The Winston County Journal from Louisville, Mississippi on June 12, 1931 · 2
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The Winston County Journal from Louisville, Mississippi · 2

Louisville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Friday, June 12, 1931
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THE-WINSTON COUNTY JOURNAL, LOUISVILLE, MISSISSIPPI, JUNE 12th, 1931. 1 General Geo. T. Mitchell Candidate For Governor Will address the Citizens of Winston County at tlie Court House at 10:30 a. in. Monday June 15th, 1931. Everybody cordially invited to hear General Mitchell, Ladies especially invited. MITCHELL CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE of Winston County. NOXAPATER DEPARTMENT MRS. R. H. GLENN, Correspondent Please Report All Local Happenings. Noxapater Civic Club The Noxapater Civic Club held the final meeting of the club year to the home of Mrs. L. H. Reed, Thursday afternoon, with the President, Mrs. Jones, in the chair. Ifc&a call, was responded to by each awning, the most interesting pro-trim of the year. Reports were heard from officers as committees. Reading Little Miss Kittie Sue Mrs. Suydam was leader of a rasnd table discussion on how and here to spend your vacation. Guests enjoying the hospitality T the hostess were: Mrs. J. R. Jlaberts of Florence; the two Sffisses Mosleys of Stark ville; Mrs. Torn Moseley, Starkville; Miss lEtUae Johnson, McCool; Mrs. L. Fair and Mrs. J. T. Wesson, of iauLsviile. A delicious ice course was served ry the hostess, assisted by Mrs. R. T. Gaston, Misses Moseley and The club colors of pink and white were attractively carried out tx the decorations and refreshments. "Gude nicht and Joy be wl" you a" " The Baby Show The baby show held here Friday rternoon , which was sponsored by the Noxapater Civic Club, was well :traded and 24 babies were entered. The pretty babies were listed i follows: Under one year old 1st, Willie Joe Carter; 2nd. Willis. One to two years old 1st, Car-:yn Caperton; 2nd, Joyce Si.arr) and Howard Lee McKce, tied. Two to three years old 1st. IKrothy Croiby; 2nd, Albert Ounn. Most attractive baby Cobble ILw Gaston. Better Babies, according to -relcht and measurement : Six months and under Thom-. Himslcy. Boys up to 12 months 1st, Hugh 5!jisou; 2nd, Joe Ben Morris. Cuts, up to 12 months 1st, Nancy K3rkpatrick. CrrLs up to 24 months 1st, Bob- 5 Rue Gaston; 2nd, Lillle Shrp. J-.-r-.l. B-iy up to 24 months 1st. Howard Lee McKrr; 2;id. Willie Eh-p-5erdL A T T E N T 1 0 N lxvestoks homlseekehs HA EGA IiX HUNT IMS In Louisville. Cost $3300.00 2 Five-Room Houses 2 U2 Vacant Lois (123 ft.). First Offer $930.00 Cash Huys AIL Sec ;. M. LtVINGSTOX, Or Write or Wire M. W. COOFEIi, nrcic, Mh. , few tv i Girls up to 3 years 1st, Doro thy Crosby; 2nd, Carolyn Caper-ton. Boys up to 3 years old 1st, tie. Jimmie Price and Jimmie Estes. 2nd, Albert Gunn. The Club is under obligation to Mrs. Mildred Nabers and Misses Clark and Cullum, for their efficient service rendered as judges in the Baby Show. Rev. H. D. Suydam and daughter Miss Martha, are attending the Standard Training School at Gre nada this week. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Woodward and family attended the funeral of a relative the past week end. Miss Erline Gully visited rela tives at Central the past week end. Misses Mary Oldham and Myrtis McBrayer visited friends In New ton this week. Mrs. Frank McDonald and baby of Foxworth, are guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Varnado. Miss Ada Coolldge of Hattles- iburg Is guest of her sister, Mrs. A. S. Thomas and family. Miss Cornelia Young of Burnsldc is guest of her grandmother, Mrs. J. N. Young and other relatives. The members of Troop 29, Boy Scouts of Noxapater, are camping at the Vernon Mill Pond, a few miles East of town. The encamp ment is under the management of Scout Master L. II. Reed and former Scout Master F. W. Fra-?er and their families. Prof, and Mrs. Mostly, and a number of other scout officials. A large crowd is enjoying this outing and we predict for them ft very pleasant time B. F. Whisrnant, J. M. McCown and J. II. Webb left this week for Hot Springs, Ark, where they go for treatment. Henry Clyde and Hubert Wallace of Moorhrad. came Monday to join the Boy Scouts of Troop 23 in thrlr onmml encampment. Ml -J Xnis Juhrwm Irft Mnnd.iy for Memphis, where he will bo in nunitnrr school. