Valley News from Van Nuys, California on September 8, 1967 · Page 30
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Valley News from Van Nuys, California · Page 30

Van Nuys, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 8, 1967
Page 30
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24-A---Central 22-A--Bur. 22-A--No. Eott 26-A--Wmt 2+-A-- East THE NEWS Van Nuys (Caiif.)--Friday. Sej*«sfesr 8, 1967 GIRL POWEK BEGINS TOMORROW--Week end airwaves will explode softly with sounds of girls over KLAC-Radio. From left, Jill Schary, Victoria James, Eve Bonner and Louise Rohner will man, er .. uh, "woman" KLAC Two-Way telephone lines every Saturday from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. and every Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 10 pm. New format is expected to add entire new scope to broadcasting. Besides, what is more natural than women talking on telephones" HAL BATES Letter Campaign Threatens Radio's Freedom of Speech With the advent of radio talk shows, some stations are being confronted with a new problem -- a pattern of terror tactics by disgruntled, disenchanted persons using the U.S. Mails to spew out. their venom. Thei aim, whether they admit it or not, is to crush out freedom of ey Dick WhittinghlU told hi speech in this country. Jack Thayer, station manager of KLAC-Radio, is currently face to face with this serious problem which may not only affect his station but perhaps all the others. Thayer said KLAC has been "the victim of a small group determined to end free speech or the voicing of any viewpoint different from theirs. We have received threatening phone calls and letters, anonymous letters, letters with false names and addresses." Some of the letters have been so vicious and abusive, even threatening violence, they have been turned over to the FBI for investigation, he said. An average of 25 letters a day are received at the station. According to Thayer they are evenly divided between the right and left. Most of the bitter tirades from the left are heaped upon the station's conservative on- the-air personality, Bob Grant. liberals Arbogast and Margolis are leading targets of the right. "The letters are not only listener's comments in disagreement with the opinions of the listeners what had transpire and in the words of the anony mous caller relayed the man gratitude. As Whittinghill said later "It's something the rating will never reflect but we trus the message got through al right." * * * Winner of KHJ-Radlo's son] lyric contest is Mrs. Mick Callen of Reseda. The pretty 21-year-old Micki, marrie only two months ago to Bob Callen, wins $1000 in cash and personalities. There are vehement demands to "fire all liberals" or "fire all conservatives." When Thayer refused to give in to their demands, they started writing to the FCC, congressmen, senators. Their latest method is to write and call advertisers, threatening to boycott stores, discontinue use of a product or withdraw their accounts. ".One advertiser, Thayer said, who stack through a barrage of letters, finally yielded ·when he received phone calls at his business. The callers tied him up for as long as 10 minutes at a time. After several such calls, the sponsor tossed in the towel in desperation, claiming he didn't want to get involved. 