The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 24, 1948
Page 8
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PAU£ EIGHT BLYTH1VILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEW» U.S. to Restrict Exports to USSR Govcrnmint Plans Curtailment of War , Materials Shipments BT Autin C. Wrhrwrtn Iniied Trrm Stiff CorrMpondeni) {V: WASHINGTON, Mar. 2*. (UP) — Commerce Department sources said today the government plans to ciimp down on shipments of po- . tentlal war materials to Russia. The« shipments have provoked mounting criticism, both in and out of Congress, and have touched ol! an Inquiry by the Senate's new super-Investigating committee. \ The Commerce Department source* said all Russian appllc:)!ons are being subjected to the utmost •cfutiny. The government, it was «ald, will endeavor to keep out of Soviet hands all goods thai nan be used by European countries In front of the iron curtain. 1 These • sources emphasized, how• ever, that no overall embargo on trade with Russia Is in Immediate prospect, Such a move, they pointed out. would involve a ma)or diplomatic decision that would re- .'(julre the approval of President . Truman and Secretary of Slntc George C. Marshall. Latest Commerce Department fig- k ures showed [hat In January. Russia bought $1.445,000 worth oi goods from the United States, mm sold this country $5.399.000. Russian (radc : represented only a small fraction of the 1931,900.000 worth of goods exported In January. As in previous months, nearly all the Soviet purchases were heavy j>-.2Chinery. Tile U. S. Imported from Russia vita! chrome and man- as well as diamonds, plat- Irene Curie Detained at Ellis Island Judge Show* Leniency When Negro Disc/osei Record in an Old Case A charge of public drunkenness • gainst an aged Negro was dismissed In Municipal Court this morning when lu.was found he had served a 24-year penitentiary wn- tence Jor a crime he did not commit. > The Negro, wlio Identified ' hlm- WEDNESDAY, MARCH 24, 1948 ' Beebe Doctor Seek* fast in Si (UP)—Dr. V be was bac today after ate Senate LITTLE FJOCK, Arlt.. March 24 "" "- '" H. Ablngtoh of Bee- in Arkansas politics Rates Under Pending Tax Bill Announced WASHINGTON, March J4. (UP) —The Senate-passed Income tax reduction bill puts new withholding rates Into effect on May 1. Here. Is I *»,!_ ««-•.. *a « IIS. 1'V^.W, vfMkl JUnllJlleU HUH- ------- ' --- "T I" u .".*-*""»lft nl'l-uillC/ comparison of _ the present rates I self in police as Joe Jones, showed! 1 " llle Fifltf District, and J. Paul ling his corrupt prac- tlces pledge Yesterday as a candidate for the Slat! Senate from the 21st District. j Others filing yesterday were Char-lea Farflsh of Monilton as a candidate fri prosecuting attorney with the new rates: t Slngl« person with no dependent's: First fighting In the National Assembly developed In Paris, France, over what was believed to be a reference to Frederick .Jollol-Curle, right, Identified by the Communist newspaper L'Humanilc as a member of the Communist party. CormmmisLs and De GanlU'sLi came to blows alter allegations were made that French atomic organization, headed by Joloil-Ctirie was honeycombed with communists. Joloit-Curtc is the husband of Irene Jollot-Curie, led, who is being detained by immigration officials In New York City. (NBA Tulepholo,) ganese, inum and fUl'5. The Commerce Re*juir*k .rfepart'Vient Arkansas Voters May Instruct Party Delegates NEWPORT. Ark., March 24. (UP) —Arkansas voters would be allowed lo decide in Ihe August primaries whether or not they wnnt'lo Instruct Ihe slate's presidential elec- is »ble to regulate U- S. tratie with Russia through a system of export licenses which went into effect on March 1. American businessmen must get such licences to export loodB. . Thii exportillcense policy became the l»test target of the special Scn- mtf Investigating subcommittee headed by Sen. Homer Ferguson, R., Mich. Ferguson said "particular K(- Officers Seek Murderer of Pastor's Wife WELLS. Nev.. March. 