The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 8, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 8, 1937
Page 2
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N * PAGE. TWO, BLYimVlLLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS MONDAY, PEBUUAKY 8, ioa? Social .Calendar TUESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs Elton \V Klrby I avlng Tuesday Bridge club Young Malions Bridge club meeting \vith Mis Murray Small Sunbeams rhst Baptist church, meeting, 3:31) p.m. Inlerm"rtlatc G A mcUlii' at First ''Baptist church, 4 p.m. Jiiraoi G A meeting rlist nip. tlst church, 4 p.m. Mrs. G. G. Caudill and Miss Cordelia Wilhlle entertaining D. A. R chapter Mllli luncheon meeting at Caudlll residence, 1 p.m. WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS • Chaplu D," P E O having luncheon meeting.With Mrs. J. W Robbliis at Stcele Mrs. W. J. Pollard having Weil- nesdaj Bridge club Church of Christ Bible stud meeting with. Mrs. J. W. Bader 2 30 P M THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mid-week Bridge club mcetin: with Mrs. A..Comvay, U. D. C. meeting with Mrs. A, M Butt 2 30 p m FRIDAY'S EVENTS Eastern Star Order meeting a hall, 7 30 p m An Innovation from Paris CliVi His Pirl) The'Golden Rule Sunday schoo class, of- the First Christian churcl entertained ^\ith a bunco imt Friday night at the home James TPIIJ Cecil Lowe won the tia\ prize a'ld DicUe fa>'rton, IV high sco e pi i/o in the cam pitjed by the JO mcmbcis pies en I: The .Valentine mollf was cai ricd'out in the refreshments o a saliul plate with heiit slinpc sandwiches. In a bnef bnsinc<3 session pri- sided ovei bj the picrielent J J Bivnnl meniucis voted I penalize thcmselvc on Sunday absences and monc} was conlilbut- ed to the flower fund Children of Confederacy Ha\c a I untheoa Mcclmir Mollv Guaid an-l Mildred Mulr entertained 11 members of the Childten of the Corfcdciacj and five usltoib with a luncheon meeting Saluidij it the Guard horn™ T.h» hosieries were nssisled b> then motheis hi sen ing lunch to the members ind SUests which Included Jem Carlock Jean Morris Ruth patldison Carl chapin and Wandi rishci The geneial program for the j"iu is The Confederate Ciblnet aid for the 'opening program JUS Janies -B.' Clark, director, told of Jefferson Davis and his wife Vc- iina Howell Davs Belly Brooks Isaic-s give n poem rhe White HOIFC of the Confederacy' and Mildred MuU read, a poem Ihc Goose Because this is the month of Qeoige Washington s blrlhdaj Frances MoH.mey toM of his lead ersbip among men Evelyn Snnrt president. ,pre id ed in Hie bns',ne"s session which pre-eded the. program It was decided to ime a luncheon meeting n°xt month *ilh Martha Wire Robbins at Stcele * .-* ' * Burmcbs Women to Study Psyihotogi MTO Winnie Virsil Turner wi' give another lessen in ixsjcholog in a mesdng of the Business in. Professional Women s club tonlglv 1 30 o'clock, nt the Hotel Noble • » • Daughter Born A daughter wis born Tlnnsrti night to Mr ami Mrs Lugcn Richardson, of rht Like who a: veiling at th« home of Nji an Mrs Tom Brown, bLcause'of tl' A TltOUSKHKl) afternoon dress ^* is the novelty suggested by I'arisian innovator liobert rigucfj It is entirely of heavy iiurrilc ( crepe except lor (he belt, which is a lorsade of purple and a dis-j tinclivc blue green, t The dress itself is cul H)II simple tunic lines,' fiistening at (he side. The (rou- scvs are cut on the lines of court breeehc.s ami, like the ill ess sleeves, arc finished with a row of self buttons. V I In April He'll Be Mari-yin' Marian .jh vvatcr. The, baby, who weighs :ven pounds, has not been named. * • • usiness Women's Irclo Will Meet. Members of the Business Worn- n's circle of Ihc Woman's Auxil- iry in the . First Presbyterian .lurch will have a hambmgci super tonight 6 o clock at Hie chinch -H" f ^4 ', . , Bits of News Mostly Peisonal Mrs. J. H. Emotherman is inl rovinsj after a week's. illness with nflucnxa. Grover Ashley vvas brought home liursday from CumpbeH's Clinic, .femphis, where he has been foi i month following, ail operation ipcn his spine. He is still •• in cast and is confined lo his bed nit i-s improving. Mr. and- Mrs. W. N. Williams arc both 111 with influenza. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Regonold and son, John, spent : yesterday n. Memphis. They \verc accompanied to their home at Arniorcl by Mr. licgenold's inolher, ^Irs. E. L. Regenold, who will 'be their guest for several days. Jean Williams has returned lo lier.hcmc at Armorcl after spjnd- Ing several days with relatives in. Uatesvillc, ^^iss, and Mcm- phis. II.' Wcbl). formerly or here and "now of Earlc, attended to business here today. Mrs. BaHer Wl'.son went to Somerville, Teniv. yesterday. Upon her return Tuesday or Wednesday she will be accompanied by'licr sou and daughter, who have been visiting relatives there. . Mrs. Eslclle Cooke Vollmer and j daughter, Ann. returned lo Memphis - yesterday, where they arc to make Iheir home for several months Virile Mrs. Vollmer attends Miss Wylic's School of Business. Ann Is enrolling in Miss Lee's school. O. A. Cunningham is improving after a week's illness. Waller Rosenthal will leave lo- liight for St. 'I.GUi£ on a ; buying trip. Mrs. James H. Bell ami'daugh- ter, Bclsy. went to Clarr.svillp. Tcnn.. tc<iay to spend a week wilh Mrs. Bell's sister, Mrs. Josiali H. Fort, and family. Mr. and Mre. Lewis Wilson and daughter, Anna Lou. of Memphis. \isitcd relatives here during the week-end. Janies D. Clark has been confined to bis home for several clay:; because of influenza. Miss Mary kymr Brewer oncl Joan Brewer spent the weekend wllh relatives and friends in Joncs- boro. H;l Johnson spent.'the weekend in Memphis with his lather, 3. T. Alford. tho vvas taken to the Memphis Methodist hospital several days ago. for special (real- a patient at (he Memphis Methodist hospital. Harmon Robinson is now al- londini; -school at Arkansas Tech, Uitsscllviilc, aflcr having becir employed by the U. S. engineers. Mr. and. ; Mrs. J. Norils Moon spent yesterday in Paragould wllh Mrs. Moon's mother. O. O., Ganskc has gone to St. Louis to buv shoes for his sho]» nnd from there he will go (o Pern. Ind., lo visit his inolher, who has been ill. Miss .Alice Whltsltt and E. 13, Lyman spent yesterday in Paragon! d anil at Jonesboro. where they visited Miss Belle WhilsiU, who Is now slightly improved after several weeks illness, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd .Rogers, of Carutliersville, spent'the week-end wllh Mrs. Rogers' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Herrick. Mr. and Airs. Rives Allen and son, II. C.. and Mrs. Alice Womack were in Memphis Snlriiclny. where Mr. • Allen consiilteel a specialist E. L.'Welch, of Dell, was tnkci to Ihc Veterans hospital at Memphis yesterday in-a Cobb innbii- lancc. He is ill from pncumom i Mrs. E. T. Wrnlght and daush ter. Sarah, 'returned yesterday from a ten days visit with relatives Ii St. Louis. Mrs. Malt Monaghan and dtiugh (ers, Barbara nnd Rosemary, re turned' yesterday from St. Louis where they 'attended Ihc lunera of Mrs. Monaghan's falher, Ih Rev. A. E. Chapman, who die suddenly Thursday. January 28 Tuncral services were held last Tuesday aflcr the arrival of all (he sons and daughters, including a son from t.os Angeles, Calif., nnd ii daughter from Louisville, Ky. Mrs. J. B. Ilyiiuid. formerly of here nnd now of St. Louis, is critically ill at a hospital there from influenza 'and complications. Her eiaugliler, Mrs. Frank Henley, of 'lalluiah, La., Is Ilicrc nntl her son, Wyalt Virgilio. of Dallas. Texas, Hew to SI. Louis ycslnr- d;iy but wns unablo lo land bc- u\ir,c of poor visibility and Ihe plane flew to a more northern landing field and Mr. Virgilio com- plolod Ihe trip by train. Mrs, Exploring