The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 9, 1938
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, loss BLYTIIEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER N EWS PAGfe SEVg* CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rat* per line for live l&eiUoriq: line time per line ............ loo Iwo. times pe*' llrie p«r day ...08o ffcree times per line per day . .(Kic fix- times per too per day ....(So Kontti rate per Uiie .......... 60c of Thenks . ..... 50o & 75c six Minimum charge 50o .Ads ordered for three or , and stopped before oxpira- |T|[on will be charged for the num- ' *~ of times the add appeared and ;ljustm«nt- pf All Classified Advertising copy lubmltfcd by persons residing out- tide of- trie cfty must bo accom- ; by cisli. Kates may be computeiJ from above table. . AdyeJrUsWg ordered- for Irregular ''e one time rate. . . No' respofeirjiuty will be taken or more. tJiiuV, one. Incorrect mser- £oa of any classified ad. Business JfJlrectpify For Rent Petsonal 5 room house and balli. Vacant MEN OLD AT 40! GET PEP. No-v March 1st. Call 269. 9-ck-16| oslrex Tonic Tablets contain 160 ticre Southeast Missouri farm,' good improvements, on good road, near good town; and one #0 acre and two 40 acre farms above State Line. Everett B. Gee, Dlylhe- vll'lc, Ark. 8-ck-ll 75 acres new cleared land 4 miles S.W. Rives. 40 acres old land 3 miles south' Dell. W. A. Lewis, Mn- nila m. 1, or Lost Cane School. f-pk-H Comfortable Bedroom adjoining; Invlgorntors and other One doso starts ar.v p. Value $1.00. Special price 89c. ill, write Kirby Bros. Drug bath. (Jenllcman only. 113 Kirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers Hcllerei Mltouineai, eoii»Up»(!on ltd bnO»th«i. itUya Uter l'HU.g«t It At rt'Al csuas or jour «lu|fgli!bnf<i «no tnaks yotj fyel. .like ft u«V Fflifton. Rid •uuV •yate/n o/ furpluq tiOMpn'l <vjth AelfTB Mver PillB. HartrlcM, gentle. •»nld .1 .)) Klrbr flrun Slim... Mniii, plume 806-W. 1-ck-lf FOB RENT—Furnished apartment. Mrs. Ted Green, call 814-J. 7-ck-H Two furnished rooms. Mrs. George Cunningham, 408 so. Second. 5-pk-10 8 A V c, Ttie Top Of Your Furniture W'Uli Glass All designs cut <fc finished.. C'U, WS Blylheville Paint,& Wallpaper Co 3 or 4 room furnished apartment, rent reasonable lo permanent party. 20D ,\V. Kentucky Phone 4G5-W. 29-ck-2-29 HARRY BAILEY'S CURVE IN CAFE Goodf Fbod at Good Prices AH Kinds Sea Food • Fresh Grapple Cigarettes 2 for 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Holland, Mo. ,' Phones H-F-4 & 878 Coal My Caul Is Black But !"• Treat You While. I,OCAI. HAULING John Buchanan ile, Ark. PhOBe 107 Furnished apai'tnieiit.-Lights and water furnished. Private -bath. $3.50 a week. 1001 W. Ash. 29-cktt 40 Acres limd. Require stock, feed, tools, D. H. Garner, Armorel. By experienced uh'cncumbcrcd' lady. A position as housekeeper. Can give good reference, Wrilc Box "PU5, Courier News. 8-pk-14 TOR RENT—Modern 3 & 4 room furnished apartments, call 280. ZG-ck-tf Nicely furnished room entering Into bath. Innerspririg mattress. Will give' 3 meals a day. Call 036, 818 Chlckasawba. 25-da-da Furnished bedroom, 622 W. Main, Mrs-. McMulIins. 22-cK-U C'orijfortabie bedrooin in private home. J15 East. Kentucky, 22-c.k-U 3 room furnished apartment. 103 W8 W. Kentucky. Phone 683. 13-ck-U 2 or 3 room lurji.- apis. One 2- room apt. upstairs. 9H Hearn. 12-pk-2-12 Radio Service EXPERT RADIO SERVICE Complete Line Of PARfe, TUBES, B'TERIES Hardaway Appliance. Co. '' HENKiT 'wEfefrER .. Main & 5th ' Phone ; Furnished comiorlable . bedroom 515 Walnut. Phone 351. 