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Overstreel and two children, Boland ami 6u-nie and Mrs. It. II. Glenn, vtrntrd n the home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. D tvuvell Friday afternoon, at Ma I'hulavilie. Mrs, Olrnn remained for a few days, returning Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Noel Callahan of A. & M. College spent the week end here with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Callahan. Noel left Monday to attend an encampment at Pensacola, Fla., and Mrs. Calla han will spend the vacation with relatives in Laurel. Mr. and Mrs. Blank Leverette and little son Gene of Tampa, Fla were guests of their cousin, Mrs. J M. McCown, first of the week, William Powel, former student of the A. H. S. here, now of Jackson, spent the .week end here w ith his classmate, James Hopkins James Gallaspy in company of two or three of his classmates, left Monday for Pensacola, Fla., where they will attend an encampment, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Estes o f Louisville spent Sunday here, the guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Estes. Mrs. G. W. Jarvis was called last Friday to the bedside of her sister, Mrs. Lizzie McMullen, in Meridian Her friends here are pleased to learn that Mrs. McMullen is re ported much better. Mrs. F. L. Bryan returned home Wednesday from a visit with her brother, Mr. W. C. Quinn, at Oko lona. She was accompanied home by her niece, Miss Mary Alice Quinn. Miss Irene Cole of Philadelphia is here on a visit with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Bryan Miss Ruby Humphries of Mt Pleasant vicinity is spending some time here as guest of her sister, Mrs. B. F. Whiseuant. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Jones spent Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Garrigucs, in the Bond community. Misses Mary Lynn Holman and Myrtis McBrayer and Messrs. J E. Robinson and Solon Wilks at tended the Confederate Veterans Reunion in Montgomery, Ala., last week. Bill Yarbrough and Udell Stev ens and Haskell Webb left this week for Anniston, Ala., t attend the Citizen's Military Training Camp. Mr. and Mrs. Louis .vloorhead of Shreveport, La., were guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Gaston the past week end. Miss Juanita McCown has as hei guest this week Miss Nylic Hollana of Philadelphia. Miss Blanche VanLandingham left Thursday for Oklahoma City, where she will attend summer school. Mr. T. M. Yarbrough made a business trip to Jackson Monday. He was accompanied by Marzine Callahan and Harvey Smith. MEMORY On Thursday May 21, 1931, In the early hours when the golden sun was shedding forth its beauti ful light a shadow was cast on the home of Mf. and Mrs. John Tur ner and when the death angel tole Into the home and claimed for its own, his darling wife. Dearest Adoline lived to bright en their home 84 years. But as God giveth He taketh away, and He does all things well. It was His holy will that the darling wife should leave this earth of pain and sorrow and dwell with Him among the angels. Loving hands patiently minister ed to her and all was done that could be. And though we tried to hold her on earth, sweet Adolhv seemed to say. I hear a voice you cannot hear which says I must re stay. I see a hand you can not see which beckons me away, and obedient to God's will she took the loving hand that guided her acvcM the river of death and no she is happy among the an??;. Do not weep dear loved ones, for r.e is not dead, but 1 sleeping with all those who have gone ji before to f wnlt our coming. We loved you darling, yes we loved you. But Jesus loved you more, and He has sweetly called you to ) en ter shining shore. The Oohlrn gatei vere eyened :nd grnlle vjlce m'u come, and with farewell unspoken ycu faintly entered home. Adoline darling how w? mis your sweet smiles and long for you nere. Darling our home U fmply, and tiHte, jou have from ur care gone lint Dot for cot !r ii. And we thai! ilwayt remember you until r !a you to tuf heart again In rumen. But until then we tan n!y My: Farewell my darling ArtoHne, Farewell for Ju?l ft time. For we shall licet yeni in hravrn In a latul C5rd made nutiirr,?. Oh no rri flii ftj-.e v hrr draf husband, lovrd Wr ami .flrluU ethrfrd armmd the task t of hi:e 8 she lay told and 4 ;;l '.".,!; in the urtm of jnu in hip ane-i band there an n-.itf nrBt. fi-ir Favlor m fit In all s-rl A3iii,e la n.ake the ha'id Compleffr, riUA McAtJOUY. ciH'ntH Mitttr; 1rrJf will b pirsire l Ulft'.t "rivrf-aiL-t c!r,ifc!l, eunday, J'JtiC M". at 3 p w. tr. I,. C. Pia'rT df TMH U vica'Ti Mi Pa'.'irday triVt. f in Ut mr.