Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 21, 1897 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 21, 1897
Page 19
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"We're Out-talked Often, Out-done Never." The Hub's Best Is Best. You men who know what fine fabrics a,re— and what fine tailoring is, can find just what you want in Suitings or Top Coats ready to wear, 'in our line from §7.50 to 15.00 and $20. 'Tisn't the ready made you find in other stores, its tailor- made, of tailors weaves, with tailors finish and tailors fit. The price is the difference, lieadj-made prices. "We make a feature of fineness, make a study of perfection, and we have made a success of catering to those who want the best, to yon! We've those short English Walking Coats. Perhaps you thought you had to go to a merchant tailor to get 'em. we've got Top Coats tnat are made with those fashion wrinkles idpat are not found ready-made elsewhere. We've dozens, scores, of new and exclusive garments that we've tamed out in our own work shop, and that you cannot buy anywhere else. . 50 Cents. What do you say to this, 25 dozen of nobby'colored bosoms, Shirts with a separate pair of Jink cuffs with each shirt at 50c. Boy's sizes also. Our Children's Parlor Is loaded with the best, and all the novelties in double seat and knee pants suits are here, Captains and Governors, you know them. Given away free one handsome Coat and Hat Back with every J'20.00 cash purchase. Come and get a ticket. THE HUB, Harry Prank's Old Stand. 313 Fourth Street. THE MERCHANT TAILOR ...... THIS FALL ...... For A. Suit or Overcoat •He Makes Stylish Garments. BB1MFUL Of Melodlont Magic and a Great Many Jiorel Specialties. "The Broadway Girl," the new sparkling comedy surprise, will be seen at Dolan's opera house tomorrow night. The play is brimful of melodious music, and a great many novel and original specialties have been introduced that have no particular connection with the play itself, but they are sufficiently amusing to excuse the fact that they retard the actloo. "The Broadway Girl" is made up of new and pretty faces, plenty of talent, bright and catchy music and a series of amusing bits of by-play that are new and always mirth-provoking. la spite af the fact that It is a farce comedy it has a plot regarding the will of Ool. S. Pott Cash, who leaves his wealth to his adopted daughter, providing she will not marry her chosen one within a year. The will Is missing and is not found until nearly the close of the pi ay. It can readily be seen that a great deal of hilarity arises on account of this obstacle. The rest of the plot is not disclosed, but it Is said that during its unfolding the various characters appear In different disguises during which they present many novel and amusing specialties. ADDITIONAL LOCALS. CITIZEiNS Who Will Serve OB the Petit Juries. Grand and All Work Guaranteed. 304 Market Street, Over Coulson's Drug Store. W. R. HENING & CO. Successor; to Equitable Produce and Stock Exchange. Capital Stook f 100,000, fully paid. Members of Consolidated Produce and Stock Exchange, We furnish our customers daily market re- 4X>rt« over our private wires In this city, we respectfully solicit your vatronage through s>ur looai correspondents W. W. Milner «. A. R. Building:, Ind. Bell Telephone 260, Mutual Telephone 213. INSURANCE Of all Kinds Written by GEO. GONSER. C. O. Heffley, Insurance, Real Estate And Loans. 308 Fourth Street. OITY JMRWS. DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over City National Bank Corner of Fourth and Broadwa* Insurance and Loans. All kinds of Insur- •noe and Bonds written In flrst class com •panlet. Honey to loan 8 per cent, S. M. Closson,319 Pearl St. Kroeger & Strain. CJNDHRTAKHR8 •Calli promptly attended to Day or Kljhr * 818 Broadway. TRLBPBONB - Office, M. Kro»g«r, IB Mraln. M. If You Want to Borrow Money On Ctty or Farm Property call on «RTH M. VRLSRY, —204 Fourth Street.