Careeij as CabarefrStar ' Hylnnd's home Bessie- Avenue. Miy. nnd Mrs. address is 4308 William -M. liob- iilson. of Cnpc Oiranlcan, f-cent the week-end with Hcbinson's Bull, and mother, family. Mo., Mrs. Mrs. A. M. Pneumonia Claims Life of Mrs. Thelma Hicks jlng " bells will ling In toi Marian Marsh, above, screen actress, and Albeit J>. Scott, New York broker. Scott was divorced last year from former Acliess Colleen 0 Moore, •— Funeral services were held this nfltrnoon for Mrs. Theima Hicks, 33. wife of ; Earl Hicks, who died Milcrday at the Ulylhcvillc hospital, a victim of pneumonia, Mrs. Hicks' death was said lo l:nvc resulted from exposure in- cuiTrd when the family was forced lo evacuate their home on the Lewis plantation couth of nosc- Innil, by flood vvalcrs. She is survived by her husband, seven chll- •FLAPPER FANNY * " " By Sylvia . ,Qor uu SERVICE.IK. - r.M..HEC.u.s,PAT. w — Thirty-six students of the senior tgli school excelled In their slud- es during the first' semester, just oncludcd, lo such nn extent that ley "made" the honor roll for the nllrc four nnd a half months of criool. There were H who received honorable mention 1 ' on the list, In the last six weeks lerm of he semester there were 38 on the oil and 32 received honorable men- ion. For the entire semester Cecil Branson led wllh 13 1-2 honor wints and Juanlla Gschwend and erry Cohen lied for second honors .•llh 13 points each. Billle Lcggclt. nd Farrls nichnrdson each received 12 polios, Ifctly Ebcrdt, --: larry Cloyd, 10 3-4; Sue Ramcy, 0 1-2; Amy Ruth Morris and Rusell Farr, 10; Hllelred Hunch, Harild Rosenthal and Marjorle Waren. iini» and a half; Bonnie Jean Jiichaiiaii, Joyce Somers, Marian 1'ompkins, nine; Elizabeth Abra- lam and Marjorie Mays, eight and 1 half; Sara Evrard, Howard Moore niul Virginia Llltle, eight; Normn Jrowe and John Sanders, seven and i half; Elizabeth Edwards. Betty Outsail and Mary Eunice Lnyson. •even; Billie Craig, odie Rice and Martha Frances Slovens, six and half; John Charles Bright, Ray rant, Frances Parker, Josephine Shibley, U. \v. Moore, Jewell Kite nnd Helen Phillips, six. Those malting honorable mention were: Mars- Jo Buchanan. Elizabeth Baxter •Vfirlan Caldwcll, Molly Gufml. Helen Hood, Pauline Illlburn. Alice Jane Hester, Betty'proctor, Thomas Seay, Jay Smith, pat Wood and Clint wheat. Jnanitn Gschvveml led the roll for the third lerm -wllh 13 1-2 points nnd Cecil Branson was second with 13. Jerry Cohen and 1 irris nichnrdson tied for third place with 12. others on the roll In order of their grades from n 3 i lo six, were: Sue Hamsy. Har- rv Clovd, Blllie L5gg»tt, Marian lomiftlns,- Belt,- Eberdt, Mnrjorie Miys, Elir.nbeth Abrnlmm, Amy Ruth' Moi-ris, Sara Evrard, Joyce Somers, Marjorle Warren, Hildrcd Bunch,. Russell Farr, odie Rice Bonnie Jeanne Buchanan, Mnrlnri Caldwcll. Norina Crowe, Vlrqlniu Little, Thomas Seay, Marian Caldwell, Jewell Rice, Harold Rosen- thai, Howard Moore, Helen Phillips. Blllie Craig.. Elizabeth Edwards. Mary Jeanne Affllck. John Charles Bright, Betty Diigan, Ray Grant. Molly Guard, Josephine Shibley, Marlha Frances Stsvens Uorraie. nlackard. Honorable men- lion's list, has: Virgic Mac Abbott, Elizabeth Baxter, Mary D Fitzgerald, Helen Hood, Paulina Hil- tmni. Eiiwiif Hood, Marv Eunice Layton, Henry Muery. o. W. Moore, Glen old McLeod, Leon Stafforr Frances Parker, Botty Proctor, John Santos, Jay Smith. Alice Saliba, Ouanita white, Marjorie Wood Ltoyd Ward, Pat Wood, Wyhnctte Shophjrd and Clint, wheat. Says Education Needed to Prevent Depressions '."Education and not Legislation Is the Cure for Depressions" will ce the subject of n'public Icclnrc the hish school auditorium at 3 o clock Tuesday afternoon by A Uuvreii nrown, educational director of Investors Syndicate, Min- nenpohs investment house "Boys and girls arc taught lo make money," Mr. Brown declares, "but it is n lot more