- f iii'lay r.'-fhi. J .rt- 21?! All ir,' f V t i ' t n f f :t ; t. e r ; ; ' r t cm ? e a- ! t'"r?f !- "1 V-f- ''-'t a f ' i -5-' COMMUNICATED Editor of Journal: As I haven't seen any explanation from the Board of Supervisors in regard to why they handled the county affairs so careless o r otherwise, as to cause an extra ex pense to the taxpayers in useless Tax Collectors commissions. They have been asked to show us tax payers where this money went ,ano for what purpose it was used. We have been waiting patiently and I think they should come out with some reason. The City of Louisville came out square and told how theirs came about. Why can't the Board of Supervisors come out with our part of it and show some reason? It seems they want to ignore the wishes of the people and go right on spending and wasting the jounty's money. Taxes are high and hard to pay, regardless of how ihey are spent. We see where the Supervisors are still building roads, leaving the old road bed and tearing down janks, pulling trees, moving fences regardless of feelings or respect or aamage to any man, costing hundreds of dollars that could be sav-o'd. We have roads built in the 'ast 2 years that haven't had a machine on them in 6 months. I mow some roads that have been mpassable all the past winter that went been touched, and you :an't drive over them now. Still, he road crew is building a road n less than one mile of it, throw ing away time on a good, dry san dy road. We have roads in Beats 1 and 3, C know haven't had a machining in 12 months. It seems go ahead! cgardless of how it looks behind. It seems to me, that it would be economy or good business judg ment to put some of tills surplus money on these roads W3 hav;i al ready started, with the bond issue money and finish them up as the tate says it will take them when finished, which then we will be ione with. The bond Issue money seems to lave given out Just before the oads were finished. Just why the noney didn't build the roads that vere planned, I don't know. It seems it took a pretty good part cf t to buy machinery to work with The best I can get it up, about $32,000.00 worth of machinery to build 20 miles of road. When money played out, work stopped, ma chinery went where? We don't icnow who Is to blame. I just know who Issued the warrants, the Supervisors. If we had the cost of he machinery we could finish the .oads and have some money. The ommlssioners say the Supervisors took over the machinery. I don't konw, If they did they should finish up those roads for they have no right to rob the bond issue. It ;eems as If the whole thing has been run In haphazard way. Now, Mr. Taxpayer, the time has :ome when we need help, we need ncn In office who will look after :he interest of the county In a bus- ness way, and men that will han-lie the county's affairs In a way hat they can show the people that hey want to do the right thing ind to the Interest of the Taxpay- rs. I believe in progress, In an -conomlcal and business way. Now Is ten I Just think we have spent over $200,000.00 for road machinery n Winston county In the last few ears, and how much roads have ve got? Just 2 miles of gravel. A owe over $8.850.O0 on these oads. I see on ft candidate card vho cays "Vote for one who has nade your improvements go up nrl taxes couie down." I see In Beat 1 In 197 road maintenance fund was 1 mill. I see In 1930 the matntainance funds are 3 mills. How about It Mr. Taxpayer? A CITIZEN. o A rSALM OS COTTON The Decatur, Ala., Dally has orrespondent who seems to be really conversant with the cotton Ituntlon. So much to that he has framed ft Pvattn on Cotton. Here it is: "Cotton thou are my shepherd, I am In want; thou caused me to feed on dry pastures, thou hait lestroyrd my credit, thou has led ne into paths of poverty, liens. '.awmiiu and near rmkednc.M; Thou ht d'-stroyed my soul nd my happlne.yi. Thou hast rauwd me to gm to ft banker wuh ny hat under my arm and mort !ase the muscle and prrxlure of my "arm; Thou hast caused me to live n ii rented house in full view of he fiwu. while Uff come twlnk- m thru the crarku: "Thml prrparrsl ft naked bark wid an rn p'.y ?omaeh for me In ho prevftee of my frirncjs; thou innmlrsi my hrart with ignorance fij'-crM.ition. poverty and grey hair ,"v cart I trust thre? "Thml hasl k-pl my Children out if srhrif.l. church an4 redely