Gibson City Courier from Gibson City, Illinois on April 13, 1922 · 6
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Gibson City Courier from Gibson City, Illinois · 6

Gibson City, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1922
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THE GIBSON COURIER, GIBSON. CITY, ILL, THURSDAY; APRIL 13, 1922. SIX. DOMINANT STYLES The Household Tyrant DIX TOWNSHIP REPORTS e ;3Sir Hi! By MURIEL BLAlR April Showers Bring Mud as well as May Flowers No good housewife rugs and clean floors. : wants mud tracks on her She will not, be annoyed if the walks, steps and driveways arc of concrete. - ' - " - .'V . . - Build witli Atlas Cementi-the DEPENDABLE cement. ' 1 , ORDER TODAY t. P. SCHERTZ & CO. DEPENDABILITY COUNTS IN 1922 Sooner or Later, Every Property, UwncrWiUHave, to Face the Paint' Problems You may turn your Back and try not to see the condition of your "property. -BuYif it - needs pamt. simply shutting your eyes to the tact vill not , solve the prolv lem for you. Nortunft but PAINT will do that, The best paint to lu U pi if-, your property needs paint it will be "xrionev. in your pocket to paint NO W. Everv nei sume uumage inai must be repaired. Paint NOW stop the decav and save the expense of repairs. Besides adding to the beauty of your property, paint makes it worth more money should you went to sell. Com in end consult us ehout your paint problem we can help you and save you money and worry . . . Paint Demonstration ; Saturday, April 1 5th Experts from'the factory will be at our store all day Saturday to demonstrate the use of Monarch Paints. Sou-. iemrsrHl Iw-'giveujdsktwt," .' Doii't fail to be here. F. P. JOHNSON ' HARDWARE AND HARNESS g- - 3 .MAGNIFICENT STEAMERS 3 Th. Creel Ship "SEEANDBEE "crrY Of ERIE" - "CITY Of BUFFALO CLKVKLAND Daily, May let to Nor. 15th BUFFALO - lmnwtKms al BudkW foe Niai rsaaine D tics as. Mound Irip, with I dara rvturo limit, for ears not cioMdlD UT loch Bwuufulljr wknd aaial puute chart of Tb. Unst Shi, "mttlANDUKar Maiau3 Tnuitit Campaay norland. Uhta trwauso Tata- I Aim cunun f ,M a. M. - .MVfHIUa I UK apt C "SIIAND as K .11 VRl I -' salty II T SrM I MtonrfUnwOTM.aiwMaa f "aSSl-""' - I ! ' T McClute Nawapaper Sjradleate.) -.-"I've Hood it for thlry years and 1 reckon 1 can last out, bow I've jot so far. .-was the bomeijr war In wblcli Kzra tckrill nut It . 'Tht-reti ao ote4,n Insisted bis old- time friend, Grec Parsons. "Be sensi ble. Kirn, and take sin old cotnrede's sdvli-e. . Mellnds DockrlltLjour wife. Is the verj bent housekeeper In Carl' dm.' and nobody disputes It. She tends tier-house and minds her .own buxiiiess so far. as ber nelghhora are concerned, but she baa. been hard. terrJhly bard on you." . There was a good deal of sense and refl(i to what both men said, and despite Eira'a weak explanations their point of view was practically Mentli-nl. Kzra was beginning to get the reputation of being benpecked, and his excellent wife, excellent la some ways had . degenerated Into a scold. Mellnria bockrlll was fast growing Ihtj a household tyrant. When Walter Mnywell came courting their pretty dnuirhter. Klora, She opposed the match tooth and nail. When Just now some old panlsh American war coniraaes or tzra waniea mm to go over to Pelham to a reunion, she-hid his old uniform, kept blm awake two tilshts- lecturing blm on the