Valley News from Van Nuys, California on October 4, 1973 · Page 100
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Valley News from Van Nuys, California · Page 100

Van Nuys, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 4, 1973
Page 100
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fag* 2--Concjo end Simi Volley Edition T H E N E W S Von Nuys (Colif.)--Thursday, Ocfoter 4, 1973 DEBUTANTES look over gown " in preparation for Triunfo Ball Saturday at Malibou Lake Mountain Club. From left are Mary Ellen Fisher li. -Anne Langlois 16 and Kathy Klammer 16 are among those who will be presented. Event,- sponsored by Conejo Valley Historical Society, will feature selection of Don and Dona Triunfo as honor for community service. Eighteen debutantes will attend. Attire will be formal and Spanish. The News photo Start Sunrise Optimist Club In Westlake WESTLAKE VILLAGE · -- Sunrise Optimist Club of Westlake Village became a reality Sept. 27 when the past vice president of Optimist Inter' national Rudy Rtuloisky formally organized and ' chartered 36 business and ,' professional men as an " autonomous local chapter " affiliated with the parent . group The meeting was held at 950 Hampshire Road. Business of the e\ening with the adoption of the club by-laws and the election of the officers and board of directors. Monroe Marloue and Lee Underwood, president and past president, respectively, of the sponsoring North Hollywood Optimist Club, presented the membership roster to officially open the affair. The nominating committee of Al Mature, Dave McDaniel and Ole Landstad presented the ballots which were voted upon by the -majority of 'members assembled with the results as follows: Everett S. Ross, president; L. "Wayne H a r r i s a n d D a v id McDaniei. vice presidents: "one-year term board mem- ..bers, Nick Visnic, Al Ma-. turo and Bill Springer; !" two-year board members. Ole "Landstad. Al Pimon ·; and Art Jolicoeur. ·" Appointed to be secre- '. tary-treasurer was George ;. Johnson. Charter rnember- ·" ships will remain open for a few davs. 'PAST TO PRESENT Debutantes Revealed for Triunfo Ball on Saturday Continued from Page One lowed by the debutante p r esentation announced by Charles Davis. A late buffet will be accompanied by music for dancing by the Los Latinos orchestra. 1) e b u t a n1 es to be presented include Bonita r.ennett. daughter of Mr Cyclethon for Heart Aid Slated Continued from Page One south on Moorpark Road, west on Janss Road, north on Lynn Road, east on Avenida de Los Arboles, and north on Mountclef Blvd. to the starting point a t C a liforma Lutheran College. Checkpoints will be located along the route to record and certify the mileage achieved by the cyclists. Participants are sponsored by friends and relatives pledged to contribute specific amounts per mile achieved by the cyclist. Those participants who raise the largest amounts for the Heart Association's work will be eligible for local and statewide prizes. Information and forms are still available at the i n t ermediate and high schools. California Lutheran College, and local bike shops. Interested participants may also telephone Mrs. Davidson at (l-SlTi) 4'18-lT 1 )] or -Mrs. Michael Dexch at 11-S05) 498-3460 for more information. and Mrs. William Bennett of Thousand Oaks; Susan Bemiey. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Benney of Thousand Oaks; Diane Davis, daughter oi Mr. and Mrs. John Davis of Thousand Oaks; Mary Fisher, daughter ol Mr. and Mrs Robert Fisher of T h o usand Oaks: Lynn Foerstei, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Foerster of Thousand Oaks: Colleen Hall, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Elaine Hall of Thousand Oaks: Susan H u n t , daughter of Mr. and Mrs Scott H u n t ; and Kathy Klainmer. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Klammer of.Thousand Oaks. More Debutantes More are. Anne Langlois. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Langlois of Thousand Oaks; Denise Mayer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Mayer. Jr.: Jeanette Minnich. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood Minnich: Deborah Mortenscn. daughter of .Mr. and Airs. James Mortensen: Linda Piera, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pedro Piera of Agoura. A l s o . Judith Price, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Price of Thousand Oaks: Karen Reed, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Allan Reed of Thousand Oaks; Tcrri Taylor, daughter of Mr. and "Mrs. Elmer Taylor; Y^ette "VVestwood. residing with Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Taylor: and Ghis- lainc Wong, daughter of M r . a n d Mrs. George Wong INDUSTRY GROWS Natural is now America's- sixth largest in- Budget Slated for Study at 2nd School Board Session CONEJO VALLEY --The second meeting of the new Conejo Valley Unified School District Board of Education will be held on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.