The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 8, 1937 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 8, 1937
Page 4
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W,YrflEVILLE, (ARK.): COURIER NEWS MONDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 1931 TTOfBLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COUK1EH NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS , ' 0. R. BABCOCK, Editor ' VH .W. HA1NES, Advertising Manager 1 Pola". National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, inc., 'New' York, Chicago, Wrolt. St. Louis, Dallas, Knnsab city, Memphis Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered ns second class matter at the post offlc* at B!ythc r ille, Arkansas, under act ol Congress, October 3, 1917. Served by Uio United Frcsa SUBSCRIPTION RA'I-ES By carrier In the. Cits-' ot Btythevlllc, 15a per week, or C5c per month. By mnll, within a rndius ot 50 miles, $3.00 p" year, $1.50 lor six montlis, 75c for three montlis; by mail In postal zones two to MX, Inclusive, $6.50 per year; In zones seven and eight, {10.00 per'year, payable In advance. The President and the Conns there is nothing i" the text ol' Mr. Roosevelt's i (reposal concerning 'the federal courts lo justify the clmriro that he is seeking to cripple one of Uio co-ordinate hnuiehcs of govcrn- mcnt and imderinino the constitution. In fad, as Gen. Hugh S. Johnson said over the radio tho other iiighl, if thu plan hud been advanced at another time and by a different president it would probably have been accepted as sound and desirable by a inajority of those who are bitterly condemning it now. -.'••• * ,Tho president is simply asking ini- ' thority to expand the personnel and to make other changes calculated to expedite the work of the federal courts. Far from urging any curb upon judicial powers, he seeks lo increase the effectiveness of the courts in the exercise of the powers they possess. There are some differences of opinion in regard lo the merits of the program 'itself but they are not tho source of the storm of editorial and political protest that has arisen. When, then, is all the shouting about? Tho answer is that those who like neither Mr. Roosevelt nor liis program are afraid—and perhaps with good reason—that in the exercise of the powers he is asking of congress ho will appoint to the supre'mo bench and lo other courts men with a point of view different from that, for example, of Justices Butler, McRoyiiolds, Van De- vanler and.Sutherland.—the flldvgtiard of (he suprenip court. ' • '•-. i; The four gentlemen listed above h'ave consistently ruled againnt Jil- most every New Deal measure which' .. has come before the supreme court. For • this, though nil impartial observer would hesitate to rank them with such other members of the court, as Hughes, Brandeis and Stone, they have been deified by opponents of the presi- 'clciit as defenders of the constitution. That, of course, is nonsense. They are certainly no more infallible than other members of the court, who often differ with them. When a constitutional question is susceptible of an absolute answer it usually gets it by unanimous' decision, of the supreme court, regardless of the political or social point of view of the justices. When there is no absolute answer we get a court . divided along lines conditioned by • tho background and outlook of the members. Would the constitution suffer if, in such cases, the court majority reflected the point of view of nearly two-thirds of (he American people, as expressed by them at last November's election instead of, as at present, a court majority which more often than not reflects the outlook of only a little more than a third of the people? Hopeful