The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 8, 1934 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 8, 1934
Page 10
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'niUUSDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 193.1 BLiTHEVILLE, (ARK.); COURIER NKffl CLASSIFIED SECTION -a Directory of the City's Wants CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rat« per lino for consecu- live (riserUons: (Five average words to a line) One time per line lOo Two times per line per day .. 08c Tlirce times per liiic per day .. 06o Six times per line per day .. 05c Mouth rate per lln« 60o Minimum ctiarge 50o Ads ordered lor three, or all times: and stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times Hie ad appeared and adjustment of oiu raaae. i All Classlfleu Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside ol the city must be accompanied by cash. Halts ihay be easily computed from above table No responsibility will be taken for more than one Incorrect Insertion of any classified ac. Advertising oraered lor irregulai Insertion* lake the one time rate Jusiiiess Directory , PHILLIPS' USED CARS THE 15EST USEDCAKS IN TOWN '30 FOUi) FOUDOIt SEl)AN S1LI '32 CHEVROLET C O U P K. Humble Scat ............ S31 '33 CHBVKOLKT COACH ____ '33 FORD TUDOR SEDAN .. '33 CJIEVKOI.ET COUI'E. Humble Scat .......... SS» 'S3 FOKII UK LUXK Kuniblc Seal .......... 517 TRUCKS and TRAILERS '32 CHEVROLET TRUCK. 157 Inch Whcclbase, Dual Wheels .................. 52S \'M CHEVKOLET TKUUK. 101 I Inch Wheelbasc, Dual Wheels ................. SH, CHIiVROLKT Closed 'ab T It U C K. K1NUIIAM TRAILER. Dual Wheels. A Bargain .... 52; NABOBS TRAILER ........ ? • WE 1'AY CASH FOR GOOD USED CARS PHILLIPS' USED CAR LOT Curlier Walnut i 1st Slrcels I'houe 813 Ot'EN NIGHTS UNTIL U P. M. RITE PRICE GROCERY BUY GROCERIES RIGHT COMPLETE LINE OP FANCY STAPLE GROCERIES, FRESH EATS, . VEGETABLES. I'HO- UCE, FLOUR, MEAL. ETC. In Old P. O. Dtclt'. I'honc 234 We Deliver WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY HEATERS Cotton I AM PAYING BEST PRICES TOR. PLOW UP OPTIONS J.-E. HASSON Grand Leader Bldi;.—I'honc 'li Real Estate Why Buy Coal From Us? ivc » uish discount of » tciils (lit Hie lime Iho order is plural! for ouch of your first two toti.s o[ COAL iniichnsed fi'oiu us If you will loll us tlic rc'iison you bought II from Hils linn. —Home iiciisoiis Why Yun Should Tnulo With VJ»— 1—'W years in business. 3—Prompt service. 'J—Qmillly of coal hnniUcd. -I—Courteous Ireutincnl, S—Yon «ct nil you \ny lor. "QUALITY O11OU1 1 " Is Distributed by GAY & BILLINGS Phone 10 c Filling Stations Southern Service Station Steelc, Mo. ANTI-KNOCK OASOL1NK 1C WASHINGMACH|NES Gas and Electric AMMUNITION Juuil, duck & squirrel loads HARNESS our stock is complete IMPLEMENTS and repairs for AVERY, MOL1NE VULCAN & BLOUNT Look at Tliis! 