10-ck-t BATIMY SERVICE J, Ben Clune Phone 8 at Tom jaciaon'i One comfortable bedroom. Cal Mrs. Si S. Sternberg, 084, 120! Holly. 2G-ck-2-2£ For Sale Com arid ' "Alfalfa' and Soybeai . liay,'D. B.-Garjier. Armorel. Grocery. store, cheap, iilrs. Her .i ThpjnrisbX ion \y. Rose, " ' ' Complete 10 volume set of Stan dard lieferencc Books will) loos leaf binder. Call 239 or 792.- ' Glass Wauled To Buy Second liand \\\w\ clialr. Mail bu in BOW! condllioji, Box 144, noil, Ark. ..Y-pk-10 Male tfeip Wanted Man to work In stole. Experienced In /into Parts. Write IJox "\V", Courier News, •1-ck-ll 'hone 880 111 B. and Positiojn Wanted Wantea Sharecropper with family. T. V. Baugher, lit. 3, Box 153A. Planetarium Sky Making Attracts Interest Afat l'IUL/\ni3I,PHIA (UP)—News ol Philadelphia's iiian-mnil? :;kies'. innde poislWe tliroii'g'lt' the- Pcli Planetnrium In the Franklin Institute, lias traveled as far buck us Die Hawaiian Islnds, it; wns re- voajed uy Institute officials. A letter, wrltlcn by Henry Illgii, n .student a,l Makawoq School, in the Inland village of Makawao on the Island of Muul, T. n : , was received l:y the 'insUtute askliib' for further Information concerning the planclnrliun.. • ThrOHBh use of the planetarium » re-crailion of tlic nuii'enrnnco oi the heavens can be made, us seen from any spot on the face of ll'ic cnrOi, at any lima In Hie past, present or future. Bad Men Raid Homes ; In South Saskatchewan! REGINA, Susk. <U1') — Droiilh- filrk-kcii southcvn Saskatchewan is now plagued by giui-tollng bandits. . have rcliirncd dome to .find the locks shot oil llio dnprs and liu'lr licines ransackeil. Tiui imtdcDinird western bud mm arc still at large. Tin- mulsh liner, Queen Murv, Iras' sou clocks itboaiil. Kansas hi\s a law making 11, Illegal ,lo eat snakes* lizards, ccn- tilJedcJi, scorpions, or other reptiles, in- public. Found Leather folder with" 2 keys. Owner can have same by paylns cost of this acl^ Bluck leallier key holder containing one key. Ownrir can liuve saiiie by paying cost' of this ad. Courier News. Metal-key ring with 13 keys, Found near High School liave same by pavin id. Owner ciiu cost.' of this FOWLER DRUG GO YOUR PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST Main & 1st rjione 3 WELDING AT BEST PRICKfl PROMPT SEEVICB Barksdate Mfg. Co, PHONE 19 WANTED CORN SOYBEANS 1 So. R.K. St. niythcvillc, Arli. Maiden Grain Co. W. O. Idcvcs. Agent Hukrl Utky's Service Station and Cafe All l.ttiilliig Itranils o( ft«cy, Whiskey, wiiw, Gins And t'ordiul* DKAr.KR IN Coal — Hay — ,« — drains 1'1111,1,11'S 06 «AS IUJ'jii TAX CAM) C'Ki.\KKTTKS "I ))!(. a!iu ur 51.J5 per t'arlpn 24 Hoar Service H.W. 01, PJjouc 17 l^cll^id, M*, oil Is $13 {M>t cent ill- J. C. EVANS BOS 604 Art, HAMILTON TRUST ftJNU, Sponsored By Hamilton OtpoSitOM cotp, BCjtoe, niore, sy trjafj any npertln Tljotnas Linij'w CWios P, O. Bo* 4701; PJionij ;5fZ7. Hemorrhoids-Piles CtiRED WITHOUT SURGKRY & GUARANTEKU Sift, lure »nd vlth kM dljconlort. All .,*'*?j"** »"<> condl((pni of ncrrvat origin, < fdiot tJlmtnU and akla unccri ir««Ud »ni c«td •« «ar clinic. / ,'""''" . DKS. NIES & NIES' - Ostrop»lhlo rhjslclani 5U MMn Phone 91 Rlythevlll«, Ark. Special Prices Are Now Heing Offered on All Winter Auto Accessories Visil our modern parls & accessnries slorc. Here you will linil cvorylhinjf mi display to enable you l<> make easy selections of your |>ui'ticiiifir iiecils. Call Tom Little Co. ALLEY OOP' FREE INSTRUCTIONS In Ut^t- Styles Knitting "MEKNAT" RNITTINa VABlVS BIrs. LcsHe' Hooper 1103 Ohlckasawba pkpno 1W TRUCKS & ALL TRUCKS G U A.KAN- 'I'EIOn TO PASS STATE INSPECTION Phone 802 Delta Implements, Inc OPEN FOR BUSINESS (NKW M/VNA<JEMKNT) NE;W DINING ROOM AT UNCLE BiLLIE'S TOURIST COURT SOUTH' cm- LIMITS ON IIIGIIWAY. 