24. (UP)— Authorities of three states searcfied today for a stocky, pock-marked tors, under a plan proposed by the man suspected of raping a mln- Weekly Salary «25 , 30 . 40 . 50 . 90' too' Marrifc, ents: Weekly Salary »25 ..... 30 ..... 40 ..... 50 ..... 60 ..... •70 ..... 80 ..... 90 ..... 100 ..... Mnrrlcil pendents: Weekly Salary $50 ..... fiO ..... 70 ..... 80 ..... 90 ..... 100 ..... Jncksnn County Democratic Committee. In n resolution aiioplcd yesterday, Ihe committee objected lo n proposed Southern governors' pltm to name tminstvuctcd electors. The proposal wns a result of Dixie re- scnlmcnt over President Hurry Tru- mnn's civil rights program and wns ti move to keep the President, If nominated, from being sure of the ally are Instructed when nominated by the Democratic State Convention to vote for the nationnl party's nominees. tention" will be given shipments soiith's eicc.toral vote. to Russia. - , j Arkansas Democratic electors usn- * A member of the subcommittee Mid the group has uncovered evidence that military supplies are being exported to Russia under- licenses issued for non-militnry items. At the ssme time, Chairman Ross Rlzley, R., Okla., said his House surplus property Investigators have karned that private firms In this ' country have been selling Russia aircraft engines and other surplus lll;J11 , 5 Hrc rumo , ucn to sp k , military good, p«rcha.sed from the the party without a mandate from War Assets Administration. j the rank and file of Its mcmta Rlzley said his subcommittee is! ship." Isler's wife and beating her to denlh with a rolling pin. Police along major routes from here to Sun Fr.inclsco sought the killer of Attractive Mrs. Rillie Rnhe Morning. 22. wife or the Rev. Rlch- nrd Morning, a Presbyterian clergy- Posses set up road blocks throughout Ihe Sumuncnto Valley, the Sierra Nevacias and Die desserts and salt flnLs of Eastern Nevada Ulah. and The Rev. Mr. Morning found his wife's body in the bedroom of their home when lie returned yesterday to the "theory that any party officials arc authorized to speak fo pressing lt« Inquiry vigorously' in j an effort to^'button up this damn Russian business once and [or flll." ' Oil shipments to Russia have been embargojeS' since last Summer. Many types of steel products are not cleared by the Commerce Department for export any more. The Atomic Energy Commission has a itrict ban on. anything from which atom bombs could be made And the State' Department- controls .shipments of "arms, munitions snd Implements of war." Flooring Plant to Open ' MOUNTAIN VIEW. Ark., March J4. IUP>—The Norfork Flooring Corporation, planned to turn ovit •0,000 feet of finished flooring per week, was organized here today. Th« plant will be in operation by Aug. I. Read Courier New^ Want Ads. Cab " Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, March 24. (UP!—(USDAt —Livestock: Hogs 9.GIW, salable 1.0CO; 13.000 8-Year Term, for Murder I yestcrciny ' Bair °ws and gilts un- unnni^v,. „, ' ' even; mostly 50 to ISc lower than 7^ R ^ r C ,T;. Ark '' Mare " »• . :^<iav's_ Average. Sow. 7oc to $1 Present Law 12.50.. 3.40.. 5.10.. 0.80. . 8.70. . 10.60.. 12.50.. 14.40 Senate Bill »1.90 2.60 4.10 5.60 7.20 «,70 10.20 11.70 16.50.... 