'Thayer insists that most of hfs advertisers are sticking. 'Thayer says, "Our Two-Way Radio format, we feel, meets te demands of the FCC for pj-ograms in the public interest and community involvement. Yet a handful of mal- cpt}tents have frightened sponsors into cancellation or refusal to buy. -"But, we MICKI CAII/EN royalties from the new Buffalo Springfield record album in which her song will be featured. Name of the winning lyric is "The Hour of \ot-Quite- will not be intimidated. Our determination 1| greater than ever to allow people with all viewpoints the opportunity to express themselves." * * * I KMPC like all commercial broadcasting organizations and advertising media is in business to make money and the accepted way to do that is by selling time to sponsors who wish to air their commercials. With no sacrilege intended/ to our knowledge God has yet to retain an advertising agency to help spread His word. Therefore, KMPC director of programming Buss Barnett was somewhat taken off guard Rain," which MicM said wrote while reflecting she on she thoughts of a girl when reaches 21. Micki is a Valley State English major. She told me she intends to use the prize money to start her family. * * * Scott O'Sfeil, hcst on KNX- Radio's "Young Set," debuts his new young people's discussion series Saturday, Oct. 14 on Channel 2. One of radio's most pleasant personalities, Scotty should prove even more so on the homescreens. Recently he and his lovely wife, Judy, settled in Encino. Heat if * * exhaustion forced Karen Steele to quit guest star femmt: lead in the "Line of Fire" segment of "The FBI" and was replaced by Jan Shepard . . . Yaphet Kotto signed to appear in an episode of "The Big Valley." . . . "Dak- tari" star, Cheryl Miller, returns to her Sherman Oaks home Tuesday following a 10-day holiday in Paris . . . * * * Lee Glronx has completec filming of "Fire Boss" as par of the KNBC Survey series se for a Sept. 30 airing on Chan tv/radio TELEVISION LOG HBI HYI UK ITU UK-TV KHJ-TY HIV KW 2 3 4 5 7 9 1 1 f l Any program deviations from these logs are the result of last-minute changes by the stations. C-denotes color. DAYTIME TELEVISION Monday Through Friday FOCUS ON SEX COURSES IN SCHOOL FOR KCET'S 'LOCAL ISSUE' TONIGHT Local physicians and schoo board officials attempt t combat the "New Morality with grade school sex educa tion courses, but irate parents protest tonight at 7.30 p m. on Channel 28's "The Subject o Sex." KCET's affiliate in Denver Colorado, traced i;ontroveny in the boiling Jefferson County for the initial segmen of a "Local Issue" series. The program documents at tempts at reaching a workable r ormula for teaching a touchy subject. Center