— Be can make you n Loan of J25 and upward 'nt»re»t on sums over *500 6 per cent. HENRY WEBER, The Merchant, Tailor, does first class work. Stylish and well fitting clothes made. Cleaning and repairing neatly done. See him. 324 PEARL STREET. D. E. DELZELL, Dentist, 416 MARKET STREET Upstairs o^er Bruggeman's Millinery Store. GEOKGE W. RODKFER. City Property Money to Loan Real Estate, Loans. *T "* 5SSSSSfi^ "*" on me "*o4.o(|MMket rtrtet brtdir* Fishing Is excellent In the rivers and lakes of Indiana. Steve Hall, the coffin man, Is a guest of W. Lee Smith. Fred A. Grover and Julia Flanagan have been licensed to wed. The High School foot ball team will play at Frankfort tomorrow. Miss Anna Wagner, of the Westside, still continues seriously ill. Mrs. D, C Justice has returned from a visit with her uncle, William Shlvely, at Lafayette. Attorney M. M. Hathaway was In the city yesterday conferring with Judge Wlnfield on legal matcers. Mrs. John F. Dunbaugh left this morning for Noblesville for a two monthn' visit with her daughter. Lewis B. Sims, for fifty years an attorney at 'the Carroll county bar, is dead. His funeral was held today. You will get Ice cream, candy or a nice bowl of tea tonight at the St. Joseph's bazaar for only 5 cents each. The ladles of the Wheatland street M, E. church will hold a bazaar at the rink, beginning Nov. 15th and continuing through the week. The luneral of Parmella Enyart, of Twelve Mile, was held yesterday morning from the Dunkard church, Intermunt was made In Mt. Hope cemetery. The .Penny Club of Rathbone Sisters will meet Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Allen Lewis, 210 Burlington avenue. A good attendance desired. Special work.— Mrs. Mamie Van Steenberg, Sec'y, Mrs. Philip Heflernen, who died on Saturday at Lucerne, was aged 31 years and leaves a husband and three small children. She formerly resided here, being then a member of the choir of the Christian church. Jewell lodge, Daughters of Rebecka, has been invited to attend a masquerade party tomorrow evening >t the home of Miss Shilling, four miles north of the city. Also BO visit he Rebecka lodge at Twelve Mile next Monday evening. Thirty English sparrows killed themselves by flying against the window of J. L. Forsythe's home in he Eastend, a few nights ago. An electric light that throws a glare on he window pane probably attracted the birds to tmmp head first against he glass. Grand and petH jurors for the November term of the Circuit court were drawn yesterday ae follows: SBAND JTTRT. Sol Hankee, Eel; Lafayette Ball, Clay; Thomas D. Vernon, Boone; William E, Stuart, Eel; Ueorge W. Boerger, Eel; William Dalzell, Adams. PETIT JUKT. A. U. Helvle, Eel;W. E. Deacon, Deer Creek; Samuel J. Beck, Deer Creek; Elijah Thomas, Harrison; Samuel Shafl, Tipton; F. M. Blas- slngham, Eel; William^ H. Burrows; Deer Creek;Nathaniel Bell,Harrlson; Bordeaux Vaughn, Boone; Frank M. Markley, Eel; William Eandali, Eel; J. A. fligglns, Noble; DeWitt Doran, Eel; William G-undrum, Bnone;Frank B. Jackson, Clay; Eichird Twells, Eel. HEAL ESTATE Reported for the Pharos br Seth M. Velser, Abstractor. Jos. F, Eeese to George>W. Anderson—Sw J ne J of sec 25, Bethlehem tp; 40 acres. H. Jos, F. Eeese to John W. Anderson—Above property, f 1. George W. Anderson to George W. Anderson, jr.—Ne i sw J sec 25, Bethlehem tp; 40 acres, fl. Carrie Willey to Aaron G-reens- felder—Lot 6, block 7, P. D. Gallagher's add, Melbourne avenue. 43,200. Dora Sauers to Cass County Building and Loan Association—Lot 77, Westendadd. $20- Beroth-Swlgart Marriage. Sir. •?