40 Acre Farm The bcsl buy in (lie territory where loc.ilcd. JSluck sill loam soil, has record of producing bale & half cotton [icr ncre. One lar^c 6 room dwelling & barn, onu small tenant house, small orchard, well drained, on tjood road, '.'i mile cast of Hlt'hwiiy 01. nciir IcDonald olore near ISmxIclle, oad will be gravel soon. Price $2750.00 Cash SIMON Al'AUTMENr. Furnished or unfurnished. Phono 1U1 aOcklf Pay us a visit and be convinced PAULBYKUM 120 East Main SEE OUR DISPLAY OP Arkansas Potlery Lowest prices—Lovely gills Parkhurst's "TRUE VALUE" RADIOS Batlcry & Electric Sets Best Value (or the Price Oberst Store Co. Factory Authorized 1'KIGIDAIRE SERVICE Faclory Trained Mechanics Day 67—I'hone— NJfcllt. 382 407 Main SI. E. B. GEE SALES CO. FARMERS! Have your TAX FREE COTTON made into excellent, mattresses. SPECIAL PRICES UPHOLSTERERS J. W. Jenkins & Son ilB S. Railroad Chilwopd & Weidman who ill have parly oan on land. W. M. Bums, Agency Phones 243 & 2i^ . ^ make I'uuin HOUSE. Cull 121. room PURts'ISIlEL) APARTMENT, yiuiige. 1315 W. Mnlu: Call 335-W. 2-ck-l( W. Ash. In lir;it, low In ash; or 8-ck-lf lualll)' ciri'le nitnola Coal, li«sl fnim Wrslcrn Kentucky. FEED-SEED LMY WOOU-KIN13LINO . ONE. TIUiliE, or FIVE room NICELY FURNISHED APARTMENTS. Corner Holly & Division. B-p-k-lO Three room furnished npartmenl. 209 Wcsl. Kentucky. Mrs. Bisk. 2-c-k-10 j W. Kentucky. I'hone am. 27o kll Farms ior Sale! Terms Reasonable ETHEL B. THOMPSON, Carutncrsvlllc, Mo. Coal & Wood For Kent BUDROOM, tlcain heal. Men pic- Icvvcd. 911 W. Ash. Call MO. tt-cii c house with ACREAGE. Clark lUilroiul. Mrs. Ullinu Nnah. BEDROOM; adjoining tolh. Men preferred. 212 W. Kentucky. Tclu- )lione 98G. S-ck-lt Mardin-Barvon Coal Co. Yards nl Slernlicrg Gin Phone 1IU HIGH (jKADIS KENTUCKV COAL, nil sl/cs; ALAHAMA ilKD ASH As QUICK FIRE ALABAMA. We solicit your pntroiuiBo on llic isls oi high qiinltly proUucls, low cash prices, pi-ojnpt service and 'oncsl <lciilln^. Veil set what yon pay (or here. I'iirmcrs Cash Feed & Seed Co. J. W. Pinker, prop, IMionc 127 My Coal h BUck but I Ural while. Fill up now, JOHN BUCHANAN - PHONE 107 ir TAX I'All) 24-Hour Service Aulonlolivc Restaurants Oystrrs & Itlvcr Cat Fish Clilckcn Dinners Every Buy Jimmie O'Brien 105 S. Second Sues Dr. Wirt For $400,000 AUTO STKCI.U.S" l'rc»ti>n«, Mtohol, Hr;ilcrs, l)i- Iriwlrrs, Wlllard itoKerlra. Ltrr us i'HEPAiti: YOU WINTER Hubbard Hdw. Co. AU'fOMOTIVK DKl'T. Phone •)!