of the dispute the proposed text, "Love and Sex in Plain Language,' tvritten by Eric Johnson. Some parents feel "that al age 13 this is more than you leed to tell the kids. You don't Local Exhibitors Slate Drive for United Crusade Executives of Los Angeles County's theater industry today were busy planning their participation in the 1967 United Crusade William Hertz, of National General Corp., serving as theatre division chairman of Hie campaign, told the executives that this year's goal for theatre employes and management is $36,900 -- almost $10,000 more than last year. United Crusade, a merger of United Way and Red Cross, raises funds annually for 244 health and welfare agencies and 12 Red Cross chapters in Los Angeles County. This year's campaign goal for the county is )26,780,000. Industralist Vicar Carter serves as county campaign chairman. need to tell them at any age all of the things that are in this book." Doctors, on toe other hand, are disturbed by the alarming increase in venereal disease and out-of-wedlock pregnancies among the community's youth. "The Subject of Sex" is the first in a series at programs illustrating community problems in America today on National sion's series. Educational new "Local Televi- Issue" KMPC Aids Yule Sea! Contest KMPC Radio, along with the Tuberculosis and Health Associations of Los Angeles, Pasadena and Long Beach, is co-sponsoring for the second consecutive year the local Christmas Seal Design Competition. Greater Los Angeles professional artists and art students are invited to enter the design contest. According to J. Chris Smith, chairman of the Christmas Seal committee, prizes totaling $285 will be given. In addition, all entries will be shipped to New York for judging in the nationwide contest where first prize is $1000. Because of production requirements, Seals are deigned two years in advance. This year's contest will be to reate a Seal for the year 969. Deadline for entries locally is September 30,1967. 8:00- 2-News-J 6-Cartoons-C 7-GirlTalk 8-Sunup-C 10-Today Show-C 8:30- 4-Today Show-O 6-Film Feature 7-Loriene Chase-C 9:00- 2, 8-Candid Camera 3-News, Background 4. 10-Snap Judgment-O 6. 11-Jack LaLanne-O 7-Mike Douglas-C 9:15- 3-Film 9:30- 2. 8-Beverly Hillbillies 3-Film [W] 4. 10-Concentration-C 6-Coffee Break 11-Movie 9:45- 3-Inquiry 10:00- 2, 8-Andy Griffith 3-Leave It To Beaver 4, 10-Personality-C 5-BUly Graham [Th-F] 6-Dating Game 10:30- 2. 8-Dick Van Dyke 3. 6. 7-Dateline HoUyw'd 4, 10-H'lyw'd Squares-C 5-Fito [M-T-W] 13-Film 11:00- 2, 8-Love of Life-C 3. 6, 7-Honeymoon Race 4. 10-Jeopardy-O 5-Movie 13-Romper Room 11:30- 2. 8-Search, Tomorrow 3. 6. 7-Family Game 4, 10-Eye Guess-O 11-Shenff John 13-News 11:45- 2. 8-Guiding Light 12:00- 2-Keene at Noon-C 3, 6, 7-Everybo''y s Talking 4. 10-Let's Make Deal-C 8-Girl Talk 9-Spectmm 13-Adventure Rendezvous-C 12:30- 2. 8-As World Turns-C 3, 6, 7-Donna Reed 4,10-Days of Our Lives-C 5-Johnny Grant 9-Fflm 11-Movie 13-Dialing For Dollars 12:45- 5-Movie 1:00- 2. 