13.40 .couples wltli no depend- Present \l Uw \ Senate Bill t .70 , 1.60 ( .70 ?.30 2,20 MX) 3.70 *P •• s -30 , , . the officers papers showing that he! Ward of B (tesvttle for re-election was freed In January from the I as ehancellfj- of the Eighth District, slate penitentiary In Mississippi early "' --"- - Auto Body Repairs For the best In Automobile Body Krp.irs. brln* your car to H . . . w* have all modern equipment to cut labor cosit. I Stand H«hind 12 Years of .Satisfactory S«rvic« In s Mississippi County V BARKER'S BODY SHOP 425 Kast Kentucky Phone 2500 this years. year after serving When Munlclnal Judge Graham Sudbury heard of the Negro's penitentiary experience, he said that under |he circumstances the charge would be dismissed. Jones entered a plea of not guilty, declaring to the court that he "did not drink whiskey." 10.5V "" 12.40.-; '' 14.50..V' couples with' Present Law J1.30 4.80 6.50.... 8.30.... 10.50.... 11.50 two de- senate 2\ ' Two States Receive Radio Lion's Share (UP)—Emory Williams. Forrest City Negro taxi driver, was prepar- WASHINGTON (UP)-The ether over California and Texas l s becoming crowded with radio signals Those two staes lead the nation In the number of authorized broadcast stations, according to a count by the Federal Communications Commission. As of mid-February, the commission lias granted authorizations for 3.119 standard, FM and television outlets in the continental United States and possessions. That includes stations on the »Ir and those being constructed. Of the total number of authorizations. California received 228 and Texas 223. Next In order are Pennsylvania, with 184; New York, 178; North Carolina, 132, and Ohio, 128. At present, 1,558 standard, 410 FM and 19 television stations are on the air. Under construction are 411 standard, 653 FM and 68 television outlets. Also 858 applicants are still waiting for the commission to decide whether they are qualified to operate broadcast facilities. Over 600 of the latter applications are for .standard stations, while 115 are for FM and 118 for television. -'exas has the most standard authorizations with IS3, followed by California with 129. Pennsylvania U. of A. Vets Believe UMT Needed to Halt Reds FAYETTEVILLE, Ark., March 14 (UP)—War-veteran students attending the University of Arkansas believe that a Universal Military SJ ">. Training program Is necessary it the U.'iitcd States Is to combat the spread of communism. Following a poll of some 1,300 University students, G77 war vet- . erans or 84 per cent-favored mil-1 .Itary training. At the same time pel- cent of the non-veterans approved the program. . _ On'other questions 69 per cent ,t 44'0 tlle veterans wanted selective serr compared with 56 per cent of non-vets, ith ex-Gis and non-veterans lly favored the Marshall *Plan 42 students voting for it wo'n ll!e\ over *"V ll !'^, y tr " lni " K nnnncnH H$ ) _ POrl Ot '1.027 and Was 7.70 ing today to star an eight-year prison sentence, following his coa- viction on a .second degree murder charge yesterday. Williams was convicted of shoot- Ing Pcwce Gibus, Palestine night club owner. The killing occurred ciuiinp nn argument when C1US driven by tiic two men were involved in R montlis ago la,e,7bu, k "^d and choice 170 £ ft. »£" ^ " "*" NOT <" Ca i?^,?^ 2 ^.^ 2 " 5 : 2 * ! . p.™»"-la tops the ,1st o, FM and l^™ 1 ^f3W-to : 350 0 lb°sT 8:1 J, b . tCleVlSi0n *"""- «""«»• V <1915- 1TO to iw ih ,Q,,^ , mont - Hawttil ar "i Alaska have no ioo ?o )Vm, uJ>,77? : PM st - tl0 " 5 ' whllc 18 s ^'« """ 100 to )20 Ibs U.50-J7.75; sows |llhe possessions are without tele- 22; 450 Ibs down 17.50-18; few 18.25; over 450 Ibs 17-17.50. Stags 14-16. Cattle 3.700. salable 2,500; calves 300 all s.ilauie. General trade slow, a few opening deals on common minor collision several | and medium sfccrs 22.50-25, about vision authorizations. Meanwhile, Woodrow Compton o( Brlnkley, charged with the fatal shooting of Curtis Davis nenr Forrest City lust month, was admitted