() Phone FOIl HKST COAL FOR MONEY "Acmii AliibRinu" "Mlnck Royal Kentucky" N. W- Trantham Coal Co. I'lX YOlill CAR TOR WINTER Cheapest Prices Valnt Jobs, Repairing, SlmUiiUliip, arjint Transmissions, Wishing OiesslHR with Marlak (ircus* Quaker Slulo ()l). Join: lloni'ii Jitnmio Hinlduy IIAliNETr AUTO SALES CO. Phone U88 TWO nicely FURN1SHEO BEDROOMS, moderately priced. Mrs. WOOD, KINDLING, CORN, HAY If you nn: down in (lie nioulh, (lilnk of Joimlr, he cuuiu out nlrlglit." •'. WINTER IB HERE! I ill v<jur bins nuiv wllh llic Parks Bros. Coal. Co. PHONE 1)77 TOR "lli-l,n Alabama" "Hlnck Royal Kentucky" A CLIiAN COAL - LOW PIIICED Stfts Us About Your Coal Blytheville. Gin Co. PHONE OGi "Itadiiuit Alabama" "Premium Kentucky" CALL 2i4 • HAVE YOUR 1JATTERY Uli- CllAliGEU nfcPORK COLD WEATHER J, Ben dune BATTERY SERV1C1-: At 'Win w. Jackson's Hlnllon Ash & Hud I'honc U—Residence 277-W WAHNlNti OKDEIf IN TUB CHANCERY CQUHT.Ol'' CH1CKASAWBA mSTlUCT, MISSISSIPPI • COUNT;v, A«^ANSAS. Henry Jellon ; plnlnUir, ~^ vs. No. 9BOI! lics.slc Jcllon, IX'tcuctiinL ~ n 'l'ht> dctcmlniil ncsslc Jcllon It viTirncd lo • npjicui' \vlllilji llilrly Jiiys In the court nnnin! In |liu caption hL'fcor nnd iniswcr Hie com- >lnlnt of Iho plulnlllV Hcniy Jelon. ' . atat Ilils K day of Ocl, 1911 R. 11. OAINES^ Clerk. !•', C. Douijliis, Ally. 25-I-B-K) Sknllvil 10 Mill's Por Sliwy NASHUA, Mont. (UI 1 )—All Urn oiu'ei's iiren't, (lend. John D.-skcicl, [urmcr, mul his wltc recently walk«l 7G mites lo held Uich sliecp here for shlpmenl. Help Wanted A number one cook. References Hc- qillrcd. *IO |X;r week. Mrs. E. M. MeCt'.il. 1031 Ash. il-eh-ia Young Ladles 18-^li lo travel with crew o( girt 1 ;, spcclnl clrciilntlon iidvertislng cinnpiilRii, s.iliuy, IUK! triilisporliitlon. Apply Dox "P", Iho Courier News, give telephone. Cpkt) A JHIU.flOO llliul mul Blunder Mill lias hcon lllcil l>y Mlssi Ruuo Scliiielilcrninn, above, against Dr. Wllliiiii! A. Will, Onrj;, linl., sfliuol binisrlnliyiOnbt, .In' New York, cliiivtUiiK I'ml I'" Inaticlcd her u cons|i!riiUir In Ills cluiiTe 1»'J*- Riirhi!', lUal Uio lii'aln (nisi iiliniiicil lo ovcr- llirovv Uio Koyoriiineiil. She IH licitd ol' llni Women'ii Trailo Unluii Leutue anil :\ New Deal tide. • EAT JIIIS IS THE 1'I.AOK WIIKItK VOU CAN (U^ 1 ANVTHINU VOU WANT. i'Vom Ituclfoot l,ake Oysters High (iniilu T-l!imv-- Btoaks l''ri«l Chkkun linasfs of All Kinds Cold I 'lute Lunches UIIANUK (»•' MKNU UAILV \viticiiiT, cm;!' HARRY Slide Line Service Station Slioe Repairing ELECTRICAL WIRING Sheet Metal Work Metal Flues SPECIAL FRIGES May We Dye Vour Shoes? SEE OUR SAMPLES E. E. Ratcliff Across from Hubbard Hdw. Co. Bolwcuu P. O. & Crcvrolct Bldg. Phone 266 Try our 3000 ralie SOLES-proo( ol Ihe pudding is the ealing. Wlien you get a good thing remember where you got it. PROGRESSIVE SHOE SHOP 103 South 2nd St. W. J. KNOX Having made all kinds of shoes Ior ABNORMAL feet, can repair slices to correct ABNORMAL fee:. Wanted Two reliable young men willi cars, free lo travel from home. Liberal Car Allowance. Call aflcr 7:30 l>.m. E. Doman, 1030 Walnut street. 