8-Password-C 3. 6. 7-The Fugitive 4. 10-The Doctors-0 9-Movie 1:30- 2. 8-Art Linkletter-C 4. 10-Another World-O 13-Movie 2:00- 2, 8-Tell The Truth-C 3, 6. 7-Newlywed Game 4, 10-You Don't Say-C 2:30- 2. 8-Edge of Night-O 3, 6. 7-D- earn Girl-C 4.10-Match Game-C 5-The Cheaters 9-Feature Page-C 2:55- 6. 7-Marlene Sanders-O 3:00- 2, 8-Secret Storm 3, 6. 7-General Hospital 4-P.D.Q.-C 5-Divorre Court 10-Movie 11-Cartoons-C 13-Pop's Toy Shop-C 3:30- 2-Loretta Young 3, 7-Dark Shadows , 4-F.YJ.-C 6-Merv Griffin 8-Divorce Court-C 9-Movie 11-Yogi Bear-C 4:00- 2-Sea Hunt 4-Major League Baseball [M] 3, 7-Dating Game-C 5-Dobie Gfflis 8-Truth, Consequences-( 11-Winchell-Mahoney-C 13-Bozo-C 4:30- 2, 3-Movie 2-Golf Champ'nsh'ps [M 4-Movie 5-News-C 7-News-C 8-Bob Dale-C 10-Cartoons 5:00- 6-News 9-Shrimpenstein-C 11-Woody Woodbury-C 13-Felix the Cat-C 5:30- 5-Worid of Color-O 6-Mike Douglas 7, 10-News [7-CJ 9-Superheroes-C 13-Touche Turtle-O FRIDAY EVENING ONATHAN WINTERS TO HOST ABC-TV'S 'HOLIDAY ON !CE' nel 4 Katliy Kersli, Bar bara Moore, Sherry Alberom and Jan Howard recently visited Armed Forces Radio for guest stints on several of its programs Barbara man who identified as "just a listener' the other day when a deep voice at the other end of a phone line said, "I'd like to tiuy some air time for GOD!" _ Pulling himself together, Sarnett inquired as to the natare of this request, whereupon a himself explained that lie \vanted to buy some spots on KMPC for a" few short personal announcements thanking God for "ihe multitude of blessings showered on me." -Barnett explained to the caller that the station would not sell him the time for a person- id announcement but would be flighted to pass the message along free of charge. ZThe next morning disc Jock- LWSPAPLRl McNair guests with Dean Martin in November Carole Wells, whose hubby Larry Doheny is a reserve cop, is starting a tv campaign to convince the public police salaries should be raised and to recruit more volunteers . KLXA-TV, Channel 40, added John Magaro to its staff as director When Ethel Herman bowed out of the Bobby Darin Special in New York due to ttie death of her daughter, Kaye Steven* was on hand to lake over Restory 'Escape' Stirling Silhphant today had be^n signed to write a screenplay for "The Artful Dodger." a following of certain characters depicted in a previous film "The Great Escape."' John Sturgess will also produce and direct the new film. Holiday On Ice will be aired t 7-00 p.m., Sunday evening, September 24, on KABC-TV, hannel 7, it has been an- ounced. The one hour color ice ex- avanganza taped in Frank- urt, Germany, features Jona- lan Winters as the guest-star master of ceremonies, and an international cast including rtirld figure skating champi- ns and outstanding per- ormers. "Holiday" is directed by ean Christophe Averty, mmy Award winner; scripi or the program was written y Emmy and Peabody ward winner, Max Wilk. The colorful gelid gambol will sparkle with the artistry of