- in the Newbury Park High School library, 456 Reino Road, Newbury Park. The public is welcome to attend. Expected to be presented at the meeting is a tentative budget in the vicinity of 818,000.000 to $20,000,000. which is being prepared by Dr. Wilraar Grossbach, assistant count y s u p e rintendent of schools for business. It takes about six months to put together a district's regular budget, he said. There is a provision in the state education code for a, new unified district to borrow money from the state on which to operate until the first money comes in from taxation, he Set Further Police, City Negotiations Continued from Page One manpower, work load and overtime as it relates to public and officer safety." City management said that the Police Dept. had an average of 3.6 minutes response'time to emergency calls during the month of July. T he department also had a clearance rate of 41.2% of all crimes reported during fiscal 1972-73. This illustrates the high quality of law enforcement being provided for the citizens of Simi Valley, the city spokesman said. Praises Quality Schillmg said thai the solution to the overtime situation is not necessanlv to hire more men. He saul the city may be able to tut back the leiel of police service or may be able to eliminate unnecessary o\ ertime by more careful management. He said the Simi Valley Community Safety Agency (the police) is budgeted this fiscal year for 46 men, some oi whom h a v c not been hired, so full staffing may help eliminate overtime. However, a report on police overtime by a city a d ministrative assistant presented an alternative b o 1 u tion which would raise police manpower to 68 men. Schilling also noted that t h e Community Safety Agency now operates on Avhat he calls "generalist" concept of a police officer in which the officer does the work of a patrolman and then follows through on a case with detective work. He said that this sometimes causes the officer to add an unusual amount of overtime thai might be eliminated if the city went back to tranditional division between patrolmen and dctectves. explained at the initial board meeting. Among the items for which the advanced funds may be used are salaries f o r t h e superintendent hired by the board and for any other personnel and necessary office expenses, materials and services. The advanced funds. which need to be ample, will -ue paid buck u\ ei a t w o-y e a r p eriod. Dr. Grossbach said. He noted that hiring a district business manager is very high on the personnel list after a superintendent is selected. Also to be presented at the meeting will be a draft of a brochure to be used in advertising the opening for superintendent within California through university and college placement offices and professional a d ministrators organizations. Dr. James V. "Cowan, A'entura County superintendent of schools, who is acting as secretary to the board and providing assistance during the period organization, is preparing the "brochure upon board direction. Choices Outlined A number of alternatives in the procedure of selecting a superintendent were outlined to the board at its initial meeting on Sept. 25 by Dr. Robert E. Ferris, chairman of the department of educational administration at USC and a special consultant to Dr. Cowan's office. D r . F' ems told the board that selection of a superintendent to organize and run the district was the most important decision they would make. Salary and length of contract are two main items to be considered. He suggested involving the members of the community in deciding what qualifications and personal profile are desired in a superintendent The new t r u s tees all expressed their desire to do this. While it was fell that the initial brochure could lie prepared without citizen input, since it would contain many standard a n d r c q u i red quah- 1 i c a t i ons. community groups and mdiudual? were asked to send their ideas on qualifications to be looked for in applicant screening to the lollowmg address: Address Told Conei'o Valley Unified S c h o o l Board, c/o Dr. James F Cowan, Ventura County superintendent of s c h o o l s office. Court H o u s e . Ventura, Cal. 03001. All correspondence with the new Conejo unified board will go through Dr. Cowan's office until an interim district office is opened here D r. Ferris suggested that there be 30 days from the mailing out of the brochures until the application deadline, at which time the application form, personal resume and con- !