •'In •fldiUon, the Bear Is rankled to the depths ol his heart by an' other bee sting administered by little Suit* Clara at the start of ^the season. Tint score of 12-0, cou- ipled with th> beating last' year by Bt Mary's, doesn't exactly moke the Bear a passive beast. r On Oct 8 California and St. HUT'S tangle here. California ir pointing for th« game with all the preparations for the biggest game on' the schedule. Everv man on the squad .from .Dick, Tozer. captain and tackle, to Hank Schal- •Jacn.' star halfback, has vowed re- venee. • • * • But is Coach Madisan afeared? Mot that sly Mick. Out of tire 800 «a«n -who attend-the school Madl- f*h has managed to assemble another gang of buriy youths-which form a team on a par" with last year's: Back again this' year is Angel Brovelli whose demoniacal antics on a football field belle his name. Fred Canrinus, end, who scored In fhe win over Southern Cal. last Tear, is also back, as Is Captain BUI Beasley, veteran quarter from last year. Gordon Partee, last sea- ion's'fullback, and Charlie Balrd, an experienced half. Baird, according to Madigan, is the greatest back since George.GIpp. More than 25 of last year's varsity players are back, and a number of sophomore stars who flashed on-list year's freshman tram. .So Slips biding his time and do- idg no praying behind closed doors at night '-Hfs psychology seems to be Vthe bigger they come the harder they fall." Galloping Gaels Ready to Run -«*#?> i "Gall«pliif Gaels!" Here's the St. Mary's backllrlil "Slip" Madigan will send against California Oct. 8 Uft to right the boys are; Anjcl Brovelli, 200-i>ouml triple threal halfback; Captain Bill Bcssley. quarter; Gordon rarttc, (all, and Charley Balrd, liulf. California Awaits Charges The Bean, too, are well supplied with veterans who shudder and TOW ^ when they think of. last year's defeat In addition to Tozer and Bchaldacb, the following players are back this year: • Oils Castro, quarter; Sammy Qill (tuard;. afal Ooombs, tackle; Gerry Euterbrooks, guard; "Swede" Carlson; gnard;- Jim Keefer, full, and John RaMomt, tackle. V:'Several bew players, expected to stir, aie "OMIT- BertoU, h»lf; Ken 1 . O-. ;iloeller, half;.Joseph Darracq, center,-and Dare Meek; end. ' Bd Waterbary,-ticketed to be & starring end this year,, has had experience- subbing for ithe Bears' •' great end of last year, Ralph Eton?. ' ideally:; built-for. an end, atandlnt about six .feet two inches, •nd .weijhtae^te. , .'..• ' .' . : , .Californih'i attack centers around Hank Schaldach,; hayback.- He is • ran«y, spectacular, and .can run arid pass: Hank Is as brittle as he is: spectacular, • h'owevef. If .St. lia- . ry's crew "can stop him they!! have stopped a big threat in tte Bears' attack. -- -' . ' FOOTBALL SKETCHES BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Laufcr A good straight' arm is n grea( ielp to open field running. Stilt arming is n sharp push, not a >]o\v, and after delivered the ar:n mist be drawn away quickly to >revent the tackier from getting icld. All Important is proper han- Iling of the bait in open field run- -fir revtnce an these University of California gridders, hoping to even the edce gained by little St. Mary*.i Lust year wt.en that schwl ,beat the Bean. At left Is.Hank Schaldach, brilliant halfback; apfer right, CCaCptaln Dick Toier, tackte, and lower right, Edwart' Waterfaurr, «p and'coming end. - •' Star Athlete Refuses TV Become Professional KANSAS CITY, Mo. (UP)-Jim Bausch, former star football player and track athlete at the University of Kansas, and winner of the. 'decathlon at the Olympic games, now is a life insurance Boy Breaks 100 for Eighteen Holes of Golf KANSAS CITY, Mo. (TJPJ—Dale Mnchett, who celebrates hfe ninth birthday this November, shoots a round of'.18 holes of golf in less than 100 strokes. His best score is n 92, a mark shot at by mnny players five times his age. Dale, a short, well-built lad whose hobby is golf, got all his instruction by overhearing professionals talk to their students. Dale got to imitating their swings, and soon was breaking 100 over the courses here. Although offered large sums to turn professional wrestler, Bausch decided not to enter the game. He probably wlU jein&in out of athletics, unless he decides to compete in track and play basketball . for the Kansas City Athletic club. electrical device has been perfected to measure the acidity of fruit juices and determine their in this manner. Fossil Hunters Complete Journey LONGMONT, Col. (UP) — Two "tossil hunters" of Longmont returned recently with n goodly display as a result o[ their visit the Bad Lands, in southern South Dakota. A. c. Maxon and Jim Mellingcr had discovered in HID fossil deposits in that region a quantity of tndian relics, Including arrowheads and pottery, a prehistoric lizard fossil imbedded In a rock, and two large turtle specimens. Gene. Tunney Giren Credit for Maine Vote I.EWISTON, Me. (UP) — James Joseph "Gene" Tunney, the poli llcnclly-minried forme 1 .' heavyweight boxing champion, hr.s besn given a large share of the credit for lit Democratic victory In the recent state election. . Tunney, who nmde several cam paign speeches here prior to tlv :Ieetidn, "did more to bring on the Democratic vote than any oth cr single factor," iji - the opinion of Attorney Jo!in D. Clifford, Jr., of this city. Six Aged Residents Die COLDWATER. Mich. <UP>—Six It has been o little more than a year since James Joy Johnston, who came to America as an Iron- inoidvr from Liverpool, moved Into Tex Richard's old office In Madison Square Garden to become .matchmaker. hL'ie was much speculation as lo whether the Boy Bandit, as Broadway knows him, would click. But it v.