Sjoukje Dijkstra, Olympic World Champion; Paul Eva Romanova, brother and and and sister team and World Dance Champions; Marika Kihus and Hans-Jurgen Baurnler, Olympic Pair Skating Champions; Judy and Jonny Ho'iday; and The Maxwells Sign Mother Beverly Garland today had been cast in the costarring role of Tuesday Weld's mother in "She Let Him Continue," now filming on location in Massachusetts. Anthony Perkins also stars in the psychedelic drama. Highlights of the show will include "The Adventures of Marco Polo," "La Bamba,' "Old London" and the ice ballet, "Cinderella." Slate Colorcast of Bing Crosby Golf Tournament The 3M Company has signed for full sponsorship of the $101,500 27th Annual Bing Crosby National Pro-Amateur Golf Tournament to be televised "live" and in color Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 13-14, over full facilities of the ABC- TV Network. For the first time this oldest national pro-ninateur golf classic, which began at Rancho Santa Fe, Calif, in 1937, will kick off the 1968 professional golf tour. It will be the sixth year that 3M has sponsored the tournament in which pros and amateurs -- including many ivell-known entertainment and sports personalities -- play I Pebble Beach, Cypress Point and Spyglass Hill courses with low pros and teams meeting at Pebble Beach in the finals on January 14. Tournament Host Bing rosby is expected to appear on the two-day telecast as chief commentator. 6:00- 2, 4, 8-News 12, 4-O] 5-RawMde 7-Movie-O 9-Groovy-O 10-Huntley BrinWey-O 13-Ripcord-C 6:30-n-WeJJs Fargo 13-Patty Duke 7:00- 2. 8-Walter Cronktte-O 3-News 4-Huntley-Brinkley-C 5-Al£red Hitchcock 6-Movie 9-Tall Man 10-Movie 11-M Squad 13-McHale's Navy 7:30- 2. 8-Wfld Wild West-C 3-Movie-C 4-Hardy Boys 5-The Defenders 7-See the Wizard-C 9-NFL Action-O 11-Truth-Consequences-O 13-Perry Mason 8:00- 9-Roaring Wheels-O 11-Metromedia Presents 8:30- 2-Gomer Pyle-C 4, 10-Ghostbreakers-O 5-Jim Thomas 6, 7-Hondo-C 8-Hogan's Heross-O 11-Merv Griffin-O 13-Hawaii Calls-O 9:00- 2, 8, 9-Movie-O 5-Gideon 13-Capture-C 9:30- 3-Fashion Film 4, 10-Police Story-O 3, 6, 7-Wfll Sonnett-O 13-Movie 10:00- 3,6,7-Judd for Defense-0 4,10-Three for Danger-C 5. 11-News-C 10:30-13-Del Mar-C U:00- 2, 3, 4( 7, 8, M-News 5-One Step Beyond 6-Twflight Zone 9-Davidson and . . .-O 11-Arbogast-Margolis-O 13-Movie 11:30- 2-Movie 3. 6, 7-Joey Bishop-O 4, 10-Tonight Show-O 5-Movie 8-Perry Mason 12:00- 9-Movie 12:30-U-Movie-C 13-Movie 1:00- 2, 4, 7-Movie FRIDAY DAYTIME MOVIES Tl 00- 5--Korean Patrol. 12-30-11-Champaon. for Caesar. 12.45- 5-Di.itiomf Jim. Edward Arnold. 1:00- 9-Nimty-nine River St. 1 30-13-Men on Her Mind 1943 33°- '-Teenage Millionaire. 1961. 4 '3°- 2-Paradise lagoon. 1958. ^-Return at Jack Slada. 1955. FRIDAY PJH. MOVIES 6-00- 7-Only the Bert. SUMO HeywtnJ, Dan Daily. Dress designer's ambition threatens to destroy company. 1951. 7 «- *r«!9 Trtw. Hit Dooete, P»triee Wymore. __»-J*nny *«». 1958 7^0- 3-Daddy Long Leo. Fred Attain *0°- *-**· ·· «« TalT Yves McSSd Touna boy Icarra the f»ct» of O.OA .