Sign A survey reveals that automobile accidents dailmed 38,500 victims in 1036, 1,500 more than in the previous year. This is a revelation that will depress thinking people. When more human beings continue to be slaughtered each year, regardless of all efforts made to educate citizens in protecting themselves and others, where will it all end? Statistics for 1030, however, arc not all bleak. One hopeful trend indicated in them, is that, in IS states, the increase in traffic deaths is not mounting so rapidly as the increase in . motor cars or gasoline consumption. And all but two of those states have been carrying on some genuine safety program. All of which .suggests that, by intensified safety efforts in many directions, the grim increase in automobile accident fatalities eventually may be checked'. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark CRIME FILE ON BOLITHO BLANE "There go those lovely neighbors of ours, owing' do/en eggs and a half pound of butler." THIS CURIOUS WORLD BF A winning football team performs a very veal service In building group loyalty, 'group interest, mid yroup consciousness. —W. D. Scott, president, Northwestern University. * , * .* • First, 1 there isn't any money. Then, who will fight whom? Lastly, wars arc usually between "Imves" nnil "linvc nols" nhtl Germans' Is about'. Hie only country that has not. —Maj. James Sawyers, explaining why there will be no immediate world war. ; -•'• ' * '* * President Roosevelt Is as strong an autocrat us cither Hitler or' Mussolini, the difference- being that your people' choose your nulocrnl instead of him choosing them. —Sir Charles Jllgham. ' ••''•• t * * It isn't experience, but interpret It Hint makes you nblo to fluht life. —Rev. W. 13. Jcnks, Youngslown, O. * . * * Oh, you're the man I've been . looking for ever since Inauguration Day. —president Roosevelt, when ho met W. J. Moxoin, ncling chief of the Weather Bureau, for the first time. * " » * We Americans arc a fickle race—we need a change and we welcome; novelty. —Louis Unter- ineycr, noted poet. * * * I hereby declare that through these actions, that pnrt of the Versailles Treaty which deprived our nation of equality and degraded it to a position of nn inferior people, has found Us natural end. —Adolf Hitler, in a recent address. ..-* * * The most Important factor in life Is not so much what happens to yon, but rather the .way you react to those experiences. —Joan Crawford, movie actress. HlXiliV IIKIU* TOrlAV il.ilirclhiB <;.\III/*'».V IKX.'KSAV- AC.f.'H j-iv?]il, (;OI.I>i:.\' C!UI,L, off MJmul, la liivi-ill>;;ili- lli« tllnnii- liuurniii-e at IlOJ.I'i'KO I1I.AXH, llrliKl, JljmiicJiT and UnrkMiv- uKv'f rlilvt <-imi|ii-(l(iir In wnrlil *i«i|> Irnilr. Ili-lrrllvi- Cl|[!,-i-r IU1T- Tlilll.VfJ Hulls KlrniiK '!'« >'" Hlano'K cnMit cnriii'l mill Jjluoil en II.,- ..urli.Iu. KcHl-Hll;? I'lllllinir* :lll IKINKfll- Ki-n Im-luilhiK MCIIOI.AS S'l'O- IKYirr, lllriiK-'K M-i-rclnryl Iliirk- KIIVIIKl- UuJ J.K Jnwlill-r l.'lvjilll: J.ADV \vi:i/ii:iii jn:i:i.\Air» mid Bins. .loi'KM.v, i.niiy WI-IUT'K UdUKlid-r nuil Niui-lii-Iliwi Ike 'II1.S1ICII* Ol' III) III-! I ('OHM' J.UHJI I'osoniM ami ixusuici; 1IAYAXII1. Kl-ltt-rliiK Hnil* II it V k H H V n K c *'ilif,'lil :i tiii-r^i-r Mltfi lllnne lu MIVL- liEH »-<iiiiti:iuy: (Eiiil l.nily \Vcl- *<-r I* li|.;ivEI\ iti1crl'.sK'd| thai llliyusli! ih,|,,-r;il, I) ftiillK'lil to *L'll a hiiKv KO:I| HII)]III|) - I'Uhrr 1" Jlljini; or HiK-KsiiviiKi'! tlifit I'ciKuOlnl in a i-oii miiiit llJlli the I'l'liuii Eionr.s SDIIII- ttix.stiTlunw rf- IllllllllSllill U) Illlt-lihllVll^l-. 'I'JLl.S I"*! lie li'tirnx IhnniKlL " letter from Illjillf tu HisPu)|l, naming O^il HlriuiKe llilri^^ iiil^lit l;iki' lll.