to the stule hospial lor a Read Courier I steady, but undertone easy. Heifers | and mixed yearlings opened steady: good around 26-27; common and medium 20-25; lower action on cows ' confined to beef types and,few cutters, these about .steady. Common I i i ', u - .. y lest. He was scheduled for rial ; and medium beef cows 18,50-21- odd in St Francis Circuit Court here i head good cows 23: canners and cul- yestcrday. | lcrs virtually Rl s(and5til ] Tilly-Automatic Washer makes a/ your year fosf ^ 1 ' Sel « th ' e service wa., LAKE SUCCESS, . , 24. (UP)— The United Stall , N. \ , March delayed today its formal requestv ,. y ~ United Nations Security Count./,? heii n V an emergency session of general Assembly to reope: Palestine question. American officials snid that Ame-' rican Delegate Warren Austin would not submit the request as planned. This also meant a delay in laying before the council the formal American proposal for substituting a UN trusteeship plan for the partition program and a proposal fo 1 ,suspending wovk on the Palestine Commission. The American delegation s.v.r! Austin wanted to hear first the comments of other nations on. HIP. about-face in this country's position on the Palestine question. If a special session of ,the assembly were approved, it would be held in. Aprli. Russia's probable reaction to the proposals was not known. modern Power ^w nitidern Shipping All you do U put in clolhei and wop, set Ihe dial ond forget it! Thol's really car* fre« washing. Other features artt • Fills ond empties outomalically. • Washes 8 Ibs.of clolhes in less lhan a half- hour— cleaner, whiter. • Gives 2 deep, "Live-Water" rinses. • Spins clothes damp dry. • Self-balancing — needs no boiling down; • Self-cleomng — porcelain inside ond out. • Can be hand-conlrollftd for special jobi. ADAMS APPLIANCE COMPANY A COMPLETE SERV.ICE DEPARTMENT IN CONNECTION • ^ J. W. ADAMS- Manager IOf-08 West Main 1'hone 2071 PHONE 3182 221 Lynch Bldg. JOEM. FAUCETT Arvays head for the Ford sign wh«n your Ford needs service. Our mechanics arf; Ford- trcined specialists. They save oy time and money. fACTORY-APPROVEP Our Ford service methods are the*result of years of planning by engineers. They're planned to keep your car purring al lowasr service cost. They're better when they're real. That's because they're mode right to fit right and lost longer, exactly like the parrs built into your Ford. Th« better way's trm easy way when you have the right tools. Another reason why our genur'n* Ford Servrcv meani real saving si know Kitfo beat: Here's How fo get Early Spring Delivery on a New EVINRUDE Get In «head of the spring rush "hen there are never enough Evln- udcs to go around! Call and choose our motor now. A 20% deposit • ill give you priority delivery on a parkling new '48 Evlnrude. We ill accept a few used motors of ap- rovcd makes at fair trade-in al- owance. We have In slock for Im- rvcdlate delivery, a limited quantity >f S 4-10 H.P. and 9 7-10 H.P. Evin- udcs! McKINNON'. S Manila, Ark. Political Announcements The Courier New,i has been authorized to announce the lollowns: candidates, subject to the. Rcncral city clccllon, April fi: and the Dtmocrntlc Primary. July 20th i August 3rd: FOtt AI.IHiRMAN " I first W»rd) Jewc M W'.ilte Harry Taylor L C. (Budi poscy Jr. (Second Ward) .1. L. (Jodie) Nabm FOR CITV CM.-RK Lurry Kneas W. I. mill) Malin COUNTY TRF.ASURKR Prank Whltworth COUNTY COURT Cr.KRK Elizabeth Blyihe KOR CORONKR E. M. HOLT FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR Hcrhcrt T. Shlppen STATK RKFRKSKN-TATIVE Leslie N. "Dukle" speck Ute lorel PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Fifth at Walnut Phone 4453

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