········»·················»········*·»·»···*·**··«··········*···**· ···«········« e CARPET CLEANING SPECIAL To Introduce You To The New Steom Cleaning Process See The Dirt Extracted With Your Own Eyes ABC CARPET SERVICE also · Carpet Laying 6t Repair £··*·············' Reg Price $35.00 1 3- Yrs E x p e r i e n c e Call COLLECT for FREE Phone Estimate j(805) 522-5500J V Livmq Room. Dining A r e a and Hall Up to 250 sq ft. Additional Rooms 1 2 ft. Additional 15% Discount For Entire House SATISFACTION GUARANTEED · Licensed · Bonded · · Insured { NEWLY ELECTED Conejo Valley Unified School District Board of Education members look out over large audience which came to initiation board meeting at Rockwell International Science Center on Sept. 25. Trustees will he officially sworn in at second meeting Tuesday, 7:30 p.m., at Xewbury Park High School library. From left, seated, are Bob Myers. Pauline Hogstad. president: Larry Smllli: standing. Glen Scott, clerk: Cecile Schnelle, vice president, who will organize ne district. TJ«.- xe«s p GUIDING ASSISTANCE will be given To new Conejo Valley Unified School Board by Ventura County Superintendent of Schools office during organizational months till new district becomes operational on July 1. Attending first unified board were, from left. Dr. James F. Cowan, county superintendent: Lucille Alfors. administrative secretary: Dr. "Wilmar Grossbach. assistant county superintendent for business: Dr. Robert bl Ferris, special consultant. Meeting was considered productive. fidentia] papers from the applicant's college or university should have been received. Discuss Selection A M/reenintj committee (.oukl then review all the papers and narrow the field do\Mi to about five or seven candidates to he interviewed hv the hoard during c\ecuti\e scMon · ]t was suggested that after the choice has been narrowed to the two top applicants that a personal search of their respective communities be made to talk with people there. The new trustees will discuss further the selection procedure and how to involve the community, as well as hopefully to approve the brochure so the wheels can be set in motion to begin advertising for the much needed superintendent. Board members ore expected to strongly consider the opinions of the community residents as well as their own A iews in deciding on which qualities they feel a superintendent for the new unified district should have and whether he should be a certificated educator or a business management oriented individual. Dr. Cowan suggested that the board might want to hire consultant help to assist in the mechanics ol setting up the new district during the 10 months before it becomes officially operational on J u l y 1. 11)74 Suggest Consultant It was suggested by D a v e J acobson, newly elected Timber School district trustee, and received favorably hy the hoard members that Lloyd Emm c r t . recently retired county superintendent for business who shepherded the unification proposal through the state, might be a good consultant if he is a\ ailable. The new officers of the C o n ejo Valley Unified School District Board of Education, as reported m more detail in last Friday's issue of The News, are Pauline Hogstad. president: Cecil Schnelle, vice president and Glen Scott, clerk. and trustees Larrv Smith and Bob Myers \\ill serve four year terms, while Schnelle and Scott will sen e t\\ years. Gave Authority The board gave Dr. Cowan authority to do whatever needs to be done to implement the new district's organization, process Alter her election a c board president, Mrs. Hogstad said she felt they were a very sincere and dedicated board with a common concern for the children of the comnumity and who would work in very cooperative fashion toward the goal of better education. She also asked lor the cooperation and support of the public to achieve the goal. The board agreed to meet regularly on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 7:30 p.m. in the Newbury Park High School library. BEEF OUTPUT RISES B e e f p reduction A m e rica has increased 50% since 1960. What to do NOW about COST NO MORE THAN DOING IT YOURSELF. AND WE DO THE WORK. Better lawns ore yours for surprisingly little. more than the cost of the lawn products you would buy at the garden center. 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