pernU clotlsiiess of wasting his time, and flatly refused to allow him to even mnrch to the depot wltb his friends. That might have been well enough, for, as said before, Ezra was meek. patient and a self-sacrificing sort of twin. Klght on top of this decision of the masterful Mellnda, . however, there was a scene In the household that appealed to another aide of Ezra's nature. Toung May well had come to Mrs. Dockrlll In a frank, mam; way to ask permission to marry Flora. She had put her husband aside In the discussion without even con suiting him. The result was that poor Walter went about town, a dejected reproach to the klnd-souled Ezra, and pWlora mourned till all tlie happi- " tiess seemed gone out" of her life. That evening Esra eame lawn to the Parsons borne. "See here, Greg," hesald, "we were talking about Mellnda today." "Quite right. Ezra: what about Itr "Why, Just this I've been tjilnklng over what you said." ."About time, should say," re-ponileil Parsons. - "I don't care for myself. I can stand, Mellmla'a peculiarities. That iwHir glii'iif mine,, though, and young 'Mnywell she's set them grieving their ht-iirts nwny with her 'stubborn ways, iind It Nti't right. It Isn't right!" and Kzra liroke , lon:n. "Ezra," said." Parsons very seriously, "If you will follow out my directions I'll guarantee to cure your wife of her fiintrums In week." :"fiivg." responded Ezra.7 grasping the hand of his old-time friend fervidly. ""yoV do Just that and I'll give you . those old war relics of mine you've coveted so long. What am I to (In to help yon?" 1 . :' If Ezra Dockrlll was mystified as to the plan of his friend, bis erratic helpmeet tind rlenr hysterica when she found he had defied her authority and had gone to the reunion. She rushed down to the Parsons home, enraged, then anxious, and- finally alarmed. "I've got. a sort of doleful story to tell you. Mellnda," said her old friend; "I'm, afraid Ezra has broken the traces." It's like a horse checked up too- high.: Give him the chance and the crllter'll sprint." - V hy, what do you, mean tSureIy nothing serious hns happened to Ezra?" cried Mrs. Dockrlll. a quick catch In lier voice. It's the warlike spirit, you See, Mellnda," explained Mr. Parsons. Everyone is talking about the Mell on n war. Why, there were. lots of the old soldiers Just wild to enlist. Ezra Is a brave man. The war spirit got hint. They were recrluting at Pel- ham. If he's joined the army again he'll make his mark." . It was there that Mrs. Dockrlll broke down"Tell ynu nowiiibserved ! (tie sixrlous I'srsons. "I might have a little Influence with the adjutant general, and Ezra,,too, If he really has enlisted. You've got to promise concession. His heart IS Set on Flora and young Maywell " "I'll agree I I'll agree r Interrupt ed Mrs. Dockrlll Vehemently. "Only get my dear husband back and "he'll never have to' complain of me again.1 She passed a sleepless night When that precious old schemer. Parsons, presented her husband the next day at noon, Mellnda threw her arms about the neck of her prodigal spouse, and Parsons ' sneaked away feeling quite mean for giving so hard a lesson to a deserving though at times somewhat contentious woman. si-mvisoBt rnAMciAL nATBitwr AC riaiaclal tatMamt ot tha .Tewa af pis. Ford county. UUaeis. for the raar A. . ltu mmit bjr W. A. Krtitiar, Supervisee at said town. ' ' 1 J " A ffl Ofl tt-eMVtfafrBjBjeaMaWssweaatJatJBBBaV: la ofllca .V.I. I 41.11 Amount, of Tax lOTlaS the prtcedlas . roar, lo wlt: ltlt, for mo pair. niont of Towa laaabtednua aa4 ekarsea...' I,lll.t4 Amount jf po Fub,, llt.1T . Total rec.lpta , 11.171.11 xo WW EXPENSES FAID Itll . Apr. I-S A. Hanaaa, moderator.,! r- Apr. t w. j. ropia'.t. tlrciion ex. penMs, Prtclnet Net f...... ...... Apr. t W. J. Poplott, ball. rent, aaa , aottlnt . up bootha : Apr. t J. C. Parker, kail rut, aaa ttlns up bootha, Praclaet No. 1 Apr. I W. A. Kreltsar, oiKtloa ax-poniea. Vroclnet Na. 1 ...,.... Umy n Alvin Oamoai, ahMp killed Max 11 Cibeoa Cearlor, publlaklac . .M II. - Toporte i nir 2t i H," Dlekermsn, Dlekermsn. ' tl.M Towa Town Clerk aalarr . June !5 1.. H. Clork eaiarv . Juijr 2 c p. arlmaa, labor on Blackford cemetery Julr 1 C. P. OrlaMa, labor ea , Blackford cemetery Julr It K. Hill, malarial for Blackford cemetery July 20 K. 8, Krum A Son. ermrel and cement for Blackford cemetery Aug. H--W. C. Bryaat. fumlsatora. Mrs. Benaoa home Sept. I Joe Clark, eurtlnf weeds. Ore eon cemetery .....i....' Sept. s Wm. Bhllta. Comm. ealary Sept! Olbwrn CouiW. prlnttns.. Bept. a u H. Dlckenaan. balneal-ary and auditlna ............... Sept. C. C. Hallam. asseeelns and auditlna ........ Kept, t W. A. Kreltaar. auditlna.. Bent (Prank Wliliama. ' Thistle Comm. eccount ... Dept. N. B. Stereaa, prlntlaa or der books Oct. Jl U H. Dlckermtn, Town Clerk ealary 1H . Mar. 1 M. A. Anderson, fumlsators 'and fumigating home Mar. li Orvllle Relsland, -burylns dog Mar. it C. J. Phillips. Thistle' Cam, Msr. It 1 H. Dickerman. bsl. Towa Clerk salary and aodlllnj. ...... . Mar. !! Wm. Hhllts. Comm. salary Mar. It C. C. Hallam, auditing. ... Mar, it W. .A. KrelUsr, surlltlng., RECAPITULATION Amount received .11.17 21 Amount paid .'. l.ittt-t! Overdraft. lit IS It tt.ll ST. 41 111 i 4.17 It lll.l lit 11.41 41.11 TI it.ll l.i .. l.ll . 11.11 l.ll - l.ll ........I 11.41 State of Tlltnola. Countv of Ford. Town of DIx . I, W, A. Kreltier, Buperrtsor of saia Town, do tiereny certify that the fore going lustement la true and correct,, i verily believe. r witness my hand this- Id dar of April. A. u. 1SZZ. W. A. KREITZPJR. Supervisor' of Towa at Dir. BEPORT OF TRBA8TJBER OF ROAD AND BRIDGE FIND State of Illinois. County of Ford. Town of Office of Tressurer af the Road and Bridm runo or saia Towa. The followlnr la a statement hv W A Kreltier. Treasurer of the Road and Bridge rum, u, tna -rown or Liix. in me county and state aforesaid, of the amount of road and bridge funds received and expended by him during the year Just closed, ending on the first Tuesday In April, being the 4th day of April. A. D. 1927: showing the amount of rimu anu nriage runae on nsna at the-oegln nlng of the year, the amount' of the road and bridge funds received, and from what sources received, and the amount of road and bridge funds expended, and. for what purposes expended, during the. year ending aioresaia. Tab aaid W. A. Kreltier belne dnlv nan deposes and say a that the following state ment oy mm subscribed Is a correct . atate. ment of the amount of eaaal andhrldM funita on nana at tne segianms or the nseal year munvm statea. tne amount or road and bridge unua racvivea. tne aoureaarrom vhi.h M ceived, and, the amount expended, and the purposes' f6Fwhleh exnendtMt u tnrttt in am statement. : . W. A, KREITZBR. Treasurer. Bubacrlbed and sworn to before may-Me ah uay or April, a, d. ltll. , C B. CAMERON. Notary Public. RECEIPTS 1121 Mar. ft Amount of road and bridge funds on hand at the beginning of the year, commencing the flrat Taesdsy In April, being the 4th day of April. 