-ns. definitely known thiu Jolipston knew his caulifiowci trade and lincw It well. • • • Made 'Era I.IVe 11 Flghtini; is In the doldrums— for everybody lint Mr. Johnston Diirini; the year before, Madison Square Garden had leased both the Polo Grounds and Yankee Stadlim In an effort to corner the markd on outdoor fiuht-s. The Boy Uandi liad gone over,to Ebbcts Field and promoted one success after an other. Including the Carnera-Iled inond fight that spoiled the night' sleep of 40,000 people. His accomplishments at an out cf-thc-way ball Field brought tin Millionaires of Madison Squan Garten to his terms, which, oy he way, included 10,000 shares of lock. V • • .aughs ;it Kcpression There is no longer any rcason- ,b!c rcom for speculation about lie Boy Bandit clicking. In the cry slough of an economic depres- lon. he prevailed upon the Garden o build an arena at Long Island ity for the promotion of the Schnieling-Sharkey champion ship iflair. And 70,000 people paid ,500,000 for the honor of sitting' n on the somewhat disappointing pugilistic christening of the big [uirer. He followed right up with the lam-bang Schmeling-Walker bat- le which brought nearly $200,000 nore into the box office. Clicking? Vhy the old Boy Bandit is click- ng like a Uig Bertha. * • * Kiel From Liverpool Who is James J. Johnston? He is n British-torn citizen, 57 years old. with black hair and plerc- ng black eyes to match. He is the father of 11 children, the eldest 33 years old. As a lad of 11 he took steamer from Liverpool. At 14 he was toil- in a foundry for a stipend of something like $1.75 a day. The ilng. The illustration shows ho» lie.. ball should be held as tlv toycr avoids the tackier with tlv till arm. One point of the bnl held tight In the armpit. Tlv ower end ot the axis Is held in the palm of the hand and pushd ight against the arm-pit am bcdy, holding the- elbow as clos o the body as possible. The player must. learn to shift he ball from one nrm to the other while running at full speed. EDDIE CHAPMAH (GRCEWS80RO M.C) GIWOT RtGHTHMJO SPEED6W-U PITCHES WOW A SEVEN -GAME &Pfi£S5iOw Sitt/UG AT IT WAS FOR THE CHAMPOM5MP OF THE 1 PIEDMONT BOSTON MADE TWO THREE- HltS IN OA!E GAME- - 60ST&N — l«t> THAT HAS NO MESH, fitctss OR. OWER A reCfECT TtE - . SHOT (AGCCROlMfc TO Boy Bandit was foundry trade, too, status to fbrenianshi)) at $4 a before he was 20, He fought a little at 104 pounds. His fight career ended when they wanted to match him wilh Terry McGovern at $25 for the evening. • * * Gypsies and Chinks So he decided to become a manager, arranging for somebody else j to take it on the chin. That he was a great, manager you don't have, to be I old. He had a way of rigging his robots In romantic robes. store for a bandana and earrings and made Daniels wear 'em. Gecrge Ciuieo was one of Mr. Johnston's Chinese fighters, born in Italy, and Johnston sold him to all Chinatown as "All Wonj, tlie Canton Killer." He had some great fighters, !oo. Among these were Hairy Greta,-Ted "Kid" Lewis and Jchnny Dundee. The Bif Trying Push to find a man to fight Dcmpsey he advertised in the New York newspapers for "young —experience unnecessary." Some 5000 replied to flic ads, and the Boy Bandit set them to slugging one another in scores of Gotham Byms. His greatest mistakes have been the turning down of Jess Wiliard, who wanted to fight for him, and the management of Phil Scott. But he even had the 'folks believing for a time that Scott was somebody. Influenza germs arc blue. Those of pneumonia look like strings of minute pale caisago, and those of men between 18 and 25. to become scarlet fever like ropes of scarlet Gypsy Daniels was no gypsy, but-' heavyweight champion of the world rings, under a microscope. The average weight of an , elephant Is about five tons. , , cf the seven CoMwaler residents [ over 90 have died this year, a recent survey revealed. Mrs. Caroline Parker is the only surviving nonagenarian here. REWARD • The Gfflette BJAJE BLADE has won die just reward of super-quality. Hundreds of thousands of men would gladly tell you that no other blade compares with this pne.Try the Giflette Blue Blade and learn why. '••v- -».: . :' •.. >".'.' . * Austria is electrifying its railways, and has done so with the main road from the Swiss frontier to Salzburg. \ HOME THEATRE Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday A'dm.— and Night— 10 and 25c Sec 'Hollywood Speaks' with Genevieve Toben Learn the Truth About Hollywood. News and Comedy Does a BLINDFOLD KEEP YOU from OBTAINING the THINGS YOU WANT? RITZ THEATRE TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY Aclm.—JIatincc—10 and 25c Adm.—Night—10 and 30c with JOHN BOLES AND IRENE DUNNE . . News nnd Comedy PHONE ^ 306 ™ OUR AD-TAKER WILL HELP YOU V OU'RE rending this part of the paper .... bul have you failed to read another section? A section where wants are slated and merchandise exchanged at t n e lowest possible cost. It's the want-ad section where the "seller can find a ready market for anything from .second hand furniture to hundred-acre farms. And the "buyer" who is looking for real bargains, whether they be in apartments for rent or machinery for sale, can find the thing wanted at the price that can be paid. THE COURIER NEWS WANT ADS

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