« Li .'" French «n«dy. 1958. MO-!3-Bhdc Dragom. Bela Lu S osi. Jap. anese war story. 1942. 11:30- 2-City After Midnight. Natalie Wood Teenager abducted by psychopath 1957. C««r Girl Rita Hayworth, Gene Kelly. Model captivates man who loved her grandmother, 1944. 12-00- 9-Nin.ty nine River St John Payne. 12-30-11-Brute Man Tom Neal. 13-Payoff. Lee Tracy. 1:00- 2-Hera Came the Waves. B. Crosby. 4-Hold Back the Night J. 7-Attack of Normans. C. SATURDAY DAYTIME For Further Information or Advertising Rates Please Call HAL BATES 786-7113 873-2051 SCIVDAY on CHANNEL 9 BARRY GOLDWATER Visits 'The SAM YORTY Show' 7;30 P.M. Governor RONALD REAGAN Defaotet William F. Buckley 9:00 P.M. 8:00- 2, 8-Captain Kangaroo 3. 6-Casper-C 4, 10-Super 6-C 5-Movie 9-Cartoons-C 8:30- 3, 6, 7-Fantastic Four-C 4-Super President-O 9-Action Movie 30-Atom Ant-C 9:00- 2, 8-Frankenstein, Jr.-O 3, 6, 7-Spider Man-0 4, 10-Flintstones-C 11-Movie-O 13-Movie 9:30- 2, 8-Herculoids-C 3, 6, 7-Center of Earth-O 4-Young Sampson-O 10-Space Kidettes-C 10:00- 2, 8-Shazzan-O 3, 6, 7-King Kong-O 4-Birdman-O 9-Movie 10-Secret Squirrel 10-30- 2, 8-Space Ghost-C 3, 6. 7-JungIe George-0 4-Atom Ant-C 10-Jetsons-C 11-Mark of Zorro 13-Movie 11:00- 2, 8-Moby Dick-C 3, 7-New Beatles-O 4, 10-Baseball-C 11-Texan 11:30- 2, 8-Superman-C 3, 7-BanrJstand-O 6-Magffla Gorffla-O 9-Movie 12:00- 3, 6, 7-Tennis Tourney-0 13-Movie 12-30- 2, 8-Johnny Quest-C 11-Checkmate ]l2:45- 5-Movie 1:00- 2, 8-Lone Ranger-O 1:30- 2-Road Runner-C 8-Dancetime-O 11, 13-Movie 2:00- 2-Pro Soccer-O 3, 7-Movie 4, 10-Golf-O 9-Movie 2:30- 5-Kingdom of Sea-C 8-Pro Soccer-O 3H)0- 5-Pocket Billiards 6-NakedC3ty 13-Movie 3:30- 4-Top Cat-C 7,10.11-Movie 9-Movie-C 4-00- 4-News-C 5-BiIliards-C 6-A11 Star Golf 4:30- 2-Name of Game-O 4-Flying Fisherman-C 13-Movie-C 5:00- 2. 8-Del Mar Races-O 3. 6. 7-World of Sports-0 4-AFL Highlights-C 5-Golden West-C C 9-Surf s Up-C 11-77 Sunset Strip 5:30- 2-Ralph Story-O 4, 10-Newi 8-Go to Raees-O SAVE THIS HANDY TELEVISION LOG SATURDAY EVENING 6:00- Z 4. 10-News-O 8-This Day-O 10-News U-CbecJonate 13-Ripcord-O 6:30- 2-News-C 3-Hondo-C 4.10-Weekend-C 5-Grand Ole Opry-C 6-Outer Limits 7-Mike Douglas-C 8-Gilligan's Island-C 13-Patty Duke 7:00- 2-News 4.10-Miss America-C 5-Melody Ranch-C 8-Zoorama 9-Movie-C 11-Espionage 13-McHaJe's Navy 7:30- 2-Jackie Gleason-C 3. 6, 7-Dating Game-O 8-Gunsmoke-C 13-Movie 9:00- 2,8-Hogan's Heroef 4,10-Rowan Martin-O 5-Upbeat-O 9.13-Movie 9:30- 2,8-Petticoat Junction-O 3. 6, 7-Piccadffly Palace-O 11-Joe Pyne-C 10:00- 2-Gunsmoke-C 4,10-Campo 44-O 5-Movie 8-Jackie Gleason-C 11-News 10:30- 3-Scope-C 4,10-Get Smart-O 6-Boxing From OlynL-C 7-Hurdy Gurdy-O U-Joe Pyne-C 13-Del Mar Race-O 11:00- 2,4,7,8-News-C 3,10-News 9-Movie 13-Adventure Fihn-O 8:00- 3, 6. 7-Newlywed Game-O 5-Music Varieties-C 11-Alan Burke-C ill:15- 2,3-Movie I 7-Movie-O 11:30- 4. 