important for people to hang on to (heir money after they have made than it is to earn it. Pupils are not (aught how to handle money, yet when they grow up they are trusted wilh important business and public offices." This lack of financial training, he says, could lie termed a major cause of depression. School Heads' Meeting Postponed for Month The monthly meeting of the superinlradenls nnd principals of Mississippi county schools has been postponed until March, at which lime it will be held H Wilson, it has been announced by Miss Winnie Virgil Turncy, county examiner. .The. program planned for February will be used. STZ Everything For Your Entertainment and Comfort Las! Time Today Kay Francis in "Stolen Holiday" With Claude Hains, Ian Hunter, Allison Skipworlh and Alcxantlcr U'Arey She stood alone before a mob homing for her husband's blood... before a world which scorned lu'i 1 undying love for a man she coulil never marry. Alsli News ami Cartoon —Atlir.ission— Matinee—10 * 2Cc Nigfil—1G & Me "Tlic Baroness sent you tickets lor her travel lecture, Fanny." : ''iS r o,'lli;niks, The female of Ihc speeches is moredea<lly_tlian the mate." Delays.Finesse Decision and V Achieves Successful Squeeze TUESDAY IS : . //' Hy • WM. E. McKKNNEV (Secretary, American Ilridjc League ,'.;:Not all st|iiee?.e situations develop early. Often declarer lias the •_cholce between a finesse and an attempted squeeze. In such case It-is good policy to defer the de- cisioii'asvlong as possible, and gain Information from forced discards by defending., players. In today's hand, South, declarer, got n'. Very favorable opsniii!! lead, but even then he made his contract ; solely because of most careful manipulation of his cards. The : • A!) •'.: - V KQ9 . : • > AJ 10987 •:. * A 82 « 7 2 V-10853 «'Q 6.5-1 ij.'.Q95 N W E S Dealer A V » ,*, A 833 .17042 K 10 13 A KQJ 10 <H VA * 32 Duplicate— N. i S. South \Vcsl N'orlh l- r *' Pass 2» 3-ilk . ' Pass 4 » •i t> Pass 4 N. T. 0 ;4k • Pass Pass '-; 'Opening vul. East ' Pcss Pass Pass Pass lead— » 3. 8 three of hearts was won by South, and-a low spade was led to dummy. East, with four trumps, re•The king of hearts was led, and fused-to \vin the trick. South disci^dcd a diamond. The acs of diamonds dropped East's king. A ssconcl round of diamonds disclosed that East had no more. South ruffed and returned a trump. East won and played a heart. South discarded a club. South now ruffec a • diamond and led his rcmainin: trumps. The last trump squeezed West wlio had the queen of diamonds and qucen-nlnc-five of ' clubs' Dummy's holding'was the ten o diamonds.and the ace-cisht-two o clubs. East held the jack o he'iirts and the three clubs to the ten. •West, of course, discarded tin ripali .club aiid dummy the ten o VQ653 * J652 Today's Contract Problem South is playing the. contract at three tio trump. Should East-win Ihc opening trick? A -A' 10 07 54 V 8,4 » K 8 7 -1 A3 V AJ9 I' *Q109 4AK108 None vul. Opener—A 8. .Solution in next issue.- f K 10 7 2 A3' N W E S Dealer iamonds. East dropped his heart, ind now South decide:! to refuse he club finesse, thus making, all :he remaining tricks. You will note that cvenrto. the ciid South retained the.: option-of he finesse in the club suit., should ;his appear the more likely play at ,hc time when the decision must be made., I If East had returned a club, rather than a heart, Smith's con- racl would have been defeated. treatfj/ess with daring t and suspense! • with the famous amateur tleuth! packed with danger and excitement! BULLDOG ESCAPES" wilh -Ray Milland, Sir Guy Standing, Heather Angel Band upon Iho play"Bul!dog Diummond Again" by H. C. (Sapper) McNeili and Gerard Fairlie • A Paramount Pictuie Also Comedy and Cartooji Adm.