The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 24, 1948
Page 5
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' WEDNESDAY, MARCH 24, 1948 Formula Offered For Halting Reds Social Reconstruction Backed by Military Might Asked by Jurist GAINESVILLE. Fla.. Mar. ;4- i^n ~~ Sfn* 13 ' 8 s "l»-eme Court Justice William o. Douglas proposes that the tide of Commun'-m be stemmed ivitli "pracllcal" s- I i] reconstruction backed by » strong U. S. military force. In a speech at the University ot . Florida Monday night, Douglas said the • Voice of America must do more than talk of the glories of democracy." "If we want the hundreds ot millions of the peoples of the world In the democratic ranks," he said, a'e must show them t'ne way with practical prcgra;!;- O i social Vccon struction." The tenor nf the speech revived "peculation here that Douglas is a possible Democratic vice presidential candidate. Despite his eigh terms on trie high bench. Douglas has never been forgotten as a potential candidate for high office. It Is known that he would have been acceptable to the late President Roosevelt as a running male In 1944. The 49-year old jurist was offered the interior in President Truman's cabinet two years »go but lu:ned it down. BIA'THEVILLE (ARK.)' COUR1KK NKV»S Victorian Era Regains Youth A \ielormi flavor spices these teen-are cntlorn for rpriiut and summer. The youthful rrcord-pla.vcr, left, teams i will* blouse which has a hlafk ribbon-run nfckllnr and eyelet rutlled purled ' sleeves w.Ilh a full rollon skirt flounced around'Ihe hem ulth more Open An Account AT WADE'S By Kpsie Kinant NEA Fashion Kditnr NEW YORK. (NEA) — Guess books. out of Knle Groennway's books, specifically, cone Ideas for I bow of matching aritnndy. eyrlrt ruHtn. Pink flowered or t »ndy petticoat peeps C H [ fr»'ni brunt), her pink pl<,u« dress, center, whh-h has > bustle bow of malehlnrc orsandy. Accenlliu llir Lack of pulslfy-prlnl dress ritM, »rr twin loops of tlstililll rufllfs lli:it tie In » liustl, li uw ! three-Inch show. Bouncing out from play In this collection of Vic'lorlan Hie back of this dress is a bustle revivals. Crisp white oyc-let nif- ties cotton skirls which can double as peltlcotils. The crhiirin of (his stftrcliy lace (s repeated on *.l_lll an- [ TT I T \, ' I, « ~ *--,- " "• -•---.. — ..v. U....- . .V..*J. .ILUIklLII I""K HJ\ I I UO . /\ UUUIJIC WlltlC blOU.SC.S {ICSlUllCd tO IllllkC tidoles" lor Communism backed by i, en , Lec ' wtl ° should know. Her , ses up teen-age cottoni for spring ; row oj rulllrs In coiUrastliiR black- ' niatclu-s with iktrw ruflled with military teen-age daughters, assisted and summer. * : —' •-•->• . i. .. . ^ In V.l s address last night. Dong- j *. - s nmni "8 away with Ihe long- > long ruffled skirls, peip-show pel- 1 There's more back business for las said tile V. S. must offer the; k ' r , lallri Io "* w ' Petticoat) idea? ticoals, bustle-bows ind flshl.ill ' Jlltlc girls In fish-tail nirile.< Ili.-u world "tried-and-true political an- i , t<v<m - R B cr . So says designer ; flounces with which Hehll Lee dres- . loop around long skirts A double ••' a ".strong, alert and mobile machine." "Weaklings Never Won' "For weaklings never yet won a campaign—political or otherwise— against dictators," he salt). The greatest error the U. S. .could commit, he said,' would be to ground foreign policy en anti-Communism I alone A "dynamic and vital pro- ] gram on the democratic front" Is j the answer, he said. ! On the home front. Douglas .said. ' Americans must put an end to thf^ i "shameful practice" of branding as a Communist everyone who espouses a liberal reform. ' '•'We .should no more ban the Communist literature than we should bar medical students from : sludyin? cancer," he said. Douglas said there are not more than 100.000 Communists in this country. Though 100 times that number they would be "fairly impotent," he said, if Americans' look their politics seriously and threw their full energies into political organization. 1 ;. hand-picked , . and-pink stripes accents the flrnin-; eyelet embroidery. Typical victor- Pa's, -fivcd, 1 his Victorian fiavo.- spices up cy look of a paisley-iirlnl dress I inn touches cm i-vclcl blouses arc co sc lors for their mother s ; one pink pique dress, lor instance,' wlilch tics In Hie back with a bus- riubnn-rui, necklines ,ui,| ruffles -• = collection and beamed its : beneath which a pink (lower-sprig- . tie bnw. used to make tlnv miffed Ori-vM new look" to Victorian picture- i ged organdy • petticoat p,,|.s on a 1 Eyelet embroidery also Kris full look us nngelle ns "wings 24 Improvements Planned in tate's Parks LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. March 'UP)—Director Hendrlx Lackey the Resources and Development Commission said today that Ul>- wp.rds of S45.MO will be spent, in improvements on state parks before the season opens about May 1. The commission pians to speivd $25.000 on new supplies, S10.00D or I tlllsl ''>' during most/of February. 