hnr,f Ihetn f I' st1, ti'iiiiii ami cJ'va'.ine: Thou ia?t cauil inn to C lo the barn H;1 Out the eld frili!i?rf an. a my ife a make me I ht. "And lift.. M a 1 In Vw riil-t of my fri'ivi? with my tiw t;,-re er V,r-" In t lpli'ns n fall tie: . f-h'phat' on h fj'n-.t. srd U-4-4' n the laii t' I V, -1 frro f-, n r'- : :i Ik '' ii G. M. AND N. AND N. O. AND G. N. GET HIGH HONORS Mobile, Ala., June 1. Advice has just been received from the American Museum of Safety that the Gulf, Mobile and Northern and New Orleans Great Northern Railroads have each won the Cer tificate of Honorable Mention in the E. H. Harriman Memorial Awards for 1930. The American Museum of Safe ty is authorized each year .o award three medals to three Railway Companies of Class 1, having the best safety records during the year. These awards were established by Mrs. Mary W. Harriman, in memory of her husband, Edward H. Harriman. For the purpose of the awards, Class 1 Railways are divided into three groups; determined by the number of locomotive miles opera ted during the year. Group A. comprises the larger roads; Group B, the intermediate sized roads, and Group C, the smaller roads. A gold medal is awarded the lead ing road in Group A, a silver med al that in Group B, a bronze med al that in Group C ; while the cer tificate of Honorable Mention is awarded in each group. The Certificate of Honorable Mention in Group B, was awarded the Gulf, Mobile and Northern Railroad and the Certificate of Honorable Mention in Group C, to the New Orleans Great Northern Railroad. These represent two of the six awards by the committee. The announcement says: "The Gulf, Mobile and Northern Railroad Company ranked second in Group B in 1930. Its total safe ty rating improved 65.7 per cent between 1929 and 1930. No passen gers were killed or injured during the year, and there were no fatalities to either employees or "other persons." For this achievement, that road receives a certificate of Honorable Mention. A similar certificate was awarded to this road in 1928. A Certificate of Honorable Men tion in Group C goes to the New Orleans Great Northern Company, which raised its ranking from fortieth in 1929 to second in 1930. This road had no fatalities in 1930, no injuries of any kind to passen gers, and reduced its non-fatal injuries to employees and "other persons" by 85.5 per cent under 1929. o OUR GOVERNMENT The continued existence of this great republic depends upon the preservation of its system of dual government. No other country up to this time has had such extent of what may be called home terri tory, so large a population or so varied an one, and at the same time such unity of sentiment among the people vis a vis the government, held together not by force but by common interest. Ordinarily, In countries so vast there Is a central government which makes the rule for all parts, and seeks to enforce this rule up on all the people. This succeeds as long as there is power available for maintaining the government. Eventually It fails, as Rome fail ed and as the British empire i s now disintegrating into many practically Independent dominions. With us. on the contrary, we have both the necessary amount of central control and a wise provis ion of home rule. In this way, the people as far removed as the Cali-fornlans from the center have their wishes considered In matters local to themselves, while -yet bound to obey the general laws, made by the federal congress, m which body they have proportionate representation with the rest of the people. There Is ft school of thinkers who say that we need more centralization and more power and .inthorltv In the central govern ment, and some even say It would be good thing to have ft dictator ship to rule so great ft country. Doth are vitally mistaken. No central government and no dictator -an be wise enough to rule satis factorily upon the manifold prob lems that present themselves lo cally. It Is oulte Impossible to nnke the local Interests of all the people hnrmonl?e. We cannot get Michiganders and Alabamlans to think the some way In all things c.'iset.l!y In regard to their local roncerna. As long as both are free to think as they please, they are tontrnt. for, even If they think un- Abelv. they rccocnlze that what results I their own fault, and not Ihat of ome distant, dictatorial overoment. It la thin feeling f fatr play that hold the attention and the loyal iy nt the American people and make the Union solid without a i)ig Mandin srmy to keep 11 so. Mobile ItegiRter, ,. ,.