Valley News from Van Nuys, California on November 3, 1957 · Page 18
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Valley News from Van Nuys, California · Page 18

Van Nuys, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 3, 1957
Page 18
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JS-A--V«J Nuyi (Calif.) NEWS * Sunder, Nov. 3, 1937 LACK MOTIVE Sun Valley Man Slain Halloween Police have been questioning friends, and relatives of Peter Fabiano 35, killed Halloween night by a mystery "trick or treat" gunman in his Sun Valley home. They also yesterday were checking pC^iCC rcpGt\^ C»Gti *· *^ T "»* *v clu*s to the murder. Detectives said that as yet no motive has been established for the apparently senseless Halloween murder. No Ones Found Fabiano. a Marine Corps veteran of World War 11, operated two beauty shops with his wife Betty, 36. Lt. Ernest Johnston, chief of Valley Division detectives, said that at present police have no leads to the identity of the gunman who rang the doorbell about 11:05 p.m. and pumped a small caliber bullet just below the victim's heart. Be'ore the shots rang out. Mrs, Fabiano said she heard her husband laugh a net say: "Isn't it a little late for this?" Two Voices Hca-rd The sobbing wife said she "thought it was some actult trick and treaters" and heart! Linda Mintz Trial Continues; Present Taped Conversation Trial of Mrs- Linda Mintz, versation that a man came to run down the street tor help. During her stay, Mrs. Rox 36, housemaid accused of the bludgeon murder of Studio City matron Mrs. Thelma Macomber 43, will be continued, tomorrow before Superior Court Judge Maurice C. Sparling. Latest development in the trial was the taped converse lion of a Fire Dept. invcsti- the back door ami she led him Mrs. Mintz explained her i n t o Mrs. Macomber's bed-'bloody hands by saying she room. She added that she had tried to vaslaround M r s l* put a towel Macomber's cleaning in the front part of [body, the neighbor testified. the house when, liie fire! broke ou*.. Earlier Clyde K. Toney of Burbank, a salesman, testified that he sold Mrs. Macom- gator, Robert J. Patterson, Iber the vacuum cleaner on with Mrs. Mintz. It was read into the record on Friday. Investigate Fir* The investigator said the recording was made at the Macomber nome, iu»2u L*uiti HUls Road, as part of a routine investigation of the blaze in Mrs. Macomber's bedroom. The matron was found fatally Injured in the burning room. Mrs. Mmtz said in the con- Trial Judge Named for Confidential Superior Judge H. Burton Noble will determine if Confidential Magazine is to be retried Nov. 20 on criminal h'bel conspiracy and o b c e n i t y charges. Superior Judge Louis H. Burke, who is in charge of the .criminal division's master cal- assigned tht case . laridar, t-t f v*v a-if i* % * ^ * v v ' f ui LU x j.^M-4 ^ l j (1 ,Q (J (1 [ Ji-ci.3- «lijJ5-ljl voices "one masculine and onej t o Judge Noble. like a man impersonating aj woman." Her daughter, Judy Solomon 15, also heard the conversation. "Then I heard a pop . . . ! heard something fall: she said. "I ran out and found Pete on the floor." Fabiano died a little later at Sun Valley Receiving Hospf- tal. Johnston said Mrs. Fabiano was u n d e r sedation at the home of relatives and detectives were unable to question her about, persons who might have z motive to kill her husband, Stepson Returns However poiice have talked to friends, relatives, and .business acquaintances of t h e slain man in a search for dues in the shooting. Thft victim's stepson, Richard Solomon 17, was granted an emergency 10-day leave from the Navy to be with his mother. He was informed of the murder just as he was ready to board the bus to return to duty in San Diego. Had One Arrest Johnston revealed that Fabiano had no criminal record other than one arrest for bookmaking in 1948. The body was t a k e n to Godeau and Martlnoni Mortuary, 828 W. Washington Blvd., after a coroner's autopsy disclosed, that d e a t h resulted from a gunshot wound