—Always 10 & 25c—lo Show Every.. Night MStinrcs Friday, Saturday, Sunday Friday & Sunday wlatinccs—^i.15 Saturday Matinee — Conlimious Shoving — 1:00 Till 11:00 P. SI The Morning After-Taking Carters Little Liver Pills last Time Today "Man of the Wilh Joseph Ciilloia, Flor- niec- Uicc, Thonuis Mitchell ind Ted Hcaly "BERN'AT" KNITTING YAKNS FREE INSTRUCTIONS New spring and summer yarns Latest Styles Classes, Friday, 2:30 P.-M. SHIS. LESMK HOOl'EK 1100 Chickasawba Phone 702 A Word Fed up wilh:Ihe role,of being merely a famous man's'wife, Suzanne, Lady "Wilkins," decided lo emulate, her husband/SiriHubcrt Wilkins,.and'exi)16re'ne\v fields on her own account. " So this is how night club jpatrons in New: lYork see her, singing, for theic entertainment Aside Irom gratifying he r-'am bit! on,'she points out, the work will-enable her to provide; for herself in lhe\cvent Eomethins •, happens. to'- her bus-, . bana;while;exBloring. There .arc. 24,006, concerns in the United-States which either deal ii wasle • materials 'or,- use them a.; vaw materials • In 'their own Industries. ':• Belgium railwavs. contains 6,370 miles of WOMAN^SiAILMENTS mcnt, was brought home last nlsht <j K n. her falher, Will Turner, two and Is again at the Blylheville hns- brothers, Kent'nnd John Turner pilal. HIS daughter. Mrs. Gsorpa H. and n s i s tcr, Mrs. Yoimic Harris I Grear, raotm-etl down for him. j Thc Rcv . A)frccl canienter. pas-i P. B. Peck has been admitted | tor of the First Baptist church, I to Ihc Memphis Methodist hos- j officiated at the funeral services pital. --Mrs. | and interment vvas made at Ma-' f sl Harvey Wilson, of Hayil.lule Grove cemetery. .. '<\V. .MStli: Si.. 1 Noith 1-ii- lie Koctc,>A[V, ( Mid : "Some years - ago ! I I'cc.Mtic ;i^ I'llayc-l'out th^t I really frit I ^ ctUiIi! : not R'» (ill nny nigcr.- Jtustil Dr. I'icrrc's .iwiitc rrrcaiptien .is a toiiic and 1 . soon iioikH si«iis of iniprovctiiriit, I i bottle anil then I could Ijetlfr ami vra* toon enjoy. & 51. .'5. Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On No matter how many medicines you have tried for your cough, chest cold or bronchial Irritation, you can t et relief now with Creorhulslon. erious trouble may be brewing and you cannot afford to take a. chance with anything less than Creomul- sion. which goes right to the seat of the trouble to ntd nature to soothe and heal the Inflamed membranes as the rjcnn-laclcn phlegm Is loosened ami expelled. Even if other remedies havo failed, dolit be discouraged, your druggist is authorized to guarantco Crcmnulsion and to refund your money if you are not satisfied with, results from the very first bottle. Get Crcomulsion right nov.'. (Adv.) EVERYONE SEEMS BE USING ALKA-SELTZER , THESE DAYS \THEYWOUtO .•ilT DOES WONDERS FOR ME i Ina life again." Buy nov; al dn:g store. J\tw !i:c, tjtjlcli SOc., Wrecker Service - Gas & Oil OPEN ALL NIGHT Phillips Service Center riioncs 717 - 810 Millions of Users feel that they get quicker, more pleasant, more effective relict from ALKA-SELTZEU llian from olri-fashioned unpalatable prcparalions. . That's why ALKA-SELTZER is more in demand than almost any other single Horn in the average drug store, \Ve recommend ALKA-SELTZER for the relief of Gns an Stomach, Sour S(07iwc/i, Headache, Colds, "Morning After," iUNSCtitdr Pains, oftri ns n Gargle in Minor Throat Irriloiions. We really moan it. ' Use ALKA-SELTZER for any or all of llicsc discomforts. Your money back if it fails to relieve. In aelctition to an analgesic (Acclyl-Salicyl.ilc of Sopa), each glass of ALKA-SELTZER contains alkalizers which help lo correct those everyday ailments due lo Hyper-Acidity. In 30(5 and GOct packages at your drug store. Also Fox Moviclonc News ami Comedy Adults Admitted for I'rice of 1 'SCANDAL BREAKS LOOSE!) '•;'.:••-••••.•:?-. ••- -.••-.•.-••--•- -•..;.'«-.•-.-•j..:./ • GEORGE BANCROFT -HEIEN | BURGt$S- JOHN TRENT' RUTH COUM/UI • «ft HOUID f o *. P. SCHUima P,a^ H ,ii ln f Kr»*.i H CX*lmY:3GI J Also Selecled Shorts

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