-,- I... ,- - KOf'KY HILL NEWS Mr. and Mrs. Irccy Hurst of Cahay jjH-nt ft few days here with relatives. Thelma Yarbrouch Is tending this week at Nox pater, wad her rct'ism, Mrs. J, rstrs. Mi. aid Mr. O. F,. Yaibronrh nnrl family. Wade Chatam, Miw LimU Larerre end t-loise Woodruff. pmt F-unrijy In the home t Mr. and Mrs. W. N, Wade. M;.-. ItuUi Palmer Is Hiding " i; wiUi l;cr !:;'!. r at !. N. W. Fui'f-n h ''-nt!inn 'c I ' iv I- 1 mljiy at ,: 'i t' -. ' k ' Mr?. Murray FuH'.'n ri'riu lct DENNIS MURPHREE TO SPEAK HERE I'm.- Hon. Dennis Murphree will speak at the Court House in Louisville on Wednesday night June 17th, at 8 o'clock, in behalf of his candidacy for Lieut. Governor. Everybody, and especially the ladies, are cordially invited to hear him. Mr. Murphree has served the State of Mississippi as Lieut. Governor, and also served out the unexpired term of the lamented Whitfield. How honest and upright Mr. Murphree served these places, is well known to all. He is a clean, . high-toned speaker, and hopes to meet a large number of Winston county voters. He will speak in the afternoon at Mashulaville. week end with her parents. She was accompanied home by her sister Gertrude Smith, who is spend ing the week with her. Sorry to report Mr. Bob Fulton still on the sick list. Mrs. John Fulton is also on the sick list. Hilda Fulton and Laura Gillock spent Sunday with their aunt, Mrs. J. M. Yarbrough. Nolan, William, Paul and Sam Fultdh are spending the week with their grandparents in Boon. Glad to report Miss Hoodie Lee Edwards very much improved from her recent illness. REPORTER. REV. C. W. PARKER, Candidate for Representative, Of fers These Suggestions for Your Consideration. 1. To discontinue all worthless offices. 2. To reduce all salaried officers salaries where they are found to be in excess of a reasonable amount. 3. To place a restriction on cir cuit courts of ten days per annum. 4. Exempt from taxation every resident and include as much as 80 acres of land exempt, and levy a sales tax on all merchandise such as we all use and include patent medicine and luxuries, au-tos, trucks, and tractors. A 2 will create a sinking fund to take care of the amount exempt. The negro and lots of people pay no tax. A sales tax catches all alike. Think about home, the sweetest place we know we can lift the tax burden from it by paying a little every day. The aged widow, the Cooking - - - A Job or a J T-i;, ! f " jt I IitTI i i i WE HAVE A I'LAN To free you from kilrhen earn; the never ending preparing, triUne. lasting, turning, watching, mo constantly required by mint kitchen clove. V alv plan to free you from the hard and dirty task of scouring and cleaning a job a tedious as the cooking itself. Ot K tLAN IS THIS To remove your prcenl Move and give you a generous allowance for It: to Insta'l a or Holpoint Electric fcange, lo uit your need. To budget the carg- on your light bill monthly, In amounts that you can easily ray while you enjoy the range. To nuke a Joy out of the Job of cooking you nce-d an clertrlc ranee, l"f In this method you find cleanliness, coolness, convenience and reonnmy at lis best, IT I'AVS TO USE WIRES IN VOIR COOKING Il3 flip sick, those the storm hits and drouth finds his tax paid on his homestead when fall comes and we still have a chance. The tax- collector shows no mercy. 5. The bus and public truck haul is a menace to our railroads and should be taxed in proportion to railroads. 6. Auto Privilege License $5.00, and to be used on second class roads and bridges. 7.- Rescind the act of law that gives timber companys and land owners a right to post woods. And allow only pasture lands and fields subject to post. There are lots of large bodies of woods land that is owned by syndicate which should not be posted. 8. I am in favor of changing the sheriffs salary from a per cent of money collected to a stipulated fee. Please Remember C. W. PARKER On August 4th. THE GUARANTEE Customer: But do you really refund the price of these hose if they fall to turn out holeproof? Salesman: My dear madam, we do it every day. o St. Augustine, Fla, has invited King Alfonso to become a resident. We now expect Los Angeles to make a bid for Kaiser Wilhelm. It took Alice Hurd of Bridgeport, Conn., 70 years to find the right .nan but when she did she prompt-y promised to marry him. Joy? inipn POWER COMPANY

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