-ll'l' Ull till' ^-lll'lll. xo\v an DV WITH TIII-: STOIIV ; CHAPTER XI L1F.UTKNANT SCHWAB'S INFORMATION RKLAYliD TO OFFICER KETTERING, TINUED. f'OPy of radiogram, dated Jan. v< 8, 1037, Tiled 9:35 p. m., Ni98 RS LONDON: NI 06 HS I,ONnON -108 9 0210 POLICI3 HEADQUARTERS, MIAMI, FLA. . YOUR INQUIRY PQ 472G LADY WELTER BORN AUGUST E1GI1TYONE WIDOW LATE SIR DAVID SHIPPING MAGNATE [DIED OCTOBER TWENTYTWO WILL ATTESTED ONE MILLION THREE; HUNDRED ELEVEN THOUSAND STOP PURCHASED CONTROLLING INTEREST FIRESIDE WEEKLY TWENTYTHREE CHRIS TIAN GIRL TWENTYFIVE CROSS AND PEN TWKNTYEIGHT BRITISH YOUTH TWENTYNINE CHESTNUTS AND OAKS ALL. BELDNG- TO THE BEECH FAMILY/ WAS ABOVE FRANCE, NEAF2, THE CITV OF PARIS .../9O2... THERE IS A/0 LIMIT TO THE DISTANCE TO WHICH THE •GARTH'S GRAVITATIONAL PULL EXTENDS. lu 1002, records obtained from sounding-balloons released from Observatory of Trnppre, near Paris, disclosed for the first time the existence of the stratosphere...nrcgiou of air several miles above the earth, where temperature ceases to fall with increase of altitude. XKXT: What is the largest flying ainmal Ihnt ever existed? ALL' PAPERS HIGH MORAL TONE. ALL HUN AT LOSSES MADE UP BY LADY WELTER PRIVATELY STOP LADY WELTER INVOLVED H A T R Y CRASH TWENTYNINE LOST LARGF PORTION OF FORTUNE STOP PRINCIPAL INCOME NOW DERIVED ROCKSAVAGE COMPANIES. o * * T-TON. REGINALD JOCELYfc iA BORN MAY NINETEEN TWO -SECOND SON OF EARL OF CKOCORN EDUCATED ETOJ AND CAMBRIDGE ENTERED STOCKBROKERS WRENN FALL AND HALKETT NINETEEf, TWENTYFIVE MOTOR SALES MAN KENDALL COMPANY TWENTY SEVEN KENWENI* ADVERTISING COMPANY TWENTYEIGHT P U B LIC ITY DEPARTMENT PINNACLE FILMS THIRTY MARRIED PAMELA WELTER THIRTY ONE AND ENTERED LADY WELTERS PUBLISHING llOUSE .ATER BECAME HER PERSON\L ADVISER STOP NOT WELL REGARDED BY 'AMILY STOP NO PERSONAL 'ORTUNE AS FAR AS ASCER- 'AINABLE STOP WRITTED 'OR DEBT MANY OCCASIONS JETWKKN TWENTY THREE \ND THIRTYONE STOP AP- ARENTLY PROVIDED FOR >INCE BY LADY WELTER iTOP NICHOLAS STODART NO IN- 'OHMATION STOP BISHOP OF BUDE BORN EVENT YON E EDUCATED PRI- r ATELY AND CARDIFF UN1- 'ERSITY ENTERED CHURCH V'INF.TYTWO FROM NINETY 'IVE HAS CONTRIBUTED IANY ARTICLES GENERAL 'RESS ON CHURCH AFFAIRS STOP N1NETYN1NE NINETEEN ONE SERVED AS PADRE SOUTH AFRICAN WAR FOURTEEN SEVENTEEN WORLD WAR THEN SENT HOME INVOLVED UNSAVORY SCANDAL WITH TROOPS ESCAPED PUBLICITY AS ENQUIRY HELD IN PRIVATE AT WHICH BISHOP EXONERATED ON ALL CIIARGF.S APPPOINTED SUFFRAGAN 3ISHOP SEPTEMBER TWENTY THREE STOP BISHOP OF BUDE MARCH TWENTYNINE STOP BOLITHO BLANE DATE OF ilRTH UNKNOWN AGE APPROXIMATELY FORTYEIGHT BELIEVED TO HAVE ARRIVED iUROPE WITH AUSTRALIAN FORCES DURING WORLD WAR ;TOP, FIRST CAME INTO PROMINENCE AS FINANCIER TWENTYTHREE STOP T4RMED BY PRESS MYSTERY MAN OF STOCK EXCHANGE NO PHOTOGRAPHS EVER PUBLISHED STOP LIVES AS RECLUSE BENWOOD COBHAM SURREY RARELY VISITS LONDON OFFICES TRANSACTS BUSINESS BY TELEPHONE STOP BLANE COMPANIES SHAKY years later, transferred to Slanci did Oil, in both of which 1* gained considerable general expc rience. He left tho latter lo | K 'J come a director, again in soap, c Bloomberg Frien, a small coirj any of. which ho soon became tl noving spirit. Early in 1918 he formed. Sc 1'oilct Preparations to hand?' (her lines allied to the soap ir iuslry and at the conclusion ( ho war ho v;as reputed to vorlh a very considerable loi uno. o His original partner, Mostyij ilooniberg, died in the Novembi f 1932. Tho cause of his dea vas never cleared up cjui atisfaclorily. He was found do; n his oflico chair one aflernoi ncl poison of a subtle variel.. vlucli would leave little tract vas suspected. After his partner's death he V irganizcd as Rocksavage Conso! lafed in January, 1033, and the[ uccccded in bringing his cpm|l >anies through the depression. {• Ho has, however, never rc-l Siincd his financial strength anfj ast year has shown a steady clino in the shares of those < ccrns in which he is interested This is largely due to a price cut]! 