1121 $ Apr. i Received from T, A. Flora, road and bridge fund M17.ll Apr. 4 Received from T. A. Flora, road oil fund May t Received from T. A. Flora, roaa on runa Msy t Received from TV A. Flora, road and bridge fund June SO Received from T. A. Flora. road and bridge fund June 10 Received from T. A. Flora, road oil fund Oct. 4 Received from J. A. Jordan. Treaa Drummer Twp., Una bridge Oct. 4 Received from Patton Twp., road oil 1121 Feb. IT Reoelved from Allls Chal--mers Co., exchange motor block Total Oil. Road and Bridge Funda Received - DISBURSEMENTS March 29 E. B. Smith, running tractor a March It J. K. Thompson. 'drag ging roads March St J. H. Bocock, running grader ..z.P. .. March 21 Rdwarda Garage, gaso line March It Milton Holies, 'drag- bod, tile 4.250.U 1.500.00 t.00t.00 1.110.10 117.11 tlt.ll . - The Choice. "Fifty dollars 1r week T The Old Man snorted, ' . "rWve got a nerve, talking about marrying my daughter on fifty a week! Why, that wouldn't pay her street car fare!": " "Humph i" grunted -the - Toung i 'hump. "If she doesn't hang around home any more'n that I can't use her!" -rRlchmond Times ana Dispatch. glng roads March It R. JBKru; and crave! .. March It Fred Waen.V -,'-'iU." B. Brands, drakglng 111.471. 4T 11.11 41.11 1.11 J. 14.10 tit 1M MMM MMMMMMMMMMM : SHOULD YOUR FOUNTAIN PEN NEED REPAIRS I IISKG IT TO TfiE E00XERY "Did your jjiow have a long run V "," replied Mr. Stormlngton ttiirnes. -we qiqn i. nave say run worth mentioning. But we had some nice long walks." la Oversight He "When I married you. I had boundless adoration for you I could fairly have devoured you! Now I re gret tharl dldnt do It." Le Regiment J I.. Among tie Best Sellers. Blackstone: "Have you ever written anything for publication?" --- Webster: "Only a couple of love Letters to a movie actress." - Use claAslfled adrs. for results. grader March II A. roada March It Oeo. Samood.'dragglai roada .............. April 11 John Jesse. 'roed'wwkV. April 11 Jacob Qehahelmer, road work April li John Jesse, road work with team . April 11 Cheater Bond, road work April II Geo. Bonnea Jr. road dragging April II Oeo. Bonnea. road work April 10 Fred Wagoner, ditching.. April II U O. Nattenrtadt, drag gins reads April II H. Bocock, road work.. April II Wesley Brownlee, drag-, glng roads .' -. . ........ April 10 J. 3. -Cameron, oil and . gaa April 10 E. B. Smith, running -tractor 1 April 11 Km est Tansler, road work , April 10 Earl Keller, road work .. April II Hairy-Johnson, road Ww.-k May f Harry Walker, dragging roada May T L 8. Daematt, culvert..... May 1 J. D. Adams, grader V. . . May T C Matthews, draggmg roada May 14 Edwarda Oarage, gaao- line in,,,,,,, imift,,rt,n,, May 14 Harry Walksr. read. work-with tractor May 14 C. A. Johnson, mad work May 14 J. H. Bocock! road erork. . May 14 E. B. Smith, road work...'. May 14 John Jesse, road work ' May l-John Jesse, road work ... May 14 C. H. Boonea. dragging roads . . . . : . MsyJhtTrStandr4 GXL Cesspaay oil aaar 14 Kraeat Erickaoa, werk x. ;. May 14 -J. R Bocoek road work...