«~»7e--Berotb, the well known and popular shoe salesman at Aaron Greensfelder's,was married last evening to Miss Margaret G. Swigart, the charming daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Swigart, of No. 810 North street. Sev. Kendrlck, pastor of the Christian church officiated, there being quite a party of relatives and friends in attendance. The usual congratulations were followed by the serving of an enjoyable repast. Many handsome gifts were bestowed. Mr. and Mrs. Beroth begin their wedded life under auspicious circumstances and with the hearty good wishes of an unusually large number of personal friends. They are already comfortably settled in a coiy home at No. 708 Eace street. Another Pension Ruling. The pension department holds that where an attorney files a declaration In response to a call from the pension bureau, even though such declaration, after having been filed, is subsequently deemed immaterial by the bureau, the service is such as should entitle him to a fee. The basis of this is that it is in compliance with the bureau's requirement, and refusal would constitute neglect, it being beyond the province of an attorney to determine whether the declaration Is necessary or unnecessary or essential to the further prosecution of the claim. Adamsboro Gas and Oil Compiiny. At a meeting of the above company, held October 19, I8y7, It was ordered that all subscriptions not paid on or before November i, 1S97, will be declared forfeited-. Subscriptions will be received by 1. N. Crawford, treasurer, or by myself, at the county treasurer's office, C. M. CTTSTZB, Secretary. To Core a C«M Ji One Day Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund the money If It falls to core, lific. For sale by Ben Fisher. County Assessor Hlnes Is In Ohio on business, Mrs. J. H. Foley is at Elchmond visiting relatives. Headquarters for wall paper—Logansport Wall Paper Co., 307 4th St. Money to loan—Large or small amounts.—C. 0. Fenton, 222 4th st. Mrs Joseph Detrich and daughters, Helen and Euth, are at South Bend visiting relatives. The Democratic members of the council fought for a lower tax levy than was adopted last night. , Good girl wanted—Good wages paid to one giving satisfaction. Apply, with references, at 1302 High street. Jackson Rector and wife, of Madison connty, are visiting Mrs. Easten Cotner and friends in Noble township. Nobby is our new line of colored shirts. Stylish is our new neckwear —Dewenter, the hatter and furnisher. Miss Hatte Hoyt, who has been the guest of Miss Mary Bazin, on North street, has returned to her home in Chicago. Mr. J. A. Malcomb and bride, nee Carrie Wolf, of Wlnamac, are the guests of Mr. ani Mrs. A. W. Gamble. Harry Goodman, of Berwanger Bros., has taken a two weeks' vacation and will visit at Louisville and Nashville. If you want a new suit or your clothes cleaned and repaired, call at Wrn. Gross', 215 Market street, opposite postofflce. The funeral of the late Mrs. Wm. Elpers was held at 9 o'clock this morning from St. Bridget's church. It was well attended, Mrs. Rhoda Watts Sneethen died near Fargo, North Dakota, on Oct, 3d, aged 76. She resided In this county from 1830 to 1874. The booth displaying hand-made garments ttt the St. Joseph's bazaar cannot be excelled In designs or material by any such enterprise. A drama representing negro life in slavery days will be presented tit the rink on Nov. 2d and 3d by colored home talent, for the benefit of the A. M. E. church. The Eastend Pleasure club will give their regular monthly hop this evening at Dolan & McHale-'s hall. The dance will not be a masquerade, but will be a regular dance, as before. The village of Centre, or Tampico, near .Kokomo, suffered from a destructive fire yesterday. All the business portion was swept awny except the postoffice. The loss is 811,500, with only $2,700 Insurance. The dog and pony show, recently organized at Kokomo In oppositlgn to Sipe & Dolman's enterprise, will, open the season tomorrow night at Kokomo. The show will make a short season in the larger towns of the state.