'ing war which he lias been wa^-l ng with the British soap gi'ouj)| controlled l>y Bolitho Blane. MISS FERRI nOCKSAVAGE | f\NLY cliild ol the above. Borl ^ 10-5-1913. Educated Hurst School, Long Hcat'!| Islan[l AT MOMENT SHREWD OBSERVERS BELIEVE HIM DUE CRASH STOP COUNT POSOD1NI NO INFORMATION AVAILABLE STOP (Signed) CHIEF INSPECTOR THING RECORDS SCOTLAND YARD. LIEUTENANT SCHWAB INFORMATION RELAYED TO OFFICER KETTERING, CONTINUED. NLY information available at Uio moment regarding Mr. Carllon Rocksavoge and his Q I daughter: Carlton Rocksavage came of a respectable middle-class family but, as a younger son, had to make his own way. On finishing his education ho entered the'sdap firm of Spears Cunliff and, six Munich and Paris'. Prominent soil cialitc and member of the youn'l New York Smart Set. On her return from Europ:! four years ago she at once becairt I a press personality. Is fond c]| amateur acfHig and has appcarctl at nearly all smart charity show 1 in recent years. Much photo'! graphed-and credited with num^J crous love affairs. Copy of radiogram C10G Toky4| Jan. 8, 1037, 10:24 p. m. RECEIVED AT MIAMI, FLA. '.| ClQli VIA RCA-F TOKYO POLICE HEADQUARTERS- MIAMI FLA— INOSUKE IIAYASHI NATIVjl OF NAGASAKI EDUCATE!?/ OXFORD AGE THIRTY STOP HAS NEGOTIATED MANV'I COMMERCIAL TRANSACTION;; I FOR JAPANESE GOVERNMENT'! STOP BELIEVED ACTING MOMENT SH1KOKU PRODUCTS COMPANY WHO HAVE DEALINGS WITH OFFICE Of I INTERIOR SUPPLIES DEPART?! MENT STOP T A K A S HI INFORMATICS BUREAU POLICE HEADQUAifl TEBS TOKYO. (To Be Continued) | Save tin's Installment as Kvi-f, flencc to help you solve Hie eriim?| OUT OUR WAY however, has made'il; possible \o vaccinate with a smai: -jiisicr that heals rapidly and is not likely to cause any symptom worse than a slight itching. It is important to keep the spot (hilt lias licea vaccinated dry, cool, and clean. Unnecessary use of the arm siiould be avoided. The crust which forms on the vaccination should not bs scraped oil or rubbed with ointments. II is "Cl well to cover the vaccination with a shield or pad of any sort, Since iiiis \vould cause perspiration and macerate :he skin under the crust. Most doctors merely sec that the crust covering the vaccination is protected \\ith a little gauze. During the World War. millions of soldiers were vaccinated and there are no records of any serious results. The slight possibility of any liarin from vaccination compared will: the serious danger of smallpox is so iiiflnilcsiiually small it needs hardly bo mentioned. Liinburgor cheese first was marketed in Limbourg, Belgium whence it derives its name. lolleen Moore Buys Extensive Georgia Estate CONYER3. Oa. (UP) —Collacii Moore, whose flashing Irish eyes made her one ol Hollywood's greatest stars of the silent films, has purchased a large tract of land lieai- here on which she plans to build a home. L. M. McDowell, clerk of Rockdale County Superior Court, revealed that about 2.000 acres have been purchased over a pgriod of several months, half the acreage being listed in the name of her mother, Mrs. Agnes Morrrson, and half listed jointly in the names of Miss Moare and John H. Hewlett, Atlanta, the former actress' business manager. The laud is located about 30 miles from Atlanta. Miss Moore reported to bs planning a swimming pool, tennis courts and other conveniences for the estate. She also plans to farm a portion of the land and establish a cattle am sheep farm. San Francisco Chinese Keep Old Joss Hou;|J SAN PEANCISCO (UP)—Cllin^| town here boasts the oldest Jojl House in the United