-. May 11 Fred Wagoner, read work May It Wesley Brownlee, read work ,. May It-John Jesse, road werk.... "ey S E. B. Smith, road werk... May II Mrs. Andrew Laraoa. rent for tractor , . May 11 Elmer Witt, toad work'.. May it R. Johnson, road werk.... May it Wayne Mfg. Co.. read drag; June 14 Edwards OaraM . . . Herry Walker, road work with tractor June 14 Oscar Benaoa. read work June 14-Oeo. Norman, read work June 14 J. H IW, wntrl. June 14 John W u .... Juae-14 Elmer read work Juaa ,4-4 S. w. wl m. Oa- frelaht asi all . las ea Juaa M J. C. R. R. Oa- CralgM . .1 tUSI 11.11 41.10 14.01 4.40 1. 01 It'll Til 10.00 111.44 411.1 7.44 17i.ll lit It. Tt.ll . 11.11 I.M tit it.ll 1.1 11.11 14.14 14.1 II tt.ll ti.M ' 11.11 11.11 HI. 4.41 . ill! . t.i Jung II Homar Bulger, road work June It Ludrig Bsberg, use of truck .. June 11 E. B. Smith, heating all June 11 W. H. Oullett, road work June II J. H. Bocock, read work Juaa ifrw-Bdwarde Oarage, gas. Juns II C. Augspurger,.road work June 11 Hi W. , Leeaermaa, besting all Juaa li Standard Oil Co., road oil June It U E. A W. R. R. Co.. demurrage . June li Frank Teagle, rood werk June li J. W. Hlckersoa, two cul- verts ...'. ..J,. ,. June li W. L. Morrla, road work.. June li Aldere Spears Co., road all at June 11 John Jesse, tiling culvert! Julyll J. W. Hickerson, culvsrte Juliffll Harry Dahl. frslght Julfr it j. h. Bocock, road work J if II Harry Dahl, freight July I S. a Nagle, parcel-. post repatra July It C. M. Dllleriback, black smith work July IS u J. Schults, klllng. roada juir IS R. culllp. i juir i p. Bchsrtg. Aug. IT J. H. BocoeV rood work Aug. t7-r-Oeo. FasklAf. road work Aug. 17 Richard Patten, road work Aug. 17 Arthur Nolsnd. road work Aug. 17 E. O. Pous, cutting road thlstlee it. it .it it. 1 i. 41.44 , 4.7. i.OI 11.11 ; t011.11 ; 111 44 ! 1.71 ', ttl. ) It.ll 177 OS. -" H t ; 100.0 4.7 li t , .1 I l.ll ; ll.ti . I :. it.ll I 27. H 11.00 -1 01 12.10 IS. It its l ; ; few -A ' it HI J ;TTT To 1 ' ih, n 1 A HIGH MARK, BUT-' "An egg of the great auk will bring $500 today." . . , " "A high mark, but the hen lent out ef th,runnlng by any means," Preventive Xealclae, ..IT 1 'II - - The tuxedo add the sllp-oa are the two dominating styles iu sweaters. each of them made In many variations opment of the pneumonia germ. The 1 The tendency of medical science is -toward preventive measures. It Is easier and better to prevent than to cure. I uvuuiuuio, uus ui uio awn uauBwrifug diseases that medical men .have" to contend with, often follows cold or attack of the grifj. The cold nreofcres Z the system for the reception and devel- n Aug. zj -a. u.. s-nillipa roaa wera.v Aug.' 27 Wilson concrsts eulvsrt - . Co., concrete work Aug. IT Western Boiler Pipe Co., . pipe v. ....,.'. 111.1 Sept. 1 W. Miner, payment oa Allls Tractor , 1 Tll.tJ Sept. I First Nat, Bank. Gibson, bill of lading and freight. itl.1l 'Sept. t J. O. Volden, tractor work . S.l Sept. t Wlllard Anderson, barring : . . dog t,.. I.M Sept. T Oscar Benson, pulling tractor... ....V ......... ...... 12.00 Sept. I I. C. R. R.Vfrt. on oil.... 11.11 Sept, I U E. A W. R. R. Co., frt. ' on oil ..... ttl.fT Sept - II John Jesse, dragging roada : Sept. 14 J. H. Bocock, road work ' 11.11 Sept 14 Edwarde Oarage, gaa.... 1S.II Bept. 24 E. B. Smith, heating oil 101.01 Sept '24 L. J. Hanson, road work 1.00 Bept. 24 Standard Oil Co., road oil S40l.4i Bept. 24 H. W. Leenerman, heating oj:t.