The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 8, 1934 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 8, 1934
Page 11
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•PAGE TWELVE (ARK.) noimiEIi MRW3 TIIUKSDAV, NOVEMiiKH 8, Jj J Jjj)( Mixed Grill Makes Quick Supper lor Party Day Allovneys Reap Fal Fens fr Work Oflen I1T Ti:il 11. MAl.UY United t-iess Staff Cm respondent ROOK, Ark. IUP) mil delinquent tax col- Is nn old Arkansas custom in the iillorney general's ollin It's a light profitable ciislom lor the favored special iHloiney;: who Vfrelve lists for collection, records In tile slate treasurer's ollire irvetl Ed Bennett, firculesl beneflcl-u , ol tlvft old custom, received (fitlull Jor Ills trouble tn eollei'llii" Inxi -• from January I to October :w Hit. 1 ; year. He received one fee of i7Ml for efttllng a two-year-old account, of M. H. MeDonnhl, sheriff nncl collector of Ornnl eounly. McDonald'.-; check for $1.750 lo tile trensiirer fis tile amount clue the :;Uile from highway funds eolWtcd in Ihtvl county was returned to him. Bennett was niven HIP jo!) of ;:t-i- .lleineni. He arcepled a warrant with an esllmaied eash. value ol 41,050 anil bonds ral.-:lnn' the total to $2,80(1. Ills commission on treasurer's receipt Mo. '20 on Aiunisl. 21. •1034 was $700. Orditnirily n 25 per eeni pnnalty Is luUUKl \vl\en corprtruliou U\ws become itcllnnurinl. '1'he '!.'.> per eeni, Is (.^nertilly lurned over to the attorney making (he collection. Ik-cords show, however, Unit on some occasions .settlements were muds for amounts less limn the assessed lax and that the nllorney gol his blK fffi anyway. ' 'Ilicre were three oilier collectors, npiwlnted by Hal 1, Nonv.yoil !«-.lore lio resigned (o ai-ce|il a tederul "Job after Ills defeat for n sliilli term In the August Democratic, primaries. They'are: .lolui 1,. Carter of l.lltln Hod:. Who \vllhilrew as an O]V,miient ill JJorwood before Ihe August elee- tIon's Tfnrvry ('.. Combs, secretary i of the stale nemocratlc cenlral committee; and, Ijiim Tiu-low.skl. Jillllc Hock attorney. Walter 11. Vope, new nllorney general, linr. tnaile no a]ijinlntmenl,s of special ullorucys for corporal ion tax- eoltncllons. Cartel's first treasurer's receipt for a collectliou fee was issued September 22. 11 was for $0.81) Irn- enl• lection of a $27.511 franchise lax 01 tins Williams Cooperate company. Tim case or Carter renills (lint of John Sheffield of Helena who withdrew from the uttoruvy i;eu- ernl's race t\vo years 'ngn. A feu months Inter lie received a $1.500 fiN. 1 ' for setttenient of a WK tux case nt Cotton Haul. ' Tlie latest list of delinquencies Icr collection was sent to tlie allonii-j general by tliy stale treasure: . September 13. 11 nmouuli-tl lo S1C.311: The customary ar> tier cent fee Would net the collectors S4,im. State Comptroller Griffin Siiiill lins questioned the nttarney ten eral's right lo apimint spocial attorneys to collect delinquent, corporation l.ixcs under Act H ol titr J933 Iceislnlure. Tlie, comptroller quoted from the original Act 1ST of the 1933 Icgls- laturc on the subject and from the . nmcndatory Act H of -lusl yeaiv The attorne.y uenera} has (jiioted Iroui the .same acts In delenw of his action. Hep. ;l^o Nyberg of Phillips county sought fnipcEii'lunenl ot Nonvood in Jiiiuary 1M3 on uecnsntion:; which Incliidcxl payment of exorbitant teec. lo attorneys. Act M came Irom his agitation. m =:<®-=r Si cole-Cooler Society — Personal The I ^rill reijiilrrs only a few mluiile's to II '«ink ami i':i Is'il. n In- bid nut In Ihe trll iiv si.uiv i:. DAtau; NliA Knvlfp Stall' Wrilei If my l)ri<i>^< elub i:: |i!ininin^ nn atleriiufm st-.-i-:\i,ii tlini llirealf-ns to spill over Into tin 1 dianer-piv|iar- iug hour, I j.Ian to have n tnlxeil It's c|iili:k lo fix mill .so popular vltli my fnmily thai, they don't •umplnln nlyiiit dLnnt-j- beln^ late. In such n dinner nil roods are eri'i-d hot from the uiill on n big limier plnte. (jr on Hie comjiart- uent ]ilates thnl have journeyed rom the club to (he lioine. In preparation, the (jrlll pan Is lecessary. 