- The members of the Eastern Star lodges of Wabash and .Peru will visit the Logansport lodge in a body next Monday night. A special train on the Wabash has been arranged for the occasion. About one hundred visitors are expected to be present and a reception will be given by the lodge here for the occasion. Mrs. Margaret Markland, a wealthy widow, of Kokomo, recently married B. F. Sanders, a supposed business man of Chicago, and on the wedding day gave him »12,000 In re.al estate. She it now seeking a divorce and the recovery of her property, alleging fraud. At the time of his marriage Sanders was quartered at the soldiers' home, Marion. The Great Council of the Improved Order of Eed Men, In session at Indianapolis, elected B, B. Campbell, of Anderson, great sachem. It was decided to admit persons to membership who are eighteen years old. The total membership is 14,979 and num. ber of tribes 172. Receipts, 111,538.87; expenditures, $6,603,70; balance, $4,930.17. The Odd Fellows lodge at Royal Center was visited on Tuesday even- Ing by a delegation of the order from this city, including Deputy Grand Patriarch J. N. Wise, who went to arrange for instituting an encampment at that place. After the lodge had closed, the sisters of the JBe- beka degree gave a surprise by serving a fine lunch. The blolcglc&l station maintained at Turkey lake, Kosciusko county, by the Indiana university, and having nearly one hundred students, may be removed to Maxinkuckee, as a strong movement is working to that end. The promoters of the project will attempt to raise 11,000 for the purchase of a site, after which Indiana university will provide 1100,000 for the equipment of the station. J. D. Ferguson & Jenks. I 322 Market Street, Loganspcrt, Indiana. Men's Suits Boys' " Chld'ns " Men's Overcoats and Ulsters Boys' " " " Children's " -MACKINTOSHES.- *• #• » U Fall and Winter Underwear, " " " Hats and Caps, " " " Shirts, Sweaters, etc. " " £," Gloves and Mittens, u " " Neckwear. | Children's Department Complete ij We have used our BEST JUDGMENT, and the utmost caution in the selection of our present FALL STOCK, and undoubtedly have the finest line of goods, in all departments ever offered the citizens of thi» county, at very Lowest Prices. Call and see us. We will be glad to show »nr goods, and are satisfied we can save you money. Money Back if Goods are Not Satisfactory. • : • • CLAIMS ALLOWED Com- Last Night at the Meeting of the mon Council. The following claims were allowed last nighi by the common council; STREET DKPARTMKT. Par roll ................................................ WS6 74 JKGrable oil ......................................... 100 G W Knight cemsnt work ............... ------ 55 81 A J Gallion cement work ...................... 23 67 M Navinboulderiner ........ - ................. 35 00 J W Leefeed ......................................... » 27 A Miller services ............................... *5 00 City Treaa reed.. .............. - ..................... 8 « EL1CTMC I.IGHT DEPAKTMSUT. Pay roll ......................... - ................... $7060 Genl Elect Co sunde .................. - ........ 1*298 C U Tel Co telephone ............................. - 2 25 AMUSEMENTS. J K Grable oil °° City Treas freight 5 "-i SEWEB DKPARTMBNT. Pay roll - * 9 * PAKIC D1PATJMEMT. Payroll «fl 50 Genl Elect Co sunds "84 FIRE DEPARTMENT. J F Grable oil - tl M 3 TJ Tel Co telephone 2 J5 Jity Treas oats » IS MISCELLANEOUS. MelnoUe Bebee, assistant eng t 1800 j<Ted Kay rodman eng 3 (w eprge U King material for cleaning city building - Maxmkuckee Ice Co ice for city build- 1 25 9 w 17 50 30 00 gw tity Treas int on W Wimp bonds ......... ityTreas postage ........................... — City Treas county clerk's fee ............ 150 3iry Treas W W Imp bonds redeemed.. 5(0 00 Loe & Wab Val Was Co gas for police dept ..................................................... o J* ^ IT Tel Co special service ................... 530 G-eo Grahamjipeclal service .............. 8 50 ' POLICE DEPATMEKT. Par roll ................................. ........ _..KS296 WATER WORKS DEPRATMENT. Payroll ....................... - ........................... *^ 95 27 JisceUaneous'cTaimS ........................ -2,802 28 CITY TAX LEYI As Fixed Last Night by Council. the Common Following is the city tax levy for 1897 as fixed last night by the common council: General fund ..... Sinking fund Interest fund Park fund Liorary fund Electric Iwbt fund.. Water works special- Tuition fund ..77 ...05 ...06 ...01 ...02 ...O'J _.00 ,..00 D OLA ITS OFKHA HOUSB. • • • • Friday Night, Oct. 22. Ruth and Flynn'g Sparkling Comedy Surpriu. *^THE~"> BROADWAY GIRL. Introducing Delmore and Wilson and a bott Of othen. 