States, datii*! back originally to, 18-14. but rebu:|| in 1905 after the earthquake 'aii*l fire had destroyed it. £1 It is still crowded by visitors bp'l in addition to the curiousity seek-1 it- is the worshipping place of llio;; I Chinese who wish to implore tij I blcssins; of Tin How, the godded! of the Seven Seas. jt| Read Courier News Want Adsii Announcements The Courier Mews Has been ,a thorizcd to announce the foljoil ing candidates for Blythcville my nicipal offices, to be elected' fl April C: I-'or Mayor MARION WILLIAMS W. W. HOmPETEH Vaccination Has Robbed Smallpox, Once Di:eacl Disease, ol! Ils TerroVs OUR BOARDING HOUSE Willi Major Hoop]!] Uy i)H. MOKIUS FlStir.KiN fc'ilitor, .liinrnitl «f lln- Amcriciin ^Icdical Assoi'iatinn, •nnd of llygcia, tbe IliMlth M:i«a/.inc Of all the infectious disease'i which nttnck man. Ihos; spread through di.scharge.s from His mouth and nose avo most prevalent. 'Hie list includes not only such widespread diseases as tuberculosis and smallpox, but also Ihc common cold, pncnmania, in- Iliicnza, and many of the contagious olscvses of childhood. There was a time when the nn- usiml person in any community wns the one without smallox : f :: wZ-f^S' H ' ;irs °" hls taco ' 1'odiU- it Is rar= Indeed to soc in any civilized rcjlon a person ^tith these scars. He that Is sa disfigured Is n livin-r monument to his own ignorance or I: Is parents' stupidity. Smallpox- is proven [able In fact. vaccination against smallpox was the first siKtific method of proven lion discovered. When Edward established its usefulness by his experiments in England in "i79u. lie took the first step lovumh specific inoculation against dlscas?. :1 ^ that has led to all the specific methods of prevention nh-jady mentioned in this scries. * » A Before use of vaccination, about five people ot every ino smallpox, and about 25 per cent of these victims died. Dnrinir th? last to years less lhan GOO.OOO cases have been reported in the United States, which means that only one of every 20(1 persons had the (lisfa-c during that lime. In the United State.?, however, here is more smajlpo.x than in any itber civilized country in the world. xcciit in British India. Most oilier civilized countries have made vac- ciuation .so cauipulEory they have :ccu able to prevent sniailiwx in a way not possible in America. In vaccination against smallpox. a person rcticvcs an injection of vaccine him a vims which sets up lu localized infection of much le;-s serious type that causes body (o develop resistance against smallpox. The resistance may wear o after a number of years so tha It is for him [o be vaccinated aaain after a reasonable interval of time. Vaccinations may protect fcr as long as 20 years. It is customary nowadays to vaccinate n child when ho is about C> \ months old. then to vaccinate him again just before ho enters school. After thai, vaccination is necessary only when there is danger of an epidemic or of exposure lo smallpox, or whenever a perean plans to travel In the tropics or ill China, where the danger of smallpox Is greater than in America. Every person exposed directly or Indirectly to smallpox should be immediately vaccinated, and then vaccinated ajain if it fails to "lake." in tbe o!;l days, vaccination was a serious matter. Improvement in method a:\d the 1 materials used, OFF FOR TlAE SOUTH TO MOBMOB WITH TME "MOO C3UE.ST OF MY OLD MILLIONAIRE PAL, ROMALTD WlMGATE WHILE YOU ARE CAKVlM<S A PATH TWRO(J<3H 6>MOW DRIFTS, 1 WILL BE WWIL1MG AWAY. THE HOUR'S OM A OF- CS4AMPA<5ME AS)D THAT'S STUFF YOU'VE "BEEM IWHALlMcS, MOOPLE / YOU'D BETTER WEAR A MITTEN, OR YOUR THUMB WILL BE "FROST-BlTTEkl BEFORE YOU GET BELOW TH' SMOW LIME '"<&

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