24. of 1,642,000 Chicks Hatched in State During February LITTLE ROCK. Ark., 'March <UP)— The Crop Reporthg. Service said yesterday that ' commcrical hatcheries in Arkansas 'produce'l 1.042,000 chicks in Febnury, 1948. an Increase of 61 per cent over the February 1947. output. Hatching eggs, were scarce, feed prices high, ani weather conditions unfavorable for the baby chick In- Jap Soys U.S. flier's Liver Used in Toxin -YOKOHAMA, Mar. 24. IUPI — The liver of n captured Aiuerlrnn filer was used to make nnti-vcrmln i toxin, a Japanese witness at the ^ mass troclty Irial here of 3[t Jap- • anese said yesterday. i Tlic witness was Tomenosuke Kusumoto, former alde-dc-cainp of Lt. den. Masazuml Inada. wnrtlnic chlet of staff of Japanese Western Army Headquarters. Inada is one of the defcnria'nls. Hvc civilian und military delen- Manl.s arc nrcllsed of cooking anil cnthis the liver of another captured flier. Cones nf some species of ptno trees require the heat ot a forest lire ot open them and release their seeds. BEDROOM SUITES GALORE . day of his mari-tagc to Mrs. Pctn more on road improvements and at : 1948 ' the report said. Ncgrete, 22. He said she never in- least $10.003 on building repairs. j '''h« number of chicks hatched hy ] tended lo cany out her innrrlagn The result, Lackey said, will be commercial hatcheries in the Unit- I vows, while her mother, Mrs. Gained Stales during February was the j Una Ruiz. 30. has been "living with smallest for the month since 1941.1 me ns a wile." The total output was eslimalcd at 95.177,000 chicks, 21 per cent belo.v the output in February of last year and 20 per cent below the February improved park system. He cautioned that much of the money will be spent on basic improvements such as lighting fixtures, water lines and heat and refrigeration facilities, which might INDIf — MUItm— tttrt turt-ra-fof HITt OI TIllOM IK rout OHOCII Police Less Military NASHVILLE. Tenn.. Mar. 24. (UP) 'not be obvious to the visitors bu'. f' 1942 "'"' —The Nashville Police Department dropped a bit of its military air yesterday. Eliminated from Police Department rules were those requiring policemen to salute superior officers and preventing policemen from To Wed Mother-in-Law which will add to the enjoyment of more persons than ever before. The problem this year. Lackey ! said, has been road improvement ' within the parks. Lack of money LOS ANGELES. Mar. 24. IUPI — and equipment has curtailed work. Stcehvorkcr Jose Negrete '41 likes but Lackey said nearly nil roads i>u his mother-iii-laiv so well that he chatting with each other while on i the seven parks are in better con- plans lo marry her. dllty - 'ditirm than they were last year. ' Ncgrete got an annulment ycstcr- CONTINUOUS QUALITY CONTINUOUS PRICE If- s a better word for Oil Vrs, we Iwlicvr ynn'll s : vy It's h* UrcrM»ii ill lird- rnom Mllln you're rvpr siren, and • style Iq fit suly nrcd, In moilrrns. srinl-iuiiilri us, rolonl.ils jml prrlods. nil Iwuull- fully styled am! i>( Itir best irnnsli•uellnn ami will iiitii nrw li«iu(y <n any l.i-.lniniM. Sillies eimslsl of full shed lird, lurir vanity nuil Ilir rlirM of [Irnwfrs. s»!'ile Milieu with hrn.-lirs and nisht sliinik. This iifd-r nuiid for ten days tmly or run slici 69 95 FREE 3-Pe. Vanity S«t with ev«ry Suit*. SOFA BED SUITES —•—AT BIG SAVINGS—•_ FREE TAPESTRY PLATFORM ROCKER WITH EACH SUITE .Insl like liavins an exlra room In yoiir hnuae! Lnnnirinl coniforl by day, nml » luxurious heri for nlghlline *nr .', , all In nnr! Srorrs of soft, buoyant sleel spring In fc«th' snitfi and bi>rk niisbloos . . . heddln* compmrlnwnL T»»- rslry rnverinit. Sofa and ninlc-liliiK rtinlr. This ofTer Rond for l«n day^ only UK coiripArLmeni, 109 50 And It's The Word For The Job Done By The Great New Phillips 66 Premium Motor Oil! S, oil is a lot more than just "oil" today— the KihricalitAi engineers have taught the old dog new tricks! That's why we say Phillips 66 Premium Motor Oil gives you "luhri lection". Because it not only lubricates with its fine "oily" action, but helps protect your engine by washing away fouling sludge, reducing varnish and cutting down corrosive action on finely too!ed bearings! Why not get this modern "lubri-lcclion" for your motor? Ask for Phillips W 6 Premium Motor Oil. UNOE( A»IHO«IIV Of JHl COCA-COLA, COMrAHY »T COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. of BLYTHKV1IXB O 15i«, T>. a Conprxiy PHILLIP OR OIL PORCELAIN TOP BREAKFAST SETS .lust received a ne« shipment of Ibex fine Vi>reelaln Top Brr-akfast Sels. The fa- moos Hellrii-k and Kuehne Suites. They will add Sparklhijt Bcaiily lo your kilchen. In Black and White. Roil and While an* All Red. all wllh four matching chromed luhiilar twnirs and leathcrcllc covered seats. This offer food for ten days only.... FARMERS TERMS Half Down and the j Balance Next Fall. matching chromed 5995 FREE 32 PC. SET COLORED DISHES WITH EACH BREAKFAST SET 1 "1-ul»!-tcction" — lhet>rfitcclinn rendered by *H oil nj jint baft stock containing special detergent and txirialio* inhibiting ingrtjteitts. Furniture Co., Inc. •More tor Year Moner A» tt» ThK' STORES IN BLYTHEVILLE, ARK.; UNION CITY AND MARTIN, TINN.

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