'I'hls Is n sliallow. ob- oug pan, fifteen by len Inches. The 'iHHls are arraiiBed in Hers and nil looked nfonr.i!. ALTOS.-I Hie top of he [ian, place the chops in n pre- :lsi! row, .sear for lire minutes 1111- Icr the brollim; tlaim-, then add n nyer (if pineapple anil .sweel )«ila- :o, a vow of sausages, the .small link kind, lonjaUu-. 1 . niul mush- IWUI1S. f'repare llcfure I'aily ove 1 t^u t(j ihf jjuny i hvnsli .slilr.s wiili f-'renrli (livsslni: .':e:i.-:oned with a split clove o[ Barlie. The potatoes also arc Improved hy IliLs ireiilineiit. Mnshrnom capf^ marijiatetl tn rteneh [Ii'es-Slru; Ixilore cnokln 1 ,! keej> llK.-Ir color better. Spread polalo olice.s wilb a mixture of brown sugar and butter and put u HlU'c- or ixilato on each slice of pineapple, adding extra po- lalo slices. Tile tomato should be cut in slices nbom 1-2 Inch thick and lightly sprinkled wltli .salt and I'.L'iiper. Drop u bit of butler each mushroom cap and prick each sausage. Lower Ihe llame or place the grill pan further below Ihe (lame. Cook fifteen mliiules, or until (be vcsjc lables are brown on one side. After turning, salt the oilier side of tomatoes and ebops. Haste om-r or twice durlin; Ibe codkiiif; with Ihe Jli-s limber rind lay .slrlps of haeoi over ro\vn of tomaloe.s. Oon): til hat-on Is crisp. Serve on each plate one ellop, one sausage, one ring of pineapple. •1 slices potato and 2 slices toluolo. '1 or :t mushrooms und a slice of bacon. Garnish wllh a .spray ol cress or a sprig ol parsley. . How In Serve Gropefntit supreme makes s\ siileutUd first, course for n mixed Brill dinner. Prepare Hie fruit in the morning and let it stand, closely covered, on ice until wanted for .serving. The salad for this dinner shoiil:! be simple. Endive, escnrole or lettuce with a Wilch dressing furnishes just the right touch of crispness. If there are no small children n colfec- sponge finishes the meal lo p-.-1'fect.ioii but If the dessert, is for u family of assorted .sjzes, a fruit whip or n fruit.Kelatlnc with juices In Ihe pan. Cook fifteen mln- whipped cream Is more suitable. Slondmnn' and Crawford Address Linns Club Itunlei' M. Rleailnniu. principal of Ihe Junior high sctionl, am! Major Ivy W. Crawford, stale reprcscn- lalivc-elecl. ntkire.'iscil Itie Uons Tuesday nt their weekly luncheon at Hold Noble. ' ' Mr. Sleadinan. in ['ouunenioral- K National Ktlm-aliiin Week, gni'e n criiiipari.soti nf ibe total iiicoim- of the United Stales and the amount expeiultlnred {01- public school ed- ncallon. He also ]ioluled nut the relatively small valuation or Ibe public school buildings In relation Ifi the entire worth or Ihe nallon raid stressed Ihe nece\slty of the American people lo act toward placing the school systems on a 'llrmer basis. Major Cra'.vford outlined and explained the proposed coiislltiition- al amendments and acts which were to have been voleo on at (In- election iestcrday. Twenty-four members attended. .lall (iuest for II UYrk-ljuK nill.ADKf.PMIA iuri - -Daniel Mafinhe. SO. was .sentenced lo Slienil l-l week-ends In jail. A niafii.'.lrate lingiosed Hie .sentence ifter Mai:nln-'s wife said lie "went on a spree" every week-end. The judge, instructed Maeuir<- lo re- purl to Ihe Jail each Saturday evenlni! a tier he. leaves his Job. Head Conner News Want, AJs. lietween 75 and 100 guests attend•d a farewell party at the Baptist •liiirch Monday evening for the Rev. and Mrs. A. Ii. Sadller. who eft Tuesday for their new home at Union, Mo. Mrs. Sims Mlchlc and .he Rev. Mr. Sadller gave .special ;onys, ami talks were made by sev- 'i'al leaders in church work. Individual gifts were presented Mr. and Mrs. Sadller and a benu- lltii! table lump was pvcsenied toy be ki'juji, Mrs. Marshall niUToiiKh.s was hos- lo n six o'clock dinner Monday •VTiiini; lii honor of Ihe birthday of ler husband. Among those present were Tallierl Kelley, .Ine Tiavls, isnil 'I'ouimy FYake.s 'I'hlrteen ivienibeys aud two visitors liltendrd [he regulnr meeting of the W. M. U. at the r chinch Monday. A program on the Old Polk.