10, 13-Movie 1 8-Perry Mason 8:30- 2,8-My Three Sons-0 ' 3, 6, 7-Lawrence Welk-C 12:00- 5, 6-Movie THE WEEK IN SPORTS SATURDAY SPORTS 5:00- 2--Del Mar Race-C: §20,000 Escondido Handicap. Final telecast of season. 3,6,7--Wide World of Sports-C: World Water Ski Cbua? pionships from Quebec. SUNDAY SPORTS A.M. 11:00- 2--NFL, Game-C: Cleveland Browns vs. Minn. Vikings [Carried at 11:30, Channel 8]. 3,6,7--Tennis-C: Men's and women's 8iagi«$ enampioa- ships from Forest Hills, N.Y. 4,10--AFL Game-C: New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bflb. PJtf. 1:45- 2--NFL Game-C: S.F. 49ers vs. L.A. Rams. , 2:00- 4,10--World Series Golf-C: Final play at Akron, Ohio. TUESDAY SPORTS 8:00- 5--Roller Game-C: L.A. T-Birds vs. Chicago Hawks. WEDNESDAY SPORTS 8-00- 5--Championship Wrestling-C. j THURSDAY SPORTS 7:00-10--AFL Highlights-C. 8:00- 5--Boxing-C. NEXT SATURDAY DAYTIME l ll:00- 4,10--Major League Baseball-C. 11:30- 3,6, 7--Wide World of Sports-C: Early Bird Satellite coverage of Karl Mildenberger-Oscar Bonavena fight from Frankfurt. Germany. 1:00- 3,6,7--NCAA Football-C: SMU at Texas AM. SATURDAY PM, MOVIES 7:00. 9-Prin» Valiant. James Mason, ,«-,,. Janet Le '3h, Robert Walker. C. 730-13-Sun Sets at Dawn. Reporter saves innocent boy railroaded to des'h house 1V51 9-00 9-Hell and High Water 13-tady From Lisbon. Thieve! plot to get AAona Lisa, which has iust i«jv* F S?' n ttolen fr om Louvre. lOtOO- 5-S.nsapoTM. Ava Gardner, Fred MacMurray. Man returns to Singapore after World War II and finds his fiancee, believed dead ,, now married 11-DO- 9-Brava On.. Youngster seeks aid of Mexican President in keeping ,JL , i's bfeved bul1 I95 ° c. 15. 2-Aim at H» Star*. Curt Jurgens, Gia Scala. Life of scientist Wernher von Braun. 1940. M 0*M. Jeffnry Hontw. 7-N*ver So Few. Frank Sins Gma Lollobrigida. Guerillas rass enemy Japanese in " Burma 1960 C. 11-30- 4-Fa»cist Fascist corporal amii Fascist philosopher and tri ,,, J° bring his prize to Rome. 10-Fast and Furieut. John ,, ._ ,, Dorothy Malone. 1954. 11.30-13-Udy Says No. David , Joan Caurfield. Romantic edy. 1952. 12-00- 5-Another Part of the Forest n . etc March, Ann Blythe. Story i ,._,, feuding Southern family. IS" 12'30-U-Two Lest Worlds. James I 00- 9-Cry of the City. Victor **,, . ,,'3-l»*v Stiff. Dorothy Lamoor. 1:15- 2-lf I Were King. Ronald r RADIO LOG DAYTIME RADIO MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY 7-00 AM. KNX-World Newt KFI Pat Bishop KABC-Nevw KMPC-News, Whittinghill KLAC-Joe Pyne KRLA-Charlie O'Doniwll KHJ-Rob«rt Morgan KFWB-Lohman-Barkliy 7.15 A.M. KLAC-Sports KFI-Geoff Edwards 7:30 A.M KNX-National New* 7:45 A.M KFI-News 8:00 A.M. KNX-News, Sports KABC-News KFI-Geoff Edwards 1:15 AJM. KMPC-Busm«j New* KABC-New* KNX-Editonal 8.30 A.M KABC-News KMPC-Dick Whittinghill KNX-World, N«f News t.45 A.M. KFI-Geoff Edward* »:00 A.M. KABC-News, J«luon KNX-News, Open Line KFI-Geoff Edwards KLAC-Joe Pyn« KRLA-Reb Foster KHJ-Sam Riddle 9:55 A.M. KNX-Dear Abbey 10:00 A.M. KNX-News, Godfrey KLAC-Joel A. Spivak KFWB-Joe Yoeam 11-00 A.M. KNX-News, House Party KABC-News 11:05 A M. KABC-Breakfast