18 Favorites 18 An Avalanche of fun A Whirl wind of Mirth, Music, Beaut}-an 1 Dancing. Delmore and Wilson, Al. H. Weeton, John Waller, Waldo Whlple, Jno Stevens, H. F. Weeks. Harry Graham, Alice Hanson, Judie Miner. KiHe Countti, Mar Countis. L«3» Waller. May LoGraod, Ed Lowig. Ii. 0. Smith. Prices—25c 35c 50c 75o and II. THR City National Bank. IKD. CAPITAL ...... $200.000 JOHN GKAY, President, I. N. CRAWFORD, Vice Pres. F. R. FOWLER, Cashier. -DIRECTORS— John Gray, I. N Crawford. J. T. Elliott, Dr. W. H. Bali. A. P. Jen««, W, C. Pennock, IMM Bnideler. Geo. w. Funk and John C. Inf r»n» . Loan money on personal and collateral security. Buy and sell Government bondi. Will pay 2 per cent per annum on oertlflotto* of deposits, when deposited six months; t per cent per annum when left one year. Boxes in Safety Deposit Vaults, for sat* keeping of valuable papers, rented at from to to $15 per year. Total.. Hood's Pills Are much in little; jilwaya ready, efficient, satisfactory : prevent a cold CIT fever, care all liver ill*, sirJc be»d- Ech*, Jajxadic«, cocs1ip*tioii, «tc. Price 23 cent*. Th« OB IT PUii to tailn witi Hood'i City Clerk's Report. Following Is the report of the city clerk of orders issued during the month of September: Street dept Fire department Police department Electric light department ................... i,"« « Waterworks department. ................ — • *« * Sewer department Park department ..... - ......................... •"" Cemetery department ....................... — - •" Health department ................................. City officers ........................................... .. hoard of health .......... ....................... Janitor .......... Interest on orders ....... ..-..•.-• .......... Interest on refunding bonds Printing ............................................ Specific .............. - ..................... • ...... ?' {? " ": Total expenditure for month 84 Mistaken Identity. Constable Orr yesterday arrested a young man whom he supposed to be William Wood, who Is wanted to answer to the charge of throwing a stone at a Panhandle passenger train. Instead the prisoner proved to be Edward Wood, a brother of William, and he was discharged. Quarantined. The family of Isaac Lezenbee, residing on the Burlington pike in Washington township, are In quarantine, owing to a case of diphtheria in the family. A sixteen-year-old daughter Is down with the dread disease and two more members of the family are threatened. Entertainment and Bazaar. The St. Joseph's hall was filled to Its utmost capacity last evening to see the Knights of St. John drill and to hear the musical selections by members of the church. A still larger crowd Is expected tonight to hear the concert by the Elk's band. Smoke the Columbia cigar McCoy's New European Hotel COR. CLARK AND VAN BUREh .U. CHICAGO. FIRE PROOF. One block from C. R, I. * P. and L. S. & M. S. Railroad depot. Improvements costing $75,000.00 hive' ust been completed, and the house now offers every convenience to be found in »ny ictel, including hot and cold water, electric ight and steam heat in every room. Rates 75 cents per day and upwards, First class restaurant in connection. WILLIAM McCOY, Owner and Proprietor. THH First National Bank, JLor*n»P«rt, CAPITAL $250,000 A. i. MURDOCH!, PRESIDETT, W. W. ROSS, CASHIEB, J. F. BROOKJCETER, ASST. CASHHB. DIBICTOBSt A.J. Murdock. W. EL Brinffhnnt, Dennli TjhJ.B.8. EIoe,B.F, Yantl*. I M. Jtarwooe. W, T. Banking in all it» Departments promptl r and carefully done. Safety to Cuutoznen and nockhotton •ought for., Stronf Ee*erre Fund Miltitalmad. Bicycle riders, football playen and athletes general/, find a sovereign emedy for the tpralra and broke* and cuts to which they are conitantly table, lo Dr. Thomu 1 Solectrto Oil.

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