- 17.1 Bept 14 Huff A Ward, fixing tree- . tor 1 7 Sept II Oeo. Faaklng. road work . Bept 21 O. J. Jones oak lumber - 11.41 Oct. I J. W. Hickerson. building culvert v !00.l Oct, I R; 8. Krum Son, tile and lumber . .'. .Vr; . 1 Oct t L. J. Bchultt, .oiling roads Oct It Frank Rlgge, road, work.. Oct 11 H. A. Bocock, road work Oct 21 Geo. Norman, road work.. Oct. It Oscar Shuts, labor on tractor i Nov. 4 III. Corrugated Metal Co. T7.IT 711.71 . 14.01 Dec t Fred Punke, tot rent..'.,.. Deer 1-J. U Davis; -road work .-Dee. 1 rW, J ' Kerchanfautjnad.- work Dec. t C. Augspurger, tiling.'.;... Dec. t Ben Brlggs. road work..,. Dec. I H. W. Leenerman. pulling willowe .' Dec. is Verne Bwatn, grading roads Dec. 11 Elliott Elevator Co., oil and coal .....;,..- 1121 . Jan. T B. a. Potts, cutting rosd thlstlee Jan.' XI M. L. Thoreon, road work Jan. 28 L. O. Natterstsd, road work ......v.... Jan. IS Carl Reamer, road work.. Jan. 28-r7. S. Barnea, road work.. Jan. 28 R. A. Brown, road work.. Jan. is Kirk Jardlne, road work Feb. 1 Carl, -Reamer, road work.. Feb. 11 I. D. Smith, road work.. Feb. 11 M. U" Thoreon, road work Feb. 16 J. K. Thompson, road work Feb. 26 1. J. Thorsoa, road work Feb. 2SK. Shellman. rosd work.. Feb. 25 J. H. Bocock, cutting willows. v..' ...v Feb. 15 Cart Carpenter, read work Feb. IS O. M. Beamond, road work March 1 C. E. Cameron, taxes... March 1 W. A Kreltaer, Comm. on amount paid...... 11.00 1.10 T it 11.11 i.OI II. 4.0 71.41 to. l.t T.I lit 11.11 8.00 00 00 1.74 1.00 II 00 t.M 13.00 1.7 ' 1.00 ' 1.71 Total expenditures ....tll.K4.ll After close observation we con clude that the minimum on which a family ot five can live is the sum the provider happens to earn. , of color, weave, and materials.' A handsome tuxedo, knitted of wool vara, appears above In a sweater that reveals the effective use of a fancy weave In the body of the garment and the employment of contrasting color. The funny part ot it Is that a mere sucker can locate a swindler when the most skilled detectives are baffled. longer the cold hangs on, the greater the danger. Take Chamberlain's Cough Remedy as soon the first Indication of a cold appears so as to get rid of it with the least possible delay. It is folly to risk an attack ot pneumonia when this remedy may be obtained for a trifle. It Is unfortunate er know Darwin' unate that wi n's opinion of we can nev- Brjanism. WHAT'S THE GOOD WORD? Taste expressed by the writing paper you use. That is the good word your letters carry if written on ' miw& ElBUIMB mm This famous paper, in many attractive styles and shades is now offered at a new ,. low price. Weinviteinspection. . r THE1 BOOKERY 5m THE UNIVERSAL TRACTOR sa all MhB. fsctsry Tractor, Plow and Fenders, delivered, $529.50 Season In a late season like this one, a Fordson Tractor is nearlv a necessity, esneriallv at tho harA. XT l"TVT- ui W7j.w., iou can piow yto iu acres per day, an, an nignt it necessary. ; You can double disc and harrow 25 to 35 acres per day in one operation.1 - It has proven to be the best tractor made for Illinois farms. We have 255 Fordson Tractors in' this - territory. Our parts stock is complete and low priced. Our service is unequalled. V We can make immediate delivery on a few tractors. Come in and talk it over. ' '' ': " . : . ' I . ' ' .' . " ., ' Ford sProducts, -

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