Club 11:30 A.M. KFI--Emphasis, Sinclair 11:35 A.M. KNX-Mike Roy, Cookins 12 NOON KNX-Ntws KABC-Paul Harvey KFI--News, Pat Bishop KRLA-Cuey K*twi KHJ-Bobby Trip 12:15 ML KABC-Pamela Mason 1*00 PJNL KFI-Newt,' Sterling KABC-News, Jack Wa* KNX-News, Dtnnh BndMT KLAC-Bob Grant KFAC-Music Center KFWB-Gen» Weed 2:00 P.M. KFI-News, Cecil KNX-News, Dennfc KABC-News, Jack 3M PJd. KNX-News, Dennis KFI-News, Cecil KABC-News, Jack WftU* KHJ-Don Strcle 3:30 P.M KFI-Emphasis, Cedl 4*0 P.M. KABC-News KFI-News, Cedl KLAC-Roy ferwrfl KNX-New*d«y KFWB-Bob Hudm FRIDAY EVENING RADIO S*OO P M KNX-lowell Thomas KABC-News CLAC-Roy Elwell CRLA-Johnny Hayes KMPC-Angels-Washington KFI--New* 5:15 PJM. IABC--Mows, Business KLAC-Sport* 5:30 P.M. KNX-News 5*5 PJN. KABC-Sports 6*0 P.M. KABC-New* CLAC-Roy Elwell .NX-Business Sports KHJ-Humble Harve KFI-Paf Bishop 6 30 P.M. KABC-Sports KNX--News, Reasomr 7*0 PJH. KABC-N«ws, Sport* KNX-Oouglas Edwards KLAC-Arbogast-Margolis KFWB-Y,it3i Reed 7:30 P.M. KNX--News, Testing KLAC-Tumfey Walker 7:35 PM. KFI--Dodgers-Astro* · 00 PJH. KABC-New* Steve Allison KNX-News, Testing (LAC-Arbogsst-MargoJij KFAC-Evening Concert 8:30 P.M v-N**s, Bob Ferris »:00 P.M. KABC-News, Stwe Allison KNX-Bob Ferris KHJ-Tcw AWI. KRIA-Dick Biondl 1MO PJL KLAC-PrivM Lin* KABC-N.W,, Stav* KNX-BobFerrh tf:15 PJL KNX-Hring Line Chattel on KNX-Music Til Dam « MIDNIOKI KFI-Ron McCoy KABC-Ray Br.em KHJ-Johnny Williams KFAC-Classical Music KLAC-Budllaley SATURDAY DAYTIME RADIO 700 AM. KFI-News KMPC-Nevw, Whittinghill KNX-Newj KLAC-Bob Grant KABC-News, Condylis 7:1S A.M. KFI-DavW Starling KNX-Music 7KAJN. I.-M A.M. CABC-N«w» KNX-Nem, Sports !FI-- Newi, Starling fct* AJM. KABC-Nmn, Comfylli 9:00 A M. KABC-New :NX-N«WJ, Sport* KFI-Newi, Cecil f:10 KM KABC-Miehael Jackson 10:00 A M KABC-News KNX-News. Gardener KLAC-Joel A Spivak KFI-News, Chuck Cec.l 10:10 AJW. KABC-Michael Jackson KMPC-Anaeli-WasWneton AJL KABC-New,, Jadaon 11:3* A.M. KNX-Chef Mike Roy 11 NOON KNX-News (ABC-Paul H*rv«y KLAC-Joel A. Spivafc 12:1! P.M KABC-Pamela Mason KNX-Spom 11-JS PJL KFI-DodgenMstro* KABC-ttawi, Ml PJL , KNDC-News, CMdotm KFI-Oicfc Sinclair 4-00 PJL KABC-News, Spot* KNX-Newsday KLAC-Stan Bohmua KFI-Polka Party SATURDAY EVENING RADIO SM PM ABC--News Soortt NX-Newsdav Fl--Dick Sinclair 5:30 P.M. ABC--Dreter-Harmon 6:00 P.M. KABC-News lAC-Larrv McCormick BBQ-Paul Jones NX-Newsdav «:15 PJW. KABC-Alhn State Sporti 7M fM^ ABC ' nttwir Tttl^pnonv Soortt KtAC-l«ty McCunrtet KNX-Nnmiiv 730 PJd i KLAC-TurnleyWalker KFI-News Monitor 740 P.M. KMPC-Rarm S F 7:45 P.M. IM P.M. KABC-Steve Allison 1-30 P.M. KFI--Party Time ·M PJL KABC-News, Niqht Una KFI-lawrenc* rVelfc ··Jt P.M. Wl--Party Tim* 1MIFJL KLAC-John J Anthony KFI-Dick Stabile , 10 30 P M. KABC-Niqht Lin* 'KFl-Party Time I1K» P.M. :"J£C ".-'. Lir». i KNX-News, Spotlighl KFI--Chock Fetter 11:31 PJH KMX-Minie Til D*** KFl-Party Tim* W MIDMtQtff Kn-ten McCoy KtAC-John 1. AMtmw i«i m MI KhWSPAPliRl

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