in the stomach resulting in massive internal bleeUing. Water and Power Lighting Experts to Address Rotary , Van Nuys Rotary Club will meet Wednesday at 12.15 p.m. In the American Legion clubhouse, 11541 Sylvan St. Program topic will be "Store Front Lighting--From Yesterday to Tomorrow," The Dept. of Water and Power will send two illuminating engineers, T. H. Shepherd, a veteran of 30 year? with the department, and staff member Walter Morris, who will bring with them a model of a store front and show Rotarians what could have happened to one store front during the past 50 years. This demonstration shows the trenn and value of stt -e front lighting in the modern commercial economy. Chairman of the day will be George Gebo. Noble c o n f e r r e d rise atty. Arthur J. Crowley and Dep. State Attorney .General William Jatnee, hut no decision was reached on -whether the case will he retried or the charges dropped. The scandal magazine case ivas removed from the courtroom of Superior Judge Herbert V. Walker at Crowley's request. The defense attorney cdh- tended that another judge should be permitted to rule on proposals to prevent a Road, took the stand to tell that she saw the accused woman "with blood dripping from her fingers." She had hurried to the home after seeing Mrs. Macomber's stepfather, Robert M. Sampson, cosily trial. Judge Walker declared a mistrial Oct. 1 after the first jury reported it was hopelessly deadlocked. Burglar With Ear for Music Takes Records, Player A burglar with an ear--and eye--for music--broke into a Reseda home and stole a four- speed record player and 599 worth of records, police were told by Stanley A. CJark of 19410 Blythe St. Clark said the burglar also took a jacket and an electric razor. The burglar possibly entered the home through an unlocked bathroom window, police said, and left by the back door. Clark told- investigating officers someone called him on the telephone several times :n the pa=t two weeks, hanging up each-time before saying anything. Army Specialist Serves in Korea Army Specialist Third Class Edward J. White, son of Mrs. Nora White, 17116 Chatsworth St., Granada Hitls, is a mem- o'er of the First Cavalry Division in Korea, The division, previously Jn Japan, has absorbed all units of the 2Jth Infantry Division in Korea, since the Jatter's recent deaciivaticr. Fir* Another anna Vahan of 10JOS Camarillo St. visited her. Mrs. Vahan on the witness stand that Mrs. Macomber had told her Mrs, Mmtz would be fired but that she would wait five Soe April 22 with which she was allegedly critically beaten on last May 27. The prosecution maintains the maid killed Mrs. Macom- flp»n»r NvvttW she was about to lose her job. Another witness, Martha Bruschke. secretary to Fred Macomber, the m u r d e r e d woman's husband, said she went to the house to take Mrs. Macomber's car to a garage for repair. Mrs. Macomber was being carried to the ambulance on a stretcher when she arrived, she said. Maid Poshed Aside "Mrs. Mintz was pacing down the walk and saw the stretcher. She was so engrossed the attendants had to push her aside in order to proceed to the ambulance," she added. A neighbor, Mrs. Cecille Maury of 11909 Laurel Hills Reachi, told the jury of calling the Fire Dept. from her home next door because the fire in the Macomber home had shorted out the telephone wires. Mrs. Macomber had been at home only a short time after t, .t»v to M«:iiitaf where she recuperated from a fall. 11820. DRL'G HANDBOOK The first pharmacopoeia to be published in the U.iited States appeared in about 1778. A nationally recognized edi- tion'was not published .and eenerallv circulated u n t i l IF YOU SUFFER from Painful Feet Leg or Bock Troubles Send Today for this New BOOK (Wt hit* iVO Sttoft, Support* or AnfiUng Elt* l» Sell Vou) if you tufftr from Foot. Lra or Btck troublt. If tUndiac on your (*rt or vitlctitE eatiMi T»U If your («t «r» «a t*nd« nd tbtl you in «h*u*Ud *nd Dutiable .t nfcht. 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