01 Private Dlnl|iB Hoom Muislp Private Boollia Homo Cookli)K Club BrenXfiwl Hot Ulscull all tlio Ttiub l13w , Uo Barbcnicd Ribs Sandwiches Chicken eto.llii;! Rlcuks lta! r nn SpnglicUl Dinners , . Lunches ' Drinks IAl, VAKTiKtj IN.VITED-rilONK 845 1'lKN'rV OK IVtHKINQ KPACK Now IxwatcU at 101 Nor«h Htconfl ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprlet* niaici olf Hcbnllt TJp*WrlUr», Adding Machine* »n( C»lcof*( or»—Ktp »lrln e—rart 2? COBB FUNERAL HOME F <»« One pair, natural color dt_ gloves. Reward for return to Courier. 24-uooo! Room and Board MULES FOR SALE iS ! DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. SOU CAM HANDLE'. V to>V SEE WHAT 1 WELL HOVV'N HIM- HAyj, HAW, HAfy';] YOUR FODLlSH - \ WAS 1 TKNOW THAT THAT'STH' DANGE5T7NE5S HAS DONE? I CRITTEE'D. STAET • WRECK I; EVER. fX JUST LOpfc.AT / WHALlW AWAV ' SAW.' _-/ \ EENV'SCART.' / WITH HIS TAIL? | WIL Sfarh Heated room with board 803 W. Ash, Phone 151. ri-ck-2-11 Hatchery Baby Chicks PUBLIC HATCHING. Marilyn Hatchery, Blythevllle, Ark., H.W. Gl North. Phouc 742. Headliner of Yesteryear l,5;Ktncsi< , acfrpss of last ' cqhlury. 1.5 To' unclose. llUnusual , mcrnQiito. J.' bellow. J 6 Being, nisfettlo rash. 1'B Every. 19 Fortunes. 70 Eatables. ' 2f Behold. ~5'To make lace. £6 Destitute o[ teeth'.' M Inlet. 34•'Aeriform iuci 35 Ireland. 36 Unit of work. 37 Form of "be."'3 8 Stepped. 39 Railroqd.- 40 Lobe cf the car. 46 She. was a , • —- °f' ' realism on iiic AiisVyf r. Id Trcvioiis Punic 50 Mining hut. 51 Once more. 53 Deer 54 A jot. 55 Classifies. 56 "Toward sea. 58 Her native land. • 59 She appeared in -— • irt the VERTlCAt, IThercfore. 2 Monkeys.. ,.-, 3 To lease. * 4 Handle. 5 Prickly nut coverings. G Before. 7 To drive. 8 Thin strips of dough. 3 Arsbian. ;';;., 10 Biscuit. /--'•; 11 Valley. ' S 12 Transposed. 14 Billiard rod. /WHEM SHE: tJOES, WELL, A. 5HEVJON'T5EE Or WHAT SOMEWHER£ HAPPEN) X ELSE I'M EEMY " SEE5 THIS/ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BOOTS WOULD LOVE THIS 1HW ° V-O. -WHtN CtC^V <&1<± HtR W WOOLO i So, OO.VOO^>,\T:WOO\_O 1 \\ TO SO /\\.ONfo f W^8®%$$&mm \VASH TUBES NO')' HELGA OH, DARUNG.l IM YOUB.OWN WORDS OKAY, >DiJ HOOK-NGSED PELICAM W®I^ O T ' JlS *" ds YOU WUST HELP; &ISTER, IF you THINK ME . / I'D SAVE yoijR. PRECIOUS - EVEN IF I COULD -' SOT TH6YLL NEVER GET ONLY FOOLIW, HONEST WE VMS. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS IT SoME7H!MG ,•• F > FUWW ABOUT -THESE ROYALTY f" WHOS ' ^r^ W CHEcks! i c-crr.AWo7HER J\ S ,7^^ ) : ^!iJ I 'bow'T kwow.' BUT IF E 1 / (',052.33 IS A . ' BUT H£- LEFT TDV/M OVER <f THERE NEVER V/AS OIL 4( MA,'BE MR W THAT PROPERTY I-KW )[ KWOV/S THEX'RE F^ROM : A : WEEK ; ACM ! i DOU'T Lor OR MOHEY kWOW WHERE ME WEMT .' RDR Q!L THAT '-itxj'. DIDMh" SELL,FROM A V/ELL THAT I. PRODUCWSj OSJ LAME?. THAT-DIDM'T ..BELONG TO YOU.' IB Shf .ilarterl nclihg in youlfi. 21 Electrified particle. 22 Squanderer. 2'3 Lawful. 26 OzprVc. 27 Label. 29 Stream obstruction. 30 Beverage. 31 Circle part. 32 Cravat. 38 On behalf of. 3'Ofo wisii lightly. 41 Acidity. 12 Lyre-like instrument. 43 Thin. •55 Self. 4S Marrow. •. 47 Tidy 48 Otherwise. 49'Water cress. 52 Work of skill. .54 Provided. 57 Like. ^~ -f V* :" ^E^/^6 .___ 1 _ r c P! PR - ^ 1 \BJLM*tfP'- >v' ".i-l/

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