7-pk-12 WANTED: boarders; t03 Holly. Men roomers u n d twin beds. Call B24-J. C-ck-lI. WANTED—Bids for i inch or 6 inch well, about 600 feet. CHAPMAN & DEWEVT LUMBER, CO. Marked Tree, Ark. lOc klu Wauled To Buy AUTO GLASS ARK-MO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 PERMANENTS None Belter - - Special Prices Barrett's Beauty Shop G06 N. 5th - - Telephone Cobb Undertaking Co., Inc SERVICE & QUALITY AilBULANCE Thane 26 FOR BEAUTIFUL FLOORS RENT OUR FLOOR SANDER ARKMO LUMBER CO. BUYING IN CAR LOAD LOTS MAKES CHEAPER PRICES FOR THE CUSTOMERS. J. F. LIVINGSTON SEEDS, FEEDS, GROCERIES WHOLESALE & RETAIL. TRUCK BEDS PANEL BODIES TRAILERS OP ALL KINDS BUILT TO ORDER PECANS of-all'varieties. .Will pay best prices. W. H. Dycss. Box 133, Ltixora, Ark. 2 pk-9 Position Wanted Will do STENOGRAPHIC wort »l hlslit. Reasonable rates. Call 306 Of 732. For Sale BARGAINS In Used Heaters. HubBard Hdw. Co. BARKSDALE & PAGE 200 N. Second MODERNIZE YOUR COUNTRY HOME WITH A DL'MING WATER SYSTEM. J!0 UP. HUBBARD HDW. CO. A. Fisher, 101 E. Davis. 2t-pk-20 muiis Alurnc llcil stnvicc. INC. T.M.FICG, u. s. P WASH IS EXPECTANT! JAOAS IN OUT To THE (ASTLE ANO AH, WOTTAGIRLf WOTTfl iF ONLY SHE VWSMY A PWFKESS, EASY, WHY, i'c HEV, £EEL NV HEART J tHWk Ifa STILL 1M LOVE ABOUT EVERY 5U MEET. WIZ! I DO. I OSEDTO IN U>VE SALESMAN SAM Kl'H'Y KNOWS! OH, MUM! DO VOU KNOO) ( 5RM ; WELL, MEBBE YOU SSMIMD ME SO MUCH OF /GRACEF(JL-,LlkE VENUS, NO— BUT THEY MIGHT WELL HU«? USU.,^ OOM'T^ GHplB B A%^ R r ft B^r BUT MV ARUSAREM'T COT OFF ' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS VKRY MUCH SO'. SAW FILING of all kinds With automatic filing machine BARKSDALE & PAGE 201) N. Setolid one new CIRCULATOR HEATER at a Bargain. Simon Apartment 2, 5p k9 MULES, HARNESS, WAGONS & TOOLS' for farmtiiB 40 acres, COPPLR WEATHER STRIP Eaves luel at, small cost Ark'ino Lumber Co. Blossev BEWspw, IF YOU'CL JIBT SIVE ME A CMAWCE '(D TAKE THAT EXAM OVE5? AGAIN, t X COULD PA-3.5 tT .' Due to Us higher conltnt of organic mailer, _ virgin soil may hold o|ie-(IItli more moisture than sol) which lias been cropped for THATfe^A Brr 'JNUSl)AL,FRECkL£S.' I'M NOT SURG THAT IT COULD ' J BE ARRANGED... BUT, IF THE 4 SCHOOL PBIHCIPAL WILL GIVE j HIS CONSENT, 11.L BE GLAD /' 'TO SiVG YOU AVJOTHER / ' CHANCE .' PROFESSOR BSMSOM SAlS tHAT HE'LL Glv£ ME ANOTHER CHANS E TO PASS MV HISTORY EXAM IN ATIOM _ IF ibO'L L CONSEWT To IT, /dJ| .MR.WILSON!! I'M SOFJRY, FpECKLES...BUT'Tt>J HAD OV4E CH/WJCE...THE SAKE fS THE REST OF YotiR CLASS! JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO PLAY FOOT3/.«.L,IS NO RSASOM Fora MY QRANfiMG Y<yJ _ • SPECIAL , -UMLEGSS .',' 1 DID You SOUWD OUT PROFESSOR BENSOM ANp.MR, L8=? W'LSOKl ABOUT TAklWCi T/E 'i "~' ( YES. ..AND MR JWILSON SOUMDEC* '

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