-; Home at Ironton was filveu by Mesdames Karl lludsjins, Allord Hastings, liussell l-'rakes, ,1. r. Palierson, .1. fi. Orockell, Sims Mlchle, and \follle Pnlk. Mr. and Mrs. T. 0. r.easley theli guest, Mrs. .1. VV. [nman. of l'aduc:ih. Ky,, were ciirels of Mrs. Nel.--.on. of niytheville, Sunday. Dr. and Mrs. n. o. MclMnlcl announce the birth or a daughter Nancy Ward. Saturday. The child weighed O'/i |K>unds. Mr. and Mrs. Hess Taeket announce the birth or u son nt iheii home near Steele Saturday. W. R Shoffner, of Memnhis. transacting business here Wertncs- j day and Thursday. ! Mrs. M. n.'Carrel! and daughters Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Carrcll am lainily. of Carmel, were guests ol Mrs. W. P. Melton Sunday. A. J. Overltirf returned to I hi Memphis Methodist hospilnl Monday lor treatment. Miss Jane Bo«le wns laken to the IllVllicvllle hospilal Sutulny evening Tor an amei'L'eucv ap))endiclti.-i opernlion. The candidates for the basketball learns, coached by Mr. Hushes ami Miss Tavlor, are: Fred Alexander. FVankic Alexander. Gerald Broder- Ick. Ruble niirns. Reginald Pnnder- biu-n, -Odell Dmld. KHon Corgans, Ralph Patterson. Charles Penny, i Bud Story, Kowen Travis, nud n. HACK TO NORMALCY! I, MY POOR. WOOTIETOOT 6Y TH' TIME THEV FIND WOOr THEYLL HAVE A SWELL TIME FINDIN' ME/ YEZ2IRJM . GONNA BE PARE AN' / SCARCE t ^S T'LAST LONG-SOI'M ' ME SOME AIB, " NO SIR, NO Wl:Ot)IN' THIS BOZO—-BUT i er.AT IT POINTS UrJlirAi2DOl I'M 6OWNA GI -11115 FUNNY LOOICIN' Gf:T-UP IttEY TALKED Mf , INTO WlrARlN'// WHISKfiROOSKY, I ( f7F.|. LIKE MY5F.1.P C. Prakes; Minnie Taylor, Vivian . Mavis Heatncock. Marie Clay- Virginia Chapman. Vir- in England house more than Margaret t;op2land ton, Agalha Wright. Dorothy Moore, u __ _. .,__ Dorothy Ycaser, Helen Curry, Naomi no:ld, Audrey Nolle 'I'him- Q'Dclle McDanlcl. ucrnicc Jenkins. Rtthye Lee Williams, Kathryn Slid s, iiier, Audrey Mac Vle:l, llnby Nell - I Sanders, and wava Wells. boys and girls. The daily looti co| sumption at these homes includ 1BOO loaves or bread and 1000 pinj !of milk. RANGES Solid Car Load Just Received Uead Courier News Wani Head Oonrtcr ricwc wunt Ails. Dr. Floyd D. Howton, Denlis} AiinoiiiKTS llio npfn- of nn office for denial prar.licn in the l.yncli t^inklinr/, nn Snulli Broadway. 1 ItE RIGHT PLAN of feed ing aad the right feed make a cow a money-maker . today. We tuve both, so k fnm(» in nn.l !«.>_ t'4 come in and let's talk h over. cow OHOW- CASH FEED STORE Black Diamond Cast Ranges Oflen copiixi lint never equaled. Warming closet with nicklod front frame i:nd drop cushion door. Drop oven door \villi white i-namcl panel, frnnl oven slu-lf and towel rail nicliled. 1-pioce tlunin jv 1 ' 11 ' 0 . Iic:i.vy lire l)iix. Kxlra 23 .75 Enterprise Cast Ranges Model F-86-CR A liKiiitil'ul full en:inirlpil l)i;iinniiil ]Cn(i>r|iriso l(:inin> in jiri-cn and ivory. Ki-itu-li OVIMI, pxlrn hirjji- polish- cil lop. cast inin siinilary loj; liasc. rost-rvoir lim-d uilli pun- i-iipiu-r. C:in In; furnished vvilli I. c:tsl \v:ilOf fmnl. $r/i.75 54 Model P-86-C Same us above cxcepl plain finish Diamond Knlerptise KatiKc with l:irj«'c Hi-ittch oven. White enamel iloor paiu-ls. Swinj;- iiit; lire door for wood. Heavily nmslrudcd lire box for ciltu-r wood 01- ftial. Without Hesorvoir HUBBARO HARDWARE CO. ANY MAN COULD RE PROUD OP! IT/ You niiver saw heller suits at (his price. Shown in linlh single and double breasted styles with fhe popular Hi-Swing hacks. They're flic suits all well-dressed men urc wear ing. Timely and ruin II Q.7S iy \Vi"i|i Around und R;ip;l;ni Styles, Kinslc or Doulile Ilreasli-d. Nimii-Biish Shoes §6.75 Dp GLOVES by' MANSEN Obviously sm.irt, ovon at lirst jjlniice, I'ii-r- slcin and Mnehas. (it. 'I O T T T Sfl.2^ Up Suede and Iriillier Jaekels SJU10 anil S9.50 NEW HATS Dohhs ;itnl Slelson % $56.50 ft? Kmmerson Jlals $3.50 Sniarl Nrw (lonlnroy Snils \vjlh H i- Swing Model Hncks R. D. HUGHES & GO. H Doors West of Rit/Tlicalrc :

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